• Reading—Read for 2 hours this week. Record your thoughts, questions and comments in your reading log. Your signed reading log is due by Friday.
  • Spelling—Spelling sort due by Friday. Spelling test on Friday. Spelling activity: complete the chart the parts activity with all of your spelling words, and turn in your work by Friday.
  • Article of the Week—This week, AoW is an online activity on Newsela. Annotate the article, respond to the prompt, and receive a score of 75% or higher by Friday.
  • Math—Complete problems 6-10 through 6-14 of the Review and Preview for 6.1.1.
  • Long Term Project—Free choice report and three-dimensional project due by Wednesday, 1/24. The first five research paragraphs, in rough draft form, are due by Friday, December 15.
  • Reminders:
    • Now that you have your research questions, you should be working daily on research.

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