Week 2: This Week’s Winning Stories

Trapped in Books

by Ava

So here I am, stuck inside the public library, with nothing to do but wait. You must be wondering why and how I got here in the first place. Well, I’ll tell you. You have to gt me out of here, though, okay? Good. It all started like your average day….

I was going to the post office, like anyone might do, to send mail when I remembered I had an overdue book. I just happened to have it with me, and the library was just a block down the road. So I decided to take a stroll and return the book.

Once I had arrived, I ran into my blue-eyed roommate, Kelly.

“Samantha! You’re just the person I wanted to see,” Kelly stated.

All right, what is it? Wait, you want me to do your homework again. Kelly, you know I don’t like when you overrule my desire to be honest,” I said in reply.

She just sighed and mumbled, “Nerd,” under her breath. I was offended from how she threw that hand-me-down on me.

“You know what? Let me show you something,” she responded, quickly changing the mood.

I followed, watching her homemade earrings sway as she walked. She then led me to a door at the back of the building. She opened the door as I was greeted by a dust cloud. Old books lined the walls, and I thanked God I was a bookworm.

Pretty soon, I lost track of time. I was caught in a book called Keyboard Earthquake, and Kelly was gone.

Five hours later, here we are. You must be thinking, “Why are you telling me this?” Well, to be honest, I don’t know. Maybe this is a good-natured daydream. Heh. Yeah. Wait, the door is locked? You can’t get me out? It must have been Kelly. Hey, where are you going? Come back!


by Carolena

My whole life, I have been daydreaming about this day. Finally, I am getting my ears pierced again. The last time I had my ears pierced, I  got a bad infection and had to go to the emergency room. It was a hair-raising experience. When I think back to that experience, I can still feel the pain shooting in my ear, even just remembering it.

On this day, I enthusiastically jump in the car and drive through my neighborhood. I think to myself that the next time I drive through, I will have earrings in my ears.

As we approach the jewelry store, I hear a cheerful folk song playing in the background. I see a blue-eyed man sitting in a chair, typing on his keyboard. The sound of the keyboard clicking and vibrating through the mall makes me feel like I’m in an earthquake.

The man notices we have arrived and quickly stands up and shakes our hands. “Hello, my name is Bob. Welcome to my shop. This is my sister-in-law, Susan. She will be piercing your ears today,” he says, gesturing to a woman.

“Could I get the earrings with the flowers, please?” I request.

All right,” Susan replies as she begins to clean my ears with rubbing alcohol. She counts down from three and boom, my earrings are in.

I am so excited to go home and show everyone my new earrings. I rush back to the car, and we head home. I show all my neighbors and my family my newly pierced ears. Today has been the best experience of my life.

Some of My Life

by Evan

All right, so my name is Evan, and this is a snapshot of a day in the life of me. When I wake, I head downstairs to get some food. Usually, I can catch a couple of minutes of TV before I get dressed. Sometimes, I’m told to go back upstairs and change because what I’m wearing is too small. This has been happening a lot these days. My poor brother must be getting tired of my hand-me-down clothes.

After my teeth are brushed and my hair is taken care of, it’s time to go to school. I’ve been told that I’m a good-natured guy, so I don’t think I’m difficult to handle at school. I just hope I stay alert and don’t daydream.

After the learning is done, and I’m finally at home again, I usually try to sneak some computer time while having a snack About the time, my fingers hit the keyboard, my mom comes to overrule that action. I go over my homework with her, and we decide our timeline for work for that night.

Once that is over, I do get some screen time, or I get to go out to hang with my neighborhood friends. Next, I wash up and have dinner, after which, I finish the rest of my homework and get ready for bed.

That usually means my brother and I goof around to the point everything is shaking like we are having an earthquake. So, before my mom ships us to the post office to send us first class mail to crazy town, we go to bed.

I don’t remember what I dream about, maybe playing basketball or being a shortstop or something. Whatever it is I dream, I always talk about it while I sleep.

That is pretty much it–boring, I know, but that’s my everyday play.

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Lucas

People always catch me daydreaming about making an eye-opening play as a shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays, not as an underrated quarterback throwing a touchdown pass for the Seattle Seahawks.

In these daydreams, I always find myself in newsstand-worthy, hair-raising situations, like two outs, bases loaded, we’re up by one, ground ball to me at shortstop. I toss it to Jack at second base, and he gets the out to end the game! The coach from the other team comes up to me and says, “That was an all right play,” and he gives me an “atta boy!”

My teammates storm Jack and me. It sounds like an earthquake from the jumping up and down. Of course, these are just daydreams. I’m not a baseball hero (yet). I’m just your average blue-eyed, pre-teen heartthrob.

Eastside Relays

by Emily

I drove into the school parking lot excited and nervous. Today was Eastside Relays. I walked into class and sat down in my seat. I was daydreaming about the Casa track already.

Finally, it was time to leave. On the bus ride there, everyone was talking about the relays. Once we arrived at the track, we all got out of the bus, and we went through this small little gateway.

I was so scared, but my friends were telling me it was going to be all right. I saw people doing pole vault, broad jump, and more. There was this one blue-eyed girl wearing a hand-me-down track outfit; she was so pretty and she was doing the pole vault. Her performance was an eye-opener, and watching her was a hair-raising event. The hair on my arms stood up because she was just amazing. My heart throbbed as we walked to the bleachers because we passed an athlete who was a true heartthrob.

Suddenly, it was time for my first race. All of a sudden, I heard, “GO!” I started running as fast as I could. I finished the race in first place. I got back to the middle of the field and my friend Olivia yelled, “TOUCHDOWN!” She was just kidding, though. She was just excited.

Finally, all the races were over. I was very sad. I didn’t want the day to end. I saw my brother and his friends walking over to me, and he told me it was time to go and walk home. I said goodbye to everyone and started the journey home. I was thinking to myself, “What a great day! I can’t wait till next year to do it all again.”


by Genevieve

Storm was in his den daydreaming about random things. Then the thought of the pound and Shadow came back to him. He immediately jumped up and trotted out of his den, trying to dismiss the thought. He looked around and saw that Dawn was sending out scouting patrols. He loped over to his mate to hear the conversation that was going on without him.

“Oh, hi, Storm,” Dawn wagged her tail and nuzzled Storm. “When are you going to make the announcement to the pack that our pups aren’t pups anymore?”

“I don’t know. I’m not ready to see them all grown up,” Storm admitted.

“If you won’t, I will,” Dawn grinned.

“Okay, okay,” Storm replied as he turned to one of his pack dogs. “Go tell the pack to come.”

Storm walked to the center of his pack’s camp. The pack started to gather around him. Storm motioned with his tail for his five pups to come.

“These pups are ready to protect our pack with the cost of their lives, to explore and help our pack. These pups are ready to begin their journey into a loyal role in this pack,” Storm finished and smiled at Dawn.

His pups, Arrow, Moon, Whisper, Oak, and Thunder looked delighted, and they were about to start howling in glee but stopped when they got a warning glare from their mother. Storm turned and bounded back to his den. He didn’t feel like talking right now. He lay his head on his paws and fell into a deep sleep.

“Storm…” Storm looked around, he didn’t know who said that and was really confused.

“Where am I?” he said weakly.

“You are dreaming, and this is the perfect time for me to talk to you,” the strange voice answered. “Don’t be startled when I show myself.”

The dog approached Storm, and Storm gasped. Standing in front of him was Shadow.

“Like I said, it’s all right; it’s just me.” Shadow looked Storm in the eyes.

“Well, the you I know tried to kill Dawn and me!” barked Storm.

Shadow sighed, “I need to tell you about Arrow and Moon.” Shadow continued to look at Storm, and Storm immediately paid attention when Shadow said Arrow and Moon.

Shadow clawed at the ground between them and two glowing necklaces formed.

“See these? The white necklace holds in it the power of pure good or evil; at night is when it activates. Whichever dog or wolf is wearing it, the necklace will decide if it turns the dog good or evil,” Shadow finished talking about the white one and moved to the red necklace.

“The red one is the power of blood and death. It works like the white one, but if the dog or wolf is good, it has to power to bring anyone back to life. If the dog or wolf is evil, every twenty-four hours the dog or wolf will be able to destroy anything he or she sees, possibly causing an earthquake,” Shadow finished and waited for Storm to respond.

Storm was speechless.

“And these are for Arrow and Moon?” Storm asked. “Doesn’t this seem a little dangerous?”

Shadow burst out laughing, and then he realized Storm wasn’t kidding about the ‘a little dangerous.’

“Of course it’s dangerous! They were chosen to hold these powers because they are ready, and I know Arrow likes danger,” Shadow smiled and continued to speak.  “I know Dawn is pretty good-natured about things like this so it should be fine!”

“I don’t think there has ever been something like this before,” mumbled Storm.

Storm reached for the necklaces, but Shadow withheld them from his reach.

“Well, I think you’re ready to wake up now, hasta la vista!” Shadow laughed.

“Wait! What does hasta la vista mean?” Storm shouted as he felt himself waking up.

Storm woke up and looked around, confused. Dawn was sleeping next to him. She woke up as well. Dawn was his roommate.

“Hi, did you sleep well? I dreamed that Moon was my sister-in-law.” Dawn looked relaxed and calm, unlike Storm.

Storm hesitated for a minute but then told Dawn about his dream.

“What a great idea! Let’s go give them the necklaces!” Dawn grinned.

“No!  No, giving them powerful necklaces is a bad idea; besides I don’t have them,” Storm was glad he didn’t have to overrule this decision.

“I guess I will just clean up the den,” Dawn sighed.

“Well, I don’t want you to turn into a homemaker,” Storm half smiled. “My mate, the homemaker!”

Dawn laughed.

Storm got up and left after nuzzling Dawn. He watched for a second as his pack chatted and played in their neighborhood. He was going to find Arrow and Moon.

The Final Game

by Juan

It is our final game. Whoever wins is the champion and is awarded a trophy.  The game is in a nearby neighborhood, which is within walking distance from my house.  My roommate is one of the pitchers for the team.

The game starts, and I’m playing shortstop.  The first batter hits the ball to me.  I grab it and throw it to first base.  The umpire calls him safe, and my coach marches out to challenge the play.  They discuss the play and decide to overrule the lay and call the player at first out.

At the game, my mom’s sister-in-law comes out to cheer me on.  I’m up to bat now, and I hit the ball.  The ball hits the ground, making it shake like an earthquake.  All the players yell in excitement, and the coach says, “All right, everyone, keep it down.”

One of the kids starts to feel sick, and he says he has hay fever and needs to go home.  One of the moms, who is a homemaker, says that she has the best medicine for hay fever.  She instructs the boy to drink a warm glass of water with honey.

At this point in the game, we are tied for the win, and the coach yells out to everyone, “Stop daydreaming and win this game!”

The Party

by Fiona

I look at the time as I rush down the crowded streets of New York. It’s 4:57 pm, and the grocery store closes at five today. I sigh as I pick up my pace, looking up and down at the dirty streets. A newsstand catches my eye, and I read the heading of a paper: “Heartthrob Quarterback Makes a Touchdown That Wins the Game for the San Francisco 49ers!” I shake my head and keep on walking, zigzagging through the sea of people. I finally reach the store, and I sprint through the door, grabbing a cart on my way.

Once I have all the food I need for tonight’s dinner, I push the heavy cart to the register. I reach into my long, blue coat and grab my wallet out of the inside pocket. Breathing heavily, I impatiently wait as the elderly cashier scans all my food until she is finally done, and I grab my bags before racing out the door. Once outside, I relax a little, and then power walk down the sidewalk.

*   *   *

I open up the door to my house and journey up the stairs to my room. I put on a white blouse, skinny jeans, and boots, with a pair of pearl earrings. I put my wild blonde hair into a messy bun and walk downstairs to greet our guests, just walking in the door.

The whole neighborhood is here, bringing food and homemade pastries to share. As the neighbors enter, in walks my old, good-natured roommate and my sister-in-law, wearing a beautiful hand-me-down carnelian colored sundress. I hug them both while everyone starts talking. Laughter quickly fills the modest-sized home, along with the sounds of a folk song, wafting into the house from the backyard, where people are dancing and smiling.

*   *   *

The night goes on for a long time, and soon I say goodnight to everybody, giving a huge hug to my roommate, her blue eyes shining extra bright. I trudge upstairs, a wave of tiredness washing over me. I manage to find my room, and I plop down on my bed, feeling the vibration of the music downstairs coursing through my body. I sigh a satisfied sigh and fall into a serene sleep, my last thoughts of what a great party this had been ringing in my mind.

Road Trip

by Gracey

My mom and I went on on a long road trip to Los Angeles to see her old roommate, Julie. It was always fun to visit Julie and her kids. Julie was a good homemaker, and we were always comfortable at their place. Every time we visited, her older kids were always generous and gave us nice hand-me-downs before we left town. Being the good-natured person my mother was, she always offered a few dollars to Julie’s kids as a thank you for their generosity.

We had been in the car for about an hour, and I was already starting to daydream, pretty much dozing off as usual. The car started to slow down into our second hour, and I looked up to see why my mom was pulling over. Trying to withhold all negative comments, I asked her, “Why are we stopping?”

She said not to worry. Her best interest usually overruled mine. As I looked to my right, I saw a big field with hay bales along the perimeter. As soon as I cracked the windows, the sneezing started. My hay fever was in full force.

This field also had many sporting activities happening. On one side, there was a baseball game going on, and the other was some sort of track and field practice. As we stopped and watched, some kids were doing the high jump, and some were doing the broad jump. On the baseball side, we also saw the shortstop diving for a ground ball and missing it! After watching this interesting activity for a bit, it was time to get back on the road.

Howard…the Ballerina

by Julia

Once upon a time, in a land long ago, when the first sports teams were arising, there lived a man named Howard. Now Howard was a man of many talents, so DO NOT, I repeat, don’t even for a minute, underrate him. Howard was very interested in that sport they call Football. According to the papers from the newsstand, they are now looking for more people to be on the football team. Howard went to Main Street and politely asked about being on the team. He did his best to show the owners of the team his capability to play and help and support the team. “Wow! That performance was definitely hair-raising! You are going to be our new quarterback!” they said with excitement.

When Howard returned to his home, the first thing he did was run to his eight-year-old daughter, Krista, and tell her that he was now on the football team. Krista was just preparing to go to ballet, when she started thinking. “Daddy, I think every football player should also be a ballerina. Do you want to come to ballet class with me? It wouldn’t be that bad; after all, IT IS your sister-in-law who is the ballet teacher. Pretty please come with me?” she begged.

It took Howard a while, but finally he responded, “All right, Krista, I will go with you, but if I do, will you finally start learning to play the keyboard?”

“Deal, now let’s go!” she replied as she ran outside.

Once at ballet class, everything was going fine until there was a sudden shaking. Bars and equipment start falling over, and the girls fearfully started yelling, “Earthquake!!!!!” They were all frightened and ran to a corner. Krista became very scared and wanted to go home, so she and Howard left the class early.

By the time Howard and Krista arrived at the neighborhood in which they lived, they were very tired. It felt like forever before they returned home to find their lovely house not as lovely. The earthquake did more damage than expected. There wasn’t too much damage, but enough for them to be working and cleaning until bedtime. What an eye-opener!

When Howard tucked Krista into bed, the only thing she said to him was, “Well, Dad, at least we are safe. Now, tomorrow you can go for your first day on the football team and tell everyone about today. What a day! You made the team, went to ballet class with me, and you were in an earthquake that did a little damage.”

“Yes, Sweetie, I will share my story. Now, close your eyes and go to sleep,” he answered, feeling so tired that he was yawning, too.

As Howard slowly shut her pink bedroom door, Krista mumbled to herself, “You can also tell them that I won’t be starting the keyboard lessons anytime soon.” She giggled so loudly that Howard opened the door and asked, “What, Honey?”

“Oh, nothing, Dad,” she responded with the widest grin on her face.

My Neighborhood

by Frank

While my parents were watching football with my brother, my soon to be sister-in-law, and my roommate, whose name is Paul, The Niners’ quarterback threw a hair-raising pass for a touchdown!

In the last quarter drama, the Niners’ quarterback broad jumped over the goal line, the game was over, and then the crowd raced onto the field and pushed the goal post over. It felt like an earthquake when it came down. It seemed the Niners had been underrated again.

My family had bet on the game, and my mom was withholding the winnings from Paul and my brother. She overruled them, saying betting was a problem, so she took the money to buy herself a new dress.


by Tarren

One day, my crazy roommate, Dan, had hay fever.  I said, “Are you all right?”

He replied, “No,” and told me he could use some medicine from the pharmacy.

I called my sister-in-law, Jenny, to come over and help Dan because I had to lave to go drop off my keyboard at the post office.  I had to ship it to the place that would repair it because the keyboard fell of a shelf during the last earthquake we had about a month ago.  It took me a while, but I finally had saved up enough money by working a lot of extra hours at my job that I had just gotten at the mall.

After I called, it didn’t take long for Jenny to get to our apartment because she lived in the neighborhood down the street.  Jenny was a really good-natured homemaker so I knew I could trust her to take care of Dan.  She brought him some allergy medicine from the market and made him some hot cocoa.

When I returned from the post office, both Jenny and Dan were drinking hot cocoa and watching a funny movie.  I sat down in between them and got cozy to watch the rest of the movie with them.  Dan was feeling much better and was happy Jenny had taken good care of him.

The Not-So-Perfect Prom Night

by Lindsey

“This will definitely be the perfect night,” I say.

“What will?” asks my roommate.

“Tonight,” I reply.  “It is the school prom.”

Just then, my mom’s sister-in-law barges in and hands me a hand-me-down prom dress.  “Seriously,” I say, “a hand-me-down?”

“You know I’m good-natured, and I didn’t want the farmers to shear another sheep for a dress,” she explains.

“This has sheep wool?” I exclaim.

“I’m a homemaker.  I have all the time in the world, but I do not want to go dress shopping.  Besides, it is getting late, so you should get going.  I would recommend going down Flora Street.  It’s the fastest.”

I put on the wool dress and start walking down Flora Street, where I see a strange house.  It is black with dark gray spots all over.  All of a sudden the ground starts shaking.  Earthquake!  The black house bends down and swallows me.

Inside the house is a keyboard making music, but nobody is playing the keyboard. I walk over to a door and hear a loud, booming voice say, “What is the password?”

I have no idea, so I ask, “Can I have a hint?”

“Mail,” says the voice.

“Um, post office?” I reply.

“Correct,” he booms as the door swings open, and I am in front of a river.  I do the broad jump over the water.  All the flowers near the river give me hay fever so I turn around to run back through the door, but I slam into the wall.  I’m all right, though.  I stand up, and I’m back on Flora Street.

I run to the prom, and I’m not too late.  I arrive just as the principal announces, “And the prom queen is…Lindsey!”  I run up on stage in my hideous wool dress, all ripped from running into the wall, and I accept the tiara the principal puts on my head.  Then I realize the meant another Lindsey.  Things just don’t work out for me sometimes.

The Flash Mob

by Olivia

mj-flash-mob-oToday is the day of the flash mob at the farmer’s market, I thought to myself in the morning.  I didn’t know what to wear, so I was thinking about my sister’s hand-me-down clothes, even though they were all old, scruffy, and worn out.  I found a shirt that I really liked, but my sister wanted to withhold it from me.

It was time to get into the car.  Outside it was really hot, and the humidity was terrible.  It felt like the sun was cooking me.  My mom was driving, but we kept getting stuck in traffic on the way to the farmer’s market in a nearby neighborhood.  My mom overruled my idea for taking a shortcut, but we finally made it.

The farmer’s market was really cool.  It had a band, food stands, activities, and much more.  All of my friends and I were waiting for our flash mob song to begin to play.  Our turn would come after a country singer finished playing her keyboard.  Everybody became really excited as our turn was coming up.  While we waited, my good-natured friend and I kept talking about how we should go to college together and be roommates.  We noticed some cracks and holes in the sidewalk, so we talked about how there might be a lot of earthquakes around the Bay Area.

All of a sudden, the flash mob music began, and that was our signal to form three lines.  I saw friends, family, and even sisters-in-law.  Our routine started out great; it was like I was daydreaming.  People started to swarm around us like bees.  The crowd started to smile and videotape us.  After the end of our performance, members of the crowd clapped, gave us hugs, and said, “Good job!”

Chapter 16 of The Journal of Max

by Jackson

bearattachI awoke feeling exhausted. I got up very quietly, trying to avoid waking Brianna and Tyler. I opened the tent flap and went outside. I looked up at the sky and saw the sun. It was just starting to rise. I looked at the trees, the wind rustling through the leaves. I saw a shadow running across the treetops. I walked toward the trees, thinking, Danger is underrated.

The shadow figure was getting closer. When I finally saw the actual person, she jumped at me with a bo-staff  as large as a pole vault. Apparently, we were making a lot of noise because I saw Tyler and Brianna charging us with guns. The girl ran up the tree and jumped on me. Before she got to me, Tyler took a crossbow and pinned her shirt to the tree. She tried to rip out of it, but couldn’t.

Then we started hearing a loud stomping. It shook the ground as forcefully as an earthquake. I looked in the distance and saw a wolf bear that was as enormous as a small neighborhood.

“I laugh in the face of danger. HA, HA, HA!” I said. The mutant charged us and hit the tree. Right before, the girl had wriggled free and jumped onto another tree. As the tree was falling down, I had a hair-raising feeling because I was so scared. The tree thumped down, and Tyler shot the mutant.

I looked at everyone, and they were all right. I took Tyler, Brianna, and the girl. We walked into the tent and I asked the girl some questions.

“What’s your name?”


“Which side are you on?”


All of us practiced that day; we needed to learn to fight. We separated into groups to practice our strength. I was a quarterback when I was a kid and played often when I was little, so I was really strong and fast. So I practiced my strength with Tyler, and we shot together. Brianna and Amy practiced with knives and worked on agility.

Afterward, I decided to go into town to see what was going on in the world. The others joined me. When we entered the town, we saw a post office and a newsstand. I grabbed a newspaper. In the headline, I read that there had been a shooting by the Tyrants. Twenty retired Panamanian soldiers and thirty bystanders had died, and I saw the Tyrant that I had been tracking down. I had to find him.

In another shop, I saw a nice battle strategy book. The copyright was 2010, the year I was born. I went into the store and grabbed it.

Next, I saw a train. I didn’t know where I was going,  but I had a gut feeling that I should get on the train so we jumped on. Let’s see where it takes us, I thought.

The Black Keyboard

by Jose

It all started when I was only eleven years old. My parent’s divorced, and my friend Jacob had hay fever, a type of flu brought on by allergies.  My mother got full custody of me. We moved to San Francisco, CA. My parents’ divorce was harsh for me.  I not only missed my friends, but also my dad. I really did not like to talk about it because it brought back sad memories.

One day my mom had to do something, and she had to leave me with her sister-in-law, Aunt Laz, for a few days. Visiting Aunt Laz’s house made me ooze out sadness because it reminded me of our old house in Wisconsin. When I knocked on the door, Aunt Laz, in her cherry red lipstick, gave me a bear hug and a wet kiss on the cheek. “Eeeeww,” I thought. The house smelled like chicken, rice, and cookies. “Yum,” I said. Aunt Laz asked if I wanted some. I said, “No thanks,” and then I scoped the house like a spy. I was not really sure what I was looking for; I guess I was just exploring. But, all of a sudden, an earthquake happened! The floors were trembling, the house was shaking, and things were falling off the shelf. I thought that the whole house was going to collapse on me. I was scared. I could hear the neighbor screaming and yelling. The whole neighborhood came out of their houses to make sure everyone was okay. But, I stayed inside, still shaken.

As I walked away from the door and from watching the neighborhood commotion, I saw a black keyboard in the corner of my eye. I slowly walked up to it. But, something hit me in my forehead. I looked on the floor to see what had hit me, and it was a crumpled paper. I opened the paper, and it read, “If you get closer, you will have visions.” I didn’t know what that meant. I took one step closer to the keyboard and a woof of air set me back a step behind. That gave me a knot in my stomach, but I was all right.

That night I had a vision of my parents’ divorce. I instantly woke up and started to sob. My Aunt Laz heard me and came to my room. She hugged me and hugged me until I stopped crying. That morning, I daydreamed of the black keyboard I had seen the other day. I went to it, touched it, and played with it. All of a sudden, the keyboard started to speak to me. I know, right? It really was talking to me. The black keyboard called me by my name, Ryan. How did this thing know me I thought? The black keyboard said in a hard to hear voice said, “Tomorrow something…” Then the voice for the keyboard became mysterious and left off in the middle of a sentence. I didn’t know what the keyboard meant, but I was still shocked that it spoke to me!

That evening, I couldn’t sleep, thinking about what the black keyboard said. Before I knew it, it was morning and I felt restless from lack of sleep. As I headed downstairs, I heard the phone ringing. My Aunt Laz picked it up. She looked surprised as she hung up the phone. I asked what the matter was, and she said, “Get ready, and I will tell you on the way there.” She was heading towards my mom’s house. As we were getting close, I noticed a man standing next to my mother smiling. It was my father holding hands happily with my mom. I thought the keyboard said that something good was going to happen.  I walked up to them, and they gave me the greatest news any boy can get, “Son, your mother and I are back together,” my father said. I was beyond thrilled! I gave them both a hug. I was so happy to see my family reunited.

The Roommate

by Karla

My roommate really doesn’t like me.  Oh, who am I kidding?  She hates me!  She reminds me of the person I most hate, my sister-in-law, who lives with my brother in a neighborhood near the local post office.

All right, the reason I hate my roommate is because she has an annoying hand-me-down keyboard that she plays every afternoon when I am daydreaming about my future puppy.  Did I mention she does not know how to play at all?  However, when I tell her politely to stop, she goes on and on about how we have to share a room and how the school doesn’t let us have our own rooms.

To be honest, it feels like she overrules me about our room, but she has to face the fact that half the room is mine.  I just wish an earthquake would happen to make her just disappear FOREVER.  I just wish she could be more good-natured and less dramatic about everything, but we don’t always get what we want.

Life is full of happiness, misery, and dramatic roommates.

The Mysterious Forest

by Faith

A long time ago, there lived a petite girl who loved nature.  One day, she was wearing a beautiful flowered dress that was a hand-me-down from her cousin.  The girl was playing with her extraordinary cat named Whiskers, who loved to overrule all human demands and do whatever he wanted.  As she was playing with her cat, her mom called from inside the house, “Ana, time for breakfast!”

When Ana went inside, she could smell the savory aroma of blueberry muffins and eggs.  Ana loved her breakfast and was delighted that her mom had chosen this meal.  “Ana, after breakfast, go and clean your room,” Ana’s mother directed.

Ana headed for her room, and when she entered her room, she discovered that her brother, who was also her roommate, was missing.  She went outside to look for him in the woods.  Suddenly, the trees all began to grow taller and taller, and Ana was closed into the forest.  At first, she thought she was daydreaming, but she was not.  Then she saw her brother in the midst of the forest; he was playing baseball with his friends.  He was playing shortstop, his favorite position.  Ana was very surprised that her brother would escape the house because normally he was quite good-natured.

As Ana watched the ball game, she started to sneeze and have watery eyes.  It seemed she was getting hay fever.  In addition to this allergic reaction, Ana had something else on her mind, which was wondering how she was going to get out of the enclosed forest.  She also surmised that her mom would withhold her brother’s cell phone for escaping the room cleaning job, even though her mother was the homemaker of the family and not usually the disciplinarian.

Ana planned to leave her brother in the forest because if he could find his way into the forest, then he could find his way out.  Ana thought that if she could climb one of the trees, she could possibly jump on her rooftop and then slip through her window.  So she climbed the nearest tree, and she broad jumped to land on the roof.  Ana climbed through her window and began to clean her room.  From that day forward, whenever her brother was missing, she shook her head and muttered, “Whatever.”


by Grace

Some people think I must not be right in the head, that as a child I bonked my head really hard and was never the same.  I suspect they’re trying to get me on that hoarders T.V. show.  They call me a “bookkeeper,” although I am neither an accountant nor the owner of a book store.  However, I probably have over a thousand books, some of which have copyrights dating back to 1846. I have every possible genre: thriller, romance hair-raising, fiction, biography, eye-opening picture books — everything.  I even collect newspapers about people.  Anything readable, I read.  Once I picked up a nice paper from the newsstand.  It was all about the famous quarterback, Joe Montana.

I never part with my books, even the ones about pole vaulting, about which most people know nothing.  I also save the ones about popular fashions or the new pop star heartthrobs.  Even the novels I think are severely underrated have a home with me.  With this cross section of books, I could almost open my own library!

Something Good

by Camille

Rattle!  Shake!  Boom!  I was walking in my neighborhood, and the ground below me was shaking.  Was this a daydream or for real?  My sister-in-law broad jumped all the way to my house.  When she was jumping in the door, she tore my shirt, but I didn’t care.  It was a hand-me-down.  I didn’t know what was going on.  Was this an earthquake?

“Morgan!  Moe!  Morgan Deal!  Are you okay?”

I awoke with a startle.  I was in my bedroom trying to think about what could be happening.

“Is everything all right?” asked my mother in a good-natured voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied.  “What happened?”

“Oh, we just had a 4.2 magnitude earthquake — just a tiny one.  A pot fell on your head, and you passed out for a bit.”

“I…I did?”

“Yes,” answered my mom, adding, “Well since you are fine, I must run to the post office.  I need to clean up all the envelopes that fell during the earthquake.  You’ll be okay on your own, won’t you?”

“Yeah, of course,” I said.

After my mom left, I put on my tan shorts and an old shirt with a computer and keyboard on it. It was all I had from my dad since he left just a few years ago.  It was hard, but I guess my mom pulled through with her job at the post office.  Since she was now working, I needed to be the homemaker.  I also cleaned and baked.  Since we could hardly afford the house, we had to have a roommate, but the good thing was that she was almost always traveling in Peru.  Since there were not any hotels in Roosevelt, where we lived, she just rented  a room to have for when she was in town.

I went downstairs, scratching my eyes. My hay fever had been acting up for the past few days, but we couldn’t afford the medicine until pay day, so the Shortstop Pharmacy had to withhold  the prescription from me until I could pay.  As I was rubbing my eyes, I heard a knock at the door.  Grips, the old mutt we found on the street, slowly moved toward the door.  He would always prance at that old plank of wood we called a door.  His dancing always opened it.  However, I didn’t want Grips to overrule my order to stay again, so I raced ahead of him and opened the door.  My mom was standing there, giving me a big grin.  I knew something good had happened.  She told me that she had received a pay raise and we could move to a bigger house and start all over again.

The Rain Forest

by Lilah

I daydream about it all the time, but this is real.  I’m in the beautiful jungle.  Trees everywhere, good-natured butterflies flutter around.  Every once in a while, there is an earthquake.  The trees make little neighborhoods and post offices with their roots.  This leaf looks like a little miniature keyboard.  Each bird has a roommate in the canopy.  Mangoes are vital for some of the creatures, and the monkeys sometimes provoke me.  I feel all right in the rain forest, but eventually, I must overrule my imagination.

The Football Game

by Meheak

All right, we’re here!” my dad announced.

“Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we’re actually at a football game! This is so exiting! Thanks for bringing me!” my friend, Karman, said. I smiled.

On the drive to the stadium, Karman and I had been chatting with our friends using my laptop’s keyboard.  I closed my laptop and looked outside. We were finally there in San Francisco watching a football game! I looked at Karman.

“You might want to put your hat on. You too, Dad!” I told them both. I already had my San Francisco 49ers hat on. As soon as we were all ready, we left the car, and we ran to the stadium — except for my dad, who kind of speed-walked because he was holding all the snacks.

Once we got in our seats, I looked around. I saw a football player sipping an energy drink, maybe as an eye-opener. I saw someone with the heartthrob Justin Bieber’s hairstyle. Personally, I find Justin Bieber underrated.

“Hey, Meheak! Isn’t that the manager of the neighborhood post office?” asked Karman.

“I think it is, Karman. Look;  the quarterback is getting in position! That must mean the game is about to start!” I replied.

Suddenly, my dad’s phone rings. The word boss flashes on the little phone screen. “Dad, I thought that you told your boss only to call you if there is a emergency!” I said.

“I did!” he insisted

“Is there a problem, Mr. Singh?” Karman asked.

“I hope not,” he replied, leaving the area to finish his call.

I watched a hair-raising Green Bay Packer player tackle a San Francisco 49er player. As my dad returned,  he looked worried.

“What happened, Dad?” I asked.

“There was an earthquake back at work. We have to go. Sorry, guys. I really wanted to watch the game, too.”  Karman looked sad, but nodded.

“It’s okay, Dad. We can watch it on TV,” I said, trying to make him feel less guilty.

On the way back home,  Dad apologized again, but Karman just said that it happened and that work was more important than football. I was happy to have a friend like Karman and my dad with me, even if we didn’t get to watch the football game.


by Talia

Eeeee!  Cool!  Oooh!  Ahh!  Welcome, Everyone, to the County Fair, where you will hear a story about a boy named Sam Coleman and his talking female Pug, Milly Coleman.  It all started one day.

“Why do I have your dad’s old hand-me-down leash?” asked Milly.

“Oh, Milly, hush,” Sam said, looking for the hypnotist show.  “There it is!” exclaimed Sam.

As they reached the show, they sat down, waiting for the show to begin.  Ah choo!  Ah choo!  “Milly, what’s wrong?” cried Sam.

“I have hay fever.”

“What?” Sam wondered.

“I have allergies,” Milly answered.

Then all of a sudden:  “Hello, Ladies and Germs.  My name is John,” shouted the hypnotist.  “Now I will pick an audience member to be hypnotized.  Row 8,  Seat 6.”

“Milly, that’s us!”

As they rushed to the stage, they heard, “Now, you will fall into a deep sleep,” from the hypnotist.  So they fell asleep, and John clapped his hands and told them to be angry and hostile, so then they got mad at each other.  Next he told them to be cold and try to turn up a pretend thermostat.  After that he said, “I like archaeology.  Now pretend you are digging for a tremendous artifact.”  Finally, the hypnotist snapped his fingers, and they came back.

When Sam and Milly looked around, they saw the audience laughing at them.  They were good-natured about it and laughed, too!  Milly yelled, “That was fun.  Let’s do it again!”

But Sam felt the opposite about being hypnotized again and told her, “I am sorry, but I have to overrule you on that.  I will never want to be hypnotized again.”

“Never?” squawked Milly.

“Never,” answered Sam.

“Are you sure?” inquired Milly.

“Oh, Milly, yes,” said Sam.

Not a Regular Day!

by Alec

I remember daydreaming while sitting in Ms. McClure’s keyboard class.  I was wearing my niece’s hand-me-down jeans and noticing how cool they were, which made my friends jealous, when all of a sudden, I was conscious of an earthquake happening!  I eavesdropped on my group’s conversation about what to do, and we all decided to broad jump out of the class to safety.

My Trip to Reno

by Shelby

The long, miserable, four-hour drive to Reno was so boring.  My good-natured manner was tested by being cooped up in the car with my mom, dad, and brother.  But soon, that would change once I arrived at my uncle’s house.

As I pulled up into my uncle’s neighborhood, I was overwhelmed with excitement.  There stood my mom’s brother, her sister-in-law, and my two little cousins.

I love going to visit my uncle.  He is so much fun!  He takes us so many places.  We go to ride go carts,  go to water slides, go to the theater to see “Grease” the play, go skiing, go sledding, go shopping, and go to UNR basketball and football games.  The football games are so exciting that when UNR makes a touchdown, a cannon goes off.  It is so loud, the floor trembles, and it feels like an earthquake just hit.  It makes my heart go racing every time.

But my favorite memories are when my Uncle Dave takes us tubing down the Truckee River.  it is such a blast, but very scary at times.  I also love having barbecues at his house.  After each barbecue, we all end up in the playroom playing the drums, the keyboard, and singing all of our favorite songs.

There are two things, however, that I dislike about Reno.  The first is the climate when I first get there.  I have trouble adjusting to the weather, and I get itchy eyes and a stuffy nose…terrible hay fever!  The other thing is that I have to share a room with my brother.  Boy, I hope that is not what it’s going to be like with a roommate.  We share a bed, and he withholds all the covers from me, and he’s a big slob!

As we get to the end of our vacation, I become lonesome for my house, dog, and friends.  My mom tells me it’s going to be all right.  We go shopping for special treats for my friends, and we go buy postcards and mail them off at the post office.  I love going on vacation to see my family and make great memories, but it’s also great to be home in my own bed!

The Hair-Raising Bookkeeper

by Rose

One day I was strolling along with my mom’s sister-in-law (because we had to go to the post office), when we saw a lady walk out of a bookkeeping business.  You could say her clothes weren’t half bad, but her hair was horrifying!  She definitely wasn’t a heartthrob.

When she got in the car, she had a bumper sticker on the back of her car that said, “My son is the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.”  In my head I said, “Yeah, right!”  She was rummaging through her purse, and she pulled out a keyboard.  Are you kidding me; who keeps a keyboard in their purse?

Suddenly, I felt an earthquake and people from the whole neighborhood flew out of their houses, not knowing what to do.  But do you know what was an eye-opener? That her boyfriend was an Abercrombie and Fitch model!