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I hope that all of you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday and were able to take some time out to rejuvenate and to enjoy time with your family.  On Monday, many of the students shared with the class about what they had done during the time off, and most everyone spoke of the good times had with family and friends, whether travel was involved or not.

Students, please remember that on Monday, you must submit your free choice research report topic, along with at least ten to fifteen research questions.  Your questions should be written so as to evoke at least a paragraph-long (five to ten sentences) answer in response.  Questions that can be answered in one sentence or less do not make good research questions.  In class, we reviewed his site, How to Write a Research Question, which has some helpful tips for writing effective questions to guide your research.

Our next sixth grade fundraiser is the Holiday Store, which will take place Wednesday, December 6; Thursday, December 7; and Friday, December 8. Every sixth grade student will work a shift in the Holiday Store, helping younger students shop and also helping with wrapping presents.  Each sixth grade student will also have an opportunity to shop for gifts for family and friends.  Our class will shop at the store the morning of Wednesday, December 6, so students interested in purchasing presents, ranging in price from $1 to $10, should bring shopping money on that day.

CPM Tip of the Week for Parents

Week 14

While working on the mathematics lesson, each student has a team-related job. The Resource Manager seeks input from each person and then calls the teacher over to ask a team question. The Facilitator begins the team discussion and keeps everyone involved in the discussion. The Recorder/Reporter shares the team’s findings with the class, makes sure that everyone knows what to write down, and encourages agreement. The Task Manager keeps everyone focused on the problem, listens for reasons, and asks for justification from team members. Ask your child what their role is this week.

For Students:


Are you keeping up with your practice problems outside of class?  The best way to get better at anything is to practice!  Make sure you are doing your homework nightly.  The more practice, the more successful you will be in math class.


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