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The end of the first trimester is Friday, November 3.  Normally, by this time of the year, students would be clearly aware of their progress and performance in all areas, but as we have moved to a new system of reporting progress toward end-of-year standards, students may not have as strong an understanding of where they fall, given the depth and complexity of the standards.  The number markings of 1-4 on the report card are in no way intended to be equated with the letter grades of the past.

At this juncture in the year, if students are making steady progress toward a standard–a marking of a 2–or approaching the standard–a marking of a 3–students are right where they should be at this point in the school year.

Further discussion of student progress will occur at each child’s conference.  Conferences will begin on Tuesday, November 7 and will continue through Friday, November 17.  Students will be running a portion of the conference so they need to attend the conference with their parents. A conference sign-up sheet was distributed and has been sent home with students.  If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please do so at your earliest convenience, either by sending back the sign-up sheet or requesting a time by email.

CPM Tip of the Week for Parents

Week 8

Your student may have told you about working with new team members. In a student-centered classroom, teachers have students change teams periodically. This allows students to collaborate with others. Research has shown that students who work in a collaborative problem-solving situation show higher achievement, increased retention, greater intrinsic motivation, higher self-esteem, and a better attitude toward teachers and school, to name a few. If you would like further information about team work, it can be found at, “Synthesis of Research”.

For Students:

Math Vocabulary

Try to use the correct terminology when explaining your work and asking questions.  For example, instead of saying “these angles are the same” try saying “these angles are congruent because they are vertical angles.”  If you know how to use the vocabulary in this class, your confidence in math will increase.

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