Week 13: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Odd, But Popular One

by Carolena

There once was a girl, a strange girl, who lived in a small village in America. She brought lots of attention to herself when she walked very slowly with her shoulders back. Everyone questioned why this girl was so special? Was she in disguise? No one ever knew.

One day, a dozen soldiers were gathered around a theater, where the famous girl was when she decided to leave the small village to go enjoy a film. Unfortunately, of course, the soldiers were after her. She stuck out of the crowd like a bright yellow handkerchief surrounded by plain colored handkerchiefs, so they were guaranteed to find her. Cameras surrounded her, and she panicked. She was caught in a dilemma about whether she should stay at the film because she was on the edge of her seat watching the movie, when at the same time, she knew outside, the soldiers were waiting to capture her.

She decided to leave, running as fast as a cheetah back to her small village. When she succeeded in escaping and could reflect, she realized it was best for her to stay in her small village. There, she was safe because in the village, no one knew who she was, and who she was was someone famous!

Past Years’ Winning Stories

Mental Math Vacation

by Natalia

I proceed to sleep in my extremely comfortable school chair. I try to  disguise myself in the back of the class so my mathematics teacher, Mr. Mady, won’t notice me. Some people (including me) call him Mr. Mad behind his back because he has no patience, will get angry if you make any mistake, and is strict as a soldier trainer.

I am having a great time thinking about how this will never help me in life. I guarantee you it won’t because when I’m older I’m going to own my own business and the only thing I will have to put effort into is bossing people around, and I don’t have a problem doing that. I won’t need mom’s allowance money because I’ll be filthy rich. I don’t need this knowledge whatsoever.

I wake up from my little vacation and look to my right shoulder; my best friend Nick is pointing to the front of the class where Mr. Mady is standing. I notice that the whole class is staring at me.

“Riley, answer the question,” Mr. Mady says with no patience.

I’m confused, but then I realize that Mr. Mady could have called on me when I was sleeping. “Ummm, four; no 67,” I stutter. “Was I close?” I whisper to Nick.

“Get out of my class!” Mr. Mady screams. He is so mad that steam might come out of his ears.

I get up out of my chair, my hair gets stuck in the little bolts on the back of the chair, but I  just yank it out because I think my eardrums might burst if I hear the terrifying yell again. I scurry out of the class. I sit on the wooden bench that is right next to the classroom. It’s the bench that all the troublemakers sit at when Mr. Mady gets mad. I am now one of those people.


by Jack

As he soared overhead, I could see his enormous wings spread out wide as he approached his victim. The hawk was quick, but the eagle had the speed of a jet and was approaching the hawk with claws outstretched. The eagle was after a mouse that was currently in the hawk’s possession. The eagle caught up and slashed its opponent with its razor sharp claws, and the hawk started to drop out of the sky. The eagle looked proud that he could add another victory to his collection.

The hawk fell right toward me, putting great effort into attempting to keep himself aloft in the sky. When the hawk fell at my feet, he was not dead, but was bleeding very badly He had been slashed on the shoulder. I frantically looked around for something to heal the wound, but all I had was a handkerchief. People now surrounded the park where I was in order to see the commotion. Then out of nowhere, the mother hawk must have seen what was happening, so she attacked. The eagle wasn’t ready and was rammed by the mother hawk.

Everything in my body told me to help the situation, but how? I then quickly asked if anyone had anything to help the hawk lying on the ground in front of me. A woman dressed in nursing scrubs pushed her way to me and told me she could help. The nurse was quick to bandage the wound and offered to take the hawk to the vet.

Meanwhile, the mother hawk and the eagle continued their battle. The longer the birds fought, the more attention was drawn to the situation. After studying the fight for a while, I realized that the eagle had muscle, but the mother hawk had knowledge.

Now, I’m not anxious to know who will win. I realize I know who will win: Knowledge beats muscle any day. The eagle lunged at the hawk multiple times, but the hawk dodged and slashed the eagle. After a while of this rhythm, the eagle finally gave up.  The mother hawk returned to her nest, the eagle returned to his, and I return to mine.

Detective Roxie Is in Business

by Roxie

“Roxie, do you want to play with your brother?” my mom asked me, balancing a three-year-old boy on her knee.

“Umm, not really. I think I have homework,” I answered casually.  Ever since I entered first grade, that had been my excuse.

“No, you don’t. It’s a weekend,” my mom pointed out. Jaxon, my little brother, was now climbing up my mom’s shoulder.


It started to sound like my mom would make me do homework, so I put on my disguise to investigate. Dress? Check! Fairy wings? Check! Magical wand? Check! I was all set.

I ran out of my room like a soldier sprinting into war. The hardest part about this mission in particular was not being noticed by my mom.

I sprung out the door in pursuit of my goal: victory. “DETECTIVE ROXIE IS IN BUSINESS!” I screamed. I quickly covered my mouth and ran as fast as my little legs would carry me, hopped behind the trash can, and panted rapidly.  The rhythm of my heartbeat slowed as I realized that nobody had heard me except for the neighbor’s dog, which was now barking.

I used my humongous muscles to push the trash can away from my body. My wings were droopy, and I stunk from head to toe. Then it started to rain. I headed inside knowing that at least I had gotten a little bit of exercise.

I stepped inside the house to see my mother putting my brother’s hair into a mohawk.  “Isn’t he handsome?” my mom asked cheerfully.

I groaned.

The Math Test

by Emily

I’m so anxious and really nervous to take this test, I am thinking to myself as Ms. Nayheart says, “Now, students, you better get all the questions right or else you are expelled from River Heights Elementary.” She yells in her witch voice that I can’t stand. I am so scared that it sounds like Ms. Nayheart is speaking in a foreign language. If I don’t pass, I get all my allowance taken away. Great!

There is this one particular problem with parallel lines, which I learned in second grade. It is easy, luckily. This problem takes no effort at all. On the other side, there’s this other problem where we have to write a two-paragraph explanation.

“Time to begin,” Ms. Nayheart screeches.  “Wait, hold on class! Attention to all students in my class.  I hope you have been studying because I sat there and browsed the Internet for good math problems for twenty minutes, and that’s a long time!”

To myself, I am thinking, No, it’s not, Ms. Nayheart.

Finally, everyone is finished with the test, and we get our results. “There is only one person in the whole class who didn’t fail the test,” Ms. Nayheart begins. I am praying that one person is me. My fingers are crossed as Ms. Nayheart finishes, “And that one person is…Emily.”

YES, victory!


by Genevieve

“C’mon Velvet,” Arrow barked. “It will be really fun.”

Grudgingly, Velvet pulled herself out of the cotton flower bed.

“It’s literally midnight Arrow,” Velvet attempted to give Arrow a glare but an awkward smile that she put no effort in stopping formed.

“Shh, you’re going to wake up everyone,” Arrow looked around the darkened room. It wasn’t at all like the forest.

“Wait, what were we doing?” Velvet said that only to see Arrow’s expression, he gave a slight growl of disapproval.

“I told you about two minutes ago,” Arrow smacked the brown sand colored dog with his strong tail on her shoulder.

“Wha’s goin’ on?” a voice came from the depths of the shadows.

“Great, you woke up Bailey,” Arrow watched the shadows for the arrival of Bailey.

“No, you did!” Velvet remarked.

“I’m not going to have this argument with you.”

“Oh yes you are!”

“No, I’m not,” Arrow growled and Velvet went silent. Arrow succeeded in making her quiet for once. Victory, Arrow thought.

Bailey approached them with a grim expression.

“It’s midnight,” Bailey continued with the expression.

“Not anymore, look at the skywatcher,” Velvet pointed her muzzle in the direction of a device that showed where the sun and moon were in the sky.

The skywatcher hung on the walls of a metal room. Scattered around the room were dogs, wolves, and other animals all sleeping on beds they made for themselves.

“We’re not even allowed up at this time,” Bailey noted anxiously.

A fox padded into the circle of irritated dogs. “I’ve been watching you guys this entire time. Did you notice?”

“Is that some kind of weird disguise?” Bailey said.

“No, I’m a fox. Don’t you have foxes in your world? When Echoblew brought me here, she said our worlds are parallel to each other, you should have foxes in your world,” the fox looked offended.

“What do you want Bruiser?” Velvet rolled her eyes at him then watched him to study his smug look. “Oh yeah! You own me an explanation for your weird name.”

“I don’t remember anything like that,” Bruiser showed one of his pearly fangs, suddenly his attention immediately got caught be the sound of Echoblew’s furious yell.

“Arrow!” Echoblew roared at him.

“Someone’s in trouble,” Bruiser chanted quietly.

Santa Paws

by Lucas

Great news! Riley got the part in the new television show. What a victory for him! I’m feeling so anxious; I can’t wait to hear what part he got. I’m supposed to be studying for my mathematics and American history tests. The producer is going to call any minute now, though, to talk about Riley’s part, so it’s very hard to pay attention to my homework.

Ring, ring, ring! My phone shouts at me. I answer it with a quick, “Hello.”

“Hi, is this Lucas?” the producer asks.

I reply eagerly, “Yes, is this Mr. Bucklemon?”

“Yes, it is. I have a dilemma, Lucas. Before proceeds in my new television show, I was hoping he could help me out with a Christmas commercial. I need a handsome dog I can count on. I can’t guarantee it will pay well, but it will be a good experience for him.”

“Sure, when does he need to start?”

“See you at the theater tonight, 7:30 sharp!” The producer hung up before I could say anything else.

At 7:00, Riley and I decided to walk to the theater to get some exercise. As we got closer, I started hearing a rhythm. It sounds like “Jingle Bells.”

We walk in and we are surrounded by Christmas! Snow is falling from the electrical snow dispensers, and three adult women are singing, “Jingle paws, jingle paws, jingle all the dogs; oh, what fun it is to eat a doggie treat tonight. Hey!”

The supervisor with the clipboard runs over to us. “Riley, I’m so glad to see you. Come with me so we can get you in your disguise!” They both leave and a few minutes later I hear…


When the lights come back on, I see numerous dogs on the stage, but I don’t see Riley. I browse the stage again and find him sitting in a sled, wearing a Santa suit.

The supervisor taps me on the shoulder and squeals like a child on Christmas.  “Look! I got the part of ‘Santa Paws!'”

I put my hand on my forehead and think, “Oh, boy! What have I gotten Riley into?”


The Internet

by Jackson

Sitting, here am I sitting on this small lonely desk awaiting attention from my owners. Apparently, the titles of these owners are Jackson,Yuki, and Dominique, as well as the small dog, which is called Ginger. Constantly Dominique is typing away doing whatever she pleases, and only her browsing history knows what she does in these hours each day.  This Jackson I spoke of does numerous sessions on mathematics and proceeds to do so daily. Ginger and Yuki seem to have the opposite effect. They don’t ever visit. I guarantee you that at least Ginger will stay the same, continuing her pattern of ignoring me completely.

Wait!  Jackson and Yuki are about to surround me and view my contents. I listen to their conversation.

“Mom asked you to find my homework, and that’s it,” Yuki says, seeming annoyed judging by the tone of her voice.

“Yeah, I understand that, but I need to get my homework done. I don’t have any time to spare!” Jackson exclaims trying to shoo Yuki away. “Seriously, this is all due tomorrow, manana, not a minute after 8:30 a.m!”

“Why should I care? You’re pretty smart; you can catch up in no time. Just make this quick!” Yuki yells, now seeming furious.

This whole dilemma seems very foreign to me.These creatures usually never cause controversy, as far as I know. As soon as that thought runs through my circuits, Dominique enters the room with a look on her face that speaks volumes: YOU TWO ARE GOING TO BE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!

“Why in the world are you two fighti- I don’t even care; both of you go to your rooms right now!” she yells shaking the house, including me.

As soon as the children are gone, she looks straight at me and then immediately strides over to me, sits down, and…starts typing. If I could cry, then handkerchiefs would be flying. Something tells me this is going to be a very long night.

The Letter

by Fiona

London, 1889

At precisely 2:00 p.m., Evaline walked curtly out of her two story house and down her long cobblestone pathway to fetch the mail. As she browsed through it, she noticed that she had numerous letters and one package in her possession. Evaline was filled with hope: was her letter delivered?

She walked back inside and proceeded to open her mail. Starting with the package, she slowly undid the seal, trying not to damage anything that might be inside. When she was finished, she found a very ornate handkerchief that, upon closer investigation, had her name embroidered in fancy writing.

Evaline Courtville

Not certain why it was given to her, she set it aside, as she would investigate later. She now turned her attention to the letters and read the return address of the first one to see who it was from.

Lillian Hoover
CXXII Johnson Street
Poulsbo, WA

Evaline’s level of hope escalated as she realized it was written in a foreign language, her and Lilian’s secret way of communicating. She tore open the letter in haste, not caring if she ripped anything in the process. She took out the thick beige colored paper and scanned the note.

Salve Evaline. Maxime placeat vestre notifico vobis abiit ut ordinatum .
The evacuees sunt deductus ad villulam ut loquimur.
Unica problema: raptores et abierunt filii tres numero octo,
reliquo tamen habemus . Unfourtunately tres potentes sunt , et qui novit quid plagiariis faciemus. 

                    Notae autem Litteris Nostris finem imponere, scimus quatuor nomina septem main plagiariis,
sperans eos postea occidat te certiorem. Nos omnes et nostri temporis inveniendam
operam liberis capta absentis kidnappers.

                    Spero te celeriter et de huc spondet utri sint eo proelio victoria nostra erit hæreditas.

–Lillian Hoover

Knowing that she couldn’t translate Latin into English in her head, Evaline rushed into her adequate study and pulled out her paper with the Roman and English alphabet, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Her knowledge of Latin resulted in her translating faster, a good thing, as she was anxious to read the letter.

When it was finally decoded, Evaline read it, yearning to learn how her plan was unfolding.

Hello Evaline. I am most pleased to inform you that your scheme has gone as planned.
The evacuees are being escorted to the mansion as we speak.
There is only one problem: the kidnappers got away and still have
three of the eight missing children, though we have the rest.
Unfortunately, the three they have are the powerful ones,
and who knows what the kidnappers will do.

                    To end this letter on a good note, we know the names
of four of the seven main kidnappers and are hoping this information
will prove fatal against them later on. We will put all of our time
and effort into finding the missing children and capturing the kidnappers. 

                    I am hoping to hear back from you again soon
and I guarantee the victory in this battle will be ours.

–Lillian Hoover

“Not bad, but not as good as it should be,” Evaline mumbled.

After a moment’s thought, she started to write a new letter to Lillian plotting the next exciting step: capturing the remaining missing three and the kidnappers, the hardest step of all.

High Expectations

by Madison

“Ready?” my sister asked me.

“Ready,” I replied.

“Okay, good luck out there.” Lily clapped her hands excitedly before walking out to join Mom who was wiping away her proud tears with a handkerchief.

I turned back towards the stage, the particular stage my older brother had stood on six years back, as a gold medal was gently placed atop his shoulders. I started to feel anxious;I was expected to achieve such victory as my brother had.
I used all my muscle to walk across to center stage. I had to win the spelling bee, I had to.

Senate,” stated the spell master.

I made an effort to remember the word. “Can I have an explanation, please?” I asked.

“No, but I could use it in a sentence if you’d like.”

“Oh!” I remembered, “S-E-N-A-T-E.”

“Correct,” the women answered. “Allowance.

I used all of my knowledge to remember the word had two parallel lines in it. “A-L-L-O-W-E-N-C-E,” I stuttered.

“Incorrect,”she told me.

I felt my heart fall with a loud, echoing thud. No! I watched as the small boy next to me stared wide-eyed at the gold medal. It was his now.
As I stepped down from the stage I looked into the deep blue eyes of my brother, “I’m so sorry,” I told him.

“Sorry! For what? Jessica, you have nothing to be sorry for, you should feel proud for what you have accomplished, you’ve made me feel proud that’s for sure, just because you stepped on that stage.” He put his hands on my shoulders and smiled, “I love you, Jessie.”

“I love you too, Blake.”

Jimmy John S. Crumb, International Ferret Thief

by Annabelle

Hello. My name is Jimmy John S. Crumb, and I am an international ferret thief. I sneak from city to city, country to country, kidnapping ferrets. I will always have a new disguise when I go someplace new. When I was in America, I was a senator. When I was in France I was a college student studying theatre. It is a lot harder than it sounds, if you know what I mean. For each country I stole from, I had to learn a foreign language to keep people from being suspicious. When I was in Canada, I was a handsome soldier, and I got shot in the shoulder with an airsoft gun, and because of my injury, I decided to settle down with all my ferrets on an isolated atoll I call Crumb Isle. However, I am in London and trying to capture the Queen’s ferret, Sir Hamsterton. Don’t ask. I am pretending to be a tourist getting a tour of some of the castle.

“Do any of you lot know what year this castle was constructed?” the tour guide, Harry, asks the group. I raise my hand.

“Will we be seeing the Queen’s quarters?” I ask, hoping to get close up to Sir H.

“No, but we will be meeting the Queen’s ferret,” he answers. I could have jumped for joy. All that I have been working for now will pay off. A castle guard walks in holding Sir H on a plush, purple pillow. “Speaking of which,” he continues, “This is Sir Quentin Julian Fred Marty Hamsterton!”

I am ready. I shove my way through the group, reach out my hand, and- No. No. NO! A red-haired little girl smirks at me with her missing front teeth, holding the ferret in her tiny hands. How is this happening? Without thinking, I snatch the ferret from her and run out the door.

“Hey, mister!” she yells to me. “Where are you going with that ferret?” And then the unthinkable happens. Rockets come out of her shoes, and she starts flying after me. I run faster, bolting down the street, but the girl just slices through the air even faster. She speeds up to me and stretches out her hand. She grabs the ferret by one of its legs and flies off towards a bright red telephone booth. She opens the door and locks herself in. Ha! She thinks that she can get away from me?

“Catch you later!” she says as the phone booth slowly starts lowering into a secret underground basement.

“What?!” I scream at her. Okay, she has her tricks, and I have mine. I pull out my snatcher device and punch through the glass. I grab Sir H, and plop him into my bag. I watch the phone booth disappear into the ground and hear the girl’s defeated humphs. I walk to the side of the street and hail a cab. I step inside.

“Hello, sir, Big Ben please. Quickly!” I don’t know whether or not she can catch up, but I take the precautions. I have decided that I should calm my nerves by seeing the sights.

We pull up to the castle, and it is bigger than I have ever imagined. Before I step out of the car, I hear a scratching sound. I look to my left and see that the little girl is standing at the window. I blink, and she is gone. I step out of the taxi and am surprised to see her standing on the hood of the cab and holding the ferret.

“How did you get the ferret?” I question.

“The ferret you took from me was just a decoy. I have had the real one the entire time!” She is very triumphant, and continues,“You were smart, but not smart enough to outsmart smart little me! Jude Biscuitbeetle!” I have to chuckle at her last name. With that, she flies with her rocket shoes to the top of Big Ben. I stand for one second and then run up to the entrance.

“Sir, you will have to wait for the next tour in one hour,” the woman working at the door sweetly informs in a proper British accent.

“I don’t have time for this!” I mutter. I shove past her and up a flight of stairs. I see an assistant and approach him. “Will you show me the stairs to the top of the tower, please?” I plead, completely out of breath.

“I am sorry, but they are off-limits,” he smiles. I stand so close to him now that our noses touch.

“Tell me!” I say through my gritted teeth.

“Uh, right over there sir!” the man says, obviously afraid. I run to the stairs he has pointed to, and I begin climbing.

I get to the top, and gulp. About ten police officers stand there, and two grab my arms when I enter. Jude stands among them, smiling at me.

“Jimmy John S. Crumb, you are under arrest for ferret theft!” one of them states.

“What about Jude?” I stutter.

“Jude has been undercover and watching you for over a year; now let’s go!”

“I always knew that something was up with that monkey who always sat next to my window!” I say to myself.

“Bye Johnny!” Jude says to me as I walk out of the room. “I enjoyed stalking you while it lasted!” That is the last of her I ever see.

Five Years Later…

After spending four years in prison, I have grown bored. I have spent months planning my breakout, and I am finally out. This time, however, I’m stealing hamsters! Watch out world of hamsters, here I come!

The Promise

by Gavin

“I promise you, if you succeed in your mathematics test, I will give you twenty dollars,” my dad said. Now we are in business. However, I am going to try to negotiate for a higher amount, like particularly around fifty or sixty dollars. I know this plan is a long shot, but I will go with it anyway. So, I disguise the plan in different words. When I am done negotiating with my dad, I am able to raise the deal to thirty-two dollars.

The next day, it is the test. I am nervous, but I know I am knowledgeable enough to pass the test. When my teacher gave us the exam, the test looked foreign, and I hardly recognized the questions. Halfway through the test, I told myself numerous times not to rush and to take my time!

After the test is finished, I go home and look at my test score: 92%. I am so happy I have succeeded. Now, I must tell my dad that I have passed the test and that he owes me thirty-two dollars, per our agreement. He has guaranteed I will earn the money if I pass the test. My dad proceeds to hand me the money and congratulate me on my high score.

The True Friend

by Hanna

I remember the first day I saw you. I remember it like yesterday. You made me happy when I was sad. I remember the first night you slept with me, and I made and effort not to kick you during my sleep. I remember you as you were growing older when I had to use more of my muscle strength to pick you up. I remember you so well that I remember the rhythm of your steps. You will always be in my heart.

I remember the day we put you down because your body was giving up on you even though I know you were trying to hold on. I used all my knowledge thinking of how to keep you alive. I was so anxious, nervous that you were going to die on me. You were the particular cat that was just right for me.

My victory ended when you died because I lost confidence in myself. There was no explanation of how to save you without the treatment being terrible and costing millions of dollars.

Thank you for all the help you gave me. Believe it or not, you helped me make my allowance and my life better. I would never want to change you because there is nothing changeable about you.

Christmas Present

by Lindsey

the only word to describe me
I sneaked past my
studying sister,
my mom, who has lots of muscles,
and my master of disguise dad
to get to the garage;
will my present be
a dirty handkerchief?
Extra allowance for a month?
A math book to tell me what parallel lines are?
Perhaps that one particular poster that says
“Victory is ours!”
I see it!
in the corner
there is an orange polka dot box;
I open it up,
and I can’t believe my eyes.
Christmas morning will be


by Adam

England, December 19, 1947:

During a mission, I came across a foreign handkerchief with numerous mathematics painted on it. Now I, myself, I’m a detective. The name is Leopard Lee, so I can tell if someone is trying to proceed in disguise.

“Leopard!” cries one of my fellow detectives, Agent Steil. Agent Steil tells me that one of the death row prisoners, Gallying Detrow, has escaped and gotten some of his goon friends and is planning to sneak up on me and surround me.

I tell Agent Steil that on the back of the foreign handkerchief is a paragraph containing evidence on how to unravel the code. I read the numbers now knowing how to decode it. The message says, “Get Agent Leopard Lee.”

I ask Agent Steil to find a way to browse through the prison Gallying Detrow has escaped from to gather information. I guarantee he and all his goons will get sent back, and I don’t even care what kind of controversy they have because I can still get them arrested. I remain determined.

England, February 19, 1957:

It has been more than ten years since I started this mission but I, Leopard Lee, have caught and succeeded in capturing Gallying Detrow, and he is now in my possession; he will be in jail for the rest of his life.


by Tarren

In America, business was good, work was great, and the weather was fine, but one thing was not.  There was a soldier, who went by the name Spot and was a sniper in the U.S.  Marines.  Girls always gave Spot lots of attention and thought he was extremely handsome, but he was a happily married man.

While he was recently serving in Iraq, Spot was shot in the shoulder with an AK47.  The wound became very infected and devoured his body, piece by piece, shortly leading to his death.

Before his death, Spot had big plans to start studying business after he got out of the Marines so he could start his own company.  He wanted to help other vets get back to their regular lives after being on the battlefield for so long.

When his hometown heard the heartbreaking news, they quickly put up flyers about the upcoming memorial service to honor the young solider who fought for our country.  They posted flyers all around downtown and at the local theater.

On the day of the service, his wife was having a very hard time and started to cry.  Someone handed her a handkerchief to help disguise her sadness from her kids. She knew she had to be strong for them and Spot.

The Power of Sleep

by Matthew

Episode: Ten PM

Our heroes find themselves in a dilemma. Sleep. In order to succeed, they need to drink foreign coffee. The mathematics of surviving sleep are very complicated and unchangeable. Kyle “Chicken” Alvarod has been abducted. Sleep has taken possession of him. Jakar Bomonie has also gone to the Dark Side. There is no guarantee that he will come back. There are more Slith than Awakei now. Numerous daysabers have been turned to nightsabers.

The Slith Lord for now is Darth Sleepyous. The Grand Awakei Master is Master Wayka. As the Wake-up Wars proceed, Darth Sleepyous continues with his disguise as Chancellor Wakentine. Soon the Awakei will fall with visions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dancing in their heads.

 The Class Trip

by Madison

theaterIt was Wednesday morning, and our class was having a field trip.  Most of my classmates were anxious to get to our destination.  My teacher said if we acted scholarly, we would be able to buy something at the gift shop.  We were filled with curiosity and wondering what might be in the gift shop, so we nestled into our seats and paid attention.  Sadly, we didn’t leave for our trip for another hour.  Instead of at least talking about the field trip, Ms. McClure made a formidable announcement that we should do class work.  As soon as she announced this, some people let out moans.  We then started to sneak small gestures and looked at each other in awe, unhappy with the situation.

We all had to take a math test; then we filled out a survey about Wonder, the class book we were reading.  As I was answering my last question on the test, I finally finished, receiving a score of 95%.  I felt victory rush through my veins when I saw my score.  I used integrity and recorded my real score on my test.  I was using my composition notebook paper to write down answers.  As I transitioned from math test to survey, Ms. McClure announced two things:  “First, we have a new monthly precept. Second of all, it is time to go!”  With little effort, we became active and started to rush to the door to get to the buses.  However, Ms. McClure was not happy with that.  Instead of letting us go out of the classroom, she made us sit down and gave us an explanation of what we should have done instead of that.

As we walked onto the bus, a particular friend of mine started this really random discussion with his friends, talking about how he hated the outfit he was wearing.  Otherwise, the bus ride was good.  When we got to the Curran Theatre in San Francisco, we had to wait outside because we were a little early.  It was pouring rain.  The rhythm of the rain hitting my hood was now echoing in my head.

Anyway, the show was great even though there were limited bathroom break times, and we had to go hours without food.  Everybody seemed to make it out alive, and we all had fun.

Mission Failed

by Olivia

Bank_robber_2Prologue: I know this sounds ridiculously crazy and all, but I’m going to rob the American Bank.  I know what you’re thinking—crazy right?  I know these robberies have been tried numerous times before and mostly always failed; that’s why I’m really anxious, but it’s the perfect plan; just watch me be right.  I am guaranteed I’m going to succeed.

On the cold, windy night, all I was thinking about was my plan.  When I got to the bank, I transitioned to the back door, perceiving quickly that this bank had only three security cameras:  front door, the vault, and the back door.  So I proceeded fast to get inside.  Surprisingly, the back door was open, so I crept into the bank, trying not to make a noise.

The vault was so gigantic, and when I put the security code in, it took a very long time to open.  When the vault finally opened, I looked at the exquisite money in awe.  Then I realized that the money was chocolate!

Anyway, it was too late to change plans, so I commenced grabbing dozens and dozens of handfuls of “chocolate money.”  When I walked out the back door, my truck was gone, plain out of sight!  Before I could walk away, someone grabbed me from behind, and I soon realize that I had failed in my mission.

D.C Nightmare

by Riley

whitehouseI stepped off of the plane and looked at the big sign ahead which read “Washington D.C.”  I proceeded to get my luggage, and I noticed numerous bags that looked the same as mine. To guarantee that I had the right bag, I opened it to check if it was my bag. Then, some guy with a handkerchief came by and started yelling that I stole his bag. I was breathless when the cops surrounded me and placed me into handcuffs. I tried to give them an explanation and told them that I didn’t steal it, but they wouldn’t listen.

I soon found out that the man with the handkerchief was in disguise, and he had suitcases which he substituted for mine to try and smuggle stolen jewels…. It turns out that so far, he was succeeding. The whole point in going to Washington D.C was that I was attending a math convention because I am studying mathematics. That obviously wasn’t working at the moment, due to the handcuffs that were currently being put around my wrists. Eventually, I got back at the people who did that to me because the cops found out about the jewel thieves’ scheme, and they were arrested. Even though I missed the meeting, I still had fun in D.C and went to see the White House.

I’m a Pearson?

by Jackson

w1purpThe shadow creeps forward. I scoot back slamming my shoulder into the wall. I sit there studying the shadow, waiting for its next move. It lunges forward, and I whip my hand out. Brilliant blue sparks erupt. I creep out of the room, hoping no one has seen me.

I lie in bed grasping my shoulder, moaning. I am surrounded by numerous children my age, snoring. I proceed with trying to sleep as I turn on my side, looking through the crystal clear window. I see the icy grass glowing in the moonlight. I slant my eyes and see a vast forest. The campus of Pigzits: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is beautiful in the darkness. I shut my eyes and drift off.

I awake quickly and drag my feet to class. The second my hand touches the door I am slammed to the ground. I instinctively grasp my wand and then restrain myself because it is against school policy to fight.

“Does anyone know the name Richard Pearson?” the professor asked. “Well, I will tell you who he was; he was the most powerful wizard in the world. Only relatives of Richard can remove his wand that he plunged into a stone.” I hear the bell ring as I shuffle out of class. I head to my bed and sit there, studying. I grab my broomstick to go get exercise and kick off. I am fifty feet in the air when I look into the distance and see storm clouds, and then upon further examination, I see a flaming skull, the sign of Boldesnort. I fly down to the headmaster’s office. I fling open the door.

“Boldesnort’s back,” I say. The headmaster hits a button and alarms fly over the school. We get into battle positions. The boys stare down, waiting, the girls weep into handkerchiefs, and the adults have serious expressions. I see an army climb over the hill and everyone gives attention. I grip my wand and charge into the army, twisting to get them to turn. I see green sparks all around, the spell of death. I turn and see my friends falling. A tear trickles down my face. I throw myself into full speed. I have one plan, and it must work.

I see a soldier tailing me, along with Boldesnort. They flick their wands at me, but I avoid them. I mean business. I hurl myself into the woods, and then I see it: the stone with a wand sticking out. I throw my hands at it and pull. It slides right out with ease. A brilliant white light erupts. When the light dissolves, the enemies are not there. I trudge down the hill and thrust my hand in the air. Then I notice the headmaster on the ground. I sink to my knees. I can’t believe he is dead.

“Let’s give it up for our headmaster, Jackson.” The room explodes with applauding.

Yes, I am the new headmaster because I was prepared for any situation, being the best wizard in the world. On my off time, I grab my broomstick and lift off in flight. I see gray clouds in the distance and the worst part? I see the sign of Boldesnort. Not again, I think.

Trick Play Leads to Team Victory

by Ryan

graphics-baseball-874488The explanation of the way the play would work made my team anxious. We knew this play might get us a victory, but everything had to fall into one place. It would take muscle and rhythm from the offensive line, to pull the play off. We needed to disguise the play in a particular way, so the other team would not catch on. It was my job as team captain to browse the sideline, to see if anyone was trying to steal our play. When our coach dropped his handkerchief, we knew the play was on. Our coach’s knowledge on how to run trick plays, led us to the championships.

It’s Christmas

by Carsyn

santa in sleighThe freezing snow hits my fingertips as I help my dad cut down the beautiful, sparkling Christmas tree. We soon return home to decorate the tree. As my dad place the gorgeous angel on top, my eyes sparkle. My family and I stand back and say “perfect” in unison. There are only four days until Christmas.

The next morning the house smells like a tree, and the aroma of gingerbread cookies circulates through the air. My brother’s puppy, Rocky, comes sprinting out of nowhere and jumps on the couch with me. He is nestled in my warm blanket with me. My MUSCLES ache from cutting down the Christmas tree. All I’m going to do today is listen to the RHYTHM of Christmas tunes.

In PARTICULAR, I like to listen to “Jingle Bells.” The day soon comes to an end.

The next morning, my eyes are barely open. One more day until Christmas Eve. I can barely wait.

The next day flies by like a flock of birds. Finally, it is Christmas Eve. I have a blast with my family. I BROWSE on the web for some Christmas songs to play. We all give an EFFORT to sing along and have fun. I’m very ANXIOUS for tomorrow.

The clock strikes 11:00 P.M. I can barely sleep. I hear a tapping on the roof, and then swoosh, clunk. I walk to the living room. “Santa!” I yell. He rushes back up the chimney.

I run outside and hear him shout, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

Later, I wake up so quickly I fall right out of bed. I run and wake my brother up, and then we wake up my sister. My mom tells me to wait a few minutes, but I say, “Give me one good EXPLANATION why I should wait to open presents on Christmas day?

My brother, sister, and I play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who will open presents first. “VICTORY!” I yell. I tear through my presents, and so does my brother, but my sister is as slow as a snail. There is so much wrapping paper that I can almost DISGUISE myself in it, but not quite. In addition to all my gifts, I also got so much money, but my mom says I have to save it with my ALLOWANCE. Now, I can sit back and drink my eggnog and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Invisible Panther

by Bailey

“The Invisible Panther stole yet another priceless painting. Perceived to be the greatest art thief in all the world, the police anticipate that he will strike again,” wrote the journalist for Nightly Newspaper. I grinned at the compliment the press so graciously gave me, but frowned at the fact that they had called me a man. I had been on the cover of numerous newspapers before.

Though the police had been after me for months, I was still as invisible as I was when I stole my first painting, hence the name of the Invisible Panther, and I didn’t even use a disguise. I had heard many speeches from the state senate guaranteeing that the senators were doing their best to succeed in catching me so that the citizens could proceed with their lives in comfort.

Lately, I had been planning a heist that, if all went well, would leave me in possession of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I had one dilemma: the painting was being held in a highly secured museum. There was a huge controversy over how long I should be in prison when I was finally caught, and I was positive that the predetermined sentence would be elongated after I stole the Starry Night. Oh, well, that was going to be my last score anyway. I just hoped that it worked out perfectly so that I could go live in some tropical foreign country.

The Great Lunchroom Protest

by Cassidy

schoolhouseIt was a cold October day at Lincoln Elementary. No one yet knew this day would go down in Elementary school history.   It was another particular, boring day at Lincoln Elementary. All the sixth graders were bunched together in Ms. Senate’s petite classroom learning about parallel lines, anxiously waiting for recess.  While everyone was bored out of their minds, Ms. Senate was lecturing us on how she was giving us more knowledge, how our brains are our strongest muscle, how we need to put more effort into our work, and blah, blah, blah.

Finally, the bell rang, and we all zoomed out of the classroom to lunch, where we had the normal choice of slop, pork behind, or fried chicken liver.  We all hate lunch yet our parents force us to spend our allowances on it.  So at lunch, all my friends and I stood on the old, creaking stage and started a protest.   We wanted cookies and brownies and, of course, cupcakes.  The principal came in and told us that this was an inappropriate action. The lunch menu was unchangeable.  She threatened to expel us, so my friend, Maggie, stood up on the front of the stage and said in a rude manner, “What are you going to do, expel all of us because I’m pretty sure you need a sixth grade?” Then she marched back to the back of the stage.  Then, in a cheerful rhythm, we all sang, “We want good lunch, not pork behind.

The next day we all went without lunch because it was against the rules to bring your own lunch. Our teacher asked for an explanation as to why we were protesting, but everyone was as quiet as a bunch of mice.  Maggie and I marched to the principal’s office and demanded our rights. The principal agreed, but we had to have vegetables and protein, so we picked mashed potatoes and pepperoni pizza. Luckily, our principal was not the sharpest tool in the shed, so she believed that pepperoni was an actual healthy protein.  So, the next day, we all had the lunch of our desires, and the biggest elementary school protest ever ceased.

Black Deer Forest

by Kelly

I sat there browsing the web and listening to the sweet rhythm of my music. Suddenly a survey popped up, and it read in big letters.

Have you heard about Black Deer Forest? Beware of the creepy, scary…

“Scary, what,” I thought to myself. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the forest, but I knew exactly where it was. The survey was creepy, but something inside me was determined to find out what was in the forest.

I tied a handkerchief around my head for warmth. I needed to prepare for this adventure in the Black Deer Forest. I stared into the forest. I felt anxious, and my muscles felt tense as I started to walk into the forest. I started to see the bright, yellow, parallel lines of the street start to disappear and it felt colder in the forest.

Step, pit pat, step, pit pat. “Who’s there?” I uttered. Nothing and no one answered. I made the effort to move my legs again, but they felt like jelly. I didn’t feel scared, but a chill ran up and down my spine. The night crept on, and nothing else scary seemed to happen.

I had victory in what I wanted to accomplish, but I didn’t have an explanation for what I had heard in the forest. I started walking home, and slowly the forest started disappearing from view. Even though I didn’t actually see anything, I knew there was something out there in that forest.

The Race

by Alex D.

My training effort to prepare me for this race has been really useful.  Now, I have muscles!  My explanation for why I am participating in this race is because I have gained some knowledge of breast cancer, and I want to win the race and donate all the prize money for breast cancer.  My friends and family have been helpful.

The prize for first place is $10,000, second place is $5,000, and finally, third place is $3,000.  I would love to get any of these places.  Every week for my allowance, my dad gives me $25, and from this money, I have bought for myself running shoes, shorts, shirts, hats, wrist bands, a watch, and a water bottle—all tools to better prepare for the race.

I like to run because I feel the rhythm of my feet, and my shoes slowly press onto the hard ground.  My heart beats as fast as a cheetah, my hair flowing through the air.

“And…begin!” yells the race announcer.  I start to run, but feel dizzy as the track’s parallel lines blur to gray in the hot sun, I run and run and run.  At every turn, I feel the beams of the sun on the back of my neck.

I am anxious about finishing the race.  The only particular person who can beat me in this race is Bob Ditty Bop.  He is fit, strong, and has won every race here in New York.

As I get close to the finish line, I see the shadow of a person behind me.  It is Bob Ditty Bop!  I speed up, sprinting to the finish line.  Victory is mine!  Everyone in the crowd claps loudly.  I receive the prize money immediately, and a few days later, I donate the money to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Attack of the Green Science Blob

by Grace

There was a BIG dilemma in the lab room #264. The techs were under attack from The Green Science Blob… Bob.

I was guilty, oh, so guilty! And boy did I ever know it. You see, I might have taken part in making the Green Science Blob. Okay, well maybe I took part in more than a little of the making of the Green Science Blob. Fine! I surrender; I am the founder of the Green Science Blob, my successful disaster! But, I’m sure you would like to hear the whole story of how Bob came to be, not all this mish-mash of jumbled words I’m telling you, because I guarantee, this story is about to get interesting. So I shall proceed to recite the tale from the top.

I was in the lab room cheerily mixing, adding, creating, and mashing around ingredients, when suddenly, a tiny, slimy rubbery-looking substance kerplopped into my creation! Then the weird thing happened. My ball of goop was vibrating violently, and frothy bubbles covered the green surface of the ball. My experiment was coming alive!

When the entity had fully developed, the first thing it saw were twelve sets of eyes surrounding him, staring at the new, foreign creature I had unintentionally succeeded  in  creating. I had a sudden possessive impulse to save the blob from all the prying eyes.  He was now my possession, right? Nevertheless, I fought back the impulse to do so, and I just sat back to watch bewilderment, wonderment, and finally, awe pass over each of the twelve techs.

Then all at once, pandemonium erupted as all of the techs shouted names for the blob I had created. Al suggested Bob, but you know that didn’t go over very well with the girls who suggested Princess Annabelle, which got a wave of boos from the boys. I don’t think that Bob/Princess Annabelle could take it anymore because just then, it exploded into numerous miniature versions of itself and started to attack the techs of room #264!

Even though all thirteen of us techs were brilliant at mathematics, there was just no way could we solve this controversy by ourselves!  And you know what that meant. We had to call the Ghost Busters! The rest went smoothly after that. The Ghost Busters came and went, suggesting that we not play with such dangerous ingredients, which of course was totally unfair because I didn’t do anything, and to leave that to the big boys.

Well, that was the story of Bob—NOT Princess Annabelle. Thanks for listening to my side of the story!

A Boy

by Madi

One day, there was a melancholy boy sitting on a bench in the boiling, hot sun.  This blond-haired boy, blue-eyed boy was named Chris.  He began to think about what he was going to do on this dull afternoon.  Suddenly, an idea popped into his head.  He was going to start doing chores so he could earn a huge allowance.  Chris’s knowledge was that he needed to put one hundred percent of his effort into this considerable task.  Next, he thought about what he would buy with the money he earned, as he browsed the main streets of New York City.

As he began to give up, he caught a glimpse of something he wanted to buy.  “That’s it! I will buy a handkerchief!”

As he walked into the ornate store, he spotted a particular handkerchief that caught his bright, blue eyes.  As Chris walked up to the counter, anxious to buy the handkerchief, he saw a man in a disguise, who came and snatched the handkerchief away from Chris’s pale hand!  “Who would do such a thing?” Chris wondered.  He was rather mad at himself because if he had been paying closer attention, he would have been able to tell the police, who would have found the thief.  However, if Chris would have held the handkerchief tightly, it would still be in his hands this very second.  That was the most gorgeous handkerchief ever made in America.

“Well,” Chris thought, “at least that man gets to enjoy my favorite handkerchief.  I only wish it were me!”


by Meheak

“Lights! Camera! Action!” our sixth grade teacher yelled as she threw her handkerchief. Our teacher often threw things down. During rehearsals, it was a handkerchief; during sports it was a flag. I rolled my eyes and quickly sat down.

Oh! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cherry Green, I live in California, and I am eleven years old. Well, anyway, I will narrate the story of my school play, James and The Giant Peach. Of course, it wouldn’t have been so uninteresting if I hadn’t done this EXACT play last year at my old school and hadn’t gotten the same part. Now that you know all the information I hadn’t yet mentioned, let’s begin, shall we?

As soon as the run-through was done, I decided to talk to Ms. Blossom, our teacher. I knocked on her classroom door. “Ms. Blossom? It’s Cherry. I need to talk to you. Is now a good time?” I asked

“Cherry! Please proceed! I am quite happy with our play! I guarantee that we will succeed in pleasing the audience!” Ms. Blossom replied.

I opened the door and walked to her desk. “It’s about the play. I did it last year at my old school. Plus, I have the same part I had last year,” I explained. I hope she will understand my dilemma! I thought silently.

“Oh, Cherry! Why didn’t you tell me before? I’m not even sure if the play is changeable!” Ms. Blossom exclaimed.


“Cherry!” Ms. Blossom whispered the next day during mathematics.

“Ms. Blossom! Can we change the play? Ooh! We could do Romeo and Juliet! Maybe a foreign romance! No, that wouldn’t be appropriate for school. Or we could make one up as a class! Yes! That would be awesome!” I said.

“Yes, we can change the play! I think making one in class would be great!” Ms. Blossom said, excited. “Okay, everybody! Please come make a circle on the rug! Fez, I will take possession of that hat if you don’t put it down right now!” she announced.

As soon as everyone surrounded us, I explained my idea. Quickly the class started shouting out ideas.

“Let’s do a play about robbers! I love their disguises,” Fez said.

“Ewwww! No! How about a princess play?” Lily suggested.

“No!” I said. “Dig deep! We have only scratched the surface! We need a dazzling play, SO good that people will want to televise it!”

I could already envision my dream of becoming an actress coming true!

Why Impersonate Me?

 by Camille

“I do have an explanation; I do!” gasped Lillian Crane.

Hmmm?  I hummed to myself.  It was six o’clock in the evening, and there was rush hour traffic.  You’re kidding right?  Rush hour?  People are in a rush to go somewhere, and it takes an hour!  The parallel lanes were in such proximity to my car that I felt anxious to escape my nearness to the other cars.  Hmmm, hmmm…I hummed out a rhythm to myself to make the time tick by quickly.  I knew I would score victory and escape this sinister traffic eventually.  Till then, I would use my knowledge and think of a way to make me feel the opposite of dreadful.  Honk!  A car blared from behind me.  Chill, just give the driver of the car a break, I stated to myself.   I saw an attractive, blonde-haired, blue-eyed lady anxiously stroll by.  Wow! I thought. She could be my twin!  As I pulled up to the toll booth, I eyed the lady as she somehow tried to covertly take her scarf and enclose her face into the silk material.   “Ten dollars,” the cantankerous bridge cashier sassed.  I rapidly fumbled in my bag for my wallet, which held the toll fee.  It’s vanished, I lamented, how can it just disappear?   “Uh, I don’t have any money; someone must have stolen my wallet,” I nervously stated.  The bridge cashier looked at me as if I thought she was gullible.  I flashed a small, shy grin.

I strained to hear the bridge lady utter a few words into her walkie-talkie, and then she signaled me to park in one of the minuscule parallel parking slots.   As I slowly crept up to the poorly-paved slab of cement that they called a parking lot, I remembered the allowance my father had vowed to give me.  If I only had the money that was enclosed in my wallet!  I pulled up, and in front of me was a particularly undersized building with commodious, bulky metal bars lining the diminutive windows.  Yikes! I was stressed and worried about what I had gotten myself into.

I got out of my car and started toward the building; my beige heels clicked on the dark unkempt cement.  Suddenly, my muscles tensed as something hurled past me and barely missed my head. “Aahh!”  I screeched.  As soon as I let out the blood-curdling scream, a toll booth sergeant emerged unexpectedly from the crummy door of the brick building.  The sergeant was yelling at me so loudly that it was as if there was a crowd in the parking lot.  I tried to explain how I had flubbed up my credit card.  The sergeant told me about an ATM machine at a shopping mall a few miles down the road. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the girl who looked just like me, and it was very uncanny.  I explained to the sergeant about my missing wallet.  “Well, there is a mall a few blocks down.  I actually just got off the phone with my wife who works at Pleason Mall.  She said that she just had a heavy spender on her hands, and her name was, mmmm…Ah! Shyan Criskledrew!” the sergeant said, hoping that he was being helpful.

“That’s my name!” I shockingly stated.  Could someone have the exact same name as I? I thought to myself.  “Well, thank you very much for your help.  I have an impersonator to catch,” I said in a heroic tone.

As I was driving to Pleason Mall, I wondered why my impersonator would want to impersonate me.   All these unanswered questions circled in my brain, till I saw...me!  She was wearing a brand new floral dress.  I was breathless; she looked just like me!  Luckily, Sergeant Nickels was trailing behind me.  Somehow I would have to try to get the attention of my impersonator, luring her to come close to the person she was impersonating.  It would be tricky, but I’d find out a way!  I would use all my effort to catch my impersonator.  I silently uttered to myself

I snatched one of my straw hats and plodded to where my impersonator was sitting.  Sergeant Nickels was right on my tail…Gotcha!  Her face looked stunned!  Seconds later she was handcuffed.  “I do have an explanation; I do,” a girl by the name Lillian Crane gasped.

“Save it for court,” Sergeant Nickels muttered.

As my impersonator drove away, I surmised to myself, wondering about Lillian Crane’s actions. I still could not understand why someone would ever want to impersonate ME!

The Lucky Misfortune

by Sarah

As I walk down the street, the rain pours as if unforgiving, and the sky above grows darker with rage. All that was visible is a tired looking woman, holding a child who is having a CONTROVERSY, with the strong wind about, who continually gets the scarf loosely wrapped around the child’s neck.

Uh-oh. I see a DILEMMA coming as I can’t find my way home.  Then all of the sudden, I spot a teenage girl standing nearby. Her minty green hoodie shadows her face, causing an eerie effect from the moon’s light along her pale complexion. Faint freckles are scattered across her face, and loose strands of her curls hang from her hood, swaying gently in the wind.
“Hello, do you happen to know what happened here?”

I catch her dark blue gaze for a moment. “The world is coming to an end, all the houses are disappearing; soon you and I will, too,” she says, flinching slightly, glancing away before turning and running off.

I watch her run off with a look back at me that seems as if I am a FOREIGN citizen who doesn’t know what she was saying. “What the… What could this mean?” I mutter under my breath.
The wind grows colder, and I decide to go left, and I find my way home. Once I am there, I settle on the couch in the living room, switching on the TV.

“Jersey Shore, ooh,” I say sarcastically, switching the channel. “Dora the Explorer? Pass.” The next channel I come to is ABC Family, and a Barbie doll commercial is on. “Nineteen ninety-five for the Barbie girl, no batteries included, free shipping and handling!” the TV yells out to me. “Thirty day money-back GUARANTEE!” I flip the channel, and the TV shuts off with a flash. Suddenly, the floors start to shake, and a large crack in the ground appears.

I shriek and look at the crack. Deep down, it is like a black hole. I start to fall, and I yell. I grip the side of the floor, holding on as tightly as I can. “This is it,” I whisper. “My chance of ever becoming a high school MATHEMATICS teacher, ruined. I’ll never live my life again!”

The roof collapses, and I glance up at the sky. It flashes black and gray NUMEROUS times. I suddenly remember I am in POSSESSION of a flare gun. I pull it out of my pocket, and shoot straight at the sky, hoping someone will notice my distress signal. Five minutes later, no response. No helicopters, no screams of ‘Help is on your way!’ or ‘Don’t worry! We’ll get you out of there as soon as possible!’ I look around my house. The place is in pure shambles. I PROCEED to look around my house further. I wish I had SUCCEEDED in listening to the mysterious teenage girl.

Instead, I give up my soul, and let go. As I drop thirty thousand feet, darkness SURROUNDS me, and I close my eyes, slowly disintegrating into the blackness.

The Crazy Cat Lady Newspaper Article

by Lilah

As I skimmed through the morning paper, I saw the same old boring stuff: woman jumping off cliff and committing suicide and a snake on the loose—

just boring, unrealistic stuff like that. I mean, wasn’t there something more to life than this? Then I saw “the Crazy Cat Lady” words covering the top line of the page, and I thought to myself, This will for sure teach me all I need to know about cats and make my mom know how good a cat caretaker I will be, and it shall make her soon buy that small, soft, kitten I have been wanting forever!  So I began to read the article:

Squish, squash, squish, squash was the sound of my verdant and scat-filled “lawn” as my forty-seven fluffy felines galloped cheerfully across it. My name is Nelly Cringle, and I am the loving owner of fifty-two cats of all sizes, shapes, and colors/patterns.

Every morn, first I take roll and browse through my many critters’ names, and since I’ve been catching and chasing these feisty kitties, my muscles have become quite tough. My number one favorite kitty’s very particular name is Pickles, and he is one overgrown kitten that has dark tabby stripes and is also very lovable and never fights. Likewise, I have great knowledge of these creatures. I know the exact times to feed these creatures hearty, canned wet food; when to clean their filthy sleepers (usually once a week or so); and when to love them with all my heart. Sometimes it seems as though I am disguised and become one of the cats in a way only the cats and I can truly feel.

One bad thing about being the owner of so many cats is that while am at work, I tend to get anxious and wish I were at home to give my baby kitties some fresh goat milk (this goat milk is from my BFF’s ranch across the street), or to put forth the effort to clean my elderly cats’ sleeping spots and clearing those nasty eye boogers out of their eyes. Another thing I get frustrated by is the amount of cleaning I must do. I mean, sometimes my cats make small atolls out of cat food and put them into their water bowls. Then I, of course, must clean it up.  So, the main explanation of this is that I’m an insane cat lady.

When I finished up reading, I was feeling as though I just read into my future, and I was NOT going to become a crazy cat lady. I now know that my cat/animal victories can be someone else’s real life.

Operation Rob the American Bank

by Shaina

Pssssst… Oy!” I whispered to my ally. “Where’re all the guards surrounding this place?”

“How should I know? You’re not the only foreign one here!” James had muttered back as we were staring with binoculars at the bank from behind a bush. It had been a gloomy night blinking with stars, and it was as if we could hear a mouse scuttling about. We needed to take possession of millions of dollars to take back to our home country, Australia.

“How’re we going to get the money, Butch?”

“By robbin’ that bank! Why do you think we’re here?”

“Oh, oh right,” he had to say in no more than a whisper, “’Course!”

“Shush up! We’re trying not to get set up and to avoid traps! It’s bad enough we’re trying to get used to these American ways!” I whispered in an aggravated expression.

“Sorry,” he murmured in a voice I could barely hear.

“That’s the way,” I replied in a relieved tone.

After many days of observing the bank; passing by and by, there was still no sign of a heavily guarded area. Perfect for sneaking in! I thought with a grimace. But, these Americans know how to guard, just like we Australians do. Eh, we’ll just play it by ear. As dawn had fallen and the last sight of pink had passed, we tiptoed into the side door, climbed up it to the window, and unlatched it. Of course, we didn’t just   unlatch it; we had to pick the lock, which we had done numerous times before.

As we entered, I didn’t dare move a muscle when I saw the keypad, just across the room. “Freeze!” I hissed, as I just realized there were invisible lasers lining the room. “Wait here and stay where you are. Oh! And don’t even dare moving a muscle,” I sneered. I jumped and tumbled, leaped and flipped, until I was across the room to press the button to deactivate the lasers, when all of a sudden—STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! I gestured to James to come over, and all of a sudden, as James had been over with me behind a wall, the stomping stopped. I covered James’s mouth. I covered my mouth. I held my breath. It was to our advantage, though, because we had the great advantage of wearing an excellent disguise of black clothes and a ski mask; it was brilliant because we blended in with the darkness of the night.

When I was absolutely sure that the people had all left, I proceeded with the mission ahead of us. Our attitude and behavior had to be changeable, because if we kept on getting out in the open, we could get caught, and oh! The cameras! I inched closer to the wall than ever. Getting caught would mean not succeeding, and not succeeding would mean no possession of any money to our thief chiefs. No money to our chiefs meant no money for us. I let the thought sink in…

I found two cameras aimed at the vault while I was browsing the room, but how to disconnect them was the question. “James!” I exclaimed louder than necessary.

“Yeah?” he muttered.

“Go to the main office, hack into the computer, and then come back here and be the lookout.”


Twenty minutes later, James came back, with apparently no problem, and said the cameras were disconnected. I crept up to the vault, and of course, there had to be a code. At least I was good at these, so I had to use common sense to punch in the code. The code was all in numbers. Typical, I chuckled to myself. I guarantee James and I would get the money, and we would catch the next flight straight back to Australia with our loot. The door swung open as soon as the code had been punched in, and there were billions of dollars standing before me.

I grabbed my sack, and I started grabbing as much money as I could. “James! Quick! Before the police come!” I bellowed. James rushed to my aid and poured money into his sack. After we were sure we cleaned almost all of it out, we jumped out the window to the nearest trees, but it was then that we heard the sirens. “Quick James! Back to the Car!” I was roaring.

We raced back to the car, but it had been as if the concrete was an ice skating rink, from how much we were slipping and sliding. Finally, we reached the car, and we pulled out and started speeding for the airport. Just then, the police had been on our tails. We were swerving. Too much actually, so that we almost crashed into cars numerous times.

We reached the airport, only to find more officers. We had changed into our regular clothes and put all our money into carry-on luggage. James and I had been passing through the security area, when all of a sudden, an officer came up to us. “What’s in the luggage?” he questioned in a monotone, expressionless tone.

“Just our fragile souvenirs and our grandfather’s books he left us in his will. See, we came to America because our dear Grandfather Jeffery passed away,” I said in a depressed manner.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. You may go through.”

As we were walking to the plane, James said to me, “Nice work, Butch! He must’ve forgotten all about what we were bri-”

As James was saying this, he was cut off by a nearby voice, one that was all too familiar. “Nobody in America would fall for that one,” the policeman chuckled, “You’re going to jail.” Chink. Click. The handcuffs were hooked onto our wrists, just as we were trying to make a clean getaway. Unfortunately, my sob story hadn’t been enough to fool the officer.

The sirens had been going off, and not long after, we arrived at our desolate, grey cells. “Nice goin’, Butch!”

“Me?!” I roared. “You were supposed to back up my story!”

“How was I supposed to know? You never told me a thing! Keepin’ quiet always works!” he bellowed back.

“Gentlemen, gentlemen. All is well, you can solve your problems in your cell,” the policeman said with a sneer as he shoved us into the bleak cell.

Life Changing

by Brooklynne

It was early on a Friday morning; we had school off because it was Veteran’s Day, the day where we honor the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country’s victory. It was exactly 1:00 in the morning. That’s when I woke up with a fierce pain in my neck. It felt as if someone had just yanked my muscles out of my neck. I couldn’t move my neck at all. I was looking at the wall to my right as if I was paralyzed.

“Mommmmm,” I called for her from in my room. I couldn’t get up so I just lay there with no intention of even making the littlest effort to move. She sprints in my room in a panic face.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I can’t move my neck; am I going to die?”

“Of course not. It’s probably just a kink in your neck.”

“How do I get rid of it?” I cried.

“I’ll go get some medicine and a heating pad, and then just go to sleep,” she explained. After one hour, I had the medicine in me and fell asleep. My shoulder was about to burn because of the heating pad, so I took it off. I called my mom about six times needing more help or for her to pull the sheets over me so I could fall back asleep. So, she got literally twenty minutes of sleep.

It was 6:00 in the morning when I had to go to the bathroom. I had some help from my mom to get me out of my bed and to the bathroom. My mom had gone to the couch not feeling well at all when I heard “Brooklynne, just stay in there; I’m not feeling well, and I’m about to faint.” I became really worried when I heard her faint on the couch. I was breathless I had no idea what to do. There was no explanation for what was happening.

Soon enough, I heard her awaken, but the only problem was that I couldn’t see a thing, and my throat was closing up. I started to feel lightheaded. “Mom, I can’t breathe or see you. I’m going to faint; call 911!” As soon as I finished saying that, I blacked out. I was in a world of blackness, and the only thing that crossed my head was white parallel lines and the particular rhythm of my heartbeat. I had lost all my knowledge. I had fainted. Not knowing anything, my mom carried me to my room and laid me down on the floor.

“Brooklynne, are you okay? Talk to me.”

“Yeah, I’m okay; just call Auntie to take me to the hospital”

Soon enough, my aunt was driving me to the hospital. I was so anxious to get there. I needed help. As we arrived, the medical staff instantly hooked me up to eighteen cords and wires so they could run tests. The thing that scared me the most was the IV.  It hurt so much that it felt like I was shredding my skin. “Your parents should really give you an allowance because you’re going to need it since you get hurt a lot,” the doctor said.

“I agree,” I answered

Thankfully, it turned out that my neck problem was just a virus and nothing more serious, like having cancer. This was definitely a memorable and life-changing experience.

My Homework!

by Emily

It all started when my mom saw a sign that read, “Guaranteed: a great education!”

The sign was for parents who wanted their kids to go to a “special” school called The Succeeding School.  All I knew about that school before I went there was that the kids there
were mostly bullies, and that they didn’t know a single thing about mathematics.

As I had feared, from the day that my mom had first seen that deadly sign, I was going to The Succeeding School!

On the first day that I got to my new school, I was being surrounded by kids, like a swarm of bees fighting over the last piece of honey that existed in the whole world.

My first class was history, where I learned about some foreign dignitaries who lived in the past.  It was VERY hard to concentrate on what the teacher was saying because of all of
the numerous voices of the students who were talking during class. I glowered, for the pandemonium gave me a headache.

As the class proceeded and resumed after several interruptions, I suddenly noticed that my homework that was due tomorrow was GONE!

What would I do? I had hidden a very secret possession of mine in my history book, along with my homework, too, and now the book was GONE!

If I didn’t have my homework done by tomorrow, it was going to cause a major dilemma to my being there at school tomorrow.

Since my homework didn’t have feet to be able to run, I made a decision. I was going to hunt down whoever had taken my homework!

As I told this new plan to my new “friends,” the word spread, and my decision aroused much controversy among the students at The Succeeding School.

Later that night, as I stood crying in my bedroom, looking out my window, which faced the sidewalk and the street, I saw two men standing and laughing in front of my house, as if they had done something outrageously funny.

As I stood wondering what those two men were laughing about, it suddenly occurred to me that one of them must have stolen my history homework while I wasn’t looking! I quickly grabbed my jacket, threw open my front door, and chased the two men down the long and curvy street, until I had cornered them.  I saw and snatched my homework from their hands, and said, “Why would you take my homework?!”

“We took it because we haven’t had a good laugh like this in a long time,” replied one of the men.

As I was about to ask the two men who they were, they escaped their corner trap and ran away.

Even though I didn’t figure out who originally took my homework, I’m very glad that I got it back! Mission complete!

Festival of Blood, Part Two of Three

by Donovan

Previously on the “Festival of Blood,” Bloody Mary is resurrected, Cole becomes a vampire, and he must find father Ignightaus in order to save his soul.


Cole makes his way through the catacombs when, telepathically, Mary contacts Cole to give him knowledge of his new abilities. He learns one called the shadow swarm, which allows him to reconstitute his DNA into a swarm of bats, letting him fly out of the underground maze of the catacombs.

Bloody Mary then informs him that her minions will be testing him throughout the night, stating that she wants to see what he can do, and also informing Cole that her stronger minions will be in disguise.

Cole phones Zeke and tells him about what happened.  At first, Zeke laughs, asking if teenage girls suddenly find him irresistible. Cole hangs up, hoping that he will stay safe.

Cole has to put a lot of effort into not running into any hidden or exposed vampires. He surveyed many civilians and notices one who has extreme muscle expanse, and so Cole attempts to stake the person, but the muscular man transforms into a huge bat-like creature, who slowly turns and glowers at Cole with ebony eyes; big, sharp, shiny fangs, and particularly long, pointed ears. Cole mentally browses his option for attack and decides to call down massive strikes of lighting on the creature.  This act takes tremendous effort, but in the end, Cole reigns victorious over the beast.

Exhausted, Cole looks up, and there it is, the father’s sanctuary. That provides explanation for all the vampire resistance. Cole draws closer and notices that a giant cross and a big bowl of holy water are sitting parallel to each other in the entrance of the cathedral.


“That meant that vampire Cole couldn’t get into the auditorium,” Zeke said with fantastic terror.

“Oh, no,” replied the woman named Cat.

Ashley’s Wish (continued)

by Sonia


Ashley tried to open her eyes to see what was going on, but she couldn’t. She didn’t know why; she just couldn’t. Then she thought about what had just happened.

“It worked! It worked!” Ashley exclaimed. Now all she had to do was think of an explanation to tell Beth. Why, this may not be a mutual victory.

“ASHLEY?” an anxious, angry voice called.

Oh, no! Ashley thought.

Ashley started to walk… until she tripped on the side of a door. Darn it! I forgot I am blind! she thought.

Beth heard her trip and came running out to see if she was all right.

“What is going on?” Beth exclaimed. She was very frustrated.

“Umm… well,” Ashley said as she started to get up, feeling around for support. She had only one choice, to tell Beth the truth. “Well, I thought that the woman couldn’t really switch our bodies, but it turns out, she is really good at it.” Ashley was trying to add a little bit of humor to this not exactly ideal situation.

Beth looked down at Ashley’s body (which had brown hair and had no muscle), and then at her body (which had honey colored hair and was outfitted in a pretty orange sundress). “So… I’m you… and you’re me?” Beth tried to make an effort to make sense of this crazy condition, or as Ashley would put it, “an unrealistic condition.”

“Do you like being able to see?” Ashley asked, hoping the answer would be yes.

“Well…” Beth thought, “It will be something I’ll have to get used to, but it’s kind of nice to see the world how it really is,” she said, as she gazed at the new world around her.

“That’s the thing I hate about seeing,” Ashley said.

Then Ashley realized something. She would see most of the world the same as everyone else, picturing it in her mind, because she had seen it before, unlike Beth, who was blinded at a very young age and didn’t remember most things about the world.

Ashley wanted to see what it would feel like to go to a new place and see what she could imagine it looking like.

“We need to go to that woman,” Ashley said, thinking they would find her in a new place so Ashley could not be influenced by the world’s ideas and so she could decide if she wanted to be blind forever.

“Why?” Beth asked in confusion.

“To…” Ashley thought for a moment. “To thank her!”

“Uhh… okay,” Beth said, thinking that it was a strange idea.


“Here we are; 694 Strange Story Avenue,” Beth read from a business card the Frozen Lounge had given them (and translated to Braille for them because neither of them could read text), with the address of the woman.

Ashley imagined a dark and gloomy street with brown houses until Beth said, “What a cute neighborhood!”

I hate this! I want to be put back in my body! Ashley thought. She didn’t have too much knowledge about imagining new things and wasn’t at all as good as Beth. She hoped Beth wouldn’t be too particular when she told her she wanted to be changed back.

Beth was parallel to the door as she took a deep breathe and knocked on the door in a rhythm.

The woman opened the door, wearing a lime green turban with fruit on it and an orange corset dress.

“What do you desire today?” she asked with her slight accent.

“I want to be changed back to the way I was before!” Ashley blurted out quickly.

“I cannot!” the woman refused.

“How did you know what I wanted?” Beth asked with a worried voice.

“You want it too?” Ashley asked in relief and shock.


“At least let Beth have her wish, please?” Ashley begged, hoping the woman would say yes just as fast as Beth did.


“I will pay you!” Ashley pleaded, as she began taking out the money from her past allowance as well as birthday money from her wallet.

The woman just shook her head.

“Please!” Beth cried. “It is worthless for me to have vision. I can’t even read or write!”

“Yes, and I can’t read Braille and it will take me years to learn to do so as well as I can read or write text!”

Please!” Beth and Ashley said in unison.

“Well, Beth never did get her wish, and you two seem to want this wish very desperately…” the woman trailed off, as she thought and then sighed.  “Eyes of beauty, shine in hair, reverse everything of these two, except their personalities!”

Ashley and Beth rose up into the air, magic and colorful dust spinning around them, sparkling.

Then… everything went black for Beth and everything went clear for Ashley, just how it was supposed to be.

The Class Is in Charge Now

by Meghan

Scarlet always hated how teachers were forever allowed to be the boss of kids and do whatever they wanted. She always thought it would be a good idea to be in charge for one day. Scarlet had lots of knowledge to use in making a good plan. Now her dream would come true.

One afternoon Scarlet was walking to her class when she saw her teacher walk to the copy room. Scarlet looked inside her classroom and saw that all of her classmates were inside. Now is the time to tell them the plan! she thought.

She ran inside and stood on top of her desk.

“Hey, guys, pay attention! Don’t you hate how teachers are always bossing you around?” Scarlet yelled.

“Yeah,” they all said.

“Let’s change that by luring them all into the copy room and locking them in from the outside so we can have the school all to ourselves!”

The students all agreed, and they were all anxious for the right moment to do this. They all were going to meet up at lunch to continue to formulate their plan. After lunch, the students all lined up in parallel lines behind they school building.

“We need to put our best effort into this and do the right thing,” Scarlet hollered.

“What is the right rhythm for the password?” Scarlet’s friend asked.

“There is no particular password for this,” someone called in reply.

They all gathered together, and Scarlet gave each person  a job. She turned the intercom speaker on so the whole school could hear them and she said, “All teachers and staff, please meet in the copy room for important news. Thank you.”

Scarlet then ran behind a bush and waited for every staff member to report to the copy room. When the door shut, she ran out from behind the shrubbery and locked the door, effectively trapping the staff members inside. Victory was theirs!

Everyone from Scarlet’s class got inside her classroom and started to go on the computers and do whatever they wanted to do. Every once in a while, someone would check on the teachers to see if they were trying to escape. Scarlet changed her teacher’s plans so that the lessons would be fun and she danced on her desk. Then everybody stopped to the sound of their teacher yelling at them. Unfortunately, she didn’t get locked in the copy room with the rest of the adults because she was in the bathroom when other teachers were trapped. Scarlet’s teacher ordered the students to let the teachers go and to clean up their mess.

Scarlet couldn’t move a muscle. She said, “There is a good explanation for this. We thought it wasn’t fair that teachers got to do whatever they wanted to and we wanted to change that.”

The teacher didn’t say anything. She just smiled and walked away. Scarlet began cleaning; then she stopped and a grin appeared on her face.

Maybe I can do the same to my parents! Perhaps I can encourage them to give me an  allowance when I do my chores, she thought.

The Super Race

by Brendan

“Now that was the end of sports and we move on to weather,” the news reporter said.

“Borrriinnnggg!” I complained. I sighed. “There is nothing on T.V today!” I said, even though no one was in the house with me. I changed the channel.

“Are you super bored right now?”

“Who said that?” I asked. I looked at the T.V.

“Well, if you are ssuuppeerr bored, come and compete in THE SUPER RACE!” the man on T.V said. I was paying close attention. “To participate you must pay one hundred dollars!”

“WHAT?!? That’s my whole allowance!” I yelled. The T.V kept going.

“You must not get distracted by the obstacles. So come join us now!” The T.V then only showed an address and time. I decided I was going to race.

“Wait!” I told myself. “How would I give an explanation to my parents when they learned I was gone?” Then I got an idea. “I will leave a note.” So I left a note to my parents and walked out the door.

Luckily for me, the race started and ended right down the street from my house. When I got there, the seats were set parallel to each other. I sat down and the person I saw on T.V was talking to everyone. He said we had to put in all of our effort to gain victory. He also said we had to have a lot of knowledge. Finally he said we were ready to start. Every muscle in my body was anxious to go. All the competitors lined up.

“Ready,” the man said. “Set. GO, go, goooooooooooo0!!!” I was off running at full speed.

Already in third place, I heard something. Something very particular. I don’t know why I stopped. I just did. The sound was a rhythm. My favorite song! Then I realized it was one of the obstacles. I moved on, and the sound faded. I made it past the rest of the obstacles easily. I flew over the balance beam, I crawled through the mud, and I jumped over the logs. Then I made it to the wall. It was huge: fifty feet high and no way around it. I realized everyone else was having trouble with the wall, butut not I. I climbed up that wall like Spider Man!!! I made it to the top and won THE SUPER RACE!

Man, what a day! I still can’t believe I won THE SUPER RACE. I even got my money back! But remember, I didn’t race for the money. I raced because I was bored!

The Miracle Fountain, Part 1

by Kennedy

“How was school, Honey?” Sarah’s mom asked.

“Fine:  boring and gray,” Sarah replied.

Sarah Finding was a dog-loving person, but she was pet-less.

“But, Mom, we did have some controversy over whether or not we should own a dog,” Sarah said.

“Let me guess. You went with you should own a dog,” replied her mom.

“Are you still in that dilemma between wanting a cat or dog?” her mother questioned.

“No, I am not. I want a dog,” Sarah answered.

She then marched upstairs and proceeded to stomp all over the house upstairs. Sarah had been wanting a dog since she first learned how to talk. Now she was ten and was ready for a pet. However, her parents would always buy her a foreign fish or a necklace instead of a dog.

When Sarah finished her mathematics homework, she decided to take a walk through the forest with her mom. During the walk, she kept on bugging her mom about how her greatest possession would be a dog. Soon they were surrounded by trees.

“Honey, I know you want a dog, but stop telling me numerous times. Enjoy the walk while you can,” her mother replied firmly.

Unsatisfied with this comment, Sara ran off to a bushel of trees.

“See you at the exit,” she yelled as she ran off.

Then out of the blue, she noticed a very peculiar flower next to an enormous tree.

Sarah looked up and saw a tiny door with a fountain carved on it. With fear biting at her spine, she proceeded through the door.

“Hello,” she yelled. “Hello!”

Not noticing her surroundings,  Sarah fell down a hole in the middle of the tree. Kerplunck! She was soaked in crystal clear water. She pulled herself up and her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. One of Sarah’s other wishes was to escape from her mom. Her wish had come true! She had succeeded. She was inside a crystal. She whipped around and saw a large fountain with a little sign written in the dirt on the side. The sign said, ‘Throw a sprinkle of silver or copper in the fountain. Touch the fountain and your wish, your dream wish, is guaranteed to come true.’ So Sarah stepped forward and threw a dime into the fountain.

(To be continued next week….)

The Lunchroom Incident

by Rose

“Please finish your mathematics worksheet. You may not proceed any longer,” Ms. McClure announced as everybody rushed to finish their worksheets. She had asked us numerous times to finish up, but everybody had kept working.

“All right, Class, you may go to lunch,” Ms. M. said. Everybody raced to the door except Casey and me, who walked behind all of the commotion. As we walked outside, everybody surrounded their backpacks, digging for their lunches. We then browsed through our backpacks and found our lunches, and then headed off to lunch. As we went to lunch, we walked passed a foreign exchange student.

We sat down at a table, placing our lunches on the table. I then pulled my food out from my lunch bag, looking at the items. I then read the label on my cheese stick.

“The best cheese in the world, guaranteed or your money back,” I read as I opened the wrapper. Casey then pulled out her iced tea and tuna sandwich. She then indulged in enjoying her sandwich. As she slurped down some iced tea, I cracked a joke, hoping she would laugh. Iced tea then came flying out of her mouth as she burst out laughing.

I had succeeded; mission complete. She then pulled out a handkerchief to use to wipe up the tea. She was like a maid cleaning up a house. There was tea everywhere. I then had complete possession of her emotions. She then drank some more tea and I told her the same joke, making tea come out of her nose! It looked like it was raining.  That day was full of laughter!

Makayla’s New Computer

by Talia

“IT’S NEW, IT’S COOL, AND IT’S EASY TO USE!” said the man on the T.V. “AND IT CAN BE ALL YOURS FOR $150.00. SO GET YOURS TODAY!”  The man gave a great explanation of everything with which the computer came equipped.


“Mom! Mom!” Makayla hollered.

“What?” cried her mom.

“Can you get this for me?” asked Makayla.  She was anxious to get her own computer.

“What is it?” asked her mom.

“A new computer.  The particular one I have in mind is a purple one” said Makayla.

“Is it your birthday?” asked her mom.

“No,” said Makayla.

“Is it Christmas?” asked her mom.

“No,” said Makayla.

“Then you have to either get a job or do chores around the house to get an allowance every week,” said her mom.

Makayla said, “O.K. What do I have to do then?”

Her mom grabbed a piece of paper and a pen.  She started to write down something.  She gave Makayla the list.  Makayla read the list aloud.

  1. First clean your room.
  2. Mow the lawn;
  3. Clean the bathroom;
  4. Feed baby brother;
  5. After dinner, wash the dishes.

Makayla was so surprised by how much work she had to do.  “This is going to take a lot of effort,” she thought.  Also, it would take a lot of muscle to scrub the dirty bathroom floor.

“But, Mom! I have to do this every day of the week? “

“No, just on weekends.  During the week, you have to finish all of your homework, walk the neighbor’s dog, and read your brother a story before he goes to bed,” said her mom.

“How much will I make for the whole week?” asked Makayla.

Her mom answered, “How about twenty-five dollars a week for all of that work.”

“Great!  Then it will only take four weeks because I have fifty dollars in my piggy bank and the computer costs one hundred and fifty dollars,” said Makayla.

When the day finally came to get her new computer, Makayla had a rhythm in her step as she walked down the street to the post office to pick up her computer.  The street had parallel rows of trees.

Victory!” yelled Makayla as she opened the box to her new computer at home.

The F.B.I. to the Rescue!

by Julian

It was another day at Gurtongoestesch, when a loud scream came about. “Help me! Someone, please help!” said a woman who was being held by a criminal.

“You be quiet, lady! No one can help you now! Hahaha!” laughed the criminal. He started running towards a bank and then to a jewelry store. The security camera’s got a glimpse of him, and this set off the alarm in the F.B.I. base.

“Hey, guys, check this out! A guy is robbing a jewelry store, and he has a victim!” said a guy who was looking at the monitors. “This is a job for the F.B.I.!” screamed everyone. One of their best agents came out to try to stop the burglar.

“Halt! You may not proceed” yelled the agent.

“Oh, be quiet!” said the burglar as he pushed the agent away.

“Ooh, we got ourselves a runner. This is agent Fairmont. I need backup! Browse through all of our agents and get the best ones over here!” screamed Fairmont as he ran towards the burglar. The criminal ran into an alleyway and then got cornered.

“You’re surrounded now! I guarantee that you are going to be going to jail after this!” said Fairmont as his backup arrived.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigations has nothing on me! You want this girl? Take her; she is getting in my space anyway!” yelled the criminal as he dropped the woman on the floor.

“Wait, Federal Bureau of Investigation? What are you, from a foreign land? We are the Fried Banana Institution, and we always succeed in putting criminals like you in the brig!” replied another agent with confusion in his voice.

While the agency members were in a riot of confusion, the criminal managed to slip away, and he ran right into a theater. “Phew, I think I managed to escape the Federa- Fried Banana Institution,” said the criminal as he started walking into one of the theater rooms. Once he got into the room, he approached a strange man who asked him to buy him a new handkerchief. The criminal stared at the man and then agreed to get him a new handkerchief.  He put on a disguise and went out of the theater.

As he started walking to the handkerchief store, a cop stopped him. “Hey, you!” said the cop. The burglar stopped and was as stiff as a rock, and then he went to the cop. “Have you seen a guy, about five feet tall, a criminal?” The burglar just shook his head and started walking away, but then the cop said, “Wait! Do I know you?” as the burglar took a step back. “Wait…you’re the guy from shake and bake, right?” said the cop with a grin on his face. The burglar nodded and then ran towards the handkerchief shop.

After he bought the man his handkerchief, the burglar got punched right in the gut, as the man tied him with the handkerchief. “Hey, guys, I got him!” yelled the man. All the agents ran towards them.

“We finally got you! What a false victory for you. Take him away boys!” said Fairmont.

“I will get you stupid F.B.I.!” screamed the burglar. “I’ll get you!”

“HEY! Stop talking about the Federal Bureau of Investigations in that type of manner! Get all of our agents down here to take this guy in!” The burglar just stared at him and then ran away.