Week 9: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Smiley Smoothie

by Natalia

It was delicious. The best thing I had ever tasted. What had I done to deserve this amazing food. It was like a dream, not believable. The taste, I can’t describe it; it’s the perfect mixture of yogurt ketchup and pickles. I know it sounds gross, but it is amazing. Yesterday, though, I definitely did not think that.

Let me start at the beginning. My little sister, Chelsea, has always woken up an extra 30 minutes early to make her, what she declares, “smiley smoothie.” What a creative name, right? More like smelly smoothie, if you ask me. That thing is beyond stinky. Every day, when I sit next to her at the table at breakfast, that cup is reeking. I can barely stand it.

One day, I criticized her drink. I have done this many times, and after, she just cries away to our mom, spilling her drink everywhere. This day she didn’t cry, or run away.

She said, “How about we make a deal. You know that one Hershey’s bar in the cabinet?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“How about the first one who can hit the crossbar on the goal wins,” she suggested in a delightful tone.

“Okay, but what do I get when I win, which I obviously will?”

“If I win, you have to drink my smiley smoothie, and I get the chocolate. If you win, you get the chocolate, and I’ll do your chores for a month.”

“Sweet! It’s settled.” I answered, walking away.

I knew for sure I was going to win. Even though I don’t play soccer,  I’m sure I’ll be fine. Chelsea only plays defense and has very bad aim. I texted Chelsea to ask when we were going to start. She replied: In ten minutes.

I was all ready: I had my leggings, Puma shirt, my favorite red Nikes, and my lucky underwear on. I was set. I made my way to the backyard, where we have our soccer net. Chelsea was already there. In front of her were two soccer balls. She told me to go first, so I did. I backed up a couple steps, and I ran towards the ball. A swing and miss, not only did I not hit the crossbar, but my ball didn’t even lift off the ground. Next, it was Chelsea’s turn. She couldn’t make it on the first try, that’s not possible for Chelsea. She set up the ball step by step like she could demonstrate the process. She took about three steps back, and then one to the right since she was a lefty kicker. At first she tip-toed and then took a couple long strides, and then WABAM! The ball went up and up and hit the crossbar right dead center.

It felt like slow motion, where the ball hit the crossbar, and right then I fell to the ground in disappointment. Now I had no decision. I had to eat that stupid smoothie, whether I liked it or not.

It turned out Chelsea had been practicing her crossbars for a while. I really have to pay more attention to what she’s doing so I won’t fall into a trap like this one again. My sister can be a little devil, but because of her, now I have my new favorite food: The Smiley Smoothie.

How My Life Goes

by Devyn

I was beside myself sitting in the sand with the wind beneath my wings. The smell of decay was enough to destroy the delicious smells of the barbecue happening beside me.

I figured if I behaved and tried to act believable instead of acting totally crazy, the delightful people with the delicious smelling barbecue might offer me some food.  I was very hungry, so I figured I deserved to at least try to see if I could get some of their meal.

I eventually flew away because the people did not care a bit that I was there.  They were beyond rude.  Perhaps I should have explained that I was a Blue Jay and declared that I needed the people to give me some food because I was starving.

The one thing I love about being a bird is that you get to see everything, like–oh, a piece of candy! The day after Halloween is my favorite because I always find candy on the ground.  I have to stay away from mean kids’ houses, though, because if I’m not paying attention, I might get smushed.  Just kidding.  For now, I’ll fly away looking for my next meal.


by Zoe

The beginning of sunrise,
beyond the grassy fields,
a delightful poppy grows,
enjoying life!

it doesn’t deserve what’s to come.
A young child
destroys it
while demonstrating how to do a cartwheel.

Beneath the earth
lies that poppy,
Beside it,
a single broken leaf.

This was a living plant,
one that should deserve better
and not be destroyed.
The poppy was a delightful
living plant.


by Genevieve

Arrow couldn’t believe what was happening. He thought Shadow was on his side but apparently not. Apparently Shadow was on Moon’s side.

“Stop!” demanded Moon and Whisper at the same time. Their shouts in protest were enough to force Shadow to determine whether to attack them or Arrow, he chose them.

“This is just the beginning,” roared Shadow.

They tried to dodge out of the way of Shadow’s aggression and Whisper delivered a signal with her tail for the rest of Moon’s army to attack. Arrow stood in shock when he saw Moon and Whisper fighting for him. Even Squirrel was fighting beside them. They were attacking him but now, now they weren’t. They had decided well Arrow thought.

Shadow was overwhelmed by the number of dogs attacking him. He couldn’t see his pack and Shadow was growing anxious. He thrashed back and forth, trying to escape the claws of Moon’s army. Shadow saw his chance to escape when some of his pack began howling to make a distraction. The old dog lunged at Moon with full force bringing her to the ground; he furiously raked his claws at her.

“No!” screeched Arrow, he pulled himself to his feet and charged Shadow.

Arrow’s eyes had electricity in them; the arrow pattern on his fur glowed white like a star shining its beam of light. Everyone jumped back, terrified and stunned, they would run beyond the boundaries of the small arena but they were still curious and stayed.

Shadow was left in the middle of Arrow’s rage. The moment Arrow’s claws met Shadow a burst of light appeared, almost blinding the surrounding dogs. The grass flew away from Arrow and Shadow. A roaring sound erupted around the arena. The light stopped to reveal what happened, Shadow was completely gone, and Arrow stood proud and strong.

“Arrow?” Moon approached Arrow with caution; she was ready to defend herself if necessary. “Shadow deserved to die, but, did you kill him? I never thought you would kill someone.”

Arrow just slightly wagged his tail; everything about Arrow looked astonishing now. His fur wasn’t ruffled like it always had been; he held his chin up, only to make his appearance more remarkable.

“Arrow,” said a voice, everyone looked around. The voice demonstrated mystery.

Arrow looked up to see a lion; it was transparent and hovered over him. Arrow felt the urge to speak, he felt he knew this lion, its name was Echoblew.

“A hero has arisen, a soul of evil, gone, I am Echoblew, guardian of heroes.” The lion moved towards the terrified dogs then averted her gaze to look at Arrow. “Welcome.”

School Picture Day Disaster

by Whitney

“Ugh, stop hogging the bathroom!” I yell to my older sister, Rachel.

“It’s school picture day and I have to look beyond pretty!” Rachel screams back at me.

“Well, I have to get ready, too,” I reply with sass.

“Learn to behave politely, Lily,” Rachel fires back.

“Mommmm!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Right now, I’m depending on Mom to fix this for me.

“What is it, Lily?” Mom says.

“Rachel’s hogging the bathroom, and I need to get ready, and I will destroy that door if I have to.”

I must have been really upset because Mom clearly pointed out that I was upset with this response. “Calm down, Lily, calm down.”

When Rachel finally made the decision to come out of the bathroom she was doing the last part of her makeup: lipstick. Of course, I didn’t know that when I started running to the bathroom door and totally moved Rachel’s arm across her face. Smearing the bright pink lipstick everywhere. When I did that, I felt delightful and pleased with myself inside.

A few seconds after, Rachel was determined to kill me. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I couldn’t even describe how I felt. All I knew was that I needed to get ready, and fast! It was already 7:58, and school starts at 8:15! I hoped my mom would decide that I deserved to get to school on time!

The Beginning

by Ethan

Beyond this universe there lies a dragon. They called him the Destroyer of Worlds. He was a mile long and fully plated with scales that could demonstrate how puny our human weapons and military were. He was all red except the tail that glowed green. He was a type of lizard that kills. His departure from this realm had been very much accepted, but not by his son.

The Destroyer of Worlds II they called the son, who looked like his father but was more destructive. He traveled quintillions of miles just to come to Earth and begin the torture this realm or planet deserved. Most people found it weird that finally there was a “spirit” to destroy them after all they had done. Most didn’t find that all appealing or believable in any manner possible to describe. Some cultures and beliefs said that The Destroyer of Worlds II was there to help, despite his very “delightful” name and father. Some people just called him Destroyer for short.

“This is a puny world. Seems appetizing for I’m hungry and I love humans. They have so many bones, they are crunchy, and they’re delicious,” Destroyer said to himself. He was hovering around the planet not knowing that the big things that orbit Earth–satellites–were picking up his signal and very visual readings of him. Scientists couldn’t believe the way he behaved. Depending on which side of the planet he was on, he would change color and acted like he wanted or demanded somebody to come out and provide him a fresh supply of humans, or in his case, 21 to 42 year-old men or women. He preferred those age ranges because they were young in comparison to his 1,936,754,725 years of age.

After a year of just spying on earth, Destroyer spoke aloud in perfect and fluent English. “I am waiting, and are surely coming. I am also 100 percent sure that I will kill all of you. Your corpses will decay and melt in space for an eternity,” he said in an evil voice that he knew was going to go horrible for Earth and all of its living species and inhabitants. “Ah ha ha!” he laughed maniacally. In Destroyer’s opinion this would be a very delightful future.

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Madison

“Amelia,” my father said, “I have signed you up for martial arts.”

I looked up from my video game, “Martial what?”

“Martial arts,” he stated as he grabbed my controller from my possessed hands and set it on the table. “It is where you learn discipline, self-defense, and how to make the right decision in unusual circumstances.”

I stood up, put one hand on my hip, and twirled my wild blue hair while chewing my pink gum. “It sounds like you’re sending me to military school,” I told him.

“Not exactly,” he replied. “You’ll only be going to a class three times a week, and you’re beginning tomorrow.” He took a deep breath, “I feel that this will push you beyond your academic limits,” he wasn’t finished, “besides, it all depends on how you take in all of this useful information.”

I started to walk down the hallway and into my bedroom, “I have rock band practice tomorrow,” I told him.

“I have already canceled that,” he said, sounding proud of himself.

I stepped into my room, “I’m not going!” I shouted, slamming my door behind me.

Of course, Dad got his way, as always. The next day we made our departure at ten o’clock. I felt sort of awkward walking into a place with people in black and white robes of some sort, while I was wearing my ripped up black tights, my dark black short shorts, and a big tank top with a zombie on it—not to mention my crazy blue hair.

Everyone was lined up to watch some big, strong guy demonstrate some kicks and punches. It was really lame.

The man finished and stood there staring a few seconds at each and every one of us. “Now,” he said, “I am expecting you all to behave with great discipline, and I assure you,” he told us, looking at our parents, “that you will walk out of here delightful children.” He looked at me and added, “There shall be no chewing of the gum.”

Who talks like that? I walked over to the trashcan, near to where the parents were sitting and disgustedly spit out my grape-flavored gum, with one last wipe of the mouth. Dad glared an evil parent glare as I dragged myself back to my spot. This was going to be fun.

Pizza Madness

by Tyler

‘’Pizza,’’ I say as I ring the doorbell. I hear people talking about their beliefs as someone opens the door.

“Oh, hey,’’ says the homeowner, opening wide the door.

“That will be $24, sir,’’ I answer, holding out the pizza-filled box and waiting for the money.

‘’$24! That’s insane,’’ he complained.

As politely as I can, I state, “You ordered two larges, sir,‘’ I could see him trying to determine whether or not to take the pizza. ’’Fine I’ll take the pizza,’’ he says. That makes me smile.

I drive back to the parlor, and my boss congratulates me. He says, ’’Congrats, Bert, that’s your 100th delivery.’’

‘’Thanks,” I say smiling.

“Here, go home with a pizza,’’ he says as he hands me a delicious smelling pizza.

I go home and flip on my television while I heat up a few pieces of pizza. I take it out and smell it. I laugh, “This is going to be delightful; ha, ha ha.’’ I stuff a piece of pizza into my mouth, forgetting to behave and eat the right way. I ask myself if this is the best pizza I have had in my life. I burp. That is a definite yes.

After I eat, I watch some more TV. A commercial comes on that advertises, ‘‘the new best laundry detergent.’’ That ad is hardly believable, I think to myself, as I deliberately shove the last piece of pizza into my mouth.

Shenanigan-free Shopping

by Jackson

“Time to go to the store guys!” Mom yells, “Go get in the car please, and please, make this as easy and delightful as possible.”

Yuki and I both groan as we finish what we’re doing and then slip on our sandals and make our way to the car. Once we’re inside, we grasp our belts and connect them to our buckles. I already know how this will end up: Mom yelling in the middle of some aisle loaded with shoppers, all staring at us. I try to determine in which aisle this event will occur. Will it be the cereal aisle or the frozen food section? No, this time, I will at least attempt to behave and nothing will stop that from happening…I hope.

“Okay, guys, here’s what we need to purchase,” Mom announces once we’re inside the store, “detergent, cereal, milk, and burger meat.”

“Cereal?  Delicious I want some!” Yuki says with a hungry look on her face.

“Jackson, I bequeath to you the task of delivering me the milk, please,” Mom says regarding me with a look that says, Just do it without arguing; I know you can.

My belief is that if I just do what she asks with no argument, this excruciating shopping trip will fly by. Therefore, I follow my gut and search for the store’s dairy aisle. As for Mom and Yuki, they continue to search for the other required items needed to complete this trip.

Hopefully, Yuki also has the same idea about attempting to desist from getting in trouble with Mom, not even making an attempt at unpleasantness. I hope she makes a definite promise to stay out of hot water, just as I have done.

It’s hard to believe, but Yuki and I actually—maybe even for the first time ever—didn’t get in trouble with Mom, and we left the store with no embarrassing scenes and no other problems whatsoever. Wow, I guess you can have good shopping days and bad shopping days in terms of behavior.

Pippi’s Pizza

by Annabelle

Hi! Welcome to Pippi’s Pizza! We serve delicious pizza, and best of all, we deliver! Our scrumptious toppings range from pepperoni to roasted roaches!

Here is how we make our pizza; first, we make the dough. Then we deliberately add laundry detergent to get that chemically taste. (It is definitely not dangerous!) Next, we cook the pizza with all the toppings already on top. (That is why it tastes so brilliantly burnt!) Then, we put the finished pizza into the satchel of a pigeon to take right to your doorstep.  Your pigeon-delivered pizza won’t be in a box because our belief is that cardboard makes your pizza taste bad.

If you so decide, we can let your pizza decay, but it costs extra because it is a painstaking process to put the pizza in the back alley for a year. Shh, the secret to our success is a small farm beneath our shop. We use chicken feathers in the dough to make such a creamy taste and unique texture.

We hope you come on down or give us a ring! If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some reviews:

“Never, ever, ever eat Pippi’s Pizza! I am determined not
to even walk past it! After the first time, I tried a pizza
from Pippi’s, I had to call poison control!”
-Peter Peterson

“Pippi’s Pizza is the most disgusting thing ever.
Did you know they have a whole chicken farm
in one basement? Talk about factory farming!”
-Nancy Jules

“I honestly don’t care.”
-Charles Stinkleberry

“This Pizza is almost as evil as I!
And I don’t think evil pizza is very healthy.”
-Darth Vader

As you can see, everyone loves our pizza! See you soon!
-Pippi’s Pizza

P.S. Time is ticking! Eat our pizza or else!

The Assignment

by Fiona

“Good morning! Today we will start out this period of English with a fun assignment!” sang out Mr. John, strutting into the room, “You may write about whatever you would like, but I demand for it to be school appropriate!” Everyone in the room groaned.

“Now, now, no reason to pout; you’re not two years old! You will have an hour to complete this project before it has to be turned in, but first,” he declared, holding up his finger, a twinkle in his eye, “I will read a delightful example of an exceptional piece that deserves the honor of being read aloud. It demonstrates the type of writing I am expecting to see from you. It is called… Beyond.”

I sighed, why does he read these pieces anyway? It’s not like it can make us magically become as good of writers as the person who wrote the model piece. All it will do is make us feel bad about our own writing. He just doesn’t get it.

After what felt like an eternity, Mr. John finally finished reading, and we all clapped, though my clap was more like my two palms lightly touching a few times than a real form of applause.

Mr. John put the paper back down on his desk, “Now it is your turn to write a terrific piece. Don’t forget to write a beginning, middle, and end. Also, I expect you to use descriptive language, and to behave and not mess around. Mill is passing out paper, and you may begin when you get it. Good luck!”

I received my paper and started to write

rattle rattle went the drawer in the earthquake.
“Ahhh.” I said.  next I walked around the house…

I shook my head. No, that was too pathetic for any seventh grader, even for me. After erasing that pitiful beginning , I was deciding whether I should write a story—getting me a better grade—or a poem—providing less work for me. After a minute, I came to the conclusion that none of my thoughts would work, so I settled on a letter: A letter of advice. As a plus, I wrote in cursive, hoping for a bit of extra credit:

Dear Anna Booth,

A word of advice, pay more attention. Don’t get so distracted; it’s not worth it. Your swim lesson is more important than
what your neighbor is saying, so have more self-control, and listen to what is important. You can hear what the person
is saying later, but it is not the same story for your lesson. Keep your priorities in order! I am confident that this plan will work!


It still wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t care. When I got up to turn in my paper, the bell rang, releasing me from my boredom. I was so happy to be done that when I left the classroom, I glided through the hall, grinning ear to ear—until I realized what my next class was. My smile fell and I trudged on, stopping whenever I could. The bell had suddenly transformed from the bell of freedom to the bell tolling my death sentence as it dawned on me that my next period was math, the worst period of all.

It’s a Trap!

by Jake

She greets us with a benign smile.  “Hello, fellows,” she says awkwardly.

Bryce, my friend, and I reply, “Hello.”  I am definite that this isn’t going to go well, I think to myself.  We are led into a dark room with boxes and equipment casting eerie shadows. “We have to behave naturally,” I whisper to Bryce, thinking he may not have heard me.  We were fed delicious cookies until a sudden whack was heard.

A tall, muscular man was standing in the doorway with a beard as long as Santa’s. “San–” Bryce called while being forced to cease and desist by duct tape being wrapped around his mouth.  If you were to ask me, this is not a delightful scene at all.  We were first attracted to the office by some women, and then boom!  In the blink of an eye, we happened to be kidnapped by some jerks.

The men bequeathed the Hello Kitty duct tape to the women.  “Special delivery!” the women said enthusiastically.  They did this in such a deliberate manner that it was almost like they had planned it, which they probably had.

What would you do in this situation right now because you could not defer it?  Bryce and I are duct taped together, each in chairs, hands behind our backs, mumbling to one another.  We were planning our escape.  It might not happen immediately, but it would happen.

Oh, No!

by Riley

One morning, a delightful ray of light came into my room. It was Saturday the beginning of the weekend. In my opinion, the weekends are the most peaceful days. I slowly got out of bed and  went over to my closet to choose my outfit for the day. I was deciding on a beautiful dress. It was hard to describe what it looked like.

When I walked out of my room, Zoey, my painful sister, wanted to demonstrate how to make a potion that causes anyone that is bad to behave right away. Besides how dumb it sounded, I wanted to see her fail. I sat down in a chair to watch. While she was getting ready, she gave me a delicious cookie. Once the potion was complete, she brought it over to me, but while she was carrying it, she spilled it on me. My beliefs were that she meant to do that. I was beyond covered in the red potion. I was a disaster. I stomped out of her room.

Later that day, I got her back by pouring apple juice on her. She didn’t care about the juice, but it was believable that someday she would get me back just for the fun of it.

The Cookies

by Julia

There, a determined girl, a huge kitchen, and beliefs that cookies can change everything in a fantastic way. The chocolate chip cookie recipe sits there, ordering me around, commanding me to get ingredients into the bowl. “Julia, we’re going to the market. Make sure you behave while we are gone, okay?” my Dad calls to me from the garage door.

“Okay, Dad. Bye, Mom!” I reply to my parents.

Apparently, they need laundry detergent, crackers, and juice. Hopefully, I can get the cookies done before they get back! I start to throw in the sugar, the eggs, and last but not least, the chocolate chips. I throw them in the oven, rushing to get them finished before my parents get home.

I set the timer for eleven minutes, and then I go to read a book. I am eight minutes into reading, when I realize I have forgotten to add the flour. I had been rushing so much I didn’t fully complete the recipe! I take out the cookies and begin all over. As I put them in the oven, making sure I have included ALL the ingredients, my parents walk in the door. They ask what smells so good and I tell them I am baking cookies. They become so mad; I am in trouble. Yikes!!!

They are yelling at me all the way until the timer beeps. I take out the cookies, and they are so good! I call them the “deliciously ,unbelievable, delightful cookies.”  I definitely am going to deliver some cookies to my neighbors because they deserve some. I am beginning to understand that the decision to make cookies without my parents was a bad idea. Something could have happened, and I should have adult supervision. I will never do that again if I am going to misbehave.

The Pea Nation’s History

by Olivia

peasinpodIn the beginning, the pea family was an ordinary family, but… they were peas.  These peas had lived the longest of any peas; how?  They never wanted to be so delicious tasting—that makes living longer very difficult. They had a very delightful family and were one of the biggest pods in their town, Peataluma. There was the dad, named Peater; the mom Peanelope; and their three children Peaisley, Peablo, and Peater. They transitioned all around their pod doing daily pea things.

But one day Peaisley wanted to know how she was alive.  After all, she was a vegetable, a pea vegetable.  There were a lot of different beliefs about living peas, but she wanted the real one.  Peaisley thought about who would be able to answer her question.

She finally decided that her grandma Peata would be able to provide an answer.  Grandma Peata was a delightful person to be around and everyone described her as the “best grandma ever!”  Grandma Peata lived many miles away in a small town called Peaville, so Peaisley had to send a letter to her through the mail.

Six days later, Peaisley received a letter back from her grandma with a precept in the letter, of course.  When her grandma got to Peaisley’s Pod, she ran up to her grandma, Peata, and gave her a big hug.  As they walked inside, they started to talk about the Pea Nation’s history, starting in the 1800’s. Beneath her pea coat was an old, rotten, purple book that was gigantic. The book was so dirty and musty smelling that it looked like it had been decaying for hundreds of years.  By this time, it was getting very late, so grandma Peata tucked Peablo, Peater, and Peaisley into bed.

The Pea-children were so excited to investigate the book’s secrets that when  Grandma Peata left the room, they pulled out their flashlights and started to explore the book.  As they were flipping through the pages, they all had un-believable looks on their faces. Finally, some of Peaisley’s questions were going to be answered.  The story of why peas are ‘‘living’’ is this: One evening a cook took a package of frozen peas and boiled them for a meal.  The dinner was delayed so the peas cooled down, and nobody would eat the cold peas.  This pea family was the very first generation to exist.


Later on when Peaisley was in Pea University, she became a reporter for PTHR (PeaTaluma History Reporter), a local newspaper.  Eventually her work and the decayed, purple book became a part of the Natural Pea History Museum. Peaisley was a great reporter  and ended up becoming an owner of the museum!

Conquering All

by Neena

rollercoasterAs I sip on my delicious mango smoothie, my friend tugs on my shirt sleeve.  She says, “Can we go on that roller coaster?”

“Uh, do we have to?” I respond.

“Yes, it looks delightful!”

When she says delightful, she’s either trying to be funny or she’s lying because it is not really believable to perceive a roller coaster as looking delightful.  Nevertheless, I agree to go on the ride.

Let me describe the horror. It is a 150-foot drop with upside down loops. I’ve never been on a roller coaster that does that; but wait, there’s more. Instead of just going straight forward, it also goes backwards so it has double the departures.  In my defense, I really don’t want to ride the roller coaster, and that’s why my decision is shaky.


It’s now time to go on the ride. My mom tells me to relax, have fun, and behave. We have to wait in line five minutes before boarding the roller coaster. When we are at the top of the line, I got to see the roller coaster go, so the people are demonstrating the effects of the ride. They get off; then we get on. We strap ourselves in, and off we go. Up, down, left, right, and I am tossed and twisted. We come to a stop, and I know the ride is over. Beyond my beliefs, it was fun and not scary at all.

When we get off, I head straight to my mom. I just keep talking. My friend tugs on my sleeve, begging to ride again. We run off for a second turn, which is even more fun than the first. Now I can go on any roller coaster without being scared.

The Newborn Dog

by Kyler

dog293One cloudy day at my friend’s house, we were in is backyard digging in a patch of rocky dirt. We later went to his room, but we suddenly heard a ring. It was the doorbell. My friend’s mom walked to the door, only to find out that it was my dad, Todd, with a cute, fluffy dog in his arms.

First of all, let me describe what the dog looked like. He was cute, soft, fluffy, and kind. I ended up thinking that that day wasn’t believable. My dad asked my brother and me if we wanted to go home and play with the dog. At the beginning of my dad’s arrival, he told us that the dog’s name was Ollie. I ended up in my dad’s work van. I made my decision to go home and play with Ollie. On the way home, Ollie would not stay still. Besides, he was a newborn. What do you expect from a scared dog?

Beyond that, I didn’t really care about him running around. It was pretty funny to be honest with you. I had no beliefs that my dad would ever get another dog, so this new dog was a welcome decision.

It was really delightful to play around with Ollie. I felt like he depended on me to give him a great life. If I asked Ollie to sit, he would have no idea on what to do. So I would demonstrate it for him.

When my mom and brother got home, we all had to eat. So after that, the whole family played with Ollie and had a great time with him.

Ollie has changed my life ever since I laid eyes on him. This has been a wonderful adventure so far with him, and I will love him until the day I die. I will always have a special spot in my heart for his being of life.

Our Trip to Florida

by Ryan

DogplaneIn the beginning, our planned trip was going well.  Then our departure time from the airport was delayed.  We made a decision to take a later flight.

While we waited, we had some delicious food at the airport.  Besides the food, we also had some benign-tasting ice cream.  If I had to describe the ice cream, I would say it tasted like bland milk.

On this trip, my brother and I had to demonstrate that we could behave. We told our parents they could depend on us. Our trip to Florida was delightful and everyone had a great time!


by Jasmine

heartMy mom is the best!  I can always depend on her.  She is beyond amazing.  I can also describe her as a delightful lady.  She is wise and always makes good decisions.  She also demonstrates how to behave around people.

Every night, she always puts an unbelievably delicious meal on the table.  She can also keep me safe through her defense.  My mom is the most outstanding woman I know.  She loves me, cares for me, and respects me.  I am very grateful for my mom.

Mom, I love you, and that will never change.

Practice Makes Perfect

by Jackson

BasketballmanThe ball bounces from one hand to another. I see the hoop feet above me. The ball fits perfectly in my hand. I jump up; the ball releases from my hand and sails over the hoop. My face sinks. I have been practicing basketball for years and somehow have managed to become worse. My best friend is our school champion on the basketball team. Then my other friend is on the cheerleading squad. With these two as friends, I desperately want to be a success.

I see a UPS truck, probably here to deliver a brand new basketball hoop that I have been saving up for. My parents said that if I behaved, they would split the difference. Well, this was definitely it. The size was just right. I had plans of becoming a professional basketball player, and this was the first step of my plan. DING! The doorbell rings, and I scurry over to open the door to find my best friend, Riley, standing there.

“Hey, want to go practice your game?” he asks.

“Yeah, sure,” I reply. We run outside with a ball. Riley shoots a three-pointer and swishes it. I try, and the ball bounces off the rim and hits me in the head.

“Here do it like this,” he says as he demonstrates. I grab the ball from him and attempt to do what he showed me. I jump up and shoot; the ball swishes in. I run for a layup, and it delightfully swoops in. Riley goes for a layup, and the ball falls out of his hands, hitting him in the face.  He falls to the ground, landing on his leg awkwardly. He screams in pain. I get my mom and we drive to the hospital.

“I heard hospital cafeterias have really delicious food,” I quip, trying to make a joke so there will be something besides the tension in the car.

We arrive to the hospital, and the receptionist says, “You must make a deposit, and you will get it back after the doctor sees the patient.” Riley hobbles behind the doctor into a room.

Riley returns from the examining room with crutches. We get back into the car and drop off Riley before returning home. I eat dinner and brush my teeth so they won’t become decayed. Then I go to bed.

In the morning, I awaken and hop on my bike, pedaling away to school. At school, I decide to go to the office to sign up for the basketball tournament. All the jocks are heckling me, saying, “Yeah, you’re going to win. That’s believable.

I ignore them and go to the gym. I am up first for the basketball tournament, so I get the ball. I stand up to my opponent. I grab the ball and start to dribble. I spin around him and jump up for the shot. He gets the ball, and I run past him, stealing the ball. I jump up for the shot. Again and again, I work my way up, winning every time. It is time for the final game, and I have butterflies. I get the ball and run towards the hoop, shooting the ball.  Swish. My opponent gets the ball and shoves me aside as he shoots. The ref doesn’t call the foul. I get the ball and shoot a three-pointer.

The score is 8-8 and we are playing to ten. I have the ball and rush the hoop, but my opponent slams me to the ground.  Finally, the ref calls a shooting foul, and I get two free throws. I go to the line, and my head feels dizzy. I jump up, taking the shot. The ball bounces in. My head starts to feel even dizzier, but I shoot through the pain. The ball bounces off the rim, balancing like a tightrope walker, and then goes in. I throw my hands in the air with happiness. I had been the loser who couldn’t shoot, and now I am the champion. Riley, who had been sidelined because of his injury, hobbles over to me on his crutches and gives me a high five. With practice, I have won and become the new star of the school.

Lizzie and the Painting

by Bailey

Lizzie Starbucks was an eleven year old girl who was very funny and loved swings. She was a benign person, and she always behaved. She never had much of a taste for art until one delightful afternoon at McClure park when she found something that changed her life forever….

Lizzie ran over to the swings, her favorite thing at the park, and plopped down on the firm plastic curve. Sometimes Lizzie would have a contest with herself to go higher than the treetops that surrounded the park. She was always determined to do so.

That day, Lizzie finally went higher than the trees. As she swung down, she spotted something lying in the grass. She catapulted herself off of the swing and skipped over to the item. It was a beautiful painting of a rainforest, with sun rays glinting off of the leaves. She gasped at its beauty and almost dropped it. She looked round the park for the owner, but seeing no one, she made the deliberate decision to take home the painting and deliver it to the police station.

Lizzie bolted through the garage door to her house. Her mother, who was pouring detergent into the washer, asked what the matter was. Lizzie explained everything, and her mother agreed that it would be best to turn the painting over to the police.

The police officer gasped when he saw the work of art and said, “This is the lost painting that is worth $97,000,000!” He questioned her about the painting; then he confiscated it as evidence in a theft. Lizzie and her mother started to leave, but the officer stopped them and gave them the reward of $97,000,000! It was unbelievable!

That night, Lizzie had a delicious dinner as usual, puzzled by what to do with the money. The whole family knew they would definitely have a luxurious life thanks to that painting.

Black Holes

by Dylan

A black hole is a decayed star’s core that has collapsed upon itself and become, beyond believability, infinitely more times denser than its regular state as the beginning end of the end of the star occurs. Usually stars that create black holes after dying are supermassive stars, and yes, that’s the scientific name. After a few more million years, the star’s core has finally completely collapsed into the black hole. Unlike many other celestial and planetary bodies, black holes don’t really behave in the way that other objects do in the universe. Black holes demonstrate pure power because not even light can escape the event horizon. When something goes into a black hole, it is never coming out again unless scientists’ theory of a black hole connecting one side of a wormhole is correct.

Besides black holes being the opposite of delightful and being capable of destroying everything in their path, black holes get worse by spinning out bursts of radiation and the worst kind of radiation, too. These bursts of radiation are called gamma ray bursts. These are some of the deadliest, most devastating things known to man. If a gamma ray burst happened to hit Earth, in one second, half of the planet would definitely be destroyed. What causes gamma ray bursts is when a black hole becomes too full and basically throws up in the form of radiation. Black holes are destructive, fascinating phenomena.

My Trip to Fruit Land

by Emily

I stare in disgust at my vegetables.  Carrots and celery.  Ugh!  All I can think of is fruit.  I really hope some fruit man will deliver some fruit just for me because the vegetables taste like laundry detergent.  I wish under my breath for fruit.

All of sudden, I am in a world of fruit!  Trees, bushes, rivers, pathways, and fields, all covered in fruit.  Now I can defer my dinner until tomorrow, and now I can determine what to eat!  It is definite that I am in heaven.

I am deliberate when I walk through the fruit-covered field.  I can almost hear my mom telling me to desist from drinking too much from the lemonade river, but I can’t resist.  I eat some sugary fruit and put some in my pocket to bequest to my children because I have learned that this fruit never goes bad.

Then I wish to return home, and there I am.  I look down at what I will bequeath to my future children, and I wondered if this story will be believable to others.

But That’s Just Life

 by Lily

This is your beginning of life, not
your departure to heaven

Right now you depend on your
mommy and your daddy, but believe
it or not, some day you will have to make
your own big decision, whether you want to
or not, but you know, that’s just life

Sooner or later you will become a grownup
and you will have to describe your life to your
kids so they don’t make the same bad decisions
you might have made, and when they give you attitude,
you will have to deduct some of their allowance, and you
will feel horrible about it, but that’s just, well, life

You will have to teach your children self-defense; you
will have to demonstrate things like cooking your
own food and sometimes you will be in the kitchen
cleaning up all night, but you know that’s just life

Sometimes your kids will be so nice to each other that it will be
your dreams to think that they will ever fight again
and when you do hear them fight and have temper tantrums, you
will have to think to yourself, well that’s just life!
Besides, life is life, and it’s never going to always go your way

The Worst Day Ever

by Jarod

Today was my worst day ever.  It all started out with an annoying, deliberate wake-up call from my older brother, Jake.

“Get up, runt!” he screamed in my face at 7:00 a.m., when I was still asleep.

“Whoa!  What?  Is there an emergency?” I asked because of the loudness of his voice.

“No, idiot,” he uttered rudely.

“Okay, well, what’s for breakfast?” I questioned.

“Pancakes; Mom made them,” he said with a note of happiness in his voice.

If I had been a little bit tired, I would have been shocked awake.  My mom’s pancakes were so delicious.  All I knew was that my legs ran downstairs with no thought.  When I was downstairs, I was ready to burst.  Jake had lied!  All I saw was cereal and milk.  My beliefs had been crushed by my brother.

“Jake, you owe me,” I screamed heading upstairs.

“Why?” he asked, half-snickering.

“You know why,” I replied, infuriated.

“Yeah, true, but all I did was prank you,” said my brother.

“Can you desist from pulling maddening pranks on me?” I demanded.

I couldn’t take it.  He never behaved appropriately toward me.  Then I realized it wouldn’t matter and that the school bus would be coming in ten minutes.  I couldn’t wait to get to school and see Ms. Benign, the nicest teacher ever because she never made us take a test without being two hundred percent certain that everyone understood the topic.

When I finally arrived to school, I was about to deliver my two-day late homework, when it completely disappeared.  I couldn’t believe it.  I knew I had it earlier.  I had seen it right on top of all of my other papers.  Then, on top of that, I had a substitute teacher.  Now it seemed as though my fate was determined to be bad.

Later, near the end of school, I took the bus, which I almost missed because the substitute stalled me for some strange reason.  Finally, I arrived back and home, and when I got there, my mom was doing laundry.  She needed detergent, so I was getting it off of a shelf when the whole shelf just collapsed.  It dumped everything on me, and my mom blamed me for “making it fall.”  It was so annoying, as if my day wasn’t already stressful.

I ran right into my room.  This was definitely my worst day ever.  As if things couldn’t become stranger, my brother chose to be nice just then.

“Hey, bro, are you okay?  I heard a loud thump and saw the shelf collapse,” said my brother.

“I’m fine.  I managed to dodge some of the debris,” I said, even though I had two bruises.  He came in anyway, and he asked me what was wrong.  So, I told him what had happened.  He then told me I was having an off-day and that I should go to sleep.  It was only seven o’clock, but I fell asleep after he promised to help me with my homework later.

It had definitely been my worst day ever, but I realized that everyone has one or two days like that.  If they don’t, they are either lucky or freaky.  I figured that this had been my off-day.  I would probably have another, but until then, I would just enjoy my other days.

Master of the Plants

by Jeremy

“Come on, Jordan, don’t be a wimp,” said Carter in a mocking tone of voice.

“Just because I don’t want to go into a haunted graveyard, you’re calling me a wimp?  I do hate the smell of decay and death.”

Two days later, Jordan found himself being taunted again.  “Is the little baby gonna cry?” yelled Rondo, the school bully.

“Leave me alone,” uttered Jordan, annoyed.

“What if I don’t?” asked Rondo.

“Leave me ALONE,” screeched Jordan as spiked vines mysteriously shot out of the ground beside him and slapped Rondo. Suddenly, Jordan felt tired, as if he had just finished a weight lifting contest, as though he had deposited all of his strength into a bank.

As Jordan began to come to, he realized he was in a cave.  He jumped off the cot he was on and yelled, “I demand to know where I am!”

Suddenly, many stones on the wall shifted and a tall, lanky man with a necklace appeared.  “You do deserve an explanation.  If you behave, it will be delightful to give you a tour.”

Jordan agreed to behave, and he and the man walked through the doorway, which opened up into a huge common room.  “This is unbelievable!  We have to be at least seven stories beneath sea level.”

The man nodded and said, “You and I are not very different.  We both control plant spells.”

Just then Jordan sat bolt upright in a cold sweat.  He was still shaken, but he decided the whole experience had just been a dream.  Still, he wondered whether that was the case.

The Stranger

by Grace

The stranger came in the dark of the night. There were no stars, and the waning moon provided feeble light. Mist hung low around the castle grounds, adding to the eeriness of the night. The stranger’s cape billowed out from behind him as he strode toward his destination.

“Knock, knock, knock!”  Sharp rapping at the grounds keeper’s door woke Peter.  Deliberately avoiding waking his parents, Peter delicately tiptoed to the door and opened it a peep.

“Ye is Peter Smiths, ain’t ye?” the stranger rasped, his breath creating a cloud of steam as white as detergent.  He continued, “Listen carefully, ye hear?  I have a special bequest for thee, something bequeathed to thee by thou grandfather.”

Peter’s mind raced.  His grandfather?  His mysterious grandfather whose dumbfounding disappearance had left his family poor?  The stranger pressed something into Peter’s hand, but when he tried to withdraw his hold, the stranger clasped both his hands around Peter’s.  Peter looked up, and his two brown eyes locked with the man’s one green eye.

“Don’t defer accepting the quest, Peter Smiths; ye must find it, for it could change your future.  But I must warn ye: ye cannot desist once ye starts looking.”  Leaving those words hanging in the air, the stranger briskly turned and walked into the night.  Peter looked wonderingly down at his hands.  Did the answer to the old man’s riddles really lie in there?  But the man had left, leaving Peter the liberty of opening his hands and discovering what lay inside….

Peter opened his hands and inspected the folded scrap of molding parchment.  The man came all this way just to deliver this?  Peter pondered.  Opening the parchment revealed a faded map of some sort, and inscribed with cramped writing were these words:

To whom it may concern:

The treasure lies at the

Heart of the bay

At the place traitors had to pay,

And only the depositor’s chosen one

Gets the gold and jewels where they lay,

The wealth that was stolen from them

At the golden age.

This is what the man was talking about?  How strange….Peter trailed off.  Whatever this means, it is definitely important.  Suddenly, it hit Peter.  His grandfather’s disappearance, his family’s poverty, the treasure: it could make his family rich!  They would no longer be the groundskeepers; they could find a job within the castle!  Determined to make this happen, Peter promised himself that in the morning he would set off on his gallant quest to save his family!

The Study of the Ring-Tailed Lemurs

by Lilah

Today, I will be demonstrating my lemur knowledge by sharing a critique on lemurs and their way of life.  Beyond the dry flat desert and the luscious, green fields, is a a verdant and delightful jungle, where the lemurs live.  Being mostly herbivores, they eat delicious foods, such as tasty leaves, sweet sap, crunchy tree bark, and moist fruit.  When climbing, they depend on their strong hands and feet to grip onto the rough tree bark because their long, luxurious tails cannot seem to do the same gripping as some other primate cousins’ tails can. During mating season, the males behave in an aggressive and defensive manner by attempting to out-stink each other.

Ring-tailed lemurs are one of the easiest animals to describe visually.  They are a light, smoky, gray color with a long, wiggly, striped tail.  They are very cute animals, besides their giant,  bright fire orange eyes, which are quite formidable to some; but for me, I think those eyes are very appealing.

Now we shall have the beginning of our departure.  Thank you for listening and hopefully learning about the ring-tailed lemur.

Unexpected Events

by Shaina

Chucka-Chucka-Screeech! Chucka-Chucka-Screeeech! I was on my way to my grandmother’s on my very first train ride. I was so ecstatic to see my grandmother, but it would be some ride because I had been alone. It was definitely up to me to deliver my mother’s message to Grandmother Mary. Mother had told me to tell her, “Keep her safe,” but whatever could that mean? I always thought in my head. Keep whom safe? It was up to me to discover my family’s secrets they were hiding from me.

The next day, as I stepped off the train steps I heard my name being screeched out, “Reina! Reina!” I knew it had been Grandmother Mary! I raced into her arms and felt hugs full of warmth and tenderness. I knew Grandmother and I would have a delightful time spending the summer together! As we buckled up into her Toyota, we started going up to her house in the sweltering California sun. This had all been before I saw she lived in a mansion!

As soon as I found my room and unpacked, I knew I would have to behave in order to stay here and not be shipped back home. I almost forgot to tell Grandmother about the message! “Grandmother Mary?” I asked in an uneasy tone.

“Yes, Sweetheart?” she replied in a questioning voice.

“Mother told me to tell you this: ‘Keep her safe.’ Does that mean anything to you, Grandmother?”

“Ohhh, yes,” she replied in a sinister mutter. What could that mean, but I knew this was not the right time or place to ask.

Later on, as I as exploring the mansion, I wanted to go out back and see all the nature. “A rose garden!” I vociferated, running toward the entrance gate. The roses smelled so delicious and ambrosial, I felt like I could pluck a rose and drift to heaven on silky petals. POP! I raced back into the house wondering what happened. “Grandma Mary? Grandma Mary?!” I hollered throughout the mansion. No answer. I rushed to her bedroom, and there she was on her bed not moving.

“Go! GO!” I heard her wheeze out.

“Grandma Mary!!” I shrieked in a worried voice. I didn’t know what to do!

“Go back to the garden, open the door, go beneath the ground, and then find the-the-the,” Grandma Mary only managed to say. Find what, exactly? I thought.

As I was running through the underground passage, I was looking for anything that would be important to find. I didn’t care what the reason for this was and what happened to Grandmother Mary at the moment, I just knew I had to follow her directions. It was up to me to determine what was happening and to find what Grandmother Mary was telling me to find! As I was sprinting through the passageway, I saw a…..box of detergent?  I thought something was suspicious about that so I unscrewed the top and found a key! Maybe to a vault at a bank? As I got a taxi to the local bank, I gave the key to the woman at the desk, who inspected the key. “Follow me,” The woman muttered. I followed her down to the very back of the room, and then down some stairs and into the bank’s basement. Where I found….a vault— four feet tall and five feet wide. As soon as the woman was about to open the vault, she desisted and fell to the ground paralyzed! I blacked out and fell to the ground, fearful and alarmed.

A few hours later, I awoke and the key was still there, but where was the woman? I didn’t care, so I opened the vault in a heartbeat and found a tattered old book. This was unbelievable, what was I going to do this  book?  I knew this couldn’t have been some joke. Someone put it there deliberately for me to find. It had to be intentional, but I knew it was a clue to find these people who are after me.

The next day, I went to the police station and asked for assistance from an officer who was leaning on the counter-top in the front. I told him the story of my grandmother, and the noise I had heard inside her mansion. “Probably something inside the house that caused the noise, and about your grandmother? Eh, she’s old. Maybe she just fell asleep,” he said in a careless tone. I should have known the police wouldn’t be of any help!

Tap-Tip-Tap-Tip, my shoes went as I was running back to Grandmother Mary’s mansion. I almost fainted seeing there in her front yard sipping a glass of lemonade! “Uh, Grandmother Mary?” I asked astonished.

“Yes, Dear?” she replied in a benign tone.

“Wha-wait-wha?” I was speechless.

“What do you want to know?”

“I heard a popping noise from inside the house, and you passed out! You told me to find something in the underneath passageway!”

“Yes, did you get it?”

“Get what??”

“The book about our family, and the popping noise had been a loose floorboard that one of the maids was fixing. I didn’t pass out either. I took a pill to help me get better because I was pretty ill, so it made me a little drowsy.”

At least this had been better than finding out my family had been in trouble. I would have done this ten times more if I had to because my family always comes first. This had been an alarming situation, where I thought I had been in danger. I’m glad I now know what had happened!

Kidnapped in a Candy Shop

by Camille

I can’t really describe what I went through on that fateful day, my life was changed forever.  Besides, it was beyond anything  you could ever imagine.  Let me demonstrate for you.

You stroll into a quaint, little candy shop in need of  Sugaramas.  A Sugarama makes my taste buds explode with flavor, and I can never have enough.  The clerk motions you to come to the back of the shop where all the best Sugeramas are.  Then, just like a mouse, you get snatched up into a humungous room filled with all the sweets you could ever imagine.

Do you fall for the cocoa melts, or do you escape?   Don’t you see my problem?   You are kidnapped by an evil clerk, but you’re trapped in a candy-overload-wonderland.  Wouldn’t you want to stay? What would your decision be?  But that is how they snatch the kids.  They lure the kids into wanting the delicious treats.  I was once one of those ragamuffin kids who fell for those scrumptious treats.  I will tell you how it all went down.

In the beginning, my mouth was bellowing for a Sugarama.  Having the sugar sizzle on my tongue made me feel hypnotized and I went nuts!  I sauntered toward Randy’s Candy Shop.  Glimpsing all the vivacious colors of the peppy purple and the oozing orange taffy, struck me with bliss.  Ding-dong, the doorbell chimed as I ambled toward the candy counter.  I could see Bubbleozzers lining the cash register and jars piled high containing Lick-o-Lace Vines.  There were scrumptious treats everywhere, like the Lick-la-Pops, Crunching-Caramel, Glutinous Gummies, Nickla-Rricks, and my favorite–Sugaramas!  In an awestruck voice I asked, “May I have a pouch of Sugaramas, please?”

The clerk glowered as she looked me dead in the eye.  Then she sneered, “A-huh,” calling over her shoulder mumbling, “The better Sugaramas are in the back candy lab.”

How could that be possible? I wondered to myself.  “Well, okay,” I said in a submissive tone.  The clerk smirked at me as we plodded toward the back.  Candy corns dangled over the door like curtains.  As she held the door ajar, I was in total sugar overload as I noticed all of the sugary treats.  I could envision my dentist saying, “Kaleigh, what happened?  It is not like you eat a lot of sugar!”  But that was just what was going to happen, until…my eyes were mesmerized by the chocolate walls and then…THWACK!  The door slammed behind me!  Now it finally occurred to me I had been kidnapped in a candy shop!

From the aggressive way the clerk stood to the evil look in her eyes, I had no doubt that I was in trouble.  My eyes groped round the diminutive room, looking for a way out.  Tears sluiced down my cheeks and made my face wet.  So I will tell you…DO NOT, I mean DO NOT, fall for the glorious candy on the outside!  Just think of the inside as a horrible cavity nightmare waiting to happen!

On second thought, this is not half bad.  I mean, candy plus candy equals, a happy Kaleigh!  After all, I was in candy heaven.   CREE…AAK!   As the door was opening, my belly was churning in fear.  “Hello, honey,” the clerk sneered.

Oh, no, I thought to myself, she already has a food nickname for me.  My departure needed to happen immediately!  But how?

I stared at the Lick-la-Pops dangling from the walls as I tried to figure out where the secret portal of escape was located and what my defense was going to be if I was caught.    The candy scent was making my brain go psycho!  I was acting way too sweet to the clerk when I should have been working on a way to escape.  My jaw ached from chewing all the vivaciously-colored taffy.  My hair started getting frizzy like cotton candy.  What was happening to me…all these thoughts boggled up in my head.

I was becoming addicted and needed more and more candy.  Instead of blood pumping through my veins, it felt like strawberry syrup circulating through my body.  My skin was turning into a gingerbread brown.  I licked my lips, and they tasted delectably delicious.  All of a sudden, I realized what the evil clerk was trying to do.  She was trying to turn as many children as possible into the sweetest candy so she could become the best candy maker in the world.  Well, she could deduct me from her sweet candy success plan because I was going to escape.

I could smell the fumes of the outside world seep into my nostrils.     As I caught a glimpse of the escape portal, I heard the clerk as she retorted, “Well, well, look who is trying to escape.”   I had to depend on the portal to save me as I skittered and hurtled through it.  As I got further and further away from the candy shop, I could faintly hear the wicked clerk squealing, “Come back, I have more sweets for you!” I knew I would not fall for the tempting treats ever again.  Boy, did I learn my lesson!  Who knew that Sugaramas could cause so much bad karma!

A Small Mystery

by Emily

Once there was a school, a magical and a mystical school.  Witches and wizards of all kinds went to this school, no matter how strange it was, but there was one witch who found everything in that school strange.

“Marniekins Maple, is this your detergent I found on the dryer today?” said Oogley-woogly, who was Marniekins’s art teacher.

“Oh, yes, thank you.  I knew I had lost that detergent, and I was starting to get really determined to find it.  Well, thanks again for delivering it to me,” Marniekins said, as she slammed the door into Oogley-woogly’s face.

Even though you know, there was a laundry room, a mall filled with so many stores, a bank, and so much more at this school.  With so many places to go and very few classes to take, Marniekins decided to start out at the bank to deposit a check.

Since this was only the second day of school, Marniekins wasn’t really familiar with the “school,” so she would have to adapt to it, even though she thought everything at Mystical Magical Middle School (MMMS) was strange.

At the bank, when she finally got to the desk in the center of the room, she asked the depositor to deposit her check from a babysitting job, but the depositor kept going on and on and on and on about his life at the terrible bank, so that took forever.

Half an hour later, the check was finally deposited.  “Okay, here you go, and thank you for stopping by,” said the handsome, but slow man.

“Well, that was very strange,” mumbled Marniekins under her breath.

As Marniekins passed a building, she read a sign that said the following:

Welcome to the
Mystical, Magical Museum Mansion!
We have a lot of bequeathed
paintings and pictures that were handed
down to us from art students.
P. S.  Don’t make bequests of your
own paintings in this room
because it is against the school rules!

“Wow, I was going to bequeath some of my paintings, but I better not now,” said Marniekins as she read the entire sign.  “I wonder why everything here in ‘school’ seems so strange to me, but not to others.”

Later on that day, in the cafeterium, despite the school rules, the kids wouldn’t desist from throwing food at each other. They simply wouldn’t stop!

That’s another thing Marniekins found strange–that the teachers didn’t even stop the food fights.  But what Marniekins found really strange was something about Oogley-woogly.  At school meetings, Oogley-woogly would never deliberate or discuss a problem, she would just always agree with other teachers when she was called on to answer.  The strangest thing about Oogley-woogly, though, was that everywhere she went, she carried an old chest with her, and Marniekins was determined to find out what was nestled against the rough wood inside the chest that Oogley-woogly carried with her everywhere.

One day, Marniekins followed Oogley-woogly to a pond, which looked more like a lake to Marniekins, and as Oogley-woogly opened the chest, out popped a book of incantations and spells.

Why? thought Marniekins.  Why would she carry around a book of spells and incantations with her everywhere?

Just as Marniekin’s thought ended, Oogley-woogly tried a spell, but failed.

“Oh, so that’s why you carry around a book in a chest everywhere you go,” said Marniekins, just a pinch too loud.

“Yes, that’s why.  I’m not a real witch just yet, but I always try harder every day,” replied Oogley-woogly, not sounding surprised at Marniekins’s appearance there.  “If only I could get a hair bit of help from someone, then I’ll definitely have my magic.”

“I can help; I’d be delighted to help,” said Marniekins, as she jumped up and down excitedly.

Oogley-woogly gladly accepted the help.  Now everyday the two friends, Marniekins and Oogley-woogly, work together on spells and incantations.  Very soon after Marniekins’s huge help, Oogley-woogly finally got her magic and her secret hidden ability.  Recently, Marniekins and her friend had to defer their military service to a later date, but that was fine with them.  With her newly found ability, Oogley-woogly has been exceptionally happy!

The Big Game

by Ian

Click, clack, click, clack went my shoes as I ran to Gate Thirty-Nine.  I was in a hurry to get to the gate before the departure time of 12:30.  I only had five minutes!  If you looked at me, all you would see was a flash down the walkway.

When I finally reached Gate Thirty-Nine with a flight to Oakland, California, I was out of breath, but I had made it.  The plane flight was great besides being a little late.

I could not wait after getting of the plane because tonight I was going to see my favorite basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, at Oracle Stadium.  All the years that I lived in Colorado, I never felt the need to go to a Denver Nuggets game, but I was willing to go the distance to see my favorite team.  I had posters of all the Warriors’ players in my room.

When I walked in the stadium, it was so much more amazing than my father had described it to me when I was a little boy.  The flashing lights and the music sent chills of excitement down my back.  After I got my hot, yummy hot dog and my tasty soda, I sat down in the dark blue seat.

I looked at the big screen, and it announced that the coach of the Warriors had made the decision that he was going to put in all of his starters.  I was so joyful.

At the beginning of the game, the Warriors defense demonstrated great steals and blocks, which led to easy lay-ups.  The Warriors were playing beyond my expectations.  The opposing team, the Lakers were depending on Kobe Bryant to make all their points.

With one second left, the Warriors were winning by one point when Kobe Bryant shot a three-pointer to win the game.  However, the ref deducted the points because they said Kobe shot the ball after the buzzer!  I went crazy; the Warriors had won!

I had the best night of my life.  I went to my first basketball game, and the Warriors won.

Fabulous Fancy

by Diana

“Happy Birthday!” my parents yelled as I walked in from school.

I shrieked.  “Thank you,” I politely said to them as we gave each other a group hug.

“Seventeen,” my dad sighed as he stepped back from our hug.

“Ready to go?” my mom interrupted.

“What are you talking about?” I questioned.

“Well, as a birthday gift, we have been making the decision to take you out to a fabulous, fancy restaurant,” my mom answered in an excited tone of voice.

Finally, I thought.  My parents are finally taking me to a sophisticated place.

I rushed to my room; slipped on my sassy, purple dress that had been a Christmas gift last year; ran into the bathroom; plugged in my brand, new Crazy Curlers; and exited the bathroom in twenty minutes, make-up included.

We dodged for the car and arrived in excitement at Raviolie’s Italian Food Restaurant, but I had heard the food was beyond delicious.

I arrived at the door with shivers.  It would be the first time I’d ever been to Raviolies, and it would be my parents’ second arrival.  The first time they had been to Raviolies was in California while on their honeymoon.  However, they had been banned after my dad “accidentally” splattered a plate full of spaghetti on a waiter’s front.  That was their past, though, and besides, I hoped it would never be mine.

As I stepped through the glass doors, I couldn’t even seem to describe how beautiful and elegant the restaurant looked.  All I could think was that this was the beginning of something delightful.  On our way to our seats, everyone looked well-behaved, and the only thought in my head was, “I so don’t belong here.”

Once our seats were taken and our eyes were brought to the menu, I suddenly glanced at the prices, and the only words that came out of my mouth were, “How much is this going to cost?”

My parents’ eyes popped up from behind the menus.  “Depends on what you prefer to order.  It doesn’t really matter,” my dad responded.  My mouth dropped.  I couldn’t believe he had just said that.

As our waiter approached us, she took our order and sent it to the chef.

We all enjoyed spaghetti, bread-sticks, and some sort of Italian lemonade, all with a side of salad.  Yum.  This whole day had been unbelievable, and now I just can’t wait till I turn eighteen!

Online Values

by Ashleigh

This delightful product is beyond amazing.  The decision to name it Aufora is based on a combination of its affordable cost!  A product like Aufora is a defense against dry or damp skin.  It is a great hypo-allergenic moisturizer.

In the beginning of your process, you’ll need to wash your hands before using this product.  This dependable cream will make your hands feel extra soft.  The customers’ views and beliefs about Aufora are just as advertised on the commercial.  The commercial describes the steps for using Aufora in less than five minutes!  If you order the Fight Cancer pack, we’ll give you an extra set of the product, and we’ll also deduct money off your regular purchase price.  But even better:  half of the total price goes towards the Cancer Foundation.  Did I mention the cream has a delicious smell?

Go online and watch our brand new customer demonstrate how Aufora cream is used and the difference between the before and after photographs.  Remember, order now!

A Cell’s Life

by Spencer

At the very beginning of time, there lived a cell.  He was very lazy, but in his defense, he couldn’t move very fast or far because he could be described as very small.  His life depended on other cells because that was the only thing he could eat. Sometimes he had to face very hard decisions, for instance, what to eat.  He didn’t find eating his relatives delightful, but he had to anyway because he could only eat other cells.

The cell had always wondered what had lived outside of his community, but for a lousy cell to actually figure that out would be beyond belief.  Sometimes just thinking about never being able to know what lived away from him made him behave differently.

One day, the cell got so mad at himself that he set out to explore.  He ended up just finding more cells.  He then felt content about his life and became very happy.  He lived the rest of his life happily ever after (but only a day or so since a cell’s life was short).

Sammy and the Plane

by Talia

“I call window seat!” cried Sammy as she ran to the window seat when her brother was busy reading his comic book.

Her brother Ron began reading aloud, “In the beginning of time…”

As they got settled into their seats, the flight attendant announced, “Flight 11 to Chicago is now ready for departure.”  Sammy pulled out her notebook to describe the feelings she was having now.  Besides, how else when she became famous would her adoring fans learn how she felt about life when she was eleven?  At least that’s what Sammy always said.

Ron and Sammy were very excited because it was their first time traveling alone without their parents.  It took a long time for their parents to make a decision to allow them to traveling alone.  Ron and Sammy were going to Chicago by themselves so they could visit their friend Dolly.

The flight attendants were now beginning to demonstrate how to get out of the plane in an emergency.  Ron began to read aloud his comic again, “Then Dr. White started to come alive from beyond the grave…”

All of a sudden, Sammy remembered something.

“Ron!  Mom wanted me to remind you that we depend on you to be on your best behavior.”  In her brother’s defense, Sammy thought that Ron was on his best behavior.

While they were flying, Sammy and Ron remembered that their parents had given them a money card to use while on their trip.  Sammy decided to use this card to buy sodas on the plane.  When they bought sodas, the flight attendant had to deduct money from their card to pay for the sodas.

Before they knew it, they were in Chicago and ready to meet their friend.

Late Departure Disaster

by Casey

“Good morning, folks! It is currently 6:44 am, and we are cruising over Michigan. We will be arriving a little late to New York due to the fog. Our departure time was pushed back thirty minutes, but please enjoy our in-flight movie. In about ten minutes we will demonstrate how to use your flotation devices, and thank you for your patience!” Ugh! Being a flight attendant was so boring, I couldn’t even describe it. At the beginning it was fun. With all the free rides, it was hard to make the decision of where to go; besides that, it paid enough for me and my family. I tried to think positively; this would be great!

“Attention, passengers, please stay calm.” Even though I was panicking myself inside, I was required to say this. “We are all going to die!” yelled some random passenger. I didn’t bother trying to argue because I was thinking that, too. Apparently the fog was way too thick to see through, and that was causing the plane to shake. “While I see what the problem is, we will be serving some delicious cookies, feel free to help yourselves,” I stated calmly.  Then I sprinted to the pilot’s quarters to see what was wrong.

“Hello, Captain Roger, what’s wrong?” I asked in my most delightful voice.

“It’s just the fog; it’ll pass soon,” he answered without even looking up.

Soon! How about now? The pilot was no help; I had to do something.

Aha! I’d found it: the airplane’s control box and various gears. I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t even surprised when the plane started jerking in different directions; I had done something all right. It felt like the plane was flying itself, and with a loud crash, we landed, and everybody was curious about the situation. I made it to the door, lifted up the handle, and push hard on the steel door. “Wow,” I said in awe. We had somehow flown through the fog to another place. It didn’t seem believable, but it totally was! It was beyond anything I’d seen before. “Thank you. Thank you, it was nothing,” sang out a familiar voice: Captain Roger,. I decided I’d let him have his moment, but I knew what I had done!


by Kyle

It will be hard to describe the most fantastic experience of my life, but I will try to explain. I am going sky diving over the ocean! I could see nothing but a blue mass of water for as far as the eye could see. I could not believe that I was about to go and jump out of a helicopter and free fall all of the way down into the water. I started to feel queasy and nervous like my life was about to end. I started to wonder if I had made the right decision about doing this. In the back of the helicopter, I could see the staff demonstrating how to use the pull cord on the parachute. So I listened to the instructor as well. Once I had learned how to pull the cord on my parachute, I had to put on my parachute pack and get ready to jump. One kid just could not behave so he had to wait to jump. While I was waiting for my turn, I ate some delicious chocolate chip cookies with milk. They tasted as good as if you had never eaten in weeks and you just had your first bite to eat. Then I snapped back to reality and realized that it was time for me to jump.

I felt nervous and scared, but I knew that could do it. I put on my parachute and got ready to jump. I counted to three and set flight into the air. I felt a cold breeze of air zip by my face like lightning. I felt lighter than air and felt like I could fly. “This is beyond amazing,” I told myself. It was life changing! I felt like I could defy gravity and float up and touch the stars. It was just the beginning of the delightful feeling of sky diving. I fell down some more; then I opened my parachute.

The parachute puffed up and caught my fall. I floated down softly, and I could see all around me. I was kind of scared because my parachute was the only thing that was holding me, but it was all right and besides, I was having a great time. I knew that I could depend on my parachute. This is the type of situation where a person started to think about his beliefs about what happened after he died. The ground was approaching fast, and I could not remember what the instructor told me about how to land. I thought about what the instructor had said right before our departure, but I just could not remember how to land. All of a sudden, my parachute got caught in a tree and it tore! I hit the ground with a thump, and I knew that I would have a bump the size of a benign tumor on my left arm. I thought that the sky diving company would deduct my deposit for the torn parachute, but in my defense, it was the first time I had gone sky diving. I was okay, and the instructor told me not to worry about the torn parachute. I thought about my first experience sky diving and it was hardly believable. I had a great time!

Chocolate Bar

by Cole

There was a man named Reese Hersheys.  He owned the number one chocolate factory in Maine.  It was called the Chocolate Bar and was located on Milky Way Street.  It had the most delicious, delightful chocolate I had ever tasted.  It is hard to describe the rich, smooth, melt-in-your mouth flavor.  It is beyond anything I have ever tasted.

When the store first opened, in the beginning, I went to the factory store about every month.  Then I started to depend on the creamy chocolate.  My mom said that I would behave in a crazy manner without my creamy goodness.  So my mom had this great (NOT) idea that she would deduct money from my allowance to pay for my candy.  that was beyond belief!  So, I decided to smile benignly and made plans to build my own chocolate factory.

The Giant Leaf

by Rose

One day my friend Sarah and I were walking home from school, and we came across a giant leaf. The size was unbelievable; it was the size of a pizza! We wondered what tree it came from because all the trees around us had puny leaves. So we took it home and showed it to my mom, but she couldn’t figure it out. My mom suggested that we deliver the enormous leaf to the nature museum downtown. The people there were going to determine what tree it came from.

A couple weeks later when I was eating a delicious piece of pizza, the phone rang. It was the an employee of the nature museum. He said that the museum’s experts deliberated for a long time, and they still couldn’t find out what type of tree the leaf was from. It was still a mystery.

The next day Sarah and I brought the leaf to my delightful neighbor who knew a lot about plants and trees. She was benign and helped us with whatever we needed. She said the colossal leaf was from a rare tree called the Cacula. She had only seen one other leaf like this, and it was from this rare tree. She warned us never to put this leaf near to laundry detergent because if detergent touches the leaf, it will ruin the extraordinary color of the leaf.

I am definitely keeping this leaf forever. I will bequeath this leaf to my children. It was awesome finding this odd leaf. My neighbor said that there were only ten trees producing leaves like this in the world. So my friend and I designed an environmental conservation program to make sure the Cacula trees didn’t go extinct.

My Trip to my Friend’s

by Hannah

Yesterday, I got off the bus and started to walk home.  When I got home, I asked my mom if I could go to my friend’s house.  My mom had to make a decision about  whether I was allowed to go.  I was waiting so anxiously.  After she made her decision, she said, “Yes, but you have to be on your best behavior.”  I was delighted.  I made my departure from home and had to walk to my friend’s house.

As I walked up to the door, I was beyond excited.  I went to the door and knocked three times.  My friend greeted me, and we went upstairs.  We decided to play a board game and first, we went to the cupboard with games, and my friend described all the games.  She demonstrated a game first and then we played.  In the beginning, I was winning, but then she caught up with me.

At the end of the game, we went downstairs and ate a banana split.  It was the best banana split ever.  It was delicious!  I went to the window and saw a soccer ball, and I thought it would be a good idea to play soccer.  My friend liked the idea, so we went outside, and I played defense, and she played offense.  It was a lot of fun.

It was getting dark and I had to go home, so I walked home.  My mother asked me if I had a great time, and of course, I said yes because it was a lot of fun.