Response to Literature Genre: One Response to Literature Organizing Structure

Five-Paragraph Format:

Part 1/Paragraph 1 (may be more than one paragraph long) – Summary:
Summarize the book by giving information about these parts:

Part 2/Paragraph 2 – Judgment about character or event, supported with relevant facts from story
A judgment is a statement about a character or event in the book; there is no right or wrong judgment as long as the judgment can be supported by the text and makes sense

Part 3/Paragraph 3 – Prediction related to judgment, supported with relevant story evidence
Predict what might happen if events in the story were different or predict what REALISTICALLY might happen in the future if the story continued

Part 4/Paragraph 4 – Supporting the judgment with a connection and relevant story evidence
There are three types of connections:

In your writing, do not announce to your reader that you are making a connection and do not name the connection type. Your connection should flow smoothly and be an organic part of the piece.

Part 5/Paragraph 5 – Conclusion with interpretation (what was the author’s point/what is the lifeskill message) and opinion of the book


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