Week 24: This Week’s Winning Stories


by Genevieve

“You… um,” Amethyst didn’t exactly know what to say now.

“What is going on right now?” Domino glanced over at the bird then back at Amethyst. “Is this the chick?”

“Uh, yeah. Never mind the chick, though! You look so different. You’re a wolf.” Amethyst’s thoughts on how she was going to get in trouble vanished, and she took a moment to stare at the sight in front of her.

Domino gazed down at his paws and realized that she was correct. His eyes moved to his chest, and he gasped. A crystal was there.

“This is a slight problem,” Amethyst explained. “I just so happen to be part of a group that knew that you would become like this. Well, not you, but something would happen with ‘the chosen .’”

“I’m a chosen one?” Domino felt very awkward. He had never been “chosen” before. His preference was to be chosen, but if he had to do anything like dying, that would be changing immediately.

“You are supposed to run around and stop crystals from spawning everywhere.” Amethyst gazed at the crystal on Domino’s chest. “That crystal has great importance in this.”

“What?” Domino said, trying to find some guidance somewhere in the conversation.

“See, there are these crystals that are spawning everywhere, like I just said, and whenever something touches them, the crystal breaks, but either something good or bad happens to whomever just touched it. For instance, if I touched a crystal, I might turn in to a frog maybe, or I could get incredible powers and take over the Earth,” said Amethyst as she merely smiled and pretended that her explanation sounded normal.

“I’m sorry. I’m not following that well,” Domino jumped as an unfamiliar voice came out of nowhere. The bird flew to Domino’s side.

“Amethyst! What’s going on here?” the voice shot threw the clearing. The sudden attendance of this voice made Domino give a surprised hop.

My thoughts exactly, Domino thought. He looked around and spotted a gang of dogs trotting into the clearing.

“It’s a phoenix! How did you find a phoenix?” one of the dogs in the pack yelled out. They must’ve been confused to see the appearance of Domino as well as the bird. Domino looked at the bird and noticed that the dog was talking about it. Domino didn’t know what a phoenix was but he was growing more curious now.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Amethyst drop into a submissive form. Domino didn’t know if she had an alliance with this pack at all but if she did, it didn’t look like it was going so well. She suddenly looked very weak and her eyes showed a sign of fear. Without meaning to, a growl started up and Domino held his tail high, a posture of aggression. He didn’t understand why she was so scared of this pack in front of them, Domino stood in front of Amethyst and growled again. He felt resentful of their sudden interference. One of the dogs pushed him out of the way and pulled Amethyst to her paws.

“We told you to wait before letting the transformation begin,” the dog seemed very angry. “I am your older sister and the leader of the pack your in! I told you a command and you ignored me.”

“I’m sorry, Rosemary, I didn’t mean for it to happen,” she closed her eyes and whimpered.

“Don’t call me Rosemary, my name is Charm,” she said with insistence.

Charm stood over Amethyst, her claw inched closer to Amethyst’s face. Charm turned to Domino, “you’re lucky to inherit this power. Just wait for what’s coming.”

“Back off!” Domino snarled. He had no idea where he got the courage to do this. Charm ignored him and continued to terrify Amethyst. “Her innocence is obvious!”

Domino lunged forward and a beam of light came hurtling towards Charm. The light seemed to have come from the crystal on Domino’s chest. As dominant as she seemed, Charm showed no resistance as she was easily knocked over.

“Run!” Domino shouted.

The bird and Amethyst raced after Domino and they disappeared into the forest.

The Game

by Jack

World Series Championship. The game I’ve looked forward to, but feared. The importance of this game is inexplicable. The attendance is incredible. People from all over, here to watch my team and me. We’re ready and have been for a long time. I’ve had so much guidance and practice that I know I can do it, but my body is telling me otherwise. Next thing I know, I’m behind home plate when the umpire says, “Play ball!”

The rest of it is a blur. My performance is fantastic, coming to me mechanically. My body reacts with obedience on every play. Baseball takes a lot of endurance, but especially this particular game.

I’m not sure what my life would be like without the existence of baseball. Baseball is all about hard work, repetition, and having fun. This game was not as fun as normal games, though. I sweat as if I have jumped in a pool, my stomach feels like it will explode, and I shake as if an earthquake is in occurrence.

The hardest part is when you’re in the clutch position, the last hope, the person everyone is now watching. I was the person in that position this game. I had to get a base hit: Ninth inning, two outs with the bases loaded. My preference is right-handed pitchers, but Mother Nature decides to hate me and says, “Jack’s already in a bad position, so why not make it even worse?” So obviously, I get a left-handed pitcher.

The pressure is pounding me to death. The cheers and screams of people ring in my ears as I see the pitch coming. I act on instinct and swing: Base hit right between left field and center field. That’s the game!

A feeling of excellence washes over me. I did it. I won the World Series!

“Jack, Jack, JACK!”

“What?!” I scream.

“Whoa, it’s just me, Jack,” my mother says. “It’s time for your championship game.”


“What is wrong with you?” my mother replies.

“Nothing,” I say with a sigh.

Past Years’ Winning Stories

The Speech

by Tyler

“Hello, students!” Ms. McClure said pausing. “We are here to discuss very important matters,” she said, pausing again. “Every class in this school is at war!” Ms. McClure continued. “They are fighting for more power and more students to add to their class army. That is why all of you are of great importance,” she said, pointing at us with pride. “You are my only students! Even when we made an alliance with Ms. Henderson’s class, we remained low on students. We need you to have endurance out on the battlefield and in the classroom,” she said with even more pride.

“You are our eyes and ears! When you’re in the classroom, you will have obedience, and you will have respect for one another!” Ms. McClure said singling out each of the students. “We do not fight with each other because we are the sixth grade resistance! You need to be cunning and quick on the battlefield. If you need a reference look on page sixty-two in your battle books,” Ms. McClure said holding up the textbook. “We are the last of the sixth graders in existence. If anyone tries to attack our class, interference is necessary.”

“I understand that the battles are tough, and I hope for the reappearance of each of you. We have lost some of our best warriors over the years,” Ms. McClure said, a tear rolling down her cheek as she took out photos, “such as Madison Lane, Shane Hooper, Tyler Wilson, and Jacob Frederick. But I promise to never let you down.” Ms. McClure finished, putting away the photos of the students that had fought with valor but been lost in battle. “I will guide you because this class needs guidance in the war! I promise you that I will never give up. Thank you. Now get back to work!” Ms. McClure commanded.

Do You Have Enough Endurance to Be a Dog Owner?

by Annabelle

I stroll into Walkman Valley Animal Shelter, hoping to find a new furry best friend. I swing open the door and step out of the blistering summer heat and into an air-conditioned haven. I approach the lady sitting behind the front desk.

“I am looking to purchase a dog, please!” I say, excitedly.

“Down the hall and to your left,” she says in a monotone voice without looking up from her computer.

I walk down the hall she mentioned and pass hamsters, rabbits, birds, and cats. I finally get to the door that says DOGS. I push it open and instantly hear lots of barking: Deep husky barking, high ear piercing barks, howls of all kinds. I stop walking when I see a small Puggle. It has churro-colored fur, floppy milk chocolate ears, and a graying snout. The sign outside its crate says that its name is Abbey. Her appearance is certainly adorable, but who knows about her obedience. Letting her cuteness get the best of me, I decide to see if I can adopt her.

“Excuse me!” I say, five minutes later, standing in front of the receptionist’s desk.

“Yes?” she says in a monotone voice. I see that her name tag says Debra.

“So, I am wishing to purchase a dog. Her name is Abbey,” I say.

“Please fill out this form.” Debra says, handing me a pen and paper.

Fifteen minutes later, I walk out of the animal shelter with Abbey on a dark blue leash, satisfied. She isn’t the politest dog in the world, but I know that we will form a strong alliance. She is a rescue dog, and my preference is that she were trained already, but if push comes to shove, I won’t mind training her.

When we arrive home, she sniffs out the entire house before she settles in. I start to make dinner for myself: baked chicken parmesan with a side of cooked carrots. As I peel and chop the carrots, I try to have resistance against Abbey’s begging, but she has so much insistence that I eventually give in.

“All right; here you go!” I say, annoyed.

Satisfied, she walks into the living room and out of sight. When she finally makes a reappearance, she has a small amount of cotton on her lower lip. Uh-oh. I bolt into the room and see that she has chewed up a pillow. I guess I should have bought more resistant furniture.

Later that night, I am looking online for new living room appliances when Abbey tries to get up on the bed with me. She needs guidance if she is going to be trained, so I don’t let her onto the bed. I thought that it would be easy being a dog owner, but boy, was I wrong!

The Surprise

by Fiona


“Hey! What are you doing?” asked my best friend KBG, flying over to me and slinging her metal arm over my shoulder.

“Going back to my pod on boring old Mars,” I replied.

“Come on, Veronica, it’s not too bad here! There are things to do! We could visit the Flag of Safety, which is of great importance because it represents when our excellent founders, with the guidance of The Great Three, resisted the temptation to stay on Jupiter, formed an alliance with the people living in the asteroid belt (as Mars was their territory), and moved here. After all, we owe our very existence to them!

Or, if you don’t like that idea, we could go to the library which was


“I know about Mars and its history, KBG, just because I haven’t been here as long as you doesn’t mean I’m stupid!” I said, feeling heated.

“I’m sorry,” KBG said sounding hurt, “it’s just, I forget sometimes, that’s all.”

“It’s OK,” I replied.

That was the problem with people like KBG: Just because I mysteriously showed up one day three years ago when I was 10, they act like I just arrived yesterday…EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not only that, but many people treated me differently because I had an odd name. They always talked about it behind my back, thinking I couldn’t hear, but when I looked over, they immediately stopped whispering and watched me, looking all innocent. Occasionally, a friend of mine would interfere, though I told them not to every time, as I didn’t like causing a scene.

“Hey,” I said, changing the subject, “Have you heard about the planet we are traveling to, Earth, was it? It’s so amazing isn’t it? I mean, just the thought of another planet with life is mind-blowing!”

“Yeah, totally,” said KBG, sounding uncomfortable, “Hey, I got to go, okay? See you tomorrow!” and with that she soared off.

Why does no one share my passion for space? I thought as I flew back alone, my feet barely off the ground.



“FINE! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR OWN THEN!” she replied, stalking off.

“OKA—” Wait, what? I thought. “Kathrine, wait up! I can’t learn all my lines for the performance on my own! Come back! Please?!” I asked. I crumbled to the floor, feeling hopeless. After a while, I picked myself up and trudged home, trying to feel indifferent.

Once there, I called my best friend, Nora, hoping she could cheer me up.

“Hey!” she said.

“Hey,” I replied halfheartedly, “What’s up?”

“Nothing much, you okay, Virginia?”

“Fine, just got into a little fight, that’s all. Anyway, did you hear about the trip to Mars we’re going to take? It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?”

“Uhh…Yeah, great. Hey listen, I have to go eat dinner now but maybe we can talk later?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, disappointed, “Bye.” I hung up the phone, and then laid down on my bed, feeling horrible inside. I knew the real reason why the call was cut off.

Earth, a Year Later

“Ready for takeoff?” Reid asked. We had been chosen to go on the first ever trip to Mars, and we were about to leave our former lives behind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied, adrenaline coursing through my veins.

“ 5…4…3…2…1…Blastoff!” We took off, and I started to feel like a dog was resting on my lungs, slowly getting larger and larger the higher we got, making it hard to breath, though I loved it still. Going into space had always been my dream after all.

Mars, a Year Later

“Shall we leave?” asked JDH.

“I believe so,” I replied.

“One…Two…Three!” I pushed off the ground and soared into the air, leaving my pod behind and pursuing my dreams to be the first on Earth.


I looked at the stars and space around me in awe. Everything was so…open.

Hem hem,” said JDH, “I am sorry to interrupt, but it seems we have a problem.”

“What is it?” I asked, question in my eyes.

“Well, it seems as if we won’t be able to stay in control for much longer, we need some place to land and recharge.”

“But where? There’s nothing close, we won’t make it in time!”

“Exactly. Although, there is one solution. There is a spacecraft nearby that we might be able to join. We only need their permission, which means getting close. You up to it?”


“All right, here we go!”


“Reid, what’s that coming close to us?” I questioned, concern evident in my voice.

“That is…Uhh…I dunno, but it is asking permission to join us. Should we let them?”

“Go for it,” I replied.

Once joined, they came up onto our ship. One looked strangely human and the other looked like an alien. “We come in peace,” the human said.

“Hey, the girl looks very similar to you Virginia,” Reid said.

“She does, doesn’t she,” I said, tilting my head to one side.


After meeting Virginia and talking for a while, I realized that we had a lot in common. We liked the same things, and our opinions were alike.

“Wow,” I said, after a while.

“Wow,” she replied. “you don’t think…”

My sneaking suspicion almost turned into a fact. “We’re sisters!” we screamed at the same time.

The Reign of The Snake King

by Joe

My performance of being a snake has excelled!  I have gone on tour around the world for being a talking snake.  My obedience has impressed millions of people. Plus, I have made some money. With that money I changed up my appearance with some snake gold chains.  For instance, I got some nice warmers on my tail so I look best.  The importance of this is that I’m king of the snakes.

All of the snakes bow down their heads to me when I walk by.  I have made an alliance with other snake colonies.  They admit that I am the best snake to be their leader.  Well, I kind of made them bow down and say, “You’re my leader!” in a robotic way.

Their innocence is making it even better.  I start grinning with my slimy snake mouth.  “Your existence is because of me!  I am the snake leader!” I say to my people.  There is some resistance about me being the snake king, but I have proved to them that I could be king, simply by saying, “Chicken!”  I don’t know what it is but it made them fall to their snake knees.  Clearly, they need guidance with their lives.  “Ha ha ha ha!” I laugh quietly, but crazily.

New Life

by Gracey

As I sat in my new residence in rural West Sonoma County, I was finally understanding the importance of my grandfather’s last wishes for his grandchildren. My grandfather was a very wise man. He gave me guidance in life and taught me about responsibility. Even though my attendance in school was not the best, he said I showed excellence in sports. Although appearance and personality are important, performance on the playing field is the key to being a top athlete.
In addition to the many instances where my grandfather gave me advice that has lasted my whole life, my inheritance included many things, as well as my new home. After the city and county gave me clearance to move in, I started to clear out years and years of things my grandfather had collected. I did get a little bit of interference from my brothers and sisters, but eventually I cleared everything out. In an instant, I found myself at peace with my grandfather’s passing, and I started enjoying my new home for years to come.

The Evil Lorax

by Devin

Once upon a time, there were two loraxes named Bob and Glob. Glob was the biggest troublemaker of the two. He and needed the most guidance and had a consistently bad report card. One day it became clear that Glob had turned evil: not like Disney princes evil; like destroy towns evil. This was all because he had forgotten the importance of life itself, which is to live free (and not be an evil goblin).

Bob, on the other hand, knew everything from dog obedience to alien language. So Bob knew that he had to use his excellence to stop Glob. So off Bob went in search of Glob.

Once Bob located Glob, Bob tried to make an alliance of good with the other lorax, so they could be some sort of crime-fighting team. However, that did not work because Glob only said, “Nanny nanny poo poo,” and stuck out his tongue.

Second, Bob tried to negotiate with him, but Glob just threw Home Depot kitchen appliances at Bob and did a raspberry in his face. Lastly, Bob tried to work out a plan with him, but Glob threatened to kill Bob, which was not a very pleasant thing to hear.

Nevertheless, Bob had one last trick up his sleeve: to make Glob fall for the old disappearing and mysterious reappearance act. The only reason Bob thought of this was that Glob loved magic and had ever since he was a kid, so this might intrigue him. So first Bob would make a slick interference with Glob eating candy or something and then disappear while doing it so Glob would want to do the same thing. Then Glob would be sidetracked. However, Bob failed and Glob got mad and threw a trash can at Bob. That’s when it got messy, and you don’t want to know what happened after that…
Just kidding! Bob didn’t fail. The plan worked like a charm. Glob went to prison for his evil deeds, and the town was saved.

Creating my Guidance Journal

by Riley

Don’t tell anyone about this journal please because people would leave this beautiful place. This journal is a guide to explaining the mysterious things here in redwood falls. Let’s start from the existence of this journal and how I made it.

It was when I was about 22 years old. I had just finished college and was looking at places to live when I came across a town in Oregon called redwood Falls. When I arrived at my newly built home, it was a great importance of mine that I recorded things that were peculiar. Then there was a strange occurrence. I noticed that the bats had four wings, two tails, and one eye. I caught one and wrote as many things about it as I could discover.

Two weeks later, I had a lab that held five strange creature specimens, each with a weird symbol of a circled pine tree somewhere on the animal’s body. Curious.

After one year, I had discovered thirty secrets. The animals were all weird, by which I mean that the animals were all mutated and made reappearances about twice a week.

When I first started writing notes down, I figured that I could make a journal that reported my preference to not go near certain things here because that could destroy my journal. That’s because some creatures had a resistance and sometimes to catch them you had to get an appliance like a cage or a jar. Some of the creatures here had superhuman endurance to catch the birds or insects when they were hunting.

I recently found a new specimen a couple of days ago, but it escaped and built an alliance with all the animals. They are trying to take me away, but I gave this journal to a boy named Joe, and I told him keep my research alive so that it becomes a legacy.

The Semicolon on Page Ninety-two

by Matthew and Jake C.

Action, secret hideouts, and a fun way to boost your performance to excellence in grammar, all compacted into one story!

Paul Wilson (a member of the No-grammar Alliance) was reading a book in the library about grammar. (What else would he read? The library has no good books!) Little did Paul know that the librarian was waiting to nab that book, for it contained top secret intelligence on grammar. The librarian was working for the Ms. McClure Grammar Society. The society hunted down kids with insufficient grammar usage and gave them brain transplants; it also gave them guidance in grammar, making sure they never ever misused a pronoun. Little did the librarian know that Paul was secretly against the Grammar Society. He had gotten the book first, and until now he hadn’t noticed the occurrence and reappearance of semicolons, but the semicolon on page ninety-two was different; it had a great importance. It unlocked the book to all the secret stuff in the society. Paul was very curious so he went to investigate.

Paul’s preference was to find any obvious clues, but there were none, the secret society was very secret (duh). So Paul’s plan “B” was to go to Target and check on the clearance aisle and find a hidden clue finder for $599.10. Unfortunately, the actual cost of the clue finder was $59999.001. “Darn it,” thought Paul, “I can’t borrow another hundredth cent from my friend; it will be my second time, and this clue finder would cost me my whole allowance!”

“So I will do it the easy way,” decided Paul. All he needed to do was to act like his existence was not real and walk out the door with the clue finder appliance in his hand, and he would be virtually invisible. So he was walking by the register instead of the door, just to rub it in the employees’ faces, but they saw him with their own two eyes, and they asked him if he was going to pay for the item. Of course, Paul thought they were talking to the man in back of him because Paul believed himself to be virtually invisible, but no such luck. There was nobody behind him. So Paul said to himself, “Silly human; he is talking to him himself,” and walked away, but the guy at the register was not so silly after all. The man ran after Paul, who thought the man would go through him like a portal, but no luck there either. Luckily for Paul, the man did miss a step, falling into the bushes that he would later have to prune.

Just then there was a loud sound screaming, PRONOUN, PRONOUN, PRONOUN so Paul immediately ran to the disturbing noise until he found that same lady from the library (apparently the grammar society was made up of only two people, Ms. McClure and the creepy librarian) sounding the alarm.

Paul immediately scrambled out the doors and across the street to his house, his safe house, or residence, that provided him with assistance security. The residence had fifty millimeter steel doors and an advanced security system that would instantly vaporize anyone who didn’t enter the correct pass code! (Now, the only reason Paul had this secure home was because it was inheritance to Paul from his father. If you ask me, the assistance for security AT&T is overrated and on top of that, there is a huge interference with more people owning the system because of the price.)

Paul pulled out his non-grammar ray gun because he happened to buy it at the store one day and it looked cool (also, because he did not want to deal with grammar anymore). He assembled a strike team of angry students who hated grammar, students experiencing adolescence (and who had no obedience), and they struck the society, still in innocent ignorance of the forthcoming attack, in the dead of night.

These members of the No-grammar Alliance attacked the grammar police saying, “Grammar stinks,” thus illustrating their lack of indifference regarding the subject. The Alliance attacked the grammar police with automatic machine guns that shot bullets of crumpled up grammar homework. For instance, one officer was riddled with Daily Grams. The grammar police countered with their weapons, machine guns emitting bullets of stubby eraser tips. After a long battle, the grammar police lost, and they were sent to prison for injecting people’s brains with extra grammar (and yes, that is a law deep in the unofficial law book).

Puppy Struggles

by Adam

Having a new puppy sounds delightful, but with our puppy, it is a true nightmare. First off, she is resistant to most training. We have gotten guidance from a dog trainer, but my puppy doesn’t think she needs to have any obedience when it comes to the training! After our insistence that she listen to our commands, we always see a reappearance of her adolescent behavior. We understand the importance of consistent training, but this is really testing our endurance! I wonder if there is some kind of appliance to help my dog behave obediently, but I think we need to get some additional proper training, we should read some reference materials, and our puppy needs to grow up a little. Then I think she will be a well-trained, well-behaved, good dog.


by Anna

Huh! At first, I was extremely excited to have a new puppy, especially a Golden Retriever. However, I did not know how much work it would be. When I first got my puppy, I named her Missy. She was so cute and soft.

Then it started. Missy tore apart pillows and couches, she ran around the house getting mud everywhere, she ran across the street, and she barked at everyone. What a mess! You have no idea how many people I had to apologize to about Missy’s behavior! So I started training Missy. The first thing I taught her was obedience. The first time I tried teaching her obedience, I tempted her with dog treats, but she ruined everything I had and still ate the treats. Then she looked up at me, her huge eyes filled with innocence.

I was going to give up when my mom stated that it was of great importance that my brother and I teach Missy manners. She also said we had to persevere and learn about endurance. Then she made a speech about how she had to learn about guidance growing up and about how now her existence is now all about teaching us lessons.

So my brother and I left before my mom could say another speech about her preference for a special brand of shoes or about those rats in the garage making a reappearance. My brother and I forged an alliance and agreed that if Missy showed any sign of resistance, she would be punished. Wish me luck—I’ll need it!

The Performance

by Olivia

singerYour stomach has butterflies inside
and your palms are getting sweatier by the second,
simultaneously, your heart is racing fast like a cheetah,
and nobody knows how nervous you are,
and how this one night has so much importance to you.
You transition out onto the massive, exquisite stage
and act with obedience like the character you are,
saying your lines with excellence and empathy.
When you walk out to bow, you see the crowd
rise to their feet and clap exuberantly.

Knowing Is Not All Good

by Jackson

Brain_in_a_Jar_by_WDBurnsMy name is Jackson Johnson. My existence is a secret. The authorities can’t know that I am alive. I am a living science experiment. When I was only an infant in the dead of the night, I was taken from my home and taken to a lab. There was a chip implanted in my brain, and I was put back in my crib. No one, not even my parents, knows that I was abducted. This occurrence has obviously changed my life. When I was two years old, I solved algebraic equations; it was hard to hold the pencil, but I did it.

Because of the chip, I have a photographic memory. I still remember that night; it was traumatic. I wish I could tell my parents, but they work for the FBI, so they would tell everyone in the organization. I have to keep my chip a secret, even if makes me act really dumb.

Soon I must take a test of great importance, and I am stressing out. I can’t do too well because that will be too suspicious. I decide to get a D. I have to keep my chip a secret. I take the test, and as planned, I get a D. The teacher calls me over, and lectures, “You are failing my class, Mr. Johnson, so I am going to give you a make-up test. This test will count for your whole grade, so study really hard, and report now directly to the guidance counselor.”

I nod my head and then walk out. My preference would be to ace the test, but if I excel on the test, it will draw too much attention to myself. My teacher has told me to report to the guidance counselor, so I walk the halls nervously.

“Mr. Johnson, I know that the path of adolescence can be tough….” The counselor babbles on and on. I tune him out and feel like he will go on talking forever. The final school bell rings, and I rush out of the hall. I stop and see a man standing there. He points a gun at me, and my instincts tell me to roll. He shoots me in the leg, and I feel a numbness. I look at his face and recognize it as the face of the man who took me when I was an infant. I try to run, but can’t.

“Don’t run, Jackson, this is for your own good,” he advises, and then there is blackness. I wake up on an operating table, wires streaming from me. A man walks in with a look of innocence. I glare at him, and as I do I notice in the background an appliance, like a fridge, but with a padlock on it. I briefly wonder what is inside.

“Let me go,” I growl.

“Your insistence on leaving is amusing, but you are not leaving. You will be killed, just like your family.” He smiles.

I scream in agony and horror; my family is gone.

“I did like your performance of living a normal life,” my abductor continues.

He was stalking me, I think as he leaves the room, giving me what may be my only chance for escape. I pull on the wires, prying them off of me. I run to the window and smash one open, escaping through the opening. I push back tears. I run off and think about my family, knowing I will never see them again.

Science Olympiad

by Ava

future-scientist-studyingYou walk in, the room filled with the energy of (almost) adolescence. Training for the competition against other schools, no alliance intended. Chaperones are filled with insistence, forcing kids to do their best. The teacher is filled with guidance about how to do the task required. The annual occurrence of the actual Science Olympiad competition is just a few months away, and a few practices remaining. The competition is of great importance to our school, it teaches kids science and work ethics that will be helpful later in life. Plus, we get cool plaques.

With our minds filled with innocence, we push hard to do our best and win the competition. Any resistance that we give gets us kicked off the team. This class isn’t about your preference; it’s about learning science and also learning all grade level science vocabulary word in existence so we know what our teacher is talking about. This is Science Olympiad; let your mind grow.

A Dog Diary

by Cassidy

hund220Have you ever wondered what a dog’s life is like? Well, if you have, then read my diary; it tells you the ups and downs of my day.  Here is an important tip, though:  Don’t listen to the cat.

Part One of My Day:

Part Two of My Day:

Part Three of My Day:

That concludes my day. I hope you gained more knowledge about a typical dog’s daily life.  I also hope learned some helpful things; for instance, don’t trust the cat, always yell at the cat, and enjoy the time you’re not near the cat.  Thanks for reading, and have a good day!


by Dylan

566-congressGuidance, the government gives too much, forcing laws upon those who cannot cope
Obedience, they request, even from the most rebellious adolescence, who has a failing attendance   
Vetoing bills of extreme importance, giving security clearance to anyone who is a friend of an official, and causing interference in other       countries
Excellence, the government has only a little, snuffing the existence of endangered animals
Rearranging things put forward by our forefathers
Never caring about the middle class, taking up residence in the “1%” upper class.

The Performance

By Faith

dancer“Wow, you look beautiful,” said my mom in delight as I showed her the dress that I found on the clearance rack.

“Are you positive because I think that I look like a dead possum?” I replied, disgusted with my appearance.  My mom didn’t respond and put the dress in the checkout line.  My mom, Adele Attendance, was very serious about this performance because it was my last one in my lifetime.  The instance that we got out of the store my mom’s phone rang, and of course she answered it because there was a little bit of importance to it.

When my mom finally got off the phone, she said that the call was about an obtuse bill that was late.  My mom was driving me to my performance, and I was really nervous!  I didn’t want the guidance of my mother because she always embarrassed me and she treated me like a baby.

Finally, it was time for my performance!  I noticed the indifference in my dance and my ugly dress.  When they called my name, I started shaking, and I wished I had no existence!  When I walked on stage, I nailed all my moves, and I ended with an amazing performance.  The crowd went wild, and I won first place in my age division!  When I went off stage, my mom told me that I had an obedient heart because I never give up and always trying my best!  I just hugged her and walked away!

The Big Test

by Emily

calvin daydreamToday is the big test, the test that decides if I am graduating from high school or not.  With the guidance of my teacher, her insistence on studying every night, and my increased resistance from avoiding studying and playing video games instead, I will—I hope—pass.

My teacher always gives us lectures on the importance of studying and using books as a reference.  Most kids in my class didn’t even realize the existence of books, but with my obedience, my teacher said I will most likely pass with flying colors.

At the beginning of the year, I was a bit worried when I saw the reappearance of a kid who was supposed to graduate last year, but my teacher assured me that the occurrence of this was rare.

It is almost time to start the test.  At least it won’t be hard to give my look of innocence when my teacher asks me if I studied.

Swamp Magic

by Grace

The old wooden floorboards, worn out from memories, have wrinkles on its once new, polished face, a permanent sag replaces the one time straight, even plane, and it moans during the fierce wind storms. It overlooks grass, which doesn’t even deserve its own name; it is so muddy from being trampled underfoot. Sturdy oaks, planted for their endurance of stifling climates, and weeping willows, line our verdant brown and green swamp. This is where I live in the heart of the bayou; this is where I live, in Louisiana.

I am nobody special, just another person on this planet; at least, to my family I’m not. You can call me ungrateful, selfish, but life here is, well, boring. Where is all the magic, adventure, and mystery? Where is all that books promise you? I ask these questions, but nobody seems to answer. My best friend even thinks I’m crazy, along with the other smattering of alliances of mine. Only my younger brother, Ryan, will be insistent on helping me, imploring in his adorable little voice that he will be a big help. Shoving a toy tracker device in my hand, he’ll beam up at me, but I know that no appliance of these times, or of any for that matter, can track down magic.

In my eyes, it will seem like the perfect place for magic, the swamp I mean, but that is only my inference because the swamp and the surrounding terrain is lush in foliage, dark and often creeping mists travel the waters. Alas, I have seen no frog be kissed and make a reappearance as a handsome prince, nor have I witnessed water nymphs dwelling in the stream and dancing with the water. Personally, my preference is to see the water nymphs twirl and glide as one with the water, but if any magic reveals itself to me, I will be just peachy keen!

Then, on one blessed day when I am tramping through the far side of our swamp, I come upon a homely, ramshackle cabin, resembling more of a lean-to, tucked behind some tall and unruly marsh weeds. A soft, melodic tinkling sound comes from the curious, little building. There is a feeling of calm surrounding the area, which I have never been able to fully explain. I feel a tug of resistance at the back of my brain, like a warning that I shouldn’t go near that shack. Bluntly ignoring the warning, I plow through the weeds and creak open the door. What I see makes me gasp. Colors, hundreds of them, hang from the ceiling, a huge mirror with a long jagged crack down the middle and rush mats with beads shimmering in the light; I am left speechless for the first time in my life.

Questions swarm my mind. How is it that this place came to be here? There isn’t any reference about this place anywhere. I would have noticed, unless, this just happened, unless this is a new occurrence that hasn’t yet been discovered. Who lives here; who made this? The most important question is this: is this place magic? Have I really found magic? The only thing I am sure about is that this place is meant for me. Maybe I can deal with this version of magic after all, this swamp magic that is mine.

The House Retailer

by  Lilah

Tap! Shwikle, shwikle…my pencil sharpener fell to the ground with a low-tone thud as I went to reach for it. Urg! This is just my unlucky day, isn’t it? I mean first, I don’t get the house selling job I’ve been wanting for forever, next my clearance spa conditioner was out of stock, and now while working on a job application, my pencil breaks, and my sharpener falls to the ground, splatters everywhere, and forces me to lose my thought; it’s just not fair!  I thought silently with a glowering expression on the surface of my face.

Of course I know what one of the reasons for my epic fails at applying for and acquiring a job is my appearance; I am a young, high school adolescent. Well, guess what? I’m not! I’m a scholar! A college applicant! The rest of that night, I stayed up thinking about my future, my going nowhere future.


That morning, I awoke very quickly because I had slept in way, way too late and practically missed my job interview! When I finished getting dressed, I skedaddled downstairs, chowed down on my English muffin in a rush, and speed-brushed my teeth to be ready for my attendance at the interview.


“I’m sorry, Ma’am, but your application just doesn’t find the job. Have a nice day,” the, once again, evil manager grinned snottily.

Not again! That was my last most-filled with importance application left! I angrily muttered under my breath, but soon was cut off when I noticed a flowing piece of paper stating:

Welcome! We have one opening for a house seller; please come and show great excellence in your job performance!

Phone number:  555-248-7691

Thanks have a nice day!

~House Co

Where house buyers go!

 Wow! What a chance; I better go by there! I caused an interference to everyone around me when I jumped and did a little tap dance of happiness on the pavement.


After lots of guidance from my newly hired job psychiatrist, I was ready for the big day—today! Of course this time, I would do it differently… that morning, I woke up forty-five minutes before I had to leave the house, calmly got dressed and showered, skipped downstairs, ate some fried eggs and toast, did my full two minutes of brushing my teeth, and happily drove off to the interview. I would make sure today that my existence would be fully acknowledged because of how nicely I had dressed.


“Well, Ma’am, that was very impressive,” she stood up to shake my hand and said, “congratulations! You are officially a part of this business!”

The Grand Performance

by Diana

”Scarlet,” my mother calls, ”time to rehearse.”

I run downstairs with my song sheet and wait till my mom is finished setting up the music.

These days, I have been reciting my song for the talent show. I´m singing the song ´´My Last Existence´´ by Shary Facetom. Since the performance is only a week from now (today is Friday), I will be one of the last to perform, so I want it to be an outstanding act.

”Ready,” my mom asks as she heads to sit on the couch. ”Nice, LOUD, and clear , okay?”

My mom’s guidance has been very helpful lately because she is the only person I have now that my parents are divorced, and I lost my best friend when we moved and I had to change schools.

”Lalalalalalalalala,” I start as I close my eyes and think about the night of the show.

*                            *                            *

All of the performers arrive to be in attendance in the green room in front of the auditorium. As I walk around the room, all I notice is the appearance of each of the students.  Four or five girls are wearing bright tutus, long socks, colored hair extensions, and a plentiful amount of make-up.  Three boys appear to be wearing gold hats to the side, long gold rings and necklaces, and pants that seem to be below where they belong. But I think to myself, ´´It doesn’t matter what they wear, but the importance is that I feel comfortable as myself, even if I’m only wearing a short, black dress.´´

As I enter the auditorium, the resident space is quite decorated in dark, colored streamers, balloons, and a backdrop of a night in the city.  I watch plenty of the performances before I exit the room and relax since my act is only a few more acts away. When I enter the room again, I see Ms. Dotsm climb onto the stage to announce the next performance.

”Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very proud to present the last act of the night. Please welcome to the stage, Miss Scarlet Ann Jensen!” she cheers as the crowd bursts into applause.  I step onto the stage and clear my throat. I use my strong obedience and discipline so as to only think about the clearance of my throat to purify my voice, and then I begin my song.

”Lalalalalalalalalalala,” I begin as I instantly grab the mike and stare into the crowd.

” …………..my last,” I end as the crown bursts into pandemonium. I can’t believe this. Did I actually cause all of this? I find my mom in the audience and only see my excellence in her tears.

I step off the stage and hug her tightly. If it wasn’t for her help and time, this feeling wouldn’t be here right now. If I could have dedicated my song to someone, it would be to her.


Operation Dino-Might

by Shaina

trex“I will need some guidance and an alliance with others, but I know I will be able to accomplish this task given before me,” I stated with a salute, my obedience upheld to my captain. “Sir, I can prove to all the Earthlings on this planet that there are dinosaurs deep within Africa.” It was the year 3012, and I knew the dinosaurs were arriving back to the planet, ready to destroy. It was only a matter of time before they came to America. There has been much occurrence of movement from that area. There were trees growing larger, bugs getting immensely great in size, and worst of all, the screeching sounds of terror.

All through my adolescent years, I never imagined a world about to end in such horror. The theory of evolution was starting to be apparent, and it was of great importance that I recruit members to try and make sure there was no such existence of those massive creatures surviving on this planet of innocence. I had prepared for this for years and had built up my endurance and stamina for when I would have to scurry and battle with perilous creatures never before known to human beings. I had been very insistent to my captain to let me go on this treacherous journey to save my world and to be written about in the history books.

While I was in the plane headed to dinosaur territory, my allies were side by side with me, all our weapons cradled in our arms. That was when we heard the thunderous cries. I knew that was the sound of the dinos. We had to lower into safety because being in the air would be no use since the beasts were as tremendous as skyscrapers. We lowered down, raced to nearby shrubs, and then shot to the ground in an instant. Operation Defeat African Dinosaurs was in motion.

We were attacking the monstrous figures with all our ammo and using the weaponry we had stashed all within our clothing and sacks, but the enormous creatures were too strong; it was as if nothing happened despite our best fighting efforts. We cowered in defeat, racing toward the plane. It seemed there was nothing that could defeat the beasts unless something like what happened thousands of years ago occurred again. Our only hope was something such as an explosion would blast them off the Earth. Overcoming the terror and fright, we gathered together to form a new plan.

It’s Complicated

 by Camille

penguin“Keep carrying on with your everyday life,” my mom would rant while talking on and on with her “client” over the phone.   My father and I realized the importance of my mom’s conversation, and we respected the way she babbled away, until she spoke some words that were rather peculiar.  I shall warn you, I was not eavesdropping; I was well, innocently and gaily, just strolling by a closed door that said NO INTERFERENCE!   I just happened to stumble at that very moment, and my ears were on alert.    Those eccentric words did not just flow out of her mouth; they spurted out in obstreperous way.  Do you want to know what those quirky words were?   Well, all I can say is, I would sure like to know what those words mean, too!

But here was the twist…in my adolescence. I considered myself to be a fairly educated student.  Now I couldn’t be sure, but the colossal words I overheard sounded as if there was a baby penguin in my house.  Could that be?  Was my mother really going to preserve the innocence of a tiny penguin?

I explored, making a discovery.  I squirmed and inched toward the wee penguin.  Would it snap at me?  Or maybe, my appearance would look grotesque in the eyes of the young Antarctic bird.  As I ambled toward the non-flying penguin, I was hoping it would not pounce on me like I was an innocent fish.  All these insane thoughts wriggled about in my paranoid head.

“Uh, Mom…why is there a penguin taking up residence in our claw-footed Victorian bathtub?”  I pondered over many thoughts to myself.

“Hmmm,” my mom warbled.  I could tell she knew I had just embarked on a quest and had discovered her not so little secret.  “You know our good friend Caleb, right?”  My mom buzzed in a way that made her look like she gave great importance to what she was going to throw at me, completely out of the blue.

“Yep, Caleb owns the local zoo…hmmm, what was the name?   Ah, yes, it’s named Peppy Palaces for Penguins.

My mom obediently spat in a Ms. Know-It-All modulation, “You see, Caleb couldn’t afford to keep the penguin, Koda, until his inheritance arrived after his great-grandfather’s timely demise.”  In the very next instant, Koda seemed to disco-dance, moving about in our humungous ice chest.  So, I just had to jump in and provide the excellence of care that I knew would save Koda from being shipped off to some remote iceberg!   At first, in a solemn voice, my mom responded with indifference to the final fate of Koda’s of existence.  But, eventually, I covertly observed the true compassion that I knew my mom had in her heart.  I never thought I would hear my mother say this, but ultimately, she provided the clearance of clutter to temporarily make room for the tantalizing, winsome, and totally darling Koda.

The days lingered, slowly passing by, and Koda was still in our ice claw-footed tub.  “Is this even healthy for a penguin to be left in an enclosed area for such a long time?” I wondered, pondering the appropriateness aloud to my mom every time I found myself trembling as our ice-filled tub kept the house overly nippy. “Sure, penguins are kept in fenced cages at zoos, right?” my mom said in a conceited tone.

Yeah, I thought to myself, but Koda was kept in a bathtub.  Shouldn’t there be any county rules, saying there are some circumstances for not keeping certain mammals in an enclosed space.  Despite my thoughts, I knew being a caregiver for Koda would take a lot of obligation.  Therefore, how could we afford food for a seventy-pound mammal when we could barely afford food for a family of three?  I jokingly rambled to myself as I surmised that maybe there was special food for penguins that we could get on clearance.

“No!  Why don’t you think about sending Koda to a remote iceberg who knows were?” my mom queried at 8:00 in the morning.

“What’s wrong?”  I curiously bellowed from the top of the staircase.

Puffy-eyed, my mom finally turned around.  “Koda’s…gone!”  I could hear the agony in her melancholy tone.  Inside, I was leaping with excitement, but on the outside, I showed a pinch of sympathy.

“It’s all right,” I nervously shuddered loud enough for my mom’s keen sense of hearing.  “No, it’s all my fault.  I needed to show obedience with Koda.  Instead, I joyously went about my day without a care in the world.   I exhibited my lack of experience as an adolescent, so I should let someone with greater responsibility care for Koda. It’s best for Koda to be with someone who is worthy enough to give her the love and care she truly deserves.”

As for my mom, occasionally she will pout about Koda whenever she saunters by our Victorian bathtub.  But other than that, I guess she has gotten over the whole penguin incident.  If you love something, set it free, right?  And that is what my mom chose to do.

A Ride into the Future

by Kyle

I was in Las Vegas, and I had just seen an awesome show called Cirque de Solei. The show had a sold out attendance and it had won several awards for best performance. After the show, I decided to go to the casino to gamble since the casino was allowing teenagers to gamble for one night only, with no interference from security. Because of my innocence, I did not know how to gamble, so I just put some coins in a machine to see what would happen. I won a huge jackpot that was even better than an inheritance!  I walked out of the Las Vegas casino with a smile on my face. Who else can say that they won a $500,000 jackpot during their adolescence?

I decided to buy myself a nice car. I drove straight to the car shop. I saw hundreds of super cool cars, and then I saw the one that caught my attention. Sitting right in the corner there was a lime green Lamborghini with overwhelming features. I paid for the car and drove off. I looked at the instruction manual for some guidance because the car had a lot of buttons, and I didn’t know what they did. I tried pushing them all to see what would happen. Lights went off and music played, but then I discovered the existence of another button on the steering wheel. I pushed it, and the world lit up as I felt myself forced back in my seat going so fast I didn’t know what was happening.

The car made its appearance in a grassy field with no one around. I stepped out of the car and wondered where I was. I tried to find people to tell me where I was, but all I saw was a small clearance in a forest of trees. As I looked closer, I could see what looked like a residence. I sat miserably on the bare ground, hoping to find help.  Then suddenly a huge city surrounded me. Rubbing my eyes in disbelief, I walked over to someone and asked for help. The man showed some indifference to me, but he finally told me that I was in the future. In that instance, I thought that I had to be in a dream. The man had an awesome dog with him, and his obedience was very impressive. I was getting kind of hungry so I asked the man where I could get something to eat, and he told me there was a place off to the left. As I entered the restaurant, the waitress showed me to my seat. I asked what was on the menu, and she said anything I wanted. Of course, I didn’t believe this, but it was the future so why not give it a shot? I pressed the buttons on the little machine in front of me and hoped for a cheeseburger and fries. It was of great importance that the cheeseburgers and fries filled my stomach. That machine definitely achieved excellence in making cheeseburgers. In fact, I loved it so much the cashier said I could take it home with me. Furthermore, I decided it was time to go home so I waved good-bye, got in my car, and pressed the button on the steering wheel!

What Is Life?

by Mathew

What is the point of existence in life without indifference
To show the excellence in others?

What is the point of clearance in life
Without a wonderful appearance to go with it?

What is the point of guidance in life
If the guidance can’t protect you from interference.

What is the point of a wonderful performance in life
When all you do is stay at your residence?

What is the point of inheritance
Without anyone to inherit it from?

The Weird Alliance

by Spencer

The government of Sonoma County has a weird alliance to the government in Marin County. Many times Marin County shows a preference for things Sonoma County does not want and the other way around. Marin shows a resistance to Sonoma’s insistence that we have better public transportation. In reference to the train that Marin doesn’t want, Sonoma shows great endurance in arguing that it’s best for everyone. They want to put appliances in a train kitchen. There is an inference that the reappearance of a train in Sonoma County would be a wonderful occurrence. So both counties have to get along.