Week 8: This Week’s Winning Stories

Equal Pay, Equal Play

by Taylor

“Dinner’s ready!” my mom called, and in two seconds, I had bolted downstairs. With one glance and the sweet smell of Mexican food drifting past my nose, I had already discovered that dinner was takeout from Mi Pueblo.

Yes! I love this restaurant, I thought. Laid out on the table were salsas, guacamole, cheese, and chips.

“MI PUEBLO!” my sister screamed as she also bolted down the stairs.

We’re so weird, I thought.

Later that night, after dinner, I plopped on the couch, stuffed, and clicked on the television. While I was flipping through channels, familiar faces popped up on the screen. They were Alex Morgan’s, Carli Lloyd’s, Tobin Heath’s, and Hope Solo’s familiar fierce faces. I admittedly froze and looked to see what they had to say.

Each of them had a similar opinion that was about the fact and unfairness about how men get paid way more than women do. For an example, take the World Cup, which has many soccer games that lead up to one final match. Men could lose the first round and get paid eight million dollars, while women could win the whole thing–every game and the final match–and only get paid two million dollars. The female athletes had to fight to get an equal amount of pay, which wasn’t fair at all. While expressing their opinions, all four all star athletes received unappreciated looks from the audience.

The women didn’t think this was acceptable behavior, so why was it happening? Six million dollars isn’t an amount of money that can be ignored. Surely if the men had received six million dollars less than the women, the problem would be solved quickly.

This dissatisfying difference has been allowed through years after years. So equal play; equal pay!

It’s the Day

by Marissa

These days can be good or bad. These days can make you happy or sad. These days can make or break your future in school for the next month. “Was switching groups really necessary?” I ask myself. I mean, think about it: One, it is chaos; two, everyone has to maneuver their way through everyone else, and three someone could get hurt.

In my opinion, this was not necessary, but today was the day. My goal today is to somehow avoid being put in a group with Cody or Ella. Why? you are asking. Well, Cody always spills his pencil sharpener on the floor and has to go ask the janitor to loan him a miniature handheld vacuum to clean up the pencil shavings, and Ella? She is just annoying, and she is talking to you or others 24/7.

Surely, it couldn’t be that bad. I mean, what are the odds that I will have to sit with them. I look up at the seating chart on the bulletin board. I was frightened. This was a big deal to me. I knew that no matter what I would just have to appreciate and accept the classmates I sat with.

The outcome? I ended up with an okay group, one that was pretty similar to the one I had before, with two exceptions–one being Ella. Still, I thought to myself, “It could have been worse.”

A Helping Hand

by Evan

I’ve often wondered how I can help people. In my opinion, helping doesn’t always mean big, huge gestures, like giving a house or tons of money. Helping could be something small, like pulling out the vacuum and cleaning up the floor. Helping could be as simple as organizing a magazine collection or putting the dishes away in the cupboard.

I think it is important that when helping others, you do it with care and kindness. Others will appreciate your help more when you focus on their needs, especially when times are tough.

Speaking of tough times, when there is someone in need of a meal, how about taking them to a restaurant to fill their bellies with food? I think that would be an acceptable way to help.

Another way to help is for those that are being bullied. No big news bulletin here: bullying is not cool. If we are all fierce in our support of people who are being bullied, then maybe this will help to stop it from happening so much.

So, those are a few of my ideas. I’m not saying I’m going to help all the time, but a little can go a long way.


by Ava

The dusty furniture was piled in a corner, its own absence fierce. A cupboard lay ajar, with molding, homemade chocolate dangling from its shelves. The old restaurant surely must have shined like a diamond once.

I slowly walked through the half-burnt door. I then opened the builder magazine to guide me as I started renovations.

Fame Life

by David

One day, I saw myself on a magazine cover and on a bulletin board. The reason I was pictured there was because I had gotten a part in a movie where I am a villain in a villain league, where my character frightens and kills people.

I didn’t think being on a magazine was necessary, but that is just my opinion. I did have a good role in the movie. One cool part is when my character blows up a restaurant and steals an especially expensive diamond worth ten million dollars.

I feel like I am famous. It’s a fame life.

Fierce Fire

by Devin

The people at the restaurant wanted to know if it was necessary to evacuate. They appreciated that the Sheriff came to tell them that they had to leave for their own safety. Among all of the people that were evacuated were many families in cars that made the freeway packed with traffic.

All of the furniture that was left behind is no longer in existence anymore. Still, it is possible that some homes are still standing, especially where the firefighters sprayed water.

The people that lost their homes in the fire received water and food from donations. They were very sad and frightened, but they survived.

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Lucas

I look out the plane window and feel very dissatisfied with the view. My mom is busy eating the chocolate-covered nuts she received from the flight attendant. My dad is busy reading the magazine he got from the airport restaurant.

The article my dad is reading looks interesting. It is about clowns.

“Hey, Dad, can I read that when you’re done?” I ask.

“Sure, let me just finish this last sentence,” Dad says and hands me the magazine.

The article is called “Clowns Luring Kids into the Woods.” Surely, this is a joke! I read the article and quickly regret it. Lately, I’ve been kind of freaked out about clowns. I’ve even thought that it is not a good idea for me to go trick or treating this year. It’s really scary what is going on with these clowns.

Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a very colorful glimmer in the plane window. I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling totally freaked out! I see it again. I’m about to scream, “Clown!” when I notice that it is the reflection from my mom’s diamond ring and not a clown.

Finally, six hours later, we are arriving back home. I open the door to our house, and in my opinion, it feels very cold. I look around. I see something very colorful flash by me. Then the cupboard door slams shut. Is it possible someone is here? Did I really just see that? I notice the chairs are all upside down. My mom is NOT going to appreciate this. She loves her furniture.

I feel so frightened! I open the cupboard door as slowly as possible, and the unthinkable happens: I see a fierce clown. The clown villain starts chasing me around our dark house until he finally runs out of breath and leaves through the back door.

I think to myself, “Was that necessary?”

I hear my mom yell, “Lucas, how many times do I have to tell you? Quit clowning around and come help us with the suitcases!”

A Good Deed for Nothing

by Natalia

My brother, Ryan, and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate him because he’s the most annoying brother in the universe; he’s an absolute villain. We love each other because we have no choice but to do so. The worst part is that he’s my twin! I pretty much got stuck with the worst sibling possible. Luckily, we don’t have to share a room. I would kill myself if I lived in the same room as him; it’s already enough that I have to live with him period. Honestly, I try my best to stay out of his room; I make any excuse I have to. His room is horrible: it smells like stinky socks, it’s messy all the time, and it’s dirty. Once I found a black banana peel, who knows how many years old it was.

Today, started off as any normal day. You know, my brother and I fighting, all of my mom’s magazines thrown on the floor, and a pile of dishes waiting to be washed instead of being put away in the cupboard. Today, if you were wondering, my brother and I were arguing about the chocolate bar. Ryan was about to devour the chocolate bar we were supposed to share, but then he noticed it was missing. He looked everywhere for it, I mean everywhere. There wasn’t one spot in the kitchen that he missed. I actually started to feel bad for eating it, I mean… umm… I started to feel bad for NOT eating the chocolate.

Anyway, Ryan, of course, sprinted faster than the speed of light to go tattle on me. The only thing I could do was to follow him. I ran after my brother. I found him in front of my mom panting. My brother isn’t very athletic, so I guess that running must’ve been hard for him. I quickly blurted out, “Ryan ate the candy bar!”

“What? No, she’s lying. Kennedy ate it!” Ryan exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air.

“No, you’re the liar!” I responded, pointing at him.




“KIDS!” my mom screamed my mom overwhelmed with frustration.

“Sorry, Mom,” I replied, taking on my goody-two-shoes persona and hoping my brother didn’t notice my perfect behavior.

Unfortunately, he was not fooled, and he said, “I’m more sorry, Mom.”

“I’m even sorrier!” I swore.

“Again, kids! I do not appreciate both of your behavior. Before we start discussing what happened, I have to tell you both something very important. I’ve been needing to tell you this for a while now. But anyways, on Friday, we are going to have a special visitor coming to our house. This visitor is a foreign exchange student, so she will be sleeping over at our house. We don’t have a guest room in this house so you both will be sharing a room. You guys will be in Ryan’s room since he has a bunk.”

“WHAT?!” my brother and I both screamed at the same time, finally agreeing on something.

“Is this very necessary? I can just sleep on the mattress,” I said.

“That will be too much work and will take too much space,” Mom replied.

“No, no, no, no, NO! This can’t be happening! Why, Mom, why?” my brother said.

“Kids, it won’t be that bad. I mean…”

I didn’t hear the rest because I stomped away to go to room.

I guess these would be the last days of my life. It’s pretty sad knowing you’re going to die in your brother’s room. I walked to my brother’s room, just to see what it was going to look like before I walked in on Friday and fainted after five seconds of being in there. I cracked open the door, plugged my nose, and looked through the crack. All I could see was socks, about four dirty plates, and half-finished homework assignments. It frightened me. I rushed back into my room.

Friday came like a flash. It seemed like I slept on Wednesday night and woke up on Friday morning. The only good thing about today was that we don’t have school. It’s some holiday that no one celebrates. In my opinion, I just think the staff and principal just want to do less work. I had the whole day to pack my clothes and say good-bye to my room. Then I thought of an idea. This was not acceptable! I may not be able to change Mom and Dad’s mind, but I can clean Ryan’s room.

So, I went to get all the things I might need: a vacuum, Febreze, gloves, a trash bag, a nose clip to block out the smell, and maybe a couple mouse traps. You never know what could be in that pile of gross things. I went straight to my brother’s room to start cleaning. It took a very long time. It became pretty disgusting in there at times, but I managed to get through it. I was so relieved when I finally picked up the last banana peel off the floor. I was super surprised I actually made it through alive.

I went to go tell Mom what a great job I had done cleaning up. Then she told me, “Kennedy, here’s some great news for you and your brother. The foreign exchange student is actually not coming. He had to cancel for some reason.”

“Really. Really?” I said. My jaw dropped, and I just stared at mom.

My brother walked by saying, “Someone changed my room. It looks very different now.”

Super Dab

by Whitney

Guess what? There’s a new superhero in town. His name is Super Dab! Awesome guy! He is the master of dabbing. Cool, right?

He says that it’s possible that he was the best dabber when he was little, too. It’s just that no one noticed. “I’ve always had an interest in dabbing,” he says.

I’ve received a lot of information from Super Dab, and I really appreciate it. Super Dab gives great advice on how to dab. He told me to maneuver my arms so that one is bent across my face and the other is straight out. Like I said, great information! Super Dab gave me one more tip. It helps if you eat chocolate. He says it’s better to relax your arms for dabbing.

Even though dabbing is great, Super Dab say’s that it’s NOT necessary to dab while you’re in class. That’s just his opinion: No dabbing, especially not in Ms. McClure’s class.

Anyway, Super Dab is a great role model and a nice guy. He is also very special! He is still among us. So be on the lookout!

Cooking with My Family

by Loie

I stare down at the cooking magazines and books, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m., wondering what to bake for my family. It has to be sweet, but savory. Breakfast, but lunch. Delicious, and more. My grandma owns a five-star restaurant in New York; my aunt and uncle own a lunch diner, kind of place in Canada. My own parents own a bakery in Paris, where I, Adeline Campbell, live with my mom who bakes pastries all day. Dad also bakes pastries but takes interest into other world-wide cooking like sushi, spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers, and more. Then there’s my pet monkey, Nathan… just kidding! My brother is Nathan, and he does act like a real pet monkey….. Wait that’s offensive to the monkey; sorry, monkeys! On the other hand, that’s my family, my foodie, monkey-like family.

I still need to think of something to make for brunch! My whole family is coming for this meal, and I have to serve it! I must prepare something that everyone will like! Chocolate croissants…no, scones….no. Then it comes to me…. Crepes! Like pancakes, but more flat, like tortillas. In crepes, I add all of my toppings (in my opinion lemon and sugar are the best) then wrap them up and eat them! Last time I made crepes I was dissatisfied by how they came out, but I am surely to do better now.

I get out the eggs, flour, whole wheat flour, water, salt, milk, and begin to melt the butter. It is easy especially to find all of them because they are mainly all stored in one cupboard. I begin to prepare the crepes. Wow, now that I have learned fractions, this is a TON easier! Now that line in between the numbers on the measuring bowls makes sense; it’s a fraction! I quickly mix up the batter and put one crepe on the stove to cook as I slice lemons, oranges, and peaches for the topping bar. The routine starts feeling more “familiar” when putting the crepe on the pan, pour, spread, sit, flip. I finish the batter and I have about a MILLION crepes!

Soon, all of my family is here trying my crepes! I am frightened to see what their opinion will be, good or bad? I still put a smile on my face even though I am scared out of my mind, and I hug all my relatives. My grandma, the one who owns the five-star restaurant, goes to taste my crepe. I can still feel the jitters when I think of it. She takes a bite and waits for a second. “This is the best crepe I have ever tasted, Addie!” she shouts!

(If you were wondering, Addie is my nickname.) After finishing that bite of crepe, my grandma runs up and gives me a huge bear hug. Right at that moment, is where I am the happiest.

Normal Day

by Daniela

The beast had awakened but closed its eyes again. It had no desire to awaken, but it knew it must. Reluctantly, I got up and walked to the kitchen where my mother greeted me. I opened the cupboard and reached for the bowl with flowers dancing across it.

I was walking slowly, sleepily across the kitchen to the table. I sat down, and then poured the milk and cereal into the bowl. Breakfast was never something I ate regularly, especially on the days I was late for school, but today, I didn’t have school, so I was in no hurry and had nothing better to do.

I watched television until I was blinded to my surroundings.  When my eyes hurt, I squeeze them shut and reopen them.  I just then noticed the absence of my mom, who was surely at a restaurant with my dad.  This made the house much quieter.  My mom would always sing to herself,cook some bubbly soup, or vacuum around the house. Saturdays were her cleaning days, and today was Sunday, so the house was neat and tidy.  Among the dishes, there was only one dirty one.  The house was spotless.

As I was in the middle of baking cinnamon cookies, I noticed a white box by the front door.  My opinion would have been that it was some weird package someone had mailed to us, but those boxes were brown not white. The box got my interest, and I thought about all possible things it could hold within it.  Then the box moved so I thought it was my little sister who thought she could maneuver like a car. I walked to the box, planning to ruin my sister’s imagination. I threw open the box, and there she was, my hairy, little sister.

“Wait! What?” I exclaimed.  I had taken a closer look. That was not my hairy human sibling.  It was a puppy!


by Genevieve

Fangs met fur; the sound of paws scraping against the ground was blocked out by the harsh sound of snarls. The rays of sun placed its spotlight on the fighting dogs. The dogs slash their claws at their opponent. It was complete chaos.

Squirrel watched the bigger dogs jumping over each other and abruptly biting each other. It was a similar feeling to being stuck inside a hurricane. Squirrel knew the other dogs weren’t frightened by this so she wouldn’t be either. Just then a dog from her pack got thrown at her by a fierce looking dog. The dog that got thrown at Squirrel stood back up and lunged at his attacker. Squirrel targeted the smallest dog she could find from Arrow’s army and attacked it. It yelped and jumped backwards, surprised that it got attacked. It turned to face Squirrel.

“Prepare to di-“ Squirrel stopped in mid sentence.

“Squirrel!” the dog shouted, and -several dogs looked around to see if there was a squirrel.

“Vihilst, I missed you so much,” Squirrel smiled.

Vihilst and Squirrel nuzzled respectfully.

“I thought you died in the fire,” Squirrel exclaimed with a giant grin. Her short tail whipped back and forth excitedly.

“Aren’t we supposed to be killing each other?” Vihilst pointed out.

“Nah, it’s not that important to defend your pack from some sort of villain maniac.

“Are you saying I’m a maniac?” Vihilst looked insulted.

“No, I’m saying Arrow is,” Squirrel gave Vihilst a sly grin.

Moon was abruptly pushing through the crowd of dogs so she could find Arrow. She spotted him battling some other dogs, and then she spotted Squirrel and Vihilst. She stood watching them, and she raced toward Vihilst. Moon bit Vihilst on the neck so hard that it almost killed Vihilst. Vihilst gasped for breath and staggered into Moon. Moon was about to kill the little dog when Moon got thrown into the ground. Arrow stood over her, watching her try to escape. Moon used her wind powers to blow Arrow away, it wasn’t a windy day to she had to gather wind from places far away. Arrow was sinking his fangs deep into Moon’s neck, a move that would kill Moon in a matter of seconds. Moon struggled for oxygen. Moon grew more weak and tired.

“No!” screamed a frantic voice from behind Arrow.

Arrow looked up to see Whisper.

“Arrow this isn’t necessary at all! Especially to kill your sister! Surely you would know that? Whisper cried out.

Moon slipped out from under Arrow gave a warning glare to Whisper.

“I appreciate you trying to look after me, making sure I don’t do anything wrong,” Arrow sarcastically said.

“No! I never cared about you Whisper, so why don’t you leave, find some other hero to save, you’re out of your league,” Arrow snapped, he could tell Whisper was shocked and sad.

“Arrow, be quiet, I hear something,” Moon watched as the fighting packs stood still.

“You always hear something,” Arrow cracked.

“No, quiet,” Whisper growled, her hackles rising slightly.

Out of the cave of trees stood Shadow.

“Oh, I see you’re all waiting, waiting to die,” and Shadow lunged at Arrow, violently biting and clawing him.

League of Diamonds

by Annabelle

I, Charlie Van Fred, declare that whoever is in possession of this diary is automatically part of The League of Diamonds, a club for only the people who have either found or Inherited this diary. We are diamonds because we are awesome. If this diary is found, you, by order of me, have to record who you are, and hide it for the next person to find.

So, I will start. As you know my name is Charlie Van Fred, and I am a twelve-year-old orphan. The only way I know how to read and write is from my years at an orphanage. I escaped, though, to become a cabin boy, and later on, a stowaway.

Oh, of course—the year. The year is 1652. I live in England most of the time. This will be the last time you hear from me, for I am hiding this diary tomorrow.


Good day, my name is Angelina Smithens. I am aboard the majestic ship, the Mayflower. I found this diary crammed between two boards in the dock right before I boarded the ship. I guess I am part of the League of Diamonds now.

I am thirteen. Life aboard the Mayflower is not very quaint. I am constantly above deck, choking on my supper. I thought the captain would maneuver this ship better. When we get to the new world, I will hide this diary somewhere, maybe in a tree stump, or in the horse’s stable.

Oh, how I long for chocolate! Maybe I will get some in the new world. Dear, I must go now.

Angelina Drew Smithens

My name is Benjamin Smith. I found this diary in a small hole in the tree I am using for shelter against the rain of gunfire. Those nasty redcoats! I am seventeen years old, and a war is raging. The British are fighting the colonies.

Oh, what am I doing, writing during battle? I am surely to die doing this. One moment please! Sorry, they are beginning to shoot cannons at us. I know this is vain, but I think that among the people fighting around me, I have the best shot, and they all would appreciate it if I started fighting again. Of course, it is in their best possible interest. I must go now.


Hello, my name is Annie, and I am seven. I barely know how to read and write. I found this by the creek. I am sitting on the bank right now. Surely my absence is worrisome, but I will be back to the covered wagon soon. We are moving to California from Delaware. I miss it terribly. Wish us luck on our journey.


P.S. That heart drawing took longer than it looks.

Wow, I am shaken (literally). Just a mere two hours ago, I was setting the tables in my father’s restaurant, when the whole world began to shake. San Francisco seems to be destroyed, and I am sitting on a rather comfortable pile of rubble. The year is 1906, and I am eleven years old.

Golly, this diary is old! It dates back to 1652! It has survived the American Revolution, traveled on the Mayflower, and more! I will hide it in a pile of ashes, out of the way of the raging fires.

I guess I should begin to help clean up and get to safety. Wait! I have not told you my name yet. My name is Jonathan Pfeiffer. I should go now. Hopefully, San Francisco will see better days!


Golly! I am pondering whether or not I should turn this in to a museum. I don’t think I should. I found this wedged between two bricks in the wall of my SF home. I was cleaning out my room, for we are moving to London. Curious, England is where this diary was first written in.

My name is Susan (Susie) Barrum, and I am nine years old. I am typing this entry, because I prefer using a typewriter to writing cursive.

The year is 1965. Have you ever tried vacuuming and typing at the same time? It’s hard. I would give you a demonstration, but that would be impossible. Well, Bye!


Hi! My name is Jessica Jordan, and I live in the year 2015! Omg, this diary is so old! I could, like, turn it into my history teacher and get an A+! I love 💗 getting A’s.

Anyways, I am thirteen years old. Omg! Angelina is thirteen too! Well, was thirteen. Maybe we can text! Wait, no, never mind.

The year is 2015, and I found this under a seat in terminal A29. I am visiting San Francisco from Chicago, Illinois. CYL!

Love Ya!💟😻💕

The Diamond Heist

by Nick

There is a super special league of villains hiding among us.  They are known as the evil diamond thieves.  They maneuver their way into every store, dressed as security guards or a cleaning crew.  While dressed like a cleaning crew, they can search through each jewelry case, stealing all the diamonds possible.

The thieves haven’t been caught yet, but the guards are searching for them, even though the authorities don’t know who the thieves are because they are so sneaky.  They should surely be caught, but their skill makes it hard to know the identity of those that committed the crime.

Interest is growing in these criminals and in finding out who they are because every time the thieves steal something, they replace it with chocolate.  The police are now referring to the criminals as the chocolate bandits.

Years later, even though the group had broken up because they had stolen enough money and sold enough diamonds, the chocolate bandits still met annually at the same restaurant, “The Treasure Chest,” to discuss their past crimes.

The Spy

by Joe

One day, I was recruited to become a spy as a kid. This might sound crazy, but it isn’t; trust me. I was walking back to class when a guy came up to me and gave me a card. This kind of frightened me, but surely it was nothing. “What are the possibilities of this being bad?” I thought. I walked into class and continued to do school work. I was finishing my story about villains wearing diamond suits who would capture people with a vacuum, when the fire alarm went off.

We walked outside to see that there was no fire. Everybody was dissatisfied with the mistake. When everyone was going back inside, I asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom.

Next to the bathroom door there was a note similar to the one that guy had given to me. This note interested me so I picked it up. It said, “Go out to where the people get picked up after school, and I’ll be there.”

I became so curious I went over to the pick-up spot. All of a sudden, a car pulled up, and there was a guy sitting in the driver seat. He looked like one of those secret service agents.

He told me to get into the car. At first, I wasn’t sure about it; then I examined the car. It had a gauge that was totally cool and plus, it was like one of those cars the President rode in.

I opened the door of the car and sat down. The guy that was driving said, “Good, your best decision yet.” Then he didn’t say anything after that.

I looked to the right of me and saw a tray that was set out. It had lots of candy on it. It looked like a tray of candy just made for a kid, which kind of made me suspicious. There was an array of chocolate, gummy bears and sour patch kids. Among the selection I picked sour patch kids.

Suddenly, I heard a clicking sound and then a boom. The car was being brought under ground. I exited the car and saw the President of the United States sitting in a chair. All of the furniture in the room was very fancy, since it was for the President.

I asked, “What am I doing here?” Then the President responded, “I need you to be a spy!” I was shocked! I didn’t know what to say.

Oh, No!

by Madison

It all started with that dumb sign-up sheet on the bulletin board:


Meetings held every morning
on the school stage.
Sign up now!

I looked at the sheet with disgust.  “I hope my mom doesn’t see this,” I said out loud, but right when I walked out the door, I saw the principal handing out fliers.  Then he gave me one; it was the same note!  “No worries,” I thought and threw the paper away.

Later that night, my family went to a restaurant to get some dinner.  When I walked into the place, I saw it–the flier.  “How am I going to maneuver my way out of this one?” I said to myself.

I quietly walked away from y mom to find something to distract her.  Then I found a magazine.  “This will do it!”

My mom must have noticed my absence because she looked suspicious.  “Was it really necessary for you to run off like that?” my mom scolded.  Her fierce voice frightened me.

Then I said, “Yes, I thought you would appreciate this magazine I purchased.” (My mom loves reading, especially magazines.)

My mom thought the magazine was acceptable, and she started reading.  About two minutes later, she looked up and said, “Oh, remember we have the dance lessons tomorrow!  I signed us up for the mother-daughter dance team.”

I just stared at her in despair and annoyance.

Villains Will Be Villains

by Zoey

Great. Just Great. I am sitting in a restaurant; it’s the 20th, a Monday. It’s my day off. I’m in the middle of eating my lunch, and I can tell the man who just walked in is a villain. How do I know? I know because I can see that fierce look in his eyes, but for some reason he also looks frightened. I only work when necessary, but only because my employer already has so many workers. Then why do you have a day off, you say? Well, because I’ve worked two weeks straight. See, my job is to catch any villain that’s on the loose, especially the ones that go into stores and steal one vacuum. But why only one? And who steals a vacuum? People that aren’t normal, that’s who.

My employer calls me in to work. I know it’s my day off, but I don’t argue. Some people are frightened of my job, but it’s not that scary. I don’t do any of the “you’re under arrest nonsense.” I spy on villains, which is acceptable. So it is your opinion the job is dangerous, not mine. Just saying; it’s not scary.

To do my job, I sit wherever the villain is located. I sit and pretend to read a magazine. I see the villain again. He knows someone is following him. He goes into an empty apartment. I follow. I call my team, and within five minutes, they arrest him. He has twenty vacuums. Apparently, this villain was building some sort of machine to get rid of the town’s power. He says something. He says he’ll be back. It looks like I may have to work another day off sometime in the future.

Whacky Wayne

by Julia

I was walking down Kentucky Avenue, when there it was, a kids favorite place to be. The sweet shop and soda fountain mixed in one building. How I was tempted to go in and buy as many chocolate bars and gumdrops as a quarter could buy. The only thing holding me back was the sign on the front door: “Closed. Come back at 11:00 am!”

I went further down Kentucky Avenue, and I found a vacuum sale. I went into the store because I had nothing better to do. The first thing I saw was a whacky guy playing what seemed to be vacuumical chairs with himself. He had sparkly suspenders, jeans that were WAY too short, a plaid shirt, a curlicue mustache. His hair was gelled in a do that was a style from what seemed 800 BC. I received the vibe that he was a special man. He saw I had entered the shop, and he greeted me very nicely, as though he liked to make friends. He started to tell me about the vacuum sale and how we should appreciate having good-quality vacuums to clean up the messes.

“We annually have a big sale around this time of year!” the salesman said as I looked at the different types of vacuums.

“I would like to buy one; would you give me a demonstration of how this one works?” I replied, referring to the bright teal one in the corner.

He grabbed the vacuum like it was made of gold and said, “This one isn’t for sale, young lady.”

“Okay,” I responded, wondering if the big reaction was necessary, as he started mumbling to himself something about how his family usually kept one “special” vacuum for its looks. I guess he thought that I would fall for it, but I knew there was something behind it, more than just its looks. As I started to push towards finding out what was really going on with things, the salesman was getting super mad. He told me the store was closed, the sale was over, and I had to leave because he was leaving. I said okay, but I still knew there was something odd about that man. So I followed him all the way across town to Allen Street.

He pulled out his keys and walked into the old Applebee’s restaurant like it was his home. Maybe it was. It was just at that moment that I realized this man was a villain who had tricked me into following him. He left the door open because he knew that I would be lured in. As soon as I entered the building, he shut the door and turned around. I really should have just gone home. 🙁

I saw the look in his eyes. It was more like “I want a candy bar!” than “Be quiet or I will kill you.” I was thinking that maybe he wasn’t such a bad villain. Right when I was about to say something, a sound came from the back. When he turned around, the “League of Seven” came bursting through the door! The whacky salesman, whose name I later learned was Wayne, ran out of the place like a scared little girl. Hopefully, I won’t have to see him again any time soon!

Dinner Gone Wrong

by Riley

spagethi3It was Thursday night and my brother had just placed first in high jump at the track and field league finals. He had received a medal so we decided to eat dinner at a restaurant to celebrate. We sat down at our table and our conscientious waiter told us the specials while referring to the menu. It was right about then that things started to go bad. While we were waiting for our food, I noticed that my dishes were dirty and there were crumbs on the table. I was dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Our waiter was bringing our food to the table and he tried to maneuver around a lady who was getting out of her chair. The two collided and food went everywhere! Our waiter gestured to several other waiters and they started to clean up the mess. They turned on an extremely loud vacuum, which was really annoying. To make things even worse, the Bureau of Restaurant Affairs was holding a demonstration outside. We didn’t appreciate our dinner that night, and we went home tired and hungry.

Young Writer

by David

writer-o_e0Ms. McClure was standing up in front of the class, wearing her purple tie-dyed dress, as she said, “Today you are going to be part of a young writer league.” I was so excited.  I could not wait to begin writing, especially because this was the first time I was going to participate in the writing contest.  The one thing I was worried about was about how to do better than the scholar kid, Bob.  Bob always, but always, won the contest.  Bob was like a big lion, and I’m the small, frightened bunny.  Bob was so good that he had won the competition five times in a row.  However, this time, I was going to add as much detail and description as  I could, so I was going to make it possible to win against Bob.

After school, I rushed off the big, long yellow bus and headed to my white house.  I grabbed a long sheet of paper, and I started brainstorming my ideas.  As I listed the necessary amount of ideas, I finally found the perfect idea.  I began to write my story, using my best similes, metaphors, engaging sentence, and descriptive details.  Among all of my writing I have created in my life, surely this piece was the best.

Later, as I sat and awaited the contest results, Ms. McClure announced, “This year’s first place is received by David.”  I jumped up, almost touching the sky.  I said to myself, “I made an acceptable story.”

The Double Threat

by Jackson

Emo_Wings__by_TayMEI sit on the gigantic cliff, overlooking the city. It sure is the restless city, I think to myself. I look out into the great city of New York. There are cars maneuvering through the streets like flies swarming around. The lights are as bright as jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night. I gaze up into the stars, trying to find where I am, using the North Star. I look into the streets, trying to find my old home, where I used to live. I scour the buildings trying to find my old parents’ house, from before I ran away. I used to love living in New York and seeing all the fascinating people. The subway was always fun when I was a little kid. I remember when I was in little league and my out-of-the-park home run. All these memories are vivid as I refer to them in my mind. I still have a feeling similar to the one I had when I first ran away. My anger starts to boil up until I cannot take it anymore; I have felt too much sorrow. I finally get up and step back. I take in the beautiful scenery one last time. I turn and run to the end of the cliff and jump.

I soar through the sky; I have the same rush as I have had many times before. If I could gauge my speed, I would probably be going ninety miles per hour. I turn my head, so I am doing a nose dive. I see a skyscraper below me, but I am still dissatisfied with my demonstration. I burst into flames and deploy my personal parachute. In a nano second, I am hovering there displaying a thirteen-foot wingspan. Yes, I have wings. Some people don’t appreciate my powers. Some people think I am a villain to society, but me? I think I am a freak.

I fly in to my “headquarters,” really my apartment. I have set up an organization for freaks like me. Let me run you through the team. There is Mark. He is our stealth person; his power is he can blend into his surroundings. Then there is Austin, who is a super genius. Next there is Lily. She can control people’s minds—she’s really bossy. Then there is me. I am the leader for the reason that I have the most powerful powers.

“I have received intel that might interest you,” Austin says.

“What is it?” I ask impatiently.

“There have been several sightings of kidnappings. My readings say the victims are special like us. I have tracked the people and they are taking these children to a facility in Pasadena. I have implanted security cameras on these kidnappers, and I think I can see the facility.” He pulls out his laptop and he starts typing away madly. “I have surveillance of the cells, and I think this is where they are harboring these children. These scientists are fierce and want answers. We need to save these children before they are tortured. We have to…” I put my hand up so Austin can’t continue his sentence.       

“Okay, we will go save the children, but we need a ride.”

“Already have one,” he replies cheerfully. He pushes me out the door and opens a garage, where sitting inside is a banged up SUV.

“That’s a piece of metal on wheels,” I say.

“Wrong, this SUV has turbo and can hit speeds of 120 mph. It has nitrous oxide and convenient cup holders. With a paint job, this will be a beauty.”

“We’re leaving tomorrow morning. Have it ready by then,” I command, hoping it will be done. I walk into my room and sit on my bed, wondering why I had to get into this mess.

I awaken the next morning like any other with my alarm clock smashed under my hand. I throw the alarm into the pile of the other broken ones. I shuffle my feet across the ground and open the garage door. I see the SUV Austin was working on. I am in awe. It is beautiful, a shiny brand new car. Its roof is convertible, and Austin was right: the cup holders are convenient. I walk into Austin’s room as he snores loudly. I shake him awake.

“You did it; you made the car look amazing.”

“Yeah,” he says groggily. I wake everyone up, and we all pile into the car. I start the ignition and zoom off.

We are on Highway 112 when I see a plane in the sky. It looks like it is getting closer. It continues to draw nearer. As I turn onto the exit, the plane is landing in front of me. I slam my foot on the brake, and the car swerves uncontrollably. Before I hit the plane, the car stops. I step out, and the plane door opens. Soldiers bustle out of the plane, guns in hand. The soldier in the front swings his gun up and points his sight right on me. I can feel the red dot focusing on me.

“Down on your knees now!” he shouts, and I drop to the ground. He walks over to me, gun ready. He swings his gun in the air, and the stock makes contact with my face. Instant pain sears through my face, but I am still conscious. I am frightened of what he will do to my team. He swings his gun up, and it instantly hits my gut. I spit out blood as the soldiers laugh at me.

“You are a threat to society,” he hisses into my ear. He takes his gun up yet again and hits me right in the ear. I can hear the blood rush to my ear, as I sink to the ground and curl into a ball. He swings his gun up one more time and hits his gun into my knee. I wither in agony. I feel pain around my entire body, and then the world goes black.

Sometime later, I awake with my hands tied behind my back. I look around and see my crew all with me. Lily sends good thoughts through my head. I can feel the dried blood on my ear. Everything is black except for the outline of my friends. I feel like we are moving. I lay here thinking of what is going to happen next. My questions are answered when we come to a sudden stop. The men open the door and pull us out. They pick us up and walk us into a building I recognize. It is the one I saw on Austin’s computer. I find I have an absence of courage. I swallow, and the men walk us into the building. They sat us down and leave, calling scientists.

My mind quickly devises a plan. My hands light up to fire, singeing the rope. I get up and release my team. We all stand and then bolt down the hallway, trying to find the kidnapped kids. We see four scientists walking down the hallway. I go into a corner and jump them as they approach. After disabling the scientists, I grab the lab coats, and we throw them on. Now we looked like we belong. We walk into a room and ask the secretary where the cells are. She answers with a face like are you guys new? We follow the secretary’s directions and come across a door labeled “Genetic Experiments.” There is a guard.

“ID, please.” I burst into flames, knocking him down on the ground. I grab his key and enter the room. I see a control panel, and Austin releases the kids.

“We’re not going to hurt you; we are here to rescue you. Follow us if you want to live.” They all follow as we rush out the door. I burst into flames and run down the hallway scorching guards. We race to the parking lot and find the kidnappers’ van, keys in the ignition.  I jump in front, everyone else hops in the back, and we zoom off down the highway.  I deliver the kids to their homes and then the team and I also return home. The team shuffles into the living room.

“I have a special announcement,” I say. “I enrolled us in school. We need an education. If you complain, I will put you on toilet cleaning duty; you will be Cinderella, and we will have bran muffins for a week. Are we clear?”

We are now a normal family, kind of.  We still have powers but live a normal life, most of the time. I still go to the cliff on the edge of New York and think about my old life, but I also think of my new life and what is yet to come. Maybe something great will happen or something awkward like when I went to the grocery store and saw my old parents and had to duck out before getting bran muffins—yes, we had complaints about going to school. They thought I was kidding. Nevertheless, I will face the problems that are yet to come, the problems of being a freak just like me.

The Lost Girl

by Ava

Peter_Pan_2It happened so fast. One minute I was in bed, I had eaten a full dinner at a restaurant, and I was very tired; the next, I was on a pirate ship. Captain Hook had his sword at my neck.

“Where is Pan?” the villain asked, twirling his mustache with his hook. I realized he was referring to Peter Pan.

“I don’t know,” I replied, trying not to look scared. I could tell Hook didn’t especially appreciate this because he looked dissatisfied.

“Maybe we should show this young lady a demonstration of how I deal with people who don’t cooperate.” Hook pointed to the plank, and I saw pirates pretending to walk it. This seemed kind of similar to the Wendy story, but I didn’t see Peter anywhere. I suddenly heard an animal call. What? There were no animals out at sea. I looked up and watched while Peter maneuvered through the sails.

“See you later, CODFISH!” Peter grabbed me by the ropes binding my hands together and flew off, while Hook received a package from him. As I laughed, a crocodile hopped out of the package and chased Captain Hook around the main deck.

My mom woke me up the next morning by turning on the vacuum. It had been a very pleasant dream, but all dreams have to end.

The Prank

by Karla

There once was a girl named Tara Absence. Okay, first, Tara was never—and when I mean never, I really mean NEVER—ever was absent from school. She was in the sixth grade now and she always had perfect attendance. I guess you could say she was like any other eleven-year-old sixth grader…right? Anyway, she was a fierce girl, she hated doing chores—like everybody else, except moms—particularly having to vacuum and clean her room, she was a magazine psycho, and especially,  she hated fancy restaurants because, well, she hated being fancy.

Anyhow, about the prank…so it all started when Tara’s super-duper, nice, awesome, sweet, and loveable teacher, Ms. Kind, was telling the class about how you multiply integers. “Then, if it’s a positive times a negative it equals…a negative. Does everybody understand?”asked Ms. Kind politely, as always. Everybody nodded their heads.

“Good, well, all you have to do for homework is problems three through five.  Got it?” she said politely, again. The students all nodded their heads, again.

Ms. Kind always did math at the end of the school day so everybody understood the math and so they wouldn’t forget how to do it before they could complete their homework. As Tara headed for her white Honda, she looked at the bulletin board to see when prank day was scheduled. She was reminded that the student council only did prank day if the students agreed not to go overboard and get themselves suspended.

“What’s up?” said Tara’s B.F.F., Heather, asked.  The two girls had been friends for as long as they could remember.

“Oh, nothing; I’m just looking at the bulletin board. In my opinion, I think that prank day should be later in the year so you get to know how strict your teacher is, right?” Tara said, kind of confused.

“Uh, sure; why not? I don’t really care about prank day. All I bring is a whoopee cushion so I don’t get known as one of the ‘Prank Villains.’ Got it?”said Heather.  Tara and Heather had been friends for who knows how long, and Tara knew Heather didn’t like pranks; she thought they weren’t necessary.

“I know, but hey, see you tomorrow,” said Tara running to the white Honda before her mom left her.

“Later,” replied Heather.

*          *          *

It was finally prank day, and Tara was getting her prank supplies out of the cupboard where she kept them hidden.

“Got to go, Mom, almost late!” yelled Tara so loudly that all of her neighbors could hear her. As Tara got out of her white Honda, the school looked way out of her league. She knew that Heather wouldn’t appreciate how Tara was going to do pranks all day instead of hang out with Heather. Some of the pranks Tara pulled were that she

  1. Put a big, fat, juicy F on the top of Ms. Kind’s empty journal; Ms. Kind kind of cracked up, too,
  2. Put a full bag of scary, creepy, little insects all around the classroom, and
  3. Put a scary snake on the top of Joey’s, a kid in Tara’s class, head.

Tara did a prank to every kid in her class except Heather. Heather had to watch Tara’s every move to see what was coming to her. Heather was the kind of girl who became really frightened super fast. The day went so quickly, it felt as if school just started even though it was the end of the day.  This was when the prank finally came, and everybody was excited about what was going to happen to Heather. It happened when Tara and Heather’s table group was excused first, right when Heather opened her backpack. BABAM! A huge bomb of confetti exploded right in her face and a banner came out, and it read “YOU ARE THE BEST!!” with a smiley face in the front and the back of the writing. When that happened, Heather flew to Tara’s arms saying, “I hate you, I love you, and you are the best, too!” Heather’s voice sounded as if she had just gotten off of the scariest roller coaster in the world.

“You’re welcome,” said Tara in the nicest way possible, “Oh, and keep this in mind,” Tara said as if she really meant it, which she really did mean it. “Am I the queen of pranks?” questioned Tara and waited patiently for her answer.

“Of course you are!” answered Heather and again flew back into Tara’s arms.

“Yes!” uttered Tara to herself, and once again, Tara was sincerely, the queen of pranks.

The Talent Show

by Faith

Tonight is the night where I get to shine in front of all those staff members and parents, plus some other people, too.  Just picture in your mind being in front of bunches of people.  I bet you would be very frightened, and you would think that there would only be ten to twenty people, but there will be over a hundred people.  Maybe there will be a person who makes magazines, and that person will put you on the cover, but I doubt it.

Okay, this is how it really started. I am trying on costumes for the talent show and some of them are pretty, but one of the costumes looks villainous.  My mom keeps making me put on all of this make-up that makes me look like a clown.  She puts so much hair spray in my hair that I am choking and choking from the fumes. It is just too much.  I really do appreciate that my mom is going through all this trouble to get me ready and gorgeous.

“Hey, Mom, I love that you are getting me ready and all, but is all the make-up necessary?” I ask.

“Yes, in my opinion.  I think that you look fierce and ready to perform,” she replies back.

I just ignore her and walk upstairs.  I start to wonder why she is spending so much time on me and not on something that any other mom would do such as these tasks: organize her shoes or clean the house with her new vacuum.  I just don’t get it!  There are four other kids in this family, and she can’t pay any attention to them, especially to the two twins? When my mom and I are finally ready to leave, we head to our school in our humongous car.

When it is time for me to go on stage, I get those butterflies in my stomach and that frog in my throat.  Finally, I have the confidence to march on stage.  When I see all the people, I forget my dance!  PANIC! PANIC! I say to myself.  As the music flows out of the speakers, I remember my dance.  When the dance is over, I want to go on stage again, but it is time to leave only because my dance is over.  I hope we get to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, but it is already ten o’clock. BUMMER!!

I will always remember those bright lights flashing in my face, my costume swaying around and around, and that hair spray yanking my hair.  It really hurt my head! Thanks to my mom, it was a fun evening; I couldn’t have done it without her. THANKS, MOM!

Smile Now and Again

by Bailey

Try to maneuver
Through the lasers of life
With your chin up
And smile now and again.

Don’t be a villain among super-heroes, be
Fresh air among thick smoke
A white dot among vast black skies
Be similar, but completely different

Sometimes you won’t appreciate
All of the wonders of life
And you will be dissatisfied with what you have
And sometimes you will be a vacuum among leaf-blowers,
An outcast
But try to smile now and again.

Even if you are the perfect demonstration
Of disaster
Or if there seems to be a cloud above your head
That rains ten inches annually
Try to smile now and then.

Even if you received only enough money
To barely scrape by
Because you work at a restaurant
Or you live in a place where
You have to sleep with one eye open,
Try to smile now and again.

The Mysterious Villain

by Rose

I saw something interesting on a bulletin board once, but I couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together. That made me curious. The next day I woke up and put on all black and pretended that I was a secret agent. I was a fierce one, too, with cat-like reflexes and cool shades. I had it all I thought, but I, Alexander Gulley, was just an ordinary twelve-year-old girl.

My hands started to shake as I walked by a creepy hotel. I felt like I wanted to throw up my insides because I was extremely frightened and nervous. I stopped by the restaurant that was at the end of the block.

Then I saw him. He was the villain, and he looked ferocious, especially his face. Right then, I would have appreciated some back up, or just someone in proximity to me who would help fight off this gruesome-looking man.

I rushed over to the magazine store that was next to the restaurant, but the villain kept on running after me, and I realized he had some weird laser gun. When I saw that, my opinion was that the weapon could ether kill me or injure me in some way. I could not get away fast enough.

I soon found out that the villain’s gun was not necessary, and it didn’t even shoot, so I was safe. I got down to the lake in the park and rolled.  The villain was still chasing me, but then I tripped him, and he fell in the water, never to be seen again.

“Great job, Alexander,” said my teacher Mr. Sylvester after I finished reading.

“So, did you like my story?”

“Yes. Yes, I did, Alex.

The Boring Day

by Ian

My grandma announced that she was going shopping and that I was going with her.  Hmmm?  Maybe she needed to go shopping at Gamestop?  Was that possible?  Boy, was I wrong.  We were going to the furniture store.  Surely this would be the most boring day ever!

As we drove through town, my grandma tried to interest me by telling me that I could help pick out the new dining room table.  Yay.  I told her we should purchase the first one we saw when we walked in the store.

When we were done, she said we could go next door to the chocolate store.  While I was looking at all the chocolates, I saw something sparkle among them.  I leaned over and picked it up.  It was a diamond! Once I examined it closer, I decided it was real.  This was really going to straighten out my life financially.  When we returned home, I showed my grandma what I had found, and she said it was just a candy-shaped diamond.  Darn!  Before another sentence could come out, I realized that I would have to wait a little longer to get my Ferrari!

My Weird Day

by Lily

“Amber! Come here this instant!” yelled Ms.Strict.

I walked up to the teacher very slowly, wondering what could be the problem. When I got to the teacherʼs desk I asked her

“Whatʼs wrong?” “Whatʼs wrong?! You are asking me whatʼs wrong? Oh, Iʼll tell you whatʼs wrong! Your essay is whatʼs wrong, Missy! Itʼs simply not acceptable! I asked for single-spacing! What did you give me? You gave double-spacing!”

“I will go re-type it if thatʼs what you want,” I said.

“Well then, go re-type it now! And finish before recess starts, or it’s detention for you, young lady!”

I donʼt know how I did it. There were only two minutes left, and I had to finish my essay with Ms. Strict whipping me, but as soon as I found out that I couldn’t have any snack, I didn’t know how the situation could get any worse.

All of a sudden, I found a “Star” magazine lying on the table. As I was walking out of that prison, I picked up the magazine, and I wasn’t at Oognshnaw High anymore. I was at a photo shoot with Emma Watson, and she came up to me and asked my opinion of her dress.  Then she just walked away smiling saying, “Your opinion isnʼt necessary,” before I could say anything.

A little bit later after wandering around the photo shoot, I saw an Oognshnaw High magazine and picked it up and I was back at my school. The only problem was that I was apparently invisible to my friends, and they didn’t notice me. I was frightened because this whole day has been nothing but weird for me.

The next day was Sunday, and I couldn’t wait for church to end, and when it did, I grabbed the church bulletin and ran home as fast as my legs could carry me. As soon as I got home, I remembered that I had a drama club meeting and my absence was bad, especially because I was playing the main character. So I rushed to play practice, and on the way, I had a stomach ache so bad that I woke up and realized this strange incident had all been just a dream.


by Camille

In my opinion, Lemonprick Prep is an inscrutable place.  The halls are pure marble so if you walk barefoot you will feel a cold tingle crawl down your back.  The classrooms are unbelievably commodious, especially when only fifteen students are in each class.  Lemonprick is known for its fine teaching and is a good boarding school.  But, it is also known for something rather eccentric—something the teachers would rather not share when they talk to your parents and convince them to board you at the school.  This secret will not be a secret for long.  Well, at least for now!

It all started when I attended Macabre Elementary School.  I was not the best student.  In my mind, I thought it was not very necessary for kids to go to school.  So during school hours, I would read magazines in the girls bathroom.  That made Mr. Peterick notice my absence.  He called my mother and recommended Lemonprick Prep Boarding School.

When I got home, my ears were numb from my mother’s screeching.  “Clementine!  This is not acceptable!” my mother ranted.  Her tone shook the house so much it frightened me.  I looked at her fierce eyes and knew I would probably be known as the delinquent child.  “Clementine Dally!  I expect more from you,” my mother boomed.  I sighed, looked out the window, and could see the light.  I knew this would be the last sunlight I would get to see for a long, long time.

I picked up my carry-on bag and packed my clothes.  I could see my mom pacing in the living room.  My dad was loading up the minivan.  I longingly stared at all my celebrity magazines.  I slugged down the stairs, thinking to myself, Don’t say a word!  I silently grabbed a piece of raisin-chew out of the cupboard and stuffed it down my throat as I crawled to the car.  “Clementine, promise me you’ll do well,” demanded my mother.  Then frantically, she continued saying, “Maybe if you improve, you can come back home for the next trimester.”  Expressionless, I climbed into the back seat and kept examining where my parents were taking me.

One hour later, I showed up to a large Victorian mansion.  I could see a strip of dead grass that went along the big iron gate that led to the bottomless pit of despair.  I could see a rather large sign reading, Lemonprick Prep Boarding School for Girls.  Under that, I could see a quote: “Come in like demons; go out like angels.” 

I shuddered, and for the first time spoke.  “Where are you taking me?”  I squealed.  I could also see my parents sharing a look with one another that said, “Where ARE we taking her?”

I could see a formidable, rigid lady walking rather slowly as she approached the van.  I took out my cell phone, getting ready to call for help.  My dad rolled down the window and in a gentle tone said, “Hello, we are the parents of Clementine Dally.”

“Come, come,” said Helena, the formidable woman, in an expressionless tone.  My dad started pulling my bags out of the car, and I knew that my parents were really sending me here.

I groaned as I saw a group of girls my age marching on the school grounds.  They were all wearing limp, gray clothes.  Their hair was pulled up in low pony tails, some were braided, but their hair was mostly short.  I gulped and in a bratty tone, I said, “Look at the sky, it’s gray, and I bet it is never sunny.”

“Oh, hush up! You’re just being negative because you don’t want to be here,” my mother sneered.  The enormous iron gate extended, and I sauntered toward the front door.  Helena guided us through the ghoulish gate.  She held a key ring that had at least one hundred keys attached to it.  She found the perfect key and then fumbled as she tried to fit it in the keyhole.  As the door opened, a joyous castle was revealed.  Don’t be fooled by the outside ominous Victorian look.

I was pleasantly surprised at how warm and inviting the inside of the house was.  There was a huge green Christmas tree stacked with tinsel and ornaments.  From under the tree, gifts were overflowing. They were wrapped in joyous colors of festive greens, golds, and reds.   As I walked down the hall, I gasped, as I saw dozens of flyers hanging up on the oversized bulletin board.   There were flyers for Pilates, gymnastics, swimming, and everything you could think of.  Our mouths dropped open as we tried to capture all this.  We ambled down the marble halls that had purple and blue banners draped   high off the ceiling.

“This is your dormitory,” Helena informed me.  Our mouths again dropped open in awe as we saw the velvet comforters, the silk pillows, the sheepskin carpets, and the royal red wallpaper.  There was also the fuzzy couch, and most importantly, a wrought iron railing surrounding a balcony!  Two doors released, and I ascended onto the iron balcony!  My eyes literally spilled out of my eye sockets.  The backyard was breath-taking.  The ruby red rose bushes sparkled, and the vineyards were spectacular.  There were dozens of fountains scattered along the meadows.  Unlike the strip of dead grass in the front, there were acres of green grass in the back.  “Okay, this isn’t so bad.  I thought you were sending me to a boarding school, not a resort,” I said in a teasing tone.

My dad whispered to me. “Don’t get too caught up in paradise; you have work to do, and maybe at Christmas you can come home.”  Who said anything about leaving here, I thought to myself.  Helena smirked as I said my goodbyes.

The first night was a night of pure luxury!  Nevertheless, I felt that something wasn’t right.  In the middle of the night, I heard howling.  It is just the wolves, I thought to myself. After all, we were in the country!  Shadows danced across my walls…oh, it is probably just the tall Googrink trees.  I thought this all to myself.  Whoosh! Sha-Sha!  Whoosh!  Sha-Sha!  It is just the fountain.  I tried to talk myself into thinking that nothing was wrong.  Pop-Goog-La! Pop-Goog-La!  Now I was really petrified.  I climbed out of the plush covers and wrapped my scruffy, pastel robe around my partially warm body.  Creak!  I opened the maple wood door.  It was a really scary night.  I could see the moon shimmering across the walls.  Splish-Splash-Splish-Splash!  I peered through the small window in the hall.  I knew that the resort feeling was too good to be true.

Through the window, I watched Helena as she was mixing different fluids in a big cauldron.  On a board, I saw each of the girls’ names, and some of them had been checked off.  When I saw that my name was the last one on the list and it did not have a check mark by it, I quivered thinking that I might be her next victim.   Helena peered through the door.  “Who’s there?” she howled.  I skedaddled toward my room.  As I was nestled under the velvet covers, Helena tapped on my shoulder, and she was holding a goblet.  “Drink this; it will make you feel better,” she exclaimed.  I covertly spilled the substance into the pocket of my robe.  She smiled and bobbed toward the door.  I took the robe and threw it out the window.   Without a flinch, I picked up the goblet that held the unknown substance and examined it in my palm.  I wondered what secret the substance held and why Helena wanted me to drink it.  All these thoughts piled up in my head.  Creeeeaaak!!! The door was opening.  A little girl dawdled toward me, holding a letter.  She gave me a sinister grin and then shuffled away.  The paper looked like it had been crumpled and then thrown away.

As I examined the paper, it looked as if it had been passed down from generation to generation.  It revealed the long-kept secret of Lemonprick Prep School.  Helena was creating potions that let her brainwash the girls.  She was a very unhappy woman and wanted everybody to be as unhappy as she was.  So I, Clementine, had a plan!  I was going to be an excellent student.  I would stop reading my magazines and instead read vocabulary books.  Then I would recruit the girls who hadn’t been fed the evil potion, and we would all try to change Helena’s heart.  We all knew that Helena was cruel, but we also knew she had a heart.  And we would find it!

Movie Review

by Grace

“This movie is a demonstration of the power of believing.”

-Ann Walter

This year’s annual top most-loved and cherished movie is 800 Pounds. In this inspirational movie of hope, faith, and integrity, Ted, the main character, is seriously overweight and is striving to lose 500 of his 800 pounds. In this film, you will watch Ted struggle though his life as a child and an adult.

Referring back to his childhood, Ted had to endure many nasty comments about his bulk. Kids in his class called him, “the human vacuum,” because of their similar way of sucking up items–in Ted’s case food–into themselves. This rude remark made Ted even more conscientious about dieting and more conscious of his figure.  He avoided going outside as often as possible, making exercising harder.

800 Pounds received many awards for the strong emotion and few people were dissatisfied with the outcome of the movie. Today Ted’s estimated gauge of the time it will take to lose 500 pounds; is two years! He is also currently teaching at schools about nutrition and how important it is. Ted tells the groups a tip: avoid fast-food restaurants.  The food there is packed with fat. Ted is improving and is the happiest he has ever been in his life!


by Shaina

“Hello? Is anyone there? Hello??” I was saying as I looked around, and I saw I had been in a small, gray cell. It felt as if I had been deserted on that island again, where I promised myself I wouldn’t get into any more trouble! Through the rusty handlebars, I could see a bureau with a set of keys on it! As I started to get up and started to maneuver towards the desk with the keys, I covered my mouth before I could scream. What I saw there was a guard fast asleep, but still armed. I tried to be conscientious and find something around there to get the keys without making any noise–but how? I was dissatisfied with the things I could find in my cell, but maybe I could find a broom somewhere. I could see a vacuum to the left of the cell, but even better, I found a broom just outside the cell bars! As I got the broom, I used the handle, and I received the keys!

A couple minutes later, I finally got the cell door open! I tiptoed out into the pitch black hallway, where I could hear faint voices up ahead. I kept going straight; maybe there was an exit up ahead. I then remembered the voices. I skidded to a halt and peeked around the corner. “Hey! Hey, you there!” I heard a distant voice as I sprinted down a left passageway. I could see some light, but where had it been coming from?! I kept taking abrupt turns and sudden stops until I finally reached a ladder that would lead me up above ground! As I fumbled up the ladder, I raced behind a tree and took in deep breaths. I had kept getting into annual troublesome adventures every year now!

I wonder what I had done to keep making people want to do bad things to me! I was referring to the time I couldn’t save a pet cat, but it had been my first time operating! I had just been a veterinarian, trying to do some good deeds! As I was sure those villains had stopped looking for me, I figured out I had been in San Francisco so I had to get back to my office and try to figure out who would push me overboard and put me in an underground cell in a deserted area? I would have to start researching immediately…right after I had a sandwich at my favorite restaurant.

Ms. Mean

by Kelly

“You’re late!” my teacher screamed in such a fierce voice that when I sprinted to my desk, I stubbed my toe on another student’s desk.  “This isn’t acceptable!” she hollered.  she looked at me, her eyes a fiery pit of darkness.  I looked down at my desk, too frightened to talk.  “Since your absence this morning means nothing to you, I guess you’d like to write a hundred word essay about the human body!” she shrieked, giving me an evil smile.  She walked over to her desk and took out a piece of paper and wrote on it in large letters, “Due tomorrow, a one hundred-word essay on the body.”  She pinned it up on the bulletin board and scowled at me.

A tear ran down my cheek, and the boy right next to me put his hand on my back and looked up.  “Is this really necessary?” he exclaimed.

My teacher’s eyes widened.  She fiercely yelled, “Okay, mister,” she said, slamming a magazine on his desk.  “I think you’d like to write a five-hundred word essay on…” She flipped through the magazine, and she stabbed her finger at a picture of a cupboard.  “How people make cupboards,” she exclaimed viciously.    “Okay, everyone, what is your opinion about what these two troublemakers did?” she asked.  She said the sentence like she had to choke up the words.  No raised their hands,a nd the room is silent.

“This is bad,” I said, sadly.

“Yeah, especially for me,” said the boy sitting next to me, who was right.  He was just trying to stick up for me, and he had gotten into more trouble than I.

Never Mess with Your Teacher

by Brook

There once was a fierce teacher who frightened every student. She would never do anything fun with her class. All she did was read her magazine and post stuff on her bulletin wall.

“May I give you my opinion on your story?” Ms. Callie asked her student.

“Shushushu…sure,” the student said, scared so much that she was shivering.

“I HATE IT!!!” Ms. Carrie screamed “Everything about it was unacceptable, especially the part when the girl dies; that part was just not necessary.”

“I want my mommy!” the student cried, while running out the door.

One day a student was absent. His absence angered the teacher so she took a giant hammer and knocked the cupboard over. Another day, a student forgot her homework so the teacher took a computer and threw it on the ground. However, that’s not it. Another time a student got a drink of water so the teacher took a chair and threw it at her student.

All that just proves that you should never mess with a really mean and fierce teacher; and if you do encounter one, you had better have 911 on your speed dial!

The Adventure

by Ian

When I was young, I cut out a picture of a famous scientist, whose picture was in a bulletin.  He had discovered a new piece of land in the Pacific Ocean.  I stuck that picture on my wall in hopes that maybe someday, I could discover a new land.  As I became older, I studied hard in school and received good grades.

After I graduated from high school, I went on my first trip to explore the Pacific Ocean by helicopter with two other people.  To prepare for the event, we stocked our helicopter with the necessary equipment.  We packed many things, especially food that we stored in a cupboard in the helicopter.  On the day of takeoff, one of the men who was accompanying us broke his arm and could no longer go on the trip.  My other partner thought that despite the absence of one man, it was still acceptable to go on our journey.  In my opinion, I agreed and that was the start of our adventure.

The first night, the winds were fierce, and it was tough to navigate.  I was frightened, but we made it through the night.  The next day, the beautiful, bright yellow sun was out, and it was easy to see outside.  It reminded me of the pictures in magazines.  Then I spotted an island.  My partner was so excited, he forgot to steer the helicopter, and down we went.  Boom!!!  The helicopter exploded as we hit land.  My partner did not survive the crash, but I was fine.

Since I had no way to get back to California, I decided to live on the new island I had discovered.  I used the scraps from the helicopter to make a shelter and weapons to ensure my survival.  I lived a great, fun life on my new island.

Froggy Versus the Water

by Max

Froggy McFrogger lived in Lily Pad City.  He lived in a small toadstool.  Dissatisfied with his small house, Froggy set off for a bigger, better house.  One day, Froggy’s friend, Toadie, began talking to Froggy in a restaurant and referring Froggy to houses in a small town similar to Lily Pad City, but smaller.  Later, Froggy moved to that small town, called Pond Town.

When Froggy arrived, he received an advertisement about houses–big houses, small houses, houses everywhere!  Froggy knew he needed a house, so he used almost all his money to buy a new house.  When he arrived at his new home, he noticed a gauge on the sink had been damaged.  Conscientious, Froggy thought about repairing the problem, and conscious of the situation, he went to bed.  That night, Froggy heard a sound:  trickle, trickle.  He woke up, ran to the sink, and noticed water pouring out of the sink.  Not only that, he also noticed a water monster coming out of the sink!

He grabbed his school demonstration poster to block a water blast coming at him.  It worked!  Then he quickly grabbed a vacuum and used it to suck up the monster.  Secured in the vacuum, Froggy showed his monstrous catch to his friend, Toadie, who told the people of Pond Town about Froggy’s courage.  A few days later, Froggy was awarded by the mayor at the Harvest Festival held annually.

The Basketball Team

by Vikram

There once was a basketball team league, called the Petaluma HEAT, for kids under twelve. Petaluma HEAT was always having contests like who could shoot how many three-pointers in a minute, and the prizes would be really good. Sometimes the award would be annual football game tickets to see the 49ers! However, today’s prize was… well… interesting.

”All right!” my coach yelled. “Practice has started. I want a clean, good practice, and when we scrimmage, NO playing dirty.” My coach had said the no awfully loudly. We all knew he was referring to a kid on my team who did an unfair block by hitting the kid in the face so he would miss the basket. “But before we ru- I mean scrimmage, since there was not fair sportsmanship yesterday, you guys will be running… ALL… DAY…LONG!” my coach shouted. “I need someone to help me do a demonstration of how to NOT foul other kids!” As my coach said that, every kid on the team looked at Jamie (the kid who fouled his teammate). We started to run around the basketball court, but then my coach said calmly, “Nope. You guys will be following me.” We quietly followed the coach, and after a couple minutes, we stopped. Some kids groaned.

I felt like someone with a vacuum had sucked all the energy, the excitement, out of me! We all were staring out to the football field. “Start running. Give me six laps to start off with,” my coach said. “This will show me what your gauge of speed is.”

“My what?” I wondered out loud.

“Your capacity,” he answered. “I don’t want you guys walking or feeling happy about this, all right? There is no reward for being the fastest kid on this team. What do you want, a ticket to a restaurant? Now get running!”

Some kids on my team were saying, “Our coach is so similar to a villain, right?” I kept running. When I was done, I was exhausted. I felt like I was being given quite possibly the best gift ever when I received my water break. I really felt like water was a gift at that moment. However, after I drank a sip of cool water, I was dissatisfied that the break ended. It was as though my gift was being stolen back. I quickly chugged another sip of water and went to the field.

At the field, I couldn’t believe my next assignment. We all were to crawl on our feet, so our bottoms were up in the air as we moved around the whole field. I did this, wishing every lap to quit. However, I am NOT a quitter! We finished, and the coach went to Jamie. “Do we quit on this team?” asked the coach. When Jamie did not answer, the coach got very mad. “I said, DO WE?!!!” Jaime shook his head no.

I managed to get my gift back because just then we got another break. I was thinking of telling the coach that I appreciated him giving us another break, but I didn’t. We scrimmaged after that, and then just like that, we thought practice had ended. We took a water break, and then someone on our team yelled “What?! It’s only 6:30!” I was going to throw up. There was still one hour of practice left. The good news was we only scrimmaged the next hour. I got to play a lot, but I truly just wanted to go home. Finally, after centuries, practice was over. 7:30 the time read. I didn’t care. I was just longing to go home and get a massage from my parents. I couldn’t believe that running was our prize.

The next day at practice, everybody was quiet as a stuffed bear. I asked if we were going to run today, and some said yes and some said no. It ended up we didn’t run all day, and I was very happy. I went home and said to myself, “I will never quit on my team.” Then I just waited and waited for the next day’s practice.

Fine Dining

by Kyle

Today I’m going to a nice restaurant. From the outside it looked amazing. Then I stepped in, and there was someone using a vacuum in the corner. I checked in with the lady at the counter, and she said the wait would be forty-five minutes. I grabbed a magazine and sat down to read it. The time passed, and then it was time to eat. All of the food was very acceptable. I ordered veal parmesan with a side of salad, and it was very nice. I loved the food, especially the veal. As I was eating, I noticed some other food in a cupboard. I saw all kinds of spices, dressings, and toppings. However, the thing that got my attention the most was all of the ice cream that was sitting right next to it. The vanilla was as white as snow and looked colder than the biggest snow storm. Right away I knew that I was going to get that for my dessert.

I knew that I was going to appreciate my dessert. Then I looked over at the table beside me.  Not to judge anyone by the way they look or anything, but the guy sitting right next to me looked really creepy. He had his ears pierced, and he had all kinds of tattoos. Then he looked at me like I was his appetizer, and I thought he might devour me right on the spot. I felt as frightened as a mouse that was about to be a snake dinner. Nevertheless, I knew he was not really going to hurt me. Then I heard the doors open and a bunch of police rush in the building. “There he is! That’s the villain!” They were looking at the scary dude sitting right next to me. They ran over and handcuffed him as tight as a nail to a board.

I felt like it wasn’t necessary for the criminal to be caught while I was eating dinner, but at least he was captured. They quickly maneuvered their way out of the restaurant and into the cop car. Then the waitress came over to my table and asked me if I wanted dessert. I said that I wanted the vanilla sundae. I asked for gummy bears and sprinkles for toppings. In my opinion, the ice cream was delightful. It was the best ice cream that I had in years! I ate it like a fierce lion that had just made a kill. Then I noticed that the ice cream had an absence of hot fudge so I immediately asked for some.

Once I got my ice cream back, I licked the bowl clean with satisfaction. When I was done with my dinner I looked at the bulletin board and saw all of the specials listed, and I knew that I would come back again. Then I noticed that the local little league baseball team came to eat at the restaurant. If there was a list of the world’s most deluxe restaurants, this one would be the number one, aside from the fact that someone was vacuuming, I had to wait forty-five minutes, and a villain got arrested during dinner!

Henry of Hero Hot Dogs

by Cole

There was a man named Henry who worked in a restaurant called Hero Hot Dogs.  Every night, he was responsible for vacuuming and cleaning the cupboards.  Once on an especially normal day, a villain walked into Hero Hot Dogs and sat down.  He tried hiding his face behind a magazine he was pretending to read.  Henry tried a special maneuver in karate and kicked the villainous customer out the door.  It was not acceptable to have villains in the restaurant.  Henry felt it was necessary to kick the villain out.  It is my opinion that Henry did the right thing.

Ghouls, Goblins, and Goodies

by Shelby

Due to the heavy rains over the winter, we lost all our Harvest Festival games to mold read the school bulletin!  All the kids were extremely sad and in disbelief over this horrible news.  We said, “We have to have a Harvest Festival.  We are sixth graders.  We can’t have our last year at Old Adobe without one!”

We approached Mr. Williamson about the new idea.  We wanted to know if it was acceptable to do a fundraiser with a jumpy, haunted house, and snack shack.  He said this was a fantastic idea!  However, it would be necessary to have all student and parents participate with organizing all the activities and decorations needed.

After searching the calendar for the perfect date and working around softball, baseball, and soccer league events, we came up with the dates of October twenty-first and twenty-second.

It was a sunny day when I entered the lit up, spooky classroom.  Shivers ran down my spine.  This was going to be the best haunted house ever!  Now it was time for  was going to play the part of a villain.  When the classroom was ready, the lights turned off, and scary music of a slamming cupboard and creaking door filled the room.  All of a sudden, I heard kids creeping into the dim room.  With me being the villain, it was my responsibility to maneuver the kids through the building.

The frightened looks on their faces and the laughter as they ran out into the sunshine made me feel proud of all our hard work.  It was two days of tremendous fun!

I really appreciate all the donations, treats, and hard work from parents and students.  In my absence as a sixth grader next year, it is my wish that the Ghouls, Goblins, and Goodies event continues for years to come so that all may enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Corn Maze Adventure

by Sonia

“Uhhh…” I moan as the sun beats down at me, and my family tries to figure out where we are.

“I think it’s this way,” my sister, Sita, argues, as she points to a path in the corn maze.

“No, we already went there,” my dad protests.

“No, we didn’t,” my mom disagrees.

“Uhhh…” I moan again.

“Come on; let’s just try this,” my mom says.

We had been in this corn maze for, well, I don’t even know how long. It was an especially hot day, my mom was frightened that I was going to pass out because of heat exhaustion, and I was dreaming of a cool glass of lemonade and a magazine. I think that is acceptable for a hot day and my opinion of what people should do on a hot day. Though, I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I was fierce and didn’t complain, for it was my idea.

We went in circles, we didn’t keep track of where we were on the map and almost got completely lost.

“Well, maybe people will notice our absence after a while,” my dad teases.

“Is that really necessary, Dad?” Sita says.

“I’m just joking,” he says. “So, I think we are here.” He points to a place in the middle of the field on the map.

“All the way over there?” I say in shock. “But, we have been walking forever!”

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “How could any one get lost in a corn maze if they have a map?” Well, this isn’t any corn maze. This is the corn maze that stops traffic on the freeway. The one that has the “How tall?” sign, that’s known for it is maze and how hard it is.

“Buck up; we’ve got to go a little further,” my dad says.

So I “buck up” and keep walking… and walking… and… you guessed it… more walking. Sita and my dad keep arguing while my mom chimes in once in a while to try and make peace between them. No matter how tired I am, even if I have a cold, I keep walking.

Finally my dad states, “Only five more minutes!”

My mom and I look at each other and say, “Sure…” to ourselves, but not out loud.

“Just take a left whenever you can,” he says confidently, as we follow him to supposedly, hope to get out of this maze.

So we take lefts and more lefts, until we finally hear people and see them too.

“Yes!” my sister and I call out in unison.

I look around and spot a bulletin board that says, “Water: 1.00.” I sprint to it and ask the lady for a bottle of water. The rest of my family starts to come over. They strike up a conversation as the woman selling water takes out two bottles from the cupboard and hands it to my sister and me. I take a long sip and sigh. We are okay, finally.

The Doctor

by Brendan

“Cough, cough, cough!!” I choke out. I lie in bed while my mom is on the phone with the school calling about my absence. I have been home sick with a fierce cough. I am frightened that I am going to die of this horrid disease. My mom now calls the doctor and asks if I need an appointment. The doctor says it is necessary for me to see him. So my mom and I get in the car and drive off.

I arrive at the doctor’s office and go to the waiting room. I spot the bulletin board and see a magazine that I like. I get lost reading it so when the nurse calls my name, I jump. I then walk to the room where the doctor is waiting.

“Hi,” I say.

“Hello,” he says back. Soon after all the regular questions like “Does this hurt?” and “Can you do this?” the doctor finally asks what flavor cough medicine I want. I ask for his opinion, and he says grape. I answer grape, so he opens a cupboard and takes out some cough medicine. I drink it and suddenly feel better. I realize everything has ended up being acceptable, especially because I got a lollipop.