Week of November 27

This Week’s Feature:

Spelling Pattern: ad-, ac-, ap-

Many words begin with the prefix ad-.  The prefix ad- also has the forms ac- and ap-.  The prefix, regardless of its form, often means in the direction of or toward.  Watch for words with ad-, ac-, or ap- when you are reading and writing.

This Week’s Special Spelling Practice Activity:

Who or What Am I?

Writing is an excellent way to practice your spelling skills.  Use this week’s spelling list to play Who or What Am I? with a partner at home.

  1. Write riddles for at least five of your spelling words.
  2. In each riddle, include a description, a definition, and an antonym (a word having the opposite meaning) or a synonym (a word having the same meaning) of your spelling word.
  3. Read each riddle to your partner, asking him/her to guess the answer.  Then spell the word out loud for your partner.

The riddles will be turned in to Ms. M., along with your weekly word sort and spelling story.  Do not forget that for homework, you must also study your spelling words for Friday’s spelling test.

Choose the word sort for your group:

Click here for this week’s spelling stories.