Visual Thinking Strategies

Visual Thinking Strategies—VTS—is a curriculum and a teaching method that fosters the development of aesthetic and language literacy and critical thinking skills. VTS offers a set of contemplative practices that reveal the central importance of multiple perspectives to understanding complex issues—the first step toward innovation, successful problem solving, and effective collaboration

The VTS method is a simple and elegant research-based strategy that transforms the way students think and learn, using discussions of visual art to significantly increase student engagement and performance.  All discussions, whether with kindergartners or with adults, are grounded in viewer responses to three simple questions:

Each response is paraphrased, fostering stronger thinking and allowing for vocabulary development, grammar reinforcement, and expansion of communication skills.  Students are asked to think for themselves and to learn from other’s perceptions.  Building on visual capacities, VTS trains students to observe closely, to ask questions, and to think more deeply about what is on the surface and what could be veiled.  These critical thinking skills are readily transferable.

This year students will be immersed in these images.