Week of April 9

This Week’s Feature:

Spelling Pattern:  Latin Word Roots:  cess, mot, ven
Think about these words:  success, invention, and emotion.  The roots of these words, which are derived from Latin, have meanings related to movement:  cess (that can also take the forms ces and ced) means to, mot (that can also take the forms mov and mob) means move, and ven means come.  Look for words derived from these three Latin roots when you read and write.

This Week’s Special Spelling Practice Activity:

Spelling Hangman

Players try to guess a spelling word by filling in the blanks. Each incorrect guess brings you closer to being “hanged.”

  1. Find a partner. Trade spelling lists with your partner. If you are playing with an adult, split your list in half, giving the adult half of the words.
  2. Decide who will go first. (It’s best to take turns going first.) Start the game by having one person choose one of the words from the spelling list.
  3. Place one dash on the bottom of a piece of paper for each letter of the word or words chosen.
  4. Draw a “gallows” at the top of the paper – draw a horizontal line at the bottom, a vertical line coming up out of its center, and then a short line off to the right at the top (so that you now have an upside-down “L” on the horizontal line). Draw a short vertical line off the end of the top line – this is your “noose.”
  5. Have the other player guess one letter at a time – or he or she can use a turn to guess the entire word or words.
  6. Fill in the letter (everywhere it appears) on the appropriate dash (or dashes) each time the person guesses correctly.
  7. Add one body part to the drawing each time the letter chosen is not in the word. Begin by drawing a head attached to the short vertical line (the “noose”). Add eyes, ears, nose, hair, body, legs, and arms.
  8. If the drawing of the person is completed before the word is guessed, the guessing player loses. If the player figures out the word or words first, he/she wins.
  9. Trade jobs.
  10. Keep taking turns until you and your partner have played hangman for all of your spelling words.

The completed hangman “gallows” will be turned in to Ms. M., along with your weekly word sort and spelling story. Do not forget that for homework, you must also study your spelling words for Friday’s spelling test.


Choose the word sort for your group:

Here are this week’s spelling stories.