Week 6: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Discoloration of Time

by Evan

I didn’t mean to do it. I really didn’t. I would never want to make the division in my mom’s personality from normal mom to “less” than normal mom. It was all due to a miscalculation of time on my part.

I completely understood when my mom said that I must complete my assignment before I get to play on my computer. I heard her, sort of, when she said that she was tired and that the later it got, the more her patience would turn “Hulk-like,” and an undertaker might have to be called for my laptop.

I knew that my inattention to the passing minutes would cause a suborbital explosion about my homework. Then why did I do it? Well, because that’s me. There is a misconnection between what I want and what I must or need to do. Let’s face it, writing isn’t something I like. I will leave it to the last minute every time. I’d rather babble on and on without being a producer of a great story.

I also do not want to be yelled at, but here I am, it’s bed time, and I’m hugely tired and without my finished homework. To say my mom is irritated is an understatement. Sigh, I need to discourage the “lazy Evan” more.

So, it’s time to say goodnight. No time for my reading before bed (oops, you didn’t hear that). It’s quiet, and I’m done. I tiptoe into the room and sink into my bed for a fitful sleep.

Don’t Judge

by Ava Rose

“Eww! Look at her skin. It has so much discoloration. It is terrifying to look at it. I would cry myself if I looked like her.”

“That boy has zits all over him. Gross!”

Put a STOP to people making fun of people who are different. It is not an understatement to say it is a huge problem and it hurts people when they are having mean words thrown at them.

If you are someone who only cares about himself, then you need to learn to use empathy. Think about how discouraged someone may feel when being made fun of. If you are an overachiever of meanness, put all that mean trait aside. You can be so much more than a bully doll that gets put down. You can be a producer, a division teacher, or an undertaker if you are into handling dead bodies. Every one of us is like an assignment and nobody should be illiterate about us because we are all too special for that.

You never know, maybe bullying is just a miscalculation, and in the long run someone may succeed in putting a stop to bullying and judgment around the world.

Your Actions Have Consequences

by Jacob

Have you ever heard someone say that your actions have consequences? I hope you have! It is like if you are just learning about division, but you don’t pay attention and don’t study. That is your action. Now you are doing the test, and you have a lot of miscalculations and get an F. That is your consequence.

Here is a story. Look carefully for the action and the consequence, okay? Watch out for the “so what,” too.

One time, in fourth grade, I was doing math, and I was having a misconnection with the teacher. She was teaching the lesson about what to do, but I wanted to be finished, so I just did everything fast. I wasn’t being an overachiever, I just wanted to do the assignment at the speed of a superconductor. I finished in ten minutes.

I went to the teacher, and I had a lot of problems wrong because I was going really fast. The teacher gave me back my work, I finished quickly again, and I gave my work back to her. I still had a lot wrong. It was an understatement to say there was something I wasn’t getting. I felt like a producer not doing his job. I began to feel discouraged, and I was starting to have an overreaction to the situation.

I had twenty minutes left to complete my work. I took my time and finally finished. Yes!

Now, what is the action and what is the consequence? If you said the action was going fast and the consequence was getting the problems wrong, you are right! What is the “so what” of the story? If you said to take you time, you are right! So, remember to slow down and take your time.


by Caden

I had an amazing life. I was a spy for a person who is well-known for his imperfection. His name was Govono Gulatu. I was also a father of four and a millionaire. I had a five-story house with twenty bedrooms. Wait, all of this good stuff is making me feel sorry for myself. Let’s get to the bad.

Govono Gulatu was a great boss and still is; however, we have bad blood now that he sort of sent me on a mission that would for sure end in death. He said that this assignment was “unadventurous” and that the mission did not require a specialist. However, he said he wanted to be safe so he decided to send me out on the train to the place where I would receive my mission.

The train ride, at the time, felt like it was taking far longer than it should. I was on my way to an airport, where I would fly to Italy and travel to the canals of Venice to retrieve a ruby. The airport was only supposed to be an hour away; however, I’d already been on the train for three. Another thing that was odd was that the conductor was nicknamed superconductor for some unknown reason. I finally knew something was up, and that there had to have been some sort of misconnection or a miscalculation about how long the train ride would take.

When we finally arrived at the train’s destination, I realized I had taken the wrong train. I was in some strange underwater place that was surrounded by coral reef. I went out and took a look at the place. It seemed to be deserted except for one person. This person did not look awake and seemed to orbit this yellow glowing ball.

You may be thinking that as a spy, this shouldn’t seem weird to me. Well, this person was levitating while orbiting the ball. Then out of nowhere, my watch turned on and flashed the danger button.  All this did was discourage me. At the time, I muttered to myself, “I better get extra money for this mission. If I receive underpayment, Govono Gulatu is dead meat.”

The ball started to move towards me, and I may or may not have had a slight overreaction. I fell to the ground, screaming and kicking and rolling, trying to get out of the ball’s way, but none of this was successful. The sphere kept moving towards me, and my reactions kept growing worse and worse.

I was sucked in when I hit my head. It was not a soft bonk but a hard and loud bump against the place’s fish tank glass. The glass cracked. Subconsciously, I tried to make my way back to the train I had come from, but the sphere caught me, and that is when I blacked out–for good.

I was born again, but not as myself, for I was someone else. I lived off the streets of Mexico, but I still had all of my memories. I could also feel my other body doing the thinking for me.

There were many things that changed about me, but what stood out the most was that I was a girl! I, from then on, made it my mission to free myself and others from that awful yellow ball, which captured many. My new mission was to save the trapped.

Past Years’ Winning Stories

My Not Real Life

by Zoe

Welcome to my life! Population zero. Well, except for a few people. Today, you are here to follow my journey through a day in my life. So now ladies and gentlemen, Get comfortable because you are going to see a day in my not real life.

I wake up in my subdivision to see my favorite thing in the world: my pet unicorn! I give her a huge hug and then go to pick out my outfit. Polka dots, stripes, or how about flowers? After, I scrub my teeth. Oh, no! My tooth came out. I set it on the counter. I then look at the clock and see I am late for school again. Ugh!

“Ms. Vestibule, why are you late for school the tenth time this month? Not that I am counting….We are learning division which is your worst subject.”

“Sorry, Ms. Trunk!”

Just to clarify, Ms. Trunk is a talking tree.

“Make sure it won’t happen again!”

“Okay,” I say quickly also trying to get out of this conversation

“Mmm hmm,” she says under her breath

The bell rings and with a sigh of relief, I run out to recess hoping that we won’t have anymore assignments to do.

After recess, I walk into class to see my least favorite person. Amelia, the overachiever alien.

“Hey, Zoe! Guess what I did? Okay, stop begging. I’ll tell you!”

Of course, I haven’t said a single word, but she just keeps on talking.

“I won the championship four corners game! I was the best one on the whole playground!”

Saying Amelia is an overachiever is an understatement.

“Okay, class, back to division!” Ms. Trunk says happily

All I hear, though, is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I can’t get over the fact that I had lost my ninth tooth. Yay!

The end of the day seems like it is days away. Then something miraculous happens! It is an early day, though I am discouraged because we didn’t get any extra recess.

“Bye, everyone, see you tomorrow!” calls Ms. Trunk

After all that, my superthriller best friend runs up to me.

“YAY! We are dropping you off at your house!” she practically screams.

The car ride home is five minutes. I know that because I count in my head the whole ride home. When I get in my house, I run inside and head to the bathroom to look at my tooth, and I see that my tooth is missing. I look around and around for my tooth as the day grows into an imperfect day.

“BURP!” my unicorn burps loudly.

OMG! You will never guess what just happened it is amazing! My beautiful unicorn just burped up my tooth. The day is saved!

Now, before I say, “the end” and blah, blah, blah, these kinds of days happen to me all the time. This just was a journey in the day of my not real life.

The End and

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Mousington Town

by Roxie

Deep inside of my brother’s messy closet, there is a hole in the wall the size of a toddler’s fist. Inside of that hole lives a family of four mice: Mr. Squeak, Ms. Squeak, Josh Squeak, and Pip Squeak.

Mr. Squeak is a teacher at Mousington Elementary. Nobody likes having him as a teacher because he gives way too many assignments. If you make a miscalculation and call out when you’re not supposed to, you will most likely get detention.

Ms. Squeak, however, is the nicest mouse you will ever meet. When she was a little mouse, about Pip’s age, she was an overachiever in school. She never discourages mice and is very famouse in the community because she is the producer of many fantastic movies, including “The Superthriller” and “The Illiterate Undertaker

Josh Squeak is the fastest mouse at Mousington High. He is so fast, all of the mice call him “The Flash.” He is a very unique mouse, as his parents would describe him. This is true, especially considering the patch of discoloration in his fur, in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Pip Squeak is the youngest and feistiest mouse in the Squeak household.  She attends Mousington Elementary, and unfortunately for her, she has Mr. Squeak as her teacher.  Her least favorite subject is division. Unluckily, division is Mr. Squeak’s specialty.

In the town of Mousington, strange things can happen.  For instance, once a kitten somehow appeared in the middle of Mousington Market. It scared half of the locals away.  In fact, the only imperfection about Mousington is all of the strange things that turn into disasters, just like the incident that was about to happen.

Josh and Pip were scuttling back home after school when they heard a buzzing noise.  They thought it was the occasional bee, so they kept walking, but they were mistaken.  It was something much bigger, way faster, and far buzzier.  It was the dreaded automatic vacuum cleaner.


Friday, September 23

I’m in my room sitting at my desk, trying to work on my assignment for class.  I’m feeling discouragedSubconsciously, I’m thinking about sports again instead of my assignment.  I think I just heard my mom call me…. Yep, I did.

“Lucas, come here, please.  I need to talk to you.  Don’t worry; you’re not in trouble.”

“What’s up, Mom?” I ask.

“So, you know how lately you’ve been asking about a dog…” Mom began.

“We’re getting a DOG?!!” I yelled.

Mom continued, “Dad was doing a garage door for someone today. She has a dog that she needs to find a new home for. He is a ten-year-old dog, but he is not undernourished.  His name is Riley, and he will be here soon.”  Mom paused and then added seriously, “Now, I don’t want an overreaction from you when he gets here.”


My dad pulls into the driveway and a cute, white, superthriller of a dog hops out of the car.

“Hi, Riley,” I say quietly as he drops a ball at my feet.  I pick up the ball and throw it across the grass in the front yard.  He quickly chases it down and drops it at my feet again.

“To say Riley likes to play ball would be an understatement.  He loves to play ball,” Dad happily says.

I reply, “I can tell.”

“Riley is a lot like you–an overachiever when it comes to playing ball,” Dad says jokingly.

Sunday, September 25

I’m back in my room, sitting at my desk and trying to work on my assignment again.  I’m supposed to be researching Ireland, but I decide to look up movie producers.

Then I get an idea!

Dear Mr. Bucklemon,

I’m writing to you today about my new dog, Riley.  He is the cutest, smartest dog you will ever meet.  He may have some imperfections, but I can promise he would be the best dog for your next film.  Here’s a picture of him.



Dirty Socks

by Whitney

So, have you ever wondered where your dirty socks go after the washing machine eats them? Well, that’s why I’m here: to tell you. This information is not meant to discourage you from washing from your socks.

I’m going to take a guess that you put your socks in the washing machine to start. Then, you come back, and one sock or both of your socks are missing. To say this is frustrating would be an understatement, right? My purpose, as a piece of paper, is to tell you what really happens to your socks and not provide any misinformation.

So I asked my washing machine what happens down there, in our sub-basement. This is what he told me. When your socks are in mid-wash, this weird guy comes in and takes them. I have my own little name for him: the sock monster. The washing machine told me that the sock monster is this strange guy who’s obsessed with socks. I know, I know; weird, right?

I have heard that the sock monster has a subtropical kingdom of superluxurious socks. I’m not really sure, but I have decided to just believe it because washing machine is one of my best friends! You should really get to know yours; maybe you will even get more information on the sock monster.

To avoid the sock monster and discoloration of your socks, I recommend washing your socks bimonthly. I mean, seriously, who knows what that monster does to your poor socks. If I had to wear socks, I would be literally freaking out right now about my poor, precious socks. I bet you’re not, though; you’re probably not that concerned.

Maybe someday, someone will make a superthriller movie about the sock monster. Now, that would be cool. Or maybe I, this nice piece of paper, could somehow make a movie about this! I mean, with all my amazing friends helping…. Oh, it would be great!

I personally like challenges. How about you? My assignment to you is to try and catch the sock monster. Perhaps you might try the next time you do laundry. For more information, be sure to read Dirty Socks #2. I’m still working on that, though….


by Genevieve

“I forgot to mention, my dad has told me about you,” said Arrow.

“Oh, who is your dad?” asked Shadow, innocently.

“My dad is Storm,” Arrow said proudly, and Moon growled at Shadow with a sign of hate.

“My mother has also told me about you,” snarled Moon. “But not in a good way!”

“What did your mother tell you; perhaps she’s misinformed?” Shadow already knew that Storm and Dawn were their parents; Shadow was the one who gave them the necklaces to give them to Arrow and Moon. Shadow was just playing along with what Arrow and Moon had to say.

“Mom told you what?” Arrow stepped away from Shadow, confused by his lack of knowing what his sister knew.

“Let’s get out of here Arrow!” Moon shouted, desperate.

“Why?” Arrow casually asked.

“I’ll explain on the way.” Moon was growing impatient.

“No! Wait! What did Mom tell you?” Arrow didn’t know what happened. One minute he was introducing Moon to Shadow, the next Moon was panicking.

Next minute, Arrow felt himself getting dragged away by Moon, and his instinct took control. He twisted around and snarled, slashed his claws at Moon. She didn’t expect this and her instinct took control. It made her snarl like Arrow and lunge and him. Moon’s sudden attack surprised Arrow. Moon’s fangs were as sharp as her temper when it came to fighting.

Arrow jumped out of the way and dragged his claws against Moon’s belly fur. She yelped but stayed focused. She targeted Arrow’s necklace and pushed off with her wings. Moon soared into the sky then dive bombed Arrow. Arrow wasn’t quick to react and just stood there, wincing. Moon’s jaws locked around Arrow’s necklace, then realized something: he had said it was hard to get off, but that was an understatement; it was impossible. Moon was being something that Arrow had never seen before; he had never seen her fight like this. Arrow knew that against Moon, he was definitely a nonspecialist.

Moon also realized that she had just used her wings. She started to marvel at her wings but her inattention allowed her to get a bite on her back from Arrow.

“Just embrace your imperfection, Moon!” Arrow teased, but got a whack on the head from Moon’s wings, a whack so strong that it almost knocked out Arrow. “Overreacting a little?”

“It’s a common thing called self-defense,” Moon spat out a laugh, and then Arrow clawed Moon’s chest.

She pulled back with a snarl. She clawed Arrow’s face, leaving him with a scar, just missing his eye. Arrow felt his necklace glow and his sight blacken. It came back in a second and Arrow knew he had changed to more powerful.

“What happened to your necklace?” Moon grew worried but not scared. She was confident. Her necklace started to glow and she grinned. Arrow always thought she was an overachiever, but now she knew she would love this battle.

Shadow watched their battle with pleasure. He knew this was the division of the two siblings. He was also tired of being so unadventurous, but now, there would be a war, and he could make his move. His plan was working.

After all this waiting and waiting, finally he got Arrow and Moon to fight. He just hoped one of them wouldn’t be discouraged by this battle. He knew he shouldn’t just watch, though. His pack would think him suspicious. Shadow noticed Arrow and Moon’s eyes glowing now, he wanted to stay and watch, but he had to leave. He just hoped that was enough conflict for his radio collar to pick up and keep him alive.

The radio collar around my neck is the only thing keeping me alive. If it doesn’t pick up the tension in battle, it will power off and kill me, Shadow thought. It was true, though. Shadow would die without his radio collar.

Moon was in the heat of battle right now. She loved it though. Nothing would distract her or get in her way. She also loved her wings. Her heart pounded as she lifted into the air. Arrow pulled himself up and pulled Moon back down with his claws.

“This is isn’t over,” he whispered to her as he bolted into the forest.

The Mystery of the Messy Masterpiece

by Gracey

As I put my paintbrush into my cup of water, I realized that there was some discoloration in the sky and sun, and some parts of them were green as well. I blew out a discouraged sigh. I realized that it had taken me weeks to finish this painting. It looked like my two-year-old sister had painted it, and that’s just an understatement.

I wondered how all this green paint became mixed with the blue and yellow. As I sat on my stool and pondered, my little sister, Lia, clapped her hands when she saw my painting. Lia’s gaze moved quickly to something on the floor. I ignored her and thought about all the ways the discoloration could have happened.

Maybe there was a miscalculation as to how much green and how much blue I mixed for the sky, and when I painted the sky, the green went onto the sun, too! “That’s it!” I said out loud to myself, having complete inattention to what Lia was doing.

I walked to the kitchen to grab myself a cup of lemonade. “Hey, Ali, what’s up?” asked my big brother Andy.

“Nothing, just celebrating figuring out why there’re mixed colors on my painting.”

“Ha!” Andy said while clapping his hands together. “You’re such an overachiever! You’re like a superconductor with boundless energy to overachieve!” Andy started to break out into laughter; it looked like he was going to faint from laughter.

“That’s not even what superconductor means, Andy!”

He stopped laughing; then he just stared at me with this weird grin. “Oh, yeah? What does it mean then, huh?”

“It’s way beyond both of our minds,” said Andy before I could respond.

“Dude, it’s so far out the suborbital plane of the world, even a top physicist would have a hard time explaining it.”

“Just finish your painting, and we’ll pick up on quantum physics another time,” said Andy.

I rolled my eyes and left the kitchen. “AAAAH!” What on earth?!” I looked at my painting that now had streak of red paint going down it with little and hand prints on the side. I turned and looked at Lia. Then she got up and ran out of the room saying, “Andy did it!” I shook my head and smiled.

Dream Almost True

by Fiona

To say that Abigail Burrows was afraid of Madame Bonchai was an understatement.  She was afraid of no one more than she was of her teacher.  Every glance from the ghastly figure brought a wave of horror, washing over Abigail like a tsunami.  Some might say she was overreacting, and perhaps she was, but she couldn’t get rid of the sinking feeling that Madam Bonchai was not the sweetest pea in the pod.

“Work on your overextension.  Come on people; go, go, go!  Don’t let that back leg disintegrate; keep it straight!  Imperfection is not a word in the dance vocabulary!”

Abigail jumped upon hearing the woman’s scratchy voice–like nails on a chalkboard–but quickly covered it, trying not to attract attention.  Unfortunately, her plan didn’t work out.

“Abigail! Why have you jumped, and why have you failed to follow my directions.  I, as the producer, have given you an assignment, have I not?  I have a reason for what I tell you, you know.  You must stretch, stretch so the show will not be only bimonthly.  We want it to run, run, run!  And do you know why this is so important, hmmm?”

I stood still, completely stationary, discouraged by her angry tone.

Madame Bonchai sighed, “This moment of inattention will not pass by unnoticed!” Then she walked out of the room.

Nobody moved until finally, finally Abigail took in a slow, shaky breath.  Everyone followed and started to stretch again.

Although every time she was yelled out, Abigail could feel the tension in her, all the piles and piles of fear she holds just suddenly surface, she knew that she was getting better.  She could tell that inch by inch, she was wiping away the horror, and that some day, she would be as calm as ever with Madame Bonchai–and when that day came, it would be a dream come true.

The Math Test

by Madison

I stared over at Jimmy’s paper, seeing a glimpse of what he was jotting down.

“Marica.” Mr. Swallow’s stern voice jolted down my hunched spine.  “Cheating in this class is prohibited.”  I looked back down at my own paper.  “There is not a single reason that it is at all acceptable for you to be cheating on this assignment,” he continued.

Feeling discouraged, I circled B on some dumb question about division, and turned to the next page of the test.

Mr. Swallow had told the class that the test wasn’t going to be too hard.  That was an understatement. I zipped through the complex questions, only truly looking at a few and marked any answer I felt like.  Hopefully, Mr. Swallow would just assume I made more than one miscalculation.  He probably wouldn’t, but I continued, turning to a page entitled, “Fun Word Questions!”  Now, that was some misinformation.

Mr. Swallow must have noticed my inattention because he announced to the class, “Remember, children, most of you will need to know this when you get a job.  I suggest you focus now or it will not serve you well in your future.

I rolled my eyes.  My mom didn’t need to know this stuff.  All she did was make dead bodies look pretty by dressing them up.  She was an undertaker.  I bet you didn’t need math for that.

“Oh, no!” I thought.  “What will my mom think when she sees my grade on this test?”  She has always expected me to be an overachiever when it comes to my academic work.

I turned back to the first page of the test, one about subdivision of area.  I erased my answers.  I read the problem.  I sighed and looked at the clock.  Great!

The Berserk Science Fair

by Jake D.

There he is, strutting subconsciously across the room with no pants on, just underwear. He has no discouragement from completely destroy my creation of a baking soda volcano.  He stops in his tracks next to all the gals, explaining his plan to use his disintegration potion on my project.

Don’t even ask me why this insane undertaker even wants to attempt this plan because I’m ready.  Oh, yes!  I’m ready to get compete revenge and demolish him by pouring his potion onto him, disintegrating him completely.  Or I could just pour the potion on his pants and watch his overreaction.

Now, this dude is undernourished, so I could totally take him down.  Here it goes.  He walks slowly over to where I”m sitting with my science fair project.  By the way, fellows, don’t ever try this because it involves the judges’ disqualification.

The producer of the potion, A.K.A. (also known as) “The Destroyer,” starts tipping the bottle of disintegration potion.  Before anything emerges from the bottle, I quickly grab his pants and pull them down, springing up to grab the potion and pour it on him.

The action was an imperfection, though, because the host gave me an assignment to create a potion to re-materialize the psycho back down on Earth.  This, of course, will never happen since the potion does, after all, disintegrate things!


by Julia

I always get that feeling
Deep down inside me
It’s like inflammation throughout my body
I sit
My eyes not leaving the assignment
I barely know how to do long division as it is
Explaining it? That’s like learning another language!
I start to panic, thinking about that feeling again
My mom says this is an overreaction
To me, this is the real deal
“Who was the producer of this math program?” my dad yells in horror
Here comes that feeling; why does it always have to visit me?
I subconsciously read the problem over and over, trying to make sense of it
“I wish we were still learning about immigration like last year,” my brother calls
“It was much easier than this” he says angry this time
I start to understand a teeny bit, but not much
Slowly that feeling starts the phase of disintegration
In some parts of life, I am an overachiever
In this case…maybe not
The next night, I look at the homework
That feeling comes back
That feeling of discouragement

Worst Day Ever

by Chance

It was the worst day ever.  First, there was a huge discoloration on my shirt, and I didn’t notice it until all my friends laughed at me.  There was also a test on division, and I underestimated my skill on a problem and made a miscalculation. I was so discouraged.

Then the teacher made an assignment where we had to read an extremely difficult book.  I felt illiterate because the words were so big and challenging.  The teacher became mad at me and scolded me for my inattention.

Next, in science, we were supposed to make a superconductor, but because I received misinformation, I did this incorrectly.

What a bad day!

The First Day of Sixth Grade

by Hanna

The chills ran through my chest, and all I could think about was the assignment due that day.  I was usually an overachiever and finished my work ahead of time.  However, I spilled water on my planner, so all of the information about the assignment became discolored and impossible to read.

I checked with my friend, Emily, but she gave me misinformation about when the assignment was due.  She told me it was due Monday, but it was really due next Tuesday.

To say that I was worried was an understatement.  There are people in the world that are illiterate and wouldn’t be able to read or do work on their own. They must feel discouraged sometimes.  People who can’t read must feel like they have a misconnection that keeps them from reading.

On my assignment, I really miscalculated how much time it would take.  I should have started way earlier.  It takes more than one night to solve one hundred division problems.  Next time, I would be sure to start earlier!


by Ava

graphics-keys-025486We may not look alike, but our stories are similar.  We fight to survive; this is our life.  If we lose it, there are no second chances.  My name is Kat.  I live in a cell, a nice one, I guess, but it’s not superluxurious, believe me.  I’m invisible to the scientists—literally.  They inserted chameleon DNA into me so I have their ability to camouflage.

I am a mutation, a mutt people call me.  I am part of a group of four.  The others are all nice i guess, but some of them have major anger issues, considering Leo lights on fire every time he becomes too frustrated, happy, angry, excited—well, anything.  As a weapon, he uses a disintegration technique.  Then there is the genius; scientists inserted thousands of extra brain cells into her brain.  I don’t even understand division because we don’t go to school, but of course Lulu—smartypants—has to brag about EVERYTHING.  Last, but not least, is Cole.  Not to discourage you or anything, but we haven’t discovered his power yet.  The scientists are being very mysterious about it.  While we are sleeping, the scientists subconsciously put messages in our heads to manipulate us into doing things they want us to do.  It’s pretty creepy.

“Wake up!  Wake up!” Cole shook me awake.  I groaned and waved him away while accidentally hitting Leo on the nose.  He yelped and whacked me back, which I think was an overreaction.

“That is a disqualification!  You cheated!” yelled Lulu.  I opened my eyes to see Lulu and Leo playing a card game.  They were both having an “uh huh-uh uh” fight.  I sat up.

“Guys, stop fighting,” I told them as sternly as i could, being half asleep and all.

“Kat.” Cole tugged on my shoulder, and I looked up at him.  ” The Producer gave us an assignment.  We have to go find their missing key.”

I nodded.  The Producer is the leader of the scientists.  He’s always giving us assignments.  We packed up and set out in the direction suggested by the Producer.

We ended up at a house.  The wood was rotting, the shutters hung loose, and the windows were shattered.  Leo lit his hand on fire so we could see.  My skin began blending in with the house.  Soon I couldn’t see my body.  The four of us looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find anything.  Finally, I looked under the welcome mat, and there was the key.

“Seriously?” Leo exclaimed.  “It was under the mat?”

I laughed.  When we got back to the scientists, I handed them the key and went to the new room they had assigned me.  I finally won’t be in a cell anymore, and neither will Leo, Lulu, and Cole.  Our efforts had been rewarded.

The Play

by Daniel

graphics-disco-lights-705716I received an assignment at school to be the new producer of the failing school play.  I was discouraged by some of the misinformation I was given about the play.  In addition, there was a discoloration of the stage lights because of a superconductor problem with the electricity.  Another problem with the play was the misconnection in the floor boards. Misconnection is an understatement.  The floorboards were so disconnected that there was a complete division of space between each board and on top of that, it created a subdivision of stage floor.

With this information, my stomach felt as though it was suborbital, flying around the stage.  I wonder if whoever built the stage had been illiterate or suffered from inattention to detail.  I’ve always been an overachiever, but this play could change that.  I feel like I’ll need an undertaker before this play is over.

The Alien

by Kyler

alien skippingA long time ago, my brother and I ran right into an illiterate alien. We screamed and Tarren crashed into a light post, while I ran face first into a mailbox. We were both unconscious and the alien picked our flimsy bodies up and carried us to its U.F.O.

We later woke up. Tarren and I didn’t remember a thing; then it hit us. We saw the discoloration of the alien’s skin, which was bright green and scaly.

The thing came up to us and said that he was a friendly alien named Bob. He later told us that he was the producer of farting unicorns. The reason that they are farting unicorns is because of Bob’s miscalculation on the secret formula. To say Bob added too many beans to the formula is an understatement.

Bob ended up telling us some misinformation about his assignment here on Earth, after which Bob began to tell us a story of his earlier attacks on Pluto. The earlier attacks made him a so called overachiever according to his alien peers.

Finally! Bob’s storytelling was over. We didn’t want to discourage our new green friend, so we had sat through hours of stories. It was then time for him to take his suborbital flight back home.

Later that night Tarren and I thought about the fact that we have a friend that who lives in space.

From Zero to Hero

by Jackson


I scan the field hoping someone is open. I look at the giant scoreboard overlooking the crowd. There are only ten seconds left and the score is tied. I had won the division finals, but would I win the State Championship? No one is open so I have to make the split-second decision to run for the end zone. Number 81 comes right in front of me, and I juke him. I am suddenly sprinting in the other direction. Number 81 is again coming right at me. When he is close I stiff-arm him. I hurdle up in the air to avoid him. I am at the ten yard line and then the five. I see the end zone, but my undertaker, Number 81, is back on top of me. I lunge for the end zone, and I remember so vividly how I got here.

Chapter 1:  My Life

UHH! I woke up groggily. I jumped up out of bed. Unlike other high school kids who hated school, I loved it. My house was superluxurious. In my room, I had a king-sized bed in the middle. A flat screen T.V. literally covered up my whole wall, and by the way my wall is thirty feet long and forty feet tall. Are you wondering how I am so rich? My mom is the producer of all the Harry Potter movies, and my dad is football legend Joe Montana. I ran toward my dresser and juked so I wouldn’t hit my nightstand. My coat hanger was falling so I put out my arm to make it stop from smashing on my foot. I threw on my clothes. I lunged out the front door and rolled on the grass. I ran to the bus and sat down. I looked up and saw Trent, the annoying quarterback, coming toward me

Chapter 2:  Tryouts

“You’re in my seat,” he grunted. His buddies shoved me on the floor. My shoulder smashed on the ground. I jumped up and limped over to the other seat. The bus rumbled as it started. Soon the school began to come into sight. The bus opened, and the air from the door was released. I walked out and went to homeroom. I sat down at the desk, and the teacher started to take roll call. As she started, the intercom came on.

“Trent, report to my office immediately,” said the principal over the loudspeaker. Trent scooted out of his seat and stormed over to the office.


“Did you hear that Trent was suspended from football for academics?” was the question going around in the school. I saw a flyer for quarterback tryouts after school, and I showed up. The coach gave me the football and told me to pass it to the star wide receiver, Andrew. I subconsciously did not want to because there was a rusher right in my face, and I wanted to run. I juked the rusher and threw the ball to Andrew. He caught and ran. It was an eighty yard pass.

“You’re in,” the coach said, surprised.

Chapter 3:  Practice

I felt discouraged when I first went to practice. Everyone knew me as the nerd, but I was going to show them that I was a quarterback. We got into formations. I saw one of Trent’s buddies. He was the quarterback rusher. I took in a deep breath.

“Down, set, hike!” I hollered. The ball rushed into my hands. I scanned the field. The rusher was coming towards me. I rushed off to the right, dodging him. The next person came toward me, and I hurdled. The end zone was in sight. I sprinted, the wind blowing on me. Someone dived, and I jumped over him. It felt like slow motion. Another defender came at me, and I juked him. He kept running off the sideline. Someone came at me from the side, and I stiff-armed him. I tucked my head in with my arm out. I was at the ten, the five. TOUCHDOWN! I jumped up in joy.

Chapter 4:  The Games

I’m so glad they picked me to be the quarterback. If we didn’t we would have been disqualified for our first game. We got into formations. I hiked the ball and I saw Number 85, Andrew, down the field. I threw it to him and he got it and sprinted into the end zone. TOUCHDOWN!


I looked up at the scoreboard: 70-0. We had won. After that, I won every game.  Win after win after win. Now we had to win the division finals. We got into formations. I hiked and scanned the field. Andrew was wide open in the end zone. I threw an eighty yard touchdown pass. Their quarterback got into position and threw a pick to our pass rusher. I got the ball and misdirected the rusher to make him think it was run to Number 21 our running back, Kyler. I threw it to Andrew for a touchdown. I looked up at the scoreboard; the score was 67-0. We were going to the state championship.

     Chapter 5:  State

The game was here. It was the state championship. My heart was pounding with joy. We were undefeated, but would our streak stay alive. All these questions were going through my mind, and then I saw our kicker go up for the ball. He kicked it with all his might; it went out of the field for a touchback. I had a huge overreaction that they were at the twenty yard line, but it wasn’t a big deal. The defense’s assignment was to stop them, and I hoped they would. Their quarterback hiked the ball, and he scanned the field and then threw it to his running back, who ran for thirty yards. They were at the fifty. They hiked the ball once more and threw it for a fifty yard touchdown pass. I was infuriated. Our kickoff returner lined up and got the ball. He ran like he was being chased.  When he got to the fifty, he dived. I rushed onto the field and hiked the ball. I stood in the pocket, seeing Andrew open. I passed it to him, and he shook his defender, running for the end zone, scoring.


Both of the teams had been doing very well. I got into formations and hiked the ball. I scanned the field hoping someone was open. I looked at the giant scoreboard overlooking the crowd. There were only ten seconds left and the score was tied. I had won the division finals, but would I win the State Championship? No one was open so I had to make the split-second decision to run for the end zone. Number 81 came right in front of me, and I juked him. I was suddenly sprinting in the other direction. Number 81 was again coming right at me. When he was close, I stiff-armed him. I hurdled up in the air to avoid him. I was at the ten yard line and then the five. I saw the end zone, but my undertaker, Number 81, was back on top of me. I lunged for the end zone. I heard the buzzer that shook the entire stadium. I jumped up and body slammed with Andrew and Kyler. We had won. The world seemed to tip upside down. Months ago I was a loser and now I was the football star who was undefeated. I was wondering what great things I would do in the future.


I scanned the field, finding my all star receiver, Andrew. We were playing in Candlestick Park, home to the 49ers. I was the QB for the 49ers, just like my dad before me. I threw a long bomb pass, scoring and winning the game against the Seattle Seahawks, where Trent was the quarterback. I won from then on, going to Super Bowl LVIII – LXVII and won them all.

My Suborbital Flight Gone Wrong

by Lily

I was in the middle of my suborbital space flight on which I was asked to carry a superconductor to see how it performed in flight. My inattention led to a miscalculation of my flight data, which almost caused me to lose control.

As I brought things came back to normal, I noticed there was some discoloration with the superconductor and was thinking that if things were falling apart inside it, it might blow up. I radioed my overachiever boss, who told me I needed to return immediately.

There was a misconnection with the radio and I couldn’t hear everything he had to say. I only heard parts of his message, and I thought I had heard him say, “Sorry for the misinformation.”

I hoped that I had heard everything my boss had to say, but when I started to land, my aircraft acted up, and I nearly crashed into houses in a subdivision close to the airport.  After I’d landed my boss radioed: “Well, that was a bumpy ride,” and I thought, Well, that’s an understatement, and I radioed back, “No, that was way too rough for me.”


by Lucas

My robot, Oxymoron or Oxy for short, had a superconductor misconnection and went haywire.  I had always thought my robot was an overachiever, but this time he went too far.  He escaped into the subdivision, and to say he embarrassed me was an understatement.  His inattention to my commands was part of the problem, which caused miscalculations on his part, leading to misinformation.

It was summertime, and the grass had discoloration due to the heat and the lack of rain.  Oxy noticed a sprinkler on my neighbor’s lawn and grabbed it, spraying everyone around.  Some people though it was funny; others were very annoyed.  Oxy splashed some water on himself, and his electrical circuit blew up, causing him to go flying suborbitally around the neighborhood.  Finally, he crashed, and after drying out, he was back to normal.

The Magician

by Rachel

On Patchmoon Street, there lived a magician, but everybody thought he was a phony and a fake.  Some people said he used a super magnet combined with a superconductor  to make the magnet float. Others said he wasn’t that smart, and he used a thin piece of string to keep the magnet afloat.  However, they had misinformation, for he had powers like no other.  He was a sorcerer, a wizard.  He was Max the Magnificent, and his assignment was to catch the monster haunting Patchmoon Street.

When he awoke that morning, Max went to plot a plan.  He used everything for the plan, even math like division, multiplication, and the subdivision of numbers.  He wasn’t discouraged by this work.  He trusted in himself and made sure he did not have one miscalculation.

Later, in the evening, Max walked down the street, and everyone ignored him with complete inattention.  Nevertheless, Max didn’t care.  He knew his talents were understated.  Suddenly, he saw a shadow.  It wasn’t a monster, though.  It was a unicorn.  He didn’t see why his mission was to kill this unicorn.  The unicorn looked harmless; it just looked a bit sick.  He knew the unicorn was ill because it had caused a discoloration on Max’s shirt by vomiting rainbows on him.  Furthermore, the unicorn could talk, and it had said it was sick, so Max decided to spare the unicorn’s life.

Max took the unicorn home and healed it.  Max realized that he now had a friend to talk to, a magical creature just like him.

The No Nonsense, Just Perfect Day

by Camille

If I was in your class, I would be the overachiever.  I would be the one to always get A’s and to turn in my report three weeks before it was due.  I would ace everything that was given to me.  During recess, I would do spelling curriculum.  Lunch recess was called my math time.  This is not an understatement.  I am absolutely perfect.  Well, at least I was.

It all started in the third grade when Ms. Poppenheimer called out my name five different times in the middle of class.  She told me that she would talk to me at recess.  Then after a brief conversation with Ms. Poppenheimer, it hit me in the gut, that I not only  had to be good, I had to be the best!

The next day was my first day of a no nonsense, just perfect day.  As Ms. Poppenheimer started reading the book, Ms. Hippo Goes on Vacation, I informed the class that hippopotamus amphibious meant “river horse” in ancient Greek.  “Thank you,” said Ms. Poppenheimer.  “Now sit down.”

I looked around at the inattention of the class, which made me desire their attention even more, so I yelled, “Flies walk all over rotted food.  If you touch a fly, you will have germs on your finger, and they’ll never go away!”  This got everybody’s attention.

Then a fly buzzed right up to Tessa’s perfect cherub nose.  When she saw it, she let out an ear-splitting scream.  Then the fly walked to the suborbital region of Tessa’s face.  She automatically howled out another bloodcurdling scream.  “AAAAAHHHHHH! I have germs that will never ever go away,” she whined.  Ms. Poppenheimer was on her last nerve and nearly screamed at me.  That made my absolutely no nonsense, perfect day a nonsense, imperfect day.  My face got as red as my mom’s ripe tomatoes in her garden.

“Excuse me,” I said in a timid voice, “but your blouse has some discoloration on it.”  I was hoping to distract her from the fact that I had made Tessa cry so I wouldn’t get in trouble.  That apparently didn’t work.  Immediately, without a flinch, she picked up the phone and dialed Ms. Lauracaw.  Ms. Lauracaw was the meanest principal of all time.  Don’t be fooled by her looks; under the flower-covered sweater is a demon waiting for its next prey.

I walked down the hallway, holding every tear in until I saw her face.  Ms Lauracaw said to me as she smiled, “In here, Rosie.”  I was nearly hysterical as I walked into the detention room.  The room was covered with pale, pink, flowered wallpaper, just like Ms. Lauracaw’s sweater.  I knew under that wallpaper was something evil in the making.  She opened a door, and I saw a staircase that looked like it led underground.  I walked down the metal staircase.  Tap! Ding! Tap! sounded my flats as they hit each step.  As I neared the bottom stair, I observed a map showing the subdivision of the school property.

I saw a hard metal table and two chairs.  I was now in Ms. Lauracaw’s chamber, with only one light bulb that lit the room.  This was a miscalculation.  All I wanted to do was make this a perfect day.  I looked at the bulb, and it read “Superconductor,” which was the name of the electricity company.  I just stared at the light bulb, trying not to look at the demon lady.  “Rosie,” she said.  I knew this was a trick to make me look at her, and then she’d pounce on me.  Under her ruby red nails were probably claws.  “Rosie, I might have received some misinformation, so I need you to tell me what really happened.  I heard you made Tessa pretty upset by telling her about the fly.”

I was thinking to myself, Don’t look up; don’t look up.  My head jerked up anyway, and I could see her smiling.  Ms.Lauracaw said, “This may have been a miscommunication, soI will let it slide this time.”  Then she said, “I remember when I was your age, and I wanted to be perfect just like you.”

“Really?” I gasped.

“Yes, and that’s why I want you to know you don’t need to be perfect.  Just do your personal best,” she advised. Maybe Ms. Lauracaw wasn’t that bad after all.  From then on, I was just myself and did my personal best.

The Indiana Jones Experience

by Shaina

Crrrrrrack!  The ground started to disintegrate under me, just as I was subconsciously reaching for a superluxurious diamond.  I knew I should have been more tuned in when the Indiana Jones movies were on so that I would know just how to reach for a diamond hidden under a secret passage underground.  Suddenly, a huge boulder came rolling down toward me.  Now this was just creepy.  I guess I may have overreacted a little bit when I started flailing my arms like a crazy lunatic and just jogged away, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Although, on my way out of the underground passage, I could see so many immemorial artifacts hanging from vines.

As I was above ground now, I wondered if the people who had been there before could have lived there.  Perhaps the people had been illiterate because there were only faded pictures on the walls.  Just beside the passageway into the underground area was a graveyard, and I could see the undertaker reciting things he had to say at the funeral people were attending.  I needed some artifacts to put in a sack to bring to school for my assignment due tomorrow, so I ducked back into the secret passageway and left the door open a crack.

As I went into the area I have explored before, I found none of the artifacts I had seen hanging there earlier.  I felt discouraged having come all the way back only to find nothing.  This was leaving me with a mystery I had to solve and wondering if I was seeing things now.  As I crept out of the passageway, I could see a person who could have been an immigrant because I had no clue what he had been saying or what language he had been speaking, but he sounded inflamed.  Just like that, he angrily used a lighter, setting aflame the whole lush, green region, fire overextending the area, making everything in flames.  Before I became paralyzed with fear, I managed to escape and run back to safety.  Maybe the man was undernourished and not thinking clearly.  When I looked to the place where he had been standing, all I saw were flames, so perhaps he had wanted to end what he considered a terrible life.

What was weird was that when I arrived to safety and couldn’t even see the flames anymore, I was still running.  Out of breath, I was at my house, with empty hands, which were supposed to be filled with artifacts.  That had been an interesting journey, and I knew where I would never visit again.  Just in case, though, I had better start watching some Indiana Jones movies!

Bob and Mr. McHoot go to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida

by TJ

“The science fair is coming up soon. Who wants to win a trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida?” asks the teacher of Bob’s 6th grade class.

How exciting would that be? Bob thinks to himself. Bob wants to go, but how can he. Dedicit Cricket always wins the science fair because he is an overachiever at everything, and he hates me. He is always thinking of ways to get me in trouble. One time Dedicit Cricket gave misinformation about homework that I needed to get done, and I got an “F”.

That day after school Bob talked to Mr. McHoot about the science fair. “You should really try. Maybe you can win the trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Do you need any help? I love science,” says Mr. McHoot to Bob.

“You would really help me, really? Are you sure?” Bob asks, still unsure of himself. His cheeks have a slight discoloration at the thought of doing something new and exciting.

“I would be delighted to help a friend in need. No, that’s an understatement; I would be honored to help you, Bob, as my closest friend.” Mr. McHoot declares with pride.

The very next day Bob and Mr. McHoot start on their next amazing adventure together working on Bob’s science fair project. Mr. McHoot has some stuff lying around from his earlier years that is very useful, although they have to order a superconductor in order to handle the changing temperatures of the experiment.  Once that arrives a few days later, they are able to try the experiment to great success. There is a great subdivision of labor between Bob and Mr. McHoot when working on the science fair project. This enables a little room for miscalculation if needed as they will be able to recalculate anything as a team.

The day of the science fair arrives. Bob is excited. Mr. McHoot comes to watch. Dedicit Cricket has a great science fair project. Bob is nervous as he watches. Now it’s his turn. Can he remain confident and pull it off? He does it! The judges talk quietly amongst themselves for over twenty minutes–the longest twenty minutes of Bob’s life.

“We have a winner… wait, wait, we have TWO WINNERS!” states the head judge. “It’s a tie for first place: Dedicit Cricket and Bob Muridae.” Bob can’t believe it. He has won, with Mr. McHoot’s help of course. Now he is going to see a rocket ship. He feels like he can achieve anything. The head judge says, “You have won a trip to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida next month.”

One month later…

Bob wakes up on the morning of the space center trip. He gets ready for school. He goes to school, ready to have an adventure that day. It takes a while to get to the space center. He has plenty of company, as Mr. McHoot has come along to supervise the trip.

Upon arriving at the space station, they are invited to go see the launch of the latest suborbital rocket trip into space. In their excitement there is a misconnection with the power for the rocket, which is due to the inattention of the power crew, who are nervous about the visitors that day. Luckily, they are able to fix the problem at the last minute. Bob, Mr. McHoot, and Dedicit Cricket enjoy every moment of watching the rocket take off into space.

Bob and Mr. McHoot return home to their maple tree in the middle of the fields and fields of wheat. Bob says to Mr. McHoot, “We had a fun adventure today, didn’t we?”

“Yes, we did,” replies Mr. McHoot.

The Beauty Contest

by Meheak

I remember the day of the Petaluma Beauty Contest! Yes, I remember it clearly! Everybody thought that the superluxurious Callie Cat was definitely going to win, but she ended up disqualified! Let me tell you the story of that day…

I, Annabelle Ann, have always loved to dress up, and for that reason, I decided to take part in the beauty contest. I had not expected to be one of the finalists. I knew that I had to beat Callie Cat, though she always discouraged others.

“Oh, Tami Tate! You look like an undertaker! I’m surprised you haven’t been fired from your job at the immigration department! Of course you look MUCH better than that illiterate Annabelle Ann. What kind of name is Annabelle Ann? Her nickname is Anne and her last name is Anne! So basically her name is Anne Anne!” Callie Cat cruelly commented.

“CALLIE CAT! How dare you speak to the contestants like that! It is just NOT acceptable! I have already received at least four complaints about you! At first I didn’t believe them to be true, but now that I’ve heard you myself, I’ll have to disqualify you!” the judge boomed.

“You’re having an overreaction! I can’t POSSIBLY be out of this competition! If I don’t win this beauty contest, I won’t be discovered by a producer, and if I don’t have a producer, I won’t be asked to star in a movie! I HAVE to star in a movie all about me! I NEED to be famous!”

That was the last I heard of cruel Callie Cat, who was being taken away as I was working on some school work backstage. Some of the other contestants were busy completing assignments, too, and Tami Tate seemed to be engaged in an argument of sorts with some anonymous voice on the other end of her cell phone. I overheard Tami Tate screeching, “No, I can’t help you with your division homework right now! I can’t help you with any assignment you currently have! I’m busy! I don’t know what undernourished means! Bye!” Tami Tate slammed her phone shut.

“Can the contestants please come on stage?” the loudspeaker asked just at that moment. We rushed to the stage and waited for the results.

“ANNABELLE ANN IS OUR WINNER!” The crowd cheered.

No one else remembers that day, but I do. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I WAS the winner after all!


by Grace

Scalding hot tears ran down my face. My insides were boiled with emotion. I remember that day vividly, as if it were yesterday.

My father’s funeral was like no other, just the way he would have wanted it. He was a very wealthy man because back in the time of the immigration to California for the gold rush, when his ancestors arrived, they struck it rich and all that wealth was passed down to him! So you can imagine the funeral was superluxurious. The chairs were cushioned and silk canopies shaded us from the sun. The service was open to the public, but we couldn’t let just anybody enter, so we set up a disqualification center. There was a lot of overreaction about the center, and complaints filled the air.

Then the reporters came and added to the ruckus. I had to personally address them and answered as many questions as I could.

“Maria, Maria!” A young woman thrust herself towards me, “How did your father die?”

“He was simply undernourished,” I had replied flatly. The other reporters started closing in, but one man was quicker.

“Maria, could you tell us more? Were any medicines prescribed?”

“Yes, the family doctor did give him some, but there weren’t any side effects like inflammations that could have caused his death if that is what you mean.”

“And did he choose disintegration through cremation or to be buried?”

“He chose to be buried. His coffin was extended so he could have some of his treasured possessions buried with him.”

I then remember excusing myself to return to the service. From time immemorial, it was a tradition to wear black to funerals, but at my father’s service, everyone was dressed in their best silks of purple, green, silver, and cream. This is one thing I know, I love my father.

A Trip to Earth and Back

by Lindsay

There was a planet full of chimps called Chimpanet, and they wanted to see what was beyond with their own eyes. Chimps are very smart, so on their planet they had anything anyone would ever need. The head chimp astronaut picked four lucky chimps to go up into space and make a film about it. They picked the first chimp, named Mark, because he was an overachiever at everything; they chose Holly because she was loyal and always returned with her assignment finished; they chose Alan because of his fear of heights, and they knew if he got over that, he would be a very talented chimp. The chimps knew he would try to discourage the others from going on the trip because of his fears, but trusted the others to push on. They chose Mikayla because she was good with directions and had never made a miscalculation. Those were the four lucky chimps!

“It’s time to launch!” Mark exclaimed, “I can’t wait to see what’s out there.”

Alan worried, “Are you sure we have to do this, guys? I thought you were kidding.”

“Yes, we have to go, and the chimps back at home wouldn’t have understood any of this rocket ship technology.” Mikayla exclaimed, “Compared to me, all the other chimps seem so illiterate!”

Holly whispered,” Okay, chimps, listen up. We have a long trip ahead of us, and the only way we can pull it off is if we can stay on task. I know you may be excited; we all are, but whatever you do, remain calm.” Holly was subconsciously thinking how they were going to end up after their long journey; she just couldn’t control her mind.

The chimps were so smart they even had a superconductor in their rocket ship to help them keep in touch with the chimps at Chimpanet. Although they hadn’t needed to use it yet because everything was swell. When they did try to use it, however, smoke arose. There was a slight misconnection in the wiring, but with a little chimp tape, they could fix it and remain in contact. The suborbital path was a little bumpy, but once they broke into orbit they were fine.

“I see the Earth!” Mikayla screeched.

“Prepare for a bumpy landing,” Mark announced.

“How can we prepare when you never ever do bumpy landings?”  Holly complained, “I mean you always land so smoothly.”

“I don’t know. I just like saying that. Okay, now let’s land,” Mark said.

So they finally made it to Earth and were surprised what was living there. The crazed people were shocked, too. The chimps had heard of humans, but they thought they would at least have fur. Then the humans started casing the chimps, yelling, “Food! Yummy, yummy food,” over and over again. Finally the chimps made peace with the humans and called it a job well done. The only reason they had made this long journey, aside from documenting it on film, was so that some chimps could live on Earth. Why? Well, because their home planet Chimpanet was way too crowded, and their space technology now allowed the chimps can go to new planets.

At last, the four chimps got into the rocket ship and started heading to Chimpanet all happy and joyful.

When they made it to Chimpanet, they were a little undernourished because they had forgotten to pack food on the trip, and the only place they got to eat was Earth. So they stuffed their faces like they had never eaten in their lives. When they went back in public, they suddenly became heroes. The crowd was cheering like crazy.

Chimpanet Chimps started moving to Earth right away and started helping the humans until they were as smart as chimps. So that’s how we became so smart! The four space chimps visit earth every so often to see how it is going, but they stayed worthy to Chimpanet and lived there. Chimpanet is still out there, a tiny planet out in the middle of nowhere. That is the story of how chimps came to Earth.

The Math Test

by Kyle

I wanted to study extra hard for my big math test on division tomorrow because I am an overachiever. I finished my math assignment and tried to study, but I realized that I had some misinformation about how to do one of the problems correctly. I decided to take a break from studying. I did not want to discourage my brother from participating in T.V. turn-off week, but there was a really good show by a well known producer that I wanted to watch.

The show was about an illiterate undertaker who was in charge of operating a superconductor. The main character in the show noticed a discoloration on the wires of the superconductor, and he had to fix the problem so that there wasn’t a misconnection, which would have caused an explosion. He saved a subdivision of homes from a total disaster! I tried to ignore the show because my inattention to my studying caused a miscalculation in my math homework.  The show, however, was quite amazing and had an unexpected ending.  Upon fleeing the building, the main character slipped on a pool of oil and fractured his suborbital bone under his eye.  My decision to watch the movie instead of preparing for my math test was not my best decision.  This was quite the understatement of the year!

Extra! Extra!
Read All about It!

by Casey

I can’t believe this! In just a few hours, my world had turned around. I, Ana May Jones, would be writing a story about Carl Stevens! It all started this morning; I was heading to work to ask my boss, the most evil man in the world, Aaron Peterson, about my next story. All he wants is fake, garbage, and junk that would ruin someone’s career, but when he gave me my assignment, I was overjoyed, and I will tell you why.

So, remember Carl Stevens, about whom I told you earlier? Well, he is the richest TV producer in the country! I asked Aaron to tell me about Carl, but he said he didn’t want to discourage me, whatever that means? My thoughts were interrupted by a text from Aaron: Don’t get your hopes up, but you should expect a call from Carl. His number is (555) 555-3284. I quickly replied: Why; what’s wrong? I thought about what Aaron said, but couldn’t put my finger on it.

I finally reached the Stevens TV Production Studio, when my phone buzzed with excitement: Carl! “Hello?” I asked nervously through the phone.

“Yes, Amanda, it’s Carl Stevens,” he replied.

“My name’s Ana May,” I said softly.

“That’s what I said; anyway, I am looking forward to working with you. As you could probably tell, I am an overachiever. This means I am highly successful and important,” he said bragging.

“Well, I look forward to meeting you,” I answered. “Hello?” Huh, I guess we had a misconnection. I better head on back to the office.

By that time, I realized that that jerk hung up on me. Someone once told me that Carl was rude, but that was an understatement. At first I thought Aaron had given  me misinformation on Carl, but he was right. I canceled my meeting with Carl and wrote my story:

The Carl Stevens Project

by Ana May Jones

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I talked to Carl Stevens on the phone, and it turns out I didn’t even need to meet him to realize he is a selfish jerk. My boss, Aaron Peterson, told me he had met up with Carl a while ago for a report on his blog. Only he found that Mr. Stevens has been divorced eight times, and once he was married for only four months. He also pays his workers too little even though he has too much money. There was a miscalculation in the division, so they should be paid more. Stay tuned for more information.

Carl really didn’t like my story. His inattention to the salaries of his workers was obvious on the news. I also got promoted to assistant writer/reporter; it turned out to be a great day.

School Days

by Sean

School days are filled with fun and learning. There are different types of kids in my class. One student I know is an overachiever. Another student has problems with inattention during the long days, but we all want to learn so that we are not illiterate. Our teacher tries to discourage the kids from talking and fooling around.

We do math, which includes division and subtraction. To say that we have only one assignment per day would be an understatement. We need to listen to the teacher so that we avoid getting misinformation.

I go home each day to the subdivision where I live. I do my homework because one day I hope to become a movie producer.

A Red Shiny Apple and a Monster

by Kayla

One regular, absolutely normal hot day, I walked into the room, sat down, and smelled a musty, comforting, and welcoming classroom. I looked up and saw the most awful thing: a red, shiny apple with a worm in it, but then I looked even higher up and saw a substitute, not just a substitute, but a hairy, smelly, ugly, dirty, mean-looking monster sub, and that is an understatement.

Our first assignment was to read quietly. I followed that rule because I loved reading, and I did not want to be an early snack for the thing they called a substitute. Next we had to learn multiplication and division problems. All the substitute wrote on the board were lines and dots. There was a misconnection when I tried to take my math test online, and it would not let me take my test!

The monster sub was extremely upset due to the complete inattention of all the students. If it wasn’t a feeling of overachievement we had, it must have been that the book she had us read must have been a kindergarten book. The sub tried to discourage us from laughing at the students who could not read the book.

The sub was dressed more like an undertaker than a teacher. If a producer saw her, he would have made her a star in a horror movie. The sub’s look was so immemorial that no fashion designer could figure out what time period it was from.

The next day I sat in my seat and looked up and saw my normal teacher, Ms. McClure. I was delighted!

My Invention Nightmare

by Sonia

“Ssssss… boom!” my invention shrieked as smoke drifted out my window, staying suborbital, over the subdivision.


“Oh, great!” I shouted as I waved my hands in front of my face to keep the smoke away from my face.

After the smoke finally cleared, I looked at my invention. The discoloration of it was horrifying and caused by the misconnection of my superconductor wires, which I guessed were just too powerful.

“Uh,” I moaned. “I must have done a total miscalculation… which is probably an understatement given the way this thing looks.”

I looked at my cute puppy, Waldo, (which we named Waldo because he is always hiding from strangers) and said, “Waldo, why do people think of me as an underachiever, instead of an overachiever?” His inattention was often taken as unfriendliness while people talked to him. “Waldo!” I shouted at him.

He looked up at me and then at my invention. I guessed his brain got misinformation, and he thought the invention was alive and a new person, so of course he ran away. I got to work and started twisting, spinning, and tightening everything.

I woke up, my head down on my desk. I looked at the clock… 8:20! School started in ten minutes! I packed up my invention and got dressed in a rush. I had missed the bus, but luckily my school was only five blocks away so I could bike. Off I went, “Ready, set, go!” I said to myself.

I arrived to school ten minutes late, but my project wasn’t counted late. When I ran into my classroom, Ms. McClure was just calling my name to be next to present my unique invention.

I walked to the front of class and unveiled my project. “Behold… mini-microwave!” Everyone’s faces were confused. “A four by six inch microwave that can microwave small foods such as these: popcorn, pizza, soup, small frozen snacks, and almost anything small that is microwaveable.” I grabbed my small bag of popcorn from out of my backpack. “Everyone likes popcorn, right?”

The whole class nodded and cheered.

I popped the bag into the microwave and set the timer. About two minutes later, it dinged, and I opened the door slowly, making sure it worked. I hoped it did and… sure enough… it did! “Taa-daa!” I said with pride. I tasted the popcorn, and it wasn’t half bad compared to fresh popcorn. I passed out the popcorn, and I think everyone thought my invention was pretty good and that the popcorn was tasty. I liked this project! Now I have a mini- microwave and an A+. That’s good with me!

Mr. Overachiever

by Talia

Brrrring!  Brrrring!  The school bell rang and told the kids that it was time for recess.  As Jimmy was exiting the door, he began heading for the playground (Jimmy is an overachiever and always tries to do his best).  Jimmy was lucky.  Some said that he was the smartest kid in the school.  He had never made a miscalculation.

Anyways, back to our story.  When Jimmy got to the playground, his best friend, Tommy, caught up to him.  Tommy and Jimmy had been best friends for five years, and they lived in the same subdivision.  Jimmy kept talking about their test that they took earlier.  He said that he had a good feeling about it and thought that he had gotten all the answers right.  Jimmy said that he thought he was a good student, and then Tommy said, “Well, that’s an understatement!”  Then all of a sudden, the bell rang, and they were heading back to class.

Back in their seats, Jimmy and Tommy were the only students who were paying attention, unlike Bobby, a student who got a lot of misinformation due to his inattention in class.

Soon it was the end of the day, and class was over.  Jimmy and Tommy were walking home, and Tommy pulled out a book from his backpack.  It was a book about a superconductor.  Jimmy noticed that there was discoloration on several pages because it was an old book.  While Jimmy was looking at the book, he told Tommy to follow him to his house.

When they finally got to Jimmy’s house, Jimmy showed Tommy something that he had made.  He pulled out a television-looking device and turned it on.  Then suddenly, there was a suborbital rocket that appeared on the screen.  As Jimmy cheered with joy, his invention went “haywire.”  Jimmy looked disappointed and said, “There must be a misconnection.”  All of a sudden, “POW! CRASH! BOOM!  The invention exploded!

“Oh, no!” Tommy and Jimmy cried out.

“I’m sorry, Jimmy,” said Tommy.

“Oh, that’s okay. It was fun to make!” said Jimmy.  “Hey, do you want to help me fix it tomorrow?” added Jimmy.

“Sure, that sounds like fun!” exclaimed Tommy.  As they walked to Tommy’s house, they talked about how they could improve their marvelous invention.