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Pertinent Articles from Education Journals

The articles below are included to provide food for thought and to help us best support your child to continue to develop the necessary tools to be successful in school and in life.

Article:  “What If the Secret to Success Is Failure”


Article:  “How Relearning Old Concepts Alongside New Ones Makes It All Stick”


 Article: “Interleaved Practice: A Secret Enhanced Learning Technique”


Article:  “Can Focus on ‘Grit’ Work in School Cultures That Reward Grades”


Article:  “Overparenting Anonymous, 26 Steps to Help Parent Your Teen”


Article:  “Dealing With Digital Behavior Issues: A Parent Guide”


Article: “Afraid of Looking Dumb”

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Afraid of Looking Dumb


Article: “Reflections on Resilience”

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Reflections on Resilience


Article: “The Case for Curiosity”

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The Case for Curiosity