Happy Holidays!

snowypgWinter break officially begins today at 11:50 a.m. This vacation from school lasts until 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 6th, when all students will be back in their seats, eagerly awaiting our next learning adventures.

Students, this is just a reminder that if you have spare time over the vacation, you should begin the research for your free choice research report and three-dimensional project, which are both due by Wednesday, February 4, 2015. Please also remember that you have already been given your spelling words and assignments for the week of January 5, 2015. You may begin this work over the vacation, or you may wait until you are back in school to begin your spelling.

Students, after winter break, you will need one or two boxes and a teddy bear for a February project.  You will need a shoebox for your teddy bear mummy’s sarcophagus, and you will need a teddy bear–not your most beloved in the world, but one you would like to mummify to send to a blessed eternity in the Field of Reeds.  Please try to remember to look for and save a box or two and a teddy bear to bring to school after the holidays.

May the joy of the season be with you all. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

This Week’s News

The Holiday Store was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of the coordinators, Ms. Piro, Ms. Gmeiner, and Ms. Gallagher, as well as all of the parents and students who donated items or worked a shift at the store or who deposited our earnings in the bank. The sixth graders were fantastic with the younger students, helping them shop for gifts and then wrap these. A gigantic thank you goes out to all of the students and parents who helped work at the Holiday Store this week and to the absolutely amazing parents who organized the entire event.  Aside from being fun, this fund-raising event was also lucrative.  In January, the sixth grade teachers will put out a fundraising summary so you can see the fruits of your labor in the sixth grade fundraising department.

Students, please remember that on Monday, you must submit your free choice research report topic, along with at least ten to fifteen research questions.  Your questions should be written so as to evoke at least a paragraph-long (five to ten sentences) answer in response.  Questions that can be answered in one sentence or less do not make good research questions.  In class, we reviewed his site, How to Write a Research Question, which has some helpful tips for writing effective questions to guide your research.

Winter Break is rapidly approaching, and will begin at 11:50 next Friday, December 19th. Students’ first day back after the vacation is Tuesday, January 6th.  Students, after winter break, you will need two or three boxes for two February projects.  You will need a shoebox for your teddy bear mummy’s sarcophagus, and you will need a sturdy box to be used for a shadow box integrated reading and art project.  Please try to remember to look for and save these boxes.  You may bring these boxes, labeled with your name on the inside portion of the lid, to school anytime after the break.


This Week’s News

I hope that all of you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and were able to take some time out to rejuvenate and to enjoy time with your family.  On Monday, many of the students shared with the class about what they had done during the time off, and most everyone spoke of the good times had with family and friends, whether travel was involved or not.

The winter holiday season is upon us, and the school has the Giving Tree community project in place.   The Old Adobe Giving Tree is filled with stars.  Each star contains a special gift request.  If you are interested in participating in this project, simply take a star from the tree and return the star with the gift (new and unwrapped, but accompanied with a gift bag and tissue paper in which to wrap the gift) by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, December 15th.  When purchasing gifts, please do not purchase any electronic toys.  Gift cards are welcome.

Our next sixth grade fundraiser is the Holiday Store, which will take place December 8th through December 10th. Every sixth grade student will work a shift in the Holiday Store, helping younger students shop and also helping with wrapping presents.  Each sixth grade student will also have an opportunity to shop for gifts for family and friends.  Our class will shop at the store on Monday, so students interested in purchasing presents, ranging in price from $1 to $6, should bring shopping money on that day.

Lastly, Kenilworth information and registration forms went home with your child on Monday, and these forms are due back to school by Thursday, December 18th. Vaccination information can be sent to Kenilworth at a later time if it is not possible for you to have that information by December 18th.  Additionally, Kenilworth is having a Sixth Grade Open House so that sixth grade students and parents have the opportunity to meet the staff, see demonstrations, and learn about the core curriculum and extracurricular activities.  The Sixth Grade Open House is on Wednesday, January 9, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the Kenilworth gym.

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