Presentation at Old Adobe: “Early Humans” Ancient Artifacts

Presentation at Old Adobe: “The Egyptian Afterlife” Ancient Artifacts

Aladdin at the Orpheum Theatre

Presentation at Old Adobe: “A Veterinary Mystery”

STRAW Stream Restoration Project

de Young Museum Visual Thinking Strategies Field Trip

Presentation at Old Adobe: “Ancient Greek World” Ancient Artifacts

District-Wide Sixth Grade Camp

District-Wide Sixth Grade Pool Party

Sixth Grade Promotion

Friday, September 22*

Friday, November 3*

Wednesday, December 20

Tuesdays, January 16 and 23

To be determined


Friday, April 27

Saturday, April 28 – Friday, May 4

Tuesday, May 29

Wednesday, May 30, 10:00 a.m.

PTO sponsored

PTO sponsored


No fee

No fee

To be determined



Part of camp fee

Part of camp fee

Please mark these dates on your calendar. Because payments must be made immediately for most of the trips, we are requesting a $70.00 donation per child (cash or checks made to Old Adobe 5/6 Account, please) to pay for the trips.  The cost of camp will be deferred by fundraising, so payment for that will be made later. If paying the $70.00 is a hardship for your family, please speak with one of us privately.  We want every child to be included in all of these sixth grade trips.  Field trips are crucial to learning, as hands-on experiences deepen children’s knowledge and understanding of what they are studying and of the world around them.  Please send the money in by Wednesday, August 30, 2017. 


* Date still tentative.