Free Verse Poetry: Samples

These free verse poetry samples were all written by sixth grade students. These pieces are excellent examples of free verse, but as with all writing, even the most famous masterpieces, there is room for revision. Each piece does many things well, and any one piece may serve as a model or ignite ideas for your own free verse poetry.

This page has many excellent samples of student-written free verse poems, in addition to the free verse poems below.

Clouds of Birds

Flying in the sky,
aerobic like a genie,
veering the other way,
every time they see me.
Wings fluttering frantically,
and if you are close enough to hear,
a soft thundering sound,
humming in your ear.
Smoke from the fire,
black as a cat’s fur,
swooping round and round,
setting other birds astir.
Maybe hundreds, even thousands,
flying together as one,
letting more birds join the show,
while down sets the sun.


Little, Helpless, Hopping Cricket

As the cricket
Hops closer
And closer
To its fated doom! 

Then, as fast as a snake
Rocket flicks
His sticky tongue out
As if taunting the little,
But instead,
The sticky tongue
Stretches farther out
And grabs the cricket
In its firm
Sticky grasp



But the little,
Gets pulled
Into its fated doom

As Rocket chews




Licks his mouth
In triumph




And Rocket
Stands statue-like
As the cricket
Hops closer
And closer
To its fated doom!


I watch
With anticipating eyes








I have to force
My eyes
To stay open






My eyes
Win control,
I flinch,
And close them




A sign
For me to
give him





Shaking, rattling, rolling around,
Nowhere to go,
No way to be found,
Wait; who’s that!
I don’t know who it is.
I’m scared; don’t look at me;
I’m none of your business.
She says, “Yum, yum, yum!”
“I need some sugary goodness
On my tongue;
So many colors, I’m in a daze;
Red, yellow, green, blue
Even jade. I’ll pick you!”
She said as she turned the dial,
“I can only have gum
Every once in a while.”
She picked me up
And popped me in her mouth.
That’s the end, dear reader,
There’s nothing left to talk about.

My Kitchen Floor

My kitchen floor,
Is where I sit,
Where I dream,
Where I think.My kitchen floor is,
Where I smile,
Where I always feel,

My kitchen floor is where I watch,
My mother befriend a,
Round frying pan,
That lifts the aroma of joy.

Cold shiny tile,
Grasp in the stunning light,
That takes my imagination,

To a secure,
Safe place,
My kitchen floor.

My kitchen floor
Gives me a chance
To be

Hands floating across,
The soft cool tile.

Running free,
Quiet, serene,
Yet magical,
My kitchen floor.

I Am the Rainbow

I am the rainbow,
Sparkling, gleeful,
I am yellow,
Piping up with the morning sun,
I am pink,
Giggling, leveling,
I am blue,
Sensitive, solemn,
I am also red,
Determined, loyal,
I am green,
Resourceful, dreamy,
I am the rainbow,
Sparkling, gleeful.
I am the rainbow.





Twelve people waiting in suspension
With bent knees,
And clasped hands;
An eerie silence fills the court
As the server makes her move
And with a
The ball makes its target,
And a point is scored.



At the Beach

At the beach, I am at my best,
The smell of sea salt,
Overwhelming my nose
At the beach,
I jump in the waves,
And splish and splash around in the refreshing water,
The coolness soothing me
At the beach,
The sun’s rays bring a tan to my skin,
I feel the warm breeze in my hair,
The sand scorching my feet,
And squishing in between my toes
At the beach,
I see the never-ending ocean,
I hear the sound of the waves that lap up onto the shore,
And the squawk of seagulls,
All at the beach.



A Touch

Pink is
The color of a blushing cheek,
The scent of a blooming rose,
Freshly cut.

Pink is
The ravishing moment when the sun kisses earth,
The spark where a friend is discovered.

Pink is
A heart stating love,
A giggle of my adored friends,

Pink is
That feeling when your heart pounds,
That feeling.


An Icy Wonderland

I walk up to the stand with fifty cents clinking in my hand.
I go up to the two girls their faces as red as a tomato,
as if they hadn’t had a speck of water or shade for weeks.
The sun was like a heat lamp over our heads.

I order my delicious icy with glee.
I give the silver coins to her and wait, watching every single move as she makes it.
My heart and tummy is filling up with excitement and waiting or the cool feeling to fill me.

The crunching machine hurts my ears as it produces such a delectable dessert.
Finally, the juicy syrup pours on, and she hands the masterpiece to me.
I hold this treasure as if it were made of a crystal clear ruby.

“Ahhhhh,” as I taste the frozen cone.
The crunchy material melts on my tongue like a piece of chocolate over a fire.
I slurp and I slush the sweet blizzard of ice.
Then nothing is left but a soaked paper cone and the aroma of a cold wonderland.
What a treat!