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A huge thank you goes out to all of the families and students who participated in the Mixed Bags Fundraiser in September and the Walk-a-thon snack booth.  We netted $6000 on those two fundraisers.  Hooray! Further, another enormous thanks to all who made the Haunted House and Halloween Carnival a great success. Many hours of organization went into the event and it was enjoyed by all. That fundraiser brought in an additional $4700. Wow!

Additionally, students worked continued learning about percents, decimals, fractions, and portions of a whole in math, as well as working with integers. In writing, we are continuing to focus on narrative writing, discussing pacing, grounding scenes in dialogue and more. Check out these spelling story finalists and these to see some of the dialogue and pacing work. Next in narrative work, students will be working with story maps to delve more deeply into the elements of story, including conflict and resolution.  Students will endeavor to include these narrative elements in their own personal narratives.

CPM Tip of the Week for Parents

Week 11

Ask your child to teach you some math that he feels he has mastered, or is particularly proud of. Or ask your child to show you some class work from last week. This will give her an opportunity to feel proud of her work, and it will give you an opportunity to assist in your child’s learning. By giving your child the opportunity to explain their thinking, you are encouraging them to be more confident, use new vocabulary, and identify any confusion they may have. Also, by explaining their thinking to someone else, they are making that knowledge clearer for themselves.

For Students:


Collaboration is much more than everyone working individually and then checking answers with each other.  Make sure that everyone stays on the same step and discusses the process.  Just having work written on your paper does not mean that everyone in the team understands, so ask questions and explain everything.


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