Problem of the Week 23

Suppose two circles intersect each other in two places.  The radius of one circle measures 13 units and the radius of the other circle measures 8 units.  What is the absolute value of the difference in the area measures of the non-overlapping regions of the circles?  State the answer in terms of π.


Alternate Problem 23

A certain windshield wiper is 10 inches long.  the rubber wiping blade is 6 inches long and attached at the outside end (opposite the center of rotation).  If the wiper sweeps through a 150°, how much area is covered by the blade?  State the answer in terms of π.


Extension Problem 23

A circular disc turning at 900 revolutions per minute has a luminous spot on it.  As a strobe light flashes, the spot appears to move in a circular path.  The strobe makes 55 flashes per minute and the spot appears at each flash.  At what rate does the spot seem to move?  State the answer in revolutions per minute.