Writing Mini-Lessons: Critical Review, A Beginner’s Guide


  1. Choose a book or short piece to review.  Reviewers write about every kind of written work, including novels, how-to guides, news articles, biographies, poetry, children’s books, and more.
  1. Take notes while reading. Start with the title, the author, the publisher, and the publication date.

      Look for multiple short passages that you can quote in the review as a way of illustrating the writer’s style and simultaneously providing       evidence for what you have to say.

  1. Form an opinion.  Is the work exceptional, good, bad, appalling, mixed?
  1. Draft the review.  Reviews often contain these parts:
  1. Share the review with a trial reader.  Ask for suggestions that would make the review clearer or more interesting.
  1. Make any necessary revisions.  Revise for clarity of your message; for order of sentences, ideas, quotes, or paragraphs; and for strong word choice and effective figurative language.
  2. Edit for correct conventions.