Humane Society Education

Students participated in the Animal Shelter Education program: Solving a Veterinary Mystery–Science in the Real World. Students greatly enjoyed all of our special visitor teachers, but Finn and Cabo seemed to hold a special place in the hearts of students. These two canines visited class to help role play a veterinary exam. Finn, the Border Collie, was the “patient,” and students listened to Finn’s owner describe his physical symptoms and changes in behavior. With guidance from Dr. Matt Carter DVM, students began to diagnose Finn’s illness, ordering additional tests that cost $400 or less, and using those results to diagnose Finn’s actual ailment. Cabo, a therapy dog, was just along for the fun of meeting new people. Nobody could capture an image of Cabo because when a person was near, he was eager to say hello rather than to pose, but Cole and Zac took the photos of Finn that appear below, and Lucas recorded this video of Finn in action:

Finn 2Finn1We are so fortunate to have this program in observation, critical thinking, and scientific thinking processes provided to us free of charge.  Each year, the program is a favorite for students.