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As you know, this week, students completed and presented their free choice reports and projects on Wednesday. The projects were creative and the reports were informative!  Students researched a variety of topics, from the history of free verse poetry to Beagles, the Nile River, the Eiffel Tower, hairstyles throughout the decades, service dogs, and more. Be sure to check the project results page to see photographs of the three-dimensional projects.

As you are by now aware, sixth grade is a different beast, a transitional year, where new traditions are started. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Students will NOT be exchanging cards or candy. As part of our Healthy for Life advocacy, we celebrate Valentine’s Day by focusing on the heart. A healthy treat will be provided.

Reminder: Each student will need a teddy bear and shoe box by the end of January for the teddy bear mummification project.

CPM Tip of the Week for Parents

Week 19

Assessment in a CPM classroom is happening continuously. The teacher assesses student understanding as they circulate the classroom while teams are working. The intune teacher can learn a great deal by listening to the students’ discussion of the mathematics. At the end of class, students will be asked to do one of several closure activities. Sometimes the closure activity might be writing about what was learned that day. Sometimes teachers will have teams display their work in the classroom and the students do a Gallery Walk. During this walk, the students discuss the work done by other teams.

The kind of assessment a teacher is doing in these situations is called Formative Assessment or Assessment for Learning. By listening and watching carefully and asking questions, the teacher is able to determine at what level the students are understanding the material. S/he will know when to bring the class together to clarify a misunderstanding that may be occurring in more than one team. Or, s/he may see that one team can be pushed to try a deeper challenge while another needs to back up and revisit an earlier part of the problem with some help. This kind of assessment will help a teacher know what students know and what they don’t know.

For Students:

Goal Setting

Set a goal for the second semester, but break it down into achievable steps. Share your goals and steps with your teammates. Focus on step one this week. Your teammates can help keep you accountable.

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