Week of February 12

This Week’s Feature:

Spelling Pattern: em-, en-, ex-
The prefixes em-, en-, and ex- come both from the Greek language and from the Latin language, and many words begin with these prefixes.
The prefixes em- and en- mean in.  The prefix ex- means out.  Please note that the prefix ex- can also mean former (as in ex-husband); however, that is not the case for any of the words on this week’s spelling list.   It is also important to note that words with the same root and prefix are related words (for example, employ and employee).  Look for these prefixes when you are reading and writing.

This Week’s Special Spelling Practice Activity:

Spelling Tic Tac Toe

    1. Find a partner. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on a piece of paper.
    2. Trade spelling lists with your partner. If you are playing with an adult, split your list in half, giving the adult half of the words.
    3. Decide who will go first. (It’s best to take turns going first.) Decide who will use X and who will use O.
    4. Say the first word on your partner’s list out loud. Your partner should spell the word out loud, while you use his/her list to check the spelling. If your partner is correct, he/she should write either X or O (whichever he/she is using) on the tic-tac-toe grid. If your partner is not right, spell the word correctly – out loud and one letter at a time – for your partner.
    5. Trade jobs. Your partner will say a word from your spelling list and you will try to spell it. If you are right, make an X or an O (whichever you are using) on the board. If you are not correct, your partner will spell your word out loud.
    6. Keep taking turns until you or your partner makes three X’s or three O’s in a line on the board. If you fill up the board before either of you makes a line, start again.

The completed game grid will be turned in to Ms. M., along with your weekly word sort and spelling story. Do not forget that for homework, you must also study your spelling words for Friday’s spelling test.

Choose the word sort for your group:

Here are this week’s spelling stories.