Writing Mini-Lessons: Critical Review Components and Organization

Please use the following information to guide and organize your critical book review writing.

Paragraph One: This will be your introduction. Start creatively. Be sure to name the book’s title, author and to introduce the main character or characters. Try to give a brief feel for the main idea or theme of the story and your opinion of the book.

Paragraph Two: This paragraph will be a concise summary. It is important to use examples and quotes from the text to convey to the reader the most important plot elements.

Paragraph Three: In this paragraph, you will detail for the reader the positive and negative aspects of the book. Remember to position your comments in a way that gives the reader your strongest impressions at the end. This is a section of the review that also needs to be supported by evidence in the form of quotes and examples from the text.

Paragraph Four: Describe for the reader the author’s craft, or the way in which the author used language and created his/her own style. Also this paragraph might talk about the overall theme, or message of the story. Make sure that you are using details to fill in the outlines of the theme that you set up in the first paragraph.

Paragraph Five: The final paragraph reemphasizes your feelings about the book and your overall recommendations.  For example, you might detail who would enjoy this book and why, or you might tell what the author could have done differently in order to make the book better for you.