Writing Mini-Lessons: The Vocabulary of Critical Review

What to Say When You Like It

amusing dazzling gorgeous jubilant sensational
amazing delicious healthy keen stirring
appetizing delightful hearty magical striking
astonishing dramatic hysterical marvelous stunning
attractive electric illuminating mystical thrilling
beautiful energetic impressive piquant touching
bracing exceptional incredible poignant vibrant
bright exciting ingenious provocative vivid
brilliant fabulous inspirational quick wacky
clever fantastic interesting quirky whimsical
comical generous intriguing rave wonderful
creative genuine joyous saucy zany


What to Say When You Don’t Like It

absurd dreary inflated outlandish sterile
awkward dry insensible overacted stilted
bizarre dull irrational pointless strange
bombastic fat laughable pretentious tedious
cheerless gawky lengthy preposterous terrible
clouded graceless lifeless ridiculous tiring
commonplace heavy-footed mock-heroic rude trying
dead hideous monotonous shapeless unfit
dismal horrible muddy silly unimaginative
distorted humdrum nonsensical slow uninteresting
disturbing improper obscure sluggish unseemly
drab inartistic ordinary stagnant wasted


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