Week 21: This Week’s Winning Stories


by Genevieve

The dog glanced around the house. His humans moved frantically from room to room. The bull terrier stared solemnly at his paws. He gave a shriek as one of his human’s feet accidentally stepped on his paw. “Oh, sorry, Domino.”

Domino stepped forward and licked the confused human. She bent down to stroke his head. Domino gave a whimper of relief and backed away. The human continued on its project. Domino decided to get in a better mood and see what all the fuss was about. He leaped out the door and onto the terrace in front of the house. About five unfamiliar humans slammed hammers against wood. They were constructing something that looked almost geometric to Domino. The van pulled up into the driving lot and Domino ran back inside. From the window, he could see a man step out of the van. He held a crate.

“What are you doing there?” a human said, as they grabbed Domino by his collar and guided him upstairs. They showed him to a room and locked him in it. “You stay there; we don’t want you to get all territorial and chase down the chickens.”

Domino couldn’t understand any of this and just sighed. When did they get chickens? Domino loped over to the nearby window and glanced down into the yard to see big, feathered creatures proudly strutting around. He grimaced and stepped down from the window.

“Let me out!” barked Domino, even though he knew his humans couldn’t understand him. “I need to rid my territory of those deranged birds!”

He scratched at the door, then wandered back over to the window. He scanned the part of the house that he could see. There were boxes stacked on top of each other; Domino guessed they probably had something to do with the chickens. He could try jumping through the window and onto those boxes as an escape method. If he did that now, though, they would see him.

As night approached, Domino gazed up at the star-filled sky, a dense, astronomical mystery. Wind blew over Domino’s face, and he knew he could finally go see the chickens. The bull terrier reached down and laid a paw on the boxes. He brought the rest of his body down and immediately felt guilt for sneaking out.

Once outside, Domino had no choice but to stay there; he couldn’t get to the window from where he was. He crept down and onto the grains of chicken feed scattered around on the terrain in front of him. Around the corner, Domino saw the new chicken coop the humans were building. It held seven fat chickens; they all were huddled up next to each other, making it almost impossible to tell them apart. Domino trotted over to have a look around. He heard a rustling bush and turned to find a gorgeous she-dog staring at him. Realization flickered in her eyes, but she pretended that she had no clue who he was.

She gracefully cantered over to the sleeping chickens. Without a sound, she nosed open the door to the coop. Carefully, she climbed inside; she stood over the chickens, ready to finally get some food.

“Hi, what are you doing?” Domino asked. One of the chickens awoke and gave an alerting crow to the others.

They bolted, and the pretty she-dog went after them, stomping down an aster flower by accident. On her way out, she slammed into the coop door; it fell with a giant bang. Between the wild clucking and the coop door falling down, Domino didn’t know what to do. This was a total disaster! A feather landed in Domino’s eyes, and he barked with agitation. Domino’s humans stumbled out of the house and into the disastrous scene. The she-dog sprinted away; she held in her mouth a small, dazed chick. Domino ran after her. He wanted to know why she was stealing the chick.

Domino followed her to the core of the forest. It was an unfamiliar geography. It also seemed she had sensed his presence but didn’t care. She slowed and cast a glance at Domino.

“You caused this,” she said, while dropping the still-living chick on the ground.

“I… Hey, why do you have that chick?” Domino went over to the chick and started to lick the dirt off it. It gazed up at him with giant, round eyes.

“I need food. Of course, you wouldn’t know anything about hunting since you’re one of those ‘house dogs.’” She glared at him.

“Who are you?” Domino couldn’t help but say.

“Amethyst,” she answered.

“What kind of name is Amethyst?” Domino spat out. He soon after realized he had said the wrong thing and grew embarrassed.

Amethyst just laughed and pulled the chick back over to her. Domino scowled and picked up the chick in his mouth without hurting it.

“Why do you like my dinner so much?” Amethyst frowned.

Domino put the chick down. “You need to find different dinner; the chick and I just need to mosey on back to my house.” He glanced around. “Do you happen to know the way?”

“You’re in the middle of the forest now. Follow me. I’ll show you to your house.” Amethyst knew where she was leading him, and it definitely was not his house.

Blame Space

by Natalia

Astronaut Brenna, reporting for duty,” I say proud of myself,

“Hello, Brenna, today we have a really important mission for you,” my boss, Mr. Garner says.

“Really!” I’m overjoyed and filled with excitement, but then I remembered to play it cool. “I mean, really,” I revised trying my best to sound chill and cool.

Before I continue, I’m going to introduce myself. I’m Brenna Burbankson and ever since I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut—well, astronaut, and then I thought about being an astronomer and then… never mind; you get what I mean. I finally get to work at NASA. I have never been on a mission before, so this is a big deal!

“Yes, today, you will have to get coffee for a dozen people! I know you can do it. I believe you can!” my boss said as he walked away letting out a tiny laugh. Wow, that was very disappointing. Well, on the bright side, I get to make a trip to SpaceBucks Coffee.

I was sitting at the table at SpaceBucks waiting for the last couple of drinks. I looked into the little astronaut guy on the cups and just thought, I wish I could finally go on my first mission. One of the workers disrupted my thought by yelling out, “A Space Mocha Frap for Breanna.” Ugh, they always get my name wrong! I grabbed the drink and walked back to the table; just then my phone beeped. It was a text from Mr. Garner! It said, “SOS! We need you ASAP. Big asteroid coming towards Earth!” I couldn’t believe it! I immediately dropped all the drinks and sprinted out of the shop with joy, though sadly, the annoyingly bumpy terrain almost tripped me. Nevertheless, I managed to proceed.

Mr. Garner was standing in front of a computer with many other geologists, people that know a lot about astronomy and geology, and more people that looked smart.

“Thank goodness you’re here. Bridget is in Honolulu for her break, and Marty is in Russia for a vacation. We don’t have anyone else but you who might have an idea of how to attack a mission like this. Though you’ve never actually been in space yet, you had all the training necessary for it,” Mr. Garner said fast and panicked.

“Got it,” I answered trying my best not to sound overly excited.

“If you don’t destroy this asteroid, it could destroy the whole country of Brazil! It’s a disaster,” he said.

“Got it, sir. I’m going to get ready.” I jogged away and squealed quietly.

As soon as I knew it, I was buckling on my seatbelt in the space ship! I had to read a tutorial on how to use the laser gun to destroy the asteroid. At the end of the booklet, it said in asterisks, “Good Luck,” and I let that comfort me.

It was time for blastoff, everyone was counting down. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… BLASTOFF. There I went, speeding into space as fast as you can say spaghetti and meatballs. Suddenly, I got scared and closed my eyes. There was a moment where I felt like I was going to explode into a million different pieces, but it passed. I heard a scratchy sound from the speaker, “Brenna, Brenna, are you there? I repeat. Brenna, are you there?” it was Mr. Garner. I was very relieved to hear his voice.

“Yes. I am here and perfectly fine.” I said it and meant it.

“Okay, awesome! The asteroid should pass you in about five minutes. What you need to do is get the gun from the closet in the back of the ship and turn it on,” he said, and sounding calm, added, “if you don’t do so, this will be totally disastrous!” I take it back, now he was sounding more panicked than I’d seen him.

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

Four minutes and thirty-seven seconds later, I was out in space with the gun. I had it aimed right where it was supposed to be. I saw the asteroid coming! I felt a rush of panic and tried to make it go away, struggling to get over it. The asteroid was speedy and it definitely wouldn’t stop for me, so I shot the gun. First, the asteroid looked the same, but then in .9 seconds, it exploded into tiny pebbles. I couldn’t believe I had just destroyed an asteroid by myself, on my first mission! I heard a cheer from the speaker. “YAY, she did it! Congrats, Brenna,” I heard Mr. Garner say.

“Thanks,” I said smiling as wide as ever. Now that was a totally lit mission.

Disasters Have Happened!

by Loie

An asteroid hit earth!
What a disaster!
It landed in a big daisy field
with some aster.
The terrain has a dent in it,
Thanks to the asteroid.

Geologist have studied
The enormous asteroid.
They found many, many
Geodes within.
Now many crystals are in the world.
There is always beauty within the disaster.

If I Were a Teacher…

by Zoe

“What’s a shape with three sides?” my teacher asks.

Of course I don’t know. To me, math is a disaster waiting to happen. We are learning geometry, which is the most boring thing in the world. So I couldn’t help myself; I fell asleep!

I wake up in a whole different territory. Wait, am I at the teacher’s desk? I look down to see that I have grown at least a foot and am not in the clothes I remember wearing. Things are getting a little strange around here.

“Okay, kids, does anyone know what geology is?” I ask.

WHAT! How did those words come out of my mouth. I didn’t even mean to say that! I tried to scream, but no words came escaped my lips. I look out to the class to see a hand raised. All of a sudden I say the words, “Yes, what is your question?”

“Is an astronaut someone who runs marathons while dabbing?” the little child asks.

“No, an astronaut is someone who goes up in space in a rocket ship.” I reply.

Wow. I didn’t even know that. Wait, then how did I answer that?

Time passes and I am now teaching the class about asterisks. It’s strange, though, they all seem to know who I am, but I barely know who I am anymore. One day I am sitting in class learning about geometry and the next I am teaching about astronomy.This is definitely not my usual territorial space. I just want an asteroid to hit and blow me back to reality.

“Before you go home, we will be learning some geological information,” I announce.

For about an hour more, we learn geological information and then all the kids pack up to go home. I am now sitting in my desk chair wishing I was in class learning about geometry.

“Zoe! Zoe! ZOE!”

“Huh, what?” I am so confused and everything seems so blurry, but what I can make out is one angry teacher glaring at me.

I think I’m finally back to reality.

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Madison

Can I throw the ball?
If I stand on the pitcher’s mound,
Will you let me throw the ball?

This isn’t your territory,
This isn’t your terrain,
You’re not here to throw the ball,
You’re here for all the fame.

Well, I’ll let you in on a secret,
I’m not here for all the fame,
I’m here for the reason
that I want to throw the ball.

So, can I throw the ball?

Yes, I can throw the ball,
Just as good, if not better,
Than you can throw the ball.

But, will you let me throw the ball?

No, you won’t let me throw the ball.
Why? Cause you’re a boy and I’m a girl,
And only you can throw the ball.

Since I’m not supposed to do geology,
I can not be a geologist.
And because I don’t study astronomy,
I will never be an astronaut.

Although I am a citizen,
I can not throw the ball.

I can not believe this disaster,
Because I am a girl,
I cannot throw the ball.

So, can I throw the ball?

Yes, I can throw the ball,
Just as well, if not better,
than you can throw the ball.

But, will you let me throw the ball?

No, you won’t let me throw the ball.
Why? Cause you’re a boy and I’m a girl,
And only you can throw the ball.

I feel as though an asteroid
Has hit me in my heart.
I feel as though a terrier
Has raced me from my world.

Just because I’m a girl,
And just ’cause you’re a boy,
Doesn’t mean I should watch you
As you throw the stinkin’ ball.

So, don’t be so territorial,
This field is to be shared.

Now, I’ll ask you one more time,

Can I throw the ball?


by Fiona

Colors, oh, colors,
they’re everywhere you go.

They’re in everything you see,
and in everything you know.

No matter whether you study
disasters or astronomy.

 No matter whether you like
asteroids or geometry.

They’re in everything you see
and in everything you know.

Colors, oh, colors,
are everywhere you go.

They are in terraces, asterisks,
and geometric shapes alike.

As well as on geography papers,
In geodes, and shoes that are way too tight.

And it’s not too hard to see
colors in the sky or trees or frogs,
Nor in Terriers Bulldogs, Maltese, or Saint Bernards.

Colors, oh, colors,
they’re everywhere you go.

They’re in everything you see,
and in everything you know.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

by Annabelle

I’ll be an astronaut,
and soar above the earth,
discovering new planets and naming them after me.
If not, I’ll be an astronomer and study the
bright, twinkling, stars.
I’ll shake hands with extra-terrestrial creatures,
in Roswell, Nevada.

Or perhaps I’ll be a geologist or a geographer.
I care about the planet, and I love geography.
I’ve always loved rocks,
and my collection looks like a mine,
with marble, andesite, and a couple geodes;
They impress my friends and shine like the night sky.

I could also be a mathematician.
I love geometry,
and addition and subtraction interest me as well.
I could be a college professor or tutor or teacher,
whose mastery lies in math.

Of course, I could always be a master of disaster,
predicting when an asteroid will hit,
or when an earthquake will shake the terrain.
I would save the world from disastrous times,
and my name would go down in history
as the girl who saved the world.

I could be an artist,
and paint beautiful geometric designs,
or draw sketches of birds of every kind.
If I were an artist, I would be free,
painting whatever I felt like painting,
and the world would know my name.

Yes, I can be whatever I want to be,
if I put my mind to it:
A dancer, a soldier, or a farmer.
I could own a terrier, or a beagle, or a pug.
A cat, a bird, or a hamster,
training and loving each creature.
Oh, yes, I’ll leave my mark on the world.
I am me.

The Sushi Restaurant

by Jake C. and Matthew

Once upon a time, there was an astronomer named Jonathan. He was craving sushi. So, he went to the sushi restaurant. While looking at the menu, he decided upon the deep-fried puffer fish, but after the asterisk (which of course he couldn’t see), it said puffer fish can be very poisonous. As you know, eating puffer fish can be very disastrous, and it may attack your stomach territory. This fact is a no-brainer because you don’t even need Ms. McClure to teach geometry to figure out that eating puffer fish could be bad for your health. However, once the waiter came, Jonathan the astronomer ordered the dangerous puffer fish.

He waited a very long time for his food to be served, and during his wait, Jonathan saw an astronaut named Neil Armstrong. Once the food came, Neil decided to eat with Jonathan. When the puffer fish arrived, it looked like an asteroid (YUM). They started to dig in, and all of a sudden, Neil dropped dead (now we know how that famous man died). Then a geologist rushed to Neil, as if the geologist had studied medicine instead of geology and as though he was a doctor, yelling, “I didn’t get his autograph; NO FAIR!”

This was a major disaster for the restaurant since the cook knew Neil’s family would sue him. So as quickly as possible, the cook dashed off. Some people surmised that perhaps Neil had swallowed a geode, but no, he had eaten a poisonous puffer fish, prepared incorrectly.

As the chef made his mad dash out of the restaurant, Jonathan was pondering all the astronomical things Neil had done. After many minutes in thought, he gave up and went home to visit his terrier, Terrace, who smelled like asters. Somehow having forgotten the disaster of the puffer fish meal, Jonathan fed the leftover meal carelessly to Terrace. Suddenly,Terrace spoke, saying “Yum.”

At first, Jonathan thought he was dreaming, but then the dog said, “My, my, my, silly human, are you done thinking.” Jonathan’s eyes popped out of his head, with his face looking startled. Terrace was now a geographer with a British accent. As you may or may not know raging geographer dogs are very territorial about their personal space and what they might find in it. So, of course, Terrace immediately started digging and after a few feet of excavation, he found King Tut’s father’s tomb! His father’s tomb has never been found, until now.

Jonathan was thinking that he didn’t have to throw a rope down to Terrace when suddenly Terrace pulled a jetpack out of the sarcophagus and blasted off out of the pit full of rough terrain. Who knew the Egyptians were so crafty? Terrace still flying by when he said, “Egyptian Air 5000’s rock!” Jonathan was thinking that the Egyptian Air 5000 must be the name of the jetpack.

As Jonathan was considering the jetpack’s name, the CIA burst into the house yelling, “Stop, that puffer fish was radioactive!” Terrace suddenly looked like extra-terrestrial. His face looked like an astronomy map. All the warts connected looked like the Big Dipper. The radioactive puffer fish had not only allowed Terrace to become a geographer, but it had also enabled Terrace to study astrology without messing up.

The CIA wanted to destroy Terrace, who was something of an anomaly, but Terrace announced he could help find the most wanted criminals without receiving the reward money. The CIA accepted Terrace’s request to help catch criminals. Then Terrace flew off in the distance with the CIA saying, “We will be back, Jonathan, so long!”

The moral of this story is this:  Think twice before ordering deep fried puffer fish.

Astronomical Freak Out

by Ava


The sky was sparkling on the warm summer night, not a cloud in the sky. Mia stood next to her mother on the terrace as her mother gazed at the stars through a telescope, eyes glazed over in deep thought. Her mother was an astronomer, and one day, Mia would also be one. Mia’s dad was a geographer, but she didn’t want to go down that career path. Her brother, Zack, wanted to be an astronaut, but Mia didn’t favor going into space; she liked where she was right now.

Mia glanced over at the mountains, part of the abundance of land her mom and dad had bought for Mia and Zack to play on. The terrain was beautiful, the stars shining overhead. Mia tried to track where her mother was looking. Mia loved astrology as much as her mother; Mia had learned all the constellations when she was eight.  Just then, an asteroid flashed across the sky. Mia’s mom gasped.

“What’s wrong mom?” Mia asked.

“Quick, turn on the news!” Mia’s mother replied. Mia ran into the house and switched on the TV.   Zack, who was collecting geodes bellow the terrace, rushed inside, too.

“What’s going on?” Zack asked, looking confused. Mia shrugged as the news came on.

“This is Anita Anchor, here with today’s news!” The newscaster’s voice went from happy to serious. “I have just been informed there is a flying saucer flying right above the state of California. Here is some footage of the spaceship.” The screen showed a spaceship that was floating across a place upstate. But I live upstate, Mia thought. She dashed toward the terrace to see her mother staring at the asteroid she had seen earlier. Wait, Mia thought, that’s not an asteroid…That’s a flying saucer! A spaceship was going to land in Mia’s backyard! Extraterrestrials were going to be right in front of her.  Mia turned to see her neighbors panicking.

“This is disastrous!” Mia exclaimed. Her family nodded. She looked up to see the spaceship suddenly vanish.

“Good news! The saucer has retreated and is now out of our atmosphere!” Anita Anchor’s voice said from the TV.

Mia let out a sigh. There would be no spaceship landing in her backyard, and Mia, her family, and her neighbors were safe.

The Night Sky

by Olivia


In the night sky, the exquisite, awe-inspiring moon
is shining like a geode.
In the sky, the asteroids are transitioning
, all around the galaxy
In the night sky, scholarly astronomers
observe the fascinating astronomy.
In the sky, stars nestle
around and into the moon’s many crevices.

You Can’t Rely on What You See

by Jackson


I sat on my terrace looking into the night sky. This world had so many astronomical wonders. I loved astronomy. Some people could even tell the future by looking at the stars. My dream was to someday become an astronaut. I was so engrossed in all my thoughts, that I had barely even noticed him come in.

“We’re ready to shoot the laser,” my brother, Brad, said sternly.

Allow to me to explain the laser. I saw things. When I say that, I mean I had visions … of the future. I still remembered the vision clearly. An asteroid was streaking through the sky; seconds later, the world was just ash. The world was destroyed. It was disastrous.

There was only one person I could turn to; he was the smartest person in the world. He excelled in geology, geometry, and geography. He was just the person to stop this disaster. Together, we built a laser to destroy the asteroid, but when was I going to tell Brad that I wouldn’t survive the blast.

I walked towards the laser as Brad announced, “I built a dummy of you to try the laser.” He shot a puff of hair off the dummy. I heard the asteroid coming, and Brad engaged the laser. There was a blast, and the dummy went flying.

“Ah,” I thought, “that’s what I must have seen in my vision; the look-alike dummy destroyed.” What a relief that we had saved the planet, and we were all safe.


by Dylan

Fear is a dark house
surrounded by forested terrain
full of unruly ghosts
and devilish demons
robbing your soul
and claiming your body

Fear is being an astronaut
standing on the dark side of the moon
seeing nothing but a lone, asterisk-shaped
figure, that no astronomer has seen
and never knowing what will strike,
whether it be an asteroid
of astronomical proportions
or an evil alien,
its conquered territory

Fear is standing in a long, dark hallway
in the 300-year-old castle
waiting to collapse
into an utter disaster
that no geologist
can prevent

Fear is of cancer,
a small, fatty lump,
but you must fight back
and overcome fear
with relentless happiness
unconditional love
and unworldly joy

My Crazy Space Dream

by Lily

I was studying geometry, geology, and geography, when all of a sudden, I fell asleep on my desk.  I started to float into this weird place that was called space.  I had never heard of it before.  I was also in this thing called…a space craft?  Then it started to be a disaster. This big huge rock thing called an asteroid started coming my way.  Luckily, I missed it.  Then, all of a sudden, I passed out.

I woke up to a so-called “human” yelling at me for being some kind of alien thing and for being in his territory.  Then his terrier dog thing started to bite me!  After that, he took me up to a terrain and left me there to perish.  Luckily, I have Mars Magic, so I used it to jinx him to bring me back to his dwelling.  Then I made him train me to be an astronaut thing so that I could fly back into space and go back to my home planet, Mars.  Unfortunately, he had this one flower called an aster, and if I smelled it, I would be under his command until I found a way to escape from his pretend, “magical” flower.  So, I told him he was a crazy freak and, well, sadly, I woke up to this:

“Guess what, Bob?  The alien scientists just found a planet called Earth, and discovered that there was this alien that landed on some guy’s property!”

That’s when I became confused.  Could my crazy earth/human thing dream have possibly been real?

Bull Rider

by Carsyn

I hoped on his strong back.  I felt like an asteroid was going to hit the Earth.  The shoot door opened quickly.  I felt as though I was riding on rough terrain on the back of a bull named Disaster. Disaster wasn’t a pet terrier; he was a rodeo bull and a very territorial one.  Whoever stepped into his territory would face his wrath.  Right now, he was bucking left and right, trying to throw me from his back.  Riding on him was like being the first astronaut stepping onto the moon; you felt very proud.

Even though staying on Disaster was way harder than doing geometry, I knew I could ride this bull.  I also thought riding him was harder than studying geology and geometry put together.  It was only an eight second ride, but it felt like an eternity.

Finally, I heard the buzzer, and the crowd went wild. Mud covered my face as I jumped off his back.  I was finally the state champion bull rider.

The Dream

by Eli

I was in GEOLOGY class when I fell asleep because it was so boring. Then I appeared in the middle of space, and I saw an ASTEROID hurling toward Earth. I was so scared, and the asteroid seemed to be made of a different TERRAIN than Earth. I tried flying back to Earth, but I couldn’t move at all. This was a big DISASTER.

I thought of putting myself in front of the asteroid or blasting it to stop it, but I never paid attention in ASTRONOMY class, so I didn’t really know what to do. Finally, I was able to move. I flew as fast as I could to Earth, so I could warn them. Earth was as small as a West Highland white TERRIER compared to the asteroid.

When I told NASA this, they settled right down to work, and the man in charge told me to evacuate with all the other citizens of Earth. He also said the asteroid would destroy everything, even things the small size of an ASTER. I didn’t evacuate; I stayed. Then GEOGRAPHERS and GEOLOGISTS showed up from all over the world. The asteroid kept drawing closer and closer until… BAM!

I woke up from my dream realizing how TERRITORIAL I am about my planet. I soon discovered that I want to be a geographer to further map the Earth.

1969, the Man on the Moon

by Grace

telescopeI am unable to wait patiently; none of us are. All I can think about is whether they will come back or not. More importantly, will my father ever come back?  I am yanked away from my worries, quite literally, because I peer down to find my little sister hugging my sleeve.

“Is Daddy gonna come back, Lizzy? Is he?” I look into those muddy, brown eyes of hers and see the dam starting to break. I am quick to answer.

“You wait and see, Rosy; Daddy is going to come back. He promised he would and Daddy keeps his promises. You just wait ‘cause he keeps them promises, Rosy, he keeps them.” That holds the dam, but I’m starting to wonder how much longer it can hold because it’ll be a big spill, and if you knew my sister, you would know that her big spills are disastrous.


My daddy’s an astronomer, a gosh darn good one, too. We, that is, my mother, my little sister Rosy and I, are really proud of him. Every night when Papa is gone, my mother will tell stories about him. She’ll inform us that Papa went to a high-end astronomy school where he attended for six years. She would go on to say that he took astrology classes along with geological studies seeing, as he aspired to be an astronaut one day. Personally, I liked all of Momma’s stories, but Rosy, since she was only four, was disappointed when she learned that when the students got one hundred percent on their homework or a test, there would be an asterisk on their papers, not a smiley face.

On the occasion when my beloved father is home for the week, we’ll go to our secret spaceship tree house in the woods and talk about a whole lot of different things, just my papa and me. I’ll state I want to be just like him, and he’ll respond every time that I should be my own special self.

“Then I will be a more geographical version of you, a more terrestrial person, who keeps her head below the clouds!”  I’ll declare.

As the last say in our routine, my father will close the discussion with, “There are an astronomical amount of careers in this world. You just need to be patient and wait until it finds you.” I think it’s going to be a long wait because I’m twelve right now, and no career has found me yet!


Back on the terrace, the ancient oak rocking chair Daddy made for us so long ago creaks from Momma’s violent rocking, with her wringing her hands all the while. Rosy is occupied, drawing geometric designs on the sidewalk; she peers up at Momma every so often. The radio is turned on high to the NASA channel reporting the news on the three brave astronauts traveling to the moon.  Unlike my Mom, I’m doing something productive and keeping my eye on the moon through the new telescope father gave us before he left on his expedition. It’s a really effective telescope, and the moon is at least ten times bigger in the telescope. I watch intently for about five more minutes, and just as I am taking my eye away from the hole in the telescope, movement catches my eye on the blob of white. I squint my eyes, making them mere slits in my head, but I can get the image of an outline of a man! I hope it’s my daddy, but at least I know that they have made it!

The radio is slower to get the news, and now Momma and Rosy have both seen the tiny man waving, the tiny man on the moon!

The Disaster!

by Emily

rocketIt all happened five years ago, when there was a disastrous explosion in space.  It’s a horrifying memory, too sad that I don’t want to tell you the story, but I must.  Well, here it goes; I’ll spill it all out now.

It was just another day at the huge science building, polishing the last bits of the rocket.  Yes, yes I am a scientist, but not a mad one.

The astronauts were suiting up for the big lift off… they were going into space to see land on Earth from above, and see if it was possible that the scientists below them hadn’t found all of the terrestrial life on Earth; they were also going to the moon.  They would be reporting back to me from space.

The pilot was an astronomer, and he also had to pay the cost of the rocket, and the bill was an astronomical one, for the rocket needed a lot of gas for two missions in one.

“While we’re up there in the sky, I hope we learn a lot more astronomy than we know now,” said the pilot.

On the pilot’s helmet, was an asterisk-like symbol to show that he and the secondary pilot were the people in control of this mission.


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!” the person controlling the loud speaker announced.

This was the start of the disaster.

When the rocket got into space, the astronauts started looking at geographic symbols.  They knew a lot about this kind of science, but they had also taken a geological studies class to know about the Earth.

“Look at that geometric shape formed by the stars,” the secondary pilot exclaimed. “It looks like a rectangular prism, just like in math!”


The astronauts were heading toward the moon now, and on the recording of the video they were sending me and the other scientists below, we could see a terrace of craters,  just a little north of where they were supposed to land…


“Oh, no, the oil is leaking, and we can’t stop it. HELP!” yelled the pilot.

This was the last thing we heard any of the astronauts say, until…


The rocket had exploded, and the mission went dead.  This is never a story that I like to tell others, and we never even saw the remains of the rocket or of the brave astronauts.

We did in fact, actually find out what the problem was, and it was that the oil was leaking from the start of the take-off, and the alarm system didn’t sound right away because it was broken.

Since then, I have quit my job, and I’ve found a new career. I hope this one goes better than my last job!

A Trip to the Moon

by Kelly

astronautmoonI am going to college at Franklin University. I major in three important things. I have to major in all of these things because my dream is to one day be an astronaut and go to the moon and check for any life living up there. Firstly, I study astronomy, I get to study about the moon, and the stars, and all of the planets. It’s really exciting. Secondly, I study geology. For me to go up to the moon some day, I will have to know all about the asteroids that float around in space. Lastly, I study geometry. If I want to fulfill my dream, I will have to know everything about shapes, numbers, and everything else.

One day, I was watering my beautiful asters in my front yard when a limo pulled up.

“Hello, can I help you with something, sir?” I asked, not knowing at all who these people were.

“Yes, we are looking for… Uh… Justin Bert,” the man said, while looking down at the note slab he pulled out of his back pocket.

“That’s me,” I said, trying to make my voice seem tough.

“I am Corey Blue,” he spoke up after looking over his notes in his hands.

“Wait, the Corey Blue?” I asked, with eyes as wide as a bush baby’s.

I knew this man because he was an astronaut and a geologist. I had read about him in my books at school. He was famous!

“Yes. I am just going to say it,” he almost yelled with excitement. “I want you to come with me on a journey to the moon.”

“Seriously?” I yelled, not believing him.

“I think you are a very bright kid,” he said, with happiness filling his eyes.

“Well, yes, of course; when are we going?” I asked.

“We are leaving in a week, come by my place.” He handed me a card with his address on it. “I will give you all the things you need to have and know about the moon. Then, meet me at the take-off center in Franklin Grove at four o’clock. We will take off from there,” he said, and before I could say anything else, he turned around and left.

* * *

I felt my stomach turn inside out as we took off. I couldn’t move my arms or my legs because the G-Force was very strong. It took an extremely long time to get up to the moon. I felt us jolt to a stop as we landed. The first step I took was magical.

“Remember, we might be in someone or something’s territory. They might be territorial about their planet. So, be careful,” Corey reminded me.

After a while of looking around, I spotted something, a rock. This rock did not look much like a moon rock. I went over to it and called for Corey to come.

“What is this?” I asked, picking it up.

“I have no idea; it looks like a weird rock,” Corey replied.

Just then, disaster struck, I felt the rock slip from my hand and crack open against the hard crust of the moon. I closed my eyes, hoping Corey wouldn’t be mad. I opened them to see Corey bent over examining the crystals in the rock. It was a geode.

“Justin, look, we are going to be rich,” he said, picking up some small pieces of crystal. “Quick, let’s get back home; this is perfect, and we can split the profit. He looked up at me smiling.

When we got back to Earth, we went to a jewelry store, and we had the geode appraised. It was worth five hundred million dollars, and that was only half of the rock. We had to keep some rock for ourselves because it was the prettiest rock I had ever seen. I got thirty million dollars. I got more, since I found it. I am rich! Who knew one trip to the moon would get you that much money?!

Magister’s Terrace

by Julian

Long ago when the first astronauts touched the moon, they saw an extraterrestrial planet that had six, uhh, no, seven continents on it. Once they saw it, they went towards it, ignoring the moon.

Three years later they got to the place. They landed in an area called Zangarmarsh. What they saw was beyond geographical studies! The terrain was out of this world! There was blue grass and mushrooms, gigantic mushrooms, growing from the ground! They walked the land for five whole hours, without food or water! They didn’t trust this world’s atmospheric air. They were about to give up all hope, but then heard a ruffling sound in the bushes. They walked towards it, but then soon ran away!

Both men looked back to see a gigantic ogre chasing them. It had a long axe and was ready to smash. As they looked ahead, they saw a little settlement. Once they saw there were life forms, they ran towards the place at once, defending themselves as they fled. The disastrous thing, the ogre, was soon killed by an arrow piercing its heart. The men stared at each other in relief and then looked to their right. A blue person came up to them. It offered them some food and shelter. They looked at each other and hesitantly accepted. The blue thing grabbed their hands and led them to an inn type thing. Cooks cooked up a batch of wild mushrooms and a type of meat. The men were given forks and knives, and one astronaut began to eat, but as he hit the food on his mouth, it plopped on the ground before it touched his lips! The men had forgotten that they were still wearing helmets! They didn’t want to take them off, but the blue thing got to them quickly and pulled off their helmets. The astronauts gasped for air, not knowing that they were looking like a bunch of idiots! The air was the same as air on Earth. They laughed and then ate cheerfully.

After they were done eating, the astronauts asked the people of the village what type of species they were.

“I am an elf, from Teldrassil, seeking to become a scribe of the ancient world called Outlands!” said the blue elf.

The astronauts just looked at each other and followed the elf to their beds. They went to bed and then an hour later, they awoke to a beeping sound on their arms. It was the astronomer who had led them into space, trying to make contact!

“Where are you two? Three years is giving everyone a major scare! Are your radios broken?”

The men explained where they were and what they were seeing. Surely enough, the astronomer didn’t believe them. He said a place called “Outlands” wasn’t recorded in astronomical studies. He was then interrupted by the screens on their arms mysteriously shattering. Now they couldn’t report anything back to earth. They just sighed and went to the blue elf to ask her if she knew about the place called Earth. She replied no, but was then informed by an elf scientist that a giant asteroid was going to hit a planet that looked as though it had life on it. The astronauts knew it was Earth! They asked how long it would take till the asteroid hit, and they learned this disaster would occur in a matter of three weeks! They were shocked to hear this news and so they asked what they could do to stop it.

“First, you will have to go to our seven landmarks, He** fire Peninsula, Nagrand, Terokkar Forest, Shadowmoon Valley, Blades Edge Mountains, Zangarmarsh, and Netherstorm!” said the scientist elf. “You must speak with Nazgrel at Thrallmar in He**fire, the Nesingwary Basin in Nagrand, one of the Naaru at Shattrath in Terokkar, Akama at the prison in Shadowmoon Valley, Rexxar at Blades Edge, Me here in Zangarmarsh, and lastly, Kael’thas in the Magisters Terrace at Netherstorm. It’s a long journey, but you can do it with the help of our Netherwing dragons. You must do this task to open the seven gateways of destruction that unlock a rift into anything in space. In our case, it’s that asteroid! Go now, but speak with Kael’thas last! He is the most important. Now, shoo, you have a lot of ground to cover.

The two astronauts set off on their journey, starting first with Nazgrel.

“I am Nazgrel, what do you think you stupid humans are doing? I don’t take too kindly to alliance!” screamed Nazgrel.

The men replied that they were trying to open the rift and that they needed h is powers to open gate one.

“Opening the gates, huh? Well, fine, but if you scrawny weaklings EVER tell anyone that you talked to an orc, I’ll make you ‘hang out’ with your friend there,” warned Nazgrel as he shot his hands into the air, which then made his hands catch on fire.

The astronauts got scared, but then were launched into the air by Nazgrel’s strength. They screamed, but then were caught by the dragons. A load of days passed, and they talked to Rexxar, Akama, a Naaru, the Nesingwary Basin, Nazgrel, and the scientist, but there was one person left. Kael’thas. The dragons flew north to Netherstorm and the astronauts were dropped off on a floating rock that had a temple on it. They walked inside the building  and were then approached by elves, but these elves had a peachish tone of skin. “What business do you have here, Human?” said the elf.

They replied that they had to speak to Kael’thas. “What business does the alliance have with our leader?” asked the elf.

They explained their need of  his gateway opening to destroy a giant geode hurling toward Earth.

“Well, then, I have never heard of an…Earth before, but I guess you can speak with Kael’thas,” said the elf as he let them through. They saw even more extraordinary things than on all the other continents. There was a giant phoenix and boxes with shards of energy flowing through them. They were so amazed that as they were walking, they weren’t paying attention to what was in front of them. They looked around them until they ran into a tall elf with a red robe that had green orbs over the mantle.

“I am Kael’thas. What business do you have with me?” shouted Kael’thas.

The astronauts explained their journey and told him about the asteroid that was hurling towards earth.

“Hmm, you came all the way out here just to save a planet? Well, then, this type of thing doesn’t take a half of my power away, so I’ll open my gate,” announced Kael as he cast some sort of magic.

Now going to the asteroid, a giant rift of magic opened up in the asteroid. It sliced the hurtling rock in half, and then exploded.  All remaining pieces were zapped by rays of magic. Kael said that the asteroid was finished and that the astronaut’s planet was safe.

Now this story is in history! Who’d have ever guessed that a couple of chumps who traveled to the moon would have discovered something greater than new life on distant planets?!

The Strange Event

by Cole

One night when I was outside gazing at stars, I saw an asteroid shoot across the sky.  My terrier, Buddy, was barking so loudly he woke up the neighbors.  Buddy was going crazy because he was very territorial about our house and us.

After this event, my mom wasn’t sure what kind of scientist to call:  a geographer; a geologist; or an astronomer, who studies astronomy.  Mom was thinking a geologist was the way to go since geologists study geology, which is the study of earth and rocks.

On the news the next morning, it showed the terrain where the asteroid had landed.  My dad said it was a huge disaster, and my mom was frustrated that the asteroid had destroyed her the lovely asters she had recently planted.

College Brochure

by Casey

Come on in and apply to Petaluma University. We have friendly teachers, amazing classes, and great times! If you’re interested becoming a geographer, we have an outstanding geography class. Furthermore, for those astronauts, we offer an additional semester in astronomy, where you can study asteroids and some disasters that can occur on different terrains, not to mention our geology program. Some of the world’s great geologists have attended our glorious school and have studied some of the most precious geodes we have here at PU. Although, let’s not forget some of our more standard classes, such as geometry, which is taught by none other than Mrs. Buryn. There is more to PU than our classes; we also have stupendous sceneries, and our dorms are breath-taking. Any student can have an enjoyable and educational experience at PU!

(For more details about PU, you can contact us at our website, send us an email, or call our front office. Also, more information will be available at Orientation. We look forward to having your child at our magnificent school.)