Free Verse Poetry: Remembrance Poems


My cat, Tigger, was the best cat I
ever had. He was a cuddler.  He was
also friendly to his brother, Zoey.
Tigger died from going outside too much.
He died in June of 2007.  My family was
so sad; even my friend started crying,
and we cried for so long.

Tigger, your touch was so soft, I could
hardly compare it to anything
in the world.  You, I remember
as Tigger, the amazing, awesome,  and caring
guardian cat.

~ Jordan B.

I Miss You…

My sis,
I remember the times
we laughed, the jokes
dad told
I remember the memories
we had eating extra cheese pizza
with Ashleigh at Chucky Cheese
I remember your long
red hair gleaming in the sunlight
in the park.

I remember the times
we shared
going to dinner every night.
When I’m with you,
my life is complete.
But I never
will forget you,
even though we are
miles apart.

~ Madi


James, it’s over.
I did not want to see
it come to this.

I wonder if I will
ever see your face again,
and I know
that I will find a way
to shed my skin.

I know that you made
more than a few mistakes,
but I can find the strength
to forgive,
and don’t you try
to fight another day.

It’s hopeless;
the end will come
and wash it all away.
Forsaken, I live
for those I lost
along the way.

I can’t remember
how it all began
to break.
We suffer,
but I live to fight
and die another day.

Fast, I fade away.
It’s almost over.
Slow, I suffocate.
I’m cold and broken,

~ Donovan

My Amazing Great Grandma

Telling the excellent stories to my cousins and me
after dinner in the living room.

Having passion for beautiful, elegant owls.

Never giving up at trying to make me have good manners,
even though I never quite got it.

Your love for shopping and never being able to give
away one thing.

I will never forget you,
kind and loving.
Now I can only remember those memories.

I will always have you in my heart,
Great Grandma.

~ Ian


You were our friend, our guardian,
our living alarm clock.
You would wake us up
with plenty of doggie kisses.

You were our playmate,
and my dog/horse.
Your beautiful black and gold coat
was so soft and warm.

You were always a quiet dog,
no barking and no whining.
We had a fun four years together,
but fun times come and go,
and I will always remember you, Ruby.

~ Jack

Up and Out

I observed you, I nurtured you, and sometimes held you

Your green, damp skin packed my room with the feeling
of the humid rainforest

Sticky feet made miniature alligator footprints,
glistening ponds where you spent most of your time
basking in the moonlight of your glowing tank

But, not long after, you made me cry,
you made me worry when you, you silly, little thing, went
up and out of your secure, homey-feeling container and left

You, in reality, hopped out of my life forever,
but you will always live in my heart…

Frank, the frog

~ Lilah


I never met you, but I love you.

Were you mean or nice?
Either way, I would still love you.

The little picture showed me
your wonderful looks,
but even if you were unattractive,
I would still love you.

My parents told me many stories
about you, such as when you worked
twenty-four hours straight picking vegetables,
because I never met you,
but I still love you

You were a hard worker and a respectful man
my family says, but when you passed away,
the world changed directions.
Even if we never spoke face to face
or saw each other with eye contact,
I still love you.

~ Alex D.

Terrible News

You were with me my whole life
You loved to hop around my house
You lived in a cage

I loved you most of all

Then one day
When I got home from school
I heard the terrible news

You died that day
And I couldn’t stop it

We all said our good-byes
Then we went outside  to bury you

To this day, I still miss you,
Mr. Bunny

~ Dylan


A cat named, Tutie,
a female tabby.  She was run over
by some lady driving her truck.

That night, the lady called my mom
about what happened to Tutie.
My mom was crying, I was crying,
my brother was crying, my dad was crying.

That day it was a sad day
for my family.  That lady buried
Tutie that night while my brother
and I were asleep.

~ Serra

Memo, My Puppy

I remember
the way you shivered on freezing cold nights;
then I covered you with a blanket
and you would fall fast asleep.

I remember
your pink, soft tongue against my cheeks
while you were filled with joy.

I remember
the sound of your leash with
the dinging silver bell.

I remember
the nice, long walks we took
after a long, tiring day of school.

I remember
we had lots of fun before
that day when you vanished.

I remember,
and I sob, thinking I’d cry
till you came back,
but that never happened.

I remember,
and I miss you, Memo!

~ Dianna

Grandma Dina

You cuddled me in your arms
I cherished every last second I had with you
even though I didn’t really know you,
and I wondered who the stranger I saw was.
It was you,
Grandma Dina.

I giggled and laughed,
looking into your eyes,
seeing your twinkling smile.

I look at the scrapbooks
and see all the splendid times
we had together.

I wish I could have gotten
to know you better.
I’ve only heard fond
stories to describe you.

When I visit Ohio,
I wish you were there
at the lake where we’d
go swimming and for boat rides.

I wish you were still with me.
I want to give you hugs
and see you once more.

With your curly, red locks
and your wrinkled, elderly skin.

I wish I could see you
once more,

Grandma Dina.

~ Shaina


I will always remember
the soft touch of your fur.
I remember seeing
the playfulness in your eyes
and the fun times we shared together.

I will always remember
how you would run away
as the vacuum came near.

I will always remember
our bad times,
like when you couldn’t stop biting

I will always remember you,

~ Dominic

A Doggy Soul Mate

I adored the way
your frozen, damp paws
hugged me after you pounced
in puddles.

I loved your sweet,
candy kiss as you placed
on my right cheek
before you took a long,
everlasting rest.

I adored your puppy paws
clacking on the hardwood floors,
your love for treats,
your teddy bear fluff,
your spook and spin,
your puppy ways,

the way we used to cuddle.

I miss you, Dakota.

~ Brookie

Rootbeer (Fish)

You, Rootbeer the fish, that lived
for three years.
You, Rootbeer the fish,
that was irreplaceable.
Rootbeer the fish
that stayed strong for
all three years.
Rootbeer the fish
that was a rainbow blue and purple.
Rootbeer the fish
that survived moving day,
and who lived in a small castle
and a rock cave.
You, rootbeer the fish,
that lived for three years.

~ Max

I Remember

I remember your blue, scaly body.
I remember your long, colorful tail.

I remember you would eat everything.
I remember when you would sit
at the bottom of the bowl.

I loved when you would just not
sit still and you would just swim
around and around.

I will always remember you, Bubbles.

~ Nikolas


I remember
the slobbery lick on my face
the beady eyes staring into my eyes
the fluff I nestled my face in
the pain and sadness in your eyes
the weak dreary bones.

I remember
dribbling the ball on the field
with you beside me.
I cherished the way you became
fired up when I yelled, “Treat!”
I embraced your hyperactivity
you once had.

Then came the day
I drove home expecting
my frenetic companion by my side.
Tears trickled down my cheeks
in longing for my best friend.

I will always miss you, Zoey!

~ Camille


As my dad carries
your little body to the toilet,
memories come back to me.

Seeing you swim
around in a fishbowl
that wasn’t mine.

Remembering how you would
nibble at the pieces of smelly, stinky
fish food, brings tears to my eyes.

Memories of me
taking pictures of you,
and whenever I said, “Smile,”
you would look my way
with no smile on your face.

I remember when
you would always lean
against the side of
the fishbowl,
and whenever I gave
the side of the bowl a little tap,
you would come back
to life.

Now, you may rest
in peace,
as you are
dumped into the toilet,
but never forget
that I will always
love you,
my dear little fish,

~ Emily


I remember
the way you barked
when I rode on your back,
the time you slept
with me all through
the darkness of the night.

I remember
whenever I cried, you
would cry with me.  Whenever
I ran, you ran beside me,
and whenever I was sad,
you would make me happy.

But I grew older,
and you grew weaker,
and we both began growing apart.
We loved each other
through all our lives, but
when I heard the news,
my heart broke.

I felt tears come
to my eyes, falling down
my cheeks.  Cancer takes
your life, and I weep
through the nights alone.

No one to run
with, no one to cry
with, and no one to take
care of me.

But every day, I
love you more, and whenever
I think of you, my heart breaks
all over again.

I’ll love you forever.
I’ll love you for always.
As long as I am living,
my baby you’ll be.

~ Julian

I Remember

I remember
the days of our childhood
coming back to me
like tears
from when you left me.

I remember
the smiles on our faces,
how we couldn’t
turn them off, like our friendship,
day by day.

I remember
your way of making me laugh,
and I couldn’t stop.
Our stomachs seemed to hurt
if you said the funny thing twice.

I remember
when you left to
leaving me behind with only memories.
You will stay in Mexico
and in my heart, forever

~ Diana


All the tubes came in and out,
a soundless infant
who could not talk.

He sat in a hospital bed, waiting
to be free,
reaching out to me.

He had a doll he played with,
now I am sure it is my
most treasured possession.

I picture him
without the tubes,
able to be home.

“Family meeting,” I hear.
He has passed on, I hope somewhere,
a better place.

~ Antonio

My Dad

The day you moved away,
I felt you might not love me.
I want to see you as
much as I can.
The dark world consumes me.
The shadows show
all around,
making me want to hide.
The cold, icy
frozen flowers show no life,

but when you’re around,
you bring the flowers to life.
Spring has come
to guide you, Dad,
the way life has come
to end the day.

~ T.J.


Going to the bookstore and buying books,
oh, how she loved to read.
Cracking jokes and having fun,
she had an amazing sense of humor.
Helping her sort the mail at h er job,
she was the first woman postmaster in Mill Valley, California.

Hardworking; caring; kind; brave.
All of these words can describe a person.
All of these words describe Patty,
but all the memories of being with her
were a mere dream,
for she died in 1991
of lung cancer
when she was forty-seven.
R.I.P., Patricia Chapman,
and I wish I had known you.

~ Sarah

The Things to Love

I can see your eyes
popping up from under the bed

Your rough, pink tongue
licks the medicine off my fingers

You limp off and out of the room
I sigh, hoping for you to get better

I know now you’re gone,
and there’s nothing I can do but

cry into my hands and only
remember how much I loved you

~ Kelly


I will miss you
so much I can’t tell you,
but I know you’re old
enough to take care of yourself.

I know you are on the road
to a good life because you
study hard and ace
your math tests.

You also have
a good first job
that pays well.

~ Marty


You were my Grandma,
my only one.

We went to get hot dogs
on hot Sundays and sat near the fountain
where we made wishes.

We got ice cream together,
you chose chocolate, and I chose vanilla.

Then, upon our next visit,
expecting smiles for the pretty pictures we drew for you,
we instead got eyes, searching our faces for any
familiarities of who we were.

Alzheimer’s had taken you.
It wasn’t long till you were gone.

But I want you to know
I still love you.

~ Grace


Timothy was oh so dirty.
He would come home
with a wad of mud
in his fur.

I miss him oh so much.
I remember when I found
a dead rat head in my backyard
with Timothy.
Good times; good times.

I miss the mud clots in his fur,
but most of all,
I miss him.

~ Jordan R.


I remember
your cheerful smile always
making me smile,
your amusing laugh
making me laugh.

I remember
your kind and adoring heart,
always treating me like family,
listening to your tender voice
reading to me.

I remember
you playing with me
when I was lonely,
illustrating beautiful
pictures with me.

Even though I don’t
see you very often, Cosey,
you will always
be in my heart.

~ Alex S.

As the Days Go by Without You

As, the days go by without you…
sad and lonely.
Every room has lost the bright glow,
that blazed brighter than the sun,
whenever you entered.

As the days go by without you…
I miss you more and more.
I remember your teasing, your whacks, and your constant whining.
I had nothing to do.
I remember you helping me with my extremely hard homework.
I remember you playing with me.

As the days go by without you…
I remember your smile and your melodious laughter

As the days go by without you…
I realize you will be back soon.
I still hear and feel your teasing, whacks,
and your constant whining.

It doesn’t bother me as much as it did before
because as long as you’re home, Vikram,
I’ll be happy.



The color of café,
there it was,
my dog, Café.
I always played with him.
I always raced with him.
He jumped as high as a plane.
He ran as fast as a cheetah.
His face was as brown as a brownie.

I remember this dog
as the best dog I ever had,
the best dog ever.
Café ate everything that we gave him.
Café liked to be near other dogs.
Café was the best dog ever.
Café, I will never forget you.

~ Adrian

Loving Soul

I remember the times
we cherished together.

Even though you’re in heaven
right now, there’s never a time
I’m not thinking about you,

thinking about the times we’d dip
strawberries in sugar, sitting
outside on the steps.

Though you died when I was five,
I should have cherished
those moments wisely.

I miss you like nothing else,
to the moon and back.

If anything, I’d want you back
because you were the best
grandpa anyone could ask for.

My best friend was gone.

My wish is just to see
you one last time
for the long good-bye forever.

Your last day was the day I wanted
some pancakes, December 12,
when the parents said,”Don’t come in,”
and I knew you were gone,
sad tears running down my face.

~ Ashleigh

My Grandpa

I miss the long strolls
down the street to the park;
the hot summer days
on the rocking bench
with a nice, cold root-beer;
shooting cans with BB guns,
with you helping my aim;
mowing the lawn;
climbing trees;
and clearing the gutters.

Now you are gone;
No more adventures anymore,
for you are in the ground,
covered in earth,
sleeping peacefully.

~ Bjorn

The Last Meow

When you died,
I had to sob.
Through my tears,
all I can remember
is your warm, fuzzy pelt
gliding across my face.
I am safe.

As your eyes become watery,
I know you are sad.
The time I get home from school,
and you lay by my side
as I did my homework,
the ringing bells on your collar
tell me you are there.
When you leave your paw prints
on my window,
I know you’re alive.

Then one day,
I saw no paw prints on my window.
I knew you were gone.
I can never forget the day
those wheels rolled over you.
You suffered and suffered,
but I knew you were gone
when I heard your last meow.

Kitty, I miss you, Yoyo.

~ Claire

Last Year’s Remembrance Poems


The day you died,
I had to cry,
but remembering
you was harder.

I remember you so vividly,
even more than when
you were alive
picking me up,
nestled in your arms
to lie on my princess bed.

I loved the way you smiled
each day,
especially when we went to
carrying me through deep water,
and each day getting hotter.

The only thing that was sad
was the only thing that made me mad,
for that was when you died.

I’ll never forget you;
you’ll never be gone,
for you’ll always be
in my heart.
~ Danielle


I still remember the first day I saw you,
Your brown eyes staring back at me,
your soft, silky pelt shining in the light.
When we took you home,
your eyes smiled.
When I held your body close to mine,
you stole a place in my heart.
I remember all the fun things we
did growing up together,
watching SpongeBob SquarePants
or just hanging out under the tree
in our front yard.
I will always remember and miss you, Francis.
~ Taylor S.


From the squeaky wheel to your odoriferous smell;
you were someone I did not know so well.
When you would eat, your cheeks would fill with glee
and you would just sit there and stare at me.

Anytime that you would bite,
I would not run away in fright.
I would stay there with you in my sight
and hope that you would be all right.

I couldn’t believe that you had to die;
I also couldn’t help but cry.
I was asking again why and why?
Then finally I said good-bye.
~ Casey

Remembrance of a Friend

I remember when
I won you at the fair.
I brought you home and
put you in a fish bowl.
You would swim to the top of
the water when I would feed you.
I remember when I would clean your
bowl if it was dirty.
I wish I could just see your golden scales
One more time.
It would make me so happy,
and also to smell your fishy smell.
~ Justen


I remember when I first met you.
You had golden fur and bright green eyes.

I remember when I got home from school,
you were always there for me.

I remember the times I had with you
and how much fun it was.

I remember you not being there for me all day.
You were in heaven.

I remember you, Brandy.
~ Meghan

My Sister

The clubhouse days
are far away
but I will never forget the
way you cared and protected me
from my fierce brothers.
Though you’re not in heaven
it seems as though you are
because you’re my sis,
my only sis.
I’ll have to wait till
holidays to see your illuminating smile
that fills me up with warmth.
When you call me weird,
I feel a shock of joy.
a sense of love.
now you’re gone
and you’ve left me behind
with my family that
Isn’t too divine.
Though you arer not in heaven,
it seems as though you are ’cause you’re my sis,
my only sis.
The boys are the same;
no change has occurred.
All is loud;
the crowd of my brothers disturbs me.
You who would calm me down
when times went bad with my brothers,
now you have moved out and off to college you go.
~ Emma


I wish you were here with me,
helping me hide
from my grandma so I don’t have to leave.
You breathing hard
after running a lot;
Me, scared of you when I first saw you;
Then used to you and your large size.
Your shiny eyes (hence your name)
looking at me.
Your paws hitting the floor,
walking at my side.
I picture you
sticking out your tongue.
I still picture you.
Please come back.
You were my only pet.
~ Vikram


His smooth, black fur
as dark as night;
His shadow-like fur
swaying out of sight.
His eyes like the moon
that listens in the dark
and wasn’t scared
when he heard a loud bark.
He goes in the woods
and passes trees and logs,
catching crickets,
mice, and even frogs.
My cat, Hunter,
who is buried under a tree.
I stare looking at his grave,
and then silently leave.
~ Cole

A Treasured Friend

A dog so special in so many ways,
laying there in his bed.
I remember the things we did each day.
You were quiet and playful all the time.
We played ball and I took you on walks.

We had fun times,
but years go by, and you can’t even  stand.
This is when you died,
sitting in your bed,
quiet, old, and alone.
I will miss you.

R.I.P. Rusty
~ Hannah


I remember the days I would
laugh and play with you, Cassidy,
your big droopy eyes, your dark
purple tongue, your golden red
and orange fur, and how
you were a Chow-Chow and
some other mysterious breed.
I remember the story
Mom would tell me of how
you were my babysitter some days.
I remember the day I
had to say good-bye.
I remember, Cassidy.
I will always
remember those days.
~ Talia


I will remember you always,
your soft Tabby fur in my face,
always jumping into my lap.
I remember you, Tica,
running and bouncing up in the air
to try and grasp your toy mouse.
When you fell from high places
with no coordination,
but always landing on your feet.

Without you, I’m bored,
no one to play with or laugh with.
I am sad I wasn’t always there for you,
for you were always there for me.
Either when I was depressed or mad,
you were always there to comfort me.
I couldn’t believe it when you passed.
I will never forget the way you walked,
the way you climbed, and hopped.

You bit me sometimes.
I forgive you for that,
but do you forgive me for stepping on your tail
when you were underfoot?

Tica, you will always be in my heart,
in my mind, too.
I hope I am in yours.
I will never forget you.
~ Lindsay

Remembering a Friend

You, my friend,
You babysat me and
always cared for me.
You, who gave me
comfort when I was crying.
You, who sat in a
bright red wagon with me
on Halloween night,
my hands bundled
in your warm, black fur.
You sitting and sleeping in the cold.
You, who got taken away.
You, who died from
a brain tumor.
You, my dog, Bella.
I miss you and
love you
with all my heart.
~ Shelby


I look at your ball
every day

You who hurried
to eat

I was the playful
kid with

You who scurried
over my hand
to play

Me who raced
you while in
your ball

You with your
victory dance

You, my hamster,
Furball, who I
~ Joshua

Remembrance Poem

I remember as if it were
yesterday, with you
sitting at the top
of the stairs, glaring
at me.

How you had pitch black eyes and
how you liked to be chased
and how your fur felt when
it was washed.

Yes, Mojo, my ferret, I have
your bed and your
duck buried
with your

I wish you were with me,
but I must say,
I love
~ Taylor C.


Although I never knew thou,
you shall have a special place in my heart.
Brooke, my sister, born with eleven fingers and toes,
an upper lip connected to your lower lip,
blind, deaf, unable to eat or drink, you were
born in a hospital and after six days, you
came to a very expected death.
I will never forget you.
~ Brandon

Remembrance Poem
for my Passed Dog,

Finally the school day is over.
I spring home from the bus stop,
hoping to see a lovable dog.
Soon my eyes are filled with tears
and my heart sank.
The dog bed by the couch
was empty.

Babe, you were in the family before me.
You always licked my face
when you sprang in my crib,
pretending not to notice when I
played with your tail.
Your dog bed was always filled
with furry, warm delight.
Now your bed is cold.
No more delight.

Now I fall to the floor,
wishing you would be beside me,
with your golden fur and bushy tail.
But now you are in a better place
than the floor.
The world you once were in
was all pure happiness,
flowing through the air.
Now it is cold and sad,
but soon it will change.
~ Kennedy

My Dog, Dusty

I look at your bed
and how you slept with
your eyebrows raised

You, who were there
when I was sad

I was the one
who played
with you

You who would
actually bring back
the ball
when I threw it

Me who raced you
up and down
the backyard

You, with your
silly faces

You, my dog,
who I will always
~ Sean


I remember that bright look
in your eyes
that jolt of energy you would
get on your walk
every day.

I remember your lightning
fast legs that would
for the ball I would
throw you

I will miss you.
~ Kyle


It is you who I pray about
throughout the day
wishing you were okay,
but some wishes never come true.
I visit you shortly.
I wish the cancer would go away, but it has not yet.

Tan, brown eyes and gentle skin,
curly, thick hair,
as wise as an owl.
You are lovable
each and every day.

It is you I pray about all the time.
As fragile as ice
slipping out of my hands,
I try not to cry.
A day ago you seemed fine,
but it must hurt.
It is you I miss, even though you are still alive.
I will never stop praying.
~ Kayla


I remember you, my
cat who sat at the back door
wanting to go out

I remember you, who
had ten kittens

You, who loved me
no matter what I
said or did

You, who stayed
with me whenever
I was sad

I remember the day
you left us; I woke
up and saw you lying
there, and I started crying
and screaming

I miss you
~ Kaelee

Remembrance Poem

I remember when
you were next to me
on my birthday,
your warm fur on my lap.
When you filled the
house with noise, and
made people laugh
when you would roll
on your back.
You kept me company on
those cold winter nights.
Now this noise is gone,
the warmth in people’s
lives, my dog, Binky, go
into heaven with many
other dogs.  I’ll never
forget you!
~ Julian

The Sweet Soul

Your delicate hands
holding mine as we
walked across the street.

Your caring heart
wanting me to be safe.

Helping me to do my
best in school,
always caring how
well I did.
You being kind by
laughing at my jokes,
even though they
weren’t funny.

Your funny sense
of humor
cheering me up
when I scraped my knee.

You always loving me.

I miss you, Grammie.
~ Rose


Callie, you are my favorite cat
ever.  Whenever I would go in the
garage, you would be waiting
for me so you could rub your black
and white fur on my leg.
Your fur is as soft as a cloud.

My favorite time was rubbing
your chubby belly.  It was as
squishy as a gummy
bear.  Your meow was as quiet
as a rat’s squeal.

Callie, I miss you.


My Grandma

My grandma,
you who told me I was

My grandma,
who had the best

My grandma,
when I was unhappy,
you were

My grandma,
when you giggled, I

My grandma,
who had to go
~ Leana

Love and Peace

You sang for peace,
but peace
you did not get.

You sang of love,
but love
you did not get.

You passed
because you sang of
love and peace,
but love and peace,
you did not get.

R.I.P. John Lennon
~ Sonia


I know sometimes you might think
I’m not thinking of you
right now, but I am, every
second of every day

I will never forget the way
you pounced, jumped, and hopped
all around the yard, getting
your brown and white fur all dirty

I will never forget your expressive
eyes and anything else I couldn’t
fit in this poem

My dear bunny, Hazelnut,
I miss you and you will always
have a place in my heart

R.I.P. 2002 – 2010
~ Giselle

My House

You are so nice and small,
you catch me when I fall.
I land on your rug,
then give you a hug.
You comfort me when I feel small,
You let me lean on your wall.
Your three small, carpeted rooms
Make it so that I don’t have to use brooms.
Your kitchen is small with white paint on the wall.
The soft whir of the computer in
my room sounds like the purr of my cat.
You are my house.  My house
that I will never forget.
~ Chris

Hermy the Hermit Crab

walking around freely in my room
I will never forget,
hiding in your camo shell
when you were scared,
coming out of your shell
when I breathe hot  air on you.
the best hermit crab pet
anyone could ask for,
I will never forget you,
~ Brendan


When he was younger,
and I wasn’t born nor was my mom,
he helped the American army,
with big ideas,
to help win an awful war.

When he was a lot older,
and I was born,
he helped looked
after me for awhile,
as my mom had to
do errands every day.

When he was starting to
grow a beard
and I was 3-5 years old,
we would go practice fishing,
and he would let me
steer his dirt bike,
as we went to our favorite
little meat factory.
We also picked
the red,
with a hint of sour
honey apples from the
apple tree
in his big garden.
I liked how he
would take me to
the hot,
sunny, and fun
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

When he was about 70,
and I was 6,
I was sad,
when I had to move
to another town.
He gave me his old B.B gun
in remembrance of Santa Cruz

When he died,
and I was 10,
I went into
shock as,
silent tears,
of remembrance
leaked out of,
a belly full
of the red,
a hint of sour,
honey apples.


I remember like it was yesterday,
your short brown buzzed hair,
your glasses carefully placed on your face,
I remember when I was sitting on your one and only leg,
When you showed me your wheelchair,
and I listened with care.
Just thinking about it makes me feel sad.
Why did you have to go?
You were more than an uncle to me;
You were my best friend,
and I will never forget you.
~ Riley

Floppy Bunny

So fluffy, so energized, so happy, it’s
you.  The Flop Monster.  There I see you,
in the corner of the courtyard.  Looking at me
with your ears drooping down.  I sprint
to you, but you are too fast, so you dash
into the bushes.

Finally, after some high-tech
maneuvers, I am able to grab you
and squeeze you in my arms.

I will never forget all the times
you’d fall asleep in my arms.
I love you, Floppy, and will never
forget you.  Where have all
the good times gone?
~ Mathew