Week 27: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Extraordinary Interruption

by Jack

Football. A game of speed, agility, toughness, and excitement. My team in football is intermediate. We have an extravagant quarterback and running back who both work hard. I’m a wide receiver. I’ve got to catch and run really well. I once had to play defense, though. It was good,I guess, because it gave me the opportunity to get my first interception. One game, though, will not be remembered for something normal like a great win. This interfered with the game, which was, well, extraterrestrial.

“Jack is running up the field with his eyes on the ball, but wait, what is that?” said one announcer. Those were the last words from anyone in that game. Then a capsule fell three feet before me. It didn’t look natural so I just observed it from where I was. It was about half the size of me and shiny silver. The capsule then flashed brightly, temporarily blinding me before I saw the life form. It was an ugly creature with a wrinkled face, a crooked nose, and teeth as sharp as knives. It also had skin peeling off it everywhere, it’s whole body was a grim gray, and it was stooped over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I then used my speed to get away as fast as I could and went home, not daring to find out what would happen next.

When I got home, I watched the news where the newscaster was now interviewing several people on the case. They said things like, “It was hideous and quick to shoot some kind of beam at anyone who stood in its way,” and “It seemed as if it was extrasensory.” Some scientists thought that the creature was an extraterrestrial that was interplanetary.

I agreed with the scientists and thought the creature should be stopped. If there’s one thing I’d learned from horror movies, it’s that you never go out alone, that anything unnatural was bad, and that you never go into a room that was dark. That stuff was the content of every horror movie.

I decided to go to my dad on this one because he was in the Marines so I’d need his help. I then asked him, “Can I ask you something, Dad?”

“Depends,” he responded.

“Dad, have you heard? It’s international news. There’s some kind of weird creature that just landed on Earth, and I want to take it down.”

“Okay… Yeah, I’ve heard, and Jack, I have a question for you.”

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Have you ever heard of Area 51?”


by Genevieve

“I have a bad feeling that this might turn out horribly,” Domino hissed to Amethyst. She raced ahead to Gunners side.

Domino glanced around. He was nervous and felt like someone was watching them. He cautiously bounded over to the spot where he turned into a wolf. A sharp crystal shard rose from the ground. It was massive and Domino stepped back out of the way before getting sliced in half by it. Zeal flew over to Domino and stared into his eyes. They exchanged a terrified glance.

“Hold it right there!” Domino, Zeal, Amethyst, and Gunner turned to see a very furious Charm standing at the rim of the clearing. Her eyes were like a flame, they got scarier the more you looked at them.

“What are you doing here?” Domino thundered.

“Am I interrupting anything? Step away from the crystal,” Charm ordered, her pack gathered behind her. There were at least nine dogs in her pack.

Domino slowly stepped away. He kept a fierce glare as he joined Amethyst and Gunner. Zeal followed.

“Well, you guys have fun I’ve done enough here,” Gunner smirked at Amethyst and Domino and slipped away towards Charm.

Three dogs grabbed Amethyst and she howled in pain and they bit into her paw.

“Do what I say or she dies,” Charm squinted her eyes to appear more threatening.

Before Domino could react Gunner burst out, “hey! That wasn’t part of the deal!”

“Don’t interfere,” Charm growled. With all this extravagance happening, she didn’t want Gunner getting in the way.

Gunner charged at Charm. He attempted to flip her over but she just whacked him away. He got back up and pounced on her. Charm snarled and seized his legs between her fangs and threw him at Domino. Domino saw the attack coming and dodged out of the way. He stared at the still pack. Were they enjoying this?

Gunner sprinted forward; he took another approach and circled Charm. Her expression became of focus instead of mild irritation. All eyes were on them.

“You will never kill her!” screamed Gunner. He showed extraordinary rage.

He clawed her face until she fell back. Charm jumped back up and lunged at him leaving no intermission. She trapped him underneath her and wrapped her jaws around his neck. Gunner cried out for help but the cry ended short as he fell still on the dirt. An eerie silence filled the air as Domino and Amethyst looked at Gunner’s limp body.

“You killed him!” Amethyst broke free of the three dogs holding her and clawed Charm right across the face leaving a scar. “I don’t care that you’re my sister! I don’t care if you’re a leader of a pathetic pack! You deserve to have a scar that you can remember for the rest of your days!”

Amethyst sank her fangs into Charm’s neck. Charm pulled away and growled. Something must have triggered in to pack’s mind because half of them started attacking Amethyst and the rest sprung at Domino. Zeal soared over the pack dog’s heads and scratched them. Domino was trying to get to Amethyst but she was too far away and too many dogs were blocking him. One of the dogs noticed what he was doing and jumped in front of him. Domino snarled and pushed the dog to the ground. It quickly got up and lunged at Domino’s legs, knocking him over. The dogs towered over him but he simply brought his hind legs to his stomach then kicked the dog off of him.

“Amethyst!” he hollered. She glanced over at him before getting pummeled by more dogs.

Domino sprinted away, some of the pack followed him and he kept his distance so he could come up with a plan. What do I do, thought Domino. Understanding suddenly filled his brain and he turned directions. Domino bounded back to Amethyst.

“Try to get out!” he barked to her. She followed his directions and climbed over to Domino.

“Don’t you have any more of those extrasensory powers you can use?” Amethyst yelped as Charm intercepted her line of focus and grabbed her and started to push her back.

“It won’t work!” Amethyst yelled to Domino.

Domino raced over and looked her in the eyes. “This might feel a little weird.” He let a small stream of light come out of the crystal shard placed on his chest and let the light wrap around her. She looked alarmed but let the light continue wrapping around her.

“What are you doing?” Charm said, as if interviewing them. She raised her hackles and snarled at Domino.

Amethyst closed her eyes. Domino couldn’t see her anymore because of the light. The next thing he knew, there was another wolf in front of him. Amethyst new fur was glossy and wavy.

“This is cool and all, but destroy the core crystal before something else extravagant happens!” Amethyst screamed, she turned around and saw that the pack had run away.

Charm stood glaring up at Amethyst. “This will never be over!” Charm pounced at Amethyst. Amethyst rolled out of the way. Zeal came flying down and tore his claws into Charm. She howled in pain at the interference but kept her eyes on Amethyst.

Domino reached the core crystal. He glanced over at Zeal; the phoenix seemed to know what he was going to do. Domino put a paw on the crystal and it instantly started to glow. A ray of light tore out of it and away to each of the crystal shards. Each one burst into shards with a satisfying pop. Domino realized the light would come for him. He bounded over to Amethyst. As if in slow motion, the light turned and came directly at Domino. He closed his eyes and waited for the light to hit him, and his life to end. He waited for at least thirty seconds before opening his eyes. The light was gone; he gazed around the clearing and spotted Zeal was lying on the ground.

“Zeal!” Amethyst ran to the beloved phoenix.

Domino ran over as well and checked for a heartbeat. There was none. The two wolves stared at the lifeless phoenix.

“Zeal…” Domino whispered. His words felt sharp and broken. “He- He took his life for me. He jumped in the way of the light.”

“It’s ok, we have to move on,” Amethyst rested her head on Domino’s shoulder.

“It should have been me! I didn’t do anything useful with my power! Now he’ll never see another day again and it’s because I was here!” Domino’s voice cracked and he fell in a heap on the ground.

“Domino…” Amethyst sat next to him. “If it’s anyone’s fault, it’s Gunners. He suggested that you destroy the core crystal.”

Domino stood up, “you’re right, but I never should have come along.” Amethyst sighed. She realized that Charm must still be watching but when she looked, Charm was gone.

“Something that the pack told me was that the core crystal made two protectors. A guardian and that was you, you protected the crystal and you could make more guardians. The other one would be a backup. In case something happened to you, the backup would be there,” Amethyst paused. “I realized that the core crystal made the protectors to keep it alive. None of them would want to die so they would never destroy the core crystal. But with you, you were noble enough to die.”

“What does this have to do with Zeal dying?” Domino asked.

“Nothing. I’m just going to keep talking in this dreamy and nice voice to pretend I know what im talking about,” Amethyst smiled.

“Are we guardians then?” Domino looked straight at her.

“No, we’re friends though,” Amethyst smiled then whispered something in his ear, he grinned and they nuzzled.

“I know we’re going to live a powerful life,” Amethyst added, “without crystals.”


Past Years’ Winning Stories

Earth Rotates Slowly

by Annabelle

It was an international mission;
Five different countries contributed money
Towards the cause
Of the interplanetary expedition.
People stated,
“It will be an amazing feat!”
And it was.

The astronauts would search
For extraterrestrial life
On the moon,
The launch would be extravagant,
People flocking
To watch the first manned flight
To an unknown moon.

The astronauts,
Four of them in counting,
Prepared for launch.
They started the thrusters.
Prepared the ship for takeoff.
Prepared themselves for takeoff.
Finished telling mission control
They were ready.
Thought about home.
Thought about their family.
Thought about each other.
Closed their eyes.
And they took off.

They broke the atmosphere,
Firing through the clouds,
Until all around them was silent darkness.
Nothing had interfered with the takeoff.
There were no interstate regulations, country’s laws,
or even their own conscious
Holding them back now.

The view was extraordinary,
Nothing was interchangeable
Because everything was so unique.
It was extrasensory.
It was an extravagance to the eyes.
Extraordinary, space.
Nothing could interrupt this moment
Until the astronauts laid eyes on Earth,
Rotating slowly beneath them.

The Clock


Tick tock, tick tock,
The clock never stops.
He makes sure to always be on time,
And never late,
Even by a millisecond.

Though he looks interchangeable
With other clocks,
He is unique,
Determined to work
For an extraordinarily
Long time.
And even after he breaks,
He will be happy,
Because he knows
That even a broken clock
Is right twice a day.

He is very polite,
Never interfering with your plans,
Never interrupting when he has something to say,
And never listening in.
He remembers to tick quietly
When you’re in an interview,
And loudly when you are late for school
And still procrastinating.

Though he isn’t very extravagant,
And definitely not so well crafted
That you’d think he must have been made
By an extraterrestrial being,
He still does his job
Better than any clock
You’ll ever see.

He didn’t take any extracurricular activities
Nor did he learn about intervals or go to school,
Yet he is incredibly smart.
He always challenges himself,
And reaches his goals,
No matter how impossible they seem.

He was good.
He became better.
He is great.

What a Spelling Story Is

by Adam

A spelling story is an extraordinary story you make using your 10 spelling words. For instance you can make a story about an intermission in a theatre being interrupted by ninjas, or you can make a story of an interference in a gym. Or if you like cars, your story could maybe even be about a 1972 international scout climbing through a scary mountain or driving on the interstate. Now that you know what a spelling story is, you should write one. Maybe yours will be so good you will be interviewed on Ellen DeGeneres’s show.

If you are an intermediate story writer, you may create a simpler story. If you have a simple story, you may not have a great response from your readers or the teacher. Now, if you want to have a better story, you might stay after school, making writing an extracurricular activity.

Last, but not least, once you have the story written, you must turn it in. Although you have a week to complete the assignment, it will feel like only a brief interlude before it is due.

Good luck, writers!

Grand Theft Diamond

Another intriguing tale by E.S.W. 2015 (Epic Story Writers of 2015, Jake C. and Matthew)

Bold = Spelling word   Underline = WOW     Italic = Authors’ comment

An extraordinary (not intermediate) self-reliant, independent and unlikely thief was…Daniel, the ballet dancer. We know you’re thinking, “What the heck?” but ballet can teach you to avoid lasers and heat sensors. Daniel took advantage of this fact and put it to good use, setting up a fake burglar scene/training ground with a fake Free Diamond in his basement. The Free Diamond is what he is trying to steal. He excelled at this practice, landing some triple-jumps and succeeding in stealing the diamond. His training was interrupted by his brother knocking on the door. Daniel thought to himself, “Here’s an unscheduled intermission,” as his brother called, “Daniel, I intercepted the third largest ruby in the world!”

“Good!” Daniel called back.

“But I spent it already!” yelled his brother

“You and your stomach!”

“I saved food some for you, though!” answered his brother.

“What is it?”

“Chicken McNuggets that are past their expiration date and look like they are extraterrestrial!” chuckled Daniel’s brother.

“BARF!” exclaimed Daniel.

His brother replied, with some aggravation, “Oh, so you’re not going to eat them.”

“No way! They might cause a slight interruption to the length of my life; plus, you don’t have to be extrasensory to see that they are horrible; duh.”

“Then I will eat those expired  preservative-filled morsels,” responded Daniel’s brother, never one to waste food.

“Anyway, we’ve got a theft to plan,” commanded Daniel.

The two brothers started to analyze the situation, and after five seconds, they were done. The brothers got in their car with Sharpies to draw on their masks . Please take notice that Daniel’s brother is not very bright, because he spent the ruby money on food instead of real ski masks. The brother also has great belief that they will get take-out Chinese food before every robbery. Eventually, the two brothers arrived at the museum in their clunky Toyota Prius.

Then they got out and pushed the car off the cliff, and they thought “That was a great getaway car.” They destroyed their car because running on foot was faster than driving a clunky Toyota Prius (for some strange reason this car was capable of interplanetary travel, though, so perhaps abandoning it was a mistake).

When they entered the museum, the alarms immediately made Daniel’s brother pass out on the floor. Daniel could not care less. All he cared about was the diamonds so he punched the glass case, but instead of him destroying the case, the case tried to laser his hand. So then Daniel tried a new approach. He tossed his brother at the case like a shield, and of course, the brother got lasered, so they both fled. Once they were outside, Daniel pushed his brother off a cliff (the same cliff they’d used to get rid of the clunky Toyota Prius) because he was of no use to Daniel anymore in his half-dead, lasered state.

“Oh, I forgot–no car; better run!”

Good thing they pushed the extravagant Prius off the cliff. This really stunk, because the Prius had an interchangeable engine. Otherwise, Daniel would have run into a road interference–a log–which Daniel could easily jump over, but a Police car, not so much. The car would have to have boosters to escalate over it.

Once Daniel was at his house, he immediately raced to the sink, trying to wash the Sharpie off. It wouldn’t come off. Desperately, Daniel looked at the Sharpie he had used. It was permanent. The only way to get it off was to dunk your head in the toilet and flush! So flush he did.

The Sharpie mask was almost off when the Police came to the door. A prominent cop, Sergeant Oliver Schultz, pulled out his Cheerios launcher and fired at Daniel, who was dripping with toilet water, but Daniel pulled out his Lucky Charm deflector shield. As you may notice, this is a battle of cereal toys. Daniel lost when the coppers unleashed the dogs, who promptly ate the shield, and then it was all over.

At the Police Station, Daniel was confronted with charges of murder and stealing. Indignant, he exclaimed, “I never murdered anyone!”

“Yes, you did, son.”

“What did I do?”said Daniel interrupting the cop (which is something you don’t want to do to somebody if they can arrest you by just saying you’re guilty).

“Pushed your brother off a cliff.”

“That was an accident; the winds were blowing fast,” fibbed Daniel.

“There were no winds, son, and if there were, then they were going one mile per hour.”

Then there was an interlude in the conversation, and Daniel said,“Fine, I also brought an international law book.”(And by international he means made up; and by law book he means a note book).

So then Daniel made his own law book and wrote this extraordinary message “You may murder anybody, especially if you are stealing diamonds at the moment (duh).”

“Convincing,” said the cop sarcastically, and just then there was a interval. If only he meant it.The cop was part of an interstate smuggling gang and would soon escape with Daniel.

Suddenly, the cop turned the lights off and jumped through the window; Daniel chasing after him. “Hey, come back here!” yelled the other cops.

Daniel met up with the bad cop (like an interview) at the same cliff, and the cop said, “I will not arrest you if you give up the diamond.”

“Okay, I will hand it over, but only if you back up five steps.”

“That’s an odd request,” said the cop, who wasn’t very bright, but would do anything for a diamond. So he began backing up. “1 ,2, 3…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” yelled the cop as he fell to his doom with the Daniel’s unfortunate brother and their Prius.

However, little did Daniel know that the cop gracefully bounced off Daniel’s brother’s Oompa Loompa belly and skyrocketed back up to Daniel. Just then the cop got cocky and started to dance, but part of the dance was the Egyptian jumping move, and the cop got caught in the wind (which interfered with his dance), only to get blown back over the cliff to die (not hitting the brother’s belly this time).

Daniel said, “That’s sad,” then walked off with the policeman’s belt in hand. He did this, because the cop had all sorts of cool stuff, like pepper spray.

The moral of this story is this: Don’t get cocky next to a cliff, and don’t listen to your gut when you have a diamond in your hand. With this moral, you don’t need to take any  classes to understand.


by Ava

baby wrestlerBrandon’s video was now an international FAIL.

His brother, Charlie, uploaded Brandon’s video to YouTube, and it went viral. The video was a remix of him getting tackled by his baby sister. That incident broke Brandon’s arm……. And his pride, too. Especially since Brandon chose wrestling as an extracurricular activity. The video was named “Teenage wrestler gets pounded by a baby!”

“So, Brandon, are you enjoying your fame?” Charlie marched in, smirking.

“C’mon, Charlie, famous is a little extravagant,” Brandon replied. His sister, Lizzie, interrupted with a loud shriek of giggles. “What’re you laughing at?” he asked her as she broke into chuckles, again. Brandon walked over, but before he could take her out of her high chair, Lizzie put him in a headlock.

“Agh! Help!” Brandon looked up in horror to realize Charlie was taking a video of this embarrassing moment. Charlie put down his camera and picked Lizzie up, trying to intercept her and avoid Brandon’s fury.

Interference!” Brandon yelled when his neck jerked up with Lizzie’s arm still around him.


The strength of Brandon’s little sister was extraordinary.  It seemed strange, extraterrestrial even. If she could take down Charlie, which was happening now, Lizzie could take down practically anyone.

Brandon ripped Lizzie off of Charlie, shouting, “Told you so!”

“Okay, okay, I believe you.” Charlie rubbed his neck. “Let’s go watch some wrestling; there’s a great match going on right now.” Brandon nodded and ran into the living room. Lizzie followed them out and watched as Brandon and Charlie sat staring at the television screen, where two men took turns pinning each other down. As an interlude of commercials played, Brandon and Charlie looked over at Lizzie. She was punching the air as though she was a……….. Brandon gasped.

“I know why Lizzie can pound us!” Brandon exclaimed. “Lizzie’s wrestling moves are interchangeable with the boxers’! She must be getting her moves from them.”

Charlie grabbed Lizzie and ran out of the room. “No more wrestling for you!” he exclaimed as he plopped Lizzie in her highchair and the two boys went back to their T.V. show. They were safe from embarrassment. For now.

An Extravagant, Extraordinary Interview

by Dylan

alien_18I had a dream last night that I was giving an extravagant, extraordinary interview to an extraterrestrial.  The extraterrestrial looked a little like the character in the movie, E.T.  The only major difference was that the extraterrestrial in my dream had interchangeable parts similar to Mr. Potato Head.  During our interview, he was showing me how he could remove his eyes and ears.  It was a bit disturbing.

We had a discussion about his intracellular set up and how it was different from humans.  The extraterrestrial told me that his name was Bob.  Bob also told me that at his high school in outer space, he played intramural football.  Bob apparently had the highest record at his school for throwing the most interceptions.  Bob also was in charge of the intermediate interval conditioning training of the other extraterrestrial athletes on his football team.

I don’t remember anymore from this dream as there was an interruption to my dream when my cat jumped on my chest and woke me up.

Game Time

by Riley

interceptionI was about to start my first game of NFL football. It was an international game with people from around the globe, and we were going up against an intermediate team. We had some extraordinary players, and they were interviewed before the game. During the game, we got an interruption by the referees, who were interfering with the game by making bad calls. For some people playing in this game, football just started out as an extracurricular activity, but then they made it all the way to NFL football.

Right in the middle of the game, someone ran out across the field and had to be tackled by the security guards. The referees called interference, and there was a short intermission before the game resumed.

In the fourth quarter, our team was down by six points; the other team had the ball, and they threw a long bomb way up in the air. It started to sail out of bounds, but I reached up with one arm and snatched it out of midair. It was an interception! I ran it all the way back to the end zone to win the game! The kicker made the extra point, and I glanced up at the score board. We had won, 42-41.

The Extraordinary Adventurer

by Rachel

animatedlioncubgif-26In the year of 2025, in a Hawaiian jungle on a hot summer day, an extraordinary adventurer, named the Amazing Rachel, and her assistant, Sammy (who had recently been interviewed by Rachel), were off to find an extraterrestrial crystal meteorite. They were walking to find the meteorite, when suddenly something interrupted them.  It was a lion interfering with their search.  Amazing Rachel took out her extravagant knock-out powder and threw it on the lion.   Unfortunately, Sammy intercepted the powder, which knocked her out.  This was a bad thing during the intermediate stages of the adventure.  Rachel grabbed Sammy and started running from the lion while holding her.  This was definitely an extracurricular activity.

Finally, they reached the meteorite, but it was too heavy for just Rachel to lift.  She needed help from Sammy.  She reached in her bag and pulled out wake-up medicine.  She had to give it to Sammy intravenously.  Sammy woke up immediately and helped Rachel pull out the meteorite. They brought it back to the lab to study it.

An Extravagant Trip

by Bailey

IDWhen I was young,
I loved to play pretend
I could go anywhere
I wanted to go
as long as I could imagine it.
I could go to extraordinary places
like a planet with extraterrestrials
that have extrasensory perception
from an interplanetary place
or a prehistoric era.

I could be whoever I wanted
whether it be
an international spy
intercepting, interrupting, and interfering
with my evil plans
or I could be an adventurer
full of extravagance.

I could be anything,
anyone, and I can’t say
I don’t miss it.
I remember being
everyone except me.

The Planet Party

by Emily

planetpartyToday, I am going to an international, extraordinary, extravagant, extraterrestrial Planet Party, a party of great extravagance.  The Planet Party is based on—you guessed it—space.  The hosts will be serving Mars marshmallows, Jupiter ice cream, moon cookies, and Venus cupcakes.

My little sister is a sugar addict so I told her not to interrupt the party with her demands to make sure she gets two of everything.  We are already having a long intermission, and she promised she wouldn’t cause an interference.  I still don’t believe her because she has already promised that she would try not to intercept me while I am doing my homework, but I haven’t noticed any change.  For some reason, she has behaved in this strange manner ever since she received a Barbie with interchangeable heads.  Fingers crossed, she won’t mess up the party!

Heart Song

by Grace

piano keysMy heart sings like a melody, bright and cheery as the sun. It is full, my heart, full to the brim with love. Fingers, flying like a flock of birds over keys of black and white; rain, pouring buckets of water down; dancing, dancing in the rain letting it wet my hair, and the sharp sent of mowed grass, stinging the air like bees. Everything is perfect where I live, everyone, and everything living in harmony with one another. That’s how I know it, life, perfect, and that’s what I want it to be.

I live in a small town, a kind of town that had to fight its way onto a map. We, my father, nanny and I, don’t live there because of my father’s extravagance; we just live there because it’s my father’s town, the place where he grew up. My father is a musician, so music has always a part of my life. My father could have been an internationally renowned musician, but when his momma got really sick, he stayed home to be with her, and good thing he did, because she died three days later.  I want to be exactly like my dad.  I don’t care that I won’t be famous if I want to be like him because who needs to be famous to be happy? Unfortunately, I have always been a music freak at school, and that has put a serious damper on my desire to be a musician, in particular, a pianist.

I don’t play publicly, but I play in front of my dad. He’s the only one who knows, or for that matter, thinks, I have an extraordinary gift for music. If anybody else thought anything, they would think I have an extrasensory gift, a freakish, and a not normal gift that shouldn’t be used. So I have to protect my gift; I have to protect my music.

Then the war came. It came upon us like a storm in August, unsuspected. Neighbors died fighting, homes were bombed, and everyone was scared. My father had to go and join the army, so I was left at home with my nanny, taking people in. I didn’t know what to do; I was ten times more frightened for my father than I was for myself.  As I watched people die before my eyes, I wished for the millionth time that my talent lay in a different area, such as nursing wounds. Mine was useless at a time like this.

Even though I was busy, I was always thinking of how I could use my gift. I heard people telling stories, stories about home and the comforts of it. Music can tell stories too; if you listen hard, you will hear its tale. I thought of how whenever I was at the movies, if by the time of intermission arrived, I didn’t feel any emotion for the characters, I thought it was a bad movie. So my songs had to be strong, had to really be like the sounds of home, the sounds of play, or the whole point of cheering up the people would be ruined.

I composed songs in my room for a week. I composed a song about space for the younger boys so that they could feel like they were on an interplanetary ride through music. I composed another as a spring walk through the gardens for girls, and a special one for me and everyone who listened. Finally, I called everyone to the piano room, explained that there were to be no interceptions while I was playing, then sat on my stool, and began to play.

“It’s as if she was fed with music intravenously!” someone breathed in total awe.

That was the only interruption during my whole performance.  High, fast sixteenth notes represented twinkling stars, low chords were meteors crashing, and sliding my hand down the whole piano were the shooting stars. The vibration of the music I was playing was so strong, that it affected the audience at an intracellular level. The garden piece was a lively tune, but when my song came afterwards, I gave it my best.  Now my hands really were a flock of birds, flitting over the keys at rapid speed. The rain was represented by C sharp, D sharp, F sharp and G sharp; the buckets of water were again, low chords. The sharp scent of mowed grass was a mixture of high and low. I added the rhythmic tapping of a child playing rope as higher half-beat notes and the striking of the clock as the lowest A note. I was playing my heart; I was playing my heart’s melody.

The “Thesaurus” Tremors

by Dylan

earthquakeOne extraordinary day in Words, Texas, there was a small tremor under little John Paul Jr. and his family’s house. The tremor made a crack in the earth out by the family’s shed that started opening up so that even an extraterrestrial giant could fit into it. There was an immediate response of the entire neighborhood running in panic and screaming as if they were chickens with their heads cut off. Then, there was an interruption.

The interstate collapsed, and all the ground caved in over it. A moment later, a large robot shot out of the top of the hole, and the robot looked as though it had interchangeable parts.

The “CBS news” wanted to get an interview with the robot but there was no parking. They also did not wish to interfere with the robot because it had plasma cannons. When the robot started attacking all the houses, it shot out miniature thesauruses that opened and shot out words like extracurricular, meaning outside the normal curricula; interception, meaning the act of getting between two things; and extravagant, meaning really fancy or overpriced. What a horrifying experience!  An intergalactic robot that shoots out multisyllabic vocabulary words!

Well, it is a good thing that that is just a fairy tale, but you did not know that did you?

Space Events

by Shaina

flying saucer“Whoa! Look, it’s an extraterrestrial! Could it have been from Jupiter or Mars?” I shrieked.

“Cool beans! We need to make this international! Where’s your video camera?” my friend, Nicole, asked.

“Here, I’ll go get it! I’ll be right back!”

By the time I got back, my friend had disappeared and something was injected into me; something that was intravenous. I tried to intercept it from getting inside of me, but it was no use. Could this have happened to Nicole, too? When I awoke, there was white all around and a musical interlude playing from somewhere I could not see. I thought seeing a UFO would be something extravagant, but instead, I just got abducted. When I stood, there was an interference with gravity, and I shot straight up to the ceiling and up through a hole, where I saw Nicole.

“Nicole! Where are we?” I inquired.

“Well, we’re definitely in space, but something strange is going on. I just want to go home!”

“I know… I want to go home, too. We should have just run back inside when we saw the UFO. Maybe we’re interplanetary now, and could we be the subjects of an experiment?”

“If so, we need to escape. ASAP! Let’s find some sort of—”

“Space suit,” I interrupted.

“But where? Let’s scour the entire UFO and see where we can get a space suit,” she suggested.

“Good idea,” I agreed.

After that, we started sprinting towards different passageways, and it seemed we were just going in a huge circle. There was nothing.

“Huhn!” I shouted. There was something going wrong with me. There was an intracellular process going on inside me.

“Homina, Homina, Hey!”

“Whoa, what’s happening to us…?”

“Could this be space madness?”

“I hope not! Look!”

I saw a panel of buttons that lit up and glowed, so I knew one of those would have to lead us somewhere. I pressed the big red button, and we received space suits. I then pressed the green button, and we cascaded down to Earth, and with a sudden halt, we landed at ground level. Nicole and I sprinted out, saying Homina, Home, Hey! Whatever that meant. Fortunately, we were back on our home planet. Maybe the space madness was just something that lasted only for a few minutes. Or would it last forever?

That Helpful Diamond!

by Emily

diamond“Oh, Christine, thank you for taking me to see The Phantom of the Opera! The acting was extraordinary! However, I didn’t like the intermission put in the middle of that fantastic graveyard scene.  I also didn’t like how other people, mainly men, interrupted the show by howling when the actor playing Christine came out in that beautiful dress,” said my best friend, Raoul.

“Yes, Raoul, I feel the same way about the same things as you do, especially since that play is also a movie, my favorite movie, mind you, and having to have an intermission in between acts just about darn-right killed me!” I told Raoul.

“Oh, well, but anyway… the strangest thing I found about this performance was that our names were in it as well!  Interesting that the main characters were named as we are,” my friend said, surprised. “Let’s just go home now and do what we, uh, well… I, do best, which is seeing how well each football team is doing. Come on, Christine, let’s play that new game you made up the other day; let’s see who can intercept the flying football first!”

We did, in fact, go home—to my house, since Raoul was having a sleepover at my place—and watched international television for about an hour, but then we got bored. That is when we found the right football for us, but as I reached for the popcorn on the table, the floorboard underneath my leg broke.

At that exact moment, I started feeling these weird intracellular feelings—which did not feel good at all.

As I started to get up, Raoul pushed me aside and said, “Look! Look quickly, Christine, before I get too tempted to take this to the museum and become rich!”

I squinted trying to get a better look at the very bright figurine sparkling where the floorboard was before. “What is it?” I asked him nervously.

“It’s a real diamond!” he yelled in my face, literally!

“Oww!” I yelled as blood squirted from my finger from touching the gem slightly.

“Please, take me to the hospital; I’m feeling weak, Raoul!” I begged him.

“Okay, but you now they’re going to have to put intravenous liquids into your arm, as in shots, which you HATE,” Raoul told me in a light-hearted way, as in he meant he was joking.

“Whatever! Just please drive me there… I’m… getting… so… tired,” I said wearily.

One hour later, I woke up feeling light-headed. I appeared to be in a room at the hospital with a nurse who was trying to help Raoul to negotiate a lower price on the cost of this visit to this horrifying place.

“I’m afraid, sir, that this is a visit that is an extravagance that you can’t afford,” stated the nurse.

“What a rude woman.  This hospital visit costs as much as an interplanetary vacation, and that nurse won’t even try to go any further with your ‘surgery’ since we apparently, by our looks, can’t afford this kind of medical attention,” Raoul complained to me, as he walked over to see how I was doing.

“Raoul, if we sell the diamond to them, though, wouldn’t that pay for the medical care that I need right now?” I asked.

“That might actually work, Christine. I’ll go ask them about that,” he told me in a hurry.

Thankfully, it worked, and I was able to get my “surgery” done and over with. It seemed fitting that the cause of my injury was also the resolution to my problem.  Although, alas, we could’ve paid to see The Phantom of the Opera a thousand times, over and over again, and this is a bittersweet thought.

A Sparkling Day at the Beach

by Kyle

“Today is an extraordinary day,” I said to myself.  I decided to go to the beach so I could enjoy the day.  I brought a shovel and some beach toys, and I was determined to build the world’s best sand castle, complete with a trench and everything.  You would even be able to stand up inside this colossal sand castle.

“Okay, enough imagining,” I thought to myself.  It was time to build the real thing!  Then the lifeguard made an announcement, “Starting in the next five minutes, there will be a sand castle building contest, and the winner will get a fabulous prize.”

I got all fired up and grabbed my shovel to start.  the five minutes passed, and the lifeguard blew his whistle.  I began digging a hole for the trench and a wall for the castle.  The contest would last for only an hour so I had to hurry so I could get to all of my extracurricular activities such as gymnastics and art class.  I finished the first wall and began the next.  I dug and dug, and I hit something hard.  I looked at the hole, and I had some others help me pull the object out of the hole.  We pulled it up, and it was a big metal chest.   We were about to open it when there was an interruption. The lifeguard announced that there were only ten minutes left in the contest.  I got back to building my sand castle, and finally I finished.  I then quietly opened the chest because I didn’t want to interfere with anyone else’s concentration on their sand castles.  Even though they weren’t extravagant, they were still good, so I didn’t want to get in their way.

I took the lid of the chest to see what was inside, when my eyes widened.  There before my very eyes was the most delightful thing in the universe.  I saw hundreds of plump jewels and gold coins.  I nearly fainted.  then the lifeguard blew his whistle and the contest was over.  The judges walked around looking at everyone’s sand castles.  they walked up to the podium and announced the winner.  It was me!  Then they gave me my prize that looked like an extraterrestrial spaceship.  It was sick!  It was a toy spaceship that flew up to two hundred feet in the air, and you could still control it.

Then the judges saw my treasure and gasped.  They asked how I found it, and I told them I was just building my sand castle when I came upon it.  They were so excited that they put me on the news, and I gave an interview.  This day couldn’t get any better!

After I was finished with the interview, there was an interval of time available before I needed to leave for home, so I decided to spend it playing football with my friends.  Jimmy threw the ball, and Josh jumped in front of it and caught it.  “An interception!” Brandon yelled.  We returned to the game, and we decided we needed an interchangeable player because we weren’t sure if Julian was going to be able to play.  We were not too into playing other teams, so we decided not to play in the school’s intramural games.  After our football game, we did cool tricks, like flips and stuff, and I rolled up to my feet without intermediate pushes from my hands.  Then it was time for my friends to go home.  Jimmy was visiting me from Nevada, where he had and intrastate telephone that would only allow calls to people within the state of Nevada.  That is why he came to visit me.  Then I thought fast and let each one of my friends choose their own gem from my treasure chest.  Jimmy then waved good-bye as he left to take the interstate home.

It was at that moment that noticed something wash up on the shore.  I walked over to have a look, and it turned out to be a whale.  The lifeguard called a marine mammal vet because the whale did not seem to be well.  The vet injected intravenous fluids into the whale to help it to feel better.  Then I noticed the tide pools right next to the whale, and there was an odd-looking fish with intracellular liquid that would allow it to move.

The day was darkening, and it was time to go home, but today was a day that I would never forget.  I won the sand castle building contest, received a cool prize, played with my friends, saw a whale, and let’s not forget the highlight of the day:  I found TREASURE!!!  Who ever knew so much could happen at a beach.  “This day would never be forgotten!” I thought to myself as I walked home with a smile on my face.

The Extraordinary Events of Room Twelve

by Kennedy

In Room Twelve, at twelve o’clock, the first strange event happened.  The extraordinary extravagance of this event was out of this world!  Well, I will stop jibber-jabbering this nonsense to you and get to the point.

Of course, it was the teachers’ and students’ favorite holiday:  Saint Patrick’s Day!  The room’s walls were filled with blinking green clovers, and luscious and furry boas.  There was not a single person you could pinch.

“Spelling word number one is ‘intravenous,'” said Ms. Ally.

Boom, clash, jingle-jongle, ring-a-ding-ding, crash!  The first event was occurring.

“Loud leprechauns!” exclaimed Ms. Ally.

“What was that?” the kids questioned in unison.  “Let’s check it out!”

So the kids trotted like cats over to the big hole that was now in the wall.  There was ash lying everywhere.  international posters, other items, and chunks of the wall covered the ground.  The kids leaned in to look closer and closer.

Then the warmest, greenest light started to appear, growing larger and larger.  All of a sudden, the light went out and out from the smoke popped a small, green , stubby man.

“Oh, my!  It’s a le-lep-lepre-leprechaun!” said Ms. Ally as she fainted.

The kids didn’t make a sound.  It was so quiet you could barely hear them breathing!

“Well, I’d better break da silence,” stated the leprechaun.  “Are you rotten clovers goin’ to stand there and stare at me all day?  Because if ya are, I’m leavin’ this pit o’ green.”

“Oh, no, please don’t leave,” begged the class.

“Okay, I won’t leave the school, but you all do whatever I say,” he replied.  Then the leprechaun disappeared.  When he reappeared, he was running and destroying everything in the room.

“We have to catch him, now!” yelled Erin, a student in the class.  “He has interrupted this whole learning period.”

“I agree.  Our parents didn’t pay for intracellular school intermission tickets.  We need to get rid of this creature,” responded another student, Susan.

So with two leading and mischievous minds, they planned to set a trap to catch the leprechaun.  It took them their entire lunch to build it.  They were about to intercept him, stopping his rude behavior, with their trap.  They began their plan by asking him tricky questions and by providing challenging and strict directions.

“Would you please be seated right here, you interplanetary person,” directed Erin.

“I ain’t no alien, ya know,” said the leprechaun.

“We know,” answered the class, as Erin and Susan dropped a cage made of sticks, stones, metal, and a lot of mud.  They hoped to capture the leprechaun within the cage.

“We got him!” Susan cried.  Alas, they didn’t really have him.  When they excitedly looked within the cage, instead of a leprechaun, they discovered a penny!

The leprechaun was back in the hole in the wall, laughing.  “Better luck next time, ya rotten clovers,” he chanted.  Then with a flash of green smoke and sparkles, he was gone.

“Oh, my!  I must have slipped and knocked myself out,” Ms. Ally mused, as her students tried to comfort her.  “Say, was I dreaming or was there a tricky, extrasensory leprechaun here?” she asked.

“I guess you could say it was all a dream.  Can we get back to work now?” asked the students.


The Swim Meet

by Casey

The sights at an intramural swim meet are extravagant, not to mention how wondrous things look when you’re gliding through the water. It may be the most extraordinary thing in the world. Although I have been taking this extracurricular program for two years, and with me being an intermediate swimmer and all, I should know about the “secret” way to succeed (well, at least what the advanced swimmers on my team say). I don’t really know anyone on my team; I try not to interfere with what anyone else is doing. On the first day of every year, we do what our coach calls “interviews,” but all we really do is say our name and grade. Being on the team is usually fun, except once while during a competition, someone decided to throw a football over the pool, and my face sort of intercepted it. Anyway, this time that is not going to happen. Besides, an interruption like that isn’t likely to occur. As I made my way to the pool, it seemed as if an interval of fifty years passed. I lunged, and I plunged into the deep water below. I had an astonishing lead, and I soon found myself presented with a gold medal. After that my coach told me, “The secret needed to succeed is to believe.”