My Personal Timeline: Where I Fit in History

Due Friday, August 25

Many of you may think that history is simply many dull political and military events, involving a bunch of old, boring, dead people, and that these events happened so long ago that they have little or no relationship to your own lives. The reality is that each of you has a personal history that is affected by the times in which you live. This project is designed to help you to see where you fit in history.

Step One: Research and Brainstorming
1. To begin, you should do some research about important events that have occurred during your lifetime. These can be important events in history in general or you can research important events in a subject area that you particularly enjoy like art, sports, or music. Be sure to include social and cultural events as well as political, economic, and military events. Try to find at least one important event for each year you have been alive, so that you have a lot to choose from when designing your timeline. You may use books, the Internet, and your parents as resources for your research, but verify that your information is accurate.
2. Next, brainstorm events in your life that were memorable or pivotal. These can be milestone events like beginning school or events that helped you become who you are today. Record as many items as you can without thinking too much about them. Once you have a solid list of fifteen or so memories/events, select the ones that most resonate with you.

Step Two: Drafting, Revising, Finalizing
1. First make a rough draft of your project, carefully following the step-by-step directions below to create the final copy of your personal timeline. After you have the draft completed, make any necessary revisions to content or graphics, making sure that your work is correct and complete.
2. On a piece of white construction paper, draw a horizontal line. At the beginning of the line, write in the year of your birth. At the end of the line, write in the present year. Then add in the years in between those two dates. Your social studies textbook has some good examples of how to do this.
3. Draw and label at least five important personal events that have happened in your life. Be sure that each drawing and label is placed by the date on your timeline that matches the date the event actually occurred. Be sure to color your drawings and to use your best printing or cursive when you label the events.
4. Identify, draw, and label at least five important world events that have occurred within your lifetime. Be sure to include social and cultural events as well as political, economic, and military events.
5. Have an adult review your personal timeline with you. He/she can remind you about important dates and events that may be hard for you to remember.

Below are some photographs of personal timelines:

DSC00080An entire timeline here is followed by close-ups of sections:

spencer correct direction


DSC00083This timeline is photographed in two parts:



Here is the Personal Timeline Grading Sheet.