Monster Scale Drawings: Directions

For the Scale Drawing Monsters Project, you will work with a partner to create your own original monster. On a piece of white, 8.5″ x 11″sized piece of graph paper, you will draw your monster and pick a scale for it.  You may either enlarge or decrease the size of your original drawing.  For this project, if you choose to enlarge the size of your drawing, draw your original on either the one centimeter graph paper or the quarter inch graph paper.  If you choose to decrease the size of your original drawing, then draw your original monster on the one inch graph paper.  Next, you will choose a scale for your drawing, and then recreate it to that scale.  Lastly, you will complete the monster’s biographical information and color the monster.

Follow these steps to complete your monster scale drawings:

  1. With your partner, decide whether you would like to enlarge or decrease the size of your original drawing.
  2. Based on your decision to enlarge or decrease the size of your drawing, get a piece of graph paper.  Work with your partner to draw your monster, adding as much detail as possible.  Be creative and have fun!
  3. Choose your scale.  If you plan to enlarge your drawing, please be realistic.  You have a finite time in which to complete this project, so please don’t choose a scale that would make it impossible for you to complete the project or for the project to fit into the room.  For example, do not choose a scale such as one centimeter equals one yard.
  4. Using a ruler and drawing lines quite lightly, draw a grid that represents your new scale on a piece of white art paper.  Remember that if you enlarge your drawing, you will need a larger piece of paper than the one you started out with.  For example, if you had a scale of one half inch equals one inch, your scale drawing will be two times as large as your original.  As a result, you may need to piece together more than one piece of art paper to create your enlargement.
  5. Working a grid at a time and sharing the drawing labor, copy the part of the original picture in each grid square onto the corresponding grid square of the paper you made for your scale drawing.  Notice where each line and shape begins and ends on the original grid, and locate its relative position on the new grid. Try to reproduce all of the lines and shapes as accurately as you can.  (This method of drawing is called sighting.)
  6. After you complete the drawing, carefully erase the grid lines.  Then color in the scale drawing and outline it with thin black marker.
  7. At the bottom right side of the scale drawing, show your scale.
  8. On a separate piece of paper, please fill out the following biographical information for your monster:





How it gets around:

Place of dwelling:

Food it enjoys:

Special hobbies or skills:

How it was created:

Upon completion of your scale drawing, you are encouraged to trade your drawings with other groups and determine the actual sizes of the monsters, based on the scales put on the papers. Depending on the kind of monster, other aspects besides height may be figured out, including: toe length, arm length, eye size, etc.