Week 7: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Big Sneak

by Evan

The boy, on little sleep and barely any food, curled in a corner and waited. I must devise a plan, he thought to himself. The day was fading fast and when night came, he knew the patience of a certain someone would run out. His fingers softly clicked on the keys and his beloved device gave a whirring response.

In the distance, beyond the chair that provided shelter for the corner, voices were loudly talking. It was like a bad chord in a song, totally ruining his peace. He knew the point of those voices and why they were not stopping. One voice was asking, “Where is he?” and another was saying, “I would advise him to show up soon.”

A smile played on the boy’s mouth. Suckers, he thought to himself. He knew his time was limited, but he had just found the site he was looking for. The game was pretty decent so he did not want to stop. He tried to curl closer to the corner, making himself blend with the shadows.

Recent rules were stated that electronics were strictly banned until certain things were completed. The boy just decided that he was having dessert before dinner and before homework. He just needed a break, and it wasn’t like he wasn’t going to do his stuff; he just didn’t want to do it now.

“Evan!” his sister yelled, “Mom says it’s dinnertime. She also says that your descent into electronic rule breaking is making for a bad taste in her mouth.”

Not to be outdone, his brother added, “That means you’re in trouuuuuuuble!”

The boy sighed and closed his laptop. He would not find an ally among his siblings. He stood up from his hiding place, ready to face whatever he needed to face. His stomach growled, telling him even his own body was pretty grumpy with him.

Next time, he would hide in the garage with snacks. Then he would never have to come out to eat. He giggled at the thought as he walked down the hall and into the kitchen.


by Emma

“Ha, ha!” I say when I’ve just slapped my brother in the face. After that, his face gets so read and he starts to cry. I feel like a queen, a mean queen, a queen who likes to text on her device while eating dessert in her room, where no annoying children make her lose her patience.

I bet when I slapped my younger brother in the face, it must have felt like running into a pole. Probably, it even burned like the hot sun in a desert.

I always hit my brother. It’s a recent thing I do all the time. It isn’t totally my fault. He won’t listen to my advice. I try to help him on his homework, and I even give him the answer, but he still doesn’t get it. That is why I slapped him in the face this time. Sometimes he acts kind of dumb.

About five minutes later, my mom walks toward me with an angry face. Her face kind of scared me. “¿Por qué le pegastes a tu hermano?” Mom shouted, holding her hand up like she was going to slap me in the face, too. She was about to extend her hand to hit me very hard, but instead, she put down her hand and took a deep breath.

I felt like maybe my mom wished some other family would adopt me, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I regret this. I regret slapping my brother. I must learn to adapt to the situation. My solution is not to hit my younger siblings. It just isn’t a good idea. I should also work on my patience.

After feeling regret and devising a plan, I feel like I can handle myself better.

The Bomb

by Marissa

My name is Robert Stevenson. I recently was fired from my old job at McDonald’s because I became tempted by the burger I was making for a customer and took a big bite out of it. Then I wrapped up the burger and gave it to the customer. That didn’t work out well, but I just got hired at a new job, a bigger job, a better job. I was hired to be an undercover spy!

After weeks of training, Mr. Swartz (my boss) gave me my first assignment. I was super excited until he told me what the assignment was. It was the weirdest mission ever. I was to find a plastic toy dessert in the middle of the Caribbean Desert. I was very confused, but if you knew Mr. Swartz like I do, I would give you this advice: Don’t question him.

Either he read my mind or saw the look on my face because he said, “Inside of this plastic toy dessert, there is a bomb you must disarm.” Now I understood.

One day into my first mission, I had a decent trip. Train rides were delayed a little, I tripped on a few rocks, and I bumped into a few people, but other than that, everything had gone smoothly. The best thing was that I hadn’t run into any bad guys who were trying to set off the bomb.

I had gone through dark alleys, tunnels, caves, and other interesting places, so soon, I began to think I had adapted to what missions were like. I knew how to blend in without looking suspicious.

Finally, I arrived to my final destination, the Caribbean Desert. Te first thing I saw was a sturdy, gray metal pole about ten-feet tall with four signs at the top telling where different parts of the desert were located. My boss had told me to follow the sign that said Dixon Way, so I took a ninety-degree angle turn to my right and walk about forty to fifty steps. Around my forty-fifth step, I saw a suspicious-looking rock, so I decided to investigate.

It turned out the rock was made of plastic, so I looked behind the rock, and there it was–a plastic toy dessert. I took off the back plate of the toy using a screwdriver from my bag. With five minutes and twenty-three seconds left before it went off and blew up me and half of the desert, I snipped the black and red cords in half, then twisted the blue cord three times.

Device disarmed! Device Disarmed!” the ice cream sundae announced aloud. I had done it. I had completed my mission.

Master Chef

by Taylor

I had been practicing this recipe for a month. All I needed to do was to take the dessert out of the oven. Easy, right? No! Who knew cookies could expand? The cookies started with a dozen cookies on the baking sheet, but now it was one enormous cookie as big as Texas and as burnt as a desert. My patience was gone.

All I needed was some advice on how to cook. I clearly didn’t know how. Perhaps, though, I just needed to accept the fact that I didn’t know how to cook. Unfortunately, I never accepted the fact. I even tried to go through cooking school without burning down the kitchen. Uh, I might have burned down not one, not two, but three kitchens.

Now, here I was finally admitting this. This was the time when I realized this was the last batch of cookies I would ever make. I walked over to the oven. Every angle on my body was shaking. A recent thought came to my mind, and then came to my mouth. “Why?” I screamed in agony. The oven was on fire.

I twisted to the phone. I dialed 9-1-1. A kind ally answered, “What’s your emergency?”

I answered, “The cookies are burning!” The 9-1-1 operator must have been very confused by this statement, so I repeated, “The cookies are burning!”

As flames shot out of the oven, I realized cooking truly was finished for me.

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Jack

I’m in the middle of the desert at night.  What creatures will I encounter?  What challenges will this night bring? I’m running out of luck.  Will an angel take me tonight, to the place of wonder, the place of acceptance and forgiveness.  Will I live through the night, only to encounter the next day with new challenges.

I’ve been here for two years, with nothing but my heart and soul.  I miss my old life, where my kids dressed in costumes to play, where dessert was what I desired and where alleys were frowned upon.  Now, I would do anything to get into an alley and find some food in the trash.  In this desert, all I eat are lizards and occasionally spiders.  I make knifes out of rocks and wait until prey comes by.  This requires much patience.

I sit and wonder when the last time I saw my family was.  I think about them every day. There is one day I will never forget through life and death: November 23rd, the day I was stranded here.

I was on a plane headed to Arizona for my job as a doctor.  A patient of mine was going to pay me big bucks to help out with a virus they had.  My plane never made it, though. That’s why I’m here, right now, with nothing but a dagger and myself.

I have, however, learned to make fire out here. It keeps me warm, gives me light, gives me people to talk to, as my friends dance in the fire.  I hate the desert. If I survive long enough for someone to find me, I will never come back to any desert even though I’ve learned to adapt to this kind of living.

While my conscience thinks about what I’ll do tomorrow and how I’ll survive, something breaks my train of thought. I hear howling nearby and remind myself I may not live all the way to tomorrow, so I’d better focus on the task at hand.  Now, I think I see an angel hovering above the ground, as if waiting for my body to be ripped to shreds by wolves….


by Genevieve

Moon watched her brother bolt into the forest, Moon could have got a thorough attack on him because he turned his back on her to run away, but she didn’t. She knew what she had to do now. She ran into the forest towards camp, only to realize she could be flying there instead. Moon lifted aloft, she loved the wind. She let the wind glide through the ruffled feathers on her wings with ease. Moon used her wind power the push her through the air without her having to flap her wings.

After a while of flight Moon reached camp. She set her paws on the ground and let her wings fall. She spotted her mother and loped over.

“Have you seen Whisper?” Dawn asked, she continued pacing around.

“Well you’re never going to find her if you just keeping pacing around,” Moon made a point and Dawn stopped to actually look at Moon. “Also, I need to tell you something.”

“Moon! Are you okay? You have scars all over you!” Dawn reached for Moon but Moon pulled back.

Patience, Moon though. She always hated when Dawn made a fuss over something. Still, Moon told Dawn everything about what happened with Arrow.

“There is a war happening now, Arrow is going to get dogs to fight with him, I just know it! I need to devise a plan, get followers, and, well, then the war will happen,” Moon needed followers, dogs to fight with, allies.

“Moon, this is, no, I can’t and won’t let this happen,” Dawn looked like she was going to howl aloud.

“Mom, I know this is crazy but I need all the help I can get,” Moon looked into her mother’s eye. There was a silence; Dawn suddenly got a look of confidence on her face.

“I know we can do this,” Dawn grinned and Moon almost yelped with surprise at Dawn’s words.

“Let’s go get Storm,” Dawn and Moon ran to get Storm.

Arrow didn’t know why he ran away, what he actually needed to do was to go back and get Shadow’s pack to become allies with him so he could fight Moon. He turned around and found Shadow right in front of him.

“Oh, hey, what are you doing here,” Arrow shrugged as he said that. “Oh yeah! So I kind of had this battle with Moon, do you think I could just borrow your pack for a bit, just a little bit, they may get hurt but I think it’ll all be fine.”

“So you can have a war with Moon? Sure,” Shadow let out an evil grin that Arrow didn’t notice. “I advise battling with her in an open area, not somewhere like a forest.”

“Okay. Thank you for the advice,” Arrow smiled with the idea of getting advice from a pack leader.

Arrow ran to get Shadow’s pack.

“What? No! Why would I ever do that?” Storm was furious.

“Because I need you to help me, like parents do,” Moon frowned at her mom as she drew spiral designs in the dirt with her claw.

“Come on Storm,” Dawn was practically begging to be snapped at by Storm.

“No! I said no! Storm growled without realizing it.

“Fine! I’ll just fight Arrow myself without any help!” Moon lied, what she actually wanted to do was steal her parent’s pack’s trust.

Moon ran to go get her new allies. She stopped in the middle of camp and let the pack’s curiosity get the best of them. They gathered around her.

“A war is going to happen. I need all the help to fight against my brother Arrow, he’s turning evil. For the good of the pack, I need dogs to help me fight,” Moon got excited when one of the dogs stood up.

“Does Storm and Dawn know about this?” asked a strong looking dog.

“Yes! Of course they know about this,” Moon hoped they believed her. She was suppressing a twinge of conscience.

“Then count me in!” said one dog, the dog stood up and faced Moon, he gave her a proud smile.

“If he’s going to fight then I am too!” barked a small brown dog, she gave Moon a big grin.

Pretty soon the entire pack was standing up and facing Moon, all nineteen giving Moon proud and confident smiles.

“Where to now?” the small brown dog squealed in excitement.

“To find Arrow, also what’s your name?” asked Moon, the little dog looked shocked that Moon asked her, she also looked honored.

“Squirrel,” answered the little dog.

“Squirrel? Where?”one of the other dogs shouted.

“No! Squirrel is my name,” Squirrel looked annoyed, she glared at the pack.

“Okay, let’s go find Arrow,” Moon bolted into the forest with the pack following. She was not conscious of the figure in the shadows, watching with dismay.

Shadow’s pack stood in front of Arrow. They looked different from Moon’s army, Shadow’s pack’s fur was ragged, they looked stronger though, scars cover their body. Arrow could tell they were in a lot of battles before.

“I’m in, only if it means there’s fighting, a challenge,” one of the dogs growled. Arrow wasn’t sure this would be a challenge to them but he did need a pack to fight with.

“I’m sure it will be enough of a challenge that you’ll enjoy it,” Arrow was worried with his choice of allies. They could rip him apart if they wanted to.

“Let do this!” Arrow grew more excited by the minute. He raised his head in the air and howled. The pack howled as well and they hit a strong, confident, chord.

“Into the bushes, everyone,” Moon whispered, she thought she heard something. Her pack scrambled into the bushes. They were a little loud. Moon would have to accept that.

“Quiet! Everyone, bushes now!” Arrow ordered his pack, he heard something. His pack scrambled for the bushes, quietly. Arrow was happy that this pack had adapted to being ordered around by himself, Arrow.

“Arrow?” Moon didn’t expect to see Arrow just standing out in the middle of the forest.

“Moon?” Arrow also didn’t expect to see Moon out here, alone.

He approached her, and then realized they were aggressive towards each other. Moon drew back a snarl.

“Attack!” they both shouted at their packs and they leapt into action.


by Austin

Day 1

It was a dark and scary night. I was walking in the street of the alley behind my local corner grocery store. I was on a mission. I had my device, water, a can of beans, and an M350 Tactical ( a type of military weapon).

In recent times, I had been held captive at the base of my enemy’, Marshell Gibbs. He had found me trying to steal a M14 EBR rifle from their base. (By the way, his base is in the middle of the desert.) It took me six months to get out and away from the desert, and I resented being held captive there. I had to have a lot of patience because I had to wait until the perfect second to escape or the plan would have gone horribly wrong.

Anyway, I’m currently trying to save my friend from total annihilation at a protocol lab. My friend has tabs on him to be experimented on, and now they have decided to make their most dangerous experiment that they said has an 82% death rate. I was scared. They are trying to do it on my friend, Carl Walters. (Carl is my closest ally.) I promised him we would stick together so I have to get him back. He is the only way I can get into Marshall’s base with no trouble. I NEED HIM.

Day 2

It’s early, like really early. It’s 2:37 a.m. currently. I’m going to go to the Lab at the Quarry; it’s hidden under ground. Even though it is about two hours away from my house, Carl’s test isn’t for four more hours.

Finally, I make it to the lab. People roam the halls all in lab coats. Then I hear the roar of a lion, “CARL REPORT TO SECTION 7B!!!!!!!” It was insane in the lab I felt like I was in a whole new world. People went crazy right after I heard that voice on the loudspeaker.

People rush through the area like they’re being attacked, while I walk to section 7B. I pass a row of patients, well more like a crowd. It was insane what the were doing. Finally I reach section 7B I see Carl. “Hey!” he said while he was being hooked up to cord after cord that finally connected to the experiment, which I did not like, so I jumped in and started shooting person after person with my M350. My advice to say yes to everything that I told Carl as I advised him needed to save his life, but first, it almost killed him. Then all of a sudden, I heard a beep that’s so loud and long. (If you’re reading this after my death, don’t worry. Carl is not dead.)

“Oh, noooo! That was lock-down warning siren, meaning we have 60 seconds to get out.” This was all said so fast I had no clue what Carl meant. I just unhooked him and we ran. We kept running as fast as we could without looking back. We ran out of the lab and through the quarry, running and panting until we made it to safety.

Survival of the Spiders

by Jackson

I wait for just the just the right moment to snatch a decent dessert. I silently stalk the soon-to-be captured insect. It starts to make its escape, but I snag it between my jaws. It’s already in my web as I start to wrap the defenseless creature in my silken thread. I expand the tightness of the web just in case anything unfortunate happens.

My mind says, “Feast on your prize!” but my consciousness says, “Wait until you desperately need it.” I try to adopt the fact that if I eat my catch now, I may have just shortened my lifespan. So I adapt my intelligence and leave my snack to “marinate.”

It seems hotter than a desert in this dangerous jungle. I must descend into better grounds for more satisfying food. Just then, I see a shadow fly overhead. Deciding it’s just some low-life animal trying to persecute me, I seem to be prosecuting my quest as my legs start to get numb and limp from all of the crawling.

I rest in a pile of leaves, trying to regain power over my many legs. I hear a loud cry as a huge, feather-covered creature soars toward me and snatches me up in its beak. All is dark in this damp shell of a mouth as I’m taken away from my jungle, my food, my survival.

Angel No More

by Fiona

My mom resents animals. She has always told me that animals are hard to take care of, and that they are something I should never get. She says that I should always be conscious of this. She says that they are like an icy pole: If you touch it, you’re stuck to it, and it is very hard to let go. However, the most important thing of all to her is that although they look like angels, animals will rip through anything that they see.

Of course, no matter what she says, I never listen. So, on a day when my mom was at a long, important meeting, I secretly went to the pet store with my dad and adopted a dog. When we bought it, we were told that she was a bit of a handful, but she was the only one left, and I really wanted a dog, so my dad let it fly. Boy, were we going to regret this decision.

It was four days away from Halloween when we brought our new dog home–we left her in our garage where my mother never goes–and soon after we had to leave her home alone. We were going to a formal costume party that was being thrown by a former employee of my mom. We had been to the house recently, so we knew we would have no problem getting there and back. Unfortunately, we waited too long before driving over there, so arrived a little late. The party ended up being very fun despite this, and the kids played in a nearby alley while the grown-ups talked in the living room all night.

My parents and I soon tired, and we drove home right after dessert. When we walked in the door, a horrific scene greeted us.Torn all the way around and right to the springs, I didn’t even know what to call our couch. There was nothing left other that a pile of fluff on the ripped up carpet that was beyond repair. My mother’s favorite lamp was on its side, rips running down its shade. There was broken glass all around, and amidst all this, we saw our dog. She was sitting there, all innocent, looking like an angel—just like my mom had said she would. My mom had told me pets were hard to take care of, and it turned out, she was right!

My mom got really mad after that, and we had to get rid of our dog, Ally. It was pretty sad for me, but I could tell my mom was happy about it—less work for her I guess. From that day forward, I never got another pet, but I made a vow to myself never to disobey my mother again. I suspect we all know how well that worked out.

Hungry Gabe

by Nick

It was a dark and stormy night.  Gabe walked down an alley, looking for some food.  He really craved a dessert to eat, but he wasn’t going to find it in some poor alley.

He continued to look for food, but all he found was a nasty banana peel.  “Gross,” he thought to himself.  “I would never eat that.  It looks like a smashed up slug.”

Gabe continued, but was struggling to adapt to the weather.  Earlier it had been seventy-eight degrees, but now it was a mere twenty-six degrees.  He started to resent the weather and lose patience.  He continued and walked down the alley to the main street, looking for a decent meal.  He was so hungry, even a bowl of cereal would do at this point.

So he decided to devise a plan to expand his journey and went left out of the alley continuing his search.  He walked and walked; finally, he decided to accept some unoffered assistance from a lady in an angel costume. Gabe swiftly stole the burger she was munching and put it right into his mouth.  Gabe hadn’t had food in hours.

He felt completely satisfied, but the lady in the angel costume was not.  Gabe, not caring while enjoying his meal, heard a scream in his ear.  “That’s my burger!” the lady exclaimed in disgust.

Gabe, without another thought, ran for his life, still chowing down on the burger.

Write to Me

by Madison

“Tomorrow!” I shrieked.

“I know, it’s kind of short notice, but I’ll only be gone until the end of the summer,” Bella explained.

“But I was planning on spending the whole summer with you, I looked back at the television playing a horror movie. Some guy was leading his girlfriend down a dark alley while low D chords were played on the piano. I picked up the remote and paused the movie I had seen recently. I put down my decent tasting dessert , a warm dish of ice cream.

“Couldn’t you have told me sooner?” I wished.

“I didn’t know till this morning either!” She protested, “I was planning to call you before I came over for the sleepover but I just ran out of time.”

I was starting to loose my patience, “I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me you were planning to go soon,” I through my hands in the air and shook my head. There was a few seconds of silence, I would have spoken but I felt it was Bella’s turn to say something.

“We could write to each other!” She said, bursting with excitement, “I’ll give you the address of the camp.” She picked up her devise and wrote something to hand to me, “Okay?”

I sat still. Then, I smiled, for Bella said an old, unforgotten phrase that we made up in first grade.

She smiled and said, “ I advise you to take my advice.

I laughed as tear slowly trickled down my soft pale cheek. Bella was my greatest ally and I knew I would miss her very much, I knew I had to write to her, I just had to.

“Okay,” I finally said, “I’ll write to you.”

The Alley

by Shane

I walk through the alley, my friend right next to me. I told him I was his ally forever, but not today. We got into an argument, I tried to have patience, but I can’t. I was trying to give him advice on basketball, he’s decent, but I’m trying to help. He’s like a toaster when his cord snaps; he’s mad. I offered him dessert tonight at my house, but he was too angry.

All I said was, “ Work on shooting those hoops.”

“I’m better than you,” he said. He snapped and threw my device on the ground.

So that’s how we’re walking through the alley, not talking. I don’t know the way home; we walked somewhere I don’t even know. This has happened recently, but it still hurts my feelings. My friend advised me not to do this again, although this was all his fault.

“Dude,” he said “I’m sorry for breaking your phone.”

“Whatever,” I said, crossing my arms all the way home.

“But, dude,” he said, “I am better than you.”

“You wish,” I whisper under my breath as we walk through the quiet, abandoned alley.

Ice Cream Quest

by Annabelle

I sat on the couch wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts. Despite the cool breeze of the fan, I was still smoldering in my stuffy living room in Santa Barbara. My sister Hailey trudged down the stairs and collapsed in an armchair across from me.

“We are going to have to adapt to this weather, the forecast says it is only going to get hotter.” She complained. “I’m going to grab an ice pack for the back of my neck.”

“Ugh,” was all I could manage. All I said nowadays was, “ugh”.

“Cheer up, girls,” my mother said as she waltzed into the room.

“I have five dollars for each of you to spend at the ice cream parlour!” she said. My sister and I perked at the sound of the word “ice cream.”

“Great; let’s get in the car!” Hailey exclaimed

“Sorry, girls, I’ve got to get to work. You’ll have to walk.”

“Ugh,” I said

As soon as I stepped out of the house, I turned to go back inside. The heat was unbearable.

“Come on!” my sister yelled from halfway down the street, urging me on. We walked through an alley, and I was happy to have some shade for a minute. We emerged onto a crowded street.

“Hey, Annalise!” Hailey said.

“What?” I replied

“We have a decent amount of money, enough to buy an extra popsicle for both of us!” she replied. I smiled and kept walking.

I was beginning to regret agreeing to have to walk such a distance in the rays of the hot sun for a dessert. I felt as if I were walking in an endless desert.

“Why is this taking so long?” I moaned

“Do you have a speck of patience in you? Accept that it is a long walk. Come on, we’re almost there!” Hailey responded.

And then I saw it. The Ice Cream parlour. Frankie Jr.’s French Gourmet Ice Cream Parlour. It was heaven, and I was the angel. Hailey opened the door for me. I stepped into heaven, letting a magical device called air-conditioning take me into its loving, cold arms.

Have you ever heard the saying “The journey is the destination”? Well, whoever said that is completely, utterly wrong.

Long Family Trip

by Riley

One Monday morning, the light shone bright through my curtains and into my eyes. I grabbed my device that I recently got and started to play on it. Just then, I remembered that my family was going on a vacation to New York. I jumped out of bed and threw on my clothes. I nearly ran over my sister when I was running into the kitchen, where my parents were. I jumped up and down. “Are we ready to go now?” I kept asking them every second. My parents told me to be patient.

Finally, it was time to leave. I raced to the car screaming, “New York, here we come!” We drove for about an hour; then I stated to get bored. My dad gave me some advice about riding in a car for a long time. He told me to read a book or play a game with someone. I tried to read a book for a while, but I got a little carsick doing that. Next, I tried to play a color game with my sister. We did that for about half an hour. Then we stopped to get some lunch. For dessert, I got a hot fudge ice cream cone. It was delicious.

We got back on the road. My mom told us that we would be going through the desert for a while. After many long hours in the car, we arrived in New York City, where we had to walk down a narrow alley to get from the parking garage to our hotel. The alley was dark and spooky. There was not a lot of trash present, but there were some big rats.

After checking into the hotel, we went out for dinner. Next to the restaurant, there was a music store. We went inside the music store after dinner; there were charts of musical chords on shelves and parts on counters. The store was very cool. It had almost everything that a person might need.

After we finished exploring the store, we walked back to the hotel. My dad needed to charge his phone so he plugged the phone charging cord into the wall. Suddenly, all the power went out in the hotel. It was a decent amount of time until the power came back on.

The next morning, we quietly left the hotel before people found out we were the reason for the hotel power outage. Dad complained the whole drive back home about “how they just don’t build them like they used to,” whatever that means.

Haircut Horror

by Mo

Clip, clip. “Ah!” I thought that I was going to get a decent haircut.  I thought wrong.  Let me give you some advice.  Don’t get a haircut from your mom.  Even though you think she’s your ally, she is not.  My recent haircut is a mullet.

For my patience of not yelling at my mother, I got extra dessert.  Maybe you will, too, when your mother puts a cat’s nest in your hair.

I should tell you the story now.  So, I was going into the haircut of horror with my iPhone 6, when my mother screeched, “Put down that device!”  I sprinted over there and sat in the patient’s chair, the most horrible thing ever!

I learned that now I should think before I do things.  I would rather walk down a dark alley or be stuck in a dessert than get another haircut from my mother.

Time Bomb!

by Lindsey

I, Nancy Drew, am working on a mystery.  A man keeps stealing people’s devices and putting time bombs on them.  At the moment, I was so tired that I almost fell asleep while driving.  I went to a diner named Dina’s Musical Diner.  The man, the suspect, was right there in front of me, but I didn’t know that until it was too late.

It was 9:00 p.m.  The musical part of Dina’s Musical Diner wasn’t very lively.  It was just an old, sleepy man getting all of the chords wrong on his guitar. While I was practicing patience, waiting for my dessert, I gave the musician some advice.  I told him to take some guitar lessons.

I went back to my seat, and my dessert was waiting for me.  At that same time, my closest ally called and told me to meet her on American Alley, so I departed.  I noticed the old, sleepy man left right after me.  I thought it was because nobody was there at the diner because I had been the only customer.

I met my ally on American Alley, and she showed me iPhone 6.  It had a desert background and a big cactus shaped like a human.  My ally went to her recents, and there was the time bomb!  The directions instructed us to connect all of the cords for the time bomb not to go off.  The cords were too tangled up for me to see them.  The time bomb was going go off in five minutes.  Just then, we heard an evil laugh and turned around.

It was the old, sleepy man!  He told us he was the one who put the time bomb on everybody’s phones.  He had a switch in his hand.  He pulled the switch and BOOM!

The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital.  The next two weeks of my life were horrible.  I had to stay in the hospital doing nothing and eating disgusting food for fourteen days.

When I was let out of the hospital, the doctors advised me not to go looking for that sleepy, old man, but what do the doctors know about mysteries?  I didn’t listen to them, and I went off and returned a day later with the man in handcuffs.

Hidden Passage

by Laura

In a small desert, a town is expanding, adding buildings and roads. The old costume shop still stands, but now it is a formal restaurant, and right next to it is a dark alley. This alley goes straight, but then it turns at an obtuse angle, continuing out of sight.

If you follow this passage, you’ll come to a garbage can.  Now inside this garbage can are two things: an empty cereal box and a decent pair of socks.  If you keep walking through this alley, you can come out in two possible places: an endless white expanse where you’re an angel or the best dessert shop in town. Which place would you pick?

Scientist to Shocker

martin-paul-lightning-bolts-illuminate-two-handsby Jackson

I sat hunched over my paper, sketching ideas while my teacher was reviewing something I learned in second grade. I was drawing an idea for an invention, a generator so my parents could save thousands of dollars on the electricity bill and finally get me some science equipment besides an indecent chemistry set for eight-year-olds that I got for Christmas last year, but I could adapt for now. I heard the bell ring and shuffled all my things together.  Then I rushed out the door, trying to avoid Chad, the bully.

“Going somewhere?” I heard, terrified as I turned around. Sure enough, Chad was lurking there, towering over me. Chad and his crew glared at me as I sunk down. I held my sketchbook for dear life. If I lost this, I couldn’t make my generator, which I had planned for months. I would walk across a desert to get this sketch. Chad had been adopted; that’s why he bullied kids.

He and his friends walked toward me and gave me a hard shove. I instantly fell to the ground and slammed my head into a pole. I was sadly still conscious so I had to feel the pain. Chad dragged me over to my locker and punched the lock. I heard the click, and I was instantly petrified. What Chad was about to do was formidable. He had done this to me so many times I had kind of become used to it. One of his crew members gave him a rope, and they tied my feet and attached the other end of the rope to the top of my locker. They then tied my hands together. Chad took off his sock, then and there, and stuffed it in my mouth. While I unwillingly squirmed around, they slammed the door and it hit my face. I turned and wobbled trying to get free, but I couldn’t. My head started to pound, and I could feel the blood rush to my head. My eyes started to feel heavy and then everything went black.

I awoke to footsteps pounding down the hall, and I heard my locker door scream open. I saw my two best friends staring at me. One of my friends, Rachel, was a cheerleader, and my other best friend was Riley, the quarterback for our football team. We used to hang out a lot, but since Rachel and Riley have practice together. We all spent a lot of time together until they started to go out. Since then, we hadn’t hung out anymore. I was wondering why they were at school so late; then I remembered. Rachel and Riley weren’t what you call scholars. They did not follow by the rules. So they were probably at detention. Riley and Rachel helped me to me feet.

“Want to come over to my place?” I asked them,

“Sure,” they both said in unison. We walked out to Riley’s car. His parents were loaded so he owned a Lamborghini. I hopped into shotgun and Riley started the ignition, and we rode off. When we got to my house, I realized I didn’t have my my key. I must have dropped it in my locker. I stepped back to prepare and charged the fence, lifting my body weight over the fence. I landed on the grass and opened the front door for my friends to come in. I ran up to my room to make my generator. I grabbed my chemistry set. My eye started to throb, but I ignored it so I could conduct my experiment. The world looked like strawberry jello through my damaged eye. I grabbed a test tube and poured the contents in; there was a huge crash, and I flew to the ground…and I swear I saw blue lightning.

Riley was standing over me. I reached out my hand, and he grabbed it. Suddenly, he flew back, and I rushed toward him with awe. I reached for his hand and saw it was burnt to a crisp. I grabbed Riley and ran to his car. I sped out onto the road towards the hospital. If he was dying, that would be a terrible thing to have on my conscience.  I sped to the hospital and ran in. The secretary saw the hand and picked up her phone. A doctor rushed in with a gurney, and Riley was flung onto it. He was raced to a room. I sat down on a chair, brought my hands to my face, and started sobbing.

Later, Riley walked out and my face lit up. We walked out of the hospital and went to his car. I saw a man standing there, pointing a gun at us.

“Give me the car,” he bellowed. I started to hand him the keys when I remembered when we were at my lab. I remembered the feeling when I burned Riley. When the man touched the keys, I did the same thing I had done before, and he flew back. I ran to the car with Riley, and we sped off. We went to my house, and he dropped me off. When I walked in, I was totally surprised when the man I had shocked was back with a gun pointed to my head. He tied my hands up and threw me in his trunk. Well, the poll was in. I was having the worst possible day ever.

The man started a descent down a hill, and I slammed my head onto the top of the trunk. My patience started to decrease when he went over every speed bump. When I saw light, he threw me on the sidewalk and kicked me in the stomach. I stood up, and he untied me. I walked towards a building, and I saw two guards. I knew if I went into the building, bad things would happen. I suddenly burst into electricity, shooting everyone back. I ran towards the car and hot-wired it. I drove off towards my house. I noticed cars pursuing me, so I shot electricity at them. I took a sharp turn and drove up my driveway. Nobody had succeeded in following me. I saw Riley and Rachel waiting out front, so I picked them up, and we went out for pizza, the three of us. We were finally a group of friends again, and hopefully I wouldn’t have to electrify people for a long time.

Back at school the next day, Chad cornered me and swung a punch. I grabbed his wrist and shot electricity through him. I swept my feet from under him and put my foot onto his chest below his heart and shot lightning. I jumped off him and saw his crew. I stepped, and they scattered. I finally wasn’t going to get picked on anymore, and I had my friends to hang out with. Maybe that black eye was the greatest thing that happened to me. If I hadn’t received it, I would have seen the correct test tube and not made the explosion, which gave me electricity powers…and I wouldn’t be known as the kid who beat up Chad.

The Magician

by Olivia

Ace“Huuh!” I gasped, as my clock wakes me up, I rolled out of bed and transitioned myself from sleep to waking and over to my closet to get dressed.  I put on some decent clothes and walked downstairs.  We recently bought my all-time favorite cereal, Lucky Charms, and I couldn’t wait for that first bite as I plopped down into the kitchen chair.  I was almost finished when my sister, finally, came down wearing one of her custom t-shirts, a hairstyle that probably took forever, and a face sporting a ridiculous amount of make-up that made her look like she put on a costume.  As she rummaged through our white fridge, she talked about how she would take me to the park after school.   After a long pause, I was able to think of an excuse so I wouldn’t have to go.  “Sorry,” I responded, “I have lots of homework to do.”

But it was too late because as my mom walked into the kitchen she replied, “Going to the park is a great idea!”

Greeaat!” I said sarcastically.

The way to school was quite boring as mom kept saying how nice it was that my sister and I were going to go to the park together.  My mom just loved for us to have “sister bonding time.” School wasn’t particularly interesting either, and I took every chance I could to complain about the wonderful “sister bonding” time I was going to have to endure at the end of the day.  My friends gave me some advice about how I might be able to get out of going, but I knew none of the excuses would work.

Back in class, we talked about writing our personal narratives, some precepts, and other writing strategies.  But when Ms. McClure showed us the new October precept, we all gazed in awe and inspiration as we read the quote: Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine voice within yourself so that you can hear it in others.”~ Marian Wright Edelman.

After school, I started to walk to the park where I was to meet my sister, but when I got there, my sister was nowhere to be seen.  I waited very patiently and read my book on an old wooden bench.  After a short while, a magician came up to me and started to do a card trick.  He asked me to pick a random card in the deck, and I pulled out the ace of spades.  I then put it back in the card deck, and he shuffled the cards.  At last, he randomly chose a card and asked if it was the card I had picked earlier. He showed me the ace of spades.  I was sure I had a look of immense shock on my face and asked him how he did that.  He showed me how he did the trick, and I realized how easy it was.  Finally, my sister arrived ready to do everything she planned.  However, it was time to go home, but now I knew how to do a magic card trick on my sister.  How’s that for “sister bonding” time?

Powell’s Perfection

by Mikayla

Chocolate_cangaroo“Can we go now, can we go now, can we go now!?” I repeatedly bugged my dad. We were going to Powell’s, and I had a twenty dollar gift card from one of my friends. I was eager to shove my candy into my mouth and not have to wait to have my dessert.

“All right! In a minute. Just give me a minute!” my dad yelled from the other side of the house. He soon came downstairs and said, “Ready to go?”

We headed outside and descended down the long, upright, slanted hill we lived on at Kentucky Street. It’s really convenient living there because less than a block from my house, we had restaurants, candy stores, toy stores, banks, frozen yogurt, parks, and many other adventurous places.

On our journey, my eye caught sight of a long, skinny, deserted alley in the distance. I’d never been down one, but I did know never to go down one alone in the dark. I’d seen people get beaten up many times in movies in alleys if the people arrived in the dark of night to an alley without an ally. Nevertheless, I was eager, so I said, “Dad, can we go down that alley over there?”

My dad didn’t care, so we did. It turned out going that way was easier because it led us through the different streets, and we didn’t have to backtrack. I also caught sight of a radio store with a bunch of full-sized Yamaha keyboards. I wanted one so badly! Yamaha is the best brand you can find when it comes to a keyboard device.  I would have to devise a plan to get one.

I lost track of the store when someone knocked into me and I got the point that I should move. Soon, I was at Powells. This store had every kind of candy any kid could ever dream of!  My mind dove into a wonder of me swimming around in chocolate, gumballs, warheads, jawbreakers, skittles, jolly ranchers, now and whoppers starbursts, kit kats, butter fingers, sour spray, toxic waste, crybabies, and many more. I picked out some of my favorite candies; jawbreakers, a giant Hershey’s bar, a box of whoppers, bag of jolly ranchers, pack of now and laters, mega giant smarties, and a lollypop. It was so dreamy, I was barely conscious as I paid for my candy, using up my whole gift card and the spare change in my pocket. I had expended my entire income.

Against the advice of some adults, we sat down on the bench outside the store, and I smothered my face with delicious candy. Soon it was all gone. Soon everything was gone.

The Circus

by Ava

7571776-800450-lviv-ukraine-august-17-lion-jumping-through-the-fire-in-circus-kobzov-on-august-17-2013-in-lviv-ukraineThe ringmaster’s conscience was telling him not to adopt this lion.  It was a decent-sized lion with fur like desert sand.  The people said it would be able to adapt to living with other animals, but the ringmaster wasn’t so sure, but decided to give it a try anyway.

“What do you think?” asked the Ringmaster.  He was taking a poll to see if the circus councilmen agreed with his decision.  the ringmaster wanted to expand the variety of animals in the show.  The councilmen nodded in agreement and walked away.  The ringmaster was nervous; would he succeed in the next show?

The show was on.  The crowd roared as the ringmaster introduced the show.  When he walked backstage after the introduction, the monkeys were getting ready; they were going to walk the tightrope, a cord held up by two poles.  The ringmaster walked over to the lion, barely conscious, and shook him awake.

“Almost time for your act, big boy.”  The ringmaster looked over onto the stage; the monkeys were done with their act and had started their descent down the pole.  When the lion trotted onstage, the crowd roared and cheered as he jumped through rings of fire.  As the lion finished, the crowd was on their feet.  The ringmaster gave the lion a steak for dessert and congratulated him.  He had put on a wonderful show.

The Cloud

by Bailey

People call me a thief, a scoundrel, a rapscallion, but I think of myself as a “borrower.” I have tried to adapt to living in the middle class, but it just won’t do. I seem to expend all of my energy spending money and worrying about my rent. That is no way to live.

As I journey forth, I am just barely conscious because the smog-filled air is far from decent for breathing.  Marid and Margreth, two horses I had to adopt, carry me in my carriage all the way from my home as I attempt to expand my fortune. I was expecting Permitha to be a hot, desolate desert, but I have found that Permitha is colder than the dessert I eat.

I am on my way to the biggest banquet of the year in search of a breathtaking diamond called The Cloud. I could become richer than I ever dreamed! Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

I have just arrived at the banquet, and everyone there is wearing exquisite clothing, but it’s nothing compared to my peacock dress and my silk gloves lining my forearms. I stride briskly through the hall to the box that holds the flawless diamond.  My conscience is telling me don’t steal it. In my slow descent down the stairs, I start to worry. I reach the diamond case, and I tap in the four digit code. I walk out clean.

Months later, I am sitting on my beach-side mansion sipping a fruity drink, basking in the sun. As it turns out, I am richer than I could ever imagine, and The Cloud has everything to do with it.

Alley Chord and the Amazing Flyer

by Cassidy

Once there was a fourteen-year-old girl named Alley Chord. Alley was not a normal girl; she didn’t like girly skirts, tight shirts, or those really expensive shoes.  Instead, Alley liked to build inventions with her ally, Tara.  Tara was Alley’s best friend. The girls had been best friends since first grade and did everything together, but mostly, they made inventions together.

Their most recent device was a machine that could transport you to the Mojave Desert whenever you wanted.  Alley and Tara were almost done building this machine they had devised. They just had to put the finishing touches on it, and then they could take it for a spin.

Alley was sitting at the dinner table with her mom, when she heard the doorbell ring, so she shoved down her dessert and ran to the door.  She let Tara in, and they went to Alley’s room and worked on the machine.  After they finished it, they tested their invented device. They both hopped in and Alley strummed a chord and pulled a cord. Nothing happened; they just sat there for a second.  “I put in all that work for nothing,” uttered Alley.

Patience,” replied Tara.  Then a few seconds later they took off.

During the journey, Tara gave Alley advice about how to act around poisonous snakes because when Tara was younger, she had taken a trip to the desert so she was an expert.  When they got to the desert, it was about 8:30 p.m., and Alley had to be home by her 9:30 p.m. curfew, so they only had an hour.  They jumped out of the device, and after walking around for thirty minutes, they noticed there was nothing interesting happening. So they went back to their machine, but when Alley strummed the chord and pulled the cord, the machine didn’t even turn on.

Alley hopped out of the machine, grabbed her tools, and worked on the machine. After a few twists and turns, it was up and running again.  So Alley and Tara headed home to start a new invention so they could embark on an even bigger and better adventure.

The Strange Alley

by Lucas

I was walking down a really dark alley. It seemed like it would never end.  I was supposed to meet a man in a tan coat who was going to give me some weird device that would get me home. I kept walking and walking, and there were tall buildings and trash cans. I heard a noise as I was passing a trash can. It was a chord of music. I really was not sure where it came from. I was thinking maybe it was the man in the coat I was supposed to meet. All of a sudden, I saw a black cat run toward me. I tried to pick up the cat, even though black cats are bad luck. The cat looked up at me and started singing.  The cat seemed to finish his song, and he just ran off. For some reason, I felt like he was trying to tell me something.

I was starting to lose all my patience, as I felt like I had walked for miles and miles, and I had no idea where the man in the tan coat was. I had to meet this man; this was getting crazy. I had to devise a plan and figure out what to do.   Right when I was ready to give up, I saw the man in the tan coat. I walked up to him, and I thought he was crazy as he started talking like a spy. He said I had to get this device to my ally on the other end of the alley. I took the device and walked toward the end of the alley, which I could now see. Before I left, I asked the man if he had any advice for me.  He looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Just don’t resent me for this.”

I started walking again, not sure what to expect. I was kind of scared, but realized all I had to do was get to the end of the alley. Suddenly, the black cat was there again, and he was singing. I understood that he was trying to advise me on how to get home. The cat then ran down these stairs, and I started to follow him.  I put my foot on the first step, and I felt like I was falling.

I woke up suddenly in my bed; it was all a dream. I started to laugh and thought to myself, “That was a pretty decent dream.”

My Zipline

by Lily

I was walking down an alley when my ally told me not to sing that creepy chord of the Molly song, which apparently everybody sings, because the alley was creepy enough. My most recent visit here was last week, when I was building a zip line with a cord, but I would not advise you to try that yourself because a lot of patience goes into building such a thing. Although it was a decent zip line, it didn’t go so well when it came to trying it out because it broke. I ended up with a pair of crutches and a signed cast stuck on my left ankle, making my ankle feel like it was stuck in desert sand, which I’m sure is very hot.

Here is what happened when I tried my home-made zip line. I was ready for take-off. I jumped off the crate I was standing on, and everything went fine until I reached the halfway line, and the sweaty handle broke. I fell with a CRAAACK and an “EEEEOOOOWWW!” Before I knew it, my friend was calling my parents to come pick us up.

After I got my cast on, I was grounded for a week because I was hanging out in an alley like a gangster. The bright side was that I received a special dessert for not being a cry baby when I found out that I was going to be grounded. I did cry when I broke my ankle, though, but that’s just natural.

So, the reason I’m back here with my friend is because we have to clean up the mess we made when I fell because lots of things were spilled, broken, and scattered everywhere. So my advice to you is this:  never build a zip line without a professional, and never wish to break your ankle because trust me, it hurts. So, the moral of the story is alleys are not safe; never get grounded; never break your ankle; and never, ever, ever build a zip line.

The Dream

by Dylan

There is a place in the former Soviet Union about which only a select few know. Many people think that this is a complete hokum; others think it’s just a desert, but I say differently. I have recently stumbled upon a clue in an alley in St. Petersburg, Russia. This clue advises me not to keep following the path, but also gives clear longitude and latitude coordinates.

The next step on my journey is patience, and I have plenty of it. You see, I have devoted twenty-three years of my life to finding this mysterious place. The reason for my patience is not only did I have the clue telling where the coordinates might lead me, but there is also the secret code I noticed when I held the clue up to the light. The code, oddly enough, bore the Illuminati symbol in three of four corners of the paper. I have to use an old Ukrainian/Siberian encyclopedia which, and I’m not exaggerating, is 4000 pages long and not even in alphabetical order.

After about a month, I devise a plan to once and for all prove that this place exists and accept what I have coming to me. After I have a decent breakfast of cereal and toast, I set out in my custom-made jeep on a drive that will take me exactly 478.3 miles southwest of St. Petersburg.

When I finally arrive, there is absolutely nothing, so I thoroughly search the area and still find nothing. However, then something peculiar happens, and everything is suddenly black. After I awaken and am completely conscious, I realize this has all just been a dream, and I am still in my house, far away from Russia, in Columbus, Ohio.

The Desert Mice Adventure

by Lilah

The hot, burning sun fell upon a small, little, dirt-covered hole.  In that dirt-covered hole, there lived four patients–well, four members of a family.  They were named Denise Chittercha, Brian Chittercha, Sofia Chittercha, and little, itty-bitty Evangeline Chittercha.  they lived a normal life like any other mouse family.  They had allies, enemies, and plenty of grain to eat, but their biggest problem was the aggressive, alert, and uptight Choochacha Hawk, Ms. Moltaha.

Evangeline sat anxiously waiting for the arrival of her best friend, Melanie Coocaan.  Melanie was the most decent, prettiest, and fanciest critter in town.  She even had a bush to live in that was nestled among a luscious field.  Also, instead of eating plain, old grain, she ate beetles and leaves, and all kinds of fancy food like that.  When Melanie arrived, the two began to play outside, to eat plants at Melanie’s house, and to do their favorite thing–playing tricks on Ms. Moltaha, the aggressive, alert, and uptight Choochacha Hawk.  One day while playing tricks, Melanie Coocaan and Evangeline Chittercha got caught…

“Squawk! Squawk!” Ms. Moltaha cried as the mice girls slowly stepped back in fear.  “How dare you come here?  Are you really going to play tricks on me?  Well, not anymore!  I’m going to stop your lives right–”

Sofia, Evangeline’s older sister, had come up slowly behind the yelling hawk and straight whopped her on the head, using a device she had made in wood-chewing class!  “Come on!” Sofia screamed, using very little patience.

“Okay, okay,” the two mice girls squeaked with a sigh.

As soon as they said that, the ground surrounding them started to fall in the hot Earth’s boiling core.  “Nooooo!” They all ran while saying that, but the dirt worked too fast.  A second later, they had fallen into the world of the unknown.

The three mice slowly and quietly got up and looked around.  “Holy cow!” they all yelped in interest.  What they saw was an alley of limestone and clay, some piles of rooty dessert, and a huge rock tunnel.

“Where should we go? Evangeline stuttered.

“I’m scared,” Melanie said and shook with fear.

“Guys, just follow me,” Sofia commanded proudly.

So they devised a plan and headed forward on the trail of lava rock and ash.


“Um, what was that?” Melanie asked.

“I’m sure it was just that fat Ms. Moltaha. Ha ha ha ha!” Evangeline squealed with laughter.


“There it is again!”

All of a sudden, the roof started to crumble, and they all ran with fear.  “Ahhh!” they yelled super loudly.


That was it; the cave had caved in!  They were stuck, lost, and scared.  Then Sofia had an idea.  “Guys!”

“What?” they answered.

“Guys, we can dig and climb,” she said in an annoyed tone.

“Oh, yeah!”

So they went on their digging adventure.  It took hours and hours to find a way out, but when they did, it was quite a success for them.

“Look, there is light!” Melanie cried with happiness.

“Awesome!” the two other mice said.

Up they went.  When reaching the top, they were for once relieved to see the sun.  They regretted their descent to the underground world of the unknown and soon returned to their loving families.

German Shepherd Christmas

by Max

“Can we get this one?” I exclaimed.

“No, Dad isn’t going to be happy.”

“But this is the right one, a friend for life, a German Shepherd,” I pleaded.

My mom said no again as we left the shelter.

The German Shepherd was epic–black with tan paws and a tail that looked like it was dipped in ink.  I wanted to adopt it, but our environment didn’t look like a German shepherd could adapt to it.  The dog was a puppy named Sparky.

Christmas was just around the corner.  I had to ask Santa.  It was my last chance.  I decided to hold a poll about getting the dog.  My sister, Nicole, voted–one yes vote, plus mine.  There was a tie:  My mom and dad against Nicole and me.  I had no choice other than to send Santa correspondence asking for the puppy.  Despite my parents’ disapproval, I had a clear conscience about my request for the puppy.

I felt my dream expand as Christmas drew closer.  I could imagine me walking Sparky in the park, eating ice cream together, and much more.  Later that week, it was Christmas Eve night.  Ready to go to bed, I hoped Sparky was going to be under my tree when I awoke.

That next morning, I frantically began my descent down the stairs to find a wiggly, warm puppy!  I promised to expend all my time to train him.  My mom came down.  “Ahhh!” she exclaimed.  “He better not get in my room, or I’m going to persecute him.”

Then my dad finally came down.  He said,”I’m going to prosecute him if he goes to the bathroom in this house.”

We all smiled.  This was a German Shepherd Christmas.

Pick Your Path

by Dylan

I shall advise you to read closely…

1. Imagine that you are walking down an alley, and you see two portals:  one’s to a desert; one’s to a dessert island.  You can choose which portal to go through.  Which do you choose?

2. You walk into the desert portal, and you see a large sand wall in front of you.  You walk towards it and feel it.  It crumbles when you touch it, and a small device comes out.  The device has a cord attached to it.  What do you do?

3. On your way home, you find your ally with something in his hand.  Then you hear a chord.  You ask, “What is that?”  Then he replies, “It is a…” He freezes in the middle of speaking, and you see it is the most recent music player and was made by a very decent company.  You devise a plan to restore reality, and you then get a cart and put your ally in it.  Then you’re off!

4. The desert portal closes as you walk into the dessert island portal.  You look around, and all you see is candy and ice cream!  The portal stays open, and you are in paradise!  You make a gingerbread house on the island, and live there whenever you want.

This is the end of this story.

5. You chose to follow the cord, and in your descent, you find a box and realize you are searching for a cable box.  You turn it on, and you see in front of you a giant television coming from the floor.  Furniture and flooring come out from under the floor, and the television turns on.  It’s on a doctor show, where the patients are testing the doctor’s patience.  The doctor in the show resents this, so you change the channel.

This is the end of this story.

6. You pick it up, and it zaps you to your house.  You restart your day. Go back to the beginning.

7. As you walk into the store, you see a robber with a gun in his hand.  He is pointing it at the cashier!  What do you do?

8. You walk to the portals, and a new one is there.  It looks like a clock, and you walk in.  Time resets, and you reset your day.  Go back to the beginning.

9. You run out the door of the store and completely forget about your ally.  As you run home and rush into your room, you realize this has all been a dream, when you hear someone calling, “Hey! Where are you?”

This is the end of this story.

10. You decide to stay and help the cashier, when you hear the words, “Wake up!” yelled in your ear.  You awaken with a startle from what was apparently a dream.

This is the end of this story…for now….


by Kelly

“Hey, Mom?” I asked.

“Yes, honey,” she said.

“I need some advice.  Well, this girl at my school, I really dislike her, but we are always on the same side for everything.  She’s a decent girl, but she can be really mean,” I said.

“Well, have patience with her, but I advise you to stay away from her if she is mean,” she replied.

“But we are on the same side all the time,” I complained.

“Then she’s your ally,” my mom said.

“A what?” I asked.

“An ally, a person you like or dislike, but who is on your same side,” she explained.

“Oh, well, maybe I should go to her house to sort out things,” I said.

“What are you going to say?” asked my mom.

“I’ll devise a plan as I go along.  No, I should play her a song on my guitar!” I yelled.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my guitar.  It was perfect!  My favorite song was her favorite song, and I had learned how to play it.  I ran downstairs, out the door, through the alley, up three flights of stairs, and to her apartment.  I banged on the door, and she answered.

“What do you want?” she snorted. “What is that silly device you have in your hands?” she asked.

“It’s a–”

“A guitar, right?”she said..

“Correct!” I answered.  “I know we don’t like each other, but maybe you’ll stop being mean after I play you a song,” I suggested, looking hopeful.

“I really resent that you think I’m mean,” she said, looking very sad.  I apologized, took a deep breath, and started strumming chords.  My song lasted almost four minutes.  I looked up and saw a tear run down her cheek.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Can we be friends?” she exclaimed, giving me a big hug.

“Of course,” I whispered as I choked back my own tears.

Gone Overboard

by Shaina

I guess I have to learn to adapt my resources here on this deserted island. My clothes were torn, I had no food, and I was lost and alone. But it all started on this cruise ship where I went for a party. It had been to announce the poll results for who was to be America’s best veterinarian. I think I had done a decent job with taking care of animals and having them feel exuberant. For example one time I had a dog that descended down a steep hill while trying to get a bone he had once buried. He ended up with a broken leg, and I had done surgery on it and made the dog feel great afterwards.

When my assistant couldn’t make it with me, I had to call her up on my cell phone and fill her in on the news that they were about to announce the results in five minutes! That’s where it all started. I went out to the deck and leaned over the pole to hear more than I could inside the boat with all the people corresponding and making conversation. After that, everything went blank… I had fallen overboard.

I had woken up on the island, almost conscious, but still a little light-headed. My conscience was telling me to go get food and look for things so I could survive until I could fully know my surroundings before I could file for help, but my body was telling me different. The ocean water had persecuted me because I was freezing cold all over and I couldn’t feel my arms or legs. I saw I had a smudge of chocolate dessert on my gown, which could have meant that someone had pushed me off the boat!

As soon I was on my feet, I went to explore the island to look for any evidence of life there. It seemed like the island would just keep expanding because I just kept circling and circling, and it seemed like the island just kept getting larger and larger! I needed to find something to call my adopted parents with or the police to come and get me out of this island! I had to get back where I started and see if there was a flotation device of some sort! I was been in luck; I found a mini boat that could fit one to two people. As I got some driftwood to use as oars, I started to push the boat out into the ocean water. I hopped into the boat and started to paddle, but it was way harder than it sounded. Luckily, I got through it. It was soon getting dark out, but I had to keep going. The tides were just about calm so I knew I had to find a boat to take me back to land!

Two days had passed with no water and no food. I thought I was about to die, struggling to paddle, when I found a ship! A ship! I stood upright abruptly and tried to shriek out, “Help me!” but my voice wouldn’t work. Since my voice was gone, I started waving my arms around frantically in hope someone aboard the ship would see me. I was so thankful the ship had seen me and was turning around to come and get me! I could see the crew throwing a ladder out so I took it and scrambled up to the top.

I could see all of the ship’s passengers and crew looking at me in a friendly kind of way even though I was probably a disgusting sight. They all asked me, “Do you need anything? Do you need water? Food? We’ll expend some money to get you fresh clothes.”

I was so overwhelmed, and I gratefully took the water, clothes, and food they gave me.  After a night of resting I went up to the captain’s cabin and asked, “Where am I?”

He responded, “You are in the Pacific Ocean, and we are about to dock soon in San Diego, California.”

“That’s just where I need to go! Thank you so much, Sir!”

Now, even though it had been as hot as a desert inside of the boat, I felt like I could leap about and sing since I would still be able to see all my friends and family!

I don’t think I’ll ever go on a ship again after the experience I had.

The Girl and the Mountain

by Grace

People are usually scared of mines, scared of not ever seeing the sunlight again and of the evil coal dust that steals into your lungs. But, once there was a girl who lived in a mountain’s mine. They called her ………..Mountain May!

The mountain was May’s adopted home, and she had quickly adapted to the mountain. The mountain and May were so close that people started saying they could correspond with one another. The mountain was May’s only friend because the descent into the mountain was so steep that no one even ventured near. The story behind how May got to live in the mountain goes like this……..

May’s father worked for the government. He was trusted with an important task, taking a poll on whether the factory should expand even farther or not. He had expended time and effort on the poll. Unfortunately, he had enemies in the government who thought his actions they witnessed suspicious. He was then prosecuted with the charge of changing the scores on the poll. They took it to court. There, the enemies proved the scores on the poll were different than they were on the due date the poll had to be finished, and May’s father was the keeper of the poll. The enemies wanted to persecute him, but the judge firmly said no, saying he only had to be punished and sent him to jail.

Poor May, her mother dead and her father in jail, was now alone.  She ran away, trying to escape her bad fortune.  May ran into the forest, and for three days, she searched for the right place.  On the fourth, while wondering, May came upon the mountain mine.  It was abandoned, dry, and far away from everyone.  She decided this was to be her new home.  May’s conscience told her the government couldn’t keep her father in jail forever; it wasn’t right, so she would wait there, in the mountain, wait for father and daughter to be reunited again!

A Superhero…Really?!

by Camille

If you could only see me now!  I am thinking to myself about fighting crimes and catching thieves, but that is just in movies!  Nowadays, it’s the police who usually catch the bozos.  Today, in this generation, I will be the Superman or the Spiderman.  But why is it always the guys?!  Why is it Batman, Superman, and Spiderman?  Why aren’t any of the really famous ones girls?  Then I know that this is my chance to change this.  My ally and I will change everything, or at least we thought we would.

It all started when my mom told me to switch the television channel to some cartoon for my brother, Brendon.  He squealed as he saw Spiderman shoot webs from his fingers.  I thought to myself,” This is pointless.  How com six-year-old boys are so engaged in superheroes?  I guess it’s kind of like girls and Barbies, but not really.  If animators make millions creating pretend heroes, imagine how much a real hero would make.”

I dialed my phone to call the only person I could trust with this very important super duper information. “I need advice,” I thought to myself.

“Hello?” Kate answered.  I knew she would have patience and help me become the best superhero ever.

“Could you come over immediately?” I asked.  “I have extremely confidential information to share.”

Ten minutes later I heard ding, dong!  I scrambled to the door in a more superhero-like fashion than normal.  If I was going to be a superhero, I would have to move like one.  I opened the door, and Kate was there holding a sleek, black device.  “What is this?” I said in a questioning, but also heroic, tone.

“This is the best, and I mean best, bad guy detector,” Kate said proudly.  I examined the device, which looked like one of my dad’s old flashlights.

“So what are you waiting for?” I squealed.  “Let’s go!” I screeched.  “Kate, I have to advise you that this will get pretty rocky.  If you want to relieve yourself of the job of being my ally, I wouldn’t blame you,” I said in a powerful tone.

“No way; I’m coming!” Kate screeched.

“Okay,” I replied, “since you’re my ally, I will need you to do some very important duties.”  Kate nodded her agreement.  Then I said,” Go take this to the Post Office.  It was re-sent to us by mistake, and it needs to be sent back.  It holds very important information.”  Kate again nodded her agreement.

I took the device that located all the bad guys.  Then I climbed on top of a skyscraper, seeing if the tool would pick up any signal.  Suddenly, I heard a girl shrieking at the top of her lungs.  It was as loud and shrill as the highest chord on a piano.  My device beeped constantly.  A gust of air nearly knocked me over as I skedaddled down to where I had heard the blood-curdling screech.  I saw a girl being held hostage in an alley by two men.  I started to approach the girl to save her as a hero would.

However, in my head I was thinking,”Go! Go! Save the girl; be a hero,” but I was also thinking,”I am just a twelve-year-old girl, and I am still afraid of the dark.”  So I then called 9-1-1.  The police were able to devise a plan and took care of the situation just like a hero would have done.  As I watched the police do their thing, I sighed and thought about how I could have been the next superhero.  I also realized that this world doesn’t need any more superheroes.  There are plenty already, and they do a decent job.

The girl ran over and thanked me for saving her life.  I realized that I didn’t have to be a superhero to let people know how special I was.  It was okay to just be the super me.

Say Goodbye to Buster

by Brandon

“Mom! The poll for kids says that most kids are very lonely without a puppy, dog, or any kind of dog!”

“Oh, really? Let me see that paper.”

“Um, okay. Why?” I asked.

RIP! “Aw, Mom! Why did you do that?”

“The reason I’ve ripped that paper was because all I hear is ‘Give me a puppy this, and give me a puppy that!’ I’m tired of hearing about dogs! I told you. I’m a cat person!”

“Then I’ll make my own money. I’ll get my own dog!”

Brandon stormed out of the room. Brandon had a very active conscience, so his imagination whipped up a Brandon that only he could see. “So, I heard you want a puppy, eh? I can get you a puppy.”

“How?” the real Brandon asked.

“You have a color printer?”

“Yes, but I’m not going to let you make counterfeit money! I’ll get arrested!”

“No. You’re only 11!”

“Still no. By the way, I hate it when you act like someone tough. I know you’re a nerd who wears non- decent clothes. Where did you get those anyway?”

“None of your business! If you butt in like that again, you are going to wake up tied to a pole!

“Again, not scared.”

The next day, Brandon was walking down a street, when he saw a box. There was a sign. It said “Adopt a puppy.” A puppy! Wow, this must be my lucky day! Brandon thought to himself. Brandon opened the box, and noticed a piece of paper under the dog. “Treat this dog very carefully. It adapted from the desert.”

“You must be hungry. Let’s get you some food,” Brandon murmured as he picked up the puppy.

Brandon brought the dog home and asked his mom if he could keep the dog.

“How much was it?”

“Um, $0.00.”

“Yes, you may keep the dog. Get it food, water, and it sleeps in your room. Got it, buster?” The dog barked and wagged its tail at the name “Buster.”

“Okay. I think I’ll name you… Buster!” The dog jumped out of Brandon’s arms and ran upstairs. The dog seemed like it already knew this house.

“Now, Brandon. This dog is going to expand. You must feed it with love and low fat dog food.”


Over the next two days, Buster expended the entire forty-five pounds of low fat dog food. He was fat. Fat meaning monumental, colossal, gigantic, the size of Texas. When Buster jumped on Brandon, Brandon was not conscious for ten minutes.

Brandon went downstairs, to find his mother, groaning. “Mom? What’s wrong?”

“This bill for low fat dog food. It will take me forever to answer this bill’s correspondence to explain we need to make payments for the food.  We cannot afford this. We have to get rid of that dog.”

“But, Mom, I can’t say goodbye to Buster!”

“Well, unless you want to live under a bridge of which bird poop descends from the sky, you have to say goodbye to Buster.”

“All right,” Brandon said.

“You have until next week. I’m sorry. Tell you what. We can go to cold stone for dessert.”

“Okay. But I’m not going to be hungry.”

After a week passed, Brandon said goodbye to buster. They gave him to the animal shelter, where he was put in the best care they could get him. Brandon knew the bullies at his school would persecute him and make fun of how he was too poor to have a dog. However, Brandon became a correspondent. He wrote letters to the animal shelter, and even got to volunteer there. He got to see Buster every weekend.

Brandon learned something. He had learned that best friends who get separated always find each other again.

The Deserted Bathroom

by Rose

My name is detective Rosie Bagosey. I have always wondered why the kids at Oak Valley Elementary School don’t go in the bathroom in the far corner of the school; it sits there all alone, having no friends to talk to. The school officials decided to expand the school by adding buildings by it, so the kids would use that bathroom. The kids had to adapt to the new buildings, but even after the construction was complete, they still didn’t use the bathroom. It seemed like the kids thought the bathroom was haunted or something. So I made a poll, asking them if they thought it was haunted or not. Everybody marked yes except little Jimmy marked no.

One day little Jimmy and I went to the haunted bathroom at recess. It was eerie, full of cobwebs and the faucet was dripping. All of a sudden, we heard a moaning noise. We stared at each other, our faces looking scared. We expended our energy while we sprinted out the door. Later on, I jotted down information about what had happened.

That night I was typing up a storm on my typewriter. Finally, I finished, I glanced at the clock, and it read 10:30 pm. I turned off my light and fell into a deep sleep. The next day I darted to the gym, posting my story to the pole. Everybody crowded around it, pushing and shoving. At lunch everybody was talking about how brave Jimmy and I were and all that. Jimmy and I just sat there enjoying my dessert. It was actually pretty decent. It was a brownie with whipped cream on top.

The next day Jimmy and I decided to go see what the moaning noise was. As we strolled into the bathroom, I thought we were going to get persecuted by the monster that was in the bathroom. My legs quivered with fear, as we looked around the creepy bathroom. I spotted a shadow moving in the corner, but I was afraid to look. I moved inch by inch toward the shadow. I looked around the stall, and there sat a kid wearing tattered clothes and who had frizzy hair. I screamed in terror as I ran to Jimmy, who didn’t know what is going on.

“What happened?” he asked.

“There is someone in the corner,” I said.

“Who?” he asked.

“I don’t know. You should go talk to him,” I said.

Jimmy walked cautiously over to the boy.

“Excuse me, shouldn’t you be at recess?” Jimmy asked.

“No, I don’t go to school. I’m homeless,” he replied.

Jimmy stared at me awkwardly.

“May I ask what your name is?” Jimmy asked.

“My name is Tommy,” he replied.

“Well, Tommy, would you like to stay at my house for the night?” Jimmy inquired.

I shook my head at Jimmy, telling him it was not a good idea.

“Yes, will you pick me up after school?” Tommy questioned.

“Sure, why not,” Jimmy answered.

Jimmy and I walked back to class.

“I don’t think you should have done that,” I said.

“It’s okay. I want to see what he is like,” Jimmy said.

That night when had gotten home from school, I called Jimmy asking him how Tommy was. He said he was very polite and he said his mom was thinking about adopting Tommy. I wrote a story four weeks later. This is what it said:

Case Solved

By: Rosie Bagosie

As you all know, Jimmy and I went into the haunted bathroom. We found what had been making the moaning noise. It was a homeless boy, who had been abused. His name was Tommy, and he was a nice young man, with a big heart. Jimmy let him stay at his house for the night. He was very polite and had good manners. Three weeks later Jimmy’s mother adopted him. They found out that his parents had abandoned Tommy at age five, leaving him at the school. He had been in the bathroom for two years. Now he goes to our school and all of you know him as Tommy Parker. He is a great friend.

That’s how we solved the case of the deserted bathroom. Remember, if you have a case that needs to be solved, you can call me at (555) 555-5858. Thank you for reading.

Music Machine

by Mathew

I walked down the alley with my ally, when I found a device that played a decent chord.  Once the music started, I realized it wouldn’t shut off.  We had to devise a plan.  Doing so wore out all my patience.  My friend had to advise me, telling me to sell the device online, but then someone re-sent the machine to us.  It was still playing when we got it back!  My advice is never to pick something up from the alley.

The Time Machine

by Kyle

I was walking down an alley and found a cord attached to an odd looking device that was the size of a refrigerator. I opened the door and stepped inside. There was a button that said “Time Travel,” so I pushed it. The world went blank as I started my descent into history. I felt excited about what might happen, but I tried to have patience. Finally, the machine came to a stop.

I heard someone playing some musical chords on an instrument outside the machine. I opened the door to exit the machine. Once I was outside, I looked around, and I realized that I was in ancient Egypt. I saw a man dressed in gold clothes playing a harp. I felt as hungry as a bear so I asked the man for advice on where I could get something to eat and he replied, “Humnum uta guta muma.”I could not understand his language so I made a hand motion like I was eating something. The man pointed in the other direction so I turned around and started to walk on a desert path towards a really big pyramid.

I arrived at the pyramid and went inside hoping to find some food. Once I was inside, I saw tables with some decent looking food on them, but when I looked closer, I realized it was all desserts! I could not figure out what to eat first so I decided that I would devise a plan of attack. I started out at one end of the table and worked my way through the plates of sweets. My stomach started to hurt, and I was beginning to resent the fact that I consumed so many treats. My stomachache was so bad that I had to claw my way to the Egyptian Doctor’s office. Luckily, the doctor understood my problem, and he gave me medicine, which he advised me to take two times a day. The doctor had patients waiting to see him so I left the office. As I walked away, I thought that the doctor was definitely my ally and friend. Although my recent adventure was really fun, I decided to go back to my own time. I went back into the time machine, pressed the button, and returned home.

An Alien on Trial

by Lindsay

One day an alien came to Earth and started walking around. Then he saw it and smelled it too. He got lost in his imagination so without the alien noticing, she of the scent walked away. So the nameless alien found a place to rest. The next day he woke up with that adrenalin feeling. It was her again and her lovely cup of coffee. This happened so often that one day he walked right up to the woman named Ms. McClure, grabbed her cup of coffee, and chugged it down. That cup of coffee was like a yummy dessert to him. Even a tiny sip of the coffee made him conscious of his surroundings. Emma was Ms. McClure’s ally and jumped out of nowhere and wrestled the alien to the ground and said, “I’ll see you in court, loser.”

When the alien arrived at court, there was a nice chord of music flowing softly in the background. Soon everybody started piling into the court room. The alien didn’t want to expend any energy (he hadn’t had any coffee yet that morning) so he sat very still. The alien and Ms. McClure gave their arguments to the judge. This case was so strange the judge decided to poll the audience to get their opinion about how he should rule. Based on their response, he decided not to prosecute the alien. Ms. McClure’s coffee just smelled too good to resist. However, the alien was warned never to persecute Ms. McClure again.

When the day was over, the alien sent a correspondence back to his home planet describing what had happened to him. They replied and ordered him to come back home immediately before he got himself into more trouble and descended into a life of crime. Ms. McClure, on the other hand, was left to drink her morning coffee in peace. The moral of the story is this: Don’t mess with Ms. McClure’s coffee!