Flash Cards

One of the most difficult tasks in mathematics is remembering your times tables. However, once this task is accomplished, math becomes much easier. In fact, most mathematical concepts learned during the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades are based upon the concept of multiplication. Therefore, it is essential to have your times tables memorized with absolute automaticity.

In order to help students master their times tables, I have provided a set of flash cards that ranges from the 0’s times table to the 12’s times table. If you would like to practice with flash cards, all you need do is click on the particular times table group on which you would like to focus and print it out. I have also included a back side for each times table. First, print out the front of the cards and then flip the paper over in your printer and print the backside. They should line up perfectly. If not, try copying each image to your hard drive and print them in an application other than your web browser. After you have printed the flash cards, cut them out and you are ready to go. Good luck and keep practicing until you have them all memorized!!

To download a Complete Set of Times Table Flashcards from 0-12 click here.