Nature Journaling: September

Our first nature journaling sessions were spent in the sunflower garden area near the front office. Students immersed themselves in the world of the sunflower, noting the life cycle of sunflowers, the insect activity, the sounds of the area, and much more. Below are a poem crafted from sunflower nature journaling, images from our second session in the sunflower garden, and a few sample nature journal pages from students.


Droopy, dead, thirsty
I see you stand in the melting
sun all day,
hoping that someday
will give you
the gift of water
to bring you back
to life.

Lifelessly, I stand
there, watching you
wait for company,
a gardener,
teacher, student, parent.
You hope that
will care.

~ Mikayla

Revised Version:

Finally Free

Droopy, dead, thirsty
You stand out
In the hot sun all day,
Watching free, energetic, little kids
Always running around,
Wishing that could be you.

You wish
That someday, you could be free,
Wish that someday,
Someone would come and dig you
Magically grow you legs
And say,
“Run; be free!”
As you hobble
Off into the
With a new
Life ahead of you.

 ~ Mikayla

sunflower1 sunflower2 Sammysunflower3another sunflowers

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