Free Verse Poetry: Our Free Verse


We sit around the fire pit
enjoying the warmth
that the fire brings
to us
just me and my

I share my soft, cozy,
warm blanket
with my
they feel like two soft
warm coals that
sit on my

I take a fluffy,
gooey, warm, white
marshmallow off
the ashy stick,
warmed by the fire

I watch the flickering
flames, a mix of colors:
orange, red, yellow
so beautiful
I smile

I feel at home with
my family as we
sit around the fire pit
enjoying the warmth
that the fire brings
to us
just me and my
~ Anna

Tree House Investigation

Running across the grass
towards the fence with a
hole in it.  You look at him
and you close your eyes
for a second, and he’s
gone!  Leaning against the fence next to the
hole; in it he quietly looks through the whole.
He sees his brother through the tree house window,
and his friend, the target
for the kid was what they
were eating.  Chocolate cookies.
He runs towards the tree house’s ladder.  He climbs
the steps very carefully and quietly.  Then
he runs behind the walls of the tree house.
He uses his yo-yo for a distraction.
His brother and friend get up to check it out.
He climbs through the tree house window
and hides under the table.
As his brother and his friend go back on
their phones, he swiftly grabs
a pencil that dropped on the
floor.  Then he looks at
his brother and his friend’s shoes.
He notices that they wear laces and they are
untied, so he ties them together.
Then he throws the pencil
at the wall.  His brother and his friend
get up to check it out
and then they fall
face first on the floor.
Then he, the kid, grabs the cookies
from the wooden table,
jumps out the window,
and runs as fast as he can
back to the fence,
snacking on chocolate cookies.
~ Connor

In the Throttle

My poem hides
in the throttle
of my dirt bike
so loud
my dirt bike throttle
yes, my poem
is in you,
dirt bike throttle
~ Jeremy

The Big Splash

On the block
I stand.
I dive into
the water.
A big splash
comes out.
I race to be
first.  My hand
slams onto
the wall.
I pull myself
out of the
water. Everybody
cheers for me.
I feel very
proud of myself.
My number is
being asked by
the judges.  I
walk away
to my towel.
I wrap up
in it.
My best friends
come and
compliment me.
I am up to
swim again.
I step onto
the block.
On the block
I stand.
~ Riley

Music Experience

I grab my beautiful
lime green headphones
find a comfortable
spot, tuning out from all distractions
I focus on the lyrics
it seems like the song almost
makes my pencil write magically
sliding across the paper gracefully
work done faster easier
before I know it I look down
the paper is filled
“Thank you, headphones!
Your job is complete.”
~ Jake C.

The Strenuous Battle

My eyes are stinging from the chlorine
in the pool, as I open them
under water, I feel two legs jumping
on my shoulders.  I reach the surface
of the water for air.  I feel this sudden
pressure on me as I sprint toward
my opponent.  I am nearly out of breath
once I approach my enemy.

I am nearly drowning in the water,
only my eyes show above the surface,
like a crocodile.  I retreat
back into the shallow water
waiting for the other chicken fighters
to rage towards us and fight
until the battle is victorious.

I jump on top of him in slow
motion because of the water. I slam
them down under water until they can’t
breathe anymore.  I scream inside
my brain from the pain of my buddy
on my shoulders.  I am nearly drowning
in the water as only my eyes show
above the surface like a crocodile.
~ Jake D.

Paint a Picture

Life is a canvas, paint it how?
You get the privilege to be the artist
It may be a challenge to get the texture right sometimes
You may want to make something calm, to soothe you, like a beach
Or you may want to paint a picture in accordance with your wild and free side
Maybe, you might want to involve action, best roller coaster ride ever
You can use any substance you like to illustrate the picture
Maybe later in life, you might decide to paint your vows for marriage
Or maybe you want to pursue your dream without a partner
You can paint until the absolute last years you are capable of
Whether you think you are good at art or not,
Anyone you love will recognize your paintings on the wall
So whatever you do to your picture,
Know that you have a canvas to paint on for a reason
Know that your picture will be beautiful, no matter what
As long as you paint what is in your heart
~ Julia


The day we got him
he became mine,
my little fuzz ball

When I saw him,
I thought of a name;
then it hit us
his little feet looked
like socks
we found a name

my little fuzz ball
sliding across
the floors with
his own toy
a sugar glider
he loved it
and I love him

Still to this
he is my
little fuzz ball.
~ Laura


A tear drips down my face;
I feel like my soul
and happiness have been crushed.
why did it happen;
why couldn’t it be stopped?

I remember your soft paw,
your loving soul,
your warm, white coat,
your frightening breed.
We told people you were a lab.
If we revealed your secret,
they would scream.
Just because people did
bad things to your breed didn’t make
you mean; you were loving
since the day I saw you.
Why couldn’t it be stopped?
~ Maverick

You Can Write a Poem About McDonald’s

So listen here:  I heard someone say
you can’t write a poem about McDonald’s.
Well, if you are sooo sure about this,
do yourself a favor and CHECK THE TITLE
for me because here goes.

I’m hungry, la dee da dee da.
I am at McDonald’s.  I smell
the grease.  I purchase my Happy Meal
burger.  It is too cheesy.
Ciao, McDonald’s! I’m out of here.

So go and tell all those people
that you CAN write a poem
about McDonald’s, and there will
always be a poem about McDonald’s.
~ Adam


“Up, up, get up; it’s time to get ready for our shop on,”
my mimi sad to me. I moaned, “Go back to bed.
It’s too early to start our shop on.”

Papa said, “You are not going back to bed.
Don’t ever get that idea in your head.”

So I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth,
and headed out the door to get our shop on.
First stop, Costco; that’s no surprise, Mimi’s favorite store.
I can tell this will be a long day because it is
10:00 a.m. and we are just now getting our Costco
shop on.  I hate and love to shop,
depending on whether or not
we are shopping for things for me.
~ Austin


I stand on a stump
of a tree; it used to be
so tall, so shiny,
so full of life
in the summer
I used to sit underneath
its shady branches
covered in bright
green leaves.
Birds of all
colors would fly
around and make
nests in its branches.
I would sit there
and sketch the frogs
hopping from the hole
of the tree to the lily pads
in the pond.

In the fall, I used
to bundle up in clothes
and climb to the tallest
branches; then I’d get scaredand hug the sticks.
I would sit on the rocks
and watch the yellow,
red, orange, and brown
leaves fall down.
Then I would pick them up
and jump into the huge pile,
scaring away the birds.

In the winter, I would skate
across the frozen-over pond
and make snow angels
in the fresh, powdery snow,
pulling on the tree branches
until the snow fell on me,
resting and lying in the snow
to watch the geese migrate.

Oh!  In the spring, I would sit
in the tree with its newly blooming
leaves and I would throw pebbles
into the pond and try to catch
fish, lizards, and frogs.

Now that you know
how special that tree
was, I want everyone
to think about this tree
and every single tree
that needs to be saved.
~ Madison

My Poetry Hides

My poetry hides in my skateboard
as I go over bumps.
My poetry hides in my wheels
as I go off of jumps.
My poetry hides in my trucks
as I do my grind.
My poetry hides in my skateboard
as I drop in.
My poetry hides in my board
when I do tricks.
My poetry hides in my legs
as I pump around the skate park.
My poetry hides in my skateboard.
~ Frank

T-Bone Steak

It is raining
five o’clock in the morning
scratching at the door.

I open it; it is
a black dog with orange
eyebrows and eyes and a white mouth.

It doesn’t have a tag.
I let it in and call him Matt.
I let him choose what he wants to eat.

He picks the t-bone, medium rare steak,
eats it in ten seconds flat.
The next day, we go on a walk outside.
I find a collar and wonder if it belongs
to Matt, but the tag says Muscles,
so I go with it.

The next day, I call the number on the tag.
The doorbell rings and I answer the door.
It is the guy I called; he has gray hair
and walks with a cane.

He takes Muscles.  An hour later
he comes back explaining that he doesn’t
need a dog anymore and that I can keep
him since he took a liking to me.

The man went home and never looked back.
I shut the door, and when I turned around.
Matt was there with a huge
t-bone, medium rare steak.
~ Mo


If you see a dog
that is black, brownish
gold and white,
call it Brownie.

I would call it
that because the dog
has colors that look
like Brownies.

Maybe the dog is hungry
because it makes these eyes
that dogs make
when they are hungry.
~ Belen

Asthma Attack

I woke up my mom
and dad from their room.
“I can’t breathe!
I need to go to the hospital.”
We went into the bathroom
and started the shower
and shut the doors
(steam helps your breathe better).

My mom called 9-1-1.
The people came into the shower
and they put me in the ambulance.
The next thing I knew
I was in the hospital
having my blood taken.
I couldn’t eat breakfast
until 10:00.

I finally went home.
Everyone was worried about me.
I was so tired
I went straight to bed.
For once, it was nice going to bed.
~ Nick

Pop Goes the Weasel

My brother and I were playing catch;
we were out in the middle of the street.
I said, “Go a little bit farther.”
“Okay,” Nick replied. I threw the ball
Pop! the ball blew into pieces.
A poem came out of the football.
I read the poem, this one
I wrote for homework.
I took it to my mom who said
she couldn’t fix my football.
So I threw it away,
but that is how I found
this poem.
~ Sean


Why am I used
to pointe and
flex? I get pushed
on the ground,
and stepped on.
Why can’t I be used
in a pretty dance
instead? I know,
I’ll be changed out
with pointe shoes,
but I will always be your ballet shoes.
But can we please, do one more grand jeté and one more pirouette?
~ Zoey


George Lucas was wrong
to sell Star Wars
to Disney;
Disney will make it dumb
Disney will make it
a sing-a-long
Disney will make it
for three-year-olds
or Disney will make
Star Wars too gory
for kids like you and me.
I think George Lucas
made a mistake.
George Lucas was wrong,
wrong to sell Star Wars.
~ Chance

The Game

As I stare down
the batter to a 3-2
count, he calls a change-up
in the dirt.  I shake
it off; he gives me
a fastball outside.
I agree as I go
through my motion
and pop!  Strike three!
The crowd roars like crazy.
We win the World Series.
Then I hear my dog
barking.  Oh, no…
it was just a dream.
~ Gavin

Mysterious Dog

White nose
hazel eyes
long ears
wavy fur
rust brown spots
white stomach
lying down
on the wood
what are you?
A Bernese Mountain Dog
or a herding dog?
What are you,
cute dog?
Where do you belong;
why did you come here,
you strange, mysterious dog?
~ Aiden

The Ocean

The ocean is a water place.
I for once say it is beautiful.
The ocean has lots of sea life.
I will study the sea creatures someday.
The ocean is dangerous, too, with sharks.
I will never go deep in the ocean.
The ocean isn’t for danger;
it is for beauty.
I will soon go down there.
The ocean is where sea life live happily.
I will research the fish
and see their behavior.
The ocean is for everyone,
but don’t go near the nesting grounds.
I will go down there someday
and search for the two mythical creatures:
Megalodon, the huge prehistoric great white shark,
and the Bloop, a legendary squid
like the Kraken bat, but it is stronger.
The ocean, I will soon meet  you.
~ Diego

Oasis Getaway

The waves
the palm trees
the sand
the sunset
Then there is me
I lay on the beach
looking and listening
to all around me
I hear the Hawaiian
birds sing their bedtime
songs; what more could I
possibly wish for?
I am in the extreme
Oasis Getaway

The coral
the colorful fish
the rocks
the new discoveries
the underwater life
Then there is me
I swim around in the warm
water, seeing things I’ve
never seen before
I wait there a minute
and look all around me;
what more could I
possibly wish for?
I am in the extreme
Oasis Getaway

The plants
the wildlife
the flowers
the trees
the waves
the palm trees
the sunset
the coral
the colorful fish
the rocks
the new discoveries
the underwater life…
All these things
I love everything about it
I want it to be like this always
because I am in
the extreme
Oasis Getaway–
~ Gianna

The Adventurous Dog

One day Percy the dog told
his friends, Grover and Annabeth,
“I am going on a quest to the Sea of Monsters.”
So Percy set off and went to the docks.
He called a seahorse to bring a boat.
After the journey, he looked around
the amusement park for the right path,
for the lair of the cyclops.
Then he saw something that said
“Ride of Death” and he went into the ride’s
spaceship and gave it a push.  Off he went
into the lair of the Cyclops, where he found
the golden fleece.  It was so exciting;
he cheered silently and then got
with the program, quietly stealing the fleece
before heading back home, so proud.
~ Dakota

Give ‘Er Gas

When I rev the engine, my heart beats faster
sometimes it skips a beat;
when I go 100 miles down the track
I lose my mind;
sometimes I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.
That’s the feeling I live for;
being on my bike makes me feel like I’m in another world;
it’s the best thing I can ever feel,
the turning of the throttle;
I shift into second,
pop the clutch, and go around the turn.
I smell the exhaust;
it gives me energy like Red Bull.
Wind blows on my body;
the faster I go, the cooler I get.
At the end of the day, I feel like life is over;
I’m not on my bike;
I wish I were out on the track racing.
Good-bye for now,
until we meet again.
~ Tarren

You Will Always Be with Me

Soft and fuzzy, you were
sleeping with me at night,
so comforting;
you will always be my side.

You led me through my hard times;
I will never forget the first
day I met you; you came to me
and rubbed your little face
on me, and I knew right then
you were going to be a big
part of my life.

The day I found out you were sick
my heart broke in half,
when my mom told me
we were going to put you down.
I thought to myself about what
it would be like without you.

That day you were gone.
Even though you are
gone, you are still with me.
Soft and fuzzy, you were
sleeping with me at night,
so comforting;
you will always be my side.
~ Hanna

Rallie Cat

She stares at me in the dark;
she is grey with light grey stripes.
Her jade green eyes
are like shadows in a dark alley.
One night we had one cat,
The next morning we had two.

Christmas morning at three o’clock,
you were in our living room.
Rallie, I love you,
but I don’t know what goes
on inside your head
because when I go to pet you,
you run away.

She stares at me in the dark;
she is grey with light grey stripes.
Her jade green eyes
are like shadows in a dark alley.
~ Lindsey

Brain Rust

What is that substance
in my brain
that prevents
me from remembering
all the stuff
I learned in school,
the stuff that makes
two plus two five
and makes my brain
a shriveled
kidney bean?
~ Matthew

That Always-Worn Hat

The hat I always wear
has a red bill with black
spots and above it is
a fluffy red bear that has
black spots on it, too;
right next to the bear is
a star.  Suddenly, I realize
it’s the California bear
and star; next to the star,
around the bear, above the bill
is all gray; the section
that covers the top
of my head is gray.
~ Matt

Zoom, Boom, and a Crack

He zoomed and jumped
off the curb.
Then he dared
me to do it.
I zoomed and jumped
with a boom and a crack.
I landed painfully
on my elbow.
I got it cleaned
and patched up.
Then I went out
and did it again.
~ Kellen

Past Year’s Free Verse


As I look into the earth
I see dirt and clay
where I will sleep forever,
yet I still dwell
where I belong
in my owner’s heart.
I sleep in my bed inside
and I will never be truly gone.
I still live in my bed.
I still love you, Daniel.

~ Daniel

To Infinity and Back

You have taught me
You have fought me
You have laughed at me
You have laughed with me
You have loved me
You have hated me
You are the reason I have no food
And the reason I am always late,
but still I love you
To infinity and back.

When in dance we always giggle when we hurt and instead laugh,
I call your name in different voices while making a silly face
Until finally you notice it’s your attention I await.
Sometimes you steal my pudding so I take your chips.
I’m the reason you have a hole in your trampoline,
But it’s not my fault; you kicked me in!

And sometimes you push me hard,
And I do the same for you,
but you love me to infinity and back.
I do the same for you.

~ Aubriana

A Dark Place

It is a dark and scary place
where I am.  Every day something new falls
from the crack of light above me.

I am excited to discover
I have a new visitor.  I hope
to see something new, something
besides a book, hair tie, paper,
or old candy wrappers.

But, every once in a while,
perhaps once a year,
I get a hand taking away
all my friends, and then
the schedule starts again,
and I am provided plenty of friends.

~ Maddie

Charms Speak Friend

Poetry hides in my charms,
My charms that are symbols.
They are symbols of my friends.
There is a teddy bear that stands for Maddies.
Both Maddies are nice and kind.
I have a pink diamond heart that represents
Jazz and her sweet and kind heart.
I have a ring given to me by Anna.
It was her mom’s, but she gave
It to me and it reminds me of her.
Last, but not least, is the elephant charm,
A symbol of Rachel’s strength and love of animals.
These are my charms that stand for
Me and my best friends in the world.

~ Gracie

Pressure at the Plate

I run to reach home plate,
With my bat, wind whistling through me.
When I get up to bat, salty sweat
Is running down my face and neck.
The pitcher throws the ball.
I can see it gliding through
The air like a plane, but my bat is
Ready, hands back, the ball almost here.
I can tell it is a strike, so I throw
my hands toward the ball
Then Bam!  The ball goes all the way
To the fence, and I am running
The bases, my face beet red.
It is a triple to score in the last
Run to win the ball game.
The crowd goes crazy.

~ Ryan

What Makes Me a Tree?

What makes me a tree?
I do not know.
Maybe it is because of my roots below.
I have a trunk; what is your point?
I do not understand it,
What makes me a tree?

I make sticks, yes,
What makes me a tree?

Oh, I know now!

I now do know;
It’s the roots below,
The trunk,
The branches,
The leaves,
The sticks.

Because THAT makes me a tree.

~ Samantha

The Poem that Hides in My PS3

I have a PS3 that I love to play.
Every time I play on the PS3, it says that an
Error has occurred. That’s when the poem
Enters the PS3.  When I play, it gives me
Good luck.  I play for about a half an hour.
When I turn off my PS3, the poem goes
Somewhere else.  Who knows where it goes.

~ Andrew

My Helpful, Loving Friends

My friends are people
who make me happy when
I’m sad.  And I get help
and I help them.  The reason
Briana and Lindi are
my friends is because they are
nice and push me to do
what I want.  That’s why I
love to hang out with them.

~ Gina

Soothing Lane

The beach is a calm, soothing place.  I love the sand
under my feet, the way the waves crash on the damp sand.

I hear children yelling and playing,
adults reading and supervising their kids,
Teenagers tanning, playing volleyball, and linking hands.

Everyone’s having a good time.
Seagulls swoop down, trying to grab food,
screaming as loudly as they can to call others.

The beach loses population after sunset, but
I’m still here.

~ Neena


I turn the delicate pages
absorbed into the story.
I feel the cover beneath my hands
all sounds of reality are lost.
I am inside, zoned out.
I feel the characters’ emotions–
happy, sad, angry–
their story in my lap.
I look for more pages,
but there are none.
All I feel is the cover.
I have finished.

~ Ava

Journey to the Night Sky

As I sit down on the cold, wet grass,
The moon looks upon me with a mischievous grin.

As my gaze moves past the moon to the flickering stars,
The constellations look at me with beaming eyes.

As the stars embrace the moon,
I, too, am engulfed in a celestial dream.

~ Olivia

Birthday Parties

When you walk into a party, you see
decorations, party hats, and presents of all sizes.
You smell the food and hear all the people talking and laughing.
Many of the parties I attend have tacos everywhere, D.J.s,
and even piñatas.  I love the sweet taste of cake and the piñatas.
When they finally give the stick to me, I hit the piñata.
It makes a crack every time, as I break it open
and everyone crawls on the ground to get the candy.
At the end of every party, everyone leaves to go home,
after having a good time hanging out with friends.

~ Alex

Hide ‘N’ Seek Poetry

Poetry hides in
my Christmas soccer cleats,
my dog’s collar,  the T.V.,
the outdoor shed, my school supplies,
the boxes of my room that
remind me of my memories,
and my left hand, which I broke.

Poetry also hides in
my sweaty practice shirt and shorts,
my vivid orange soccer ball,
my fading dark blue soccer jersey,
my old running shoes, and the Mexican
candy that my grandma brings every year.

~ Jon


Friends are there
for you,
just like family.

They help you
if you’re
hurt or if you
need help.

Friends don’t just
help, they play
with you
at recess or lunch.

That’s why I
to make friends.

~ Kyler

Poetry Is in My Scooter

I can find
poetry in my scooter.
I ride it almost every day.  My soft hands
on the rusty, cold, silver handle.  My dirty,
muddy shoes on the bottom.  The dusty,
dirty, brown wheels on the street
of McNeil Avenue.  My scooter is

~ Jasmine


When I arrive,
I feel the warm, salty breeze
Blowing in my face,
The flowing water in the distance.
I run as fast as I can and leap
Into the sparkling water.
For a minute, I feel like I’m the only one alive.
But, I am brought back to earth
By a huge wave that knocks me down in the water.
I feel so alive down here, so I stay.
As I open my eyes, I witness
The most amazing thing in the world.
I am more surprised than I have
Ever been.
Everywhere I look, I see colorful fish
Leaping across the shiny water in the dim light.


I walk through the sheep
and goat barn, feeling blue,
I walk to their pen, and Willie,
Small Fry, and Jose all jump
on the fence.  I scratch them
on their short-clipped fur;
then I open the gate.

Will is sixteenth to sell.
I walk him to the holding pens;
the line gets shorter and shorter.
Now they are at number fifteen,
and now at number sixteen.
I feel nervous, but I’ve done
this before.  I try to show him
his best to get good money.
I hear nine-fifty and then ten dollars.
It stops.  Ten dollars a pound
for a seventy-five pound goat.

I walk off to get Small Fry.
I am double-lotted with Rose,
my sister, so we sadly walk
together to get our goats.
Numbers thirty-three and thirty-four
go before us, but soon we must walk
up; the bidding starts at six dollars,
then seven dollars, and stops at eight
dollars a pound for our goats.
We walk them back, slowly.

I sit in the shavings with them;
they bite my face and hair.
I feel tears drip down my face.
I want to take my animals home,
but instead, I must leave.
Just before I go, I give them
a bag of alfalfa and scratch
them for one last time.
Good-bye, I love you guys.

~ Rachel

Where Poetry Hides

Poetry hides in books,
In the imagination of the people who wrote them.
Poetry hides in nature,
In leaves changing colors, in a bird’s song.
Poetry hides in a rainbow,
And all of its spectacular colors.
Poetry hides in a smile,
In the smiles of your friends and family.
Poetry hides in technology,
In the games, music, and movies it provides.
Poetry hides in your favorite sport,
In the dedication, focus, and confidence it requires.

~ Riley

The First

I walk up to the plate
with a huge grin on my face,
knowing this is the time,
the time that I finally get
that one big hit.
So I get in the batter’s box,
all ready for the one big hit.
The pitcher starts his wind-up
Here comes the first pitch of the count.
I swing….Crack! The ball flies in the air.
There it goes, over the fence.
My first home run.
It was the best feeling
in my life going around third base
and heading to home.

~ Robert

The Grave

Broken toys, old clothes,
Ancient things I don’t
Even know
Sit on the pitch
Dark floor,
But they know their
Playtime is done
And will not be

~ Dylan

Sims FreePlay:
Anything is Possible

Step into my virtual world
You see brand new faces
High and low quality houses
You can tell if some Sims are loved and if some are not.
You see younger faces, older faces.
Some Sims’ hygiene is as disgusting as a swamp crocodile,
and others as clean as a freshly washed car.
You see preteen Sims prank calling and skateboarding.
The toddlers are just plain cute and the babies can’t do anything;
the adults will provide for the family.
To make a quick buck, plant some crops and see the cash rolling in,
sit at home being lazy, taking a power snooze, or watching a movie marathon,
or go earn your black belt and enjoy the park.
You can work at city hall, or a movie studio,
be an athlete or a firefighter.
Spend your days at the salon or harvesting crops,
make your Sim sporty, or a vigilante,
make your Sim flirty or crazy,
decide to be a bachelor or, a husband and a father.
This virtual world is full of possibilities.

~ Jackson

The Teardrop

I walk through the blossoming flowers,
with water dripping out of my eyes,
With disappointment and sadness.
As I keep walking, I see
Big smiles filled with excitement
On everyone’s faces. I sit there crying,
A puddle of water forming from my tears.
Then I look and my friends are
Beside me, always there when I’m sad.
Then I see the sun.
It is as bright as my smile.

~ Briana


I would like you to be fatter
when I receive you,
excited I pet you
as if you are special.
I feel jealous because many
people want to touch you.
I want you to stay
longer with me.
I pet you and you become skinnier.
I dram that you will be fatter,
and I think and wait
for you every two weeks.

~ David

The Black Wave

I could feel the cold,
salt air on my face.
I was at the beach,
and I was happy.

I ran to the sand and felt
the warm, soft sand
touching my feet.

It was a cold day
and windy,
but who cares?
All I want is to go
into the water.

I gather all my strength
and jump in, but I
couldn’t breathe.
Waves were pounding
me, but then they
softened as if
they didn’t want to hurt me,
as if they knew me.
I jumped up and felt
the air again on my face.

Time went by quickly
and I saw my mom waving
to me to return to shore.

When I got out of the sweet
water, the waves started to
pound again.  I wanted
to go back into the cold water,
but I had to leave.
One day, though, I will be back.

~ Allie

A White Tiger

The white tiger with its coal black eyes
Staring at me, as if saying,
“Look at me, look at you.”
I am imprisoned with a silver heavy chain…
For peoples’ entertainment
But you’re free; free to do what you want
I want to be free
To hunt for once
Be with my own kind–
Not in this tiny, ugly habitat
You have this whole world!
I want to be chief; chief of a clan
Father to tiny white cubs,
Husband to a beautiful wife
But, hey, my dreams are broken
But you–you can make a difference
Because of poachers and hunters–

Stop other people from killing me and my kind
Not just my kind but other endangered species
Please, please!
Blink! The tiger was angrily pulled back behind the bars.

~ Eli

The Adventure in the Woods

I get up and leave
The tent when
I open the zipper
A cold wind hits
Me like a brick
Wall, the smell
Of pine trees
Fills my nostrils
Then I jump in
The river, the ice
Cold water consumes
Me like a deep
Dark hole, I get
Out and lie
In the sun
The warmth covers
Me like a blanket
Later I go to
Sleep on my
Air mattress to
Wake up the
Next day to do
It over again.

~ Jeremy

The Big Game

The ball flies over center field
I run to first
As I step on the bag all I’m thinking about
Is going to second…
I sprint to second
I see the ball coming in at the last second…
I slide
I hear the umpire yell,
In the inside I’m cheering
But on the outside I stand there…
With a blank face
Three outs later I’m in the field
The first hit is a hard grounder…
Straight to me –  I field it
And make a nice throw to first
Once the game is over
We all run over cheering
We pack up…
And head home

~ Cassidy

The Disappointment

I hike to the creek stepping
On crunchy brown leaves
The feel of the cool air
Whistling on my face the
Green grass glimmering with
The moist water
I stumble down the path
To the creek looking at
The shining rapids, my eyes
Fill with wonder
I reach down and grab
The most amazing skipping rock ever, I lean back
And throw it….
It plops and sinks
Into the water

~ Cameron

The Yard

I walk through the yard,
seeing the glistening leaves
fall to the lime green grass.
I run across the fog grey rocks
and I notice the pealing
bark from the tree.  I touch
the sky-blue pond and
rippled waves spread throughout
the pond.  I hear the silent
scream through the branches
and the whistle of the birds
in the open air.
The silence
of nature
is soothing to my ears.

~ Ian

The Shining Star

As I walk in the grassy green field,
As the wind blows in my face…
My hair flowing like a river
I sit under the waving willow tree
I write a poem, it was quite an unusual poem,
But…it was a poem
I start walking again
To the bushy forest,
I walk over the rushing river
I see a chipmunk and a squirrel
Running up the tree
I see a fox sneaking up on the mouse
I start writing,
I start walking again,
I see a night black horse
I look around–no one is there
I get on top of the horse and start riding
Like there is no tomorrow!
I feel like I spread my wings and fly
I ride back through the bushy forest
And across the grassy green field
And back under the flowing willow tree
I sit there with the horse, thinking,
“What adventure will I have tomorrow?”
I return home to my cozy brown cabin
Next to the river
I look at the bright shining star
Next to the willow tree
I make a wish…
And fall right to sleep
In the morning I awaken,
Walk across the grassy green fields,
And sit under the waving willow tree…
To write this poem

~ Rachel

Where Poetry Hides

It hides in the deep blue waters of a lake.
In my ring collection filled with colors.
The first dive into an icy, cold pool.
In the collage of photographs covering my wall.
On the beam, which I do my flips.
It hides in the wind that flies pass me while horseback riding
A poem hides in everyday things.
And a poem is born with it.

~ Skylar

The Goal

One day, I had
a lacrosse game.
It was really hot outside
when the game was at 0-1
in the first half.
Then in the second half,
I got the ball.
I ran down the field,
did a quadruple diving flip,
and scored with seconds left.
I got the ball again,
and I passed the ball to Cujo.
He scored. We won the game!
I wonder what will happen
in the next game.

~ Todd

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings, buffalo wings
Hot and tasty fun
Leg or a wing,
Mild or hot –
Melt in your mouth fun
Jalapeno on your tongue
Gobble it up,
Swallow it down
It’s hot and tasty fun!

~ Jack

My Best Friend

It was a cold autumn morning
And I got to school just before the bell rang
I sat down in the most uncomfortable blue chair that I have ever sat in
And I see a confused looking, big, blued-eyed girl sitting directly across from me
After what felt like ages of getting everybody settled, it was finally recess
But it was raining little droplets of pearls, so we had inside recess
Then the big, blue-eyed girl came up to me and asked me if I wanted to play dolls with her
I politely responded “yes”
Before we knew it, recess was over
And before we knew it, we were friends
And when you become a friend, you will always be a friend.

~ Lily

Whimpering Glasses

I’m red and black
He always wears me, and I’m tired of it.
He never cleans me,
and every day I get hit by the ball
whenever he plays basketball.
Then when it is nighttime, he forgets that I’m still on,
and he goes to bed.
Whenever it rains,
I get wet and he never dries me.
I’m just saying I need more attention
like he should clean me every day
and care about me.

~ Mario


The square shapes are pleasing to the eyes
While the weird and awkward animals brighten the screen
It is an adventure land filled with ores, water, and lava
It has four difficulties, which are peaceful, easy, normal, and hard
You can be a flying person with infinite items
You can turn yourself for the battle of survival against your friends or fight with them!
And you can turn yourself to the hardest difficulty ever!
It is fun because there are different crafting methods
It also gives you ten lives, but it is funny when you die because you get to spawn again
Every month, this online world changes and updates

~ William

Hockey Puck

I work so hard
I wake up at 4:30 a.m. sometimes
I hate how people take me out of my house and try to make me move
When they try to put me back in
There is a big mean guy trying to lock me out
It hurts when he picks me up and hands me to a human
Then the humans drops me
And more humans try to hit me
And that is my life

~ Lucas

The Clouds

I stare at the clouds
White and puffy
Floating along, they act like a
shield protecting my face from the sun.
I wish that I could be a cloud
Because they have no worries
I take pictures of the clouds
As they move away
I still stare
I am relaxed
As I watch them
My eyes almost closed
I can just fall asleep
But I won’t
So I can stare at the clouds

~ Carsyn

A Flowing River

I sit and watch as a babbling brook rumbles on and on
It flips and twists and turns into a smooth river
I put my hand into the cool sparkling water and I can almost feel it running through me
I want to jump into it and be a part of its crystalline flow
An airy mist surrounds the splashing stream as it flows on and on
And I look on into the aquamarine water that looks like a diamond in a lonely forest next to me

~ Emily

The Game

I was on my way to my basketball game
My team was already at the game,
But a couple teammates were still missing
This was our first game
The game went by so fast
I barely knew that it was over.
I scored ten points and we won the game!

~ Marcus

The Ferocious Beast

Eww! How did this dead mouse get here?
“Meow,” said the ferocious beast.
The beast said she had gone outside, like always,
To hunt and eat
Slowly sneaking around the field as if she is a ninja,
Suddenly there it is!
A mouse
She gets closer and closer…
Then springs into action
Leaping for the kill
She scratches
She claws
She bites…
She kills the helpless little mouse
The beast brings it in the garage to feast
“Who is this beast?” you ask.
It is my feisty cat, Gracie

~ Cole

Guess What I Am

I’m blonde, I’m brunette
I’m black, I’m dark red
I’m frizzy, I’m straight
I’m wavy, I’m curled
I’m put into a ponytail
I’m put into a braid
I’m put into a bun…
Hey – I look great!

~ Karla


Chocolate for floor,
Licorice for rope,
Doughnut for tires…
Where am I?
Milk is a river,
Cookies as rafts,
Gingerbread house
I eat something – it grows back,
Marshmallow seats,
Chocolate pretzel posts,
And gummy bear toys?
Oh! I know where I am…
I’m at Aaron and GG’s house
Playing in the slide yard.

~ Willow


Climbing up a bamboo,
Racing up to get a fruit
Then I fall!
I think to myself, “Is this a life of a panda?”
Trying to climb the electrical green bamboo once again,
My hands slipping
Finally I get on top of the bamboo!
I feel the cool breath through my panda fur…
But, then, I fall from the bamboo
Once again

~ Jose

Amazing Sea Creatures

Such a long drive just to be there
I was very surprised how big it was
When I first walked in, a big dinosaur
My class was shocked to see stingrays
Swimming in the tank of crystal, clear water
What caught my eyes
Were the extraordinary colors of
The fish and the tanks
I loved the butterfly room because the butterflies
And birds were loose
I was shocked to see a parrot
Saying, “Happy Birthday” and “I want a cracker”
The planetarium blew my mind
With all the movements of the screen
It even showed my class the planets
Finally, the fun was over and I
Think that I will come next year
And see even better things!

~ Faith

The Baby Pig

Don’t write about pigs,
Write about A pig…
A baby pig!
Tail as curly
As Jack in the Box curly fries
Black as midnight
White as creamy ice cream
Small as your pinky toe
Pig, pig, my pig
My little pig
I love my pig
And play with it all day

~ Tanner


The pitter-patter on my porch
The tapping on my roof
The drops pouring down on me…
God’s tears soaking me wherever I go
The rain is like a shower…
Drenching me
The thunder booming as if it’s screaming at me
To stay within the walls of my house
There are flashes of light blinding me…
The yellow streaks as bright as the sun
The clouds
Gray, dull, boring and gloomy
The clouds
Staring at me mischievously
The rain stopped.
As I walk outside the streets are drenched
And the golf course is like a giant mud puddle
I won’t be playing outside for a while!
I look up in the sky and think to myself,
“I hate rain.”

~ Zac

That Beautiful Creature

Flying over those big and green trees,
Under that enormous chunk of blue
I flap my long feathery wings
To take flight to another level.
I spread those long and gorgeous wings,
I dive like those of the Olympics
I catch that cold feeling breeze
And off I go to new heights!

~ Bryan

Flood Damage

I walk down the lonely, black streets,
My clothes blowing in the deserted city wind,
The torturous rainfall – drip – in the aftermath of the flood
That killed my town
Now an uncomfortable silence
Shadows my once beautiful city that I used to call home
I think to myself, “Is this what I caused?”
“Is it my fault that my small Louisiana town was washed away?”
I knew what was coming
So I fled my metropolis with a feeling of regret
In the pit of my stomach

~ Dylan

Crazy Ride

I take my helmet off,
Sweat dripping off my face
The motor burning, the loud bababa
From the big dirt bike
It was late at night
And my dad and I were camping
It was freezing when I woke up the next morning!
Once I woke up,
I got my gear on
And tried to start my dirt bike…
It was so cold it wouldn’t start
But – finally – vroom vroom
I got it going
After that, since I was camping right next to a track,
I went down in a hole and flew out into a snow fence…
My dad comes and helps me out,
Once I’m up I keep going
Once my dad gets dressed and ready
He takes me on a trail
We were close to the end and I hit a pothole!
I fly into a tree, the bike lying on top of me…
When I get up I get back on
And finish the trail
When we got back to the campsite, we had some snacks
Then ended our trip and went home

~ Brighton

My Kitten

She is grey and fluffy
Running up trees and chasing shadows all around her
Her little tail going left and right with her head following its every move
Crunching leaves below her tiny footsteps every second is adorable
Sneaking up and pouncing on your feet
Oh, it’s Poppy cat

~ Rose

A New Experience

My new bike, waiting for me to ride
My mom holds onto the seat,
I start to pedal
I waver, I pedal slow
I’m pedaling faster,
My mom lets go –
I’m on my own,
My mind going as fast as the bike,
One thought racing: “I did it!”

~ Jarod

A Lost Love

A small crystal of sadness
Streamed down a young girl’s face
Marking her with sadness and pain
This is such a familiar feeling to her
She was not sure she was sad anymore
Now she was worried about her health, health, health,
Health is the last thing she wanted to care about
Now she sat next to a window and watched a million
Tiny crystal clear diamonds pattering to the ground
With the rhythm of a lost love.

~ Jimena

A Forest of Life

I listen to the sounds of the monkeys
Flying through the treetops
The rain pours down and gets trapped
In the huge, waxy leaves
I was soon enveloped with ice cold water
Up to my knees
Slipping and sliding,
I did jumps and I smiled
Finally I had found my home away from home!

~ Bailey


As I walk outside I hear
moo, moo, moo!
What are they mooing about?
I see my dad in the distance ,
mowing the lawn.
Moo, moo, moo.
There they go again.
They’re staring at my dad. Do they
want grass?
Dad dumps the grass over the fence.
Moo, moo, moo.

~ Kristin

My Family

My family is tall and small,
fat and skinny.  They are all
different sizes.
They are dirty and clean.
They love to play basketball,
softball, and watch T.V.

My dad loves to watch sports with
me and my older sister.
My mom likes to watch soap
operas with my little sister.
My family is a family of five.
I love them all.

~ Jordan B.

Sweet, Flowing Words

Sweet, creative, beautiful
I love my teacher
She is full of life
Oh, she is so wise
Every day, sweet flowing words
come out of her mouth
I enjoy every lesson she teaches me
She opens my mind
I learn so many amazing
things from her
I admire her and her
teaching; she treats me
how I want to be treated.

~ Madi

Black Rock

Fifty feet of pure terror.
Jagged coral lies beneath.
Algae-covered rock slippery on your feet.
Rushes of adrenaline.
As I climb that slimy rock,
heart racing, tide is coming in
strong crashing all  around.
Reach the top; step over the algae;
hidden tide pools.
On my way to the edge.
Looking over the edge.
Over-thinking the action I am to take.
Pondering the descent, reality hits.
This is my only way down.
I step with a slip, splash!
To the surface I rush!
To grasp that breath of air.
It was worth it.

~ Donovan

The Big Game

As I warm up, angry swift butterflies bounce
around in my stomach
I am nervous
When the ref throws up the bright, orange ball
to begin the game, my heart is
pounding as fast as a drummer in a marching band
As the game continues,
I get more and more exhausted
salty sweat slowly drips off my nose and cheeks
Seconds remain till the end of the game
we work hard till the end
3, 2, 1
We win
The crowd goes crazy
We all get our shiny silver medals
Now I am not nervous; I am excited

~ Ian

Yum, Yum, Jaffa!

The sweet feel of ordering Jaffa Cakes
for the first time, thinking
of how much I love them

I’m constantly thinking about the sweet
sugary taste of coconut mixed with
the fruity taste of yummy orange cream
covered with the slow-melting chocolate

I wish I could have one…
they sound so good, but
fifty dollars for a twelve-pack!!!

I see them on TV; I watch people
eat them on YouTube; they’re totally
teasing me; they’re only in England
so far away
I wish I could have one today!

~ Jack

Rice-Covered Treat

A rainbow of taste
fills my mouth
I bite into a rice-covered
crisp cucumber cools my
perfect avocado slices mush
in my teeth
slimy seaweed is difficult
to chew
fish row pops with flavor

I eat the ice cold fish
like a heron eating his
I finish the rice-covered

~ Lilah

Cutie Patootie

I got my dog a hot summer
day.  He was small and black
as leather and his paws as
white as snow.  He was wagging
his tail and licking our hands
and face.  His cute face fills
my glowing heart.  My sister
finally said that we should
call him Scraps from the
wonderful movie of
“The Corpse Bride.” He
was five months when
we got him; now he is
two years old and still
getting older.

~ Alex D.


A black screen waiting,
waiting to turn on when they are gone,
they leave the room, it turns on,
and a game starts,then the Internet comes on,
soon all the programs will be open,
and it will overload,
programs pop up all over its screen.
They come running in as if a bomb is about to go off.
It stops and restarts just as before;
Time has reset…

~ Dylan

The Earring Wants to Torture an Earlobe

My earring
wants to
hurt my ear-
lobe and my right
is really red.

~ Serra

Soccer Games

Two hours of running
Your heart beating so fast
The hot sun pressing against our faces
Drinking ice cold water
We pass; we shoot; we SCORE!
Everyone is cheering at you,

~ Dianna


Duchess, running and playing around
Making you get the ball from her
As if she was teasing
Napping throughout the entire day, so lazy!
Eating as a chow hound
Getting every last bit in her bowl
Wishing she could have more
Barking so you can play
She plays tug-o-war with you
Barking to go on a walk, too
Heading for the door already
She must sniff everything while being outdoors
When we give her baths
She will try and escape the tub!
Good luck with this dog!
She’s a barker, but we love her!

~ Shaina

All Six Strings

I wait all day long
in my camouflage case
for someone to play me.
My strings are out of tune.
If someone tunes my strings,
I will make great sounds
of music.  Finally, he gets home.
He’s done with his homework.  He opens
my case; then plugs me into
the amp and starts playing.
He starts strumming,
making wonderful music.

~ Dominic

The Magic of a Softball

I am a softball.
I m yellow with red laces
people throw me in all different paces.
I am magic.
I love to be caught in the center of a dirty,
hand-fitted leather glove
to me that is magical.
The life cycle for me is to be pitched  with a fierce snap
that makes me soar through the air.
I will either be hit with the soft spot of the bat
with strength of the human body making me fly through the air
with the feeling that I’m wild and free
or I will hear the loud voice of the umpire saying,
“Strike three; batter out.”
I am truly magic.
I roll, I bounce, I hop, I fly, and I sometimes a foul.
That’s the magic of a softball.

~ Brook

Wolves of the Moon

I come in a variety of colors bigger
than a dog, part dog.  I hunt in packs; I hunt
in the hills.  People hunt us for our fur.
We live in
and the
You may see
me on the
you may not
ever see me.
I howl, and hunt on a
full moon.
No matter if you see me or not
see me, I’m watching you on
that hill.  I…am..a…

~ Max

The Red and Juicy Taste

Watermelon is as juicy
as an apple.

The flesh is red as my

The skin is green as a pickle.

The black seeds are as
black as a hole.

The taste is as good as
a candy bar.

The whiteness on the skin is
as white as a white colored pencil.

I love the taste of the
watermelon juice like
I love my own dog.

~ Nikolas

Delicious Delight

Spongy, moist, and soft
oh, how I love them a lot!
cupcake tins hold
treasures that reveal a
delicious pleasure!
frosting, oh, so creamy!
it makes me feel
so dreamy!
take one bite and
it might fill you

~ Camille

Sit, Stay, Lie Down! (Or Merlin!)

Sit, stay, lie down!
You’re so jumpy and squirmy;
stop moving like wormies.
You see him;
you greet him
all the time!
Settle down, Merlin.
Why do I have
a crazy, lazy dog?
Come on;
Sit, stay, lie down!

~ Emily

Dark, Milky Goodness

The warm and creamy
texture in your mouth.  The
milky and dark mixing together
one big goodness jumping up and
down upon your taste buds, so
you burst into joy and happiness in
your mouth.

Rich and lovely like a big
chocolate fountain.  How could
one little bite make such a
big flavor?  Is it the flavor
or the feeling?  Who knows maybe
it’s just our minds thinking
of the tasty goodness everybody
says it is.  So when ever
we eat chocolate we know that
every time we take one bite, that one
bite we know we will experience something
tasty and exciting

~ Julian


You can feel the sweat
running down your red, hot face.
Your heart is beating
like a drum being played.
You’ve got the ball and everyone
races to steal it.
Then, finally,
the winning goal.
As your teammates come running,
you notice the other team’s frowns
and you feel joy.
As you’re lifted,
you know
you’ve won!

~ Diana

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar, why are
you so out of
tune?  I like the
way you sound, but
you make an unbeatable
rhythm; when I look
at you, I am glad
I didn’t buy a
fake one from Toys ‘R’ Us;
when I play you,
I get so tuned in
I can’t hear my dad
yelling at me to
turn it down.

~ Antonio

Pro Skater

Skater, skater, that’s who I am.
If I can’t be a pro, no one can.
Flips, grinds, jump up, fall down
cuts, scrapes, owees, and tears.
If I can’t be a pro, no one can.
I feel the urge to jump and grind;
everything I need is here in my mind.
My helmet is beat up, looks
like it was battered with
a whip.
After a long skating day, I look
for a pie topped with a lot of
Cool Whip.

~ T. J.

The Definition of Delicious

Opening up the purple box
scooping out noodles and mini veggies
scarfing them down my throat
swallowing orange chicken,
the burning sensation still in my mouth
oh, how I love Chinese Food.

~ Sarah

Hawaiian Flowers

Beautiful, bright colors galore
It’s Hawaiian flowers I adore

You don’t just see them in Hawaii,
But when you do, you’ll be smiley

~ Kelly

Going Paintballing

Pop, pop, pop, splat, splat, splat.
You’re down!
Paintballing, paintballing,
oh, how I love to paintball!
Its really amazing
how much fun it is; it’s
really intense.  It hurts a
little when you get hit,
but you’re having so much
fun it doesn’t really hurt.
Try it; you’ll like it.

~ Marty

Death Meets a Lady

Staring, eyes wide open
pupils dilating to soak up the scene
ladybugs, hundreds, lay upon the sand, bodies unmoving, eyes
unseeing, their hearts not beating,
their lives taken, stolen, drained out of them by the midday sun;
never again will their tiny legs scuttle up and down a plant,
never again will they breath in the sweet air, never again will their
wings flutter across the earth; alas
but they will be welcomed into another realm, the realm
of heaven;
perhaps they have made a bargain with death.

~ Grace

Life Is Fragile; Don’t Play With It

My life is a seed
waiting to sprout
in my life
there lies some doubt
sometimes I cry
but that’s life
life gives you grief
and life gives you life

~ Jordan R.

Baking Cupcakes

Warm, moist cupcake
sweet, sugary frosting;
when you take a bite,
it’ll fill your mouth with delight!
When you begin baking you
feel relaxed, calm,
and joyful. Once
they come out of the oven,
they’re as hot
as a steaming pot.
Wait for a couple
of minutes to let
them cool don.  It’s
time to start icing.
You can create crazy
random icing decorations
until you have
your masterpiece.
Smell the goodness
of the cupcake.  Take
a bite until you’re
completely done with your
delicious cupcake.

~ Alex S.


I lie there in the candy shop
awaiting my death.
I’ve heard so many stories —
the old expired Snickers Bars
say that they are chewed to death.
The Jolly Rancher says that
he is sucked to death.
Lollipops say they are
licked to death!
I wonder how I will die.
We are made to die.  So why live?
I, the Hershey Bar
will HAVE to find out how to save myself!
As I think of how to escape my
candy wrapper prison, I feel
something grab me.
Death has come.
I will not live to tell stories
of how I escaped because
I didn’t escape.
I see the look of horror on
my friends’ faces, the look that I
once had on my face yesterday
when the old expired
Snickers Bar died.
I know there is no escape.
I am not scared.
I see the top of my wrapper rip.
How strong this child is!
As he rips the rest of my
prison, my family cries.
I cannot bear to look.
I close my eyes.
He holds me tightly.
I feel my cherry red blood gush out.
He pushes me into his
mouth.  Before I land inside
it, I yell, “I love you!” to my family.
It is a risk.
What if he heard?
I land in my
final destination.
I look back
one last time.
Then I am devoured —
not chewed, sucked, or licked —
Hershey Bars are devoured.
I yell it out as loud as I can:

~ Meheak

The Soccer Game

Soccer, soccer, soccer is fun!
Make that shot; run, run, run.
Soccer is a fun sport;
you run and kick a lot.
You juke, you pass, you get balls.
Run, run, run; get the ball,
and please don’t fall.

Blast, we leave the other team last.
The rest leaves the best with the ball,
but that’s not all.
Beep, the whistle goes;
The player number fourteen makes a goal,
and he rolled.

~ Adrian

Living It Up on the Shore

Running and shouting,
splashing as you run,
the sand hitting the
back of your ankle,
screaming as you get wet, taking
pictures as you
run, falling as
you run on the
shore.  The beach,
the sand and the
water is what I
adore!  Other people
partying on the
beach as I
enjoy myself
in the nice
hot sun, smelling
the air!  Putting on
more and more
sunscreen.  I lie
on my towel
and enjoy my amazing
time on the wonderful
San Diego beach.

~ Ashleigh

A Special Rainy Day

The rain dripping,
dropping from the dark, grey clouds,
landing on the surface of the Earth,
feeding plants
the water of life,
making ripples in the clear water
of puddles and ponds, but then
the drips and drops come
to a stop,
and the bright sun comes out;
then I wonder
when it will be back.

~ Bjorn


I enter the store smelling
the nice smell of flowers.
I walk down the frozen food section;
there I see tri-tip; yum! I can
just imagine the juiciness.
I get home, and my dad throws
the tri-tip on the grill. I sit
there and see it
sizzle and pop, sizzle and pop.
I can already see
how chewy it will be.

~ Claire

Making Waves

Frolicking in the pool
When suddenly
I can’t breathe
Hearing voices scream at me
The taste of chlorine
Exploding in my mouth
Splashes of water hit my face
Knowing this is my brothers’ plan
Ducking underwater to get a break
Pushing, punching, biting
Too many sounds of onomatopoeia
The crowd the water the energy
Eases down
I emerge from the treacherous water
Feeling impregnable
Feeling like Poseidon
Ruling the waters
In the end Poseidon wins
I win
~ Emma

Little Roll of Joy

I rub my wooden sticks together
I carefully pick up my little roll of joy
and pop it into my ready mouth
my mouth explodes with flavor
sweet and sour, sour and sweet
I savor it
one bite at a time
it’s gone.
But wait,
I look down at my plate
there’s still one little sushi on my plate
the operation begins again
~ Sonia

Something out of the Ocean Depths

It was an ordinary hot summer day on the island of Utilla, off the coast of Honduras.
We were on the water in our dive boat.
Suddenly the dive master gets a call and says they have spotted Whale Sharks!
Danny and I went up to the front of the boat to meet up with Mattie and Laurel.
The boat takes off at full blast!
The hot air was rushing by so fast, that it suddenly seemed cold.
Then from the shallow, crystal blue waters we enter into the black ocean depths
We hear
It’s the Tuna!
And then out of nowhere a mother and baby Whale Shark appear at the surface!
They are so big and beautiful with their giant mouths open.
They are feeding on plankton!
I feel amazed and I am thrilled to get to see them.
After a while the dive master tells us that we are going to dive with the Whale Sharks!
I think why are we doing this? This is crazy!
Those Whale Sharks are bigger than this boat.
I am very excited as we get on our snorkeling gear.
As soon as I get in the water
I am looking at a giant, huge, big mouth of a Whale Shark.
The Whale Shark is big, but I somehow feel safe.
After we got back on the boat to leave,
I felt amazed that I had the chance to swim with the Whale Sharks.
~ Alec

The Fast Action Sport

Lacrosse is the fast action sport,
Always sprinting up and down the field,
Defending your goal, attacking on the other,
You might think it is cool to watch,
But when you step onto that field,
You step into a whole other world.
The ball always moving around you,
Whacking and being whacked by other players,
But when a goal is scored,
The crowd uproars in triumph,
And disappointment.
But when the game is over,
The players are tired,
The crowd is departing the stadium,
And we have won,
To get another victory.
~ Brendan

Fantastic Sixth Grade

The beginning of sixth grade.
Exciting, anticipating and anxious to start
school work. The teacher is as nice as
swimming in a pool on a hot day. The
odor of coffee each and every day.
~ Taylor C.

Cruise Craziness

I anticipate in the long line on the
rickety, rockety dock,
as time passes, we get closer to the colossal
ship, and finally we enter!
As we enter, we look up to see more than
thirteen stories,
And suddenly the ship departs for a seven-day vacation,
I’m ready for a week of fun in the sun.
~ Riley

The Beautiful Beast

I watched as it pulled up,
A long, white, beautiful beast.
The sides all shining, like diamonds in the sun.
The most amazing limousine anyone had ever seen.

The inside, even more pleasing.
It smelled like brand new; twinkle lights covering the black ceiling.
Seats all around, facing different directions.
In a seat in the front sat the driver.

With cup holders, telephone, surround sound, and all.
The best experience any eight-year-old could enjoy.
When the magnificent ride ended, I was truly impressed.
~ Casey

What Am I?

I work so hard being pressed
against a desk, a wall, paper, or even
against someone I have never
seen before.

Even on days I want to
sleep in, I am still woken up
by someone who wants to write a poem or story.

Even though I am used
every day, yet no one notices,
no one cares.
You think someone would care,
but they grind me and sharpen me
like a spear,
but then I break, so they do it again.

When people get frustrated or mad,
they kill me, break me,
or even crush me.

I wish I was a pen.
~ Mathew

Building a World

As I rush through my presents, I hit a big one.
As I open it, I can sense it is something I really want.
I open the side and rip it open, and I stare at the amazing
thing I have received.

The Lego box reminds me of my first Lego set.
It is very exciting because I had never dreamed
I would be getting this. It is a very magnificent Lego ship
that sparkles in the sun.

As I dump the Lego pieces, it sounds like hail hitting
the road. There are different colors, sizes, and shapes. I start
building up excitement as I begin the giant droid ship, and when I
finish, it looks like a masterpiece. I put it in my room, and I thought
I saw it move.
~ Cole

First and Last Soccer Practice

Long, green grass following
the movements of the cold air,
The sound of cleats beating
against the tough ground,
Sweat rolling down
the faces of the team,
Breathing deeply and
releasing puffs of smoke
into the cold, crisp air,
The coach yelling at Alley
to pass the soccer ball to me,
She passes it to me
while I am near the goal,
I kick it into the goal
while the goalie,
Hailey, dives to catch it,
but misses by an inch,
The parents cheer,
The coach says, “A job well done,”
We huddle in a group,
Telling each other, “Good job,”
Smiling wide and
walking away with an
empty water bottle and
a bright, neon red face.
~ Taylor S.

Soft, Cozy Cloth Full of Love

The soft, red, bright hearts.
The faded strings puffing up.
The warmth and coziness of the blanket
fills me up with love.
The worn away cotton stitching (it’s been my
friend forever).

The smell of the tattered blanket makes my eyes
close, and soon I am in a deep, restful sleep.
My blanket!
~ Shelby

The Best Stuffed Companion

I was four at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
In the gift shop, I chose a stuffed animal
and my parents bought it for me.

I was a very happy two-year-old that day.
I named my new plush animal Otter.

Otter has a long tail and his hands are hooked together
as if he was eating a clam. He is still very soft.

I will love him to the day I die.
I sleep with him every night
and when I wake up, he is smiling at me.
It’s those times that my heart swells with happiness.
That day my mom brought home a book
called Swim the Silver Sea, Joshie Otter
and that is when I knew it was meant to be.
~ Josh

Basketball Buzzer

“Come on, sprint!”
The pressure is all on me
Five seconds of the game left and I have the ball
I was thinking of passing to my teammate
But I was wide open
With a jump, I launch the ball out of my hands
The ball starts rolling on the rim
The room was so quiet you could hear a staple a mile away
The ball went in
YAY! Roars of happy cheers filled the room
I felt like LeBron James making a buzzer beater
I was so proud of myself
Even my coach was happy!
But no…
LeBron James also made a buzzer
But so did I…
I did, too
Basketball buzzer
~ Vikram

Roller Coaster (Giant Dipper from the Boardwalk)

The thrilling ride seat opens.
My heart is beating with excitement.
I take my seat.
The workers put the seat latch down.
The ride takes off.
I scream!
All of a sudden, the ride goes black.
I see the light.
A smile jumps on my face.
Then, we are going up.
I see all the birds and look
at all the
other rides in the park.
Then the ride is taking its next step.
The ride rushes down while
the wind blows
my hair out of my face.
I scream!
It jolts me out of my seat.
Suddenly, it’s over in a heartbeat
with my face wiped out.
I say to my friends, “Let’s go
on that thrilling ride again!”
~ Leana

The Treasures of a Grocery Store

Walk in and a cool breeze
blows in your face and the
sound of beeping fills your ears,
take a basket or cart,
and go through the wonders of the store.
There is the produce section, which
cools your blood, and walking through
it makes you as ripe as a melon.
The colors and aromas fill
you as you walk.
You find peppers, carrots,
Lettuce, too, any vegetable
you can think of!
The dairy section makes you
moo and grow spots like
a cow. The dairy section makes
you feel like you’re in heaven
with all the white around you.
There is cheese, butter, and don’t
forget to get milk!
When you get all your groceries together, you
go to the cash register, and the cashier scans your
groceries, as you hand the cashier your money.
You leave the store, and in a couple of weeks
you’re back for more!
~ Julian

My Perfect Birthday

How could my birthday,
The best day ever, end so quickly?
My friend Mathew, my parents, my brother,
and I went out to dinner.
It was delicious and warm.
After our waitress cleared
dinner away, we all ordered giant
ice-cream sundaes with cherries on top.
I was only a quarter of the way done with
my delicious mountain of ice cream
when a surprise present was yanked
out from under the table.
What’s in there?
I quickly reached into the bag.
My hand clasped around something
the shape of a rectangular box.
I cautiously, but quickly pulled
out a box the size of a phone.
It was a brand new iPod!
It was blue, my favorite color!
It was already loaded with songs!
I love music.
I listen to it whenever I can.
~ Chris

Breath Stealer

My dad and I have been waiting for hours in this long line of terror
It is finally our turn
10:00 at night and we are getting on California Screaming in Disneyland
And we’re off
We go up a huge hill and straight down
It repeats the same thing again
Then we go on a gigantic loop-de-loop
Everyone is screaming their heads off
Then we go up another bump
When we’re going down, it feels like we’re flying with wind rushing in my face
Next we do a bunch of minor humps and some turns
The ride is almost over
Aack! What is that?
All of a sudden, I am blinded
Then the ride is over
I can breathe again
We go to look at our pictures
Oh, it was the camera that blinded me
We look at the photos again and start cracking up
My face is wild
~ Lindsay

The Box of Joy

Beep, beep,
Finally the UPS guy is here!
Ding dong goes
the doorbell.
I sprint to
the door
and saw a long skinny
box with my
name on it!
I was so excited
I didn’t even
know what to say!
I carry the
box like it
was glass.
I open it cautiously
And there lay my
American Girl Doll,
Her brown hair shiny
And unused,
And her skin smooth
as a baby’s bottom.
That moment
I was screaming
A piercing scream
in my head.
That moment was
one of the
greatest moments
~ Rose

Me Winning the Game

Standing in the intense court
waiting for the
First serve.
The ball is coming towards me
Me and over it come and
I hit it and
now it is my serve.
I serve and the try to hit it
and they miss so
We win the last game!!
~ Kaelee

To Die For

Nice, creamy, indulgent,
Frappucino drink
Get it hot or cold, your choice.
Choose your flavor from:
Nice, sweet coffee
Strong, cooling mocha
Soothing vanilla
And mouth-watering caramel.
When I wait in line, it’s no fun;
All there is to do
Is watch everyone else
Leaving with their drinks
And stop myself from drooling,
But at the end,
It is all worth it.
Finally it’s my turn to order
I choose
A caramel frappucino;
It’s nice and cold
And when I take a sip,
Oh my gosh, it is so creamy
And delicious.
Could it have been the whipped cream
Or the caramel drizzle?
But at this rate, I don’t really care because
All I want to do
Is enjoy this drink peacefully.
So don’t be surprised if there is a line,
Because I bet a lot people think
This drink is
To Die For.
~ Giselle

Creative Lego Creation

I go to the cashier and
purchase the Star Wars Lego
ship.  I scurry home and
rip open the box and
immediately start to build.

I slowly piece together
the fascinating parts to the
most spectacular, complex
Lego ship you may ever see.

It has smooth, slick wings
with powerful laser cannons
on each end.

Each perfectly and carefully
put together to make the
perfect Star Wars Lego ship.
~ Kyle

Colorful Beans of Joy

Red, yellow, green, and blue
soda shop, sour, fruity, and assorted
jelly beans are what I’m talking about
so many bright colors
that come to my eyes
the sweet sugary outside; then
the chewy, gooey, sweet jelly inside
the best flavor is any of the soda shop ones
A & W, Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Grape Crush, and Cream Soda
when you bite halfway into one of the soda shop beans,
an explosion of flavor comes to your taste buds
with a quick dash of excitement
but beware of the jelly sticking to your teeth
jelly beans, jelly beans
so very sweet
~ Talia

Yeah, Toast!

I like toast!  Toast is good,
Toast is yummy for my tummy.
Buy a bag of bread, put it in the slot,
push down the lever, and the wires get hot!
Down again, and it makes toast!
There is no secret to toasting perfection,
There’s a dial on the side to make your selection.
In the morning at six a.m.,
I grab a little jelly and a little jam,
put it on my toast
and it slides down my throat.
Yeah, toast!
~ Justen

Crack of the Bat

Playing shortstop is a delight
But the light is always in your eyes
It’s a nerve-wracking position
You think, what if you get a bad hop?
At the crack of the bat, there’s always a position for you to play
From turning two, or backing up a throw
Once you get three outs,
You go hit
When you get up to the plate, all you think about is getting a base hit
Ahome run is a bonus, but a base hit is a job well done
~ Spencer

All Kinds of Shoes

You can’t wait to put shoes on
you tie the laces, loops and knots
walk through the forest
even jog and even sprint
sit down, take a rest
oh, and tie your laces tight
then go to school
there are so many shapes and sizes
colors from…
and so many more
two months go bby
your shoes are getting small
you go to the store
there are so many sizes and types
I can’t decide
I try some that are blue
I wiggle my toes
I wonder if they fit,
looking down to see if they do
they fit!
Now I have new shoes
I go home and tie the laces.
~ Hannah

Falling Out of the Sky

I listened to myself scream so loudly
I scared myself
I could feel fear crawling up my back
My stomach fluttered with butterflies
I wondered why I was doing this anyway
For pleasure or for misfortune
I was on the sky coaster with my brother
I was terrified
As we went up higher
Sweat ran down my forehead
I looked down below and got dizzy
Then I pulled an orange cord,
Which sent us soaring rapidly
We glided through the thick, warm air
Then I relaxed, and I felt as light as a feather
I saw the whole park below
Then as we slowed down, the process was over
The enjoyment was finished
We sprint so quickly, and do it again
~ Kayla

The Right One

Commotion all around
dashing to each
which one

There was the one
purring and scratching
eyes beaming at me
grey and soft

So depressing
the purring vanished
into the arms of a
who fled the shelter

Soon after
barks and howls
caught me
hooked to the melody

Small and
woollier than
a large bear,
attached to
the cold, smooth floor
the cutest puppy
eyes ever laid eyes on

That cuddly bundle
of joy was mine

Dallas, his name
flying through
hundreds of names
then something so
hit me:
~ Danielle

Back to Heaven

I hold the warm cup in my hands
and I can smell the
sweet and strong aroma of coffee.
I take a little sip and
I feel like I’m in heaven.
I take another sip, and I feel the warm
feeling of coffee streaming
down my throat.
And at the bottom
I see glistening, white crystals.
I stick my tongue in
and I scarf it down
like the crystals are a million cupcakes.
I gaze at the bottom
and it is empty.
I fall out of heaven
and frown.
Then I listen
the pouring of more
fresh, glorious coffee,
and I go back into heaven.
~ Meghan

An Icy Wonderland

I walk up to the stand with fifty cents clinking in my hand.
I go up to the two girls, their faces as red as a tomato,
as if they hadn’t had a speck of water or shade for weeks.
The sun is like a heat lamp over our heads.

I order my delicious icy with glee.
I give the silver coins to the cashier and wait, watching every single move as she makes it.
My heart and tummy are filling up with excitement and waiting for the cool feel to fill me.

The crunching machine hurts my ears as it produces such a delectable dessert.
Finally, the juicy syrup pours on, and she hands the masterpiece to me.
I hold this treasure as if it were made of crystal clear ruby.

“Ahhhhh,” as I taste the frozen cone.
The crunchy material melts on my tongue like a piece of chocolate over a fire.
I slurp and I slush the sweet blizzard of ice.
Then nothing is left but a soaked paper cone and the aroma of a cold wonderland.
What a great treat!
~ Kennedy

Mi Pueblo

Creamy, delicious Mexican food,
Such as burritos, tacos, nachos, shrimp cocktails, and much more,
When you bite into that beany burrito, you will feel like you’re in heaven,
When I see the waiter come, I can smell that sweet aroma of the burrito,
I take the first bite, and I am speechless,
Then the second bite, then the third, and then it is gone,
I look down at my plate, and I see one last piece of my burrito,
I shove it in my mouth as if it was a grape lollipop,
Just like that, there is finally no more

The Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Ow! My arm hurts!! Ack!!
The doctor said
I have shingles!!
Shingles are an old people’s disease.
I got them last Christmas.
Kind of a rotten gift. You’re probably
wondering: How would a ten year old get an old people disease?
Well… I don’t know either.
Just try not to get the worst Christmas gift ever.
~ Brandon

Coming Fast

Baseball is a sport I like to play.
Murphy Field is where I play.
When it’s summer, I play baseball.
I touch the ball when I pitch it.
The ball is coming fast down the middle and
I smack it.
Hear the fans cheer when I hit the ball.
~ Sean