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by Briana and Sammy

With a rush of fast-moving gurney wheels, the patient was one wheel closer to being diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a dangerous disease and can affect a person’s whole life in many different ways. Each year many people are diagnosed with one of the many types of cancers.  Although cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, effective treatments do exist.

Cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled growth and abnormal cells. If it is not controlled, cancer can be terminal. Cancer can affect people by making them feel ill. If a tumor is starting in the body, then the person may feel ill. However, sometimes cancer can go undetected for long periods of time before a person feels any symptoms.  If left unnoticed and untreated, the cancerous tumor may become impossible to remove and it might have spread to other parts of the body, making it impossible to cure.

In 2014, 564,800 Americans are expected to die from cancer. That is more than 1,500 people dying a day. The Canadian Institute for Health Information has 58 deaths per 100,000 people. Lung cancer in Canada is higher than the average of 43 per 100,000.  African Americans have the most cancers; so that group has the most chances of dying (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, It is as if cancer is treating the African Americans like slaves, and then killing them!

The most common cancers for women are breast, lung, and colon. 73,000 women die from lung cancer. The most common cancers for men are prostate, lung, and colorectal. 1,665,540 new cases of cancers are diagnosed in the United States, which will result in around 585,720 deaths. There are about 1,600 deaths daily.

Despite its seriousness, cancer can be treated and even cured. Cancers is treated many different ways. Here are some of the different types of treatments: surgery; chemotherapy, which is the treatment of cancer with chemical substances such as anticancer drugs; biologic therapies, which are treatments from living organism; hormone therapies, which are treatments with hormones; drug therapy, such as Tamoxifen, which is a drug used to treat breast cancer; and transplant, which is where the affected organ is replaced, such as the transplant done with bone marrow sometimes.  All of these treatments carry some risk, but compared to the risk of cancer, doctors consider the treatments to be worthwhile options.

Cancer is a serious disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth or abnormal cells.  This disease can take the life of anybody, even a fit, healthy person. Everyone is at risk of getting cancer and dying from it every single day. Back when there were no treatments, cancer was often a death sentence because once diagnosed, most people died of the disease. It is important that people are cautious around new products and technology that may contain cancer-causing elements.  It is also important that people regularly visit the doctor.  Regular examinations by a medical professional can help with the early detection of the disease. Cancer’s jaws can snap onto anyone in an instant, but the array of treatments available provides many opportunities for a positive outcome.

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National Cancer Institute

Cancer Research UK

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Minecraft Madness

by David and Madison

Imagine yourself with all the power of the world, no one to stop you, no limits whatsoever. Imagine a place where you can build using your imagination, from small huts to enormous castles, huge farms to dark caves. However, during the day, you may be confronted by huge spiders and green guys that may attack you. During the night, scary zombies try to get you, and the only way to get rid of them is to either wait till the sun comes up or to launch an attack with weapons you may create using materials collected. This is Minecraft, the game on which many kids find themselves hooked because of the creative elements available on different devices, the two modes of play, and the freedom of imagination encompassed in the game.

What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a game, available for computers or handheld devices, where mostly everything is made out of blocks. For example, sand, dirt, animals, and even your character are made of blocks! This game was released for PC on May 17, 2004, and was released for other devices on November 18, 2011. Minecraft is a game where the player uses his/her mind to create the world around, using the resources he/she finds. The idea of the game is simple:  destroy, collect, build, and interact in the Minecraft world.

There are two different modes on Minecraft. One is creative mode, where the player has unlimited resources.  The second mode is survival mode, where the player must search for resources. Creative mode is all about the player’s imagination taking hold to design something and to have fun. In this mode, the game character flies around and almost never dies.  On the other hand, survival mode is basically a simulation of being stuck on an island with nobody around and having to fight and defeat monsters such as creepers, green monsters that explode if you get too close; zombies; and skeletons. The point? To SURVIVE.

Why is Minecraft so addicting? Minecraft can be so compelling because in survival mode, the player must beat a deadline, collecting certain resources before nighttime. If the player fails to do so, there is the extreme chance of being attacked by the monsters that come out at night, those creepers, zombies, and skeletons. Likewise, Minecraft is addicting because creative mode allows the player’s imagination roam free, soaring like a plane as the player works to build whatever he/she desires. Furthermore, in both modes, the player may visit other people’s worlds and interact with friends.

Even though Minecraft is one of the best games ever invented, some people believe do not find the game interesting.  They may say that Minecraft has bad graphics, but the point of Minecraft is for everything to be made out of blocks sort of like virtual building blocks. Building with blocks can be interesting and requires the player to think spatially and use every part of the creative mind! Some people may also say that Minecraft has no story plot. While this is somewhat true, the basics of Minecraft are simple: destroy, collect, design, build, and survive. So, technically, there is a plot. Even though Minecraft is addictive, which some may say is a problem, it is better for kids to be addicted to Minecraft than to be overly engaged in bloody, violent games. If they were addicted to bloody, violence-filled games, they might be more aggressive and hyperactive in real life, whereas Minecraft encourages creative problem solving.

Minecraft is a simple game with a little or no need of being taught. It is obvious what the player must do, and that is to build and use the imagination. Many people have a complete passion for this game because of the creative elements and modes of play; however, there are some people who think playing Minecraft is a complete waste of time. The evaluation of this game depends on the mere user behind the computer, iPod, iPad, or iPhone.  It is all up to each individual to decide whether or not the game is an urgent love.

The Different Sides of Cell Phone Usage by Adolescents

by Jackson and Gina

More people own cell phones than toilets.1 Seventy-eight percent of adolescents in America own cell phones. 2 That is nearly 16,917,509 adolescents in America. As of December 2012, 171.3 billion texts were sent in the US by adolescents in a month, which calculates to roughly 10,059 text per adolescent each month.3 There are different sides to adolescents using cell phones. Some teenagers even think they use their mobile devices too much. Such devices are useful in emergencies, to keep in contact, and as a resource. Apps can be useful in everyday life, but also can be pointless and a distraction from life. All over the world, cell phones can be a distraction or a benefit for adolescents.

Cell phones can be useful in emergencies and to keep in contact with friends and family. If someone gets hurt, adolescents can alert the authorities by using their cell phones. Adolescents need to stay in touch with family and friends, and cell phones allow constant communication from anyplace with a cellular tower servicing it. Adolescents may need to be picked up from events or to share pressing information with their family or friends over the phone. For example, if a teen is hanging out with friends and is running late, then that teenager can be responsible and call his/her parents to alert them so they are not worried.  In addition to calling, social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as text messaging also allow for immediate communication to keep adolescents connected to family and friends.

Besides keeping adolescents connected and in constant communication, cell phones also have the potential to entertain and educate. The iTunes store offers over 700,000 different apps. 5 There are several apps that are useful like the compass, maps, and clock, but what about the games to which adolescents are most attracted. These are games that are the iTunes store’s biggest sellers. Some favorite games may be amongst these popular apps: Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Minecraft, Clash of Clans, My Singing Monsters, and more. In these games, the player can create a virtual life, and that can be addictive. Even though apps can be helpful and addictively fun, they can also distract teens and maybe even make them slack off in class or at home, failing to keep up with responsibilities.

Cell phones may be a resource; however, they can be a distraction in class or in the outside world. Adolescents may not pay attention or remain focused because they are so obsessed with their phones, wanting to check text messages, post to a social media site, or play a game.  Teens may suffer from short attention spans or a lack of ability to persevere in their studies, whether the lesson is of interest or not, because the desire to check their phones draws them off task like a person who cannot stand to take his eyes from his own reflection.  This phone focus could cause teenagers to not be able to complete their assignments to their personal best. Likewise, there have been several occasions where people have been murdered or harmed because they weren’t paying attention and were on their cell phone. For instance, many people can’t even look up from the phone while crossing the street in the middle of a busy, metropolitan city.  In another case, a young adult male in San Francisco, CA, was killed by another man while on public transit, and this incident was unnoticed by the streetcar’s other riders, all of whom were busy on their cell phones. Focusing on the cell phone instead of the surroundings is the leading cause of muggings, too, because muggers look for people who seem unaware. This is an issue and adolescents should pay more attention to the world around them, or they could be seriously injured.

Clearly, cell phones are useful for keeping in contact with other people and in emergencies. Apps can also be useful in certain situations; however, even though apps can be useful, they can also be a waste of time and addictive. Similarly, cell phones can be a resource for information, but have their bad moments as well. Cell phones can be a distraction in the classroom and in the outside world. If using the cell phone too much distracts somebody to the point of unawareness of surroundings, the person could seriously injured. So while cell phones may be useful, look out: all these big greedy corporations care about is money, not the safety, healthy lifestyle, or education of adolescents.

Animal Cruelty

by Grace and Neena

An animal is abused every ten seconds.  That means about three hundred animals are abused each day. Many animals of all kinds are abused for no reason. People need to do something to prevent animal abuse, doing something if mistreatment is observed.  People must also take care of animals and love them. People do not realize how much abuse happens to animals over time. Despite these problems that we face, we can help stop abuse.

So much abuse to animals happens and for no reason. One type of abuse is when animals are beaten physically. Some of that abuse is over anger or mostly humans unleashing their emotions on animals. People need to let out some of those emotions, and instead of finding some healthier alternative, they do it on animals. Some people let out so much rage that it hurts animals.  In the heat of anger, the abuser may not be of aware of the pain being inflicted on animals.  Therefore, others must take on the job of helping these defenseless animals.

Some people watch abuse happen to these innocent creatures. Do not watch harm happen.  Seek help instead of being one of those bystanders who just watch the inappropriate event happen. Call the nearest vet or animal hospital. Even if the abused animal appears to be recovered, find it help. Animals often hide their pain as a defense mechanism, so the best plan is to have the animal checked by a professional. This is doing the animal a favor to help it get back to its full health.

Because animal abuse happens so often, it is important for pet owners to care for their animals as if these creatures as if they were the owners’ own child, treating the animals with love and care. Any person with a pet must make sure to be responsible for caring for that animal. These creatures will love people as much as any family does and maybe and even more. Only when a person is one hundred percent positive she is ready for this big step, should she get a pet, being certain to consistently take good care of the animal.

Animals deserve to be loved and cared for in a nurturing way.  When people observe animal abuse, they should call for help immediately.  That is a simple task that can save an animal’s life, and help the abuser to find healthier alternatives.  Caring for animals is a huge responsibility, so before people become pet owners, they must be sure they have everything they need, including the willingness to care, love, and respect the animal, before bringing one home.  If every person showed concern for animals and worked to protect them, the world would be a happier place for people and animals.  Animals provide so much happiness to humans.  When someone loves an animal, it loves back fully.


by Marika and Mikayla

Stereotypes seem to have such a bad name for being untrue. However, believe it or not, all stereotypes started from a grain of truth and from basic generalizations. There are many different stereotypes for most groups or races, and not all are true. Stereotypes hold history behind them worth hearing, particularly because some stereotypes can even have dangers.

Have you ever wondered how stereotypes started? They have been around since the 1500’s, when the Pilgrims came. This was because of misconceptions and misunderstanding. The Pilgrims mistakenly thought that all of the Indians were dirty savages, and that was the Pilgrims’ whole perception of the native people they encountered. Although the Indians had a very different way of life, it is probable that only some were “savages” based on their behavior, but the Pilgrims generalized that about all the Indians, since they were different. From this beginning in America, stereotypes have been happening.  People continue to make generalizations that become stereotypes, and this practice has not stopped yet.

Like the Pilgrims’ perception of the natives, stereotypes are usually statements that are generalized about people that are different from others. Stereotypes usually depict groups by describing the members of the group in an offensive manner, focusing on the weaknesses of the group.  Stereotypes say things about people, based on race, religion, or appearance, and stereotypes persist when people give others certain looks or attitude, based on generalizations that often are not true. As an example, people say that Japanese people are bad drivers. That is because in some parts of Japan, mostly in the big cities, there are different street rules and speeding does not overly concern many law enforcement officers in that country. Likewise, in Japan, they design special cars made for drifting and have special places for that type of driving. So, if a Japanese person was to cause a car crash, and someone looked back at them, they would say, “Oh, of course. It is a Japanese driver practicing Tokyo drift badly,” but if it had been a non-Asian driver causing the collision, there would not necessarily be any racial connection made to the accident.

Danger. We use that word for a lot of things, such as in the phrases, “danger, beware of dog” or “stranger danger.” Everyone recognizes the dangers inherent in these sayings, but most do not thinks about the dangers of stereotypes. When people use stereotypes, it could prevent them from hiring a marvelous employee or from realizing their chances of getting an amazing job with high pay.  Likewise, a person could be walking thinking, “Oh, what a nice-looking kid,” and then get jumped by that same “nice-looking kid.” Stereotypes lead to misunderstanding and even to harmful, life-threatening situations.

Stereotypes are so common perhaps because they are based on generalizations, or grains of truth.  In fact, most people do not even think before using stereotypes or be aware that they are using stereotypes. Many people may not realize the harm that stereotypes may cause and do not understand that using stereotypes can be offensive, hurt people’s feelings, or cause adverse or dangerous situations. Although stereotypes may have some kernel of truth, they are not okay, and everybody should stop using them before someone is hurt.  We can all do better, as Ed Koch, the 105th mayor of New York, suggested: “Stereotypes lose their power when the world is found to be more complex than the stereotype would suggest. When we learn that individuals do not fit the group stereotype, then it begins to fall apart.”

Texting while Driving

by Jon and Robert

As of December 2012, 171.3 billion text messages were sent in the US every month. That is 10,059 texts per person in the US per month. Texting while driving is a dangerous distraction to people everywhere and is a hazard to other drivers. In order to prevent drivers from engaging in this law-breaking nonsense, the driver must have patience, be a good citizen, and be aware of teens.

A driver must have patience if he/she receives a text message while he/she is driving. Although the temptation to read the text or to respond may be great, the driver must either ignore the text or he/she must find a safe place to pull over.  Even texting at a stop sign or a stoplight is illegal and can be dangerous. Every nine out of ten teens expect a reply to a text within five minutes or less, which puts pressure on them to respond to texts received while driving. Experts say texting while driving is a leading factor in accidents, and surveys show that sixty percent of drivers use cell phones while driving.

In order to decrease the risks of texting while driving, the driver must be a conscientious citizen and have integrity to the law. In the year 2011, about twenty-three percent of car collisions involved texting while driving. About fifty-five percent of young adult drivers claimed that it is easy to text while you drive, but what they do not realize is that teens who text while driving spend approximately ten percent of their time driving outside of the lane in which they are supposed to drive. This gives them a higher possibility of being in a car accident. Therefore, drivers must obey the law, being good citizens by keeping themselves and other drivers safe rather than twenty-three percent more likely to get into a car accident.

Alarmingly, about seventy-five percent of teenagers say that texting while driving is common among their friends.  That means every three out of four teenagers believes teens commonly text while driving. Additionally, forty percent of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. Furthermore, eleven percent of eighteen- to twenty-year-old drivers who were involved in a car accident and survived admitted they were sending or receiving texts when they crashed, and eleven teenagers die every day because of texting while driving.  Clearly, teen drivers are especially at risk for dangerous driving if they text at the expense of focusing on the road while driving.

Texting while driving causes nearly twenty-five percent of all car accidents in the U.S., which means that texting while driving is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. Because of the hazards involved, drivers should never text while driving. Forty of the fifty states in the U.S. have banned texting while driving because of how dangerous it is and how many people lost their lives from drivers texting while driving. Keep the road safe by being a patient driver, a good citizen, and aware of teen drivers.  So take the pledge now to never text while driving.

The Fight for the Crown

by Ava and Olivia

“True popularity comes from acts of kindness rather than acts of stupidity.” ~ Bo Bennett

People may perceive popularity as being known for something. Well, these people are wrong. Most people are popular because they watch a certain show or act a certain way. Some kids’ only wish in life is to be popular. In popularity, there are multiple types including Friendly, the Queen, and the Snob. People who fall into these categories may be popular, but some of them may best be avoided.

First of all, the friendly type of popularity refers to a person known for being a people-pleaser. This person tries hard to be friends with everyone. Although she may be popular now, she is never far away from being dropped or ignored because she works to make others happy while staying somewhat true to herself, but she doesn’t have the charisma to command or demand attention. This person’s personality is as soft as a cloud on a sunny day; he or she wants to make everyone feel good. This person usually does not favor the fight for the crown, preferring to keep the peace and be well-liked.

Secondly, the Queen is a type of popularity where a person acts far beyond her age. For instance, at the age of twelve, this person might dress or act as if she is an eighteen-year-old. The Queen may also watch movies or TV shows that she should not be allowed to watch. The people who fit into the Queen category of popularity are usually the kind of people that are bossy or always in charge. They want to be the queen of the hive. This person may want to be a queen, but do they really have the crown?

Thirdly, the Snob is a type of popularity that is held by someone who is usually bratty, rude, and inconsiderate of others. The Snob populars are as snotty as your nose when you have a cold. This type of person usually puts people down because they’re “not good enough.” The person who has a different lifestyle from mostly everyone, with fancy houses and expensive cars, often holds this type of popularity. Because of this social standing, the Snob thinks she is better than everyone. Although just because she acts as though she is better than others, doesn’t mean she is.

Clearly, the fight for the crown is a cruel fight for the rights of popularity. Studies show that eight out of ten people think the Queen would win the fight for the crown. These people think that because the Snob is bratty and rude, so many people do not want to hang out with her. The Queen is just bossy and usually gets what she wants. The friendly is more concerned about other people’s happiness instead of her own, so the bossy Queen takes the crown. Despite all this, popularity doesn’t define who people are. It is what is on the inside that counts. As Tab Hunter says “I don’t care whether other people like or dislike me. I’m not on Earth to win a popularity contest. I’m here to be the best human being I can possibly be.”

Cyber Bullying

By Jasmine and Aubri

Cyber bulliyng, is something many people take for granted. Most people see cyber bullying as naïve children messing around and getting into things they should not. Besides the fact that most kids ARE messing around, the words said on the Internet can lead to mental breakdowns, insecurity, and in some occasions, suicide. Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, Vine, and KIK are all examples of dangerous websites that put people at risk for cyber bullying.

Kids aged eleven to seventeen years old are all victims to the world of the Internet. Do not be fooled; the Internet can also be a fun place for people to socialize with friends and meet new people. Even though many use the Internet consistently and responsibly, there are still people ready to take advantage of anyone to cause drama. People must be aware of their virtual surroundings and know the proper safety rules for Internet usage.

4,400 people commit suicide every year because of cyber bullying. Not only does killing oneself affect the individual, it also affects all those who love and care for the person.  For example, people like Amanda Todd, a bullied teen from Canada, commit suicide at least partly as a result of online bullying. Suicide is never a solution.  People care if one dies at one’s own hand. Many times, the bullies care the most because they feel terrible about their actions leading to such a drastic, horrifying event.

Remember that not everyone is who he/she seems to be online. People can present themselves falsely online and could look different, act differently, live somewhere else, and have different jobs than they do in reality. Some people that act nice and kind online could truly be stalkers and creepers. Do not trust strangers with private information. These people may inappropriately use information such as address, phone number, family, school, and friends.  People’s identities may or may not be authentic when one is dealing with people met only online.

It may be hard to stay away from the Internet and the people on it. However, it is important to be safe. If parents say not to use the Internet, then accept their wishes for safety. The Internet should not be for children under eleven, at least not without adult supervision. Be sure to use the Internet wisely. Be aware of who virtual “friends” are, remembering that people are not always who they say they are. WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO CYBER BULLYING, and following some basic safety precautions is a good first step.

Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5s

by Kyler and Riley

Six billion out of the world population’s seven billion people have cell phones!  When deciding which smartphone to buy, many people have narrowed the two best phones in the market down to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s. The price, display, security, speed and durability are some of the things to consider when deciding which smartphone is best.

The thing that most people wonder about is the price. The iPhone 5s 16GB costs $650.00 on The Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB costs $624.00; therefore, the Galaxy S4 wins this category. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a five-inch display and 1080-1920 pixels. The iPhone 5s has a four-inch display and 1136-640 pixels. Clearly, the Galaxy S4 has a bigger and higher quality screen and is a slightly better buy.

The iPhone 5s has a built in fingerprint scanner on the home button. The Samsung has a face unlock feature that recognizes your face and unlocks your phone. Though this may seem to be pretty even, the Samsung Galaxy has been known to have many hacks, and email, data communications, and browser activity have been intercepted. The fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s has not been seen to have very many problems. The winner of this category is the iPhone 5s.

In the speed testing, the iPhone 5s completely tore through all the categories. It makes the Galaxy look slightly like a dinosaur. Even though the S4 lags just a little bit, it is still extremely impressive. While loading up many different websites, the S4 is either way behind in the category, or beat out the iPhone 5s.  Despite the Galaxy’s success in loading speed on some websites, the iPhone 5s won most of the categories and was seen to be slightly faster.

For the durability, the iPhone 5s, when dropped directly on the screen, could possibly crack or shatter like someone hitting a glass door with a hammer. The Samsung Galaxy S4 may seem to take more damage because just the corner will chip. However, the phone’s back will come off fairly easily on the S4, and this could damage the battery. Samsung Galaxy S4 uses a plastic material, while the iPhone 5s uses an aluminum/glass material. This category depends on what you may prefer.

In conclusion, the iPhone 5s may seem to be the more superior phone. It is newer with more high tech features and is the phone most companies say is better. The iPhone 5s seems to be the Lamborghini of phones. However, what it really comes down to is which features people may want. Perhaps if people want more apps or speedy updates for their apps, the iPhone is the way to go. If people want a much larger screen with more pixels, the Samsung is the way to go. With so many different things to analyze and consider, the choice may be harder than it seems.

Battle of the Tablets

by Alex and Andrew

Watch out IPad Air, the Kindle Fire HDX is ready to do battle! The many differences between the new IPad Air and the also new Kindle are astonishing. These are some of the reasons that the IPad Air is not king of tablets.  The Kindle Fire HDX has better sound quality, better brightness, and better durability than the IPad Air, and all with a more reasonable price. This is definite proof that the Kindle Fire HDX is superior to the IPad Air.

First of all, the Kindle has better sound quality. The Kindle has a speaker on the side, and it does not get in the way when you turn the tablet on the side. The IPad Air has a speaker on the bottom so it gets in the way when turned on its side, meaning that a user may accidentally hit the speaker when playing a game, and that interferes with the sound. That is not good because it ruins the sound quality and the user must then pause to fix the volume. The Kindle also has Dolby audio, a reliable and good brand of speaker, far better than the IPad’s audio. The Kindle Fire wins this test.

Secondly, the Kindle Fire HDX has greater screen display brightness and clarity than the IPad Air. The reason the Kindle is brighter and has more picture clarity is because it has over one million more pixels than the IPad Air. In consumer tests, the results show that the Kindle Fire HDX has bigger, bolder colors when there is a bright image. The colors that are bolder are orange, lime green, purple, pink, and a pearl white.  The Kindle also wins this round.

Thirdly, in a drop test, the corner of the Kindle Fire broke, but it was plastic, and the Kindle still functioned properly. The screen on the Kindle had only a couple of cracks yet it was not major damage. The back of the Kindle was totally fine when it was dropped on its back because it has a very hard and strong back. The IPad did not do as well because when it was dropped on its side, the metal of the frame bent. On the back, the drop caused multiple scratches, but no other damage. When dropped on its face, the IPad, it completely shattered so there was a big chance that a user could get cut. Kindle and the Ipad had a good fight there on durability, but the Kindle won because of the IPad screen shattering. This Kindle is as strong as a bull on steroids.

While it is true that the IPad Air is a great tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX has a lot of better features such as the sound, the brightness and screen clarity, and the durability.  It is also worth noting that the price of the Kindle is better, with the Kindle only costing $379, and the IPad Air costing $499.  That is a difference of $120! Right now, the Kindle is the leading tablet.  Some may say the lPad Air is the king of the tablets, but not anymore because the Kindle Fire HDX is now in town. The IPad put up a great fight, but not good enough.

How Drugs Mess up Your Life

by Daniel and Dylan

There are drugs that can help you and drugs that can kill you, so it is a yin-yang. Good drugs can also hurt you if you do not use them the way the doctor prescribes. This essay is about three dangerous drugs, methamphetamine, heroine, and crack cocaine. You will be shocked by how these drugs can destroy your life forever. These drugs are highly dangerous, so do not ever use these drugs.

Methamphetamine, or meth, will destroy the teeth in your mouth and cause you to hallucinate. The side effects are paranoia, insomnia, anxiety, extreme aggression, delusions, and even death. One former meth user is named Theresa Baxter.  In two and a half years of doing meth, her body became frail and light, and her teeth were destroyed.  Her healthy glow turned to snow white and cold. An excerpt from a poem about meth, from “Some Chick’s Blog,” demonstrates how using meth will tear you limb from limb:

I’ll take your friends, your control, your pride,
But I’ll be right by your side
You’ll give up friends, your family, your home,
When you wake up you’ll be all alone
I’ll take and I’ll take till there is nothing to give
And when I’m through, you’ll be lucky to live
You can try me for fun, but I’m not a game;
Given the chance, I’ll drive you insane. 

Heroin is another dangerous illegal drug.  Heroin can shut down major organs and can lead to death. It messes with your ability to make decisions. The high feeling from using heroin does not last very long, but the first time you try heroin, you may be hooked. That means there is no going back once you try heroin. It can also lead to heart failure and can cause damage to your liver.  Heroin is also terrible for your skin. Stay away from heroin.

Crack cocaine, or crack, is a white powder that you inhale. That may not sound deadly, but it is. Crack can make the person who does it have a shorter life span. It is dangerous to the heart and other major organs. This drug is made by dissolving powdered cocaine in a mixture of water and baking soda. This mixture is boiled, dried, and broken up into little tiny rock shape forms. The effects of this drug are horrifying, and it can even cause an allergic reaction that can result in sudden death right then and there. Drugs are a useless addiction and illegal.

Clearly, illegal drugs are harmful and should be avoided. Meth, heroin, and crack are addictive, cause crazy behavior, and can kill you. We do not want anyone ending up like Theresa Baxter. If you are doing drugs or someone you know is doing drugs, get yourself and or the person you know a physiatrist and physician and start rehab to learn how to live a drug-free life. Remember meth, heroin, and crack cocaine are dangerous drugs, so stay away from them and all other illegal drugs. Your life may depend on it.

Good Helping Animal

by Allie and Rachel

Millions of animals help us, but we never see it. Every animal has a story of heroism. Some animals give us company and help us survive. Like for example, dogs keep us calm and help people in need. We might be super childish when we are in sixth grade, but if you have an animal in your life, you will learn responsibility, and that will be good so you will remember your homework for class. Perhaps these sweet dependent animals could be more than a pet; you could show them off at fairs or breed them to sell. Therefore, for all these reasons and more, animals can be a human’s best friends.

First of all, cats are the number one animals that will always come and warm up in your lap like a blanket. Dogs will always look out for you and keep you safe in the spooky night.  Maybe you are allergic to animals. They can still help. Take farm animals; they can help with some of the work on a farm.  Some of the most wonderful animals are the dogs that can help the blind and the deaf. Animals are important to us and this world.

Responsibility is a key characteristic needed in life.  As a kid, you might not have had to be very responsible, but animals help make people have this life skill. Cats need a lot of attention, and dogs need a lot of exercise. All pets need water, food, shelter, and a place where they can go to the bathroom. Farm animals may require even more work than regular pets. These animals need a habitat were they can live, and all livestock need a lot of food and water. All animals need a place to go to the bathroom, too, so cleaning up after animals may also be necessary. This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s all worth it.

Your cat, dog, turtle, or even cockatiels are all good animals to show in open events in 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA). You can show these animals for market, which means for food, or for breeding. The most popular thing to show for market mostly depends on where you are.  For instance, in Petaluma, popular market animals are lambs and for breeding, the top animals are dairy cattle. Dog such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, and Blue Heelers are all mostly trained for herding sheep or cattle, so they can be pets and farm animals simultaneously. Horses can be trained for racing or rodeo stuff, and they can also be used for riding.  All of these animals are beneficial to humans.

So, in conclusion, animals are good for multiple reasons.  We can think of them as more than just pets or working animals.  Animals are always helping us. They can help on a farm, help the disabled be more independent, or help in general as pets. Every animal is on a journey to make our lives better and easier. We also need to help them help us. This is why we have animals, and we need to make sure that we notice their kind helping.

How to Be a Sixth Grade Scholar

by Ryan and Jovany

To be a sixth grade scholar and get fantastic grades, you have to must remember a few basic rules.  You must raise your hand to be called on and remember not to call out when the teacher is talking because the students are trying to learn. Additionally, you have to pay attention to the teacher when she is talking because it is rude and disrupts the whole class when you fail to do this. Lastly, turn in high quality work on time. This is how to be a sixth grade scholar.

To be a sixth grade scholar, you have to turn in your assignments that the teacher gives you. If you do not turn in your assignments on time, your grade will go down. You have to sit down at your desk right when you get into the classroom and get your work or homework out. To be a sixth grade scholar, you also have to pay attention so you do not miss anything that the teacher says because you will not learn anything that is really urgent to know for the period of time.

Similarly, to be a sixth grade scholar, you also cannot disrupt your entire class to ask the teacher a question when she is teaching the class. You cannot go up to get a drink when you are doing math or any other subject because it distracts the whole class. You have to be nice to your classmates and never bully others or be mean.  Instead, help people. You also have to pay attention to the lessons and ask questions in subjects in order to be a good student.

Lastly, to be a sixth grade scholar, you have to use the Internet to your potential. You can further use handheld devices if the teacher will allow it to help you learn or there are some apps that can help you. You cannot wear a hood or caps while you are in the classroom because it is distracting to classmates, and the teacher needs to see your face to be able to know what you are doing and looking at.  Additionally, you have to do your homework and avoid making any excuses that will make the teacher mad. You have to try if you do not understand something. If you do that, you will be a sixth grade scholar.

In conclusion, to do well in good junior high school and future careers, you should follow the steps for being a sixth grade scholar so you have a good life further on and have a good life as a student. You can also follow the steps to get into a good college and student life. These are the tips for having a good adult life and student life.

Past Years’ Partner Essays

A Swim in the Reefs

by Bailey and Cassidy

Get ready to put on your snorkel and swim through the sea. Now, this is not just any sea we are taking you to; we are taking you all the way to Coral Sea, off the coast of Queens Island, Australia, where the Great Barrier Reef is located. Of course, you have learned how to swim before, but not like this. When you swim through the Great Barrier Reef, it is important to know what to do and what not to do.  The Barrier Reef contains many dangers and delights: deadly fish, different species of coral, and a variety of turtles.

Many people have no idea what types of dangerous animals live in the Great Barrier Reef.  To make sure you do not get hurt, you need to watch out for dangerous animals, such as the Box Jellyfish, the Blue Ringed Octopus, and the Cone Shell. The Box Jellyfish is one of the deadliest jellyfish in the reef; it can sting you without you even seeing it.  Its near transparency makes it hard to see while swimming.  In contrast, the Blue Ringed Octopus is only deadly when handled.  It has a small beak-like mouth that injects poison into its victim.  Last, but definitely not least, is the Cone Shell. It shoots a harpoon-like needle up from its shell and injects its target with poison.  So, just remember this while swimming: some animals may look harmless, but they may be deadly.  So keep your distance!

In addition to dangerous creatures, the Great Barrier Reef is covered in coral. In fact, it is made from coral! There are many different types of coral, and one that you have to look out for is the Fire Coral.  Fire Coral is usually a bright yellow-green and/or brown. Many divers mistake it as seaweed, but if you brush your skin against it, a fire-hot burn will crawl through your skin. One of the most unusual corals in the reef is Brain Coral. Brain Coral has small maze-like line pattern etched through it, making it resemble a brain. Unlike most corals, Brain Coral does not have branches reaching out from its base.  This makes it stronger, but also causes slower growth. There are over four hundred other species of coral that have been discovered forming the Great Barrier Reef. Make sure you are prepared to travel through these corals in safety; it will make your visit all the more enjoyable.

One of the most remarkable animals living in the Great Barrier Reef is the sea turtle. There are six species that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef, one of which is the Leatherback Sea Turtle. The Leatherback is the biggest sea turtle alive, measuring up to six feet long. The other species of turtle living in the Great Barrier Reef are the Flatback, Pacific Ridely, Green, Hawksbill and Loggerhead. Almost all of these turtles are endangered, so it is important to swim with care in their habitat—that means do not disturb them. If you see a sea turtle, let it be. Though they are extraordinary animals, whose majesty and grace are apparent, please resist the urge to shower them with kisses; show your love by protecting and respecting their habitat.

Clearly, the Great Barrier Reef is a fascinating place. It is surrounded with danger, excitement, wildlife, and so much more! The reef is an extraordinary eco-system, and we need to protect and preserve it. As you swim through, watch out for Box Jellyfish, the Blue Ringed Octopus, and Fire Coral. Keep your eyes open for Brain Coral and the other four hundred species of coral that create the Great Barrier Reef. As the sea turtles swim under or above you, remember to look, but not to touch. Such an amazing place as the Great Barrier Reef should be respected, for its inhabitants face the dangers of life naturally, and humans should not add to their already perilous life.

The Warmth of Winter

by Bryan and Rose

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”  ~ Anne Bradstreet

Once you feel the chilly snowflakes falling from the blue sky, you want to stay in the magical season of winter. Let us take you into a whole other world, one you never want to leave. You walk around and suddenly, you stumble upon a human-like object made out of diminutive crystals of snow, which is the great snow king of winter, the snowman. To top all of this off, beware of the abominable snow monster who may want to eat you in seconds, but don’t let that ancient guy scare you, for there is so much to see when it is winter.

Now, it is time to unbundle, removing your mittens and your hat so that you can sit in front of the cozy fireplace to help you defrost and shed your winter shell. Now, most of you have probably eaten the delectable delights of the winter holiday treats. Just imagine yourself lying down on the most comfortable chair ever, eating warm, moist Christmas cookies, while you are watching the scorching fire burn. Who wouldn’t love doing that? Nevertheless, the winter holiday season is not just about the cookies; it is also about family and friends. What about the eggnog and the hot cocoa?  They are respected, too, but it is being with those you love that provides the true warmth of the winter.

Ah, the snowball fight. That is yet another of winter’s pleasures. Most snowball fights happen in the winter because it is hard to have them in the summer. Why? you ask.  Well, there is no snow in summer, and it is difficult to save snowballs till summer when the weather is hot. Snowball fights are generally just for fun. Usually, groups of two or more people just form little spheres with snow and then throw them at other people. The fun part about snowball fights is that it is both mess- and pain-free. That is how to enjoy the fun snowball fights of winter. If snowball fights do not sound pleasurable, you can form larger spheres and work collaboratively to create a new friend: a snowman…or perhaps even an abominable snowman!

Furthermore, winter is the time where one of people’s most cherished holidays occurs. Christmas is a holiday most everyone loves. Snow falls and kids play, parents talk, and the adults all celebrate Christmas by watching the children open presents. They open presents have a laugh, and enjoy the rest of the day. Of course, the adults like presents, too, and another of winter’s pleasures is in finding the perfect present for each person on your Christmas list. These are some further reasons why winter is special.

Once you are through the frosty season, it is nearly impossible to wait for it to return again. You just hope next year’s winter is even better. Winter, winter, a heart-warming season to enjoy with your family and friends, whether eating treats in front of the fire, building a snowman or having a snowball fight, or celebrating some amazing holidays. Remember the many pleasures of this wonderful season. Everyone can find a way to love this season of joy and love.

The Life of a Black Hole

by Dylan and Tanner

Black holes are the dominators of the heavens, destroying everything in their path; even light cannot escape their path. Black holes are one of these amazing phenomena. Black holes are formed from a super massive star’s core collapsing upon itself and creating a supernova. Then, after a black hole is created from a type-two super nova, it absorbs trillions of megatons of matter, so the black hole becomes full and shoots out a gamma ray burst of deadly radiation.

After millions upon billions of years, a star’s outer layers start to deteriorate, leaving behind the celestial body’s core. After hundreds of thousands of years more, the core becomes so dense and compact that it collapses and causes a type-two supernova.

Type-two supernovas are some of the universe’s most destructive and star-creating explosions, expelling most or all the matter from the dead star, at ten percent the speed of light. They also case the surrounding nebula to become rich with star-creating molecules.  After the cosmic dust clears, there will be one of many things, such as one of these: a pulsar, a white dwarf, or a black hole. The black hole is by far the most destructive of these.

Then, after millions of years of sucking up light and matter, black holes blast a beam of cosmic radiation into the cosmos. Gamma ray bursts are flashes of gamma rays, a type of radiation, associated with extremely energetic explosions from a black hole. They have been observed in multiple different galaxies. Additionally, gamma ray bursts are related to quasars because rather than giving off one short blast, quasars give off one continuous flow of energy.

So, whether it is a gamma-ray created by a black hole or a supernova creating a black hole, do not be afraid. Just be grateful that neither of these creations will hit Earth anytime soon. It is a good thing, too. We would be completely evaporated in a matter of seconds; if either of those forces hit the Earth, we would face complete annihilation. So in the end, whether you are fascinated by black holes like us or as terrified of them as a five-year-old child, black holes are still one of the most amazing celestial occurrences in the entire universe.

The Beautiful Mustangs

by Carsyn & Emily

Hop in the ramshackle saddle and get ready for the ride as we take you on a journey to experience the life of mustang horses. Mustangs are known to have roamed the vast land of North America for many, many years. Mustangs come in all colors. Their structure is similar to your average horse today, but not quite. Mustangs eat off the land, which means they eat grass, weeds, and most western plants.  Additionally, mustangs have many uses to humans, but mustangs should be kept wild and free, not domesticated even though these horses excel in trail work and endurance.  Grab the reins and hold on tight because here we go.

Mustangs are athletic, durable, intelligent, independent, and have outstanding stamina. They are between 13.2 and 15.2 hands high. Their neck crests are a little shorter than most horses. Their body is built to be lightweight, compact, sturdy, and smooth-muscled. They come in all colors; most popular is bay, gray, black, palomino, or buckskin. Their winter coats are rough-looking, but that is how they stay warm through the wretched winters.

To nourish themselves, mustangs eat all kinds of grasses in the western plains of the United States. Mustangs will eat plains’ grasses the majority of the time. However, they will also eat some nontoxic weeds, tree bark, roots, and sometimes soil. Typically, when mustangs eat things other than grass, it is due to lack of grass, so the horses forage for other food to seek out necessary specific vitamins and minerals.

Mustangs can be used for ranch-working and riding. Mustangs were not bred. They are feral horses like wild horses, only they descend from domestic stock from many decades ago, so they are technically feral. Mustangs are for just about everything. They are used for western and English riding, dressage, reining, and western and English pleasure riding.  However, as untamed creatures, they are not meant to be kept in captivity. They thrive best in herds in the wild.

As you near the end of this journey in the life of mustangs, recall some of the hallmarks of this breed.  These majestic creatures are a small, but strong type of horse.  They are athletic, independent, durable, and can be used for anything. Despite their versatility and strength, mustangs should roam free and should not be cooped up. They are meant to run and be free. Now you can jump down from the saddle and un-tack as you reflect on this beautiful breed of horse, the mustang.  Perhaps one day, you will see a mustang in the wild or help to preserve the mustang’s way of life.

Wonderful Sea Turtles

by Faith and Kristin

Prepare to be transported into a whole new underwater world and to glide through the life of the sea turtles.  Just imagine tasting the squishy jellyfish instead of the cheeseburgers we enjoy. Visualize having enemies on land and in water and envision navigating the dangerous surroundings of the sea turtle as it struggles for survival.  So grab your snorkel and fins and dive into the life of the sea turtle.

There are many types of breeds of sea turtles, such as Hawksbill, Leatherback, Greem, Loggerhead, and Flatback turtles.  Hawksbill turtles are omnivores and they eat different types of meat, but sea sponges are the favorite food of Hawksbills.  Leatherback turtles eat jellyfish and other types of soft shell animals because their jaws get damaged very easily.  Greem turtles only eat plants because they prefer a plant diet.  Loggerhead turtles eat jellyfish, mollusks, and shrimp because they prefer a meat diet.  Like Hawksbill turtles, Flatback turtles are omnivores, so they eat plants and animals, including seaweed, sea cucumbers, and soft coral.  Wow, just listening to all this food is making us hungry!

Have you ever had a worst enemy?  Well, if you did have one, you are not the only ones because sea turtles have enemies in and out of water.  Baby turtles make a great supper for seagulls because if the baby turtles do not make it to the sea after they hatch, they can make an excellent supper for seagulls and other predators.  Grown up turtles also have a variety of enemies on land, some of which are foxes, dogs, birds, raccoons, crabs, lizards, and even dingos.  Additionally, sea turtles have enemies in water.  Some of these enemies are whales and sharks because sometimes when sea turtles lay their eggs and it is too hot outside, the sea turtles die and their bodies float into the ocean and sharks eat them.  Just thinking about the struggles of the sea turtle brings a tear to the eye.

If you think human surroundings are pretty dangerous, you should see what it is like for sea turtles.  Most sea turtles migrate in different seasons.  Sea turtles have to be very careful because when they migrate they have to have their eyes wide open so that they do not run into any fishing nets.  Pollution is also a danger, and sea turtles have to beware of this trash because there are some plastic bags in the ocean that look like jellyfish to sea turtles.  Sadly, the turtles try to eat the plastic bags, which they think are jellyfish, and when they eat the plastic, they die.  Perhaps humans should be more considerate of the environment of the sea turtles.

Sea turtles are amazing creatures.  They eat many things that you would not expect!  A sea turtle’s life is dangerous because of the many predators, and it is our hope that humans will begin to have more consideration for sea turtles and the environment so that we do not become another of their hazardous enemies through our pollution.  Can you imagine getting caught in a fishing net or eating plastic?  Because sea turtles have such a dangerous life, we should do what we can to help these spectacular creatures.

Don’t Get Angry; It Is Just a Video Game

by Cole and Jarod

If you have a good video game, it should not make you mad or make you feel like you want to destroy it. That is not a good video game; that is a bad one. If you have a game like that, you might consider refining your taste in video games.  Let us help you choose the best video games for your playing enjoyment. A good video game has to have reliable, honorable, brave, and noble characters so if they die you might even cry and miss them. It needs have an extremely fun, adventurous storyline, so the game play does not “kill you.”  Lastly, the game needs to allow you to upgrade your equipment with money you earn or by leveling or even by getting achievements, so you don’t keep your weak beginner equipment that is basic and not very helpful.  If you find a game that has all of these components, you will have made a strong choice of games.

What you want to find in a video game is characters that are brave and realistic. A video game is no fun without a character that is courageous or heroic.  For example, a character like Soap—A.K.A. Captain MacTavish– who was probably one of video games’ most tragic deaths. Soap was a hero because of his actions in the game, and he made most of the players cry when he died, even though he had lived through two video game franchises:  Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. Soap was a reliable character because he was a noble character that everyone liked so his death was very tragic for players.

In addition to honorable and reliable characters, what you need to find in a video game is a good storyline. If something important is being stolen, the storyline includes you as the hero who needs to get it back; otherwise, the bad guys will have this important item and use it for evil. A well-known storyline is the Super Mario Bros. franchise; a bad guy abducts Princess, Mario jumps on turtles and other enemies, and Mario saves Princess, and everyone lives happily until the cycle repeats—a never-ending video game storyline. Whoever thought of this storyline must be a genius–and a billionaire. Sometimes it does not matter if a game’s storyline is not that in depth because some games are just made to be addicting so they keep you, the player, playing because although the game is mindless, it is engaging enough that you want to play the game, not throw it away.

Another very important key of video games is to allow the player to upgrade and get better gear so you can survive easier. A well-known game for this is Call of Duty Black Ops, Zombies. In Zombies, you can upgrade many things. You can upgrade your weapon or get a random one from the mystery box, and to upgrade your weapon, you go to the pack-a-punch, and when you pack-a-punch your weapon, it can shoot lasers. Many different games allow for upgrading; for instance in Minecraft, where enchanting and upgrading allows you to obtain better stuff, like improving wooden swords to the best diamond swords.

Therefore, if you need some new entertainment that will not make you angry, use our simple strategies to find the perfect video game. So, to find a good video game, you might need to do research to find out if the video game has characters created with extreme detail. The video game should also include a great storyline and game play so that even after you finish the game, there even more things you can do. Furthermore, look for options for upgraded equipment or better items so that you do not keep your beginner items that do not help you at all. If you follow these few keys, you will almost definitely find a good video game that you will enjoy.

Luxury Sports Cars

by Ian and Will

Buckle up and take a drive down the fast lane. During this trip, we will see many extravagant sports cars. Get ready to go down luxury lane to see some of the fastest, fanciest cars made and to find how much these cars cost and how fast these cars can go.  Soon you may be tempted to reconsider your choice of favorite car.

Bugatti is an expensive sports car that cost $2,250,880 dollars. Bugatti is the fastest car in the world with the top speed of 267 mph. Bugatti is a luxury sports car. Bugatti has a new rival, however, the latest edition of the Italian cars. Like Bugatti, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has an outstanding style. Still, Lamborghini cannot match Bugatti for speed. Unfortunately, because of its speed, it is illegal to drive the Bugatti in the United States.  Nevertheless, a car like this can be a trip you have never experienced in your fun-filled life.

The Lamborghini is another luxury sports car. Lamborghini can be mistaken as Ferrari. The least expensive Lamborghinis cost $387,000 or less. Lamborghinis have a top speed of 212 mph. The latest edition of the Lamborghini can accelerate to sixty-two miles in two point five seconds. That is fast! As a result, Lamborghini has become one of the fastest cars in the world. Lamborghinis have a slick body style, and although there are less costly models, some have the enormous price of $2.2 million dollars. The Lamborghini is a great opponent of the Bugatti and its fascinating records.

Next is Ferrari. The Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars, but it is still worth the ride. Ferraris have a high quality interior, but the exterior is even better.  Ferraris look stunning on the outside regardless which of the many types you see. Here are some of the best Ferraris: Scuderia Spider 16M, SA APERTA, 599 GTO, Ferrari 599 GTB, F430Spide, F430, and Enzo.  Our favorite is the Ferrari Enzo.  It is the fastest Ferrari, reaching a speed of up to reach to 217 mph.  Ferraris range in price from $325,000 to $670,000, and the Enzo is at the top end.

So in luxury sports cars, fast speeds come with high costs. There are many different types of sports cars, but in the world of expensive automobiles, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ferrari are exceptional. Out of all of these fancy cars, you can decide for yourself what your favorite car is, and it doesn’t have to be any of these. There are many more luxury cars out there. You can discover them for yourself now that we fueled up your tank with plenty of information.

Harry Potter

by Jose and Lily

Introducing someone into the world of Harry Potter is very important. Harry Potter captures your mind into his world and guides you through all of his experiences. J.K. Rowling does such a good job describing the vivid details in the story. You will feel like you are there with the characters. Harry Potter is a series of seven thick books. You are probably wondering what that has to do with the content of this writing—absolutely nothing except that you can live in Harry Potter’s world through all seven of these tomes. Reading the Harry Potter series allows you to grow up with the characters when you read the series from the beginning to the end. That is why it is such a long, fat, thick series of seven magical books. The series has so much to offer: adventure, suspense, magic, a great story, an easy read, and most of all, easy to follow storylines. Harry Potter is truly a series of books for all ages. So, come along with us to find out why you should read Harry Potter books.

In order to be part of Harry Potter’s world, vivid details are necessary. In the first book of seven, the story gives you detail like you can feel how scared Harry Potter was feeling right there in the Forbidden Forest. When Harry Potter meets Voldemort, it is like younot Harry Potter– are meeting Voldemort. The Forbidden Forest section is so suspenseful and engaging because of the vivid language, and it makes a reader want to keep reading and reading. That is one reason you should read the seven book series.

Now, when we were saying that it feels like you were with the characters throughout the whole book, we mean that the series allows you to imagine a different world that you can be a part of for a little while. Well, as readers, we both felt like we were on a rollercoaster ride right.  It was as though we were right next to the characters and watching the action happening right in front of our faces. It felt like the characters were saying, “Follow us; let’s see the next scene.”

Another part of why you should read Harry Potter is because you can become very close to the characters, almost as if they are your friends.  When we started to feel really close to the characters was in the second book.  In this book, the characters are familiar so you dive more into the plot of the book, and as the story progresses, the characters get to know each other better through the action and events.  Then the characters start to spill out more feelings, and we get to know them better. The reason we may become close to the characters is because J.K. Rowling describes them in a way that was out of this world, telling about their appearances, their actions, and their emotions so we could become closer to them.

In conclusion, we hope that when you read the Harry Potter series, you will find the books just as interesting and magical as we did. We can only hope that after you read the Harry Potter series, you have successfully liked the book as we did. We challenge you to finish the whole seven book series in a month. Okay, that might be a bit ambitious; you could finish it in two or three months. One last thing that we both have to say is this:  If you like the book, then spread the word, Big Bird.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

by Rachel and Zac

Bring your Dramamine so you do not get seasick because we are going to dive into the Atlantic Ocean to have a mysterious adventure in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle, or the devil’s triangle, is a mysterious place in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is mysterious because there have been many disappearances of fishing boats, cargo ships, and sometimes even planes in that area. Some people think that people get abducted by aliens and others don’t know. It is questionable whether or not anyone has survived after passing by this area. So prepare for a roller coaster of mystery through the fascinating Bermuda Triangle.

People think the Bermuda Triangle is so mysterious because so many vessels and boats have disappeared in the mystical waters of Bermuda. Some of the ships that disappeared are the Hornet, the Rosalie, and the Timandra.  Many more ships have disappeared, too. Some people believe that the triangle’s mystery has to do with extra-terrestrial beings or aliens. Scientists believe that treacherous reefs in a part of the Bermuda Triangle may have trapped ships causing them to sink. However, there are so many different mysteries about how people disappear, they might never be solved.

The triangle is in a very strange place. It is in a strange place because it is the most western part of the Atlantic Ocean. That is mysterious because one of the three corners of the triangle is Florida which is a very populated area. The other two corners are Puerto Rico and, of course, Bermuda. The Bermuda Triangle covers about 500,000 square miles, and it is not usually listed on maps.

Has anyone survived the Bermuda triangle? Sadly, no. One ship that disappeared is the Mary Celeste, which is also called the Ghost Ship.  This vessel disappeared in 1972, and when it was found off the coast of Portugal, the ship was still sailing, but there wasn’t a single person on board. Then more and more ships disappeared, and soon the Bermuda Triangle came into being, and people started coming up with crazy theories about what happened to the boats or planes that entered this place.

When someone disappears in the Bermuda Triangle, no one completely knows what happens to them. They could have gotten seasick and when they were barfing in the ocean, they could have fallen overboard, but how could the whole entire crew get sick and what happened to the boat. Maybe the crew liked Bermuda or an uncharted island within the Triangle and then decided to live there permanently. The crew could have gone insane and sunk the ship, but how? They could have been abducted by aliens, but aliens are yet to be discovered. Some other theories could be true, and some are just outrageously crazy, but the world may never know what goes on within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle–and do not try to find out because you too may disappear.

The roller coaster ride is over. Now, your brain is filled with facts—and some fiction—about the Bermuda Triangle.  The Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious section of the Atlantic Ocean, and it is hard to know if anyone has survived the eerie and ominous waters of Bermuda, although many people have ideas about what they think happens to the people who disappear. If you ever take a trip to Bermuda, Florida, or Puerto Rico be warned. You too may disappear if you venture into the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

Telling a Cat by Its Spots and Its Speed

by Eli and Todd

What kind of animal always cheats at poker …. A cheetah, of course . Did you know that cheetahs can run up to seventy to seventy-five mph, and that cheetahs are the fastest land animals?  Can you imagine how baby cheetahs grow up, what they look like, and how they catch food?  Did you know that cheetahs are the boniest cats in the cat family?  Well, strap on your seat belts and get ready for a fast ride to Africa to see cheetahs in action.

Cheetahs can have litters that have from two to eight cubs, and at birth, cubs are about 11.8 inches long and weigh 0.6 pounds. Their eyes open at four to ten days, and at three weeks, their teeth begin to grow. Their fur is gray with a long mantle of hair along the back, which possibly helps camouflage the cub in grass. This hair soon begins to disappear at three months. Only a few cubs reach adulthood; lions and hyenas are their greatest threat. Cubs that do survive and live to five months of age are able to outrun almost any other adult carnivore.

For food, cheetahs eat gazelles and other small game. They catch their prey by sneaking up on them in the tall grass until the prey is in reach. Then they jump on their prey like a football player tackling a football. Next, cheetahs bite their prey until it cannot move and then the prey is eaten.

Just how fast can a cheetah run? In a short burst, cheetahs can run between 70 and 75 mph. They can cover distances up to 460 miles or 1,500 feet.  In addition to this fast speed, cheetahs can be identified by their spots. Cheetahs, unlike leopards, have solid spots. They also have stripes at the ends of their tails, and sometimes the tips of the tails are white. Cheetahs are the boniest cats, and when cheetahs run, their spines expand.

Cheetahs have a long history. In the 16th century, emperors and other royalty hunted gazelles with trained cheetahs. Unfortunately, today there are just 12,400 cheetahs remaining in the wild. Cheetahs are endangered because of loss in habitat, the high mortality of cheetah cubs, and poaching. Cheetahs once lived in almost all African countries and in large parts of the Asia, but today, they are almost extinct in Asia. Can you imagine our world without cheetahs? How sad that would be? Here is something to think about. What can we do to protect these creatures?


by Jack and Marcus

Imagine yourself flying down a hill, with the wind in your face, while you zoom past houses and cars on a futuristic-style long board. All you need is a longboard with core-grip high quality, rubber wheels and plus pads for safety. Last, but not least you need a smooth road to ride on with your longboard. Once you have all that and a helmet, you are ready to start learning how to longboard.

Longboards, obviously, are long boards, designed like skateboards, but longboards are longer, and they are bouncy in the middle. Longboarding is fun because the wheels of the longboard are made of a core covered in rubber. Since rubber rolls farther than plastic, the material used for traditional skateboard wheels, longboarding is way better than boring skateboarding.

Longboards can be purchased at skate shops, and sometimes, they are also available at surf shops.  It is also possible to build a longboard. If you want to build your very own longboard, these are the supplies you will need to use: spray on grip tape, jelly wheels, trucks, bolts, and most of all, a deck. Now, once you put those pieces together, and you are done with that, you have to oil the wheels, but only if they are squeaking. Once you have completed that, you are finished making your longboard.

So, now it is time for the last step needed for a successful longboarding life. You have to find out if you push with your right or left foot when you ride.  Whichever foot feels best for pushing should be used, and the other foot should remain on the longboard deck.  When you ride, make sure your shoes are always tied so you do not have an accident. Once you have this down, you should be a successful beginning rider.

Now, if you have followed all of our guidance and tips, you will have a positive longboarding life. Make sure you have permission from your parents, but then buy or build your longboard and start riding.  Most of all, have fun.

Prairie Dogs

by Jeremy and Willow

Prairie dogs are fascinating creatures, even if you do not know much about them. Prairie dogs need a number of things to survive, including a small home and food to eat. Their daily life is also very important. Put on your fur coat and get ready to burrow, scurry, and roam around in the life of a prairie dog.

Prairies dogs are quite small and so are their homes. Prairie dogs live in small holes called burrows. The burrows they live in are not large at all. They are only the size for two adult and between three to five babies.  Although they are small, burrows contain many chambers.  These chambers are like the rooms of a house.  The burrows each have a nursery and even bathrooms. Many animals, including garter snakes and small rodents, live peacefully with the prairie dogs in their den.

When they are not in their burrows, prairie dogs might be finding food. Prairie dogs are mainly herbivores. They eat many things like grasses, roots and nuts. On some occasions, although only rarely, prairie dogs also eat bugs. They catch these bugs by jumping on the insect and capturing it with their front paws. In a prairie dog’s burrow, there is a special place for food. In this pantry of sorts, they store food for the long winters. Prairie dogs must gather much food to sustain life for the prairie dog family.

A normal day in the life of a prairie dog would be amazing; you would wake up, poke your head out of your burrow, survey the perimeter, then pop out of the hole and scurry over to the main source of food—whatever delicious grass was growing nearby.  Additionally, prairie dogs are like miniature construction workers. They continue renovations to their burrows, perhaps making the nursery a bit larger or doing something else. The average span of a wild prairie dog is quite short, only three to five years.

That is the life of the amazing prairie dog. You may now remove your fur coat and cease all burrowing, scurrying, and roaming. Stop eating grasses and insects and remodeling your burrow. Thank you for riding the Prairie Dog Express to gain a deeper understanding of these creatures, which, despite their name, are rodents, not dogs.

Petaluma: A Great Place to Live

by Jimena and Lucas

Prepare to strap in for the best ride of your life. Travel to the egg capitol of the world, one of the best places in the world to live. In your one day tour, you will see that there is a very low crime rate in Petaluma. There is also a balance of country and city, but Petaluma still has a lot of fun spots for kids. Come on; let’s go!

Pow! Here we are in the section of Petaluma with the highest crime rate. Guess what? We are not really in an area like that because there is not one.  There is some crime, but it is small stuff like kids breaking into cars. The low crime rate is one of the three reasons its good to live in Petaluma because no one wants a crazy chainsaw killer running around the neighborhood knocking at the door. That would be very scary and might cause you to urinate in your trousers.

In addition to a low crime rate, Petaluma has a balance of country and city. There are ranches and farms, but there are also housing subdivisions, stores, and everything you need. There are theaters and libraries, but there is also a lot of open space, too. If you travel a little ways, you also have a beach and a town that borders the beach only twenty minutes away from Petaluma. It has everything you need, from country cattle to city shops.

There are many good reasons why Petaluma is a great place to live. One is because it has many fun places for kids like parks, swimming places, nearby beaches, a skate park, and lots more. There are organized sporting teams for kids in almost any sport you can imagine: lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, dance, gymnastics, and more. Additionally, it has a movie theater, and who doesn’t like movies? Many of these exciting places are fun for people besides kids. For example, most everyone can enjoy movie theaters, swimming places, and beaches that are super close. So kids and adults can all have a great time in Petaluma.

So if you are looking for a great place to live, try Petaluma.  It has a low crime rate and a balance of city and country. Petaluma also has a lot of good hangouts for kids. Unbuckle your seat belt because this roller coaster is over, but consider visiting again or even moving to Petaluma.

Movie Making

by Mario and Skylar

Action, comedy, horror, and romance; whatever type you like you want it to be splendid. To have a magnificent movie all you need are four extraordinary elements. Those elements are astounding camera work, magical makeup, astonishing acting, and terrific directing.

Astonishing camera work. Everyone thinks the actors/actresses are what makes a movie, but the truth is that is just a quarter of it. The reason for that is because if you did not have skilled cameramen, then who would do all of the filming? Or all of the effects? The directors provide direction, but they do not do the actual camera work. Without a camera crew, we would not be able to watch movies.

Just like the camera crew, what would the movie be without make-up artists?  Television shows and movies both use make-up artists. Make-up artists are the ones who turn an actor into zombies in a horror movie, an average person into the funniest clown in a comedy, an ordinary girl into the beautiful princess she dreamed of being as a child, and a regular person into the worst villain or best superhero in an action-packed film. The make-up artist is another quarter of the equation that makes the movie.

Actors/actresses are some of the most important people in movie-making. The reason is because they have to memorize their lines and know them forwards and backwards.  Additionally, they cannot have their scripts with them while they are being filmed because no one wants to watch a movie that contains actors/actresses looking down at their scripts. The actors need to make us believe they are real people living through whatever happens in the movie. The actresses/actors are about half of the circle of movie-making.

Finally, you would not have a movie without the directors. The directors are the ones who choose the script and work with the writers to make the script. Directors choose the actors/actresses for the movie. But most of all, they are the ones who coordinate everything.  They say, “CUUT!” and “AAACCTTIIOONN!”  Without the directors, we definitely would not have a movie. The directors are the ones who fill up the circle of movie-making.

So the next time you see a movie, try to remember everyone who helped make the movie and give those people credit for the work they have done.  To do this, it will help if you do not forget about our four magical elements when you see an amazing, blockbuster movie. Try to pick a good movie and then look for the work of the cameramen, the make-up artists, the actors, and the director. So now you know four terrific elements, so stop reading this and go to the cinema!


By Cam and Karla

Get your scuba gear, your flippers, and your air tank on because you are going on a deep sea adventure and living the life of a self-reliant and a school-reliant dolphin. There will be predators jumping at you like angry bees, and you’ll be jumping at fish like an angry ape. Here we go!

Dolphins have to survive the vicious predators, such as the intense bull shark, the blood thirsty great white, the vicious dusky shark, humongous killer whales, and flesh-eating parasites and diseases, of the putrid sea. How do dolphins do it? To survive, they stay with their schools and depend on their own defense skills and the school’s self-defense. The deeper the water, the bigger the predators become, so the deeper the water, the bigger the schools of dolphins become. To survive the parasites, dolphins depend mostly on their luck and cleanliness.

In addition to surviving the predators and diseases, dolphins must eat a balanced diet. These magnificent creatures eat herring, cod, or mackerel, but sometimes, they also eat squids. Furthermore, the larger dolphins eat killer whales and other marine mammals. To serve themselves with food, dolphins surround the school of fish and pack the school very tightly. One by one, the hungry dolphins then pick out their meal. This feeding strategy is called the bait ball. Another tactic for obtaining food is that dolphins use their flukes to whack the fish and lure it into shallow water so it is easier to catch the fish because they have less mobility in shallow water.

As people know, dolphins love to play and do acrobatic figures above the water. Scientists do not know why dolphins do those acrobatic figures, but the scientists’ theory is that dolphins are looking for schools of fish.  Another hypothesis is that dolphins do this just to play and entertain themselves. For additional entertainment and play they frolic with seaweed and harass birds and sea turtles.

After the long day, dolphins eventually must sleep, and they do so in a very unique way. They sleep with one eye open and enough consciousness to breathe and watch out for predators. Some river dolphins have to dodge so many dangerous obstacles to avoid injury that these dolphins only have short bursts of sleep of between four and sixty seconds.

So now, float back to the surface of the water, thinking about the amazing dolphins that survive many dangers and nourish themselves, but still find time to play and sleep—a little—each day.  You may now jump out of the enormous ice cube of the ocean, take off your scuba gear, and transform back to a human, but never forget these fascinating creatures of the sea.

How to Tend to a Pup

by Lilah and Alex S.

“Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.”
– Henry Wheeler Shaw

When caring for your canine creature, considering the following elements is critical, especially if you want to ensure the wag of your dog’s tail. One important ingredient to this challenging process is feeding these creatures healthy and hearty meals. Getting plenty of exercise is good for dogs, too, such as walking them and teaching them new tricks. Everyday cleaning is good to keep your pups pure and fresh. Last, but not least, going for a monthly veterinary check-up is an important way to keep dogs healthy and content. These four important steps are what you need to take care of a pooch and to keep it healthy and cheerful.

Think about what healthy foods you like to eat: mostly veggies, whole grain bread, and well-cooked meats. Well, guess what? Dogs like to eat those things, too. Some people cannot even imagine what dogs eat; most think dogs eat canned liver and mashed-up beef, but what they really need for protein and a healthy meal is crisp corn, greens, fresh meats, hearty rice, and much more. Imagine you were a dog, and you were hungry. What would you rather eat: dry unhealthy food and gross canned wet food, or super nutritious and well-made all organic canned and dry food? We would much rather go with the second option; wouldn’t you? The aforementioned ingredients are important for the good nutrition of your pooch.

In addition to healthy eating, exercise will help your dog stay fit and very energetic. Exercises that will help with this are the following: walking daily, playing fun fetch games, swimming, and letting the dog run free in the back or front yard—if there is a fence surrounding the property to keep the dog safely out of harm’s way. Walking daily should include a safe place to walk and a strong and comfortable collar/leash with which to lead the canine. Fetching also could include a ball—large or small, depending on the dog’s mouth size, stick of any size, and or Frisbee. When swimming, keeping a close eye on your pets is important, in particular if they are not strong swimmers. You could also bring water toys if you so desire, just for the fun of it. Another thing to keep in mind is when letting your dog out to run free, you should have a sturdy fence surrounding your home or property. This way, your pooch remains safe and close to home. Exercise keeps a dog healthy as well as happy.

Likewise, cleaning is one of the most important things when caring for a dog. You should do the following: brush your dog’s fur—frequency depending on length of fur, pick up your dog’s droppings, fully clean/bathe the dog, clean out filthy eye boogers, and brush teeth daily. When brushing your dog’s fur, you should have the right sized brush/comb to use. Picking up scat can be a formidable task because of the stench, so you should have doggy bags and should always be aware when and where your dog poops. Bathing is important so your dog stays fresh and clean and won’t track dirt into your home. Cleaning out eye boogers is quite easy if you simply use an unscented or special dog baby wipe. It also will not hurt to brush your dog’s teeth daily using a small toothbrush and dog toothpaste. Do not use human tooth paste on your furry friends. Cleaning will help keep your new tail-wagger blissful.

Getting your dogs a monthly veterinary check-up is also very vital, especially if you want to keep your dog healthy. A few things to remember are the following: check-ups help protect against disease or infections, getting your dog spayed or neutered prevents pet overpopulation, and getting your dog shots helps prevent diseases. Check-ups are important so you know your pet is healthy and free from infections, disease, or injuries. You do not want your creatures reproducing, do you? That is why you have them spayed or neutered. Getting shots may hurt, but your dog should have all its shots to make sure it does not get rabies or any other bad diseases. Taking your dog to the veterinarian regularly will ensure that the pup is healthy enough for play.

Clearly, one must be responsible and loving to care properly for a dog.  As the owner of a cuddly canine, you should include all of the following: feeding the dog grand and healthy meals, giving it opportunities to exercise and play, cleaning up after your canine companion to keep your dog sparkly clean and cheerful, and remembering regular vet visits for good health. When committing to a pet, you should remember these central steps to care for both its physical and mental well-being. We hope you enjoy the wonderful times you will have with your new life-long friend!

“The dog who meets with a good master is the happier of the two.”

The King of the Ocean

by Dominic and Grace

In the deep blues of the ocean, sharks dominate the waves, but the king of them all is the Megalodon. How did this huge fish come to rule the sea? Come with us to unlock the secrets of the Megalodon’s appearance, what food made him grow, and whether or not he went extinct.

The Megalodon shark was colossal. He weighed about sixty to seventy-five tons and was an average length of about sixty feet long, maybe even longer. For example, if you put two buses together, you would have the Megalodon’s size in length.  The Megalodon’s teeth were massive; they were roughly seven and a fourth inches long! Any sea creature would shiver in sheer fright if it saw the size of the Megalodon.

The Megalodon may be giant in size, but he also had a very impressive appetite. The Megalodon ate enough food to feed an entire army. His diet consisted of whales, dolphins, squids, giant turtles, seals, and even fellow sharks. To catch the unfortunate prey, the Megalodon, with one swipe of its massive tail or flippers, would stun the animal. Then, with a swift motion, the Megalodon would swallow its meal whole! Clearly, the Megalodon was not one with whom to mess and was best avoided at all cost.

One of the darkest secrets of the Megalodon, something about which everybody is wondering, is if the Megalondon is actually extinct. Scientists are baffled as to whether or not he went extinct, and if so, why this occurred. One of the theories the scientists have is that the Megalodon was attracted to warmer waters, so when the water turned colder, the Megalodon’s body was not used to the strange change in the temperature. The scientists’ hypothesis is that the Megalodon lived from 25 million years ago to 1.5 million years ago. So nobody really knows if the Megalodon is really extinct or if he is still out there lurking in the depths of the ocean.

Now you know why the Megalodon dominated the sea. Without the Megalodon’s huge appearance in size, he would not have sat upon the throne of the ocean. Without his intimidating appetite, he would not have been on the top of the food chain. Alas, the Megalodon’s lack of presence in the ocean has led us to believe that he may have become extinct, leaving the throne open for another shark to take its place.

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Picking the Cat for You

by Max and T. J.

From breeder, owner, or shelter, there is a cat out there that is right for every person. The feline makes a purr-fect pet because of its loyal, playful, and kind demeanor. There are many things to consider when choosing the cat that is best for you. Not all cats are suited to you; this is why you must be a responsible cat owner. By considering several factors, you can ensure that the cat you choose is the one most well-matched to your needs and your home environment.

What are the traits to look for in a cat? Do you like cats that are playful, kind, or loving? The choice is yours.  When visiting a breeder, owner, or shelter, try to find the cat that comes straight to you or to the edge of the cage.  Look for the feline that will rub against you and purr.  That is a sign of affection and possible connection to you.  You might prefer a cat with more spunk.  If that is the case, look for the creature that is in constant motion, jumping and pouncing.  If you find the cat that is devoted to you, ask if you can play with the cat, just in case. Once you’ve played with the cat, is it right for you? Determine which characteristics are most desired, and when you see the cat that exhibits them, you have found the cat for you.

Do you like long-haired cats, or short-haired? You can find a cat anywhere; huge amounts of cats appear all over the world. The benefit of long-haired cats is that they have soft, warm fur.  You may also be partial to the appearance of cats with long hair.  On the other hand, short-haired cats require less intensive grooming than do long-haired cats.  Again, you may have a preference for the look of short-haired cats.  Do not be fooled.  Both types of cats shed equally.  Once you’ve made your decision, choose the color and hair length you most prefer.

From an owner is usually a good choice when you want a robust cat or kitten. I would advise you to get a kitten.  “Why?” you might ask.  One reason is that you would have a best friend for longer if you get the cat at an early age and purchase one  from an owner because the owner knows exactly the cat’s temperament, diet, and if it has any known health needs. Ask the owner if the cat has been to the vet for vaccinations and examinations. All cats should go to the vet, a cat must be healthy.

When getting a cat from a breeder, watch out! This is almost always going to cost a lot of money, especially since you purchase a cat that is specially bred for you to a certain whole breed pedigree. Nevertheless, acquiring your cat from a breeder also has it positives; you have a professional who knows everything about every cat in each litter. Unless you want to spend a lot of money for a feline friend, do not purchase your cat from a breeder.  The choice is yours.

All in all, even though cats make awesome pets, choosing the right cat for you takes consideration.  You must choose the personality traits you want in a cat and then match a cat to those. You must decide whether the cat is long-haired or short-haired, gray, white, brown, black, or some combination.  Next you must choose where to find your new cat, either from a shelter, breeder, or owner. Every cat is good in its own way. Remember that there is a cat out there for you. You just have to find it.

What Creates a Marvelous Amusement Park?

by Madi and Shaina

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
-Walt Disney

There are numerous things necessary to create a marvelous amusement park, from the sweet and salty snacks to the electrifying parades, but the essentials that amusement parks need are rambunctious roller coasters, delectable dining, and creative characters! Amusement park visitors need to have the feel that they are a kid in a candy store so that they have the time of their lives, where no dangers exist. When an amusement park has these specifics, visitors to the park will have glorious moments they will never forget!

First, a memorable amusement park must have rollicking roller coasters.  The three most important fundamentals needed for a superior roller coaster are dangerous drops, loop-de-loops, and crazy corkscrews.  When the roller coaster climbs toward the peak before the first daring drop, it should be as if the riders are climbing a skyscraper, with suspense building as the ride moves nearer and nearer to the dip. As riders go through the corkscrews, roller coaster designers need to ensure that riders do not feel as though their heads will fall off as they are being jerked back and forth.  The corkscrews need to be fast and smooth, and then suddenly, a loop-de-loop comes and the riders cling for their live, as they flip around at the speed of light. At the end, the ride needs to be so remarkable that riders are eager to stand in line for the ride again; it was that amazing.

Rambunctious roller coasters are not everything an amusement park needs to be miraculous.  Visitors spending the day at the park need to eat too!  The food should be greasy food visitors might not be able to eat every day.  An amusement park should be a place where kids rule, where they get to eat hot dogs, pizza, cotton candy, and everything they want! There should be cheesy pizza, fluffy candy floss, salty pretzels, buttery popcorn, and scrumptious sundaes filled with whipped cream. There should be a restaurant where visitors can meet and greet characters, and park restaurants should offer enjoyable shaped foods that children will devour. Park visitors should be able to be aware of their mouths watering as they pass the churro and pretzel vendors. This is the day when people get to indulge and stuff their faces with any food they want.  Visitors can always get back to the healthy foods another day. Throwing caution to the wind is important in a magnificent amusement park, both in choosing rides and in dining.

After visitors have finished eating, another memorable must is having a photograph taken with everyone’s favorite characters!  Visitors to an amusement park should have ample opportunities to meet all their admired characters. The little girls need to go meet the Disney Princesses; the little boys need to meet SpongeBob and the Pirates of the Caribbean, of course!  Children and adults alike will feel the excitement bubbling inside of them as they approach the front of the line to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse or all the malicious villains.  The excitement should make park visitors feel as though they could jump for joy! When visitors can dress as a character’s twin, beaming smiles widens for the camera as though it is their first time meeting a mentor.  Later, park visitors may look back at the photograph and be awestruck and filled with pleasant memories of an enjoyable experience.

To have the most entertaining time at an amusement park, the park must have all these simple qualities! At an amusement park, there must be rambunctious roller coasters, which will make riders feel like they will have to go straight to the trashcan afterwards, since the ride was so extreme and breathtaking! Additionally, the park must have delectable dining which makes visitors’ bellies full and leaving them with a grin, as they race away to meet their favorite characters. To wrap things up, an awesome amusement park needs rambunctious roller coasters, delectable dining, and creative characters.  These elements must impact visitors’ lives in some way to construct an expedition that is one to remember.


by Jordan R. and Julian

There are many different types of living beings in this world, such as animals, plants, bugs, and human beings, but there are also other living things, tiny things unseen by human eyes, for example—bacteria!  Bacteria are microscopic living things that are neither plants nor animals.  Bacteria are unique and abundant. They can survive under many different conditions in many different habitats. Some bacteria are beneficial and some can be harmful.  Even though there are 2.5 billion bacteria in one gram of soil, you may never see a single bacterium in your entire life. Bacteria are an incredible species with an amazing world.

A bacterium is a very petite, unicellular organism, not bigger than single a cell. It is neither a plant nor an animal. There are so many bacteria in the world, millions really. Bacteria are one of the most basic living forms on earth. Bacteria also help scientists learn more about human evolution.

Bacteria live almost everywhere: in the air, in living beings, in the soil, everywhere! Bacteria live inside us, and we don’t even know it! Bacteria are not always bad either. For instance, the ones in our intestines and stomachs help us digest our food better; it’s absolutely amazing how bacteria work! Not all bacteria are beneficial. Some cause deadly diseases such as tuberculosis, pertussis, pneumonia, and cholera!

Bacteria can be in many diverse forms so there isn’t a specific type of figure associated with bacteria. Bacteria can look rod-shaped, circular, or even without a symmetrical shape at all. There are so many types, and each type has a unique appearance.

Some bacteria need oxygen to breath but some do not. Some bacteria use molecular compounds to get oxygen! Bacteria also eat in amazing ways. Some bacteria produce their own food using photosynthesis by using water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Bacteria can also use chemosynthesis by using products like carbon dioxide, water, and other chemicals like ammonia to produce food.

Bacteria reproduce by budding or fission to create a bigger cell, which then splits into two pieces of bacteria. Bacteria can also reproduce by using conjugation. Conjugation is when two separate bacteria exchange each other’s DNA.  One bacterium may turn to four in just twenty minutes.  This quick rate of reproduction is why there are so many bacteria on Earth.

Clearly, bacteria are amazing and plentiful creatures.  They are able to survive under many different conditions, and different bacteria have different appearances. Although some bacteria may be beneficial, other bacteria may be harmful. This means scientists must take note of bacteria, especially since they are able to reproduce so quickly. This proves we can learn something new every day! Even the tiniest things in life have much to teach us.

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by Camille, Jordan B., and Nikolas

As the snow melts away, buds of joy sprout out of the newly awakening soil, which brings us a sign of new life!  If you do not consider spring the prime season of all, think again.  Of all the seasons, spring is the most perfect.  In spring, flawless flowers awaken under the ground, and the weather is unimaginably wondrous.   Spring is the most stimulating season of all.

Of every season, spring is the most ideal for going outdoors and uncovering what lies beneath the surface of the Earth.  Spring is when everything awakens beneath the surface of the Earth and spreads its beauty to the world.  Flowers bloom giving birth to splendid colors and scents.  During this season, rebirth occurs in the animal kingdom, too, and baby animals abound.  In order to relish the lush things spring has to offer, you have to appreciate the breath-taking views spring provides for you, such as the shimmering clear blue sky, and the splendid surprises spring offers, such as going on hikes that can enhance your brain with spring’s beauty.  It is not difficult to perceive spring’s beauty.  It is everywhere, so you can enjoy all spring has to offer just sitting down and relaxing in the cool spring breeze.

Additionally, spring can be a very relaxing and simple time, from the sweet fragrance of the flowers, to the warm breeze from the trees.  After the dreary winter season, you have a reprieve from winter’s typical heavy snow or harsh rain.  Spring brings bubbly emotions and joyous spirits that match the weather!  Another grand thing about spring is that the days are longer and the sky gives an exceptional, luminous glow.  Spring is a time to be spent with friends and family, enjoying the milder weather and observing nature in all its splendor.

Furthermore, spring is a season of excitement.  There is the rebirth evident in the newly growing, vibrant flowers and scrumptious crops.  Instead of the dull and desolate colors of winter, the lively colors of spring dazzle.  As Easter comes along, some families and kids get prepared for this magical, whimsical, and hopeful holiday!  With the terrific weather and the brilliant colors of nature, celebrating Easter is reminder that the bleakness of winter has passed.  It is a frolicking and joyous sensation when children of all ages, some of adult age, hunt for Easter eggs in the warm spring breeze.  After the struggle of searching for hidden Easter eggs, it is nice to sit down and munch the crops spring has provided.

In conclusion, spring is one of the grandest seasons of all due to the magnificent weather, and the beautiful colors of spring. Spring brings blissful emotions and is a symbol of rejuvenation.  Spring can bring more people outside because of the breath-taking weather.  For these reasons, spring is perhaps the finest season of all.  Spring does not only bring new life, but also brings magical and sweet emotions!

Why Christmas Is the Best Holiday

by Sarah, Brooke, Adrian, and Marty

Christmas is the best holiday because having that jolly feeling in your heart will light up your whole year. These are some of the reasons why Christmas is the greatest time of the year. One, you get presents, two, you get to spend time with your family, three, you give to others, four, you get to decorate your house with cheerful decorations, and last but not least, you get to have a couple weeks off from school.

Receiving presents is an enjoyable part of Christmas because you get things you’ve never had, and you get to play with them in your spare time. Also, presents can be as cool as the Play Station Three, money, clothes, shoes, video games, sports jerseys, televisions, quads, dirt bikes, motorcycles, perfume, purses, and pets. These are some examples of presents you might receive for Christmas.

Spending time with your family is great because you can always count on them for anything.  Also, who would you rather spend time with than your family? Another reason spending time with your family on Christmas is fun is that you are able to share the Christmas spirit with your family members. The last reason why spending time with your family during the holidays is fun is because you give presents to them and they give presents to you!

Now, you may think that Christmas is just about obtaining presents, but the real reason why Christmas is the best holiday is the spirit of giving. When you give presents, you are also giving happiness as well. Giving is better than receiving because many people don’t have Christmas (not because of their religion, but because of the poverty they are living in). Some people don’t have money to buy presents, meaning they aren’t able to celebrate Christmas. Giving presents will mean the world to someone, and it will make a difference in the world. Spreading the spirit of giving is more important than how many presents you receive.

Christmas is a wonderful holiday. Families gather together to enjoy food, gifts, and each other. Christmas is the best holiday because not only do you receive gifts, but you give gifts. The spirit of giving can make a huge difference in the world. Happy holidays, and a Merry Christmas to all!!! ☺

What You Need to Be a Good Basketball Player!

by Claire and Kelly

In 1891, James Naismith invented the most desirable game ever: basketball!  To play this game, there are some standard basics for basketball. You need adrenalin-pumping strength that will help you tirelessly cruise up and down the court. Next, you need suitable clothing that is comfortable; lastly, you need spectacular sportsmanship that makes the game smooth and enjoyable. With all these requirements, James Naismith invented basketball, a game enjoyed by many!

First, you need great strength that throws you up and down the court and will help you outrun all the opponents. You need to be able to run fast down the court. Mostly, it allows you shoot a blood-shot basket, where no defenders can block your shot. Strength is one of the qualities in all basketball supplies, but it is not the only thing you will need in a colorful, astonishing game.

Next, you will need suitable clothing: a comfortable t-shirt for under your uniform, shoes that will help you scurry along quickly, and shorts that allow you to move your legs freely and quickly. Your t-shirt should help you stay cooler by absorbing sweat so you can sprint back and forth down the court, without becoming dead tired. You should get shoes that help maintain your ankles and that will keep you on your feet when you shoot. Your shoes can not be too petite or too gigantic because if they are too small, they will squeeze your feet, making it uncomfortable to run. If they are too big, when you make a jump stop, your toes will jam at the tip of your shoe. There you have the necessary clothing for the game: basketball shoes, plus shorts, plus uniform and T-shirt, equals basketball garments!

Lastly, next to high-quality strength and ideal clothing, you will need outstanding sportsmanship to become a fascinating basketball player. Having the right attitude makes the game go a lot better. To be a great basketball player is to have confidence and heart. To be a great basketball player, you need to have confidence and heart. If you are not confident, will never reach the skill level you want to have. Without heart, you will not have what it takes to come through in tough situations when your team needs you most. No matter what the score is, you always need to have your head up in the game.  Winning might be fun, but there is a difference between celebrating and gloating.

All the elements here make basketball fun. Clearly, you see strength is extremely important to having a wonderful game! Playing basketball might be fun, but you will need comfortable clothing to play the game best. James Naismith wanted basketball to be fun, but without good sportsmanship your game will be sad. Always remember to keep your head up in the game. Those are some of the basics you will need to become a great basketball player.

Rules and Tips for Playing Basketball

The Effects of Electronics on the Brain

by Jack and Antonio

Electronics have more effect on the brain than you think. T.V., video games, and the computer are big parts of many children’s lives. These technologies can offer good things and bad things. So, if you like to use electronics, find out the positive and negative ways that T.V affects everyone, the impact of mind-crushing video games that so many children “need,” and the dangers and benefits of the world-revealing computer that knows everything.

There is debate about whether or not T.V. is destructive or enhances brain power. Throughout history, films and T.V. have sparked rounds of criticism as they emerged. Parents were convinced that the violent nature of films and T.V. would mentally corrupt their children. Children these days seem to understand the technology better than adults because of growing up and interacting with it. T.V. also gives the world coverage of local events. T.V. is good and bad; it can offer lots of information, but can also cause difficulties. One example of the media’s negative impact could be when kids or teens watch people get slaughtered on the screen. They may not recognize the full impact of the witnessed deaths.  On the other hand, T.V. can also be good because there can be some educational programs that enhance children’s knowledge.

Are video games really bad for the developing brain or not? Doctors recommend children spend only an hour a day playing video games, if any time at all. If you play video games all day, they will probably stunt your brain growth. That will not be good for you. However, video games could also sharpen your reflexes, and these games offer entertainment.

The computer can truly give a lot of information, but is it really good for you? Scientists have discovered if you are on the computer a lot, it keeps you awake because of the radiation, according to their studies. Now, today’s kids spend almost all their time on the computer and often do not want to do anything else.  This might be fine since the computer can also come in handy besides all those computer games, YouTube, etc. It can help you study for a test, it provides all the information you need, so if you need information get on the computer and search. It can also provide knowledge of what your friends are doing, besides calling them, if people use social networking on the computer.

Finally, in conclusion, electronics do affect the brain.  However, all of the effects are not yet known.  Nevertheless, it is clear that T.V., video games, and the computer are both good and bad for you. Now that you know the negative and positives about electronics and the brain, perhaps you will consider moderation in your electronic use.

Why Summer Is Amazing!

by  Ashleigh and Dianna G.

The cool summer breeze flows every day for all ninety-five days of summer. Summer lets you have time to swim and play summer sports, hang out with friends and family, and have some freedom to choose your own day! Summer should allow you to have a blast! So, go outside and have some fun with family and friends! Sleep, play, eat; repeat!

Swimming in the cool, blue water in the hot, boiling sun is part of what makes summer relaxing. When it is really scorching out and you need to cool down having nothing to do, with no school, then you know it is time to hop in the pool. Swimming makes you relax after a long day of some sun and working or going out anywhere. Summer is all about some hot, blazing sun beating down onto you. Realizing how hot the weather is can help you remember to take time out of your day and take a dive! However, not only swimming is available; you could go out and exercise while doing other summer sports. Having good exercise for the summer months could get you in great shape!  So relax and enjoy some summer sporting entertainment.

Wouldn’t you love to hang out with friends or even visit family? Summer lets you have time off from school or work to have fun and take a break from your normal routines. Visiting your family would be a great thing to do during summer time, even going somewhere special to have some fun with them. Summer is the perfect time to have some fun, visit your family who live in other places, and do lots of fun activities. You could even have some sleep-overs with friends or family! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!Even for adults, it would be great to visit their families and to even have time to see their old friends!

Additionally, summer is about having freedom in designing your own schedule, and that is spectacular! Not hearing an alarm clock go off five times in a row would be amazing. Therefore, not having a schedule would take some time off your day and be a great time to relax and enjoy life. Not working for a day or so would let you design your day and spend a wonderful time with your relatives because although your friends may or may not go to school, they would probably love to spend time with you while having your free day off. Knowing usual jobs make you work a specific amount of hours, perhaps you can spend time with some family because the days are longer in summer! Furthermore, for children it would be almost the same, but they can sleep in, stay in their pajamas all day long and have a nice day relaxing.  Summer’s longer days and the absence of school allow for freedom to design your own schedule.

So take time and realize what summer should be about. Furthermore, have fun and do not let the blazing hot sun make you unenergetic. Have a terrific summer with no schedule and stay in your pajamas all day! Go back to school and say you had the most amazing summer ever! Compared to all your other summers make sure that none compared to this summer because of hanging out with friends and family, playing sports, and last, but not least, having some freedom with no schedule!


by Diana, Ian, and Serra

Winter is a season everyone enjoys and loves. Winter is the time when snow falls, family and friends gather, school is out for a time, and the holidays are just around the corner. Winter is an enjoyable time of year you just on which you do not want to miss out.

The first snowfall is an entertaining and exciting time to amuse yourself with friends and family out in the cold weather. Making white, cold snowballs and chucking them at friends is one of many amusing ways to have fun in the winter snow. Lying on the white snow and making snow angels is an enjoyable way to roll in snow. In addition to having snowball fights and creating snow angels, making snowmen is another artistic way to play with snow, rocks, and an orange carrot. Winter rain is also an entertaining opportunity for play. You can play in the puddles and make splashes that reach your neck. Even though there are lots of perks in the cold weather, there are some down sides to it, too.  One down side might be not having the ability to drive your car because of the weather.  However, the positives outweigh the negatives.

The winter is a great time to spend time with people you love, such as family and friends. Spending time with family is a way to enjoy the holidays in a loving way.  Because a few major holidays are in winter, family and friends often gather to share special time together.

Winter break is like two weeks of summer vacation, but in the winter. You can sleep in and stay up late. There is lots of time to hang out with friends and take family trips. You can also play in the snow with your friends and relatives. Furthermore, you can go Christmas shopping with companions or without, just in case you are shopping for your family. However, the best part about winter break is that you have some time off of school to spend doing whatever you desire.

Lastly, the winter is a great time to spend time with people you and to celebrate some winter holidays. In winter, celebrating with holidays is a tradition that most everybody does. The main holidays are Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza. Christmas is an enjoyable holiday that came from the Christian religion and is now celebrated all around the world. With the Christmas trees, presents and singing, the holidays could not get any better. Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish celebration that includes eight candles being lit, one each day, in a candle holder, known as a menorah.  In addition to Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa is an African American holiday celebrated from December 26 to January 1. All these holidays make winter a pleasant season and an exciting time of year.

In conclusion, you now know that winter not only has the holiday Christmas, but many more. You also know about loads of things to do in the snow and in the cold. You know that winter break is a great time to be with family and friends. Finally, you know that spending time with family is another great element that makes winter a special time of year.  Perhaps this winter you will take notice of all of these special characteristics of the season.

Winter Versus Summer

by Meheak and Alex D.

“In winter I get up at night
And dress by yellow candle-light.
In summer quite the other way
I have to go to bed by day.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

For all those who think that summer is the best season, do we have news for you! It is not true! There are numerous reasons why winter is clearly the best. Three reasons why winter is superior are that during summer, it is too hot to sleep at night, there are some enjoyable holidays during winter, and most people do not like longer days because they do not have activities with which to fill them.

One of the many reasons winter is better than summer is that during summer, it is hard to sleep because of the annoying mosquitoes and the scorching heat. Although you might use mosquito spray, there will still be slight chance of mosquitoes. Furthermore, the heat makes it hot to go to sleep because of sweat in your body. Even if you use a fan during summer, the rest of the house will still be warm. This is not a problem in the cooler winter.

Not all people celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, but don’t you want to celebrate with your family and friends? According to Fox News, 96% of Americans celebrate Christmas. This is almost every American. World-wide, it is estimated that at least one out of three celebrate this merry holiday. People celebrate this holiday for religious reasons because Christians believe it is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the son of God, or for cultural reasons as a season of giving that includes Santa. New Year’s is also an exciting holiday. Some cultures celebrate the New Year in different ways, and on different days! The Chinese culture celebrates their new year in January or February for about fifteen days. These holidays make winter an enjoyable time.

Another reason winter is the best season of the year is that the days are shorter! The days are longer during the summer, but why is that a good thing? There are a lot of people who can get plenty of work done during the winter and they do not have any problem with time! The shorter days lead to greater productivity. Everyone must know people who laze around more than half of their summer vacations! Wouldn’t you much rather be shopping for Christmas presents than lying around in the sweltering summer heat and watching T.V?

Are you convinced that winter is better than summer? It is certainly the better season because during winter, it is easier to sleep at night, the holidays during winter are wondrous, and the shorter days lead to greater time efficiency! While summer is amusing, winter is the season to be jolly! Be sure to enjoy your next winter!

Black Holes

By Dylan and Donovan

You may have heard someone say, “My desk has become a black hole!” You may have seen an astronomy program on television or read a magazine article about a black hole. These exotic objects have captured our imagination ever since they were predicted by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity in 1915. What is a black hole? Do they really exist? How can we find them? In this essay, we will examine black holes and answer all of these questions!

What is a black hole?

A black hole is what remains when a massive star dies. A star is a huge, amazing fusion reactor since stars are so massive and made out of gas. There is an intense gravitational field that is always trying to collapse the star. The fusion reactions happening in the core are like a giant fusion bomb that is trying to make the star explode. The balance between the gravitational forces and the explosive forces is what defines the size of the star. As the star dies, the nuclear fusion reactions stop because the fuel for these reactions gets burned up. At the same time, the star’s gravity pulls material inward and compresses the core. As the core compresses, it heats up and eventually creates a supernova explosion in which the material and radiation blast out into space. What remains is the highly compressed, extremely massive core. The core’s gravity is so strong that even light cannot escape. This object is now a black hole, and it literally disappears from view. Since the core’s gravity is so strong, the core sinks through the fabric of space, creating a hole in space. This is why the object is called a black hole. The core becomes the central part, the singularity, of the black hole. The opening of the hole is called the event horizon. You can think of the event horizon as the mouth of the black hole. Once something passes the event horizon, it is gone for good. Once inside the event horizon, all “events,” or points in space-time, stop, and nothing, not even light, can escape. The radius of the event horizon is called the Schwarzschild radius, and it is named after astronomer Karl Schwarzschild, whose work led to the theory of black holes.

There are two types of black holes; they are the Schwarzschild black hole, which is a non-rotating black hole, and the Kerr black hole, which is a rotating black hole. The Schwarzschild black hole is the simplest black hole, in which the core does not rotate. This type of black hole only has a singularity and an event horizon. The Kerr black hole, which is probably the most common form in nature, rotates because the star from which it was formed was rotating. When the rotating star collapses, the core continues to rotate, and this carried over to the black hole.

Do they really exist?

The singularity is the collapsed core, the event horizon is where the opening of the hole is, the Ergo sphere is an egg-shaped region of distorted space around the event horizon—the distortion is caused by the spinning of the black hole, which “drags” the space around it—and the static limit is the boundary between the ergo sphere and normal space. If an object passes into the ergo sphere, it can still be ejected from the black hole by gaining energy from the black hole’s rotation. However, if an object crosses the event horizon, it will be sucked into the black hole and will never escape. What happens inside the black hole is unknown; even current theories of physics do not apply in the vicinity of a singularity. Even though we cannot see a black hole, it does have three properties that can or could be measured by its mass, its electric charge, and its rate of rotation. As of now, we can only measure the mass of the black hole reliably by the movement of other objects around it. If a black hole has a companion—another star or disk of material— it is possible to measure the radius of rotation or speed of orbit of the material around the unseen black hole. The mass of the black hole can be calculated using Kepler’s modified third law of planetary motion or rotational motion. Although we cannot see black holes, we can detect or guess the presence of one by measuring its effects on objects around it. So, black holes do exist.

How can we find them?

Many black holes have objects around them, and by looking at the behavior of the objects, you can detect the presence of a black hole. You then use measurements of the movement of objects around a suspected black hole to calculate the black hole’s mass. What you look for is a star or a disk of gas that is behaving as though there were a large mass nearby. For example, if a visible star or disk of gas has a “wobbling” motion or spinning, AND there is not a visible reason for this motion, AND the invisible reason has an effect that appears to be caused by an object with a mass greater than three solar masses—too big to be a neutron star—then it is possible that a black hole is causing the motion. You then estimate the mass of the black hole by looking at the effect it has on the visible object. For example, in the core of the galaxy NGC 4261, there is a brown, spiral-shaped disk that is rotating. The disk is about the size of our solar system, but weighs 1.2 billion times as much as the sun. Such a huge mass for a disk might indicate that a black hole is present within the disk. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity predicted that gravity could bend space. This was later confirmed during a solar eclipse when a star’s position was measured before, during, and after the eclipse. The star’s position shifted because the light from the star was bent by the sun’s gravity. Therefore, an object with immense gravity, such as a galaxy or black hole, between the Earth and a distant object could bend the light from the distant object into a focus, much like a lens cam. When material falls into a black hole from a companion star, it gets heated to millions of degrees Kelvin and accelerated. The super-heated materials emit X-rays, which can be detected by X-ray telescopes such as the orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory.  The star Cygnus X-1 is a strong X-ray source and is considered to be a good candidate for a black hole. Stellar winds from the companion star, HDE 226868, blow material onto the accretion disk surrounding the black hole. As this material falls into the black hole, it emits X-rays. In addition to X-rays, black holes can also eject materials at high speeds to form jets. Many galaxies have been observed with such jets. Currently, it is thought that these galaxies have super-massive black holes—billions of solar masses—at their centers that produce the jets as well as strong radio emissions.

It is important to remember that black holes are not cosmic vacuum cleaners. They will not consume everything. Although we cannot see black holes, there is indirect evidence that they exist. They have been associated with time travel and worm holes and remain fascinating objects in the universe.

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A Successful Baseball Season

by Bjorn and Emily

Baseball is usually amusing for kids, who are always bored.  Continuing baseball for many years has led baseball to becoming one of the favorite sports in America.  To have a victorious baseball season you need to have strong equipment, astounding players, and an outstanding baseball field.  All of these elements create an outrageous baseball season!

First, you’ll need sturdy equipment to play a baseball game.  The main object that you need for safety is a helmet so that the head is protected and so that it will not hurt as much as it would without a helmet if you get hit in the head with a baseball.  The next objects that you will need to play a game are a baseball bat and a baseball, so you can hit the ball with the bat to begin playing a baseball game.  It is dangerous to catch a baseball with your bare hand, so that is why you MUST use a glove to catch the ball.  Strong equipment is necessary, but it is not the only thing you need to have a successful baseball season.

Secondly, you will need to have satisfying players.  They will have to be in top physical condition, to be able to run fast around the bases, and to be able to steal home or steal to the next base.  The players need to have powerful hits so that maybe they can score a run in or get on a base.  They will need to focus on the ball when they are in the outfield, and when there is a ball in the air that they can catch, they must note which direction the ball is heading, so that  they can catch the ball.  Likewise, in addition to exceptional players, there is more that you need for a complete baseball season.

Lastly, a baseball field is an important element of a baseball season.  The baseball field cannot have hard dirt, and it cannot be muddy  because that makes the field too hard on which to play. On the other hand, the grass should be smooth without a lot of holes. The grass should also be short enough so that the players are able to see the ball when it falls in the grass.  Specifically, a baseball field plays an important role in baseball.

Clearly, many elements make baseball one of America’s favorite sports.  A successful season of baseball is dependent upon the following elements: strong and sturdy equipment, pleasing players, and a smooth and clean baseball field, without a lot of holes in the grass. These elements are what make baseball a REALLY fun sport to play or to watch!

Steps to Creating a Remarkable School

By Kayla, Kennedy, Meghan, and Talia

Some people say a marvelous school has a wonderful building and has strict teachers who keep the school going. However, a school is much more than just a building filled with strict teachers.  A splendid school must have outstanding and outgoing teachers and staff. It must also have interesting subjects and activities. Last, but not least, a spectacular school has to make you feel safe and should also be clean. Terrific schools must contain all these things.

First of all, rude staff and strict teachers are not the best way to make you smile at school. Pleasurable, outgoing teachers and generous staff are the right people to make students have a fantastic school year that will be memorable. Teachers should have a fun and interesting way to help children learn. They should also care for their students. Staff should have generous hearts, and when students have a bad day, staff members should help students to feel better, especially if they have been bullied. Interesting teachers and kind staff are the first things to make a tremendous school and make the sun shine for students.

Additionally, an amazing school must contain interesting and resourceful subjects and activities, which are taught in an entertaining way. Some marvelous subjects that a great school must have are art, literature, math, science, history, reading, and spelling.  These topics should be learned in terrific ways such as writing games or math groups. In general, an outstanding and outrageously magnificent school must have fun and interesting school subjects and activities. Fun subjects and activities play an important role in creating an awesome learning facility.

Furthermore, the final ingredient in creating a superb learning facility is having sanitary buildings and a safe place to learn. Clean buildings are very important to students and staff. The bathrooms should be squeaky clean and should be cleaned once or twice every day so nobody gets sick from the stench of a dirty toilet. A clean room makes for a tidy and organized class room. Moreover, students should feel safe with the secured locks on doors and windows and the helpful assistance of friendly staff members. To help ensure safety, monthly emergency fire, earthquake, and lock down drills should be held. These are some of the things that make a superior school and keep it safe and clean for students and the local community.

Lastly, an extraordinary school must have these three most important elements for a creating a laudable learning facility. A great school must have kind and courageous teachers and a creative staff. Next, interesting and marvelous subjects, also fun activities can make a school complete. Finally, the last ingredient for a superb school is having a safe and clean learning facility. A school is the most important thing in some people’s lives. It helps everybody in different ways; it helps them prepare for a future job, for going to college, and for many other things. If people have a great school, they can all succeed in life!

A Concoction for a Brilliant Movie

by Julian, Justen, Rose, and Shelby

Lights, camera, action! Let’s make a movie, but first we need to include these specific elements.  The movie must include amusing actors, a splendid set, marvelous music, and a critical life lesson. These elements are what make a movie satisfying to watch.

To begin with, an exceptional movie must contain actors that fit the role of the characters they are portraying. Good actors should show emotion, and have good pronunciation, making the movie seem realistic. So a fantastic movie ought to include outstanding actors to play the parts of the characters.

Likewise, a fabulous movie must have a set that goes along with the movie. The props and set must look real or else people might not care for the movie. The set should make the viewers feel like they are in the middle of the action with the characters, so if the setting is the sea shore, the set must make the viewers feel as though they are on the beach watching surfers ride the wave. Therefore, an outstanding movie requires an eye-catching set.

Additionally, a high-quality movie has to have well-orchestrated songs. The music builds suspense in scary movies, makes action movies have more of a “boom” quality. It also makes a romantic movie make you cry. Most movies have background music, unless it is a musical in which the music is comprised of the actors’ own singing voices. For this music to help build the drama and flow with the movie’s theme, the music must match the tone of the movie. For example, it simply would not work for a lullaby playing during a murder scene. Without mood-matching music, the movie doesn’t have a good vibe. Therefore, music brings the movie alive.

Lastly, a marvelous movie should have a laudable life lesson because it may teach the viewers something that may change them as a person. Every magnificent movie should have a life lesson that helps people transform. Nobody is perfect; people can always improve in life. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, it taught the viewers that looks are not everything and that people should not judge each other only based on the way they look.  The movie also taught the viewers that they should love somebody for their personality, not their appearance. To conclude, a spectacular film should have a laudable life lesson.

Finally, we have all the necessary elements to make a fabulous film. Every first-rate film should contain exciting actors who fit the roles they are playing.  A phenomenal set is also a key ingredient and helps transport the viewer into the movie by making them feel as though they are there.   Every film should also have magnificent music that fits the mood of the overall movie and every scene of the film to help build emotion or suspense in the viewer.  Furthermore, the best films include a life lesson so that viewers have the opportunity to be transformed by what the movie. So, someday if you make a movie, be sure to include these important elements.  If you do, you may win an Oscar for best motion picture!

You Versus Fears and Worries

By Casey, Sonia, Cole, and Alec

What are your fears and worries? Many people have the same fears and worries, have them for the similar reasons, and may try to figure out how to cure them in the same ways. Fears and worries can change the way you act and the way you look at life. Some people have strange fears; they get them from odd situations. So think of your fears and try to think of how to get rid of them.

To illustrate our point, everyone has their own troubles and bothers. Here are some common fears: heights, roller coasters, water, spiders, big animals, airplanes, and death. People usually worry about the same things such as health, survival, money, fire, and their own physical appearances. Everyone has something that bothers or troubles him/her. Even the toughest person you know may be afraid of something small or harmless. Fears and worries come in all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, many people get fears and worries from scary movies, sounds, books, word of mouth, dreams, and many more obscure ways. For example, if someone watches a horrifying movie about werewolves and vampires, and then goes to bed, they have a big chance of having nightmares about what they just watched. Then, when they wake up the next morning, they might hear things that are not there, and think that the mythical creatures are real. Therefore, creating a worry or fear that sticks to that person’s brain, can make it hard to forget or to overcome that particular fear.  Other fears, such as the fear of heights or the fear of spiders, may not be activated by a movie or a sound, but rather an experience.  Sometimes a person may be unaware of how he/she came by the worry, but that does not make the fear any less powerful.

On the other hand, there are ways for a person to overcome a fear or concern.  Positive thinking is one strategy where the person thinks that phobias will not harm them or do not exist.  Sometimes, if the person tells himself/herself this enough, the fear disappears. Another strategy for extinguishing a phobia is to tell someone about the fear or even write a story about it.  Somehow, this makes the phobia less overwhelming.  Most of the time, the way a person describes or imagines the fear can make it seem less scary.  Dream catchers can also be useful because if the person believes the dream catcher will catch the bad dreams, the person may stop having them. Additionally, playing quiet music or reading a silly story before bed may help the person with frightening nightmares by keeping the music or silly story in his/her mind, instead of the bad dreams. Most times, a person’s fears are scarier in his/her mind than in reality.

In conclusion, you now know about strange worries and fears, how to get them, and how to get rid of them. Who knows, you might even stand up to your fears! The first step to curing your worries is admitting that you have them and embracing your fears. Additionally, to cure your fears and worries you should use our tips. Then after you get rid of what bothers you, prevent new fears by remembering what you have learned.  Phobias and concerns can be overcome if you remember not to let them control you.

The Mystery of Stars

by Danielle, Lindsay, Brandon, and Taylor C.

Sometimes stars are what kids look up to, and sometimes stars give hope to people when they are in a crisis, but stars are not what they appear to be. They have mysteries locked inside of them. Even stars go through the cycle of life, but why do they die? The most mysterious thing about stars might be why they glow. Stars can even blind you! Now the journey begins, going through time and space, uncovering the secrets of the stars.

Stars have a life and go through a life cycle, too, just like every living thing. Stars have their own little world up there in the heavens, rather like a colossal earth with earth being a microcosm. Much like us they are, but in a whole different way. Stars come from nebulae that spin, and eventually, each nebula becomes a protostar. Next, is where it gets more complex. Stars are all different, so they travel in opposite directions, and they die in many unique stages, just as humans live in different places and die at different ages. The last thing to occur is dying; stars can live up to fifteen billion years. If they never died it would be similar to what happened if humans were immortal: it would get too crowded. All in all, every star has to die no matter what.

Thus the journey continues, with the glow of the stars. Actually, stars do not truly glow; they twinkle just like in the song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Stars are mega hot balls made of fusion, and they are so hot they twinkle. Stars shine all the time, but the brightness of our sun’s daylight cancels out the gleam of the stars. Stars glimmer all of their long life until their death.

Furthermore, stars can be blinding.  There are stars that are not close enough to earth to blind us.  There is but one star near enough, and that is our sun. Stars like the sun are incredibly dangerous even though the sun is 93,000,000 miles away, so beware the sun’s rays, and do not gaze directly at this powerfully bright star. All stars can blind us, but stars in the night are too far away to blind us. There is a way for them to blind us, though, if we traveled through space and came face to face with them. Do not gaze at the twinkling ball of light that is our sun so that your vision remains intact.

In the end, discovering stars’ mysteries was an intense journey. For example, uncovering how stars’ lives start and end, why they twinkle, and the fact that no matter how exquisite a star looks, you should not get too close for fear of harm! As human and star lives go on, more mysteries may begin to reveal themselves.

How to Take Care of a Great Dane

by Brendan, Chris, Joshua, and Kelly

“Things that upset a terrier may pass virtually unnoticed by a Great Dane.”-Smiley Blanton

Although Great Danes may not be upset easily, there are many things one must have, do, and know to take care of a Great Dane. This gentle giant of dog must have the proper environment.  Additionally, there are important health and training needs of which one must be aware.  Lastly, these lovable creatures have amazing characteristics and many necessary materials about which one must be aware. Overall, if a dog owner has, does, and knows these critical things, a Great Dane may make the perfect pet.

Firstly, a good environment is one of the most crucial parts of taking care of a Great Dane.  Because a Great Dane is an extremely large dog, its physical environment is important, and in addition to its environment, this dog needs daily exercise to correspond to its home size.  An apartment is satisfactory for a Great Dane, but if this is the dog’s home, it would require daily long walks to ensure proper exercise. If one has a large yard, which is preferred, then daily walks could be shorter, but are still needed. The Great Dane is normally inactive indoors, but a large dog needs much exercise, so if one must keep that in mind. This dog is a gentle breed, so it does fine with small children, but it may be a bit intimidating for these little ones. A proper environment and regular exercise are needed to ensure a happy, healthy home-life for a Great Dane.

Additionally, in order to best care for a Great Dane, there are some important things one must know about health and training. Some things to watch out for are hip problems because of the dog’s size, heart disease, and tail injuries. These are chronic problems for the breed.  The average life span of a Great Dane is seven to ten years, so make the most of the time this gentle creature has. One way to do that is to have a well-trained dog. For training, the simple tricks will help stop your Great Dane from chewing your furniture and help with housebreaking, so that urinating occurs outdoors rather than inside. The best time to train any dog is as a puppy, but this is especially true for a Great Dane because its size is more manageable when it is young. Training requires an open mind and a gentle hand. You should also make it fun for you and the dog.  Knowing possible health issues and completing proper training are important components for any Great Dane owner.

Lastly, in order to properly care for a Great Dane, one must be aware of other key elements of a Great Dane, as well as some crucial tools. A main characteristic of a Great Dane is that it is extremely tall. This dog also drools a lot. So if one can put up with the size and slobber, this dog may become a beloved breed. Some things necessary for the proper care of these gentle giants are dog food, bowls, collar, leash, training treats, and toys. Good grooming is also important.  With these characteristics and tools in mind, a Great Dane can make a wonderful addition to one’s family.

In conclusion, the Great Dane is a lot of work, but also a great dog to have as a pet. With an ideal environment and regular exercise, the Great Dane’s physical and space needs will be met. A Great Dane owner must be aware of a number of possible genetic health problems with this breed and that training may be a challenge. Because of their size and slobber, as well as the many tools necessary, one must be certain this is the best breed for one’s lifestyle. However, if one does choose the Great Dane, above all, love it with all of your heart and enjoy the years shared together.

I Scream; You Scream; We All Scream for Ice Cream

by Spencer, Sean, Leana, and Emma

I scream; you scream; we all scream for ice cream!  Yum, yum!  Ice cream is an extremely popular, well-loved dessert enjoyed by many. One of the qualities about ice cream that people enjoy so much is the outrageous flavors. The next fantastic characteristic is the toppings to put upon the ice cream. If you are an ice cream lover, knowing where the best ice cream shops are located is also helpful. Ice cream is fabulous treat on a hot, humid day, but can also be enjoyed on a freezing, cold day.

One reason so many people love to eat ice cream is because there are so many different flavors, almost one to suit anyone’s liking.  There are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and more! Flavors make ice cream taste a lot better instead of having it taste like unflavored frozen milk. There are also unusual flavors such as garlic, lavender, and spumoni. Some of these flavors aren’t available till certain holidays, and many flavors are available only during certain seasons.  Nevertheless, the multitude of flavors is one characteristic that makes ice cream a favorite dessert.

Next in line are the toppings, which are another component that makes ice cream beloved. There are tons of toppings to put on your ice cream. Really popular toppings are gummy bears and sprinkles. Fresh fruit is another topping that might appeal to people. Unusual toppings can be popular, too, such as cheese, warm peanut butter, buttered popcorn.  These may sound disgusting, but some people actually like those types of toppings on their ice cream.  As with the flavors, there is some topping that will appeal to almost everyone, and this makes ice cream a favorable flavored sweet treat.

Lovers of this popular dessert must know the best places to find their favorite frozen dessert. Ice cream shops are located all over the world. Baskin Robbins, Brain Freeze, Cold Stone, and Ben and Jerry’s are some well-known places to purchase and enjoy ice cream. In some shops, you create and serve your own ice cream treat and are charged based on the weight of your frozen creation. Other shops have employees scoop your ice cream and put on toppings.  Either way, there are many ice cream shops for those who adore this delectable delight.

In conclusion, all of these ingredients make for the perfect ice cream experience since ice cream is a popular, well-loved dessert choice.  For the best ice cream experience, the right flavor is crucial.  The perfect topping also adds to an ideal eating extravaganza.  Many wondrous ice cream shops can be found where an ice cream lover may try new things or enjoy old favorites. Though things may sound gruesome, such as garlic ice cream or cheese toppings, try them. They might surprise you. Beware, though, when eating ice cream. Do not eat faster than a hungry hippopotamus or you might get a brain freeze.

What Makes an Exciting Song

By Riley, Giselle, Tay, and Mathew

Do you know what a great song needs? Well, a fabulous song needs three main ingredients. Firstly, you need interesting, extravagant lyrics. The words need to sound good together and show excellent word choice. Additionally, a glorious tune needs to have exquisite instruments to make great background music. Lastly, you need an interesting genre. A genre is a style that fits the listener’s personality (examples of genres are rock, rap, and country). In conclusion, if you use all three of these ingredients you can make a brilliant batch of song cookies!

First of all, an amazing song must have extraordinary lyrics. Lyrics need to sound good together, or else nobody will listen to your music. For example, “Chinese food makes me sick. When I take a bite I say, ‘Ick, ick, ick!’” sounds better than, “Llama likes pie, la, la, la.” Lyrics also often sound better if they rhyme. Another thing an amazing song needs is rhythm. Have you ever heard a song where there is a sound about every second or so? Well, that is how songs keep rhythm. Exceptional lyrics need all of these properties to be amazing and make a song sensational.

Furthermore, a good song needs extraordinary background music and instruments. You need different instruments for different styles. For instance, for country music, an acoustic guitar, or maybe a harmonica, might be the perfect choices. However, for rock, electric guitars and drums might be best. So, instrumentation that matches the music’s genre and lyrics is an important aspect of a wonderful song.

Lastly, a song is not a song without a genre. A genre is a musical style that fits the listener’s personality. Country is more of a slow acoustic sound, while rock has a louder, sharper noise. Your personality usually determines which genre(s) you like. For example, in our essay group, Riley prefers rock; Mathew enjoys rap; and Tay and Giselle like pop. Even if you like only one theme of music, you can always find another genre that interests you.  Most likely, the perfect song will be part of your preferred musical genre.

In conclusion, to make an awesome song, include all of these three ingredients: interesting, extravagant lyrics that include excellent word choice and words that sound good together; exquisite instruments to make great background music; and an interesting genre. Even though it may take a while, with these three components, you may eventually make a great song.  You might even be the next, Eminem, or Lady Gaga.  Good luck!

What Makes a Candy Store Great

by Hannah, Kaelee, Vikram, and Kyle

What do you look for in a candy store?  We are making a candy store, and we need to write all the values of what makes a candy store first-class.  Firstly, the store needs a decorating theme that is colorful.  Secondly, the people who work at the store should be polite and helpful.  Thirdly, the treats have to be the best of the best and have to taste absolutely wonderful.  All of these characteristics are what makes a candy store exceptionally great.

To start with, the decorating theme of the store has to be warm and welcoming to people.  It should be colorful in ways that inspire customers to dash in and go crazy.  The decorations should fit the shoppers and must be inviting.  In front of the building, the sign of the candy store ought to be broad, big, bold, and colorful.  It is very important that the store has a sweet, sugary scent as well.  The store should also be organized so that all of the wonderful sweets are easily located and neatly displayed and organized to catch the consumer’s eyes. These aspects of an excellent theme help make a candy store sensational.

Along with a great theme, the perfect candy store most definitely must have awesome employees.  An extraordinary employee must have these qualities. The employee is required to help the shopper find the candy he/she is looking for.  Likewise, the employee must respect the customer’s choice.  Moreover, the candy store worker should be polite and helpful so the public will keep returning to the store.  An additional quality that is helpful is for the employee to love candy so that the worker may promote it enthusiastically. Perhaps the workers might put samples of a variety of candies out so the customers could try and perhaps buy something they tasted.  For a candy store to be superb, the workers must be exceptional.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the candy in the store must be magnificent. The candy should be the best of the best and of all types, shapes, and sizes.  The store should have varieties of chocolate, such as dark and milk chocolate, and there should be sweet candy and sour candy.  The candy must have all kinds of flavors and colors on the wrapper.  Lastly, there should be candies that appeal to people of all ages.  Marvelous sweets are crucial for the perfect candy shop.

To conclude, a superior candy store must have three elements to make it fabulous.  To make a candy store great, it must have an awesome theme, helpful employees, and high-quality and delicious candy.  These are the characteristics that make a first-rate candy store so tasty, enticing people to visit the store over and over.