Week 4: This Week’s Winning Stories

Mission 5.4

by Ava

Overhead, I saw the gloomy, overcast sky of fog. I felt for my seat in the cramped helicopter as we flew into the dark dawn. I was going to an undercover base in the middle of the ocean. Just off the coast of an island was an underpopulated town where I would meet a diver. Together we would head to the bottom of the Pacific and then make our way to the base.

When I arrived to the meeting point, I was kindly greeted by a tall, bearded man with blue shades. I smiled and approached him. We walked to the water and threw on our gear. He liked like Superman when he was done. We dived and swam down to the underwater base.

Once underground, we took a subway-like tram to the inside of the base. As we entered, I looked around to see submarine parts forming a fish tank of pink superpowered slime. I gasped to see a chicken inside. I threw down my bag and released the submerged chicken.

“Be free,” I shouted.

Let There Be Heroes

by Evan

Super heroes are not just considered to be Superman or cape-wearing people with supersonic powers. Super heroes aren’t always running around catching super villains doing some horrible thing undercover under cover of night.

Heroes can be anywhere. They don’t necessarily have to have a “super power” to be heroic. I think people who fought in a war to protect our nation and continue to fight for the rights of others are heroes. Doctors and nurses who volunteer their time to help people in substandard conditions are heroes. A person can work on an underwater submarine deep under water or climb mountains in subzero temperatures all in the name of exploration and be called heroes.

When you think about it, there are people everywhere whose job it is to help, teach, and care for others. Those people think they are just doing their jobs, but underneath it all, they are heroes, too.

So, if everyone realized that everyday people can be considered heroes, too, I think the world might be a better place. The subtotal of everyone’s efforts in kindness alone can do just that. Take a look; I will say again, heroes are everywhere.

Do the Right Thing

by Michael

While I was at the underground subway, I saw an advertisement for a superpowered submarine. The ad sad you could buy one for only $1,000 at the marina, which wasn’t too far! The only problem was that I had an overdue book that I had borrowed from the library. I had to turn it in that same day; I had promised.

I wished I were Superman so I could just fly to both places. If I got the submarine, I’d be an underwater superstar, but if I didn’t turn in the book, the librarian would overcharge for the fine. So I did the right thing and brought the book back to the library.

Past Years’ Winning Stories

Black Cat

by Lucas

I wake up in the morning and look out the window of our hotel room, Room 763. It’s overcast, a lot different from Petaluma in the mornings. My dad, mom, and I walk out of our room to the elevator. I press the button.

It takes a while for the elevator to come to us. When the door opens, we step in, submerged in a sea of people. I feel overwhelmed instantly. There must be a million people in here, bumping the top of my head with their elbows and briefcases.

We finally get down to the packed lobby, with lots of people in business suits that look like they are Superman undercover. We decide to eat in a little Starbuck’s waiting area where we can watch the subway trains go by. This must be an underground area.

My dad points out this Mick Jagger guy whose name is underlined for being a superstar in the newspaper my dad is reading to my mom. Sometimes I have no idea what they are talking about, and this is one of those times.

We finish eating and head back to the elevator. As we step into the elevator, the lobby supervisor asks, “Which floor?”

“Seven,” say my mom and dad at the same time. The elevator rumbles; then the lights go out. My mom screams as loud as she can, which scares me, so I scream, too. My dad grabs his phone for a flashlight to see if he can find a way out.

The elevator shakes and falls of its tracks, which cracks open the door, so we now can crawl out of the underpopulated elevator. We can see the lobby. The ground underneath is shaking, making it hard to stay on our feet.

The lights above us start swinging back and forth. “Earthquake!” shouts my dad.

We run as fast as we can through the parking lot to the supermarket across the street, just as the ground stats to split open. My mom doesn’t stop in time and falls into the crack. I try to catch her, but it’s no use. I can’t reach her.

My dad quickly tells me he knows what to do. He grabs my feet and tells me to try and find my mom and pull her up. I say, “Okay,” and he lowers my underweight body down the crack.

I see something moving and yelling. It is my mom! I tell her to grab my hands, and she does. I wiggle my legs indicating for my dad to pull us up. I guess I underestimated my dad’s superpower strength because he is able to pull us all up quickly.

I look at him, and my mom and I hug him at the same time. He hugs us back.

“Dad, what are we going to do now?” I say.

He replies, “We need to get out of here.”

We start walking toward the ocean and see a Ford F150 parked. My dad is able to jump-start it. It’s a pretty nice truck to be driving around in during an earthquake. We look at the navigation on the truck, which tells us the ocean is about one mile away. My dad says, “We should get to the ocean, find a boat, and get out of here.”

In the truck, no one says a word. It is as quiet as a mouse.

We finally reach the beach and find a single boat. Dad does the same thing to the boat as he did to the truck. By this time, the earthquake has died down. I look out into the ocean, and I see the water being pulled into a huge wave overhead. I call, “Dad, look at this wave!”

“I don’t have time right now, Lucas,” he replies in a rushed way.

My mom looks and says, “Mike, you need to see this wave!”

The tsunami hits us hard. We fall overboard and soon all of us are under water.

I’m not a superstitious person, but I’m pretty sure I should have turned and gone the other way yesterday when that black cat crossed my path—an oversight for sure!

Splish, Splash

by Zoe

Deep in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, two hundred sea turtles live. This is the story of how the sea turtles lost their land and fought for it back. It all started one normal (according to Flipper, boring) day.

“I don’t want to, though,” a small turtle by the name of Flipper complained

“Do you think I got to be head of the sea turtles by not doing chores?” a big and manly sea turtle by the name of Tiese replied.

“Just this one time! Can I please skip chores? PLEASE!”

“No, you may not skip your chores, and besides all you have to do is look underneath the rocks for the starfish and untie the knotted seaweed!”

Flipper thinks to himself; Hmm, I am never going to win this fight. I need to just suck it up and do my chores. Besides, it is not like it will take five hours to do.

5 Hours Later

DAD! Why am I still unknotting seaweed?!”

“No reply. Classic Dad.” Flipper says under his breath.

Flipper continues to unknot seaweed when he sees something in the distance. At first glance, he thinks it is just a normal old submarine, but at that moment, he realizes it is something much more dangerous than a submarine. It is all of the sea turtles’ worst nightmares come true. It is a jellyfish. Flipper doesn’t know what to do. This subject has never come up before in his life period. So he does what any underwater turtle would do. He screams and runs….

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. JELLYFISH! JELLYFISH!” everyone stares in horror as they realize what Flipper says is true.

“Okay, everyone remain calm,” Tiese says doubting his words

“Let us just all move to a different area, and we will all figure this out. Just please swim away calmly.”

However, it is the exact opposite of calm. Turtles scream, yell, and flee the area. It is like a scene out of a superman movie, where the bad guys are attacking the good guys, but this time it is with turtles and jellyfish. As the turtles move to a different area, they can see more jellyfish have joined the first jellyfish and are taking over the turtle cove.

“What are we going to do about this?” Flipper asks his dad, Tiese

“I am really not sure, Flip. Don’t tell anyone, but I am sort of afraid” Tiese sounds nervous.

This all made Flipper very nervous because his dad was always brave and strong. Flipper has never seen his dad like this before.

Later that Evening

“Okay so here is the plan,” Flipper says in a whisper-like tone to his friends. “When I was just a hatchling, I made this super cool invention! It is a jellyfish exterminator. If you point it at a jellyfish, the jellyfish gets sucked into it. I showed my dad, (right after I made it) and he said it was just a big waste of my time. So, here is the good part, I actually made five of them. One for each of us!”

“Okay Flipper, that sounds like a great idea, but how are we going to sneak past our parents? They would never let us go!” Flipper’s best friend, Lenny says.

“EASY!!” Flipper says forgetting to whisper

“Our parents are all busy worrying about this disaster. They wouldn’t notice if we just walked in front of them!”

Everyone agrees, so they go undercover and head out to where the jellyfish are, each turtle with a jellyfish exterminator.

“Guys, remember to aim carefully and don’t be nervous for a second. I am so excited! It is like we are secret agents!”

They all creep over to where the jellyfish are and hide underneath a falling submarine!

“AHHHHHHHHHHH,” they all scream and go swimming in all directions

Their parents hear them scream and immediately start swimming over. Flipper notices this and gathers all of his friends together.

“Okay, if we are going to do this, we have to do this now. On my count! 1…..2…..3…..”

The first jellyfish heads toward Flipper and Lenny. With a swoosh that jellyfish is swooped into the jellyfish exterminator and Flipper was overjoyed that it worked. All everyone hears for the next few minutes is swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. It takes ten minutes until all the jellyfish are sucked up. Then Flipper gets a gulp in his stomach as his parents swim over.


“Well we were, um…,” Flipper can’t finish his sentence without his dad interrupting him, “YOU JUST RISKED YOUR AND YOUR FRIENDS’ LIVES FLIPPER! TELL ME WHY!”

“We all just wanted to help and we could tell that you guys were puzzled about it, so we took it into our own hands. Look on the bright side, though! We just saved the day like superman.”

“Not funny, Flipper,” Tiese says, starting to relax a little more

“I wasn’t trying to be funny! You have to think about it: if we didn’t do this, those horrible beasts could still be there a hundred years from now!”

“Okay, Flipper, you do have a small point. I will let it go, but don’t think you are all the way off the hook! You will do double the chores,” he said.

“Got it!” Flipper says, thinking that was all

“You will not be able to hang out with your friends, and most importantly, no shell phone for a month or two. I haven’t decided how long yet.”

Flipper was so mad he was about to burst. However he knew that would be going overboard. So he says…“Fine! I will do all of it. Just please don’t take away my shell phone for two whole months! Just one please! PLEASE!”

“Well, all right, one month. That is as low as I am going though! Oh, I forgot to say something,”

A Few Hours Later

On this great day, we celebrate how my son and his friends saved us by getting rid of the jellyfish! They are superstars with superpowers! From now on, today will be known as Jellyfish Day. Please clap for these brilliant children.”

As everyone claps, Flipper thinks of his day, and how awesome it was to be a superhero for once. Things don’t usually happen like this in Turtle Cove. It was definitely worth all of the consequences. Flipper also wonders if anything will ever happen like this again in Turtle Cove.

Super Roberta

by Natalia

I’m Roberta. I’m six years old, and I live in New York. Oh, and did I mention? I’m a superhero. Well, I mean a superhero in training. Okay, fine, I’m not a superhero yet. I guess you can say I’m very undercover right now, but one day, you’ll see me all over television and in books, just like Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, etc.

When I do get my powers, I’m going to be the best and most fashionable hero out there. When I say fashionable, I mean it. You see all those super heroes, but none of y’all notice that they have their underwear over their pants!

Even though I don’t have my superpowers, I have a secret, underground, super fast train, but I guess it’s not very secret. Other people call it a subway.Well, at least it’s not one of those expensive, underwater submarines. When I am a real superstar I’m going to make a secret lair underneath my house. The only people allowed in will be me and my sidekick and best friend, Mr. Fluffybutt. Bye for now! This is SUPER ROBERTA, signing off!

What Do You Think You Are Reading?

by Emily

Hey! Yes, I’m talking to YOU! Why are you here, and please stop looking at me! Oh, well, if you are here, just please look at my title. Do you see that beautiful underline? Oh, yeah, I’m undercover in my superman suit by the way, if you were wondering, though probably not.

I am a very underweight piece of paper because I only have a story not an essay. In this story, the subject is me, if you haven’t figured that out yet. A lot of people underestimate me, but I can do tons of things. For instance, you can write on me, you can make paper airplanes with me, and lots of other things.

The only downside of being a piece of paper is that I get very overwhelmed when a little kid scribbles on me. I do not like that at all, and I don’t like it when people take me home because I usually sit in their room and have underwear and other dirty clothes put over me because I’m always put on the ground. Sometimes I even get submerged in water. Then I’m sopping wet. I always have overdue, heavy library books piled on me.

So I’m just trying to explain to you that it is hard to be a piece of paper.


by Genevieve

Moon didn’t mean to have a dramatic entrance. Although stepping out of a bush and looking like this was pretty heroic. “I wish that my dreams were only superstition,” Storm thought to himself. Moon saw that the pack was staring at her. Quickly she tried to hide the beautiful feathered wings which she’d recently grown that were white like a blanket of snow. Her white necklace dangled from her neck; it made her feel a power within her, but she didn’t know what power. Her fur was now a light purple, with a hint of darkness to it. On her forehead was emblazoned the shape of a moon with a star in it. She now had a white tail tip, too. Before her fur had been just plain white.

Moon hated the way her wings were so obvious. She didn’t ask to be like this! She wished she could be normal again.

“Moon?” Storm was speechless.

“I-I didn’t mean for the whole pack to be staring at me when I walked into camp,” Moon said, then realized she had spoken aloud. She grew embarrassed.

“Pack meeting dismissed!” Dawn barked, and the pack scurried off.

“Where is Arrow?” asked Moon; she wanted to find him so she could tell him about her new self.

“Arrow? Well, he already found his necklace–” Storm began, but Moon cut him off.

“Is he okay?” asked Moon frantically.

“You should be more worried about yourself than Arrow!” Storm snapped. “I mean that you just have wings and–”

Moon ignored him and ran into the forest to find Arrow, calling for him until she heard him bound through the forest to her, Whisper following behind.

“Arrow, you look, different,” Moon finally said.

“And you do, too. Wait, you have wings?” Arrow gasped as he pawed at Moon’s magnificent wings.

Moon whacked him on the head with her wings, and he jumped back. She laughed.

“Do you have wings?” Moon asked, then realized that was a lame question.

“Do you have powers?” Moon asked again.

“I do not have wings, and my powers are to either make animals come back to life or destroy everything I look at,” Arrow explained, and Moon went silent. “What are your powers?”

“I don’t really know,” Moon admitted. “And I don’t know how to use these wings! Do you know how heavy these things are?” Moon looked over at the overcast sky and wondered if she would ever fly there.

“Well, I wish I had wings,” Arrow said. “You look almost good with wings.”

“You didn’t think I looked good before? Like how dare you!” Moon joked.

Whisper finally spoke up and Arrow and Moon remembered she was there.

“What happens if I put on the necklace?” Whisper noted.

Moon thought about this and then tilted down her neck so the necklace would slide off. It did. Moon’s fur changed back to normal.

“How did you do that? When I tried to get mine off it wouldn’t move!” Arrow complained.

Whisper slid the necklace on, but nothing happened.

“So that’s what happens when you put the necklace on someone else,” Moon stated.

Whisper took off the necklace and put it around Moon’s neck instead.

Arrow struggled to get his own necklace off his neck, but it didn’t move. He growled in disapproval.

“How did you find your necklace?” Whisper asked Moon. “Oh, maybe you found it underground or in a cave; that would be cool.”

“Well, I went hunting in the forest when I came across a beautiful river. I bent down to drink when this white necklace caught my eye. It was submerged at the bottom of the river; it had an amazing glow to it from the water. I jumped in the river and got it,” explained Moon.

Moon’s ears perked around to pick up the sound of silent paw pads against the damp, moss-ridden forest floor.

“Hide!” Whisper yapped, and the sound of walking stopped for a few seconds, and then came closer.

Moon and Arrow stood still and waited for the arrival of the mystery sound.

Three dogs approached. They looked more like wolves than dogs, but Moon could tell by their scent they were dogs.

“Hello, my name is Coal. Yours?” the dog in the middle said, glancing at Moon for a response.

Moon hesitated but answered, aware that she might be in danger by giving her name.

“I’m Moon; what brings you here?” Moon asked. She knew that made her sound more mature than she really was.

Arrow chuckled at the way she said that.

Coal examined the necklaces quickly before Arrow and Moon noticed.

“We come from a place, and we know about these necklaces,” Coal spoke, his words meaning to be friendly, but to Moon sounded suspicious. She decided to play along.

“How fortunate that you would just happen to show up, just now,” Moon smiled.

Arrow grinned at his sister.

Coal realized Moon was testing him to see how he would respond. He just smiled. “Oh, yes, how very fortunate,” Coal changed the subject. “These necklaces give you powers. Moon what’s the dog over there with the arrow pattern?”

“He’s Arrow.”

“Yes, Arrow, you have the power to bring dead back alive. You can choose to change the power, though; this is your only chance. You can choose from the power you have now, the power to make and control fire, and the power to control any enemy by staring at them for three seconds, the power to control stops when you use it for five minutes and you’ll have to find another enemy to control,” Coal explained. “Which do you choose?”

“The controlling one! So I can make any animal do what I want? I can control every animal?” Arrow looked very excited.

“Let’s not go overboard, but you’ll have this power forever and will be able to use it whenever you want for five minutes on one animal at a time,” Coal said as he looked at Moon’s suspicious expression and then lowered his head in submission.

Moon was pleased by the sign of “I am no harm to you.”

Coal extended his paw and placed it on Arrow’s. Arrow’s paw looked small underneath Coal’s. Arrow’s necklace started to glow, and Arrow’s eyes turned glowing white, and then switched to a smoky black. He looked expressionless until the glow stopped, and his eyes went back to normal.

“Moon, choose a power; you can be an underwater dog, be able to control the wind, or have amazing speed.” Coal stood still counting the seconds of Moon’s silence.

“Controlling the wind?” Moon had no idea what was going on and felt overwhelmed.

“Okay,” Coal pressed his paw on Moon’s and her necklace glowed. Moon’s eye’s turned a silvery white, almost blinding Arrow, Coal, Whisper, and the other two dogs. Finally, it stopped. Moon had underestimated Coal’s abilities.

Arrow stared at Moon with a new look in his eyes, a look of aggression and control.

Moon stepped back in horror.

Surprise Birthday Party

by Annabelle

I step off the subway, hearing cars, buses, and shouting people overhead. I walk up the stairs and stride out from underground, shielding my eyes from the bright sun that shines even though the sky is overcast.

In the distance, I see Superman fighting off us villains as usual. I don’t get the big fuss over Superman. I mean, yeah, he has a lot of strength and can fly and all that. But , let’s face it, he wears his underwear on the outside of his clothes! I continue walking towards home.

By the time I am unlocking the door of my apartment, it has begun to rain. I hate rain. I walk into my living area and see an envelope on the coffee table. I open it and here is what it says:


Dear Lizzie (Dr. Awesome Villain) Richardson,
Do you want to use your superpowers for something useful?
Well, now you can! Call us for a top secret, evil, undercover mission.
Call 000-000-EVIL Today!

I consider the offer. I really do need some practice on my crime and fighting skills. There hasn’t been a big demand for villains with slime powers lately. I grab my phone and dial the number on the note.

The next morning, I find myself on an abandoned dock. I am cold and miserable for a half hour as I wait for anyone to show up. Finally, a figure emerges from the mist. It is a tall man with shaggy blonde hair and hazel eyes.

“Dr. Awesome Villain?” he inquires.

“Just call me Lizzie,” I respond.

“Hi, I’m Oliver. I work under Professor Secret, delivering assignments for him. Sorry you had to come to such a remote spot. You know it is quite an honor that you have been chosen. Would you–” I have to cut him off or I’m afraid he will go on forever.

“What’s my assignment?”

“Oh, of course, here.” He hands me an envelope identical to the one I found in my apartment last night.

“Good luck!” he shouts as he disappears back into the mist.

I tear open the envelope and read the note:

Somewhere around here is a sunken submarine.
Just so you know, a submarine is an underwater vessel.
This vessel is fully submerged. Jump right in, and we know you’ll find it.
Professor Secret

I want to get the exercise over with, so I jump off the dock. The water is freezing. I open my eyes and instantly see the submarine. I swim to it, go inside through a door that is already open, but mysteriously blocks water from entering.

I am excited by what I view. I see a big banner spelling out the words “Happy Birthday, Lizzie!” and a couple balloons. I have totally forgotten that my birthday is today. I jump when a bunch of people spring out at me. There is Frankenstein, Dracula, and even Superman, all smiling at me. I am overjoyed.

“Thanks, you guys!” I shout with delight.

House Party

by Miette

As I take the underground subway to Amy’s house party, I see overhead a tremendous beetle on the ceiling of the subway train. I think to myself, “I’d rather take a submarine than this bucket of bolts!”

As the train comes to a stop, I overhear two women talking about the underpopulation of sea turtles in Florida. Then one woman holds up an underwater picture of a sea turtle eating a plastic bag. Apparently, the picture was taken from a submarine.

I exit the subway, walking up the stairs. Then I sit and quickly make some notes of the conversation I heard and the image I saw, but then I overextend the lead in my mechanical pencil. The lead falls out and breaks.

After that, I walk to Amy’s. As I begin to open the door to Amy’s party, I notice that someone has left two magazines on the bench on Amy’s porch. I pick up the magazines and see that one is all about Superman and the other is about an undercover lifeguard. Curious no longer, I put the magazines under my arm and enter the party.


by Chase

You don’t have to believe me, but I have superpowers. Yes, Yes. I know I sound crazy, but you can call me Superman. Wait; no, call me Superkid.

I live underground and stay hidden until someone needs help. I am definitely above substandard as a superhero.

One of my powers is underwater breathing. I have a hidden submarine under water so that I can travel to places to fight criminals.

One day, I was swimming under water to my hidden submarine, and the water temperature became so cold it was subzero. Besides surviving subzero temperatures, I have battled a villain with supersonic speed.   I think a superhero is way cooler, though, than a super fast villain. I have also battled this guy named The Demolisher. He lost, of course, but he was working undercover for my biggest enemy—Skull Crusher.

After all this talk of fighting, I am hungry. I am having a meal at Subway. It is delicious!

Magical Time

by Taylor

Tick, tick, tick. I watch the clock, bored. My teacher passes out my test, and I begin. “What does underpopulated mean?” is my first question. Spectacular, how was I supposed to know what that meant?

One thing you should know about me is I never, ever pay attention in class—unless it is art. I put my best guess and go on to the next question: “Are sum, product, and subtotal all the same thing?” Gee, this one is hard. I think to myself, but I don’t want to overextend my brain’s thinking power. I put a question mark and move on. The next is a word problem: “Superman had the superpower of saving people by lifting buildings.  If he lifted 83 one day, and 109 the next, how many did he lift in all? “Finally, something I know,” I whisper to myself.
When the bell rings, I rush out of the school building and into the fresh air, happy to be free. The day is overcast and muggy, and on my way home, I overhear kids complaining that their teacher didn’t allow them more time on the test.

When my mom gets home from work, we decide to go to the lake. We walk half a block to the subway station, where we take a train to the other side of town. As we pass underneath an arch, I marvel again at the wonderful architecture.                                                                                                                                 On our way to the beach, we pass an eager little boy and his parents. He drops his underwater toy, a submarine, so I pick it up for him. Once we are at the beach, we throw down our stuff and run down a sandy incline and into the waves. The water feels as if it’s at a subzero temperature. It is very cold and icy. Still, I soon get used to it and start doing my strokes. I swim under water for what feels like forever, having a magical time.

All too soon, it has to end. As we arrive back home, I throw myself onto the couch, and soon I am taken into another world.

Tighty Whities

by Tarren

One day there were sightings of an undercover superstar around town. I saw him at the supermarket buying a couple gallons of cookie dough ice cream. I was going to follow him down the ice cream aisle but it was subzero and way too cold for me.

The next day, I was at school in class; the subject was writing, and the teacher told us to underline the subheading in our stories. The lights suddenly turned off.

“What the heck!” someone yelled out. So we opened the window blinds, and to our surprise, Superman was right there before our eyes in his tighty whitey underwear. The whole class screamed, “SUPERMAN!” Applause came from the crowd of people in the class. Then he turned around and flew away in those tighty whities.

In the car on my way home from school, we drove under the underpass like usual, but something was different but I didn’t quite know what it was.

The Cruise Ship

by Julia

Nina can’t see the computer screen, but she knows where the right button is. She is so ready to buy the tickets for the cruise. On the other hand, Tasha is not. Tasha has many “reasons” not to go on the cruise, some of which are related to her opinion that cruise ships are so overrated; others sound more like Tasha’s response to Nina’s enthusiastic comment.

“This experience would be so fun!” Nina says with excitement.

Tasha replies, looking a little red in the face, “No, being on a cruise may overwhelm us; we don’t want that happen.”

“We are going. I just bought the tickets!” Nina argues.

Tasha can make up as many reasons not to go as she wants, but on the inside, she knows the real reason for her unwillingness. Tasha was born prematurely; she was underdeveloped in the facial area. Nina, however, was born blind, so she doesn’t know what Tasha is keeping from her. Tasha thinks to herself, “I can’t go on a cruise! People will stare at me and make fun of me.” Some way, Tasha has to find a way out of this, but she is not sure how.

After a lot of deep thinking, Tasha devises a plan, a plan that submerges beneath a pile of potential plan flaws. So then she comes up with another, better plan. Tasha is going to go totally undercover—you know, like gadgets and disguises and all those types of things. She is like a spy on a mission.

When the day of the cruise comes, everyone goes aboard the ship, even disguised Tasha, and excited Nina. A little while into the cruise, they feel this big shake like an earthquake. The water starts to flood, rising and flowing on board. It’s like reliving the Titanic again!

People and things start to fly overboard, and the ship begins to submerge. Never underestimate how fast a ship can sink because the cruise ship sinks like a submarine, but it’s not supposed to sink like that.

Before you know it, the ship is totally below the water’s surface, now practically an underwater vessel. Tasha starts to think, “I wish Superman was here to save us.”

By now, most of the people have gone onto the rescue boats and are heading to the closest island. Tasha and Nina finally get on a boat and are able to return to safety, but next time, Tasha is going to think twice before letting Nina take over the vacation plans.

She Is Unsinkable!

by Gianna

You know when she is unsinkable—
When her structure is built like that
The majestic outside hides the undercover interior,
But you should never judge a book by its cover.

As she hits the glacier
People become overwhelmed as they slowly
Submerge in the subzero water;
One, two, then three men fall overboard
Then hundreds of people fall.

She becomes underweight
The captain sits there to supervise
But is powerless to do anything about it
The rescue and salvage work
That must be done is substantial.

 It turns out she was sinkable
There was no Superman that saved them
She was overrated because of that
She was the

In Ages Past

by Riley

1947 New York. When I was a little girl, a war was happening. Every day I would wake up in a secret, underwater military home where all the military families had been relocated. My parents had to drive our submarine to the army base.

My mom was an undercover agent for the S.U.C.A., Secret UnderCover Agency. She would sneak around a lot looking for spies from the other country. I always had to stay underneath the water in the military base with the other kids while my parents were out and gone.

One day, the other country’s army came and invaded our town. My dad had to go and fight. My mom had to take the “subway” to get to work. While all the armies were fighting, a ray of light came from the sky, and a man slowly came down. He had a symbol on his chest that said Superman. When he touched the ground, he looked young, perhaps in his early twenties, with brown hair.

When everybody continued fighting, “superman” used a superpower of strength. He picked up a few cars and started throwing them. Most of them hit all the men from the other army. When he was done, there was a subtotal of eleven cars that had been thrown!

Most of the people from the other county were hurt, so basically, our side won. Everybody started to cheer and clap. When my mom and dad returned home, they grabbed a bottle of juice from our underground basement to celebrate. When the juice was gone, we grabbed all of our sleeping supplies from the basement and put them back into our normal rooms.

So when the war was over, my dad retired from being a soldier and started a job building tall buildings. He would put all the art I made for him overhead, on the ceilings he was working on so he could always think of me.

When I got older, I moved out on my own and into a small cottage in New York, but unfortunately, now that little cottage is destroyed and a huge apartment is where it once stood. As you know, New York is now huge and loud, but when I was a little girl, it was unpopulated and quiet.

Wavy Cape

by Jake D.

I was looking through the Halloween costume store and was overwhelmed by all the costumes from which I could choose.  Halloween is a very superstitious day, as well as a tradition.  I swipe the costumes, yelling, “Captain America, Tinkerbell, Spiderman….” I am suddenly stunned by an awesome suit, which is blue with a yellow and red symbol on it.

It was Superman!  Mom had to supervise me so I wouldn’t go crazy.  I illustrate being in the role of my costume, secretly ducking undercover behind the underdeveloped building.  Although I’m underweight, I still look scary flying around the towers.  Don’t ever underestimate me, and I won’t harm you.

The subtotal for the costume was ten dollars, but then taxes were added.  I accidentally overextended Mom’s expectation for how much it would cost by two dollars.  I can’t wait to get home to try this sweet outfit on!


by Anna

Today I had to supervise my little brother, James.  He kept bugging me about how hungry he was, so I made him macaroni and cheese.  James refused to eat it, though, and decided instead to pretend to be an undercover agent.

James got dressed up in black:  a black hat, a black suit, black socks (so he could walk quietly), and black Superman sunglasses.  He had some trinkets, too:  walkie talkies, rope, laser pens, and squirt-guns.  James stuffed all of the accessories under his shirt, making him look overweight.  Usually, he looked underweight because of his skinny arms and legs.

His mission was to spy on me. While I was doing my homework, James was spying on me from his position submerged in my pile of laundry.  I went to go get a snack, and when I returned, he was scribbling on my homework. Now he had gone overboard!

I screamed in frustration.  I was overwhelmed by him.  I screamed at James to clean up his room,thinking he would do a poor job, but when I walked in, it was spick-and-span, everything where it was supposed to be.  I had underestimated him.  I apologized to him for yelling at him.  I told him I was going to extend his playing time before it was bedtime.

An hour later, I realized he was supposed to be in bed a half an hour ago.  After James went to bed, I lay down, exhausted.  I had overextended his playtime.  My energy was at subzero levels.

Anything But Ordinary

by Jackson


It is a cold, stormy night, with a temperature of subzero in the town of Belmwood, right near the Appalachian Mountains. In a modest house, there lives a family of eight. Their undercover name is the Kent family. This family is not ordinary in any way. Their children attend school and have friends, but they have the overwhelming situation of being a superhero family.

This family has six children, and their powers are still being learned. There is Zoey, an underweight six-year-old with the power of overextending her limbs; pretty much, she is super stretchy. Then there is Robert, a ten-year-old genius; he moves things with his mind and can read people’s minds. Then there is Kyler, a ten-year-old who has supersonic speed. There is a twelve-year-old boy named Andrew; his power is that he can burn into flames. There is sixteen-year-old Mikayla, who is basically the next generation Wonder Woman; she can fly and has all the gadgets. Then there is me, a seventeen-year-old, next generation Superman. I have the power of superhuman strength. I can fly, and I am invincible except for my weakness, cauliflower. I have superhuman senses, heat vision, X-ray vision, and super healing. I am awesome.

Chapter 1:  A Regular Morning in the Kent House 

I awake that morning with an alarm clock falling on my head. I see Robert from the corner of my eye. My eyes start to glow red. I am about to use my heat vision. I see an arm stretch around the corner and grab Robert. He flies down the stairs and lands next to Kyler. Robert and Zoey jump on Kyler’s back, and he runs out the door. He suddenly returns with cotton candy in his hand.

“What, you didn’t get me any?” I exclaim. Kyler zips out the door and gets me some. He races through the door and chucks it at me. I fly out of the way, and Robert uses his telekinesis to get it before it hit the ground. He stuffs it his mouth. I glare at him.

“What? Couldn’t let perfectly good cotton candy go to waste,” he responds.

“Ahhh!” Mikayla screams. I run upstairs to see what is going on. There Mikayla sits, drenched in her bed. Our dad is standing right next to her with a bucket in his hand. Our dad has “methods” of getting us up.

Well, the family is here except Andrew. Suddenly I smell something burning. Andrew is cooking breakfast. I walk down the stairs and see the food. The bacon is burnt, the eggs are charcoaled, and the toast is obliterated.

“Dad, weren’t you supposed to supervise when he cooked?” I ask.

I just grab a granola bar and walk out. When no one is looking, I take flight. Right behind me is Mikayla. We are flying, and I see a school bus driving crazily right near a cliff. If the bus crashes, the passengers and bus will be submerged in the water. I pull my beanie over my eyes so nobody will know my identity. I fly over to the bus and stop it from crashing, pulling it back on the road.  Then I leave. Oh, great. I am late for school. I put myself on turbo and land in the parking lot. I walk into school.

 Chapter 2:  School

School, a.k.a the lamest part of life. My younger siblings love school for different reasons. Zoey being six is in Kindergarten, which is where you do nothing. Kyler loves school for PE. Being super-fast, I understand. Robert loves school, being a super genius and all, but Andrew, Mikayla, and I hate school. I hate classes that end in -ometry, which is pretty much all of them. I sit at my desk looking at the clock waiting for it to be over. My teacher, Ms. McClure, is blabbing on about pentagons or something. I see the second hand hit twelve and I hear the bell. I jump out of my seat and run out. I am the first one out of class, and I jump up into the sky.

I arrive at my house and don’t see my dad. I check their room and go into the closet. I jump on the fireman pole and slide down. Oh, great; the Justice League is having a meeting. Oh, did I forget to mention Superman is my dad?

“Hey, Batman,” I say. I sit at an empty chair and listen in. Technically, I am not part of the Justice League, but in few months, when I am eighteen, I will be. I see a blinking light on the huge monitor. I run over to it and look at it. On the monitor, I see the Control Freak. She is a threat we had a couple months ago.

“Dad, family meeting now!” I yell.

 Chapter 3:  A Threat

The family starts to file in. We all sit down, and I speak. “I was looking over the monitor and Control Freak is back.”

Everyone gasps. Control Freak has been our biggest threat. Everyone runs to our lockers, and we throw on our suits. We run back up to the house and out the front door. Mikayla and I are flying in the air, and Zoey is on Kyler’s back, zipping around. Robert is flying around on a rock he is levitating, and I am carrying Andrew, who has no travel skills. We travel to Control Freak’s base, on a volcano in Hawaii. We drop and land amazingly, if I do say so myself.

We get to Control Freak’s door, and I charge it, shoulder first. It slams down with a hard CRASH! There sitting at a desk is Ms. McClure. I don’t understand; what is she doing here? She turns around and back..in Control Freak’s costume.

“You underestimate me, Jackson; bad choice!” she screams.

We take our battle positions. Zoey hops on Kyler and he shoots off. Zoey reaches for Control Freak, but she uses her controlling powers to make herself a human pretzel. Kyler makes a tornado using his super speed, but she makes him run into a wall, repeatedly.  Robert uses his telekinesis, but she makes him concentrate on nothing, giving him a headache. Andrew turns into a human torch, but Control Freak makes him point in the opposite direction. Mikayla launches at Control Freak, who causes her to begin flying in circles.

Then I realize something. Control Freak cannot control all my powers at once. I launch at her, but she makes me drop in front of her. She charges me, but I sidestep her. She runs into a wall, and my family get their powers to work again. Mikayla and I link arms, and Zoey gets on Kyler’s back. Kyler runs up to us, and we fling him in the air. He lets go of Zoey. Robert uses his telekinesis to fling Zoey at Control Freak. Zoey grabs her and flings her across to me, so I grab her and place her down. Andrew gets on Kyler, and they make a fire tornado. Robert uses his telekinesis, and we all fly home.  I go to my dad’s closet and head down the fireman pole with Control Freak, and then walk her into our dungeon. I throw her in one of the cages. Nemesis defeated! I close the door and head back upstairs. An hour later, I join the family for dinner.

“I cooked,” Andrew says cheerfully.

“Great,” I reply sarcastically, and then and there, we eat burnt soup. I guess there is a first time for everything, including beating up a bad guy as a family.

Love Song

by Aubriana

We’re superstars walking down the street
No one knows we’re in love
No knows who we are
We’re undercover

The subtotal of our love is 100.9999900000
I would overextend my heart for you

I’m your subject; I’m your victim
Come at me with those flashy eyes
Be my Superman; I dare you
I dare you

This moment is overdue
Let’s waste no time
We can run away into a whole new world
B-b-b-baby I’m yours
Here, let me underline that
I’m yours, yours.

We’re famous in our way
We live like we are being supervised
By the love agents of life
Overcharge the battery in my heart
Feel my heart beat
Feel the
I need you
I need you
I need you

The Fishing Trip

by Olivia

fishOne day in December, I was walking to a local pond with my dad and sister.  We were so cold I was sure the temperature was subzero.  The pond wasn’t the best place to go fishing because it was underpopulated with the fish we liked to catch.

Before we started fishing, we had to eat our lunch.  We ate our Subway sandwiches as fast as we could so we could start fishing.   As my sister, my dad, and I got to the pond, we grabbed our fishing poles very quickly and ran to the edge of the pond.  I noticed the stunning mountains surrounding the pond.  I also saw some greenery breaking out of the water in the pond.

As I settled in, I flung my pole a little too hard and overextended my hook which meant I was going to have to wait a long time to catch anything.  After several minutes or so, we were feeling really impatient, and my eyes started wandering away from my fishing line.  In order to observe my surroundings, I had to transition myself to a different position.  Overhead, I saw a formation of geese heading to the pond, and I also noticed several small fish swimming underneath the water.  Then, out of nowhere, something started tugging on my fishing hook.  I was so surprised, and I reeled it in as fast as I could. When the grey scaly fish came up under the water, I smiled with joy!

A while later, I got another fish! Before I was able to reel in my line, the fish submerged itself back into the water.  A short time later, I caught a different-looking fish that was a pretty blue color, but it looked small and very underweight, so I had to toss it back in. After a few minutes, my sister’s pole started jerking.  I was so excited for her because she always underestimates herself, and she thinks she is really bad at fishing.

At last, the day was done, and we commenced our ritual of cleaning the fish and storing them in the cooler.  I had to admit it was the best fishing trip ever!


by Riley

Animated-snowflakesIt was time, I told myself. I would be going on a long ten-day camping trip. I was a bit overwhelmed by the things that I would have to do. Once I got there, I overextended my muscles on the hike up the mountain. I reached the top, and I felt like Superman looking down at all the trees. As night came, I realized that I had not prepared for the subzero temperatures.

The next day, the people who were supervising the repelling told me I was a little underweight to do the repel, so I did the cave crawl instead. I had underestimated the difficulty of it. My friends and I had underdeveloped skills in moving in such small places.

A substantial blizzard took place that final night, and it was quite overboard while I was trying to drift into sleep. The next morning, when I slowly awakened, I saw frost, lots of frost.

The Magic Flower

by Lily

I was walking down the beach admiring all the submarine displays when something caught my eye.  There was a shell covered with sparkles and sand.  It was just so pretty I picked it up.  Underneath this beautiful shell was a tiny snow globe with a statue of a shiny, glowing orange and red and yellow underwater flower.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  This wasn’t any ordinary flower.  This one was special.  I just knew it.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a helicopter roaring overhead and two or three supersonic police cars zooming past me.  Something must have been stolen, I thought.  As I ran to go see what all the commotion was about, I saw an overcast sky and heard some thunder.  The globe and shell still in my hand, I ran to the nearest shelter I could find, and I ended up in an underground subway.

This was probably the last place I would want to be because there was no heating, and the temperature felt subzero.  I had no idea what to do, so I sat down on one of the waiting benches and looked at the shell and snow globe.  I noticed there was a small plaque on the snow globe, and it said “Superpower.”  I wondered what the superpower could be?

I searched and searched for something on the shell, but there was nothing except for the sparkles.  Then, all of a sudden, an announcement came on the speakers: “Scientists in France have discovered an unusual shell that is red and white with sparkles.  The scientists think that this shell also comes with a snow globe with an unusual underwater flower.  They have also found that these unusual artifacts are underpopulated and there are only ten around the world.  They also think, interestingly enough, that this flower can grant the person who finds it unlimited wishes of any kind.  Thank you and goodbye.”

“Wow!”  That’s all I could say.  “Wow!”

“Knowing that there are only ten around the world is enough, but this…this is amazing,” I said.  Now that I knew this information, I also said, “I wish I knew what happened at the beach today.”

Suddenly, in my mind, I received a message that someone had almost stolen a submarine display.  I thought that was very surprising because that would be very hard to do.  However, I wasn’t worried about that now.  I just wished to go home, and the flower sent me home.  I climbed into bed, put the snow globe on my shelf along with the shell, and decided to keep this a secret, and a very interesting secret it was.

The Sand Shifter

by N. Bailey

In the ninety degree temperatures of Sand Jungle, I frolicked and splashed in the salty water of my pool. Submerged in cold, salty water, I was still scorching hot. Later that night, as I walked through the dark, humid jungle, I found my mother picking fruit as she usually did on hot humid nights like this. “There you are, Cammie, darling, give me a hand will you?” mother said when she spotted me.

“Of course,” I responded. Though I came from a family of sand shifters, and sand-shifters usually live in dry deserts, my parents and I lived in one of the lushest places on Calitoga: Sandstone Jungle. Sandstone Jungle was a huge tropical island with many animals and a huge, warm, salty ocean surrounding it.

If you were wondering what a sand-shifter is, it is someone who can turn himself/herself into any animal or being. My family were some of the best sand-shifters on Calitoga, and since I was skinnier than most everybody else and was underweight (most sand-shifters are bigger than everyone else), everybody seemed to underestimate me, but truth be told, I was one of the best, too. I always thought that my family’s greatness might be overrated.

Many teachers at my school said I was “underdeveloped in shifting” and “not substantial” and things like that. But one teacher, named Sally, knew that I was better at sand-shifting than anyone gave me credit for. Sally trusted me, so much that she didn’t even supervise me when I shifted, and that was against all of the rules. Sally used to be an undercover shifter, and now she has retired to teach. When I was young, the practice overwhelmed me, but now I could shift easily. I longed to become an oceanic shifter, which was someone who studied underwater living and found new species, and by shifting into something with gills we never had to come up for air.

One day, I was offered a summer underwater internship where I could take a boat out to the Casta Reefs and search for types of sharks and tropical fish. Obviously, I agreed, for anything in the water was a dream come true. On the first day of the internship, I was so hyped that I fell overboard and into the water. Apparently, I showed exceptional work that summer because I was offered a full-time job as an oceanic shifter.

I hoped to become one of the best oceanic shifters and even discover a new species of shark, which I would name a Sky Shark. Eventually, people realized I was as good as the rest of my family, and maybe even better! Finally, I earned the respect I deserved from the beginning. Maybe I wasn’t superman, but I felt like I could fly!


by Cam

Once there was a mid-sized, unsteady, wooden boat that was extremely underweight.  It was called the Bandit, and the small three-man crew was on a mission, a mission to the undercover island that you could never underestimate.  It was called the Panark.

Creak, creak!  The old, moldy, wooden planks of the dock squeaked as the crew strolled to the Bandit.  Adam, a small twenty-two-year-old man with blonde hair and eyes that were as blue as a clear sea, was getting the boat ready to set sail to the Panark.  Jake, a nineteen-year-old man with orange hair that was as orange as a ripe pumpkin in October, was already sitting in the boat nagging at Adam to hurry.  Then Darrel, a very tall, but slim thirteen-year old teenager, walked up to the two of them.  They were about to get sailing.

Stubborn Darrel jumped like superman onto the boat and almost made the other two fall overboard.  Because of that, Adam decided he was going to have to supervise Darrel a little more.  Finally, they set sail.

The Panark was about two minutes away.  People went there occasionally, but they never returned.  Splash, splash went the calm waves as Jake rowed the Bandit onto the soft, warm, and fine sand.  The crew stepped out, but something splashed into the water.  It was Adam’s shiny necklace, about which he was superstitious.  Then they all walked to the damp forest, or as you might call it, their fated doom.  Clonk!  A coconut fell and hit Darrel on the head, but this did not overwhelm him.  He just wanted to find the “mystery” on the island.

The men brushed through bushes and crunched twigs, and then something shiny blinded their eyes.  That wasn’t so ordinary.  It was some sort of temple,a nd there were guards guarding it.  The crew approached the building, trying to overextend their ninja-ness.  They saw some swords, and picked them up.  Then they ambushed the guards.  Something started to erupt in sound and finally appeared in sight.  A scroll popped out; it read:  This was a bad mistake.  Now, I’ll put you to bed.

The three men ran in terror.  They scurried onto their boat and started paddling, but their boat began to submerge in the water.  They were drowning.  Plop!  They fell to the bottom of the water, but they could breathe.  They looked around and noticed that they were near an underwater city–Atlantis.  Perhaps this island wasn’t so overrated after all.

 Hank Aaron

by Zac

Hank Aaron came from the small town of Mobile, Alabama.  Everyone thought he was an ordinary person and an underdeveloped ball player until he got in the big leagues, but he was still underestimated even then.  In the late 1950’s, some players, such as Mickey Mantle and Eddie Mathews, were overrated.  These players were thought to beat Babe Ruth’s home run record of 714.

Hank Aaron was six feet tall and neither underweight nor overweight.  Aaron had a hard time playing in the south and being black.  Many people mistreated Aaron, although he was hitting home runs like they were going out of style.

Some people gave Hank nicknames.  Some were good, like “Superman,” but some were really mean.  Like nicknames, Hank received a substantial amount of mail–some good, some bad–and it didn’t stop coming.  Some people went way overboard with mean comments, saying, “If you break Ruth’s record, I’m going to kill you.”  That was just because Aaron was black.  When he announced that he was getting death threats, security had to supervise out in right field to make sure no one harmed Aaron.  When Aaron was out in public, he was never undercover.  He didn’t care when people asked him for his autograph.  He just said, “Yes.”

Hank Aaron said he was never overwhelmed until he hit homer number 699 in 1973.  At forty years old in 1974, Aaron hit home run number 715 in New York, which is where Babe Ruth played.  Aaron went on to play one more season, and he totaled 755 homers.  He was the champion of home runs until Barry Bonds came along and knocked 766 over the fence, but Barry took steroids, so Hank is still the king in my mind and always will be.  Go Number 44, Hank Aaron!

The Very Expensive Day

by Ian

I was in the supermarket with my mom, buying superstar underwear.  The lady at the register had a slight oversight and told us the total for our purchase was $5,000,000.  A humongous overcharge!

On the way home, we took the underpass to the library.  I had checked out a book on a subject we were learning in school, and I knew the book was overdue.  We had received a notice from the library in the mail, notifying us of the due date in bold, underlined words.  Beneath the heading that stated BOOK PAST DUE, the subheading stated that I owed an amount of $5,000,000.

Not again!  I would definitely overextend my bank account if this kept up!

My Home

 by Lilah

Whoosh! The sound of supersonic waves crashing against the underpopulated grainy sand shore.

Blub! The sound of bubbles rising up slowly
from the color-filled ocean floor.

Whish! The sound of underwater seaweed homes swaying
in the current.

 Dash! That is the sound of a superpowered eel slithering
through the coral and rocks.

 In the shallow areas, there is an overcast sky with a bit
of sunshine beating down on beautiful stingrays.

 In the old half-underground submarine, creepy sharks lurk
all around in search of prey.

In the deepest, darkest and most terrifying of places in the sea,
cute baby squids swim around with happiness.

 That’s my home…..

 Where’s yours?


by Grace

If you could go inside my head and see how nervous I was, you would think I had actually swallowed a few live butterflies! For our summer vacation, my family and I were going on a cruise, and I was deathly afraid of ships. Now I’m not a very superstitious person, but when it comes to ships, I’ll believe anything. However, my greatest worry was wondering what if somebody went overboard? What if I went overboard??? My brother said I watched too many overrated T.V. shows about sinking ships and doomed passengers. Maybe he was right……

On the day of the cruise, my mom asked if we were excited.

“Oh, yeah. Definitely! ” I responded, but I was only being superficial.

When we arrived at the dock and we spotted our ship, I was immediately overwhelmed. It was so enormous that if it sunk, it surely wouldn’t  be entirely submerged underwater! My worries started shrinking away. By the second day, my brother and I were so excited to try out the tube slide.  We wanted to skip breakfast, but because my brother was underdeveloped and needed nutrients and I was underweight, our parents made sure we had a substantial meal. At the end of the cruise, I realized I had greatly underestimated boats and couldn’t wait until next summer!!!


by Ian

Do you know how challenging it is to be a construction worker?  It is hard work.  I have to work in underwater submarines sometimes.  When I do, I can look over head and see the beautiful fish swimming and the green seaweed swaying gently back and forth.  Additionally, I work in subways, where it is very loud with all of the people going in and out of the subway station.  The people coming and going sound like a herd of buffalo.   Sometimes, I even have to work in the disgusting underground sewer.  One time when I was working there, a big, ugly, fat rat scurried out from underneath an old, soggy newspaper.  I was petrified!

Furthermore, I have to work in any kind of weather.  I even have to work when it is overcast.

The standards are very high.  It is almost as though my boss expects me to have some superpowers.  We have to work at supersonic speed, and if we do not, my boss considers that substandard and will fire me.

The Abnormal Day

by Brendan

My abnormal day surprisingly started as a normal day. It all started on a murky day in New York City. I walked out of the subway on a Saturday afternoon, headed for Central Park. There I saw two men in black suits staring at me. No, I thought, why would they be looking at me? I continued walking, but before I knew it, the two men looked right at me. I froze. “Brendan Kiernan,” one said to me. “Come with us.” At that moment, my legs started walking with them. We were headed straight for the Statue of Liberty. So that’s where my abnormal day started.

I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty many times, but not this way. We walked all the way to the back of it. We crossed through a gate that said “RESTRICTED AREA. DO NOT ENTER.” We walked all the way to the back of the right heel of the statue, and I quickly noticed a hand scanner next to a door. One of the men put his hand up to it, and the door opened. We walked into a big elevator, big enough to fit TWO elephants! We went down, down, down. I soon realized we were somewhere in an underwater facility, or at least underground. The doors finally opened, and I saw another hand scanner. The larger of the men put his hand up to the scanner. The doors popped open, and we headed inside.

The box-like space we were in started to move forward. Some windows rolled down, and I saw water. I realized I was in a submarine. “Welcome,” I heard someone say. The next doors opened automatically. I saw a man wearing a white lab coat. “Welcome to the secret submarine lab. I’m head scientist. My name is James Q., but you can call me Q. for short.”

“Okay,” I said quietly.

Q. started talking again, “We are going to perform some painless tests on you.”

“What?!!!”I yelled.

“Like I said, they’re painless.”

“Why did you choose me?” I asked.

“Because,” Q. started, “you were the first one out of the subway.”

“But how did you know my name?”

“We know everyone in the city,” he replied.

“So you choose randomly?!?”I yelled again.

“Yeah, why? Is that a bad idea?”

“Bad idea? That’s a terrible idea!!!”

“Oh, well, since you’re here, there’s no turning back.”

I walked over to a big table. “Lie down,” Q. said to me. I did and quickly heard a buzzing noise from overhead. A beam of light came over me, but I didn’t feel a thing. I got up after the blazing light turned off and right away Q. told me that I now had superpowers.

“Cool,” I said to Q.

“Yes, yes,” Q. said back. “Your mission is to capture the evil villain who has been terrorizing the city.”

“Okay. So what do I do?”

“Stop him; don’t KILL him; just stop him.”

“Okay, bye,” I replied as I zoomed off……….

I was undercover in the city of New York watching for any suspicious activity. Suddenly, there was an explosion, followed shortly by sirens. Three, no, four police cars zoomed by me. Yes, I thought to myself. I took to the skies and followed the sounds of the sirens. Then I heard gasping, and something came flying past me. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It was a man carrying a bag of money. “Hey, stop!” I yelled. So that’s where the chase began.

I took off at supersonic speed. I dove down so I could see from the ground. When I landed, I saw something zoom across the sky. There!!! I took off back into the overcast sky. I soon cut off the villain’s path and met him face to face.

“You are a substandard superhero!” he mocked. “I expected more from you!”

“Well, I…” I didn’t get to finish because before I knew it, he was gone. I heard an evil laugh from below. I sped down just to see him disappear into the subway. I flew right in, hoping to see him. Yes! He flew right onto the track. I chased after him. Then I heard a whistle, not just any whistle, but a train whistle. I saw the light up ahead. I closed my eyes, ready to die. Seconds passed, and I realized I was still alive. I realized I had gone underneath the subway car.

I turned right again barely in time to see the villain turn left. I went up, up, up to pass him. Then I came down, landing on him, hard. We went down, down, down. We hit the street and left a big crater. I discovered that I had knocked him out. Just then police came and took him away.

After the excitement, I continued my abnormal day as a normal day, in Central Park Zoo, wondering if I would ever meet another super villain, and if so, if he would be worse than the one I had just faced.


by Talia

Once there was a boy named Jake.  He was one of those boys who loved comics.  Jake loved comics, especially Batman, Superman, and all that kind of stuff.  His favorite comic was about a superhero who could travel at supersonic speed, had superpower, and superior strength.  This comic book hero’s name was The Bolt. The comic book was named after him also.

The Bolt’s real name was Bill Hancock.  He was an undercover spy.  In Issue 80 of the series, he saved his crush, Diane Florin, who was an officer in the Navy.  Diane was on a special mission in a submarine.  While in the underwater submarine, they hit an iceberg, which damaged the submarine.  They were sinking fast.  Then all of a sudden… Was it a storm? Was it a merman?  A MERMAN?!?! No, it was The BOLT!!! As the sea creatures watched, The Bolt saved his true love and the other passengers on the submarine.  Everyone cheered and thanked The Bolt.

In Issue 90, The Bolt’s arch nemesis Draco Dolittle, who controlled animals, wanted to send an elephant into the underground subway to destroy the train and kill many citizens.  Before Draco could unleash his evil plan, The Bolt suddenly flew overhead.  The Bolt destroyed Draco’s plan by putting Draco in jail once again and picking up the elephant and flying him back to the zoo.

That is why this is Jake’s favorite comic, until…”Mom!  Look at the new Wolverine comic!  Can I get it?!”

Hitting the Surface

by Julian

Deep down in the coldest, darkest, scariest corners of who knows what, lives a tiny, little creature.  Temperatures are at subzero levels, too cold for the little thing.  He never wanted to live below the surface.  He wanted to overextend himself, to touch the top.  He wished he was Superman so he could fly  his way out or maybe he could even float up to the great beyond because he is so underweight.  Why does he have to remain submerged and undercover?  All his family members’ power overwhelmed him.  They all grew high and mighty.  His supervisors say he is just underdeveloped and that he will be tall and make it up one day.

Every year, the little thing waited and waited for himself to grow.  After three long years, he lost hope of growing.  Everyone was wrong; he would never grow!

One day he woke and felt something hit his eyes.  He could not believe what he saw.  It was sky!  Sun touched him.  He had underestimated himself.  He finally became a flower, a rose to be exact.  This was the day he hit the surface.  His dream had finally come true.

Fake Hero

by Justen

Some say that this guy named Greg Hero thinks he’s the new Superman just because his last name is Hero.  Who knows if he is or if he is just a fake hero!  A real hero is someone who can breathe under water without an underwater breathing device.  Greg gets a scuba diving tank and swims only about one mile before he has to swim back to shore.  And a real superhero can run at supersonic speed!  Greg can only run about three miles per hour because he is fat.  He takes a subway around town to go fight crime poorly.

Greg thinks he can go undercover without anyone noticing his real identity.  He only wears a cape.  Plus, a real superhero would have an underground lair.  Greg just has a house.  Greg can only fight crime poorly and only when the weather isn’t overcast, but is nice.  If there is a water lair for a villain, Greg takes a submarine to get there.  Greg shows off his talent by showing people he can overextend a rubber band to twenty feet without it snapping.  Underneath Greg’s bed is a manhole.  He says that it is a shortcut to Burger King.

I don’t think that Greg Hero will ever be a real superhero with a really awesome superpower.

The Weekend

by Shelby

The day was May twenty-fourth, and I was headed on vacation with my good friend, Kennedy, and her family.  We were taking a trip to Los Angeles.  We left Petaluma at 9:00 in the morning, and the weather was overcast.  I was hoping for lots of sunshine in Los Angeles.

We stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Anaheim.  It was very beautiful.  It had a huge pool, and our room was big and spacious.  We were on the tenth floor, and there were five floors overhead.  From our balcony, we had an amazing view of Disneyland.  We were so anxious to get to the park!

We didn’t need to take our car to the park.  The hotel had an underground subway that got you to Disneyland in supersonic speed.  I was extremely nervous at first, but the ride was so fast that we were there in a blink of an eye.

We first raced over to the submarine ride.  It is now called Nemo’s Adventures.  This is an underwater ride located in the center of Disneyland and is lots of fun.  We saw fish in their natural habitat and also some scenes from the Nemo movie.  It was a must-see ride.

Our next thrilling ride was Space Mountain.  Oh, my!  I was so scared waiting in line for this ride.  This was my first major roller coaster ride.  If I had a superpower, I would have picked super speed because I would have used it to ditch this ride, but Bennett, Kennedy’s brother, was not going to let that happen.  As the ride took off, I buried my head underneath his arm and held on for dear life.  The speed, darkness, and sound made this ride sensational.

Overall, this vacation was not substandard.  It was one of the best vacations I have ever had.  Disneyland is so much better with a friend, and I definitely would love to go back again!

The Unknown Villain

by Casey

One morning when I woke up, I thought about the dream I had the night before.  In my dream, I was an awesome secret agent, the kind who went undercover on secret missions.  In my dream, I also had some superpowers.  Since I’m only eleven and couldn’t drive (and none of my powers included flying), I had to take the subway everywhere.  This meant that I had to walk to the underground station that was located underneath the street.  It also meant I had to stand in those crowded lines and wait for the train.

Once I got off the train, I ran to the boat dock.  There I got in my submarine for a super secret mission, and it was the only underwater vehicle they had.   Overhead, a loud crash broke the silence.  My watercraft started to sink!  Uh, oh! I thought.  I was trapped.  Once I calmed down, I began to see a man appear.  He looked as if he were half superman and half giant.  He told me he was in charge of saving people in danger, and his name was The Rescuer.  (Could his name be any more obvious?)  He also said he would fix my submarine.

After it was repaired, he said he didn’t want to overextend his visit.  Before he left, he told me that this had been no accident.  The sabotage was really purposely done by a mysterious villain who nobody really knew about, and this villain planned to destroy me.  He also mentioned that  I would learn more about this man in the future and how he planned to defeat me.

The Mission

by Cole

This story starts on a gloomy, overcast day in New York on Columbia Street.  A man was walking down that very street and was heading toward the barber’s shop, when all of a sudden, out of the barber shop came a rough, mean man in black clothing, holding a sack that seemed to be full of money.

I was frightened, but overhead zoomed past a figure.  It landed next to me with a supersonic bang. The figure took away the money from the man in black and used one of his cool superpowers on the poor guy.  The figure seemed to look like the famous Superman.

Superman wanted to take me to an underpopulated city for a two-man mission. He took me to the underground train, the subway We waited underneath the city until darkness so we could be undercover for this next mission.

The Story of Shock

by Rose

Hello, my name is Rosie Bagosie, and I am from the Happy Hannah News Channel. I am here to tell you about the overwhelming story of the woman who went overboard from the SS Nutmeg. The woman was superstitious about boats and felt her husband shouldn’t have made her go on it. She also didn’t like the subtotal on the receipt for the trip; it was too much money. The day she fell off the boat was one of the days during the week that the temperature was subzero.

The doctors considered her underweight, since she weighed only as much as an average sixth grade boy. She had to have her husband supervise her when she went swimming in the pool. So, she went undercover to the pool, but on her way, she tripped over a rubber ducky, causing her to fall overboard. She was submerged beneath the water, until suddenly Superman came and saved her from drowning. She wouldn’t go unsupervised again! This is Rosie Bagosie signing off and have a good night folks!