Monster Scale Drawings

By definition, a scale drawing is an enlarged or reduced drawing of an object. By looking at a scale drawing of an object, one can determine its actual size. Scale drawings can be useful for a wide variety of applications. One of the most common uses for scale drawings is maps. By drawing a map to scale, one can calculate the distance between any two points. Scale drawings are also useful for determining the size of very small objects. For instance, when looking at a drawing of a human cell, the drawing is always drawn larger than the actual size of the cell. Listed are only a few of the ways in which scale drawings are utilized, although the applications are indeed numerous.

One thing that all scale drawings have in common, no matter what size they are, is that somewhere on the drawing, a scale can be found. The scale is a key that converts one unit of measurement to another. The most common units being converted are inches and centimeters. For example, a road map might state that 1 inch = 6 miles. Thus, for each inch you travel on the map to get to your destination, you will have to travel 6 miles in real life.

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