Free Verse Poetry: Still More Free Verse

A Normal Day

I would punch a tree
craft a table
wooden pickaxe
mine coal
burn torches

Hot zombies
more hot zombies
hunt for diamonds
fail badly
cry sadly

Pick up brown dirt
I love puppies
Fight mobs
in my house
I feel like a creeper
blow stuff up

I am a creeper


Ms. M.,
play Minecraft

~ Daniel

Eclipse Dream

The icy burning sun
flamed with spears of lightning
and shadows of darkness.

Creeping into a life of spooky
lights and golden streaks
of silver steamers

the majestic galaxy
with a sea of stars
so bright it’s a hole
new world

Slowly the sun
moves out of the way
into a night of darkness

and the vibes of the sun
slowly drifting away
now lost
but never forgotten.

The icy burning sun
flamed with spears of lightning
now only a shadow of darkness
on my galaxy-splashed heart.

~ Aubriana

The Dance of Fire

I watch as the burning
sheets of orange and yellow
cover my house.
It was as if a dancer
was sashaying across her stage
watching her fans yell out
at her in beauty
and in fear.

 Soon after she finished
she had a huge snack that filled her up.
She then became sick,
flickering away,
taking my house with her
as a shelter
on her journey to her next performance.

 She left only
a pile of ashes, rubble,
and a cloud of smoke
for us to remember her
and to be careful of what we do.

 We have learned
our lesson
to watch out for our actions
and be aware
of what is going on in the kitchen.

~ Madison

A Pebble

I’m the small heart-shaped
pebble on the bottom
of your shoe.

I’m small, smooth, and shiny
I’m shaped like a tiny
little sparkling heart.

Even though I’m small,
I can still be your friend.

~ Grace

Where I’m From

I am from playing baseball
I am from Watching SpongeBob on TV
I am from BBQing and cooking food
I am from riding bikes and jumping rope
I am from Family

I am from running bases on the field
I am from the couch next to the TV
I am from playing with my dog in the backyard
I am from eating burgers and all meat

I am from drinking Gatorade after sports
I am from the concrete steps that lead to my home
I am from the grass field by Wiseman Park
I am from the last memory of my loving Great Grandma
I am from the photos I have hanging on my wall

~ Ryan


I see her small eyes,
Staring blankly at me.
She was he one thing,
The one thing my mother kept from when she was young.

Knowing that her small black fur,
Was not as soft now.
She is,
Everyone knew it.

This small little girl is in her teens,
Terribly old for her species.
Possibly eighteen.
I couldn’t count.

I stare deeply into her almost lifeless dark eyes,
I rub her rough old fur.
She is
The tiny old cat my mother kept.

We feed her medicine but we know it’s time,
Time for this little girl,
To pass on to the next.

She watches us,
Above our fireplace.

~ Samantha

My Loving Family

I love my family
They are caring, loving,
and supportive in whatever
I need.  I know most people
Don’t have both
Moms or dads.
Whenever I see them
I hug them.

I believe all kinds
Of Families are lucky
To be together.  I love
How people come
Together on all kinds
Of occasions,
Everyone having fun.

Then I realize
I am fortunate
To have my folks
My dad, Felipe,
My mom, Anna
My brother, Felipe
My sister, Janeth,
My little sister,

I love my family
They are caring. I feel
As happy as a sunflower
In my family garden.

~ Gina


 Stars twinkle as floating rocks go by.
Gases all around me float.
Planets orbit each other wondering if there’s any life.
Blues, whites, pinks, purples, and oranges are all around me.

As I look around in deep outer space gravity doesn’t apply.
Everything floats as if their flying.
The moon as bright as ever.
But not as bright as the galaxy.
Blues, whites, pinks, purples, and oranges are all around me.
But as the sun rises,
The galaxy slowly drifts away.

 ~ Neena


Everything you see
Everything in life
Is art

Every pencil is a paintbrush
It paints the colors of
Poetry across a notebook

Every paintbrush is a bird
Gliding across the canvas
With a rainbow of colors

Every imagination
Is a crayon
Its childish ways
Dragging color onto
Any situation

Every child is
An artist
Their little fingers
Forming art
On everything they touch

Everything you see
Everything in life
Is art

~ Ava

Journey to the Night Sky

The moon looks
upon me
with a mischievous grin.

The constellations look
at me
with beaming eyes.

As the stars
embrace the moon,
I, too, am engulfed
in a celestial dream.

~ Olivia

Like a Person

Dogs are phenomenal
you can enjoy everything with them
like the first night with them
or the discussion you had with people about what
you were going to call the awesome, cool dog

I love playing with dogs.
One of my favorite things
to do with dogs is play fetch
and touch their soft, cuddly, nice, furry self
When I see a big or small dog I feel exited

The reason I feel so good
is because I love meeting new dogs
I want to learn all their good or bad personalities
I love when dogs lick me or go on top of me
because a dog is like a person
To talk to while you have a bad day
or when you have something you want to share

~ Alex

Where I’m From

I am from the popped
bright orange soccer ball,
from the phone and laptop.

I am from the dried mud
under my running shoes,
from my personal box under my bed.

I am from the walnut tree
in the front yard,
from the melting chocolate of Twix.

I am from the Big Nate series.
I am from the spider web
in the top corner of my room.

I am from the photo albums in

my parent’s closet
and the memories they hold.

~ Jon

My Friend

My friend is
a mature
role model as
well as a football
rock star.

He is Scottish
and loves
to watch movies.

He has a baby
sister, older sister,
mom, and a funny

He would help me
with my homework
and he would cheer
me up if I
was down.

And that’s why
he is my

But now
he is

~ Kyler

Perfect Day

I remember
the day my family and Iwent to the Santa Cruz
Beach Boardwalk.

We were so bored
during the two-hour
car ride, but then
out of nowhere
I finally saw
the wonderful
amusement park
all day we walked
back and forth.

Suddenly, I saw a long
line, and I joined that long line
so I could ride “Fire Ball.”
Finally, I was in my seat
sitting next to my mother.I was scared
out of my mind
when the ride began.
Then the ride went upside down.

My brand new, purple, fifteen dollar
sunglasses fell off!
I was furious!
When my mom bought me
a turtle necklace
I felt better.

I still remember that day
as though I am there
right now
on that perfect day.

~ Jasmine

Where I’m From

I’m from
plopping down on the couch watching Duck Dynasty.
playing softball in Davis.

I’m from
eating Jolly Ranchers.
wanting to rescue gators.

I’m from
showing goats.
listening to Pink.

I’m from
sitting at dinner with my family.
loving the animals that live at my house.

~ Rachel

Memories of Yellowstone

Powerful waterfalls,
Crashing down
On the tumbling water below.
The roar of the rushing river,
Fills my ears.

I hear the trees,
Rustling in the wind,
As I sit by the campfire.
I watch the geysers shoot
Hundreds of feet in the air.
The powerful superheated water
Puts on a show
And I am awed by the sight.

I gaze upon the majestic hot springs
Filled with boiling water.
Moose, bison, and elk surround me
As I wander through their home.
The memories of Yellowstone.

~ Riley

My Lucky Bat

I run
from the dugout
to the plate

with my lucky bat
in my hand
I get in the batter’s box

then I look
at my coach
he gives me the sign

I nod my head
now it’s game
time; I get

serious and stare
down the pitcher
who nods his head

starts his wind-up
throws the ball
coming at me

full speed
I get ready
then swing


the ball soars
in the air
yes, another base hit

with my lucky bat

~ Robert

Where Poetry Hides

Broken toys, old clothes
ancient things I don’t
even know sit or lie
on the pitch
dark floor
of the closet
to be found,
but their playtime
is done,
and they will
not be

~ Dylan

The Incredible Hulk Team

I come to the half court.
I stare down my opponent.
We’ve played this team before in the beginning
of the season. We were crushed.
It upset me but it made us the team we are.
They hulk over us at 6’2” tall.

I see the referee in his black and white tee ready
to toss the ball in the air. It spins counter clockwise.
I look at the orange ball with black stripes circling around it coming down.
I hope that my teammate, number 7, can grab it.
Their guy jumps up and grabs it.
The game is on; I run to my man to cover him.

They shoot up and make the shot easily.
We pass it in and go for our shot my teammate
jumps up and does a layup..
I look at the ball as it bounces in.
It’s halftime; I look up at the score it is fifteen to eighteen.
We’re losing but I have a good feeling about this.
My teammate passes it in and I run down to the hoop.
My teammate passes the ball to me.

I look up at the hoop my defender jumps up and I side step him.
I go up for the shot at the peak of my jump.
I release; the ball bounces off the rim
I finally hear the quiet but amazing feeling of the swish.
I pump my hands in the air.
I feel amazing; I hear the buzzer, buzz.

I look at the score we lost 23-26.
It doesn’t matter though I made an awesome shot.
We go into the conference room for trophies.
I can’t wait till next year.



If my love were an ocean,
there would be no more land.
If my love were a desert,
you would see only sand.
If my love were a star late at night,
there would only be light,
and if my love could grow wings,
I’d fly all over the world.

~ Briana

The Willow Tree

The fall passes by
and the willow tree’s leaves fly by.

The winter’s cold, icy breeze
freezes the poor, old willow tree.

Spring comes back
and with it come the willow’s friends, the leaves.

Summer is here
and the sad, old willow is happy again with his friends.

~ David


Four kids are
Playing outside
During a
Big tornado
Then Four kids
Run for their lives
As if a mob is chasing them

~ Jovany


If poetry was a piñata,
It should fight back.

Should defeat Voldemort with one hand.
It should resurrect the dead,
Love everybody
With no hate.

Most of all poetry should show
And take the reader on a journey

~ Marika

Roller Skating

I skate I glide I do spins
I try a jump I fall I get up I jump
I fall and I fall, every time I fall I get more determined

I try one last time and I take one great leap
and land on my two feet. I  Felt a grin come upon my face
I did it and I was proud of myself

~ Allie

Past Years’ Free Verse

Where I’m From

I’m from California,
soccer, tennis, ping pong, and swimming
I’m from the art of drawing
abstract, pottery, and origami

I’m from, “Did you do your homework?”
to “Eat your broccoli!”
I’m from bubble gum wrappers and Hershey’s
chocolate to Jolly Ranchers and Sugar Daddy

I’m from collecting rocks, shells, and marbles
to collecting sticks
to listening to Adele, Katy Perry, LMFAO, and The Afters

To the bookworm to reading
The Hunger Games and
becoming a Harry Potter fan.

I’m from “Do your best,” to
to a future artist, actor,
and animal collector.
I am Eli.

~ Eli

Where I’m From

I am from The Sea of Monsters
to The Lost Hero

from the “Yeah, sures,”
to the “Smooth move, Ex Lax,”
from Crunch Bars
to Bazooka bubble gum

From Fort Minor to Maroon 5
from Minecraft to Amazing Alex

From the picture
of my brother and me
that I keep under my pillow

From the small Nike shoebox
that I keep under my
coffee table, overflowing
with pictures and photographs
that keep the memories of my life.

~ Jeremy

Where I’m From

I am from softball to basketball
I am from pop to country,
chocolate to sour candy

I am from friends to sister
I am from daydreaming about Buster Posey
to watching him play ball on television

I am from hoops to bases,
cupcakes to pizza.
I live to love life.

I am from annoying little sister
to the world’s most beautiful daughter
from Spain to Ireland to Germany
I am all over the map

But above all,
I am me.

~ Cassidy


My life, my friend,
my bread and butter,
the best thing in the world.

I step into the box,
the wind blowing in my face.
I am confident.

The pitcher stares at me,
goes through his wind-up.
It looks good.
I swing, look up,
and it is gone!
I trot around the bases
with an enormous smile
on my face.

my life, my friend,
my bread and butter,
the best thing in the world.

~ Cameron

Where I Am From

I am from beneath the redwoods on a clear, starry night;
the hidden hot tub and the cool green grass;
the horrific floods and kayaking on the river.

I am from the “city of sin,” the loop-de-loops
and the up and down coasters;
the towering casinos and the fire floating on water.

I am from the video game all-nighters,
and the noisy sleep-overs;
the Old Adobe east-siders and the homework procrastinators.

I am from Jamaican style, and bean cheese rice burritos;
the lacrosse fanatics and the mine-craft addicts;
the rappers who can’t get the tune right
and the beats of dub step on my jaw bone.

~ Ian


When you laugh
it feels like joy is
flowing through
your body.

When you laugh
joy spreads out
to other people
around you.

When you laugh
a smile comes
comes across
you and your
friend’s faces.

Laughing is
it brings joy
to the world.

~ Rachel

I Am

People use me, sell me, hang me.

They paint, splatter, and draw on me.

They rip, tear, and break me if I am not perfect.

After all that, they just look and look
and wonder what it is like to be me.

I am a picture.

~ Skylar

The Shark

I see a shark
swimming towards me.
I dive under the water,
knowing I have no chance
of out-swimming this monster.

The shark is coming
right toward me.
I remember my special
Navy Seal training
and I punch the shark
in the nose as hard as I can.
The shark is dazed
and swims in the other direction.

I take a deep sigh,
knowing I can swim
safely back to shore.

~ Todd

Where I’m From

I’m from the video in video games
to a turned on television
I’m from the rotten wood on baseball benches
I’m from Babe Ruth to Lou Gehrig
I’m from the Joe Montana to the Jerry Rice
I’m from the David Akers to the
old Candlestick field goal post

I’m from the rusted basketball rim
to the gym clothes hamper
I am from the deep bowels of the lockers
I’m from, “Do your homework!”

I’m from the people who stay up all night
or from the people who get up
to have a midnight snack
I’m from the people who don’t like
getting up in the morning
just to go to school.

All these things are
the items that describe
the most
who I really am.

~ Jack

Where I’m From

I’m from the family who goes to church
Every Sunday, I’m from a pair of tights and
“Kick the ball as hard as you can!”
I’m from walking to the farthest
Parking spot each day just so my dad can have his
Little laugh (in a good way)
I’m from Charleston Chew and Jelly Beans
I’m from “Do you want an ice cream?”
Every once and a while after school
I’m from “Just try it, you will like it!”
“Do your homework!” and “Don’t
Day dream!”
I’m from buying a book just so
I can have it even though I might never
Read it again, I’m from always having
To clean up my mess after I played with my dolls
I’m from friend drama and “Oh lets be friends again!”
I’m from going home and crying about the big
Fight I had with my friend
But most of all I’m from Garfield Drive
Petaluma, California

~ Lily

Where I’m From

I’m from the swooshes I make
to the soccer field
to the world of Minecraft
to the swimming pool.

I’m from the love of my dog,
adorable warmth of my heart
to the cold fear enemy snake.

I’m from the cool water of Niagara Falls
to the beaming mad lava of volcanoes,
from the love of my family
to the hate of spiders.

I’m from the memory of past
aunts, uncles, grandparents
Some leaves fall from my family tree
I am Mexican.

~ Mario

Where I Am From

I am made for stretching
I am used for putting pencils and
Pens together
I am made from rubber
I am softer than hard plastic

I can be used to create a ball
With a metal or plastic ball
As a core
I am known for my love for creativity
I am some odd plant

When people get angry
They use me as a flexible dummy
They snap me, cut me to pieces,
Or they kill me
I am also used for making girls’ ponytails

I am a rubber band
People should think about me more
Than they do


Where I’m From

I am from Crosby, Ovechkin, and Kessel
I am from hoping the puck hits the back of the net
I am from Rory Mcilroy to Tiger Woods
I am from peanut butter to jelly
I am from Hershey’s to Smarties
I am from “Do your homework” to “Get up”
I am from Coldplay to Eminem
I am from Megan Fox to Brooklyn Decker
I am from a soft bed in my room
I am from “Yum” to “Eww”
I am never catching the flu to never catching a football
I am from a bagel with cream cheese to a ham, pickles, lettuce, and mayonnaise sandwich
I am from a small town in a big world
I am Lucas Happy

~ Lucas

Where I’m From

I’m from dirt roads
Mountains and barns.
I am from jelly beans, butter fingers
And recess peanut butter cups.
I am a softball player
To an animal lover.
From sliding at home to striking out.
I am from laughing and smiling
And a younger sibling.
I am from loving the color purple
To hating the color pink.
I am a best friend
And a cousin.
I am from showing my animals at the fairs
And a giraffe lover.
I am a Giants fan
And a swimmer.
I am from picking blackberries in the creek
To baking cupcakes
I am a country girl
And a explorer
I am from watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”
To listening to Carrie Underwood to Katy Perry.
I am from hanging out with friends
To loving my family.
I am from memories in the past
To new ones in the future.
In my mom’s room there is an old, wooden chest
filled with my memories and my family tree.

~ Carsyn

Where I’m From

I am from hours of
reading and hours of
writing. I am road trips
to Nevada and Disneyland.
I am from the Hunger Games,
Harry Potter, and Star Wars.
From hip hop and school, from
Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne and
Zendaya. I am from going out
on Saturday to pizza on Friday.
I am from hanging out with my
Sister and listening to awesome
Music. From dancing on Shake it
Up Chicago, vampires vs. zombies
And the most creative music videos
Plus a bizarre fashion sense.
I am from a lot of different things
But I am mostly from my family.

~ Emily

Where I’m From

I’m from dolls and Lego land,
From a Harry Potter game
I’m from drawing and watching T.V
And I really love to read.

I’m from Demi Lovato
To Selena Gomez
I’m from everlasting Gobstoppers and Candy Canes
To Hershey’s Chocolate milk.

I’m from Power Rangers
To Magic Tree House books,
And hearing “I love you.”

I’m from a mother who wants to have five children
I am from my family and my memories.


Where I’m From

I am from the baseballs you hit
I am from the bases you have stepped on

I am from Minecraft
I am from the creepers you have
Slayed, the gunpowder you have found

I am from the free throws
You have shot
I am from the basketballs
You have dribbled and popped

~ Marcus

Where I’m From

I’m from my blocky diamond sword
To my high-tech iPhone with fun addicting apps.
I’m from “nargesh” to “oop whoop”
From cyco-cycling to swimming
I’m from pitching a perfect inning
To narwhals rocking out
To Skrillex having multiple seizures.
I’m from Powell’s Candy Shoppe, eating all the candy
To waiting for the oven to bake the bacon.
I’m from Sheldon Cooper’s brain
To the fleas on Bryan Griffin’s head.
I’m from a future CIA agent
To a present ordinary eleven-year-old boy.
I’m from the top of the Empire State Building
To the very bottom of a Tic Tac case.
Future, past, present
This is who I am
Everyone is different in different ways.

~ Cole

Where I’m From

I’m from the laughs of my best friends
Where they have been for me everywhere

I’m from sweet, delicious chocolate
That fills my mouth with sweet goodness
Hershey’s, Kit-Kat, Twix and Three Musketeers

I’m from Mexico where my family is from
But mostly me,
Mexican candy so good
I can’t even describe them, spicy to sugary

I’m from all the good television shows,
Victorious to iCarly to Gravity Falls

I’m from all those great singers
Carly Rae Jenson to Katy Perry
To Taylor Swift, well you get it
But, all those great artist and songs

I’m from soccer, baseball, and kickball
I play with aunts, uncles and, cousins
Friendly to competitive but back to friendly

I’m from memories,
Of being born in Mexico,
From growing up in the United States,
But most importantly
I’m from the Macias Gonzales Family.

~ Karla


Every year, my family on my dad’s side
Comes over to my grandma’s house
On Thanksgiving, the family has a feast,
On Christmas, we all open presents,
Halloween, Jade and I trick-or-treat,
Easter, Jade and I have an Easter-egg hunt,
I can’t wait to share those holidays
With my baby cousin, Isabelle,
Because every holiday
My family on my dad’s side
Come together at my grandma’s house.

~ Willow


I am a book which people need
I need a home
I need a place
I am interesting.
I am filled with imagination and wisdom;
from adventure, to action, to comedy

Please don’t hurt me or desert me
…or my heart will break
If you leave me in the rain or even in a train
I’ll break and my color will fade
So all I am is trying say is a book is a world
With imagination

So take good care of me and
listen to what I have to offer
I will please you in every way possible

~ Jose

Where I’m From

I’m from dance and softball,
from Katy Perry and
Taylor Swift
I’m from loving those celebrities
Gibby and Buster Posey

I’m from Coke-Cola gummies
and cinnamon gummy
I’m from Dance Moms and
I’m from running as fast as
a lion to jogging as slow as
a snail
I’m from Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory
and “Ahh, nuts”
I’m from wishing that I
was a professional
dancer and softball

Those lost memories have
been discovered
my life and my dreams

~ Faith


You stand tall
your black and white salt and pepper fur
glistening in the wind.
You jump off the jeep
thud go your paws when you hit the ground.
You stand and run fast
fast like a lightning bolt
and you bark and bark
you bite their ears tugging, tugging.
You chased and found the pigs.

~ Tanner

Where I’m From

I’m from half marathon runner,
To a two hour reading marathon.
From Lego master to goal stopper.
I’m from hip-hop to Rock ‘n roll.
From Black Eyed Peas to Flo Rida.
I’m from ACDC to Queen.

I’m from pop fly to diving catch.
From Hank Aaron to Willie Mays.
From Atlanta Braves,
To San Francisco Giants.
I’m from touchdown to pick six.
From Joe Montana to Steve Young.
From Atlanta Falcons,
To San Francisco 49ers.

I’m from Reese’s to bubble gum.
From “Beastly,” to “Epic fail.”
From America’s Funniest videos,
To Wipeout.
From pro athlete to architect.

I’m from family to friend.
I’m from brother and son.
From classmate to teammate.
I’m from crazy to caring.

From past to present to future.
This is who I am.
This is what I’m about.
A small boy,
From a small town of Petaluma, California.

~ Zac

Where I’m From

I’m from shouting out goals and
Ice cold Gatorade
I’m from feeling hungry
to feeding animals and sleeping in the car
with no caution.
I’m from seeing Messi score goals and
A crazy uncle in need for action.
I’m from a family who loves and cares,
But most important that
we are a family.
I am from driving crazy to “slow down”.
I am from
Interesting Petaluma, California
To fun, free Mexico.
I am from the country smell
To the smell of the new stores.
I am from the past, the present and the future.
I am from flying airplanes to
Driving cars.
I am from kicking a soccer ball
To catching a football.
I am from a caring family
Who loves.

~ Bryan


California rolls
Filled with
Delectable dungeness crab,
Avocado as fresh as spring,
Cucumber, crisp as a carrot,
Wrapped in salt water seaweed,
And sticky white rice

As I eat this Japanese delight,
My taste buds scream
More, more, more
Piece by piece,
Popping every last one into my mouth

With my mom or my dad
For a wonderful birthday dinner
Of sushi with my family

~ Dylan

Where I’m From

I’m from Jujitsu to baseball,
from nargish to oop woop,
I’m from Abazabas to cinnamon squares.
I’m from Minecraft to Call of Duty,
from Family Guy to Tim Green’s sports books.
I’m from baseball to lacrosse,
From riding dirt bikes to playing video games.
I’m from the huge city of San Francisco to
The small town of Petaluma.

~ Brighton

Where I’m From

I’m from the Regular Show
In the morning to the X Factor at

I’m from falling
Off a horse to baking
Delicious cupcakes

I’m from showing at fairs
To sleeping in all day
I’m from brutal softball games
To eating yummy pizza
With my friends

I’m from the horrifying
Yet delicious black licorice
To the sweet Sugar Babies

I’m from sitting with my
Loving family to yelling,
“Chasing after you,

I’m from rap music
To sweet country jam from
Singing in the shower
To singing aloud on Fridays

I’m from taking pictures
Of nature to exploring
The hillside

I’m from Mocha Cocoanut
Frapaccinos to tasty
Hot Chocolate
I’m from loving
School to wanting to
Cry in the morning

I’m from being a zebra
Freak to being a
Naked neck geek

And that’s where I’m from



Summer, the ultimate relaxation—
no school, no worries
you can do what you
want to do.

Go somewhere or
stay home.
It’s summer, why not?

Go on a walk or
ride a bike.
It’s summer, why not?

Play a video game or
play a board game.
It’s summer, why not?

Summer, ultimate relaxation.

~ Jarod

Where I’m From

I am from playing dress up
and wearing a truck load of jewelry
I am from listening to mariachi music
and pop to completely different things
I am from trying to fit jawbreakers into my mouth
I am from climbing the “big hill”
and throwing the baseball as far as I can
I am from watching “Call of the Wild Man,”
thinking the Turtleman was so impressive
I am from wishing to be a veterinarian
to having Olympic gymnast dreams,
always trying to do the splits without hurting myself
I am from diving off the diving board
into the cold water splashing on my face
But most importantly, I am from growing up
with a family that loves me and I love them back.

~ Jimena


When the shark flicks its tail,
I feel the thrust of water
and the rough skin
as it scrapes my arm.

I have a slight fear buzzing in my head,
but it is quickly replaced
with wonder and fascination.

Small reef fish dart
below me,
and I float
above them.

Stingrays fly
through the water
all around my head.

blue, green and yellow
cover the sea floor.

My flippers mold to my feet
in the water,
creating bubbles behind them,
the light brown sand
shifting and melting under.

Ah, memories.
I can still feel
the current’s pull.

~ N. Bailey


As I walk outside I hear
Moo, moo, moo!
What are they mooing about?
I see my dad in the distance,
Mowing the lawn.
Moo, moo, moo
There they go again.
They’re staring at my dad,
Do they want grass?
Dad dumps the grass over the fence.
Moo, moo, moo,

Dad, I think they’re hungry.
Let’s give them grass.
Moo, moo, moo
Stomp, stomp, stomp
They all come rushing.
Pushing and nudging each other
To get the yummy treat.
Moo, moo, moo

~ Kristin

Where My Mom’s From

She is from Cabbage Patch dolls
and the little balls they turn into.
She is from playing softball with her team.

She is from listening to music after school.
She is from New Kids on the Block,
attending their first concert.

She is from Cory Feldman and Jordan Knight,
her two imagined future husbands.

She is from Astro Pops, eating
the  sweetness off of them.

She is from Growing Pains, watching
it when she was twelve.

She was from the Sweet Valley High series
and The Babysitter’s Club books.

She is from “Like, hi, okay?”

She is from her dream of becoming
a lawyer or a teacher.

She is from these memories from her childhood
and the new memories she makes in her adulthood.

~ Jordan B.

Me, Myself, and I

I’m from bat to ball,
pitching my first pitch.
I’m from tumbling to cheering,
the best sport ever.

I’m from the love of
Chase Johnson and his cute smile,
Buster Posey and his passion for baseball,
and Tim Lincecum and his long shaggy hair
and his amazing pitching.

I’m from giggle to giggle
with my dad making me laugh
and smile.

I’m from the barking of my dog,
I’m from the delicious
smell of chocolate chip cookies coming out
of the oven,
ready to eat!

I’m from the kiss to my cheek
from my mom,
and I’m from the big house
I just moved into.

These are the memories of my life
I will never forget!

~ Madi

September’s Children

Bang, bang go the coffin nails, like a breath exhaled;
then gone forever.
It seems like yesterday
How did I miss the
red flags raise?

Think back to
the days we left;
we braved these bitter storms together,
and brought him to his knees; he cried,
but on his feet, he died.

What god condemn a heart?
And what god drove us apart?
What god could…

Eighteen years pushed to the ledge,
tired of this.
How do we go on living?

Bang, bang through the schoolhouse walls,
the school ground halls,
the shotguns loaded.
Push me;
I’ll push back.
I am done asking.

From one nation under God,
I feel its love like a cattle prod,
“Born free,”
but still the hate.
Born me;
I won’t change!

It’s always darkest just before the dawn,
so stay awake with me.

Too much blood has flown from the wrist
of children shamed
for those they chose to kiss,
who rise to stop the lies,
a covered line
composed of different people–
a brand new time.

~ Donovan


I am a garbage can!!!
Gross, right?

Well, actually when my family bought me,
I was shiny and new.
That is when I was happy.
I looked like a beautiful, polished trophy.

As months go on, I get more and more icky.
My family throws the most disgusting things in me.
One time, they threw in a brown, furry, ugly rat.

I never get cleaned.
I get sadder and sadder.
The only time I am happy is
when my family is on vacation.
It feels like a vacation for me, too,
but really, what I want is to be cleaned!!!

~ Ian


I’m tired;
I could pass out.
I want to lay in
my bed and drift
off into dreams.

I could sleep for days;
I could lie
there, thinking nothing.

But no, I have to sit
here on this hard chair
and wait six hours to

I’m so tired; I’m not
thinking straight.  It’s hard
to keep my eyes open. I
need to sleep.  I need
to drift off into dreams.

~ Jack

Where I’m From

I’m from the chicken-filled meadows surrounding me with dust and pollen.
I dance cheerfully as the wind blows in my hair.

I’m rocking out to my favorite tunes by Blondie and The Ramones.
I bob my head as the rhythms vibrate my brain.

I’m from getting Netflix in the mail.
I stare on as I watch the most thrilling, most awesome,
and most amusing shows ever,
like “The Monkeys,” “The Land of the Lost,” and “Freaks and Geeks.”

I’m from the desire to tap dance.
I imagine myself shuffling around the joint.

I’m from animal-loving.
I give all hope to animals in need,
while still having fun with my loving cats, chickens, lizards, and fish.

I’m from OMG and LOL.
People whip their heads as they speak the words
of “Oh, my god!” and “laugh out loud!”

I’m from the amazing paintings my Yaya made for me.
They are filled with her love and memories for me.

I’m from eating sushi.
I stuff myself as I eat every last morsel on my plate.

I’m from monster dolls.
I’m addicted to making clothes for them,
especially for  my favorite one,
Lagoona Blue.

I’m from photo albums,
moving on through time,
gaining more memories and losing others.

~ Lilah

Where I Am From

I am from video games that makes me blind
to soccer kicks that break my feet,
from fabulous food to die for and from family
to family creating a giant ball of laughter.

I am from a kind mother and a caring father,
an annoying sister I love and a cutie dog.

Where I am from is a place
of golden hearts.

~ Alex D.

Where I’m From

I’m from Legos that join to form
small, colorful buildings.

I’m from soccer, when I kick the ball over
five people’s heads and straight to the goal
from the center of the field.

I’m from the computer where I play all games.
I started even as a very young kid.

I’m from AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Metallica,
the three rock legends.

I’m from celebrities that I don’t care
enough about to know anything about.

I’m from Snickers, Milky Way, and Hershey’s,
the great chocolate delights.

I am from the countless television shows,
too long and too many to count them all.

I’m from Warriors,
the exciting adventure novel.

I’m from expressions I do not use
and do not want to learn.

I’m from dreaming of becoming
a soon-to-be great artist or designer
of houses, of beautiful houses.
I wish to choose one of these jobs.

I am from the future,
unseen from all eyes,
and the past,
left in my large keepsake bin,
these pictures from my short childhood.

~ Dylan

My Wonderful Foster Dog

My beautiful
and wonderful foster dog
My new foster
dog is put up for adoption
because we are just
fostering her.
She is as white as snow
and is a Labrador mix
with Pointer in her, too.
Her Name is Icy.
She is a wonderful
dog breed,
and of course, she
doesn’t get along
with my Basset Hound, Sandy.
We think there is a little
Pit Bull in Icy, too.
She does not
get along
with cats at all.

~ Serra

Where I’m From

I’m from the heart-
pounding kick of the black
and white soccer ball.

I’m from the sweet
pink and purple
tiny NERDS candies.

I’m from my
teacup Chihuahua’s soft
tongue licking
my tan face.

I’m from the loud clucking
in the morning
made by the early
birds called chickens.

I’m from the pop music
of Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez.

I’m from my loving,
caring family who hugs
me tightly and ends
each hug with a warm,
soft kiss.

~ Dianna

The Spotted One

Don’t write about giraffes;
write about a giraffe.

How she sees the world
from different points of view,
being like a giant,
people looking so tiny
as if they are ants,
looking past things I can’t see,
but never being able to hide.

Write about how I ride on her back,
trotting slowly through leaves,
strolling with her through jungles,
protection at my side.

I see herds of giraffes–
her family.
I want her to be mine.
I want her poise and grace.

I can’t believe how wonderful a giraffe is.

Don’t write about giraffes;
write about mine.

~ Shaina

Wheels on a Bike Spin

Wheels on a bike spin.
They spin round and round.
They spin fast and slow,
depending on how fast you pedal.

Wheels on a bike spin.
I pedal hard
and touch the spokes.
I yell, the sound of pain.

Wheels on a bike spin
when I want to go somewhere.
Wheels on a bike spin
when you want them to.

~ Dominic

Where I’m From

I’m from dirt grinding under my cleats
from throwing and catching as my body gets tired
from running with the wind
from family and friends laughing with joy
and Icees moistening my mouth as if I were eating a cloud.

I’m from sleeping in Paris as I kiss the world goodnight
from shooting my first hoop and the crowd cheering, “Hooray!”
I’m from scoring a goal and clapping everyone’s hand
from my baby book lying on the shelf.
That’s where I’m from.

~ Brooklynne

Under the Ground

Under the ground, there are treasures
waiting to be discovered.
Old, new, present.

Under the ground, there might be fossils
of innocent creatures,
waiting to be discovered.

Under the ground, there might be gold, diamonds,
riches enough to make you the wealthiest person on Earth,
waiting to be discovered.

The ground has no limit
to what you might find.  It is the source
of objects old, new, present, under the ground,
waiting to be discovered.

~ Max

Where I’m From

I’m from little action figures from Star Wars.
I’m from travel ball and other sports.
I’m from the playground with my friends
and the controller and the screen.

I’m from the headphones banging
with Eminem and country music.

I’m from the crunch or Kit Kat.

I’m from biographies that provide
information about people.
I’m from the laughter of my favorite
TV show, George Lopez.

I’m from the saying,
“That’s so cool!”
I’m from the dream of wanting
to become a famous baseball player.

~ Nikolas

Where I’m From

I’m from sour candy piercing my throat with bitterness.
I”m from the bounce, dribble, pass of the leather basketball bouncing on the court.
I’m from the giggles of my favorite show, “Wipeout.”
I’m from the sound of the beautiful piano as my fingers tap the polished keys.
I’m from the smoke of the family barbecue,
from the powerful words of Adele.

I’m from the salt falling off of the yellow, crisp French fries,
from the ice cold ice cream tingling the roof of my mouth.
I’m from the green guacamole sitting in a bowl ready to be served.
I’m from cheers coming from the sidelines as I score a goal.
I’m from the juicy, red strawberry juice dripping down my chin.
From the squeals as we pull up to the happiest place on Earth.

I’m from the bubbling cheese on a pizza.
I’m from the sweet scent of a Camellia flower.
I’m from the “Camille, D-O-N-‘T interrupt,”
from the sweat dripping off my chin on a long bike ride.
I’m from the “Camille, wait your turn!”
I’m from the sparkle in a penguin’s eye.

Sitting in a corner of my crammed closet I see a scrapbook holding
life’s best moments, just waiting to be opened.
Then I realize I’m the one who’s going to make them happen.

~ Camille

Where I’m From

I am from the wobbly
heads of Little Pet Shop toys.
I am from ice skating
to the point toe of ballet,
from reading, drawing, and playing games
to the fun, groovy music of Katy Perry.
Lady Gaga is also where I’m from.

I am from the fierce fighting of the actor, Orlando Bloom,
and from the melting river of chocolate Reese’s in my mouth.
I am from the series of Harry Potter
to the adventurous series of The Tales of the Frog Princess.
I am from the astounding show, “iCarly.”

I am from the expressions, “Cool,” and “Awesome,”
that dance in the air around me.
I’m from the dream of being a teacher
of a math wizard.
I’m from the picture on the ledge
holding my magnificent family and me.

~ Emily

The Expressionless Face

I see him linger at the bus stop,
hiding from the world, afraid
to come into the brightness.
I see him in the corner, the man
with the expressionless face.

I walk to the ferry,
going to the market,
when I see him walking by.  I can’t
help staring at the man
with the expressionless face.

He is on the ferry in the back
row, lonely with no one
to comfort him.  I glance;
then I look away from the man
with the expressionless face.

Always alone, without friends
and family to comfort him.  I feel
sad for the man.  I walk over to him
and say, “Hello.”  The man looks at me; I smile
with a huge grin on my face. I now see a man
with a joyful expression on his face.

~ Julian

Where I’m From

I’m from the world of fashion,
where mine is made out of fabric and thread.
I’m from cakes,
where my imagination soars
with fondant and frosting.

I’m from the stage,
where I can sing and act out my life.
I’m from the field,
where the soccer ball leads
until I score.

I’m from the “One Less Lonely Girl”
from my Justin Bieber soundtrack,
where my love for him grows greater.
I’m from Katy Perry’s “Fireworks,”
where my imagination bursts
into flames of excitement.

I’m from a family of eight,
where my memories hide
in photo albums.
As the years go by,
memories hide deeper
until love finds them.

~ Diana


I sped down the hill at lightning
speed.  It was the biggest thrill.
I savored every moment.
I saw a blur in the distance.  It was
my brother standing in my way,
being bone-headed.  I turned my scooter
in a flash.  It flew in the air.
For a short second, I was flying,
actually flying.  Then BAM!
I landed like a rag doll on the concrete
off to the side of the hill.
NO!  I had forgotten my helmet.
I remembered when I fell, I heard
a bump, bump, bump, crack,
bump, bump, crack.  I felt
around for pain; I twisted my ankle,
almost got a concussion, and received
a few bruises up and down my right side.
I looked at my younger brother,
giving him my nastiest look.
How silly he was to still be standing there!

~ Antonio

Where I’m From

I’m from laptops playing Minecraft all day, having the time of my life.
I’m from skateboarding across the sky, soaring.
I’m from drawing the great land of fields and rivers flowing downstream.
I’m from music artists, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga,
singing their way to paradise.
I’m from eating push-pops on the beach while playing volleyball.
I’m from watching “Adventure Time,” “Family Guy,” Mad TV,” and “Robot Chicken,”
seeing what I never knew existed.
I’m from reading Harry Potter while dreaming of adventure.
I’m from people saying “LOL” and “BFF” and having good times.
I”m from wanting to be a video game designer and a video
game tester, waiting to discover new worlds.

~ T. J.

Where I’m From

I’m from the mindless doodles on the pages
of my old journal.
I’m from big mugs of hot chocolate
on rainy days,
and from the state fair my family
and I visit every year.
I’m from apple juice and “Sesame Street”
to Mountain Dew and George Lopez.
I’m from long showers
and kid movies I never outgrow.
I’m from my nose in a book
to my nose in overdue homework,
but most especially,
I’m from the love
my family provides me.

~ Sarah

Deep Down Under

Under the clouds, under the surface
of the water, down in the dark, cold
depths of the ocean, something may hide.

Maybe a never before seen rainbow-
colored fish that hides in the shadows
under rocks and never comes out.

Maybe a huge squid that eats
everything that crosses its path.

Maybe a mermaid with scales that twinkle
like stars and hair that shines
so brightly and so long, hanging below her waist.

Under the clouds, under the surface
of the water, down in the dark, cold
depths of the ocean, something may hide.

~ Kelly

Where I’m From

I’m from water that pours
from the faucet onto your hands.

I’m from laughing at my favorite show, “Tosh O.”

I am from bungee jumping as I
soar through in sky.

I am from my math tests,
often struggling on problem twenty.

I am from the sorrow I felt
when my goldfish, Jaws, died.

I am from these memories and many more.

~ Marty

A Clock’s Timely Life

ticking and tocking
beeping or ringing
glass protecting my fragile face

three hands, no hands
a pocket watch, or Big Ben
it makes no difference
I am the keeper of time

necks crane up to look at me
necks droop low to seek me

I am golden, I am silver, I am brown and black
tarnished, new, old, or modern
I keep track of time

~ Grace


I am from Sierra’s caring, brave, and loving heart.
I am from a chilly creek full of happy memories.
I am from Sierra’s silky brown and white fur.
I am from dog slobber and belly rubs.
I am from the short walks that I took with Sierra.

I am from the car drives that Sierra and I took
to the chilly creek, where we swam in harmony together.
I am from the happiness that Sierra brought
me and stills brings me.
I am from the last day I ever saw her.
I am from the hard and painful death
that Sierra had to go through.
I am from that heartbreaking talk
when my mom told me Sierra had died.

I am from memories of Sierra.
I am from Sierra’s love, pain, sorrow, and joy.
I pray that there’s a heaven every day.
I’ve read the books; I’ve seen the movies.
I hope that all dogs go to heaven.
If all dogs go to heaven, then Sierra’s there, too.

This poem was inspired by Sierra.
She will always have a special place
in my heart.

~ Jordan R.

Where I’m From

I’m from the inside of an enjoyable DSI.
I’m from the dancing world
of Dance Central for Kinect.
I’m from the magical world
of Mario Bros. for Wii.

I’m from the soccer field, where kids are
running and making tons of goals.
I’m from a haunted house, where ghosts
haunt the place down.

I’m from a sour bag of Sour Patch Kids.
I’m from the bakery
where people bake cakes on “Cake Boss.”
I’m from the “One Less Lonely Girl”
music video by Justin Bieber.
I’m from the music video ,
“Love Me Like a Song,” by Selena Gomez.

I’m from a wonderful family
and a life filled with many memories.

~ Alex S.

Where I’m From

I’m from the bright red petals on a rose.
I’m from the ancient stories in a new book.
I’m from the rich milk chocolate hidden in the Hershey wrapper.

I’m from the beautiful colors and patters on saris and suits from India.
I’m from the laughter while reading jokes.
I”m from the leather basketball swishing into the hoop.

I’m from the black and white soccer ball being kicked into a netted goal.
I’m from the orange peels hiding the juicy fruit inside.
I’m from the melted hot cheese on a fluffy and warm pizza.

I’m from the fancy, dusty, and old, brown box,
saving the old memories,
the new memories waiting to be discovered.

~ Meheak

My  Shoes

I love my shoes
with their brand of Jordan Nike.
I run with my shoes;
I jump with my shoes.

Most of the times
my brother and I play soccer,
I am wearing my shoes.
That’s why I love them.

~ Adrian

Lifetime Memories

I’m from Barney, the huge purple dinosaur thing to “Jersey Shore,”
where real life action starts,
from the real lifestyle where money seems to grow on trees,
“Keeping Up with Kardashians.”

I’m from the text language LOL, OMG, and JK.

I’m from the love for the cutest sprint car driver, Chase Johnson!

I’m from the rapper, Roach Gigz, who sometimes stars at The Phoenix.

I’m from Pop Rocks sizzling in my mouth
to Jolly Ranchers that sit in your mouth and make
your tongue purple, blue, and many more colors.

I’m from having my dreams set high for becoming a beautician.

I’m from baby pictures, pictures from Disneyland and Arizona,
Hanging in picture frames,
Photos that are filled with memories of my life.

~ Ashleigh

Where I’m From

I’m from gummy bears in colors green, red, yellow, transparent.
I am from Legos of all shapes and sizes.
I’m from cops pulling over the criminal or chasing him down.
I’m from Airsofting, hiding behind a haystack;
then popping out by surprise and shooting my friends with plastic BB
I’m from firemen rushing into the mouth of smoke and flame.
I’m from my dog’s soft, gray fur.

I’m from my family photo album,
filled with pictures of times
good and bad.

~ Bjorn

Where I’m From

I’m from the hot summer air
to the cold winter days.

I’m from the potato chips
in the crack of my couch
to the pop rocks popping
and sizzling in my mouth.

I’m from the blasting music
in my pink room
to reading in the black, silent night.

I’m from making confusing lanyards.

I’m from the cold, but warm
water fights my brother starts.

I’m from the freezing, colorful otter pops.

I’m from the short, frizzy hair
to the long straight hair.

I’m from all the wonderful thoughts and memories
stuffed in my dusty closet.

~ Claire


My kitten, he was as
cute as a cupcake
his blue eyes
his crooked tail
My kitten, the most beautiful
thing in the world
My kitten, his soft nose
and his furry hair
My kitten will
be remembered always
in my heart.
R.I.P. 8-2-10 to 9-13-10


I’m from a place where music is heard
from Lloyd Banks to Breaking Benjamin
I know I have taste.
Wanting to play PS3,
but remembering it’s not a weekend.
Instead I go on YouTube
Watching music videos.

I’m from a basketball court
trying to imitate Shaq’s dunks,
LeBron’s jump shots, and my trick shots.
I’m from a football field
where we run
over six laps a day,
doing my least favorite drills
angle tackles,
running right or left,
you meet the guy on the other side
waiting to tackle you.

I’m from “Transformers,”
watching Meghan Fox
save the day.

I’m from an awesome place
called home.
~ Vikram

Peanut Butter and Jelly

My friend,
my companion,
my soft pillow
when I need a hug.

She is someone
who was just
like me.

In less than
a week
we became
peanut butter and jelly.

We learned
about how we
are different,
we are the same.

How things
are here;
how things
are there.

What we like;
what we don’t.

What we love;
what we love to do,

She will always
be there
for me,
through thick
and thin
because we’re always
each other.

When summer ends,
she goes back;
back to her home
in Mexico.

We go back to our normal lives.

I won’t
best friend.

Though she will still
be my
best friend
feel like
leaving me,

I’ll see her soon,
I can’t wait
comes back.

I know she’ll
come back
and be
with me;
so we can laugh,
tell stories,
and have fun

She is one of
the most
things to me.

My friend,
my best friend,
my companion,
my soft pillow
when I need a hug.
~ Sonia

Energetic Friend

So soft, so playful.
My puppy, Simba, is the perfect pet.
He loves to be stroked,
And he loves to
be played with.
His long, lean body will out run a race car.
He can jump as high as a bird in the sky.
He can fly past you like lightning.
Most of all, Simba is very exciting!
~ Kyle

Where I’m From

I am from the building
of the Lego house.
I am from the tackle
I made at
the football game.
I am from the
lyrics of the song,
“Boulevard of
Broken Dreams”
sung by Green Day.
I am from the
delicious flavor
of crystal candy
on a stick.
I am from the
yellow bananas
that hang on the tree.
I am from a great mom
who brought me
into this world.
~ Justen

Beautiful Movie Star

You are beautiful,
tan and pretty.
You are Megan Fox.
You are the most attractive woman out there.
You are in the Transformers movies.

If anyone saw you,
his jaw would drop,
and his hair would fly up in amazement.
When I grow up,
I want to marry you.

I wish you weren’t married,
so you could be mine.
Every night I dream of you.
All of my friends also dream of you,
but I dream of you more.
~ Spencer

Surprise Attack

Barking constantly occurs,
as I sway past cages
of homeless dogs whimpering.

Friendly, cute, and hyperactive,
as white as a snowball,
as small as a teacup,
she stares at me.
Suddenly, I know she’s the one.
I pick her up gently;
the puppy squirms in my hands;
In a flash, she has a leash.

Barking constantly occurs,
as I sway past cages
of homeless dogs whimpering.
As white as a snowball, a puppy
sits in my arms
at last.
~ Kayla

Where I’m From

I’m from sweet and sugary goodness,
a sour and addicting taste
all in my tummy.
Pop rocks sizzling on my tongue
and cozy caramel stuck in my teeth.

I’m from reading eye-openers,
piles and piles of books
in my room.
I stay awake all night
creating pictures in my mind
and never stopping.

I am from the awkward
but popular songs of Lady GaGa
and the sweet melodies
of Taylor Swift.

I’m from finding out
secrets about stars,
finding out what they are like
as if I were reading their diaries.

I am from acting in front of a camera,
starring in movies and becoming
a superstar.
I come from hoping and dreaming.
~ Meghan

The Casualty Next Door

It was a black and scary night
The full moon was out.
The house next door was pretty normal.
It looked just like all of the other homes,
In our neighborhood.
There are two brown fences,
And big steep stairs
Going up to the front door.
The back yard was gorgeous
With tons of vegetables boxes
Filled with giant carrots, lettuce and
The biggest watermelon you have ever SAW!
It was a big prize winning watermelon!
One night when I was looking out of my window
I saw
A gigantic shadow….
It looked like a giant RABBIT!
I grabbed my flashlight,
Ran outside of our house
And I looked across the street.
But all I could see was the brown fence.
But when I looked closer
I noticed that there was
A huge hole in the fence!
So I ran back inside my house
To tell my Dad
Something has broken into our neighbor’s garden!
Dad grabbed the net,
I grabbed the mechanical pincers,
And went into the neighbor’s back yard.
Suddenly we saw the whole garden was
The giant rabbit had stolen the prize watermelon
And the gigantic carrots!
Our neighbor is going to wonder what the heck happened
And he is going to be very upset about his prize winning watermelon!
~ Alec

The Unknown

When you are blindfolded,
you know nothing
of what’s around you
or what
are going
to feed you.

The blindfold is tight
around my eyes.
I sense a bowl in front
of my face
I need to
figure out the unknown.

I know,
right away
what this is:
the thing
one would ask
not to eat
and my challenge is
to eat it.

When you are blindfolded,
you know nothing
of what’s around you
or what
are going
to feed you.
~ Emma

Evil Ball

I stare at the ball
with hatred in my eyes.

After all, we have been through so much;
Then he lets me down.

But it was my fault
that he let me down.

I think for a while,
slowly forgiving the ball.

I stare at the ball
with new love in my eyes.
~ Josh

The Music of Midnight

The sound of crickets rubbing
their wings and legs together,
howls traveling by air,
owls hooting and flying over head,
searching for,
and small bugs,
but soon the sun rises and crickets stop chirping,
the owls fly back to their trees,
and the howling stops.
~ Taylor S.

The Black Hole

Gloomy, mysterious.
I walk by and
I can’t see
the floor,
I wonder
what kind
of disaster
has hit

The stench of
sweat fills my
nostrils, making me
want to vomit.

I am appalled when it’s
so clean that there
is not a trace of
lint on the floor.

The shock that
actually lives there.

I cannot believe
that those are
the people I call
~ Rose

Where I’m From

I’m from playing Wii,
building with Legos,
and having Nerf wars.

I’m from shooting a basketball,
kicking the soccer ball,
and throwing the lacrosse ball.

I’m from hanging out
with my friends
and making movies.

I’m from listening to
The Who, AC/DC,
Black-Eyed Peas, and Linkin Park.

I’m from eating Whoppers
and Milk Duds.

I’m from reading Harry Potter.

I’m from the country.
~ Brendan

Friend Like That

Do you have
a friend
like that?

Who is always full
of energy,
and loving.

Who helps me up
when I am

Do you have
a friend
like that?

Who’s kind and funny.

Who makes
me smile
when I am

That’s a true

Do you have
a friend
like that?
~ Shelby

The Terrible Storm

Wind whistling,
Rain hitting my window,
Tree branches breaking,
Me wide awake in my room.
A twig scratching my window,
Scaring the snot out of me.
Tic tock goes my alarm clock,
I glance at it, and it says 3:46,
Four more hours until I have
To get up to go to school.
I doze back off into dreamland,
Where I dream about what
I will have in store for me tomorrow.
~ Rose


I am from atomic fireballs
that fire up your whole
mouth with vicious flavors.
I’m also from Wonka bottle caps
that you can fling up into the
air and catch with your mouth.

I am from the Nancy Drew
series that with every page,
there is something new to

I am from playing volleyball
and softball under the hot,
steamy sun all day long and
not being able to wait to get an
ice, cold drink.

I am from the expressions,
“Very cool,” “very  awesome,”
and “the bomb,” which were
all different synonyms for
cool or awesome.

Finally, I am from all my
memories I had and will
have in the future and
hope I will make them
last forever.
I love you, Mom!
~ Giselle

Where I’m From

I’m from the Harry Potter
series keeping me on
the edge of my seat,
teaching me new words and showing
me movies in my head.

I’m from kickboxing and
karate, getting and giving
bruises for an hour,  kicking
pads and punching the bag.

I come from texting.
I love texting my friends
and family.  I keep
in touch and talk to
them all the time.

I’m from chocolate.
Chocolate, fudge, and
chocolate cupcakes,
chocolate melting in
my mouth, covering
my tongue.

Wooden decks and
adobe with mud,
scrapes and cuts,
splinters and blisters.
I am from all the
memories of my life.
~ Chris

The Crazy Eight

I was half scared to death
and half about to poop my pants.
I walk in
see some
hairy little legs.
It…it was a
a creepy little thing.
I was so petrified because
he was swinging around
like Spiderman
and then it started to sing.
I was so confused!
At first, it was scary,
and now the spider
was happy and singing.
I was so freaked
out, but it was also funny,
and I think that spider
was a pretty good singer.
That singing spider was so cool he
made me never hate
spiders ever again.
~ Sean

Where I’m From

I am from dribble, pass, shoot,
the ball rolling into the rim.
I’m from riding my bike
with my friends.
I am from competitively
playing video games.
I’m from reading the Candy Apple
series late at night.

I’m from peanut butter cups,
with their rich and creamy chocolate.
I am from listening to rap
and hip hop in my room.
I am from helping
my nana in her garden.

I am from dreaming of
designing magnificent buildings,
hearing my sister’s
“whatevers” and saying, “That’s so fetch!”
I’m from joy,
love, and happiness
in everything I do.
I’m from hope.
~ Casey


I don’t know what
it was, but I do
know that I liked it.
Was it the juiciness of
of the mouth-watering meat,
or was it the sweet ketchup,
mixed up with the bread,
sprinkled with sesame seeds,
topped off with hot cheese
melted on the bread,
or the combination
of all of that sweetness
combined into one
~ Mathew

I’m From

I’m from the rad video-taking iPod.
I’m from the rocking cool era of music.
I’m from where sweet & sour candy tingle
and put a sensation of flavor on your tongue.
I’m from like every sentence like where like
every other like word is like.
I am from amazing books that
give you thoughts, ideas, imagination.

I’m from riding in an arena with a horse.
I’m from the click click in photograph.
I’m from hanging with friends and pets.
I’m from where my hand cannot stop
drawing and doodling on papers.

I’m from a world where people
and the future is near.
I’m from where life is good and happy.
I’m from 2010.
~ Talia

The Endless Row

The warm, fuzzy feeling crept
down my back, as I looked at
the hills.  Brown and green
fields scattered all around,
with perfect trees in this
beautiful, bumpy atmosphere.

I sit in the field with long
grass up to my shoulders, and
the warm, sunny hills facing me.
The slopes reach up in a long
row that was once a volcano.

Vineyards tell stories of how the
top blew off; if you listen hard
enough, you can hear their whispers.
As I lay down in the grass with my
ear to the ground, I hear the
heartbeat of nature and the surrounding
hills.  Finally, I got up and
realized that the life of the hills
never ends like life never ends.
Then I was home next
to the endless row.
~ Kennedy

Where I’m From

I am from Legos
that connect and build
new objects,
from gum that burns
my mouth.
I am from the soccer
league, which we
can always win.

I am from Inkheart,
the book where the words
come right out of the page,
from the gooey Snickers
bars, caramel that
collides like peanut and
butter in my mouth.

In the room where toys
and other surprises await,
I am from those toys,
which are passed down
from my family.
~ Julian

Where I’m From

I’m from Pay Day and gumballs,
from basketball courts
and skateboard ramps.
I’m from “groovy” and “far out,”
from Nancy Drew to Box Car Children,
from football in the backyard,
from the tall grass that grows
all around you.
I’m from the Beatles, Bon Jovi,
the Eagles, and Elvis, and the great
memory that will live in me
forever until it is passed on.
~ Cole

Wondrous Flower

I feel so free in this open air,
the sky so blue,
the birds chirping.
I look outsite:
a flower so brilliant
in a wondrous place.
It will live there forever.

So colorful,
inside and outside.
The leaves are as green as the grass,
under and over the soil so brown.
This is a wondrous flower.

In a huge, open valley,
one flower looks different.
This flower is all kinds of colors.
The other flowers are the same.
Like flowers,
people can be different
or be the same.
Which are you?
Different or the same?
~ Hannah

The Golden Sunset

Golden yellow
colors exploding
of the
on the
dark mystery.

A flood
and cherries
by a large
round sphere.

Smaller and smaller,
no longer
just a
of yellow.
~ Danielle

The Child with Attitude

There was once a girl who wanted
everything she desired;
if she didn’t get the thing she
desired, she would cry and holler
for that one thing.  The brother on the other
hand was as gentle as a feather
(except when it came to soccer).
When he didn’t get what he wanted,
he would just say, “Okay,”
and never bother his parents.
If the sister started kicking and screaming
for her life, everybody would walk away
until she fell asleep.  That would be
my little sister.
~ Taylor C.


My fluffy,
yelping cat.
He puts his paws
in his food and
hits each piece like a
baseball player at bat.
Meow!  He
goes backwards.
He is
great and
love him.
~ Kaelee

When Cows Attack

One hot summer day,
sweat slowly dripping from my forehead,
my best friend and I make our way through
the tall, dead grass.
It felt that every second, I got slower
and more exhausted.

We finally reached the top of the hill;
We peeked over the crest and…
Cows!  At least fifty,
all turned their heads towards us.
I was frightened, but didn’t even
notice my friend kept walking.
All cows stared at him, startled;
then they charged!

As all the cows came towards
us at full speed,
all we could do was run.
Even when I lost my shoe, I didn’t
go back to get it.  We finally
made it back to the fence.
The chase was over!
~ Riley

Water Slide Wonder

Woo hoo!
This is awesome!
Splash down in 3…2…1!
Gasp!  Wow! That was intense.
I’ve got to go again!
With my goggles on tight, I go
again, and wham!
I hit the water at supreme speed!
Wow!  This is the greatest water slide
~ Brandon


Brown hair,
black hair,
yellow hair,
and red hair.
Is there anymore
hair in the world?
Who knows.
Curly hair,
straight hair,
poofy hair, and
wavy hair.
Long hair,
short hair,
medium-length hair.
Hair can be annoying,
fun, funny,
scary, messy,
and sad.
~ Leana

The Best Day

We were finally here, at the beach
It was breezy but sunny
As soon as I stepped out of the car I could smell the ocean
It was so strong I could small it from a mile away
We grabbed our stuff and headed for the warm sand
My sisters and I threw out towels and headed for the ocean
First we just dipped our toes in
When out of nowhere a huge wave came right for us
SMACK it hit us hard
Brr, it was freezing
We scampered back to the now seemed like burning sand
Ahh, warmth at last

After I had warmed up a bit, we went to the gigantic sand hill
We started rolling down, cart wheeling down, etc.
Boy that was tiring
We shook the sand of our belongings and packed the car
We had a nice day,
No, we had the best day ever
~ Lindsay