Week of August 21

This Week’s Feature:

Spelling is Important – Spelling Strategy for Commonly Misspelled Words

Proofread to check your writing.  Your written work represents you, so it is important to do your personal best and to spell words correctly.

This Week’s Special Spelling Practice Activity:

Write a story or a paragraph in which you use at least ten of the core spelling words.  Be sure to underline each of the spelling words that you use and be sure to skip lines when you write so that corrections are easier to read.  Then proofread your paragraph to be sure that there are no errors.  Use these three basic steps for proofreading:

  1. Read each sentence.
  2. Check that the writing is clear, the sentence makes sense, and others can read it.
  3. Look for errors such as errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

When you correct errors, be sure to use these proofreading marks:

  1. Draw a line through misspelled words or words that are not grammatically correct and write the correct spelling or form of the word above.
  2. Correct any errors in capitalization by drawing a line through the lower case letter to be capitalized and writing the capital letter above.
  3. Draw a line through any extra punctuation.  If punctuation is missing, draw a small circle where the punctuation belongs and place the correct punctuation above.

You will turn your proofread story or paragraph in to Ms. M., along with your word sort for the week.  Do not forget that for homework, you must also study your spelling words for Friday’s spelling test.

Here is this week’s word sort.
Here are this week’s spelling story winners.