Free Verse Poetry: More Free Verse

Help Us

I watch him
my face pressed against
the glass
as he stalks toward me
his eyes filled with
anger and sorrow
he seems to be saying
help us.

As we go to the other
exhibits I see
the same look in
the other animals’ eyes
with the same somber expressions
they all seem to be saying
help us.

As we leave the zoo
I see all the animals
pleading, some angry
most sad
they all keep repeating
those same words
help us.
~ Anna

Six Flags

I woke up today with a big yawn!
When my dad said we were
going to Six Flags I ran in the
shower, got the nice, smelling
shampoo in my hair and my body,
grabbed a shirt, pants, underwear,
then swiftly picked up my shoes and
hustled into the car!

As we were driving I was looking around us to see
where we were. I saw cows, big, grassy
fields and many farms!
When we finally got there, I saw many roller coasters.
Some were huge, and some were very small. But
I also saw swing rides, which looked really fun!

We quickly ran to the closest roller coaster.
Nobody was in line so we went to the front of the ride.
We went very high, then we dropped straight down,
and then we got swooped up! We went very fast
on that ride. Then we went to the very, scary Superman.
We went up then down. Then back up and zoomed
straight forward! We went into flips, and barrel rolls!
At the end of the ride I thought to myself,
“This was the best ride I have ever been in a while!”

Finally, we went to the last ride.
When I saw this ride I knew that I was in for a treat!
I got in my seat, thinking to myself,
“What if I get really sick and throw up in
the middle of the ride!”
The ride started. We went up, then took a
sharp left! We went down towards the ground
at a high speed! Then we went into a flip!
I was feeling quite sick at this point.
Straight after that, we went into a barrel roll!
Then we went straight up to the sky!
We stopped for a second, then went down, backwards!
We did a quick barrel roll, then straight into a back flip!
Finally we slowed down to stop.

I felt really sick, but still, I had a great day.
Then I went to get my some water.
After I took a big gulp of the cool water,
I felt as good as new. So we went home.
When we got out of Six Flags, I thought to myself,
“I had a great time today! I hope we can to this more!”
~ Connor


The water glistens
in the moonlight
waves crash
against warm sand
crickets chirp
in the background
only the sound
of the crickets
can you hear
frigid water
~ Jeremy

The Life of Being a Bed

Life is sometimes
really hard. Everyday
someone lays on me,
but that’s not even
the worst part!
They drool on the
pillow and it flows
onto me. They always
scream and kick, it’s a

My sisters and brothers
are not as lucky. One of them
has a two hundred pound
person sleeping on her.
Two of my brothers are
bunk beds. They
are always complaining
that a piece of wood is going
to break.

One of the good things about
being a bed is that I get a new
pair of sheets. I love the
break in the morning after
everybody is awake and gone.
The silence.

Most days I think of my
sisters and brothers and
think to myself, I
am pretty lucky to be a
baby crib.
~ Riley


I am abused
I am punted, kicked, thrown
parents always correct
their children when they touch
each other, but when they throw
me, punt me, kick me, it does not matter;
am I not as important?

The kids who throw me have the worst
aim ever; I hit mailboxes, trees, even passing cars
when it rains, and I splash into a puddle
instead of drying me, they just keep playing.
When the children are done bullying me,
I am tossed in a basket with the rest of my friends;
I am abused.
~ Jake C.

The Ugly Crash

I dart
from the bathroom
down the hall towards
my room.  I feel a sudden
burning in my toe.

I howl in pain
as I stumble and then collide
with the carpet.  I
die on the ground
which is struggling to hold
me up.

I limp towards my room
knowing that my toe
has forbidden me
to harm it.
~ Jake D.


I love the gold, warm sand beneath my toes
I feel so relaxed, listening to the water wash up on shore
I watch the seagulls fly in the beautiful, baby blue sky
I lay, soaking up the bright, yellow sunlight.
Puffy, white clouds float in the sky like pillows.
I take a look out at the gorgeous view
Turquoise ocean with white tips and boats coming to the dock.
I taste the thick, salty air as I inhale.
There are creatures under the sand and in the water;
I wonder what they think of the beach.
I think it is perfect.
~ Julia


In the depths of you
the fish
splash ans swim
in the darkness;
it’s like they’re
in the sky,
flying at night.

In the depths of you
fallen cities
cracked, broken,
and lost
sit on
your sandy floor.

In the depths of you
they explore
and swim through
your many

I wonder
what we have
not found
some is hidden
some is not
still there, here
in the depths of you.
~ Laura

The Heart-Stopper

I hear his voice;
he’s done counting
swish, boom; he’s in the field
we’re not breathing.
Boom!  Eeehhh! He shakes
the trailer; I hear Jeremy’s heart stop;
mine speeds up, and Dominic’s skips
two beats, now three.

I hear a girl scream.
“Ha ha,” Hollan laughs.
My heart skips a beat; swish! I hear
Garrett move near us; boom!He’s closer, our hearts drop; boom, boom.

Eeeeee! the door screams as Hollan opens it
we scream to scare him; the girl screams again
And boom! We are no longer hidden;
we are found.
~ Maverick

The Big, Blue Blanket

Walking through the dry, wet sand
I listen to the deep, blue ocean
I hear the whales and the seals
sing their wonderful songs.
As I walk by all the shells,
I can hear the ocean.

I stare into the ocean, knowing
that every sea creature is found
in there; finally, I jump in, hoping
I will eventually become
one with the water
as the big, blue blanket
covers me, I think to myself
this is where I belong
in this big, blue blanket.
~ Adam

My Majestic Skateboard

Silver independent trucks
white wheels and bones bearings
black grip tape
a ground-down deck
my skateboard
easy to get speed
fun to ride
easy to do tricks
my skateboard….
~ Frank


Yellow, black, and green
jellyfish is what I see.

He swims toward me.
I flee.  The jellyfish
continues, swimming nearer,

stingers ready to sting.
I try to swim away,
but the jellyfish catches me.

It is as soft as a baby.
Was this a jellyfish?

I wake; I had been
sleeping on the beach
and am now as red as a tomato.
I open my eyes;
a jelly fish is what I see.
~ Mo

One Year Can Be Like One Day

My baby sister was born
March 8 of 2013.
When she was only
nine months old,
she already knew
how to walk.

Now she is already
more than a year old.
In five months,
she will be two.
She has grown so quickly.
~ Belen


I fell and hit
my head.  I saw
two of everything.
My dad rushed
towards me
and gave me an icepack.
Everyone surrounded
me.  My mom looked
at my head, and it
had a crack in it.
She said, “You don’t
need to go to the hospital.”
I said, “Okay.” My mom
carried me into the house
and she gave me
some Advil to take.
Now I know
not to play around
with basketballs.
I have a big bump
on my head, too.
~ Nick


Boom, crash, smack!
People cry their eyes out,
blood drips down their faces;
they cannot breathe,
not for an instant.
They shout,
“Help! I’m dying!”
Boom, crash!

Gasses, chemicals, dust fumes;
people call for help.
Firefighters say, “No;
don’t open the window,”
but people do it anyway,
desperate for air,
jumping to their deaths.
Boom, crash!
~ Sean


The water flows smoothly
The birds curl up in their nests
The geese honk in morning flight
I sit by the fire
It is so cold, I can see my breath
It’s too cold to go outside
The spiderwebs glisten with dew in the morning light
~ Zoey


Doughnuts and I
the perfect match
Doughnuts, so soft
and with a topping
of my choice.
Only one thing
could go wrong,
a stale doughnut,
but that won’t happen.
I am good
at choosing
the perfect doughnut.
~ Chance

The Tree

I lean towards
an oak tree
I climb up the unstable
branches; I stop to take
a breath and feel the unshaven
branches. I felt a button there
so I pushed it, finding a wooden
door that opened to a storybook
on an altar.  I open the book
and find myself in Legoland
Construction Park.  I left the tree
and I never looked back.
~ Gavin


why are you so scary
and why do you make weird
noises sometimes
why are you mean sometimes
why do you change from day to night
why do you move sometimes
or shake at night
why do you get dark
and put a white oval in the sky
why, nighttime, why?
~ Aiden

Basketball Duel

At the basketball court
in Sonoma Park, 2:00 p.m.
it is a peaceful day
birds chirp and wind whistles.

When I’m asked to duel,
the day changes:
red versus blue
Each person claims a team
and plays with fierce moves.

Players take the ball
the game turns into a crying
mess, pain and disaster.
I was there; I jumped to score
but I was pushed and landed
on my back; it ached for two days.

My mom decided
basketball was too dangerous.
Now I play soccer.
~ Diego

Hunger Games Nightmare

Darkness, shadows;
They haunt me through the night.
People hide so they won’t be
found by the enemy,
so close they share the same breath.

Teams of two, young and aged,
from twelve districts,
risk their lives to stay
in this cruel world.

I can hear the heartbeats
of competitors; for them
there is nowhere
to run or hide.
Every ten seconds, you hear
a scream and boom to let
you know there has been
a fallen soldier.

I try to stay harmless,
unless the others come
and try to harm me.
I stay in this tree
to avoid the conflict.

I try to run and find
some way out of this
nowhere to go
nowhere to hide….

It’s just a dream.
~ Gianna

The Horrifying Moment

Early in the morning
my sisters, dad, and I
were fast asleep
my mom and littlest sister
were wide awake.

All of a sudden,
“Earthquake!” was screamed.
I felt tremendous shaking.

My family all went
downstairs, too afraid
to be upstairs.
So that night,
we all slept in the living room.

I am still afraid
of the earthquake
that morning.
~ Dakota

House of Air

At the House of Air
It was the most terrific day ever
I felt like Superman
Soaring through the ocean blue sky
“Weeee,” I said as I flew through the air
Watch me jump higher and higher
Until I touch the top
After hours of fun
My mom sadly says it’s time to go
Although it was a good day
I knew I couldn’t stay forever
Can’t wait till I come back
Another day full of awesomeness
~ Tarren

beautiful leaves on the ground
bright sun in the sky
kids out at play
listening to the sound crunch crunch
with leaves beneath their feet
when it is fall
my eyes light up
when it is night
I close my eyes
and think about
my amazing fall day
beautiful leaves on the ground
bright sun in the sky
I love fall
~ Hanna

Can Coffee Pots Get the Flu?

Every morning my coffee
pot gets the flu.
He throws up my coffee
into my cup; it’s disgusting.
I tried giving him a flu
shot, but it just poked
a hole in him,
in the very top of him,
but that just made
the coffee taste worse.
Every morning my coffee
pot gets the flue.
There is nothing I can change
about my sputtering,
sick coffee pot.
~ Lindsey

A Day to Remember

Moo! As the cow shot down the elevator,
someone announced, “Cow on the loose!

We rushed to the ground level
where the cow had been seen last.

When we discovered the cow,
it was down on the grass.

We meant to send it home, but it gassed
and killed the grass and sent us all home instead.

Small children had to ask us,
“Why do you smell like grass?”

I hope you remember what happened that day,
so when you see a cow, get away.
~ Matthew

Boredom in Bed

I was extremely sick
in bed, alone watching
television, friends calling
to hang out; ring, ring;
neighborhood kids knocking,
knocking on my door
wanting to play.  “Sorry,”
My mom saying in depression,
like me, but not as much.
Nothing, and I mean,
nothing could be worse
than half of your friends
wanting to hang out, but you
can’t because you just can’t.
I was so bummed out
because I was sick
for three days,
which felt like forever
with nothing happening,
just plain, old nothing.
~ Matt


The car accelerates
I open the window
I stick out my hand
it feels
good on my arm
up to my hand.

Now we’re crossing
the Golden Gate Bridge
there are at least
fifty cars as we
enter San Francisco
up and down hills
up and down
biggest hill ever

Then we park
and get out
there is Britt
we get her stuff
loaded in the car
traveling home again
across the Golden Gate.
~ Kellen

Past Years’ Free Verse:

The Build

I’ll start by punching trees
crafting table
mining coal
making torches;
all done to survive.

Then I’ll start from the beginning,
build a house
using wood
make a bed
out of sheep and wood
light my house with torches
made from coal and sticks

Punching trees
crafting tablemining coal
making torches;
all done to survive.
That’s how I play Minecraft.

~ Daniel

Flower Fairies

It is amazing how the smallest
things in life are the most beautiful,
especially when they are fairies.
I see a fairy in a garden of love.
She’s in a tower of colors.
I see her on a mushroom chair.
Inside the tree is a flower fairy.
I notice her long, tangled, blonde hair,
her perfect blue eyes made of diamonds,
her toothpick legs dainty and breakable,
her little fairy dress made of materialized roses.
It is like we were meant to be together.
I smell the sweet scent of pine needles
as I touch her, and I know she’s special.

~ Aubriana


As I walked into the park,
I could tell that there would
be a lot of people.

It was icy cold outside,
probably because we were
in Alaska.

As we reached the Mendenhall
Glacier, I could see and hear
the crashing water.  I saw
tons of mini icebergs floating
around, making it even
more beautiful.

I was glad to see such
a pretty sight.  My cousins
and I walked on the rocks
surrounding most of the lake,
and we touched the ice, cold water.
It felt like plunging
my fingers into dry ice.

I wish I could go there again
and enjoy the wonderful time I had.

~ Madison

Manga Comics Are Life

Okay, one minute I’m in my
cozy bed, but the next,
I’m in my BOOK!

So being in my book is
cool, but this is not
different from
other times I read mangas.

Because every time I read,
this happens.
That’s what mangas do.

~ Gracie

The Big Bike Jump

I came out from my garage
and had my dirty, mud-splattered bike.
My friend and I were running
toward the ramp we built
in its beauty.
I ran all the way back.
I got on and off I went,
the wind roaring past my face.
I was almost there and I went
flying in the air.
It was ice cold ouside
like frost.
I went back down to the ground,
my wheels bouncing up and down.
Then I went back inside.

~ Ryan

I Say I’m Colorful

I say I’m colorful,
But nobody believes me.
They say I’m almost as colorless as tea.
Oh, why don’t you believe me?

If you believe me,
Why don’t you see me in the rainbow?
I’m there; I’m there, I say,
But nobody believes me.

I say I’m colorful.
All I ask for is a friend;
Who knows, maybe will even start a new trend.

I now see; you are my friend.
Thank you for listening.
I say I’m colorful;
So do you

Because you wear me every day.

~ Samantha

The One Day

The moment I walk
into the blue house
of my friends, I get
the welcoming feeling
of being home.  I see
the baby pictures of her
family as I enter.
Walking into Briana’s
living room, I sit
on her couch.  It feels
as if I’m sitting on a cloud.
We go to her room;
her bed is really comfy.
For dinner, we have some
delicious homemade pizza,
then visit her mom’s salon.
Then Lindi came.
And that’s when it all changed.
We had so much fun.
We were putting
feathers in our hair,
and at the end of the night,
we passed out in her room,
having had such fun.

~ Gina

Otter Box

It’s big, bulky,
and heavy duty.
It gets thrown around
protecting my phone.
It is red and black.
I have it because

I drop my phone a lot.
It cost $60.00,
and it was worth

every penny.
I love my Otter Box.

~ Andrew


The colors magically dance
across the sky.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue
and purple light up the sky.
People are amazed by the beauty.
Its colors blend just right
and clouds surround it.
The amazed people take photos
and point at the rainbow
that is perfectly round.
But look!  There’s another
one that is straight.
It soon disappears,
leaving the one that is
so bright, but that one
also vanishes.
All that is left is
a memory
and dark clouds.

~ Neena

Night Rises

I gaze at the meadow
Shining in the afternoon sun
The wind blowing my hair
And rustling the trees
I watch blades of grass wriggle
As though they were stuck

I look around
The meadow filled
With beautiful
Daisies and dandelions
I stare
At the glittering sunset
Reflecting off the
Blush pink clouds
As night rises.

~ Ava

Atop Your Head

Made with fabric
a design or a sentence

White fabric as paper
words pink as frosting

Silky white fabric
atop your head

Pink glitter in your hair

Way high pony
and a white and pink
glitter bow in your hair

~ Olivia

Dining Delight

Have you ever tried
the delicious, cheesy taste
of pizza from Costco?
Whenever I go there, I can hear
all the people and see the big line
waiting for the huge and tasty pizza
topped with juicy pepperoni.

Anytime I go to any pizza place
I am super excited because I get
to taste the melty cheese
and the warm bread.
Biting into the warm crust
with cheese melting off all sides
is my favorite part.
I love the yummy goodness
in every bite
of any kind of pizza.
I love tasting the combo
pizza with sweet bell peppers,
meats, and olives with mushrooms.
I think every day
is pizza day.

~ Alex

Second Touch

“Yaaaay!  Woo hoo!” the crowd is
cheering, ready for the game.
I can hear my parents voices
calling my name.
I am excited, nervous
on the inside, but happy
on the outside.

The referee blows the whistle
as loudly as he can.
I am the left defender
in the starting line-up.
The first game
of the tournament has started.

We are losing, two goals to nothing.
We are frustrated and upset,
so we start attacking more
and get closer to scoring
in the opponents’ net.

Until then there is a game-changing
corner kick, transforming the whole game.
When my teammate kicked the ball,
the ball soared like a hawk.

I brought the ball down
with my foot–
one touch–then I hit the ball
with all my might,
like a bullet kick.

After that, the ball hits my opponent’s
leg, and the goalie dives
to catch the ball,
but doesn’t make it.
It is a goal!

~ Jon

I Am a Friend

I am a friend
of many, as of
my family being
my close friend.

One of many are
my friends, and that
is my life.

Friends are friends of mine,
people of mankind
are friends,which leads to family.

After the experience
of making a friend,
it can change your life.

Finally, once friendship is
a poem is crafted.

~ Kyler

Family and Friends

Sometimes I wonder
why people are alone,
sitting in the dark.
But that’s where I
come in.  I talk to them and say,
“Family and friends.  You’ve
got to have them!
They cheer you up when
you are down.
You can tell
them anything.
You are supposed to have
fun with them.”

No one can have
too many friends or family.
Without them, you would
not be who you are.
Be proud of who
you are.

~ Jasmine


Droopy, dead, thirsty
I see you stand in the melting
sun all day,
hoping that someday
will give you
the gift of water
to bring you back
to life.

Lifelessly, I stand
there, watching you
wait for company,
a gardener,
teacher, student, parent.
You hope that
will care.

~ Mikayla

Juicy Sweetness

I wait in line
for your sticky
doughnut bun,
juicy meat,
crisp lettuce mixed
with your delicious

You now have
two bites left;
you are
like a normal burger.
No bites left,
but there is
always next year.

~ Rachel

My Hat

Wham! The ball flies
over the fence,
a grand slam
and they won the game.
I had worn my hat,
my orange and black hat,
its ridges encased
with the memories
of the wins of all games
it has traveled around to visit.
The orange Giants logo shines
in the evening glare,
dirty from all the adventures
it has encountered.
Who knows where
its flat, black bill
will travel next.
My hat is turned inside
out for a rally.
As I wear it atop
my head, it is comfortable
and keeps the sun
out of my eyes.
I take it off
and put it back on again,
just waiting
for the next game.
When the time comes
it finds itself back
on top of my head.

~ Riley

5-Hour Energy

With five dollars in my hand,
I walk up to the store.
I grab the 5-Hour Energy drink.
I look at the bottle,
its smooth outside paper
in my hand while I take
the first sip.
I taste its sweet
and bitter flavor
flowing through my mouth.
I can feel myself gaining
more and more energy
by the second.
It feels great.
I can hardly wait
to drink another one.

~ Robert

Way of Life

Gymnastics is a way
of life for me.
It’s all I see;
it’s all I do.
I flip
I twist
I swing
I fall.
I can’t wait
to learn it all.

~ Dylan

Looking through the Trees

The woods are cold and damp.
The crunching of the branches echoes as I tiptoe across.
I gaze around looking at the beautiful sunset.
I hear the melodic chirping of the birds as I join them in harmony
I feel the wind blowing through my ears.
I see the rustling of the leaves.

Looking through the trees, I am waiting to see something exciting.
I hear silence as silent as a grave.
I walk towards until I see a vast meadow in the center there is a pond.
I saw a grayish blue pebble that was so small I could balance on the tip of my nose.
I grabbed it and chucked it in the pond.
I watched it skip seven times as it delicately hit the surface of the pond making ripples in the water.


A Life

One day I was bought
and then thrown on the ground.
I am a water bottle,
the best in the world.
People drink me
and I say, “Don’t squeeze me,”
but they don’t listen
and then they toss me.
I say, “I am not
just a water bottle.
I am a good brand of water,
the water you buy most
at the store.”

~ Jovany

Dark Obsidian Rock

The glassy dark
natural form of my rock

the shiny rock

I feel the surface that makes
my hand cold

the razor sharp tip shining
in my eyes.

I feel the smooth, glassy rock
sleeping on my hand.

I love my dark night black rock
and the shining of its surface.

~ David

Baby Boy

Waa-waa-waa goes my baby cousin,
tears of sadness drip out of his eyes.
Then as I walk into his home,
his face fills with joy
to see me and he starts running
to me and hugs my leg.
He is only two years and three months
old, and it is so cute because he only knows
how to say his parents’ names and mine.

~ Briana

Green Tree

I wake up; what do I
see?  An innocent tree.

A tree, you think
this is going to be boring,
but it isn’t.

When I wake up I see
a tall tree that can touch
the sky,
a skinny tree is what I see.

I see shiny leaves
and feel their softness.
This tree makes us live
and gives us the crisp
air in the morning light.

A tree that shades me
when it grows dark.
This is a great tree.
So get a tree of your own
and write about it.

~ Allie

El Salvador

I smell the miserly, hot, bubbly magma
Rising to the top of a volcano like a fountain
Gushing a pool of lava

I feel the rough bark of the tall coconut
Trees waving their arms in the dancing wind

I see the brightest colors
Of red, blue, yellow, and pink on all the houses

I hear the small brown chickens
Clucking as they cross the gray, paved road

All the friendly people waving
And hugging each other

This is El Salvador

~ Eli

The Game

Crack the ball hits the bat
Right on the sweet
Spot and it sails over
The infield

I slam my foot on first
I’m running as fast as I can
Feeling like a cheetah
The third baseman gets the
Ball so I slide

My heart is pounding
Out of my chest
The dust clears; all
People are on their feet
And I’m


The crowd cheers; every
One is jumping up and down
Cheering for me and it feels


~ Jeremy

My First Roller Coaster

The ride jerks me back
We slowly ride up a gigantic hill
The higher we climb, the more my stomach hurts

We get to the top; I feel the ride stop
I close my eyes for a split second
Then we drop
I scream at the top of my lungs
Still terrified from the drop, I see the flip
As I am going over the flip, I am not scared anymore
I am having fun

The ride is smooth like butter
The seats are as hard as stone
But I don’t care if the seats are uncomfortable
I am having too much fun

We approach the second flip
I throw my hands in the air and start to scream
Before I know it, the flip is over and so is the ride
It is the shortest three minutes of my life
I unclip my seat belt and jump back in line

~ Cassidy

The Pair

There are numerous
To my horrific
Smelling cleats—

But they are my pair

They have been—
Stomped in—
Walked in—
Jogged in—
Run in—

But they are my pair

They are treated
As badly as
Smell as
Dreadful as
Old cheese—

But they are still my pair

These putrid smelling
Monsters don’t
Just protect
My feet—
they are—
my friend—
but they are
my hero—
for keeping
my feet

But they are my pair

~ Cam

I Am a Diamond Sword

I am swung, swung, and swung some more
I get dizzy, dizzy, and dizzier
You don’t want to be me

I get shoved into zombie guts
And exploding green things
I am not kidding

The good side is
I am valuable
I am made of diamonds
I am the best of materials
I am the sharpest, the strongest

I am a diamond sword

~ Ian

Creamy and Delicious

Cupcakes are delicious and sweet
They are like a creamy sensation
Of chocolaty goodness when I bite
When I smell the sweet smell
Of velvety red
A glorious taste of vanilla white

The rainbow sprinkles nestle
On the cream
The crumbs and sprinkles
Drop when I bite
My mouth feels like
The sprinkles are dancing
On the frosting
It’s a creamy and delicious

~ Rachel

Poetry Is Born

Poetry is born with…

My ring collection
full of colors

The first dive into
an icy cold pool

Poetry is born in
the deep, murky, blue
waters of a lake

On a beam which
I do my flips on

Poetry hides in the wind
that flies past me
while horseback riding

And poetry is born
with my collage
of photos
covering my wall

~ Skylar

The Goal

One day I had a lacrosse game
It was really hot outside!
In the first half, it was 0-1
But then, in the second half, I got the ball,
ran down the field, did a quadruple diving flip,
and scored with seconds left!
I got the ball again and I passed it to Cujo
and he scored too!
We win the game!
I wonder what will happen next game…

~ Todd

The Game

I dribble down the court
Pull up a three left or right,
Lose ball I dive on it our ball

I dribble up the court,
I alley-oop it to a teammate
For the dunk yes slams it down

Back to defense, I deny the ball
From the number thirty-two

before the buzzer I pull up a three,
I swoosh the ball the crowd goes wild

~ Jack

The Magical, Mysterious Blue Waters

The sea is a magical place filled with mystery
I have notice that the sea can be
as calm as a sleeping baby
or as choppy as sharp pieces of glass cutting your skin
The sea is a painting with coral fish swimming
in the green reefs of this blue beauty
I do not always get to swim in the sea
because its cold, salt water fills you up with
anticipation to get out
The sea is filled with monstrous sharks
but it is also filled with sand, coral reefs, and tiny sharks, too
The sea is very mysterious at times when I need an answer from it
The sea covers the world with its deep blue color
The sea is a magical place filled with mystery

~ Lily

The Whimpering Glasses

I’m red and black
He always wears me, and I’m tired of it
He never cleans me, and every day, I get hit by a ball
Whenever he plays basketball
Whenever it rains, I get wet, and he never dries me
I’m just saying, I need more attention
Like he should clean me every day and
Care about me

~ Mario


Small, but portable
Easy to work on
Needs lots of charging
For long periods of time
It has a smaller keyboard
Than a computer
Laptops are
The greatest invention
Ever created

~ Will

Chaos on the Ice

The puck gets sent down the ice;
Nick comes and picks up the puck,
while his mom and dad
look on anxiously.
Suddenly, he freezes.

He falls over, clutching his heart.
The referee blows the whistle.
He knows Nick has heart problems.
Nick’s coach comes out on the ice.
Nick’s parents know what is happening.
They yell for someone to call 9-1-1.
Someone takes out a phone
and makes the call.
Nick is having a heart attack.

By the time the ambulance arrives,
and the buzzer on the clock has sounded,
Nick is dead.
Everyone is crushed.
Oakland is devastated
to lose a player, a friend,
this brave young man,
only sixteen years old.

~ Lucas

Fair Time

My feet are buried
In the wood shavings
That lay in the ring
The summer sun
Beats down on my face

The crowd whispers and point,
They say what they think
About this group of kids
And their goats

The judge is taking forever
I can barely stand
I wonder what place
Darcey and I are going to get

My goat looks up
I look down at her
The judge points
We head toward
The beginning of the line
We are first.

~ Carsyn

Ride Like a Race Car

I take a deep breath as
The dancer before me
Takes her place
Dancing to the song,

I put on the last of
My make-up and make
Sure that my hair is done
Just right. Then I look at
Myself in the mirror

My beaded dress looks
Glamorous on me and my
Lip gloss is just gorgeous

Finally it is my turn to go
On stage and dance so I
Walk onto the stage
Feeling the spotlight
Hit me with sudden warmth

The song that
I am dancing to,
“Bring the Fire,” starts
Booming over the

I dance
And dance
I feel like I’m
Flying over the
Town, on top of
The world and
Riding and riding
Like the fastest
Race car ever

Then I stop
I am not on stage
I am not flying
Over the town, I am
Not on top of the
World and I am not
Riding like a race car
I am in my room

I look around my “stage”
And smile; then I start
To ride like a race car

~ Emily

I Love My Dog, Sienna

She looks like a little fur ball
She loves people
She is like my best friend
and I would never have it any other way
I love my dog, Sienna
She is seven years old
She is an English lab,
which is my favorite breed
One thing that I love about her
is when she starts playing
because it is so fun to watch!
I love it when she wraps herself
into a ball and goes to sleep.

~ Marcus


When you’re waking up, I’m asleep.
While you’re in school I’m swimming on the sandy shore.
When you are doing school work I’m snorkeling in the warm water.
During your slumber, I eat new tasty tropical foods.
I love Palau, my little paradise.

~ Cole


Milk chocolate for floor
Red licorice for rope
Sprinkled donuts for tires,

Where am I?

Chocolate milk river
Chocolate-chip cookies as rafts
Delectable gingerbread house

I eat something it grows back

Sweet marshmallow seats
Chocolate-dipped pretzel posts
And soft gummy bear toys?

Oh! That explains it
I’m at Aaron and GG’s house
Playing in the side yard

~ Willow

Stuffed Pig

My name is Mr. Porkenstein
I get squeezed so hard my neck is wobbly
Every morning it’s the same routine
I wake up on the cold floor, alone

I have a brown dot on my eye
This makes me look me cuter
I’m alone from 8:30 to 4:00
I have a name that every time I hear it
I smile in my head, but then again I get worried

But either way, I’m Karla’s pig
I’m cute; I have a nice name
But most importantly, I’m a pig!

~ Karla

Where You Will Find Me

You’ll find me in the coldest of the cold
The biggest of the big; you’ll find me in
The rainforest
You’ll see me with different tropical animals
Like lizards, birds, and other animals
You’ll see me on the grimy forest floor
With the blue-belly lizards
When the sky gets obscure, you’ll
See me on the cold floor sleeping
Or you’ll find me in the sky gliding with a toucan
Soaring up, up until you can’t see

~ Jose

My Brothers

Crazy, wild, sometimes scary
I feel like I am living in a zoo

Baseball and more baseball
They could play it in their sleep
Rarely watching T.V
Riding bikes every day, they act
Like they are motorcycles and race cars

Swimming and more swimming
Pizza, yummy, savory only the crust
Shirtless most of the time
Showing off their muscles all day long
Love to sing around the house
Movies and candy, it’s always the candy
Scrapes and bruises every day

Crazy, wild and sometimes scary
I feel like I am living in a zoo

~ Faith


First, he freezes me
Cold and lonely, I shiver.
The next day, he takes me out
I glisten and cook in the sun.
I slowly start to sweat
Till I’m back to normal
The hard cold and hot
Life of a Gatorade.

He is ready
For the last swallow—
And now my struggle
For survival is over.

~ Tanner

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The pitter-patter on my porch.
The tapping on my roof.
The drops pouring down on me.
God’s tears soaking me wherever I go.
The rain is like a shower drenching me.

The thunder booming
as if it’s screaming at me to stay inside my home.
There are flashes of light blinding me.
The yellow streaks as bright as the sun.
The clouds
gray, dull, gloomy, and boring,
yet staring at me mischievously.
The rain stops.

As I walk outside, the streets are drenched, and
the golf course is a giant mud puddle.
I won’t be playing outside for a while.
I look up into the sky and think to myself,
“I hate rain.”

~ Zac

The Rectangle

Pass, halt, pass.  We are in the lead
of the action.  “We have
a good team out on the rectangle,”
my coach proudly says.

We still have twenty minutes of hard-working
sprints and hard long receives.  I think,
“I still have a chance
in this corner.”

I hear the whistle.  I see the ball come closer, and WHAM!
I am on the floor again in pain, agony, feeling it
up and down my body; I get up with difficulty, but do.

I prepare to kick the free kick.  I know we are in the game.
All the passes, halts, and passes end here.

It all ends here with this precise kick.  I shoot and score.  We take
the win in this game, but who will have the victory in the next?

~ Bryan

Mind’s Eye

Where poetry hides…
In the dark of the night,
The night of the sky,
The depths of despair,

Deep inside my center of intelligence
Imagination in all
From confusion to discovery
To my everyday life

Where science fiction
Becomes reality

Deep inside me
Unleashed in my heart,
In the world around us
With the loved ones that surround us

~ Dylan

Help Me!

All the shoes
I swear it’s impossible
To dodge them
Because I’m rutted
Into the ground.
My biggest fear
Is the huge
John Deere lawn

People pull me
And rip me out
Of the ground.
Every day, at least
Three times a day,
I get socked by
Hoses or sprinklers,
But the worst things of all
Are the dogs and birds who
Come and urinate and
Defecate on me; then they
Eat half of me and leave
Drool dripping off me.
No one knows how hard
It is being a piece of grass.

~ Brighton

Candy Island

Running in the crunching
Oreo dirt with olive,
Violet, and indigo gummy worms
Rushing to shelter as I
Create an earthquake.

I start to dribble a pink
Gumball and shoot it
Through the stripped
Candy cane hoop,
But instead I lie in the
Lime green grass.
I start to eat the sweet
Goodness and as I look
Up I see cotton candy
Flowing in the cool breeze.

Thud, thud, thud is all
I hear. The Oreo ground starts
To crunch again as I run away
From a giant, tasty looking
Gummy bear.

I trip on some lemon
Heads, but I get back up.
My foot gets stuck in
The pink melted gumball
I was using. Soon enough the
Sweet beast steps on me.

~ Rose

Cloud Fantasy

Floating over the world
Seeing everyone and everything
I move with the breeze
Oh, what a time

Airplanes fly so close I can touch them
I change shape over time—
a puppy a hand a house—
When I fill with moisture
I cry releasing all moisture and sadness

I stay cool
Even if the sun is scorching and beating its hot rays

I’m fluffy
Oh what a dream that would be
I wish I was a cloud

~ Jarod

The Cold Waters of the Lake

My hair in the water waving around
so beautiful and luxurious
flowing and glistening in the sunlight
I feel the wind ripple through my hair
as I ride the boat to the middle of the lake

I jump into the lake
the icy water fills me with energy
cold, colder, freezing
I sink to the cold, cold bottom
the gross much touching my feet
making me feel great

I run out of breath and surface
to inhale the scent of fresh pine
dwelling in the air

~ Jimena


I looked above
and saw a sky
with no stars-
my world was upside down
It seemed as if
every single star
was hiding
behind the moon
As if every planet
was hiding
beyond my view
As if the sky
was under
a mask
The sky was like
a canvas
before the painter
had painted
but not meaningless.

~ N.Bailey

In The Hot Tub

Bubbles bursting from the bottom
To the top.
Temperature beginning to rise hotter
And hotter.
As I step into the water, my body
Starts to sting.
My body sinks into the water
Deeper and deeper.
Ahhh; relaxation.

As I sit in the water
Bubbles are swirling around me.
I let my body
Sink underneath the water.
As I come back up to the top,
I hear Mom say, “Time to get out!”

~ Kristin

My Cat

My cat’s name is Zoey.
He is the fattest cat
I ever had.
He is seven years old
and tormented by
my little sister and her friends.
He hides from them
under cars, making sounds
like he wants to bite my sister.
He takes naps on the couch
or sleeps with my parents in bed.
He is lazy, but feels
as soft as the warmest blanket in my house.
He sprints outside, but then sits
his orange striped body in the street.
Luckily people stop and he moves.

~ Jordan B.

I’m Blank!!!???!!!

I don’t know what to write about
I can’t think
I’m going blank
I need some  ideas
I desperately need help
I don’t know what to write about
I should write about swimming
but that’s not good enough
what about not knowing what
to write about?
that’s it!
I have something to write about
I’ll write bout not knowing
what to write about

~ Madi

One Sky

I’m thinking of you,
wherever you are.
I pray for our sorrows to end
and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I look forward to realize
this wish,
and who knows?
Starting a new journey may not
be so hard,
or maybe it’s already begun.
There are many worlds,
but they all share the same sky.
One sky.
One destiny.

~ Donovan

Buttery Popcorn

I can eat it for a yummy snack
or for a tasty lunch
or while I am watching a movie
or for an unhealthy dinner
I can eat delightful buttery popcorn

It is bright yellow just like the sun
that comes out for me each day.

I can crunch the popcorn
Chomp, chomp!!!
or I can suck all the lovely yellow
butter off the popcorn.

Any way i eat popcorn,
it always tastes the same.

~ Ian

No Name Tortoise

I dream about him every night; he’s hiding in his egg
I have his home set up, cozy and brand new

I wait and wait for him to come
three weeks, so close;  I wish he would come today

I have not named him yet, but I have two names,
Milo; Tibs; they’re both good names; I cannot decide

I will do everything with him; I will play; I will work,
but always with him

~ Jack


You, Phil, my beloved cat
Where I got you is kind of strange
I was going to the pet store
To buy a hamster for my birthday, right
Not exactly
I didn’t want a brain-eating hamster anymore
I turned around and saw you gazing from your glass box
How could I resist that seven-toed paw of yours
Pressed against the glass window
That screamed take me home
That’s your story,
Philip, my beloved cat

~ Lilah

So What

So what about poverty?
Will we have gold houses
or mud houses?

So what about world peace?
Will we all fight for our
lives or be peaceful?

So what about illiterate
children in the world?
Will we just stand there and not
give the education
or donate money for
the children to be educated.

So what about world hunger?
Will we eat Mexican food
when people don’t even have a grape?

So what if we stop one thing in the world–
poverty, violence, illiteracy, or hunger?
Even a small change
will help.

~ Alex D.

Stone Head

The tale of Stone Head:
He forms from the Earth,
growing and growing until
it starts to sink
to the center of the Earth,
where it melts,
re-forms and emerges.
This keeps happening over and over.
The world grows smaller and smaller
every time.
Soon the ground is gone,
the world covered with magma.
The monster turns into magma,
the stone and rock creating a volcano.
Thousands of years pass,
and the rock cools.
The world is reborn.

~ Dylan

Harmony Ridge

It is a peaceful
camping ground; it is a great
place for me to stay
with a pool
for people to swim in
just in case it is hot.
The large playground,
volleyball area,
and huge yard
are fun places.
Many visitors and tourists
go there to camp out.
I think
Harmony Ridge
is a fabulous place.

~ Serra

A Chocolate Chip Cookie

I take one bite of my first cookie,
the melted chocolate mixed with the
fluffiness of the cookie.

I chew as the warm
chocolate touches my tongue
many times.

As I take my final
bite of this sweet
treat, it makes it to my stomach.

Crumbs surround my
mouth; while licking them
away, I have a smile.

I grab another cookie
and enjoy the deliciousness
once more.

~ Dianna

The Blue Taste

Where poetry hides is in between the hot blueberries
I mushed together
into a warm blueberry muffin.

As I’m rinsing off the enormous blueberries,
I can’t wait until they’re
part of the fluffy, moist muffins.

Poetry hides between the eggs I cracked
in the crystal clear mixing bowl,
alongside the mess of flour on the

Poetry hides between the cinnamon and sugar
I have dusted over the muffin batter,
lightly, as if they are snowflakes falling in the
first snow of winter.

Into the preheated oven I put the batter,
molded into a muffin,
the dark blue indulgence about to become golden brown.

Poetry hides between the air wafting up the stairs,
straight to my nostrils and filling the entire house.

It makes me float down to the kitchen.
I look at the hot muffin,
and I have to wipe my chin.

I take a gigantic tongue and burn my tongue.
I taste and smell my poem being born,
right there in my double blueberry muffins.

~ Shaina


I travel and enjoy looking at a tropical and colorful place
filled with strange fruits,
salamanders, and palm trees.
One thing I want most is to drink from a real coconut.
The heat is burning my face
as, in a helicopter above, I watch lava
flowing down volcanic mountains.  Black rock is
everywhere, on the side of roads and by water.

I sail on a boat and watch dolphins hurdling in and out
of the water in schools,
talking to each other and singing.
Hundreds of species of fish
soar in the crystal clear water.

After a hot and fun day,
I go relax in the hot tub, glaring at the
radiating ocean.

~ Dominic

I Am Me

I am me
I leap over the
colorful and spring
flowers already bloomed
I fly with the butterflies
just fluttering with joy

I perch under
the apple trees
vocalizing a song
I lie on the
green, cut, shiny grass
writing a poem

I dance in the
sunshine, shimmering
upon me while I twirl
I sit in the wild,
comfortable tree taking
the chance to jump out

I take the chance
I talk the talk
I walk the walk
I fly the sky
I am me

~ Brookie

Lemon Drops

Lemon drops, sweet, sour, hard. That first
lemon drop is always the best, the
most sour, the most sweet, the
quickest to eat.
I remember my first
lemon drop I had gotten at
Powell’s Sweet Shop, a whole
bag of them.  They looked
like lemons, yellow with
sugar sprinkled all over them.
Your taste buds burst with
sour lemony goodness.  I’ve
always wanted to try a lemon
drop; that sweet, tangy flavor as soon
as I ate my first, I got my second,
then my third, fourth, fifth.  I had to
stop even though the flavor was
irresistible, but it was epic while
it lasted!

~ Max

The Snake and I

There I was, face to
face with the biggest
snake I’ve ever seen.

It was staring into
my eyes,

dangling from a tree like
a vine.

I am feeling fierce,
and then the snake dropped down
like a floppy noodle.

Then it chased me; I
ran the fastest.  I’ve never
had to run that fast in
my life.

The next day I went
back to the same exact tree,
and that snake was still there.

It felt like it was
stalking me because it followed me.

That night I heard
the porch creaking.  It was
like a mouse was squealing.

I looked, and it was the snake
on my porch.  It was
having a midnight snack.

It was stalking me like
I said.  Then it disappeared
into the forest.

~ Nikolas


The aroma of freshly backed
pie wafted through the air
and into my nose one hour

Dark and soundless, I
roamed to my neighbor’s
house, not knowing what to bake.
I knocked on the big, wood
door, and I could see the
fixings of a delicious
apricot pie in the workings.

We pitted the small, orange apricots and could almost
taste the delicious pie.
We entwined the fluffy dough
and sprinkled it with tiny
crystals. I finally plopped
the delicious pie into the oven.
The aroma of freshly backed pie
wafted through the air
and into my nose.

~ Camille

Shoes Everywhere!

Everywhere I go,
all I see are
shoes, shoes, shoes.
Everywhere as far as
my eyes can see
are shoes!
I see them on feet
and on hands;
I can even see them
on Italy!
All I see are
shoes, shoes, shoes.
The only thing I
can think of now is
that I’m wearing them, too!

I see them on
shelves at home,
for I see them every day.
I’ve never, ever seen
my family without
their lovely and fancy shoes on,
except for, of course,
when they’re in their house!

Why are there a lot of
evil shoes everywhere?
Practically everywhere I go
are shoes, shoes, and …

~ Emily

The Fear

I see their terrifying pale, white and red-blooded
faces, their horrifying yellow eyes.
I try not to look, not to
hear, but when I do,
all I see is evil; all I
hear is hatred.  I try to run,
try to hide, but I can’t.  To
me, they’re evil, but to other
people, they’re good guys.  I
know that under all that
white and red paint,
in their sick, little minds,
they are just waiting to grab me,
tie me up, and throw me in
a room and lock it until I beg
for mercy.  I honestly do not
like these things, these creatures, but
other kids do.  Thus I am telling you
these emotions because maybe you
have the same fears I do.  My
fear of…

~ Julian

A Flower

Small to tall,
nature’s favorite detail.
A seed full of life,
waiting to fall and blossom
into the colorful petals,
long or short
to the roots underground,
too dark and dirty
to call pretty.
Some have the beauty of life,
while others dry out because of too little LOVE,
and some just wait to bloom.
Once they feel the pull on their stem,
they know it is time for their life to END.

~ Diana

A Masterpiece Accomplished

I put my Lego pavilion together;
it forms a Lego man.
All you need to do is
steal Frosty’s hat and put it on
my masterpiece.  What
will you name him?
It does not matter.
Lego Mini-Fig, you
are now obsolete.

~ Antonio

Infested Forest

I run through the forest, trying to get
out, but the dark, shadowy redwood trees
hide all possible exits.
The thick, mossy rocks and hollowed-
out trees add to my fear.
It’s dark, and almost all the creepy
animals have been watching me make
camp inside of a pitch, black tree.
It’s impossible for me to make a fire because all
the wood here is wet.
The shades of green are one million to one.
I think this is probably the hardest
place to find food.
I have to find food, and finally I do.
I’ve been eating mushrooms,
and it’s good they are not poisonous,
or I would be dead by now.
Day arrives, and I decide to
stay in the forest

~ Thomas

All Is Lost

Forgotten memories sink down below the dying
waters of trust and integrity.
All her hopes and dreams
morph into nightmares, as the bright
moonlight beams.
As she lies there in her bed, filled with fright,
she sinks in the water,
darkness filling the night.
She drops down in the dark
where the rivers and streams
are flowing with crushed dreams.
I look down at her,
knowing that all is lost.
Darkness overcomes me,
and the rain pours violently,
and I know all is lost.

~ Sarah

A Perfect Apple

It’s the perfect one, the fattest, the
juiciest, the reddest; it’s just right.

The way it falls into my hand
like it was coming from heaven,

The way my hand fits perfectly
around it, like it was made for my hand,

The way my first bite is always
the best, like it”s the first time ever tasting one,

But now I’m down to the core, and my
stomach gurgles with sadness, knowing that I’ll
never find another perfect apple.

~ Kelly


WaveRunner, my Uncle
Mark has two WaveRunners
and one makes a rooster tail.

I have to be sixteen to ride
alone, so my cousin, Emey, sits
on the back as we un-park and
head out to the cove.  “You have to
watch out for boats,” she says.  “You can
go a little faster, a little bit faster,” she says.
It is a straightaway, so I start going
faster, faster.  I look at the speedometer…
40 mph, 45, 50, 55, 60, and then
64 miles per hour.  Then I slow
down, do some donuts, and head
back to the cove.
WaveRunners are

~ Marty

A New Life

I am born from the Earth
Mother Nature is my mother
my tender shoots peek from my underground haven
my immature roots grope for a solid hold in the richly fertilized soil
a breeze tickles my young tendrils
it feels fresh, crisp, and welcoming
it whispers to me,
“Free, free, free”
and I am
I am finally…

~ Grace


I think about death
day and night; does it
hurt?  Nobody knows.  Is
there a heaven; is there
a hell?  Which one
will I go to? Only time
can tell.  Some deaths
are tragic; some deaths
are slow.  Will mine
be fast?  Nobody knows.
When I die, I will know.
I hope my death is very
peaceful.  I want my
ashes thrown into the sea
so I may be finally free.

~ Jordan R.

My Tower of Terror Experience

I’m waiting in line to go
on the Tower of Terror.
I wait as the line struggles
to get inside the building.
Finally, I’m about to go
on the ride.  I take my seat.
I am very anxious
for the ride to drop.
All I hear is the ride
going up, up, and up.
I stare through the windows,
watching people look at us.
Finally, I hear the ride stop.
Suddenly, the ride drops!
I’m screaming so loudly that everyone
outside can hear me.
The ride is finally over.
As I walk off the ride,
I say to myself,
“I will never forget this!”

~ Alex S.

Cute and Cuddly

I dig into the soft, golden fur;
I want to lie here forever
so soft, so calm, so quiet.
Sometimes I’m glad he can’t talk;
other days I’m not.
I look into his beady eyes,
searching for answers.
He listens, but never says anything.
He is enormous.
I often get lost in imagination,
lying here in his velvety fur.
Some days he lies on my bed
and rests.
Now my friend sits and
reads with me.  Everyone loves him.
Who is he?
My cute and cuddly
teddy bear.

~ Meheak


Me? I like to be
me because I do
lots of fun stuff.
I listen to music;
I play my guitar.
I like to write rock
songs. My eyes are
brown; my hair is
brown; my skin is
tan.  I am eleven years
old. I weigh seventy pounds, and I’m
really fast.  I like to eat
pizza a lot.
Me? I smell
like a rose on fire.
I’m like a mad
rhinoceros or a fast cheetah.
I like the work
that I do.

~ Adrian


My passion is softball; I adore it!
I can feel my heart pounding extremely fast,
my feet moving like I’m a cougar,
the dirt coming up from my cleats.
I run to home plate. I look back
to see if I should stay or go.
I make a run for it FAST!!
I run; I look up; I can see the ball
flying across the air
so fast I can barely see the stitches
when it twists and turns.
I slide into home and so does the ball.
The ball meets the catcher’s mitt;
the umpire yells, “Safe!”
“Yay!” the crowd screams.
Everyone’s cheering and shouting,
“We won!”

~ Ashleigh

Moving from Your House

With each and every home, you make a special bond with the place,
making memories of times, good and bad, fun and boring,
and you make all sorts of friends.

But then comes the fatal day when you must move,
whether it is for your parents’ work or need of space,
you pack your things, you get in the car,
take your last glimpses of what you know as home,
and leave.
And then it happens all over again.

~ Bjorn

A Blueberry Muffin

I see
the blueberry muffin waiting to be eaten.
I can just smell the powerful scent
as the muffin steams with smells.
I can just imagine the flour spilled all over the ground,
the blueberries filling the counter and the sugar gone.
This blueberry muffin fills my heart as it makes its way down to my stomach,
and I’m filled with much joy as I reach for my second muffin.

~ Claire

My Long Journey

The warm fresh wind blows on my face;
I’m walking toward a big tree;
Under the shade, I see a squirrel;
It scurries away,
After a break, I keep walking;
Minutes, but it seems like hours, later,
I reach my destination:
I give the cashier my money,
And take home my game;
I reach home after sprinting;
I stay home for hours, and days, and weeks,
Until I finish my game;
Months later, I go out to buy another game,
So then
My journey
~ Vikram

My Chamber

My room
My work of art
My walls of wisdom
My accomplishments
I love my room
That is purple with lots of posters
I have lived there all my life
And I cannot leave
It’s filled with memories
My past
That I cannot leave
Not now
Not later
Not ever
~ Kaelee

The Festival of Lights

go the fireworks
“Jingle, jingle,”
go the bells
on my anklets.
I help decorate
the town
with candles and diyas.

The sugary smell
of Indian sweets,
the aroma of wondrous food.

It’s dark,
the moon is out,
it’s early November,
the Indian new year,
I’m excited and joyful,
it’s Diwali.
It’s the
Festival of Lights,
the Christmas
of India
my favorite holiday.
~ Sonia

Blue Ribbon – Camp

Sitting in a black western saddle on
a large, brown Quarter Horse gelding
in the middle of a large arena
with many other horses and their riders,
I rub my hand on Andy’s neck and whisper
in his ear, “We can do this.”
Soon two girls start singing the National Anthem,
and the camp counselors slowly sit down,
whispering to each while
looking at the riders in the arena.
Soon everyone sits down and
looks at the judges sitting in
tall, black chairs.
They speak softly
and say, “The contest will begin in four minutes.”
Every rider pats his horse’s barrel
and checks his riding helmet.
I slowly rub my right hand on my Wrangler jeans,
swallowing at a snail’s pace, looking at the judges,
knowing they know it is my first contest.
They nod their heads and smile
at everyone.
I smile back and then grab the reins loosely.
“Okay, let’s begin,” says the judge in the first chair.
“Walk around the arena behind each other, a horse-length apart.”
Every competitor gradually makes his horse follow the horse in front of him.
Then the second judge says “Stop!”
Everyone says, “Whoa,” and the horses stop
and then face the audience.
The judges soon make up trot, turn all the way around,
and many other things,
I will always remember,
the last thing…
My name being called
and being handed a blue ribbon.
That’s one story I will never forget…
My first blue ribbon
the first time I went to camp.
~ Taylor S.

Something from Hobby Town USA

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon;
I had just got out of school.
I was excited to go home, relax, and watch TV!
I was in my mom’s car
When I noticed a big happy smile come over my mom’s face.
I asked my mom,
“OK, what’s with the big happy smile? You also look a bit guilty!”
Then she answered with a happy tone,
“Look in the back seat.”
So I slowly looked in the back seat and there it was,
A big, huge, giant Lego Star Wars box.
It was the one I wanted, really wanted, from Hobby Town USA!
The Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle!

As soon as I got home,
I opened the box
I poured the grey, red, white, blue and black Lego pieces on my tray.
I opened the first instruction book,
I started building.
One by one
I built it.
When the last piece became placed, I clenched for another,
But there was nothing left.
I finished on Sunday,
It had taken me three days to build!
I can’t wait until the time when my Lego tray
Will be stuffed with another Lego set to build.
~ Alec

Art in my Hand

Sleek and vivid
glides along
the glossy

I grip the
wood as
as polished glass

I feel the
fluffed and
as if it is
a teardrop

I move this
along this
ghostly white
piece of paper
and feel as if a
curse has just
been lifted
~ Danielle

The Lost Town

Quiet…is the only thing I see as I
walk empty-handed
through the lost town.
Whispers of lost ancestors,

Imagining them walking around,
as I stroll through the lost town.
Buildings worn from the heavy rain and hot son.
I enter an old barn and
see people dancing…But that
is my imagination seeing it.
I exit the barn and gaze
at a large eagle on an old restaurant
as it stares through me and
~ Cole

The Unusual Cat

There was just a cat
that was wandering by my window.
It was white and gray,
and limping like it was
about to fall.
I quickly ran outside.
The cat was lying down and purring.
I sat next to it and
began petting it.
The cat purred and purred.
The creature’s foot had
a thorn in it.
I bolted inside,
grabbed some tweezers,
and pulled out the thorn.
The cat stood up,
rushed up my fence, and
began chasing birds and bugs.
I shall never
forget that day.
~ Taylor C.

The Sky of Blood: A Sunset

Leaves are rustling in the
trees. Wind is blowing in my face.
I lie on the cold, stirring
grass, looking up.
The sky is red-orange, the sunset.
The noise of birds chirping,
dogs in the next neighborhood,
the park filling with sounds.
I wait as the sun is going
down, the colors that were
red and orange are no
longer there. The void fills
the sky; nighttime hits.
I get up and look at all
the stars. The sun was
there a minute ago,
but is no more.
I start walking home,
confident and happy because
tomorrow will be a new
day, which means…
a new
~ Julian

My Annoying Sibling

My annoying brother,
gross, slobbish, short,
loud, and really obnoxious.
He has an ego bigger than
he is tall.
Not very strong or smart.
He’s smelly, rude, big, weak,
and really weird.
He likes to make fun of people so a lot of
people make fun of him.
He is in love with himself.
He talks about himself constantly.
He’ll eat almost anything, and
He’s already growing
a mustache.
He’s always trying to hurt
me, but I end up
hurting him.
He eats a lot and
hates to do chores.
Even so,
he is my brother.
I don’t know what I would do
if I ever lost him.
~ Chris

The Path to Nowhere

I walk down this lonely path,
scared, worried, frightened.
Although I’ve been walking for only
an hour…
It feels like I’ve been walking
for years…
There seems to be no end to
this path; it just keeps repeating itself,
like how life just repeats
I go to school, I come back,
then I repeat it over and over.
It never ends…
There’s no way off;
there’s no way to turn around,
like if I get in trouble, there’s no
going back…
I can’t change to another path…
I have to stay on mine.
~ Mathew

Just a Dream

Surrounded by trees,
Having no clue where I am.
I call for help,
Wondering where I am.
I hear a tree branch breaking,
I say,” Who’s there?”
I start to freak out,
Starting to spin in circles,
Wishing I knew where I was.
My heart is beating at a
Million miles an hour.
“Please, somebody, anybody,
Help me!”
Nothing is working,
I think for sure
I am trapped in this world.
I hear my mom speaking,
“Mom, come save me!” I say.
I feel something nudging me.
I wake up, safe and sound,
I check to make sure I
Am not wounded.
Thank gosh it was just a
~ Rose

Toy of the Year

I wake up,
Yes, it’s Christmas,
I get out of bed and run out of my room,
My heart pumping faster than you can say Santa,
I run to my mom’s room and yell,
“Wake up its Christmas!”
My sister runs in,
My sister and I wait in the hall for my dad to yell, “Ok come on down!”
We wait and wait and wait,
Then we hear it,
I take off at full speed,
And the first thing that catches my eye is…
MY WII!!!!
I go straight to it,
I lift it and yell,
I search my other stuff to find fabulous toys,
But I go back to my WII,
I hook it up,
And start playing.
~ Brendan

Lost and Found

In the dark trees above me, I hear an owl
hooting; then he swoops down, hunting for his prey. The water
in the lake as silent and still as a block of ice.

I can feel someone watching me from deep in the bushes.
I start to shiver, but stop, too scared to think.
The wind picks up; a bright light shines from above.
Coming in closer, a loud buzzing noise fills the air.

Down drops a ladder and I start to climb, the view is amazing!
Once I reach the mysterious helicopter, a big and tall man
helps me on board. I see the sun rising in the distance;
then I know that I’ve been
~ Casey

Painful Paint

Paintball is an amazing sport.
It hurts when you get shot,
But you can always get sweet revenge!
You get welts and bruises,
But you aren’t the only one.
Sliding from bunker to bunker,
Cover is very necessary.
Bravery is very is an important attribute in paintball,
But don’t be too brave,
Because if the paintball explodes on you,
~ Spencer

The Beach

We were finally here
It was breezy but sunny
As soon as I stepped out of the car, I could smell the ocean
It was so strong I could smell it from a mile away
We grabbed all our stuff and headed for the warm sand
My sisters and I put down our towels and headed for the ocean
First we just dipped our toes in
When all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a huge wave came right at us
SMACK, it hit us
Brr, it was freezing
We scampered back to what now seemed like burning sand
Ahh, warmth at last

After I had warmed up a bit, we went up to the gigantic sand hill
We started rolling down, cart wheeling down,
Boy, that tired me out a bit
Then we shook all the sand off everything and packed the car
We hopped in and went in search of dinner
Once we found a place to eat,
we had a nice peaceful evening
Believe it or not, that took us about seven hours
~ Lindsay

Sunny Sand and the Big Blue

As I walk from the car
to the warm sand, I feel
toasting, burning, hot
sand frying my feet.

I seat myself on my
cool, cozy towel, and
then I run, run, and jump.

Splish! Splash!
I swim and play
in the lukewarm water.

I feel the tingle
of sea salt
when I come out,
itching sand sticking,
caking to my feet.

I go back in
and come back out,
gasping for a breath
of fresh air.

I stop, sit, and look
at the big blue.
I breathe in,
then out
and enter again.
~ Talia

Wondrous Flower

I feel so free in this open air,
the sky so blue,
the birds chirping.
I look outsite:
a flower so brilliant
in a wondrous place.
It will live there forever.

So colorful,
inside and outside.
The leaves are as green as the grass,
under and over the soil so brown.
All a flower needs is
These are the things a flower needs.

In a huge, open valley,
one flower looks different.
This flower is all kinds of colors.
The other flowers are the same.
Like flowers,
people can be different
or be the same.
Which are you?
Different or the same?
~ Hannah

Big Mistake

Every single time I am used, I get a bit shorter,
Every time you make a mistake, I fix it,
If you need to edit, I am ready,
Every mess up, or revision, you need, I can help,
Unless you’re a marker.
~ Riley

The Site on the Horizon

It was the last day
of the year,
roads were hectic,
and there was a lot of
traffic; finally
we got to the street that
led to our house,
As we drove up the hill,
my dad pulled over,
and there on the horizon
was the most
sunset I have ever seen.
It seemed like a straight
rainbow, but with
orange, red,
yellow, blue,
and purple
shades; it filled up
the whole sky
like a giant blanket, and surprisingly,
there were no clouds
in the clear, blue sky.
My family and I stared
in amazement,
I soon realized
we were going
to be late for the party,
but, right now,
it didn’t look like
really cared.
Snapping photo after photo,
recording video
after video,
my family soon snapped
into reality, and we
headed for the car,
headed down the hill,
took a right turn,
parked, and
headed on with
our lives.
~ Giselle

A Toy’s Life

I am a ball;
I’m not bouncy,
soft, rough, or spikey,
but I am loved
by two young boys.
They like to play
catch with me.
For years, I watch them
grow up. I watch them
find love and get
a new puppy.
One day, I’m about to give up.
“I’m not loved anymore.”
But then the boys see me,
and I fill with joy
until they give me to
the puppy.
He starts to chew on me.
I yell in pain.
~ Josh

Tiny Ripples

I glare down at the
clear, dazzling, blue lake water,
and I take a step in.
I feel the tiny ripples
crash against my ankles.
I rest my arms in the
and glide through the silky
and cold water,
and I sink down,
and I reach my arms
out and feel blankets
as I wake up from a
My dream.
~ Meghan

The Best Friend Ever!

Kind, loving, funny
when she helped me up
and cured my sore, aching
knee with laughter.

She has a gentle personality,
her gorgeous blue eyes sparkling,
and always is a great ball
of energy, perpetually spinning
out of control.

Kennedy can always brighten
my mood, whenever I’m sad
or blue.

You can see her
smile from a mile

Kennedy will forever
have a special
place in my heart
whether we’re close by
oceans apart.
~ Shelby

Rules of the Game

Bang! Catch!
You’re out.
That’s what happens
when I’m out.
It starts off as I pick a team
and then wait in line.
Finally, I’m up.
I kick the ball.
If they catch it,
I’m out, but if they don’t,
I’m safe and I run to first,
then second, then third,
then home.
I make it home without
being tagged or tripped.
I’m up again.
I hit the ball.
I run as fast as a cheetah.
I make it safely to first,
but I’m out on second.
We still get the most points.
We win. Yay!
~ Kelly

The Life Cycle of Trees

I’m a tree.
I give you
You breathe it, and give
it back as CO2.
I get it, and
give more
oxygen. I have leaves
and branches, a trunk
made of wood.
But you don’t
respect that.
The story is
plant me, water me,
That’s the cycle, and the
end of a tree.
~ Brandon

The Best Friend

I was alone on that
small playground in preschool.
The bell had rung,
and I was sitting munching
pretzels with my baby teeth,
and with an empty heart
lacking for friendship.

Then I saw her. That
girl who waved to me
and asked me
if she could sit with me.
I agreed and shared
my pretzels with the girl.

She had short, curly,
wild hair, and
tanned skin from the sun.
Her eyes twinkled
like diamonds
as she spoke to me.

Soon we were chatterboxes,
always sitting together
and eating together.
Then we were making
and had
a whole group of
best friends.
That day, it felt like
heaven on earth,
but it’s even better when
Shelby is next to me.
~ Kennedy

Jar of Excitement

I am a lava lamp.
I have an amazing glow.
When you turn me on, my bubbles start to flow.
I am a jar of excitement, filled with bubbling goo as hot as the sun.
You can sit there for hours staring at me because it’s so much fun.
I am hypnotizing and paralyzing, and I am so cool even though I am hot.
My dazzling colors are as blue as the sea.
If there is anything you would want to purchase, it should be me.
~ Kyle

Let It Be

Your world is your world,
and I have my own.
Let it be to the day
I break away
from all the worries
in my past
and they’re set free.

I learn each day
more and more
about myself.
and privileges
are made
for success.

Let it be all of us
to be ourselves,
Each one of us
show and speak
for ourselves.
~ Kayla

The Creepy, Crawly Creature

Like a hair
falling down my arm,
the tingly feeling
ruptures throughout my body.
The creature
is present.
I shake seizure-like
until the feeling
goes down,
I still feel
flying in my stomach.
the grossness of the animal
isn’t gone yet.
Oh, no
more my senses say,
as one by one
they challenge me
to the death.
Thankfully, I’m the bigger
~ Emma

Steaming Hot Days

The sweat makes me
I’m dehydrated, can’t run
More mysterious sweat
Comes down my
I can’t take this
It’s not fair to see people gulping
Water down their
Thirsty, dry, dehydrated
The bell sounds
I yell
We finally go in
And the cold chill in
The classroom makes my

Great Game

is a game
I like to play.
I look forward to
every day.
We tackle,
run, and score.
All week,
we practice our plays,
preparing for the game
and hoping our team will win.
But win or lose,
we always have fun.
~ Sean

The Deadly Tree

There is a tree
near where I live.
This tree
you never want to
go near.
Surrounding it are
crawling on it are
Bee hives
hang from its
thick branches.
It is important
not to stay around
this tree,
where you might
get bitten
or even suffer death.
~ Justen