Week 1: This Week’s Winning Stories

The First Day of School

by Lucas

I wake up staring at the ceiling, thinking that today is the first day of school.  Weird!  I get out of bed and look outside.

I think to myself, What a gorgeous day.  I then wonder curiously, Why don’t I see any birds? I guess they’re in school.

I hope I don’t have a spelling test today.  I wouldn’t want to misspell any big words like tremendous.  I also need to be conscious of my difficult to handle attitude.

On my drive to school, I see some mischief going on and tell my mom that I wouldn’t possibly dare to be part of any of that–at least not today.  It’s the first day of school.


by Roxie

My cat, Puff, is the best cat in the world.  He is very friendly.  Every time my mom’s friend and her four-year-old daughter come over, he greets the little girl with a rub on the hand.

Puff is also very curious. He once fell into a bathtub full of water because of his curiosity.

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, Puff has a runny nose, and I have to get a tissue to wipe his nose for him. That’s difficult because he squirms a lot.  He is weird that way.

However, sometimes, Puff can be the exact opposite of nice.  He can bite my hand if he feels like it or get into other kinds of mischief.

Still, I’m conscious that I’m jealous of him because he’s so perfect.

Sad Life

by Ethan

It’s difficult for some people to fit in.  I was always very jealous of my friend, who always fit in with the group. Right now, I was the opposite. I got into too much mischief, and so everybody seemed to dislike me.

I used a tissue to blow out my nose and my thoughts of ever having more than one friend.  I thought I was always nice and friendly to everybody, but I guess not.  On occasion, though, kids didn’t think I was weird.

Sometimes in class when I thought about my life as a kid with one friend, and when I did, I always looked at the ceiling.  I was always curious about what was above the ceiling.  I had always thought there was an attic up there, but the “cool” kids, as I called them always tremendously disagree with my opinion.

Even though, I acted, smelled, ate, played, and did everything differently, I wished I was the same as all the rest.

The Boring Day

by Loie

It was a really boring day in Mr. Grant’s class.  It was only boring in class on occasion, though. He was usually a fun teacher.  I was just staring up at the ceiling while the other students caused mischief.

Then Mr. Grant gave us the most difficult spelling test ever!  I was sure to misspell something.  It was the weirdest test I’d ever taken.  It was the opposite of a regular test.  The hard words were first and the easy last.  The test was tremendous and filled with words.

I finished the test early and was curious to see how my peers were doing.  So, I went “to get a tissue.” I saw that my friends were mostly doing pretty badly.  Possibly, they would fail, but I hoped they wouldn’t.


by Genevieve

“It’s not my fault we’re here!” shouted an all sand colored husky. “It’s all Storm’s fault.”

Storm was surprised that she would accuse him of something like this. He was a smart street dog that could definitely out-think a pack dog.

“I know you’re upset, Dawn, but right now we should be focusing on getting out of here,” Storm tried to say without snarling at her.

“That is definitely going to be difficult with you around,” Dawn growled to herself.

Storm didn’t respond; he knew that the conversation was over. He quickly thought over a plan in his head. Since Dawn got me trapped in this human dog cage place, when I leave I’ll just not help her escape. This is all her mess! It’s also definitely not my fault that we ever met. She just comes up to me, hurt and tired, so I say, “I’ll show you to my den.” Then randomly the humans come, and Dawn walks out into the street, and they see her! Storm looked down at his black fur and sighed, realizing he had become very angry and needed to just focus. He then heard the sound of another dog moving around in another cage a little farther away.

“Ay! Stop your yapping. You younger dogs really keep it hard for the older dogs to rest.”  An old brown Labrador emerged from the shadows of his cage as he spoke.

“Hello? Who are you? Do you know what this place is?” Storm asked without hesitation. He could see Dawn glaring at him from her own cage.

“Too many questions pup! This place is called a pound. It’s where those humans take us dogs. I’m not sure why. As for my name, well my name is—” the old dog couldn’t finish his sentence without Dawn interrupting him.

“How dare you call me a pup?” Dawn snarled at the old dog. Her hackles raised, and she gave the dog an evil glare.

“As I was saying, my name is Shadow,” Shadow ignored Dawn. “I’ll tell you my plan for getting out, but then you have to get me out as well.”

Storm didn’t like the idea of letting Shadow out. Shadow might slow him down; however, the only way to escape was to accept Shadow’s offer.  Storm was also a little curious about what Shadow’s plan was.

“What’s the plan?” Storm said grudgingly.

“See that lever?” Shadow tilted his head towards the lever on his cage door. “Push it. You have one on the door of your cage as well.”

“What’s a lever?” Storm and Dawn both asked at the same time.

“It’s a, um, do you see the long piece of metal sticking out on the cage door? That’s a lever.”

Storm pushed the long piece of metal. He locked his jaws around the lever and pushed. The door opened. Storm was surprised it worked and took a moment to stare in amazement.

“Don’t just stand there; let us out!” Dawn tried to nip at Storm’s leg through the bars of her cage.

Storm thought for a minute. He was out, and they weren’t.  He could just leave if he wanted to. Dawn must’ve realized she could get herself out by doing the same as Storm because she pushed the lever with her paws, and the door swung open. Storm frowned and shifted his gaze to look at Shadow instead.  Shadow was just chuckling.

“What are you even doing?” Storm continued to frown at Shadow.

Shadow ignored Storm and pushed the lever, his cage door opened, too.

Storm looked around. He never had seen the rest of the room. There were cages stacked on cages stacked on cages. As Storm trotted down the rows of cages, he found that most of them were empty. The rest held skinny dogs or depressed-looking dogs. He counted about twelve dogs in cages. They all had the same lever on the cage doors, just like his cage did. Storm turned and looked at Dawn. Dawn had a look of mischief on her face.

Dawn saw Storm looking at her and growled. “What?”

“I don’t know; you look suspicious, or you just look weird.” Storm smiled and Dawn looked disgusted.

Storm looked back at the dogs in the cages. They stared back at him, depressed, out of hope, and sad. They seemed frail and weak. Storm looked back at them for a moment and realized he would have been just like this if he hadn’t escaped from his cage. He reached for the lever on the outside of the cage door of one of the dog’s cage.

“Storm! Don’t let them out!” howled Shadow from the other side of the room.

“Why?” asked Storm, confused. “And I never told you my name.”

Shadow froze, realizing he had said the wrong thing. Quickly he began to smile and drop being worried.

“I heard your friend, Dawn, saying your name. It’s not my fault you were yapping at each other so loudly,” Shadow finally explained.

“But why can’t he let them out?” Dawn looked as confused as Storm was.

“The, well, the humans did something to the dogs. All I saw of the process was the humans taking each dog into another room. It came back looking exhausted, looking like it was half dead.” Shadow’s tail drooped and he looked miserable.

Dawn recoiled in horror at what he said, while Storm had no expression. He didn’t know what to make of this.

Storm, Dawn, and Shadow, decided that they wouldn’t let those half dead dogs out. The three of them would try to get out of this place as quickly as possible.

After searching around for a while, Dawn noticed a door.

“Come look; I found a door,” Dawn gestured towards a door.  Shadow pulled the door handle with his jaws and the door opened.

“How did you know to do that?” Storm asked.

“I’ve watched plenty of humans open doors; that’s also how I knew how to open our cage doors,” Shadow explained.

“I see humans,” Dawn barked at Storm.

“Quiet then,” Storm growled under his breath.

Dawn was right; on the other side of the door were humans.

“Let’s go run through and attack them. We can definitely beat them to a fight!” Dawn howled confidently.

“That is the opposite of what we want to right now,” grimaced Shadow.

“What do you think, Storm?” Dawn asked, beating her tail against the cold, ill-smelling floor.

Storm blocked her out. He was thinking of a plan.

“Dawn, I know you want action, so can you run through and distract the humans while Shadow and I sneak around the sides on the walls. We might find something we need,” Storm ordered, then suddenly realizing he sounded like an alpha dog.

Dawn nodded and slipped through the door. About four seconds later, Storm heard the humans yelling to each other, trying to capture Dawn. Storm and Shadow quickly sprinted around the side of the commotion Dawn was making.

“Look, this might be useful,” Shadow whispered to Storm.

Shadow was holding a sharp and long piece of metal.

“We can keep it as long as you hold it,” Storm grinned. “Let’s find the next door so we can get out of here.”

Storm and Shadow trotted the perimeter of the room until they found a door. Shadow did the honors of opening the door. Storm howled to Dawn to come. Dawn was jumping on the tables just out of reach of the humans.

“Coming!” she howled and bounded over to the two and through the door.

Storm slammed the door shut and looked around the new room. On the ceiling there was a trapdoor.

“Shadow, do you think you could pry it open with your metal stick?” Storm motioned towards the trapdoor.

There were boxes stacked on boxes so Shadow used those the climb on to get to the trapdoor. The room looked old and dusty. There were no lights, and the dogs could hardly see each other. Once Shadow was near the trap door, he opened it with his newly discovered metal stick. The others jumped through the trapdoor to find themselves on the roof, leaving the old, hot, and dust ridden room.

“Well we made it on the roof; congratulations,” Dawn laughed.

Storm laughed as well until he heard the sound of the rustle of bushes and grass.

“Stop, listen,” Storm perked his ears up even more.

Dawn stopped and listened while Shadow just looked over the edge of the roof. Shadow froze.

“Run!” screeched Shadow.

“Wha-“ Dawn said, and then froze the same as Shadow did when he saw it.

A grey and light green dog jumped up on the roof. Storm had no idea how it did that, but he wasn’t planning on asking it. Slowly the grey and green dog loped towards them. Patches of its fur were missing, and it was skinny to the bone. It stopped and looked around, as if targeting one of the dogs. It locked its strong and dead-looking stare with Shadow. Shadow tried to escape but was quickly brought back to the stare. Shadow began to yowl as a radio collar formed around his neck. Patches of Shadow’s fur fell off and his eyes turned an icy red color. Storm stepped back in horror from what he was watching. Dawn was flinching. Without warning, Shadow gave a tremendous leap and landed on Storm. Storm struggled under Shadow’s weight. Dawn tried to help but then got attacked by the other zombie dog.

“Dawn…” Storm whispered, as Shadow’s claws dug deeper into his neck.

Storm thought quickly. He used his back paws to scratch Shadow’s belly.  Shadow was surprised and let go of Storm. Storm slashed his claws at Shadow’s face. Shadow lunged at Storm, but Storm jumped out of the way. He lunged at Shadow and locked his fangs around Shadow’s neck, forcing him to the ground. Storm glanced over in Dawn’s direction and watched as the other zombie dog bit at her gorgeous pelt. Storm could possibly get a chance to go help her, but that chance was gone once Shadow flipped around and threw Storm straight off the roof.

Seven Months Later

“Come back here!” shouted Storm at his four month old puppy.

The puppy started to tackle his sister, Moon.

“Arrow, get off!” complained Moon.

Storm and Dawn’s other three puppies ran over to all tackle Moon some more. She giggled as they playfully bit at her ears and tail.

Dawn padded over and nuzzled Storm respectfully.

“This is a good place we found. The forest is a great place for a pack,” Dawn said calmly. “Hey, why don’t you go get some rest. I can watch the puppies.”

Storm nodded and walked to the den. He turned his head and looked at his pack of nineteen. They all were relaxing or doing scouting patrols. He heard one of his puppies playfully tease another puppy, “You’re just jealous!” Storm continued to walk to the den. He lay his head on his paws and fell asleep, relieved that both he and Dawn had survived their horrifying ordeal.

My Niece

by Jack

Today, I had to babysit my niece.  She is very curious, mischievous, and occasionally difficult.  I don’t know how to make her happy because we like opposite things.

Taking care of a five-year-old niece is tremendously hard.  I guess kids aren’t really my thing right now, but maybe I’ll warm up to them.

I try to be as friendly as I can. Possibly, I might try to give her candy.  Yeah!  All kids love candy!

So the next time I babysit, I have candy ready.  I offer some to my niece, but she says she doesn’t like candy.  How weird is that?

Sleep Train

by Austin

Have you ever possibly had a good night sleep? Well, if you haven’t, go to Sleep Train and buy a mattress. All your family will want one, including your niece! Be careful, though, you have to be conscious of the fact that your family will just sleep on your bed 24/7 until you practically punch them away even though you don’t want to ruin their experience there. (Now that’s a difficult way to do stuff and that’s how you ruin your family’s special occasion.)

I must admit, though, you can have a tremendous time playing on the bed. (This is my experience.) One time my mischievous little brother took the bed’s remote and started changing the position of the bed. It was hilarious! (I know I might misspell these words, but what the heck.)

I’ve heard of some insanely weird stories about the pros and cons of certain beds. Some made me jealous and some made me want to get the bed that was in the story. Well, now it’s the moment that you’ve all been waiting for…………… the catch phrase. Sleep Train: A Ticket To A Better Night Sleep! (Remember, a good night’s sleep will make you gorgeous!)

Past Years’ Winning Stories

An Average School Morning

by Jackson

I wake up in the morning around 7:00 a.m. and stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking about how my day will turn out. Then I hop up out of bed and go eat my breakfast.

Once I have finished eating, I change into my clothes for the day, even though, every now and then, it may be difficult to pick out what to wear. After dressing, I brush my teeth. I look at myself in the mirror and see my opposite stare back at me with a weird look of mischief. I cannot possibly think that I will be causing any trouble today. My mind moves on to a difficult spelling test. I hope not to misspell any words today, but it is possible I might.

When it is time to ride to school, I say good-bye to my tremendous, friendly dog, Ginger. Before I know it, I have arrived to school. I start a new day of learning as I step out of the car.

Ceiling Creature

by Gracey

This last weekend, my father’s niece, Kristen, was staying with us while her parents were out of town. Although she’s my actual cousin, I treat her like my own sister. My real little sister gets very jealous when we play and ignore her. When she visits, she usually sleeps in my room for the overnights. On this night, when it was time for bed, I gathered her sleeping bag and headed upstairs.

As I walked into my bedroom and turned on the light, there was a large spider on the ceiling. It was a very rare occasion to see any insects in my bedroom. The creature was very dark and shiny. I was certainly curious as how this large spider got into my bedroom. Maybe a window had been left open, but I wasn’t sure. I thought the spider might possibly be a black widow. I found that difficult to believe, so I moved in for a closer look.

As I approached this spider, I knew I might be getting myself into some mischief if I frightened this little creature. I had a tremendous respect for spiders because they could be dangerous, so I normally didn’t approach them. As I looked across the opposite side of my bedroom, I saw a broom in the corner, and I grabbed it as fast as I could. With a delicate swoosh, I swept the spider off its perch, and I ran out the front door while off the little spider went.

The Sentence

by Fiona

I look up at the ceiling of my prison cell and sigh.  I was just put in yesterday, and I already hate it.  The cell had plain white walls, an uncomfortable bed, and on occasion, a mouse scuttling between the walls.

Right now, I can just imagine my stupid, gorgeous niece blowing her nose in a tissue, recalling what had happened and feeling sorry for the lady.

The reason I am in jail is all a silly misunderstanding.  Some friendly, curious person had taken my niece to her tremendous house, probably up to some mischief I assumed.  As it turns out, my niece was  just fine, but my consciousness had been telling me otherwise.  So later that night, I had sneaked into the house to have a look around.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t realized that the woman of the house was a light sleeper, so upon my entry, she woke up and telephoned the police, which brings me to this present moment.

Luckily, I didn’t do any damage, so I will be in jail for only one month.  One thing is for certain, I will never cross paths with that lady again, no matter what it takes.

My Crazy Family

by Annabelle

My niece is friendly and gorgeous.  On the other hand, my jealous nephew is very weird.  He will misspell any word you ask him to spell, and on occasion, he will hang from the ceiling fan in joy. He makes so much mischief.

My niece is a tremendous help when my nephew becomes difficultPossibly one day, he will become the opposite of how he is now.  He’ll probably become conscious of how strange he is.  At the very least, I hope he’ll stop using using the tissue boxes as hats.

The Dress Mess

by Zoey

As I lie on my bed and look at the ceiling, on this beautiful summer day, I think about what I could do today. Suddenly, I know just what to do. I’ve noticed a door at the end of the hall, and I’m curious to find out what’s inside. I creep down the hall and approach the door. It’s locked. I reach up and grab the nail, stick it in the doorknob, and it opens. Inside is a gorgeous black dress, with just a hint of glitter. If my friends saw the dress they’d be jealous.

So, as usual, I put on the dress and walk around for five minutes. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? I go to take it off and it’s too difficult to remove. Uh-oh. As I try to get it off, I hear my mom asking where her dress is because she plans to wear it for a special occasion tonight.

I hear her coming, so I jump in bed and act like I’m sick. As she asks me where her dress is, I pretend like I know nothing and cough and sneeze.

“Are you okay? Should I stay home?” she asks. I shake my head no and ask for a tissue. She hands me one and walks away to go and make some dinner before resuming the great dress hunt.

I start to freak out. Should I tell her the truth or keep pretending I’m sick? It’s been a long and very weird day. I try to take off the dress again, and this time, it comes off. That’s a sigh of relief!

I creep down the hall to put the dress back, but how am I going to open the door without making any noise? I take a deep breath and quickly open the door, placing the dress on the hanger in the dress bag. Then I close the door.

I walk up to my mom as she is watching her favorite show, laughing her head off. I start to tell her what happened and then she stops me and says, with a friendly smile, “It’s okay you wore my dress, and I’m proud of you for being honest, but I’m still going to punish you for lying earlier.”

“Okay, what’s the punishment?” I ask.

“No computer, phone, or TV for a week,” she answers.

“Fine,” I say with a sigh. Now I know not to mess with any of Mom’s dresses.

Cinderella’s Sister

by Mo

Possibly, you guys know my sister, Cinderella. No, I’m not jealous of my sister, even though she got the prince and the palace. I’m not jealous!

Well, this summer, I have to travel to the opposite side of the village to see their new palace. It isn’t an easy journey; it’s difficult! On the way, I see a troll, a witch, and seven curious dwarfs.

When I finally arrive, I walk into the palace, and my niece comes running into me. The next thing I know, I’m looking at the ceiling. I stand up, and I see Apple White and Aurora, who is gazing into a mirror and saying, “I’m gorgeous.”

I go up to Cinderella’s room and see her stuffing her nose with tissues. I ask her, “What’s wrong?” She said her dress was white, not eggshell. I was so embarrassed to call her my sister!

I call Ariel, Elsa, Snow, and Aurora. They kick me out of the room. I go over to Jasmine, the only princess who likes me, and she tells me a story of how her pet snake went to Malificent’s tree. Who knew Malificent was allergic to snake bites?

Jasmine and I overhear people saying that this is going to be a tremendous occasion. I doubt it. All of a sudden, Cinderella comes down the stairs, and I can’t believe my eyes….

The One

by Gianna

You know
when there’s a special person,
And you blush up
and get all jealous
when other girls are
around him

Then you get all curious
about what he
is thinking

And then at times it’s difficult
to talk to him and you don’t
know what to say

When you can’t take your eyes
off of him because he’s so
gorgeous and friendly
Even though you two
are total opposites

When you try to go up to him,
you feel all weird inside

You invite him to all
of your birthday parties and you get
so happy when he gives you
a bracelet or a necklace

You think it’s so amazing
when you two are under the same ceiling

Even if he causes mischief
and you don’t even care at all

You know someday,
possibly soon
he will show interest in you

When you feel that way
about someone

You know he is…….
The One

The Daily Adobe News

by Samantha

graphics-graffiti-981056There was a weird mystery going on at school.  Someone had decided to cause mischief to the whole school.  It made everyone curious.  For those of you new to this school, welcome to Old Adobe.  This is where it all began….

Shannon smiled as her friends crowded around her.  All her friends thought she was amazing…except for one girl.  Nobody noticed her.  She hid the fact that she was jealous of Shannon because Shannon “stole” her glory.  She used to be SUPER friendly.  One day, she was so angry at Shannon.  She decided to put caution tape all around her locker, and put “YOU WILL GET SICK” graffiti on it.  That night, Shannon became extremely sick and went to the hospital. 

Everyone at school was devastated. More and more people became sick, even the teachers.

One day, she was about to graffiti the last locker; I spotted her just about to get mine.  I threatened to expose her jealousy and her horrible secret.  She stopped, but she had to scrub off all the graffiti.

“Aw, can’t I leave the teachers’ lockers with graffiti?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “even if the students are okay, we have to scrub off the teachers’ graffiti although sure, it would be nice to leave the teachers out for a while.”

“Aw, you’re no fun,” she replied sadly.  I never exposed her jealousy, but I reported her, and everyone was healthy and back to normal.

The girl made that tremendous effort to be her usual kind self again.  On occasion she would be alone again, but she was always happy on the inside.

She now shines her gorgeous personality and stays conscious of her true self.  She realizes it is not difficult to be the real her.

Free Bird

by Ava

parrot-flyingHi!  My name is Petunia, and I’m a parrot.  I have gorgeous feathers and beautiful wings.  My owner puts me in a cage at night, and sometimes, when I want to be let out, I try to fly.  I end up hitting my head against the ceiling.

I’m mostly very friendly, but sometimes I get jealous when I see free birds that get to fly around whenever they want.  I am curious about what it would feel like to be one of them.  I guess it would feel a bit weird not being around my owner, but still, I bet those birds are tremendous flyers.

It’s a bit difficult being in a squished cage all night instead of in a nest.  I bet the free birds get to cause mischief all the time.  On occasion, I get to cause a little mischief, but not always.

I think I have made my decision….I want to be a free bird!

A Great Day

by Riley

gymnastThe state gymnastics championship was about to begin and I was curious about my competitors. The gymnasts in the session before mine had just finished all of their events. I looked towards the scoreboard by the ceiling and felt a little jealous about some of the scores I saw. I was warming up my first event and I was conscious that my stomach felt nervous and weird.

The judge seemed friendly and signaled for me to start. I got up on the rings and did a gorgeous back-up-rise. I felt tremendous relief when I stuck my dismount. My next event was floor. It was very difficult because the floor was different from my home gym’s floor, but I still scored well. I completed my first two events and thought that I could possibly get a medal.

I got through the next four events, and my coach was pleased with my efforts. The award ceremony started, and I was very excited when I got a gold medal on pommel. It was a great day!

The Birthday Party

by Karla

birthdayaAs I step out of my small, but cute, yellow buggy, I walk to the back of the car to get the present out of the trunk.  When I open the trunk, I see the bright purple bag with the super bright, yellow tissue paper.  I knock on the door, and it opens.  The first person I see is my sister, Destiny.  She welcomes me into her house, and as I enter, I hear the screams of little four-year-olds.  When the door closes, I look up and notice the ceiling has a new painting job.  I look back down and see little Abigail, my niece, running towards me.  She is wearing a purple tiara that says “Birthday Girl.”

Abigail is looking at the present curiously, as if she has no idea what may be inside the bag.  I see her sister, Ally, sitting in a chair next to her friendly cousin, Ava.  Both have face paintings:  Ally has a gorgeous unicorn, and Ava has a panda head with the body of a pig, which is really difficult to understand.

I walk into the backyard to eat.  I am a little jealous of Destiny and how she threw this party.  There is a face painter, a princess, a royal steed, and a balloonist.  During the party, the balloonist made Abigail a balloon princess that looked possibly like a fairy without wings and with a crown.

Finally, it is cake time.  Destiny calls for Abigail, but she doesn’t come.  that is weird .  Abigail is always the first one at the cake table, but then we all turn around and see Abigail riding the royal steed, heading to the cake table.  As I see her, I instantly take out my camera to take pictures.  The cake has an image of Abigail dressed as a princess and gazing at what looks like the Disneyland castle.

We all enjoy cake, and then Abigail opens presents.  She opens mine first, and when she removes the yellow tissue paper, her face lights up.  She removes the gift and shows it to all of us.  It is an American Girl doll dressed with a princess gown, but there’s more.  There is also the exact same gown in Abigail’s size!  She is so happy, she doesn’t know what to say, but when the party is over, she hugs me so hard it kind of hurts, but it felt good in a way, too.


by Cassidy

wheatOnce every year, in a small town called Wheatville, the townspeople have a tremendous celebration.  It is called Wheat Day.  Wheat Day is the first day they start planting the wheat.

To you , this might seem weird, but to the citizens of Wheatville, it is a very big occasion.  They set up gorgeous lights and a bunch of food stands, and everyone is invited.  Everyone in Wheatville is friendly; no one is mean or jealous or snooty, although some of the little kids get into mischief.

The reason Wheat Day was started was because the farmers were complaining that they were not appreciated.  It was difficult to plant wheat all day and not have anything to look forward to after all that work.  Someone decided to hold a potluck to thank the farmers for their hard work.  Over the years, it turned into a special occasion that everyone celebrated.  Some day, it could possibly turn into a national holiday.

Many people take wheat for granted, but in Wheatville, it is the total opposite.  Wheat is the only that matters to the citizens of Wheatville.  They use wheat for everything, even tissues.

Next time you make a sandwich, think of Wheatville and the hardworking farmers.  Without them, you might just be eating a salad.

Alex and the Flying Contraption

by Skylar

A long, long time ago, there was a girl named Alex.  She was a gorgeous princess who loved getting into mischief, which was the opposite of her sister, Jackie, who was  proper and rarely ever got into trouble.

One day, after a long day of school, Alex and Jackie returned home.  Both girls went to their rooms.  Alex went to her bed and stared up at the ceiling, curious about flight.  She sat staring up at the ceiling, thinking for a tremendous amount of time.  Suddenly, she understood it; birds flew with wings, so that meant the only way you could possibly fly was with wings or some other contraption that floated in the air.

The next day, Alex and Jackie went to school, and Alex asked everyone she knew–and even some she didn’t know–if they could help her make a flying contraption. Alex was having a difficult time with some of her peers, but the rest were friendly and agreed to help.

A month later, Alex and everyone who had helped her were in the front yard of her house.  Jackie was standing in a corner being as jealous as could be about all of Alex’s new friends and about the special occasion that had nothing to do with Jackie.

There was a huge crowd around Alex, everyone who had helped, and the flying contraption, which was covered. When Alex, pulled the tarp off of the flying contraption, everyone began whispering to one another about how weird the contraption looked.  Once everyone was quiet, Alex told the crowd what the machine was.  The people were sure it would not work, but it did.  Everyone was surprised except for Alex, who had always believed in the success of her contraption.  At the end of the demonstration, everyone congratulated Alex, but all she cared about was that she was the first person ever to build a flying contraption.

Jonah’s Journey

by Cam

beachOne foggy, cool winter morning in the Caribbean, a young, curious, and friendly seven-year-old kid named Jonah felt like causing a lot of mischief.  He was on a boat ride, just a normal occasion, with his uncle and his uncle’s niece, who was Jonah’s cousin.  They all saw something very weird in the distance.  It was the opposite of good…it was very bad.  It was a huge wave.

The three rowed as fast as they could to a gorgeous island, but it was very difficult because of the smaller waves.  The mysterious island possibly gave them a place to stay the night, so they take shelter there.  The next morning, the chaos was gone, so they headed home.  Jonah’s sister, who wasn’t on the trip, was very jealous of Jonah, wishing she had been on Jonah’s  journey.

The Jealous Girl

by Lily

bookI thought Emma might possibly be jealous of Daisey on the occasion of her birthday.  It would be difficult not to be because Daisey had such a great dress. I watched Emma look at the ceiling in distress and walk in the opposite direction every time Daisey came near her.  I went to find Emma’s tremendous niece to help her have a good time at the party.  Then Daisey became very curious about an old book and got herself into a lot of mischief.  After that, Emma was not jealous of Daisey anymore.

The Nephew’s Skull

by Grace

I was excited.  Today was my first real dig!  I got up extra early for the occasion.  I was an archaeologist.  It had been several hours under the tremendously hot sun when my shovel struck something hard.  After carefully uncovering what I had found and consulting my charts, I reasoned the item could possibly be the skull of the niece of the late pharaoh.  However, my fellow digger thought it was the opposite: the skull was the skull of the nephew of the late pharaoh.  I was not convinced and was very curious, so I traveled to a city’s ruins to see if any clues lay hidden there.

The way was difficult–especially since I took the skull along–and hot, but I finally reached the ruins.  As I walked into a collapsing room, I spotted an old man huddled under a spot where the ceiling hadn’t crumbled.  His eyes traveled up and down, and when his eyes alighted on the skull, he stood.  He spoke little English, but with hand gestures, we managed.  The old man said that indeed, the skull was that of the niece of the pharaoh, and I could tell he was jealous and wanted the skull.  He tried to bargain with me, but my conscience told me he was up to mischief.  I turned and ran all the way back to our camp, returned the skull to the place I had found it, and ensured it was never to be found again.

The Spelling Story

by Marty

I have to write a spelling story for homework.  I can’t possibly think of a story.  The story is going to be difficult, but I’m going to make it tremendous.  It might be a little weird, but I’ll make something work.  I am jealous because people probably have a better story than I do.  Right now, I am the opposite of happy.  I’m very curious to know if my story is bad or good.  I know I am going to misspell a word.

As I stare at the ceiling, not knowing what to write, I realize I have all the words I need in one story.  Yes!  I’m all DONE.

An Uncle’s Tale

by Dominic

I’m a single man.  I live in a small house.  I have a tremendous nephew and a gorgeous niece.  My nephew, George, is jealous of his sister, Sophie.  On special occasions, I take them for ice cream.  It’s difficult for them to choose which flavor they want.

George is always getting into mischief.  Once he did something so bad that he needed help getting down from the ceiling.  Sophie is the opposite.  She’s really friendly and sometimes curious about things.  Sophie could possibly be my favorite niece.


by Diana

Piñatas can be exciting, especially on special occasions, possibly on birthday parties with a  lot of kids and toddlers.  Piñatas can also be beautiful.  Some can have many colors, while others have different shades of the same color.  I’ve seen many gorgeous piñatas with wonderful colors or designs.  Most piñatas are covered in newspaper and then colored tissue.

The fun part about piñatas is the candy.  It is so exciting when you get the feeling that the next person to hit the piñata will finish it.  Right before the next person to start, the opposite side starts to yell, “Over here; this way!  BLAM!  All the candy falls out, and all the kids run in.  It can be very difficult when there are a lot of kids.  You can feel the tremendous amount of candy falling on your head.  Sometimes you can get jealous when you see other people’s candy, but some people can be friendly and share.  Some candy can be weird, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying piñatas!

The Thief

by Kennedy

One day, on a rather normal occasion, the gorgeous Ms. McClure strolled down the street.  Then as she approached a grocery store, a roar of onomatopoeias came blasting out of the store’s door!  Along with the noise a man in a black suit ran out.  Ms. McClure knew he was up to mischief.  What could this man have stolen out of a grocery store?

So Ms. McClure raced after the man, flying across roads like a roadrunner.  She ran faster than smoothly flowing alliteration in a story.  Then Ms. McClure came upon an old, dusty building, where the thief was inside.  Her conscience told here it was a bad place.  She read the building’s sign:  “Perfect. Pickles. from. Past.”  The title was like some hyperbole for describing old pickles.

Nevertheless, Ms. McClure knew this place had something to do with archaeology and pickles.  She walked into the building and saw green ceilings with every type of pickle imaginable on the floor in glass boxes.  The thief was hiding behind a chair, and Ms. McClure caught him.  She made him confess to his robbery.  He was stealing pickles.  Ms. McClure made him return all robbery proceeds.  She lived happily ever after till the next case.

Holiday Heroics

by Chris

One, weird, cold, snowy Christmas day, a boy named Fred woke up at 7:00 a.m. to find out he had a stuffy nose.  He reached in his nightstand drawer and pulled out his box of special occasion tissues and took one.  He blew his nose with a reassuring wipe.  He suddenly became self-conscious and thought that he should take a shower before his relatives arrived.

While he was in the shower, he thought of how gorgeous he was and also of how jealous his uncle’s not-so-friendly niece would be when she saw how tremendous he looked.  Fred curiously looked up at the ceiling, thinking with some difficulty of what it would be like if it went the opposite way and she didn’t care?  Maybe, possibly, she’d get mad at him for misspelling her name on her present.

Fred got out of the shower and started getting dressed when he heard what sounded like gunshots and a tremendous scream from his sister, Ashley.  As he shoved his shirt on and sprinted downstairs, he wondered aloud, “What mischief did Ashley get herself in now?”

As he reached the kitchen, two men dressed all in black with big black guns were rummaging through his kitchen.  He saw Ashley lying on the floor, bleeding from an open wound on her stomach.  She was bawling.  Fred put his finger to his lips, telling her not to say anything.

His parents were at work.  They worked almost every holiday, so it was just Ashley and him home.  Fred ran next to Ashley in the living room.  He picked her up and rushed upstairs to his room, making as little noise as possible.  Fred set Ashley down on his bed, and raced to the bathroom to get hydrogen peroxide and some cloths.  He opened the hydrogen peroxide as quickly as he could.  “Bite on this rag so that you don’t scream, please,” whispered Fred.

He ran over to lock his door, and then he poured some hydrogen peroxide on his sister’s wound.  It was so hard for him to see his seven-year-old sister in such pain.  She made a small squeal and bit down hard on the rag.  Fred grabbed another rag and covered her cut with it.  “Keep pressure on it,” he whispered frantically.  “Lock the door after I shut it, and here’s this just in case,” he said, handing her a pocket knife.  “Stay hidden,” he said firmly, as he opened his door just a crack and peeked out.

The burglars were now in his parents’ room just across the hall.  Fred walked down the stairs as silently as possible, but one of the stairs creaked.  He heard the intruders stop what they were doing to listen, so he stopped dead, sure that they could hear his heart pounding.  Then they started rummaging through his parents stuff again.

Fred finished descending the stairs and grabbed his cell phone, but just at that moment, he heard the burglars start coming down the stairs.  Fred ran into the kitchen to hide.  He saw the two heavy-looking guns and picked them up.  He jumped in the empty cabinet under the sink  and turned off the sound on his phone just as he heard the burglars pound into the kitchen.

“Hey!  Where are our guns?” yelled the fat intruder with the deep voice.

“Where’s the kid?” shouted the skinny sidekick of the first robber.

As Fred listened, he heard them walk out of the room.  He flung open the cabinet and ran out the back door and into the back yard.  There he hid under the deck and dialed 911 as fast as he could.  The phone rang twice before someone answered, saying, “911; what is your emergency?”

“I live at 300 Redwood Square, Petaluma, California.  My house was robbed by two burglars, and they stabbed my sister.  My parents are at work!” he whispered.

“The police will arrive within five minutes with an ambulance,” Fred was told by the voice on the other end of the phone.  Fred turned off his phone and checked where the burglars were.  He didn’t see them, so he cautiously walked inside.  They were in the living room.  Fred ran to his room and knocked once.  The door flew open.  He ran inside and locked it again.  He opened his window and popped out the screen with his pocket knife.  Fred and his sister hopped out of the window.  Then he shut the window and put the screen back.  He climbed off the roof using the rain gutter and shingles for support.  Ashley came down after him.

Right then, the police arrived.  The burglars were arrested, Ashley was taken to the hospital, and Fred was rewarded for his bravery.

The Pageant and Ms. McClure

by Julian

Lights are flashing; music plays; crowds are screaming.  Everyone is getting ready for the Miss America Pageant.  Ms. McClure was the first contestant to walk on stage.  She looked tremendously gorgeous in her turquoise gown.

In order to judge the contestants, they were asked to participate in a spelling bee.  If a contestant misspelled the given word, then she was not able to make it to the next round.

The word Ms. McClure had to spell was archaeology.  After spelling the word, she crossed her fingers and looked up at the ceiling and gave the audience a friendly smile.  The host of the pageant looked at Ms. McClure and said, “You are absolutely right!”

Tears of joy rushed down Ms. McClure’s face, and the host gave her a tissue so she could wipe away her river of tears.  Ms. McClure was the only participant to make it to the next round.  She won the Miss America title, and all the other girls were jealous of Ms. McClure.  After a while, she fainted and was unconscious for a bit.  The security had to take Ms. McClure into the VIP room, and they put her on the couch to recover.

After that, everyone was clapping.  They knew that this day was the day Ms. McClure won the Miss America Pageant.