Week 15: This Week’s Winning Stories

Not-So Proper Princess, Part One

by Ava

I wake up in my chamber room, laying on my four poster bed, white sheets draped over me. The cool morning breeze greets me, playfully blowing at my hair. Breakfast is on the small table in the corner of my room. I slip out of bed with my pale blue night robe trailing along. Walking over to my wardrobe, my eye catches the dark blue gown made of Indian silk. The color means honesty, and today that seems perfect.

I plan on explaining to my mother today how I practice archery instead of meeting Lord Surdell for dance class, how I sneaked into town and studied the new invention of machinery Professor Bumble is making, and how I want more privileges. Even though my coronation is coming up soon (as I am heir to throne), I want to be known for justice, not for stopping  forgery, but for making fair rules.

I dig around my jewelry box to find a ruby necklace with a white pearl chain. Liberty is the word that comes to mind. Not too long ago, the new land of America gained freedom. I myself live in France so I was not as affected as England. It, in my opinion, was a British problem in authority that America is free. America must feel wonderful. I hear a man here in Paris proposes gifting the American people something to do with liberty.

I open my door, leaving the warm breakfast of robin eggs and toffee muffins untouched. I stride down the corridor, around the spiral staircase, and into the courtyard. I wish to make a bouquet for mother for when she gets mad at me. Along with a piece of finely tuned poetry (by moi, of course), it might be a plus for soothing her. The palace nursery is the place to go.

The fresh smell of soil greets me as I step in. The moist air cleans my lungs, renewing my strength and confidence. Tulips, lilacs, roses, daisies, and lots of others meet my eyes. Yet today, the mortality of the winter flowers surprises me, each holding a crown of black rot. As cruel as winter is and as much as I love spring, it kills me to see them dying. Sweet peas, violets, pansies, and jasmine, all fading away. I decide to collect as many as possible to nourish them myself.

Mother’s voice trails around the corner, the clomp of security soldiers’ feet behind her. I quickly hide, as I suppose she believes I am currently in my chamber.

“I just don’t know how to tell her. She has always thought herself to be truly our daughter! Besides, the law won’t let her become queen if they know she was—” mother is cut off.

“I will gladly take her spot, dear Aunt. I am responsible, fair, and I actually behave like a royal.” The voice comes from my cousin, Audrey. I step out of the bush and stare at my mother in disbelief.

“Oh! Zoey! You were, um… How much did you hear?” says mother.

“Enough to know you’re not trustworthy,” I reply, tears filling my eyes.

End of Part One

A Sharp Story

by Evan

Gabe imagined the mortality of his little tale of the day as the situation was upon him. He ignored that thought because it was a solid story. As if machinery had made a perfect forgery of the truth, the words blurted out were mechanically perfect. His lie was a sparkling piece of jewelry, distracting from the lack of honesty in his statement.

Gabe stood with authority; he had to sell this story no matter what. The day was almost over, and if he didn’t get home before the streetlights came on, he would be in trouble. His specialty was looking a person directly in the eye. That way the gravity of the situation would seem to affect the other person more.

“So you’re telling me, that this kid,” the security guard pointed to Gabe’s little sister, “did this to my car?” Everyone looked at the arrows sticking out of the grill of the car and back to the little girl holding her My Little Pony doll.

Gabe took a deep breath, “Yes, sir. Her nursery school lets them do archery all the time.”

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Austin

Archery is like poetry.
It’s one big community,
You need the authority and self-mastery to do it
And a strong sense
Of self security, along the machinery to throw
Tiny arrows at a target.
You need a specialty.
Perhaps a certain way to go clutch,
Or something.
Just take some lessons.

It will then seem as
If you were a graceful little
Penguin or lion dancing in a field
Of snow or wheat.
It’s just plain beautiful.
But first, have loyalty to your closest
Loved ones, knowing that if you need the support,
They will be there.
Then you will able to have your life’s penalty taken
And have a normal life.
And it all started from archery.
It’s life’s way of telling you,
Get off your feet and do something
Productive to health.
And with that piece of advice said,
Be empowered for fitness.

A Poem

by Zoe

A poem is…
In its own special way
A poem is…
A prized possession
A poem is…
It’s yours if you wrote it
A poem is…
It floats around in your life
A poem is…
And you have to love it

A poem isn’t…
You can’t copy with it
A poem isn’t…
Or any of the sports
A poem isn’t…
A bakery
You don’t get it dirty
A poem isn’t…
They don’t make appointments

A poem is…
If you want it to be,

Doesn’t Matter to Me

by Whitney

I stare with curiosity
as the robbery
proceeds in action.

Those thieves seem to be after the jewelry.
They must have special machinery to break
into the store.

I watch as one of the men dressed in black
reaches for a few
of the radiant rubies.
The others go for some
sparkling sapphires.

Where is security or someone
in a position of authority?
Where are
all of the people in this community
to stop this madness?

But honestly, I’m no use.
In reality, I’m not good or bad. I am just
Myself.  I only express
the activities my eyes observe
through poetry.

A Day in the Life of Eugene Mondole

by Annabelle

Dear Diary,
Rumble. Click. Clack. Hoooooo! My head bumps against the SkyTram’s enforced plastic windows and I stare out at the artificial sunny day. 2999 is not at all what I expected it to be. Everyone wears the same outfits, same hairstyle, same everything. I cannot believe that I am trapped in time.

I wasn’t always supposed to be a time traveler. In my family, the eldest child is given the power and responsibility until their first born child turns fifteen. My older brother, Larry, inherited the abilities two years ago. Then, six months ago, he disappeared into time. After he was gone, I trained to become a time traveler, even though I am only eleven. Ever since then, I have been searching through time for him. Now, I am trapped in the year 2999.

It’s not that I am exactly trapped. I like to consider it as being temporarily stuck in time. You can only time travel fifteen times a month, and I have already used those times. It is almost the end of June, and I only have one more day until July.

Dear Diary,
I am currently in medieval England, and boy, is it evil. There are no supermarkets, and I have to use my poor archery skills to catch my food. There is no sign of Larry here. I am starting to lose hope of ever finding him.

Dear Diary,
Hello from the time of liberty and justice for all! The year is 1780 in the thirteen colonies! There is a war raging between the colonies and the loyalists to England. I have just finished talking with a man who briefly knew Larry, and that means Larry was here. The man said that Larry said something about poetry and where it originates. That means that Larry is probably in 2500 BCE, where the oldest surviving poems were written.

Before I go, I might stop by home in 2015, have a slice of bread from my family’s bakery and get a quick taste of electricity to gear me up. One thing about 1780 surprised me: I never realized how bad slavery was back then!

Dear Diary,
The humidity is thick, the streets are buzzing with activity, but otherwise, 2500 BCE is going okay. I am getting closer to finding Larry every day. The community seems nice, but I have not really communicated with any of the citizens. I have been camping out next to a popular fishery because Larry loves to fish, and I am hoping he will visit this place.

Dear Diary,
I’ve found him! I’ve really found Larry! I was walking down the street when I saw him walking right towards me with piece of parchment in his hands. It turns out that he had lost his Necklace of Time, a small gem that is the only thing that allows you to travel back to your own time. Luckily, I had mine so we shared one.

When we returned home, our parents were overjoyed because they had not seen either of us in seven months. Now, it is time to kick back, relax, and always remember to bring our Necklaces of Time wherever we go.


by Fiona

I picked up a beautiful jewelry set with a necklace and two bracelets, studied it, and put it back in its original spot for two reasons: 1) It was far too expensive. 2) It was a gift I would enjoy, not something my eight-year-old sister or nineteen-year-old brother would love.

I sighed and kept walking around. I was attempting to find my brother and sister Christmas presents, but I wasn’t doing a good job, getting distracted by almost everything I saw. Noticing for the first time that I was in my favorite boutique—not the best place to shop for a little girl who loves archery and a young man who loves machinery—I strolled out into the empty streets of downtown, vacant due to the suffocating humidity in the air.

Approximately five steps out of the door, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. “Nora!” ecstatic Violet called out.

“Hi!” I replied, waving and walking over to her as she was doing the same, “How’s it going?”

“Good!” she said, out of breath, “Whatcha doing?”

“Well, I am trying to find suitable Christmas presents for my siblings,” I responded with a huff.

“Allow me to help you!” she practically declared, linking arms with me.

“That would be wonderful,” I said smiling.

We walked up and down the streets of town, going into multiple shops and stores, searching for the perfect items.

As we rounded a corner, I saw the old university that had been turned into a community service center a couple years ago. It was a big deal with lots of publicity. There were even a couple problems where security had to get involved. Being that Violet and I had met at the university when we were younger and we were now best friends, it was notable when it changed into the center, and we always mentioned it to each other when we walked by it, as Violet was doing right now.

While we strolled down a street, our curiosity overtook us, and we popped into a cooking store, thinking that we might be able to find something interesting there for my sister, as archery items were expensive and not in stock anywhere we had found thus far. In the store, we discovered a couple of starter cooking items and a fat cookbook with pictures—perfect gifts for my sister—before moving on to find something for my brother.

Knowing that he had a slight interest in writing, we bought him a couple books on poetry, as well as books on machinery, knowing that he would be pickier that my sister.

“Well, I guess we’re finished,” I said with a sigh.

“Yup,” Violet replied, “Thanks for letting me join you; this was really fun.”

“No…” I smiled, “Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you. And… I got you something.” From my bag, I pulled a small box that I had secretly had wrapped at one of the stores we had visited. I handed the gift to her.

She beamed and took it, proceeding to open it, exclaiming, “You shouldn’t have!”

“Well, I did,” I answered. Violet finished unwrapping the present, and she found a little, baby blue, round, decorated ornament. As directed from me, she wound it up and pressed a button at the top to open it. Inside there was a house encircled by trees with two horse drawn carriages rotating around in a circle while the melody of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” played.

Violet held the delicate ornament for a minute, peering in delight at the scene, before hugging me tightly, saying thank you in the process.

“Shall we meet again sometime?” she questioned.

“We certainly shall,” I replied.

“Merry Christmas!”

“And a happy New Year,” I yelled back to her as we parted, each of us smiling all the way home.

Only Human

by Gianna

I am only human
Don’t judge me
because of how
I look or sound
or dress
I may be different
but I am still human

I say “Liberty
and justice for all”
I am still part of
your community
Treat me like you would
treat yourself
I ask nothing more
but to treat me well
I may not be a prep
and wear fancy jewelry
have everything I want
every second of the day
I’m not acting like a brat on a
reality show
But I am still human

I can go to a college university
I can have my own
curiosity about things
I don’t care what the publicity says
I can work for a dentistry if I want
I can do archery
I can be whatever I want to be
I am only human

I share the same gravity with you
I am human just like you
You see, we are all the same
You are human
I am human
We are all
only human


by Agent Lynch

“Hello, my name is Agent Lynch, from S.H.E.I.L.D. My team has heard some word that this jewelry store sells fake jewelry. In the state of Arizona, that is called forgery; what would you like to say?” I inquired.

He started his sentence and then darted out of the room like a bullet.

I called my team by using an ear microphone. Hawkeye, advanced in archery, went to the tallest building and started looking for the suspect. Agent Romanoff, Captain America, and I, myself, started looking in the alleyway.

Hawkeye said the suspect was heading into the community center. When Romanoff, Captain, and I, myself, saw the community center, it looked totally harmless, because there were some cars—some, but not a lot, some flyers that said, “Please come to the poetry reading on 12-16-14,” and a sign that said, “Bingo Night.” Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be Bingo Night; I thought it was going to be Kickboxing Night.

The building had security cameras everywhere so Romanoff went into the control room to hack into the system. Captain and I, myself, went through the back, and Hawkeye went through the door on top of the roof.

We all moved in the building. There were millions of people. I looked to my right and saw the suspect throw a sleeping grenade. (A sleeping grenade is just like a normal grenade, but it puts you to sleep.)

Captain and I, myself, woke up in an anti-gravity chamber. Captain, who still had his ear microphone, called Hawkeye and Romanoff. Romanoff and Hawkeye said they were in a plant nursery, and they had seen a man-eating plant!

Then, all of a sudden, Captain and I, myself, started floating. We tried to hold on. Unfortunately, the wall was too slippery.

“Agent Lynch, this wall is made of glass; if I push off at just the right angle, I could break the glass!” exclaimed Captain.

“Then why are you floating around?  Do it!”  I insisted

Boom! We were free!  Luckily, there was a laptop on the desk outside, so I hacked into the S.H.I.E.L.D network and performed an eye scan of my eye. The computer said, “You don’t have the authority for this file!”

I put Captain’s eye up to the scanner. “Hello, Steve Rodgers, AKA Captain America,”  said the computer in a woman’s voice.

I called a S.H.I.E.L.D plane to our location. Then Captain and I, myself, went to find the others. Romanoff and Hawkeye were all right! We all got on the plane.

I couldn’t believe we didn’t find those bad guys! I went to the back of the airplane and yelled, “We will find you!”

Game Time

by Riley

graphics-basketball-556170It was game day, I ran out onto the court. I was playing for Stanford University. I got a pass down court. I ran and did a spin move, but my defender smacked the ball down. Pretty much our whole community was watching so I wanted to play well. The other team swooshed a three. I got the ball, did a few tricky dribbles, fake passed it, and then I let loose a three. It rebounded off the side of the rim, but I knew that was the reality of things. They made another shot, and we were soon down by twenty points.

There were only two seconds left before half time so I fired a laser shot across the whole court. This reminded me of archery in a way, and the hoop was the bull’s-eye. I figured I would miss, so I started walking off the court, but then I heard the crowd roar, and I looked back to see that I had swooshed it.

That’s when the fire came on! We were making shot after shot and had cut our deficit to six points. I looked at whom I was defending and saw that he was wearing jewelry. That left me with curiosity about why someone would be wearing jewelry during a basketball game. I got the ball and shot a three, but gravity pulled it to the left, and it missed. I kept missing shots, and the opponents soon stretched their lead back to fifteen. In the third quarter, we were down by twenty points again.

In the fourth quarter, we began an ultimate comeback. Swoosh! That layup put us ahead by two! The other team made the shot to tie it up. We bricked it off the rim; they made another shot, which put them up by two. The game is over, I told myself. I dribbled the ball down court, spun around my defender, and shot a three….

The crowd erupted! We had won the game! I received a lot of publicity that night, as we had one with a score of 111-110. To celebrate, the team went out to a bakery. The person working there showed us her cookery skills, and then we ate delicious treats.


by Ava

lookingdownoncity“Is she dead?” asked a voice, with a hint of curiosity. “Aw, she’s dead isn’t she?” I opened my eyes groggily and saw the voice was Zack. Sitting next to him were Alexis, Leo, and Natalie. I groaned and sat up.

“AHH! She’s a zombie!” Zack exclaimed while running around the room.

“She’s a zombie,” I said, using my very wonderful talent of mimicry.

“AHH! She’s a zombie who mimics people!” Zack hid behind a sofa.

“I’m not a zombie!” I yelled, getting irritated.

“AHH! She doesn’t know she’s a zombie who mimics people!”

I rolled my eyes. Natalie and Alexis were giggling and Leo was making derp faces at them. I sighed, this is my reality. I looked around the room; it looked more like a place a lady with puffy hair and fancy jewelry would come and stay, or maybe a graduate from a university or something, maybe with a degree in dentistry. I shook myself away from my train of thought.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Oh,” said Alexis. “A dude saw us using our bionics and wanted to do experiments on us so he took out a blaster gun that knocked you down. But, luckily, we got away.” I hated the force of gravity. I took another look around the room. I also hated the snootiness of it all.

I forgot to explain the part about bionics. We had secret microchips inserted into the back of our necks that gave us certain abilities and made us immortal. Mine were mimicking people and super speed. Of course, I had the blessing of two powers. Also, everyone had the same ability; we could all fly.

“Let’s go home, guys,” I said, and the others agreed. We got in formation, with me leading them. Zack pushed me aside.

“Excuse me, ladies, but let me show you how a man does it.” I pushed him back.

“Ladies still have their liberty,” I said, jumping into the air and leading them home.

As we came to our community where mortality is common, we looked down at the city where it all began. I wondered if we would ever be safe here.


by Aubriana

people-textingNo loyalty in friendship
No poetry in words
No liberty in the U.S.
Only gravity in my heart
No community in life,
but instead in the life of new phones.
No puzzle piece fits perfectly,
Either too small or too large,
And all the colors too different
All the jewelry much too big
Robbery and slavery are the very truths of life
No property just penalty for being who you are.

The Sky-Flyer

by Bailey

Curiosity is what controls me.  I am an inventor, so curiosity is a good thing.  My latest invention is the Sky-Flyer.  The Sky-Flyer is a flying contraption much like a helicopter, but it doesn’t use fuel.  Although most inventors care only about publicity, I am an inventor because I long to find the Marigold.

The Marigold was once a pirate’s airship.  It is said to be filled with gold and is rumored to be somewhere in Brazil.  I’m on my way there to find the ship.  I plan to take all of the gold held within; I have been short on finances lately.  Many people from different communities have tried to find the Marigold and failed.  I think I will be the lucky one.

Upon arriving in Brazil, I have been searching the skies for the Marigold, but have had no luck so far.  I have much hostility towards the Marigold for being so hard to locate.  After all, I dropped out of business school at Liberty University just so I could find the enigmatic airship.

Suddenly, as I ponder, the Sky-Flyer begins to fall.  I silently curse gravity for not being so kind as to keep us in the air.  My jewelry rattles as my flying contraption rapidly descends from the sky.  Luckily, the trees catch us, and apparently, they have caught something else as well.  There, lying in front of me is the Marigold! I gasp as the reality of this discovery hits me.  I make my way inside the Marigold, marveling at everything I find within the ship.

A few months later, and I am rich from the Marigold.  I have enough money to create another invention:  the Stitchery Machine.  It repairs anything I want it to!  I’m repairing the Marigold with it.  Someday, she will be sky-worthy again.


by Rose

With my ruby jewelry
I shall hold my community
Close to my heart and poetry
Even closer.

I stand tall and brave,
And I feel liberty,
Only because honesty
Is the last thing I have.
So close to my soul
a cold breeze I feel.
I’m off–
Straight into gravity.

Suddenly, before I go into space,
An arrow pierces me and I’m oozing blood.
That archery freak just left me there
To die.

Mortality has just happened,
Not just to me,
But to one hundred others, too.
As my mom comes and watches my death,,
The archer who slayed  me was arrested
For the crime of murder and forgery.

But the specialty of the day is still ominous—war and violence.

Job Dissatisfaction

by Tanner

I work for the security company that is in our community.  In all honesty, I would rather read and write poetry or specialize in machinery.  I could be liberty’s best archer and have lots of jewelry and property, but no; I am stuck having to be a security officer.


by Dylan

“Hello!” I exclaimed
wearing my new jewelry,
but the villagers said,
But I laughed and said,
“You have no authority!”

And still the villagers said,
“That is not your property!”
Another said,
“If it’s truly made of gold,
Dent it with this dentistry.”

“It does not have to conduct

or be made by machinery;
this is truly honesty,
you can kill me with your archery
or poison me in bakery;
just don’t accuse me of robbery
for I have rights to liberty.”

  Gone Fishing…Again!

by Camille

It was of those scorching hot days when the sun sizzles the top of your head until it gets beet red.  It was a day of utter boredom, when you could not think of one single thing to do.  Your mother would make a suggestion of what to do—go outside, read a book—but it was just too dang hot!  Really?  Are those our only options?

It was a typical sunny Saturday in my hometown of Roosevelt, Utah.  My dad was off every Saturday because he didn’t have enough work to keep him busy.  “No business” is what my dad told my mom at dinner every night.  She worried that Samuel’s Plumbing might not last until the end of the year.

“Hey, Sammy, how ’bout we go to that ol’ fishing dock in Vernal?”  Samuel Senior queried in an authoritative tone.

“Um, okay?” I, Samuel Junior, questioned this choice in my head, but from my mouth “okay” was all that emerged.  However, inside, I was petrified to spend the day with my dad! You could call my dad a daredevil, but that would be an overstatement!  Goofy would be a better way to describe him.

Let me tell about the summer of 2010, when “Goofy” decided to take me to Vernal to go fishing.  Being the “daredevil/goofy” he was, my dad expected that zero gravity would keep him upright and prevent him from falling every time he stood up in the canoe.  This was categorically inaccurate!  The “goofiness” did not stop there.  My dad thought he could scare the ducks away with bread.  BREAD!  Bird’s absolutely love bread!  You can probably imagine how that went.  Instead of scaring them away, the birds attacked the canoe.  I could not bear to think about what would come of this fishing trip.

Jick-cha, jick-cha was the sound of our old jeep trying to keep itself together as it maneuvered over the rocky terrain, which led to the famous father-son fishing dock.  “Ya know,” said my dad in a real western tone.  Oh, no; here comes the story of the old father-son fishing tale I heard every time we were in the jeep.  “I came here with my ol’ pop when I was a li’l duckling like ya,” spoke my dad in a surprisingly melodic tone.

“Okay, is that all you are going to say?” I said in a please-be-done voice.

“Yep, I feel you’re gettin’ tired of the ol’ man talkin’.  Help me get them ol’ fishing poles out of the trunk,” spoke dad in a well-let’s- go tone.

As we approached the dock, I could see the “Bait Security” patrol.  They were a group of old geezers who brought the stinkiest egg salad sandwiches in the whole wide world!  They had been here for as long as I could remember, and their job was to keep all of the people fishing honest about how many fish they caught.  “Well, Sam, ya comin’?” said my dad.

“Uh, yeah,” I spoke thrillingly!  But, inside I was more like, sure. 

As we sauntered further onto the dock, I spotted a mama duck with her nursery of baby ducklings.    Even farther down the dock, I saw what looked like a jewelry fish.  I remembered when I was five and I wanted to give my mom jewelry for her birthday.  My dad reminded me how I crawled onto the dock and spotted the longest fish ever.  It had the most sparkling and glistening scales ever.  My dad said the fish looked like a moving slimy, shimmering necklace.  I tittered at the amazement of how I had thought I would give my mom such a pathetic gift.

As we traipsed into the old, rickety canoe, I spotted a few young kids practicing archery. Lucky kids; they got to do archery instead of being stuck with an old man who only talks about how The Beatles were the pop sensation of all time, way back then. Splish! went the murky, green water as we balanced ourselves in the canoe.  “So, let’s get out them ol’ fishing rods,” squealed my dad in excitement.  You could say that our fishing poles were a little worn down, and that would be a huge understatement.  I had tried to talk my dad into getting a specialty fishing rod.  The rods were made with special machinery.  Nevertheless, my dad insisted that we had the best fishing rods, and as far as he was concerned, any other rod was a forgery.

My dad observed my facial expressions and could see my complete boredom look.   Out of the blue, my dad told me to put down my fishing rod.  When I did, my dad and I were able to have a meaningful conversation.

Wow, I thought to myself, maybe this fishing trip wasn’t so bad after all.  “Dad, maybe we can do this more often,” I suggested to my dad.

“I’d like that,” he grinned.

Out of everything I had done, I never thought I would learn something from a father and son getaway.  Shockingly, I learned to not underestimate something before I have tried it!  Surprising, huh?!

My Essay on Being a Bully

by Grace

Hey, I’m supposed to be writing an essay on why I’m a bully. Personally, I think this idea is totally fruitless, but I have no choice, so whatever.  Anyway, here I go. Oh, wait, one more thing: this essay is for a class that I’ve attended, a class to help with my bullying problems.  It may have helped, but I’ve still got attitude!  So listen carefully and don’t make my same mistakes.

First of all, I’m going to tell you about my family background, just in case you’re so full of curiosity you would absolutely die if I didn’t tell you. My dad goes to The University of Cookery, and, and my mom died when I was young. Maybe that’s the sole reason why I’m a bully. Plus, I’m the middle child of seven kids who don’t always have a dad at home. It’s just great! I have three younger siblings who continuously bicker annoyingly and three older siblings to scold me when I do something wrong. Ugh!

I think the root of my problem was that when my mom died, all of us kids were registered in a new school. My family was from Washington, but now we were part of the citizenry of California. Now, I was hopping mad and so confused as to why God had taken my mother, so you can imagine I wasn’t so pleasant to my first, second, third, or fourth year classmates, or any of them for that matter. I ignored them, and they ignored me in return. I deserved it, though, because I was the exact meaning of hostility:  I glared viciously, I rolled my eyes, and I used mimicry to annoy people for the sheer fun of it. As you can tell, I was horrid to the bone.

The types of kids I generally bullied mercilessly were people who wore clothes that weren’t in, kids with glasses, and I even bullied the most bashful girl in school who was innocently doing stitchery at recess. But the real targets of my wrath were kids who had braces. I seethed in pure hatred every time I saw one of my unfortunate victims. The story behind this is that my mom was in the dentistry business, so every time a child with braces walked within my line of vision, it was a painful reminder of my loss.

I went through some tough times in my years of elementary school; moreover, I made people have a hard time in elementary school, which is what I am sorry for the most. I had to realize that this was reality, and I wasn’t going to wake to my mom gently tapping my shoulder. I also know that my actions weren’t to get publicity for myself; I was merely showing my emotions. I learned my lesson the hard way, so if you need a lesson learned, seize my advice, and learn from my mistakes not your own.


by Lilah

As I ventured deep into the old, abandoned nursery, I kept coming upon old pieces of jewelry in a perfect and straight line. I hope my machinery will work in here, I thought to myself as my financial advisor started to speak.

“So, the owner’s brother says that this property will be about $250,000,” he said in a jumpy yet monotone voice.

“All right,” my voice seemed quieter than usual. “I’ll buy it. I’m sure the new dentistry company will love it,” I uttered in a trying, but failing, happy voice.

When I soon resumed my “checking-out” of the old plant specialty place, and I got back on track following the gems and necklaces. When I reached the end of the trail, I found a small pile of three beans. They seemed as though they were glowing with a light green shimmer.


That night I studied the beans.

“Maybe, I could plant these in the community, and then the people would be so grateful for the fresh beans that they would go to the new dentist office I own, and I would get loads of cash!” I used plenty of honesty while saying this because I was alone, utterly alone.


It was the day of planting, and I knew just the spot to plant the beans. I planted them near the old oak tree in the center of the town. I dug a small hole and stuck them in, and then plop, plop, plop went the fresh and wet dirt as I dropped the soil over the legumes.


In the next forty-eight hours, the once very tiny and petite sprout grew to a whopping twenty-five feet tall! It seemed as though it might defy gravity as it kept on growing and growing. I started wondering if my thought was turning out as planned.


When people started seeing the large beanstalk, they soon started to point fingers to determine who it was who had planted this horrible and monstrous plant. The next day, the town’s security—the police department— sent some officers who took me to jail.


Still while sitting in the cell, I think about the magic-to-me beans and where they led.



by Jack

Tomorrow is a big day! Aragnir thought to himself.  He and three other people would be entering the local archery contest–one of them, his best friend, Hemiskir.  Borri and Wisquiere were the other two archers.  Archery was their specialty.  Aragnir marked off another day on the calendar and swiftly fell asleep.


Aragnir approached the shooting range with his bow in hand.  “Hey, Hemiskir!” shouted Aragnir, as he spotted his friend across the field.

“This place has incredible security!” noted Hamiskir, approaching Aragnir.

“Uh, oh!  Got to go!  See you at the range!” replied Aragnir.


Aragnir moved into his lane, and the other competitors took their lanes, too.  Each player got one arrow.  The archer making the closest shot to the bull’s-eye would be the winner of the competition.

Borri shot first.  He missed, and the arrow went through someone else’s property.  Wisquiere was next.  His arrow hit a good five inches from the bull’s-eye.  Aragnir was up next. Aragnir shot with authority, and his arrow was just seven-tenths of an inch away from the bull’s-eye.  Last to shoot was Hemiskir, whose shot seemed to defy gravity and landed a mere six-tenths of an inch away from the target’s center.

The crowd screamed, hands went up in the air, and in reality, the approval of the citizenry was honestly almost deafening.

From this day forward, Hemiskir was known as the number one shooter in the community.

Security Guard

by Ian

My specialty is being a security guard.  I wear a black suit every day.  I am around six feet, two inches tall, and I’m very strong.  I am no babysitter watching cute, young infants in a nursery.  I guard million dollar jewelry at the largest jewelry store in America.  When I am guarding, I do not use machinery.  I use my brain and my strength.  During the day when the store is open, I make sure nobody has money or credit cards that are forgeries.  At night when the shop is closed, I make sure nobody breaks in.

The worst thing that ever happened to me during the day is when a man tried to purchase the most expensive jewel in the store.  When he got to the cash register, the man gave the cashier a fake check and then started to run away with the gem. He only went about thirty yards before I caught him.  After I apprehended him, he still refused to admit that he had given the cashier a fake check.  He had no honesty at all.  I had the authority to send this man to jail.

If you think that’s bad, then listen to this.  A group of five men cut a hole in the roof of the store.  After they cut the hole, they tried to shoot me.  I jumped so high that it felt as though there was no gravity.  Luckily, they missed.  Then I pulled out my gun and shot all five of them in just five shots.  I have very good aim because of my archery lessons when I was young.

That was one of the scariest moments of my life, but that’s what I signed up for, not to be a babysitter.

Saving Forestville

by Shaina

“Hello? Is there anyone in there?” I questioned as I was walking through the forest. The last thing I had remembered was being at my university, but everything else was just a blur. I had more curiosity bubbling inside of me with each step I took through the bleak forest. “Attention. Attention. I thank all of my fellow citizens for coming to discuss the reality of what we’re facing in this grave time.” Was that a butterfly, and….what was that? Animals…talking? I pinched myself. This is…real. A whole different world lay in the mysteries of the forest!

“What’s happening, Mayor?” squeaked a mouse wearing an apron.

“Well, humans have been coming into the forest and cutting down our trees. We could soon be exposed…”

“Excuse me? Who are all of you?” I asked.

“Quick! Everyone, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” the brown bear cried out.

“No, it’s too late now. We must reveal ourselves to her.” The mayor, who was a butterfly, sighed. “I am Mr. Mayor of Forestville. We need to save this forest or else all our homes will diminish.”

“I’ll lend a hand. What can I do to help?” I queried. I absolutely had to take the liberty to help these animals; their lives depend upon it.

“Well, we need to be able to either move all our items out to another forest, or we need to try to encourage the humans who are taking down our home to go away.”

“Why don’t we just move everything underground?”

“We already considered that. It would be too much noise.”

“Then we will need to move the community to a different forest. The people who are going to move this are too hostile for us to compete with in this matter. We need to start moving now. Those people probably think this is a plain area where nothing is. I wonder, though. What would the harm be of letting people know that animals talk? Then you would get to keep your homes, and we wouldn’t need to build new cookeries, houses, and trading posts for you.”

“That would be a good idea!” the brown bear bellowed in agreement.

“I suppose….”the mayor said. “How, will we do it though? All of a sudden just go into town and say, ‘Hey, we animals and insects can talk!’ Ideas?”

“I could cue you. I would call for the town to come. I would say it was an emergency. I would encourage publicity, making a scene about it. I could say I heard a rumor about something that will soon make an atmosphere where there isn’t any gravity, and we would just float. The people in this town will believe anything.”

“Okay, then what?”

“I would explain the truth…about all of you, how this is where you live.”

“What if human mortality becomes a concern? Parents might think we are a danger to children.”

“Mortality?!” Mrs. Goose cried out as she started fanning herself.

“AHEM!” Mr. Goose exclaimed with a scoff. “Don’t we get a say in this at all? My wife is about to pass out!”

“Mr. Goose,” Mr. Mayor of Forestville said in a soothing tone. “We’re just doing the best we can. We could actually be saving all of our lives.” At this, Mrs. Goose started waking up and being certain all her jewelry was in place.

“She always makes an immense scene at all the gatherings,” Mr. Mayor said with a sigh. I giggled at that comment.

“What a surprise,” I said in a sarcastic voice. “It’s time to start. Word will get around; the town is small, and everyone knows everyone. There should be a lot of citizenry, usually when I have attended these things in the past there are a lot of people.”

I started getting the word around that there would soon be no gravity and to meet in front of the forest to help stop it. Everyone came as planned, and I told them the truth. There were a lot of gasps and shouts of “You’re lying!” However, then I made a hand gesture for all the members of Forestville to come out.

“Ooooh! There’s people! I never get to see them often!” Mrs. Goose yelled as she was fixing up her tail feathers.

“Animals do talk!” someone in the crowd exclaimed.

“Our kids would love them!” another shouted out. Soon there was pandemonium in the crowd as little kids began shrieking and beaming. A little girl approached Mrs. Goose. “Can I come visit you in the forest?” she asked with a grin.

“OF COURSE!” Mrs. Goose quacked. After they all were all acquainted, the forest grew quiet, and all the kids were allowed to visit the forest. All the people of Forestville were able to stay in the forest, and the one little girl continued to regularly visit Mrs. Goose and all the creatures.

Fraud Frenzy

by  Bjorn

“This is our best plan yet!” Mike yelled to his best friend, Zander.

“I’ve been planning this for weeks.  It can’t go wrong,” bellowed Zander in excitement.

Zander was the authority figure, and Mike just followed through with whatever plan Zander suggested.  Their current plan was to rob the jewelry store Zander owned, sneaking past security wearing archery gear and ski masks, stealing all the jewels and money, destroying all of the store’s machinery, and then taking all the insurance money and becoming rich.


Once Zander and Mike were inside the store, they started to place fake evidence so they wouldn’t be caught.  Mike’s specialty was forgery.  They were going to frame the manager of the community dentistry for the crime.  They moved as quickly and sleekly as a kitten, peering around the corners to keep an eye out for any type of security or cameras.  Once they reached the jewelry, Mike lifted one enormous fist and smashed the glass.  He began picking up as many jewels as he could and stuffed them into a “John’s Camping Bag,” which was a bright blue duffel bag.

Reee-oooooh, reee-oooooh went the alarm as they bounded through the store.  They heard police surrounding the building.  “We’ll have to jump out the window,” Zander quickly snapped as he gasped for air.

Almost out of breath, sweating intensely, Mike choked out, “Agreed.”

They jumped through the window, starting with Zander first, only to land next to a police squad with a snarling German Shepherd.  “I’ll take that,” ordered a cop in navy blue uniform as he confiscated the bag of riches that was nestled under Mike’s arm.

“You’re going to be locked up for a long time,” muttered another officer as he threw the two villains into the back of the police car.

Airport Security

by Kyle

I was so excited to fly to Hawaii! I own a very nice property in Hawaii. I also write poetry which is great because there are a lot of things to write about in Hawaii. I arrived at the airport, and I was a little nervous because I had to catch my plane in about an hour. As I walked towards security, I noticed a strange man walking next to me. He was wearing a black trench coat with black boots and old pants. It kind of bothered me so I stepped back. He walked through the metal detector, and loud sirens rang throughout the airport. “Search him,” yelled a nearby security guard.  The strange man tried to run and hustled himself through the back door. The security guards jumped on him. They handcuffed him and dragged him to the scanning machinery to see what he had that set off the alarm. The guards found stolen jewelry from Paris, archery equipment, and illegal weapons that the man had tried to sneak through the airport security system. Apparently, the man’s specialty was stealing expensive items from Europe. Security pulled his passport out of his pocket and determined that it was a forgery.

The security guards brought the man to the airport security center. I should have continued on to my flight, but curiosity got the best of me, and I had to find out what happened to the strange man, so I followed the security guards. The chief security guard had the authority to contact the local police to have the man arrested.  The chief security guard stated, “You will be arrested and deprived of your liberty because you have stolen property from another person!” It turns out that the police had a warrant for the man’s arrest for a prior charge of selling illegal drugs throughout the community and growing marijuana at a local nursery. The man tried to lie about everything. He had no honesty whatsoever. Furthermore, he was ugly, and he needed some serious dentistry work done. The security guards said that the man would be tried, convicted, and taken to a prison where the chances of mortality were very high.

I was fascinated by the whole situation at the Security Center, but I realized that I now had only fifteen minutes to board my plane. I ran back to airport security, went through with no problem, and boarded my plane. I took a deep breath as the plane defied gravity and flew through the cotton balls in the sky to Hawaii.

Spoiled Reality Television Stars Learn a Lesson

by Rose and Sonia

“But, Mummy, I don’t WANT to go model jewelry today!”said Mandy.

“Can’t we just go outside and do archery with our friends like NORMAL kids?” exclaimed Mindy. This was just another day in the Smith household. The twins always wanted to play outside like ordinary kids and not have to deal with all the publicity that they received from their incredible reality television show, “Home with the Smith Twins.”

“No, you must model, my little sweethearts; you are the ones who, out of curiosity, wanted to do this show!” Mum said with care and concern.

“BUT, MUMMY!” Mindy and Mandy cried in unison, both wishing they could defy gravity and fly away to another world.

After Mummy forced them to model the jewelry, it was late, and they had to go to bed.


“MUMMY!! BREAKFAST! NOW!!!” Mindy screamed, before she even opened her eyes.

“AHHHHHH!” Mandy shouted, and Mindy’s eyes popped open in surprise at her twin’s scream.

“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Mindy and Mandy shouted at once.

They looked down at their clothes… and then at their room.

“AHHHHH!” Mindy screeched.

“I’m going downstairs to ask Mummy what in the world is going on!” Mandy announced with a pout.

A few minutes later, Mandy returned upstairs, saying, “She’s not there!”

“What?” Mindy said. They both thought for a moment.

GRRRRR…. Mandy’s stomach growled.

“Well, good thing my specialties are cookery and machinery because you need something to eat!” Mindy said with a smile… posing with a T.V. smile for a camera that wasn’t there.

“Well… HONESTY and poetry are my specialties, and they are much more important!” Mandy said, designing her response to set up the beginning of a classic reality show fight.

“Mandy, we have NO authority figure directing us right now. We don’t have to look good or pretty or catty for the camera. Face it, life is worse without a camera following you around 24-7,” Mindy said thoughtfully.

“I guess you’re right,” Mandy said, walking towards Mindy to give her a hug calculated to get that audience “aww.”  However, Mandy truly wondered if life might not be better without a permanent camera crew.

“But, what if this is our destiny?” Mindy said listening  for that “oooo” in the background.

“Oh, give it up, Mindy! We are not on T.V. anymore!”

Mindy looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

“Now, I am going to fix us a little brunch while you get dressed and think about what is going on,” Mindy said with a tentative hint of liberty in her voice.

After Mindy was out of sight, Mandy stretched out on her bed, and reflected on the situation. “I should have been more considerate when I spoke to Mindy!” she thought with guilt. “I just want to go back to my normal life! Wow, all this thinking is a lot work! Like doing your own nails… uhh!” Mandy yawned and thought all about what had happened to her in one night, one night!

“Mindy, Mandy! Up, up!”

“Mummy?” Mandy said in shock as she opened her eyes.

“Mummy!” Mindy said with a smile, already seeing the shiny camera in their bright room.

“Well, I guess Mindy didn’t have the same dream I did!” Mandy thought.

Zero Gravity Jewelry

by Talia

“Hi, Mom! I’m home from my archery lesson,” called Sally as she entered her house.

“Do you want to go to the jewelry store with me?” asked her mom.

“Sure,” responded Sally.

“Then let’s go hop in the car,” said her mom.

When they finally arrived at the jewelry store, they started to look around.  Sally noticed a security guard and high tech machinery by the door.  As Sally looked at the jewelry displays, a pretty, sea-blue necklace caught her eye.  She asked her mom if she could buy it, and her mom said yes.

While they were buying the necklace, the store clerk asked for ID to make sure the check Sally’s mom was writing wasn’t a forgery.

After they bought the necklace, they got back in the car.  Sally’s mom asked Sally if she would mind if they stopped by her work.  Sally’s mom worked at a nursery.  Sally said that she didn’t mind. Honestly, Sally didn’t want to go, but how could she bug her mom about that after her mom had bought her the new necklace.  So, even though Sally knew that “honesty was the best policy,” she wanted to help out her mom.

They drove to her mom’s work.  The name of the nursery was, Fruit Trees Are our Specialty.  When they pulled into the parking lot, Sally got out of the car and started to look around.  She realized that her new necklace was in her pocket.  So she put it on.  Then she noticed that her mom wasn’t there with her.  She turned around and saw the top of a tree.  She looked down and noticed that she was floating!  Sally couldn’t believe it.  Her necklace must be a zero gravity necklace!

When Sally took the necklace off, she put it around one of the trees, but nothing happened.  Then she put the necklace back on, lifted her hand, and the tree magically floated in the air.

Sally started to run to her mom to show her the amazing effect of the necklace.  Suddenly, however, she stopped and started to think.  If she showed her mom such magic, she might freak out and call the police.  What if they had the authority to take the necklace away to conduct tests on it?

Sally decided not to tell anyone and put the necklace back in her pocket.  When her mom was finished at the nursery, and they got back to the car, her mom asked where her new necklace was.  Sally said, “I don’t know; it might have fallen off,” as she secretly ran her fingers across the necklace safely concealed in her pocket.