Week 28: This Week’s Winning Stories

To Clear Things Up

by Lucas

Spelling stories? I’m terrible at spelling stories. I wonder if it would be acceptable if I turned in a blank of paper and say I wrote the story in invisible ink.  It would be remarkable if my teacher believed me. Or, I could tell my teacher that I wrote a desirable novel and a publisher took the story and hasn’t returned it to me yet. My teacher will have to wait until the book comes out and is available in stores (which will be NEVER). Although, I suppose that would not be very responsible of me.

I think I should just go write a legible and believable story instead of trying to make one up. This may be a questionable story.


by Genevieve

The scrawny tabby meowed frantically and clawed the bars of her small cage. It seemed the bars were not breakable. She put her arm through the bars just as a human walked by.

“Oh hello you! You have a remarkable fur pattern did you know that?” the human cooed. “Lady, that must be your name. It says it on this piece of paper.”

Lady was not the cat’s name. Sage, thought the cat, my name is Sage. Sage looked away and grimaced. Ever since these humans found her as a stray and captured her, they called her Lady. Sage guessed that they thought she didn’t have a name. She trotted over the comfortable blanket they gave her to lay on. The human eventually got bored and walked away. The humans had found Sage in a hole next to a tree with a litter of only two kittens. Their father was nowhere visible. They took Sage and her kittens back to a cat rescue place, although, Sage didn’t know she was being rescued.

Sage wished she could see her kittens. They could only barely walk and they needed to be fed every four hours. It had been three days. Sage buried her head in her paws, and sighed. Why did the humans think it was acceptable to break up their family?

“Momma!” yelled one of Sage’s kittens. “It’s not enjoyable over here at all!”

“Candy, she’s never going to hear us,” Sage’s second kitten said while rolling her eyes. “Its not even questionable. We’re never going to see her.

“I don’t care Owl!” Candy turned and frowned at Owl. Her orange tabby fur was shaded to look almost brown like her mother’s. Owl’s fur was brown as well.

“We’re never going to see her again,” Owl glared at the wall.

“Um, she’s right over there,” Candy pointed with her tail to their mother in a cage a few rows away.

“Who knows what the humans are going to do,” Owl glanced around their cage. “They’re not understandable at all.”

A dark haired human walked into the room the kittens were in. They sat in a cage in a room away from the rest of the cats.

“Ok little kittens! I’m just going to put you in here…” the human reached for a carrier.

“Uh,” Owl looked at Candy awkwardly. She knew the human couldn’t understand her so she felt free to make up an escape plan. “When she tries to grab us, run away.”

The human opened their cage door and reached to pick up Candy. Candy stood there and let the human pick her up. Candy got delivered to the carrier, then the human went to get Owl. Owl hissed and threw her body to the back of her cage. The human just picked up the hissing kitten and gently placed her in the carrier.

“The, what, I, how?” Owl was speechless with how gentle the human was.

The human closed the door to the carrier and walked with it to Sage’s cage.

Sage raised her head only to see a human and her two kittens in a carrier. The tabby ran up to the cage door and meowed frantically to show the humans that she wanted to get out.

“Candy, Owl, are you okay?”

“Yes mom, we’re okay,” Owl sarcastically said, ignoring how excited and loveable Candy was being. “It’s so terrible.”

The human opened the door to Sage’s cage, then opened to door to the carrier. Sage jumped in with thinking about what she might be getting into.

“Ok then kitties!” the human squealed while closing the carrier door.

It brought the cats out of the building and into the fresh air.

“I… I haven’t been outside for three days,” Sage stared with an expression of bewilderment.

“Really?” Owl looked disgusted. Candy smacked Owl and Owl glared at her.

The human lifted them into a car, then jumped into the driver seat. The car started and they were on their way.

“What’s going on?” Candy squeaked.

The human picked up the carrier and hopped out of the car. There was a medium sized house with a few lines of moss covering the wall. The human walked over and knocked on the door.

“Hello,” A human opened the door and invited everyone in.

The inside of the house looked comforting and happy. The human placed the carrier in a basket, then opened the door. Sage cautiously stepped onto the blanket that was placed down in the basket. Owl jumped out and meowed in delight. Candy trotted over to her sister.

“Welcome to your new home,” one of the humans said.

Home, Sage thought, I could get used to that.

Past Years’ Winning Stories

My Very Unbelievable Excuses

by Fiona

I was staying with my aunt for the week as my parents took a trip for a birthday in New Jersey, and I happened to be playing basketball inside while my aunt was on a walk, and I might have broken my mom’s favorite vase of all time, leaving a noticeable crack. After hiding it in my incredibly messy closet, I sent a letter to my dad (who I hoped could relay the message to my mom without making her get too mad), making up excuses as to why it broke before they came home.

Dear Dad,

Aunt Bee, when she was sleeping, threw up her hand and knocked over Mom’s favorite vase and cracked it! I felt terrible, but she didn’t wake up so she doesn’t know yet, though I promise I will tell her. (You know me, sensible Reed!)

Have an enjoyable trip!


Nah, I thought, how could she not have woken up? I tried again, this time writing in my brother’s handwriting, but at the same time trying to have my writing legible, unlike his.

Dear Dad,
I broke Mom’s vase wile playing with my best freind. I hope you undrstand.

Nope. Too many big words, plus it is way too neat. Again, I thought.

It took me three days to come up with the perfect letter:

Dear Dad,

Remember when you permit small, questionable A.J. to roll his bouncy ball across the hall in our house? Well, I was trying to grab a book from a pile, and I put mom’s vase on the floor, and his ball ran into it and cracked it! Can you believe him? Anyway, Just wanted to let you know.


P.S. I promise I had nothing to do with it.

At last, I found an understandable excuse, and I was about to send it off when my aunt told A.J. and I that we were going to pick up my parents. I was surprised, as I had no idea so much time had passed.

Once we were reunited with my parents, I slipped the letter into my dad’s hands. After reading it, he laughed, saying, “Oh, that old thing? We’ve wanted to sell it for years, but we have never had the time! Plus, it’s not very valuable. I’m just glad you told us the truth.”

I chuckled along with him nervously. Yeah, the truth, I said to myself.

The Commercial

by Chase

I clicked on my TV, and a commercial came on talking about a new sofa place. It looked interesting enough, and the newscaster was talking about it.

“Welcome to Sofa Warehouse, the owner, Dan Smith, has just opened this new sofa warehouse! Every sofa here is very comfortable and available for purchase online. Yes, you heard me right, folks, online! Some of the couches have built-in, flexible reclining seats—or as Dan calls them—convertible seats. Dan says they have a remarkable inventory of couches that will be enviable to all your friends and family. Be sensible; buy a couch as soon as possible! All the different couches are visible on the website also. All you need to buy a couch is a legible signature and acceptable credit card.”

“I think I might have to go buy myself a new couch!” I said, jumping up from my old worn-out couch and grabbing my car keys.

The Dilemma

by Joe

I sat down on my comfortable couch, ready to watch T.V.  I grabbed the remote and realized something was wrong.  The T.V. wouldn’t turn on.  I started to panic.  Because I am flexible and don’t mind obstacles,  I went to go look at the antenna on the roof.  This is a valuable part of the T.V., but when I realized that it was cut in half yet still connected, my jaw dropped.

This wasn’t acceptable!  I went to climb onto the roof.  When I got to the top, I thought, I wish this was reversible!   It was really high up there.  Everything was visible from the top of my roof.  I went up to my antenna.  Oh this is going to be a hard one! I thought.  This must have been a terrible accident.  At least I thought it was an accident.

Then my mom came outside and called up to me, saying that she had cut the antenna because I was watching T.V. too much.  I asked her if she thought this was enjoyable.  She just chuckled and walked away.  Well, I guess that was understandable.  I did watch a lot of T.V. Still, how was that antenna so breakable?  Well, until I found a way down, I was stuck up on this roof.  Soooo, what was I going to do now?

The Awful Cruise

by Annabelle

July 24, 2016
First Day at Sea

Let’s get one thing straight before I continue. I didn’t want to come on this cruise, and I also didn’t want to have to write in this journal every day at sea, either. However, my parents made me do both. They decided it would be a great idea if I got off my video games and into the “real world.” What is the real world anyway? Sometimes when I’m really immersed in Minecraft, it feels like the real world. So what’s the difference? Their second great idea was to have me write in this journal about what we do every day to make me “reflect.” I tried to explain how bad their ideas were, but as usual, my arguments not understandable to my parents. As you can see, they make no sense. Anyway, so far, things have been really terrible. Well, my incredibly comfortable (bumpy top-bunk) calls.


July 25, 2016
Second Day at Sea

Okay, that’s it. Today is officially the worst day ever. This morning, my parents and I walked down to the galley (the word for boat dining room) to have breakfast. There were no menus, and the staff just gave you breakfast. However, when it arrived to our table, the bacon and eggs were so burnt that they looked like shriveled lumps of coal. I tried a nibble, but there was no way that stuff was edible.

After breakfast, my parents told me to take a walk around the ship. I had nothing better to do, so I did. Then, after walking for about ten minutes, I found a game room. Maybe these three days would be enjoyable after all. I walked in, and bumped into one of the staff members.

“How old are you, kid?” he barked.

“Uh, twelve.” I answered.

“Due to violence in some of our games, we only permit kids thirteen years and older to come in. However, you can check out some of the games we have available in the Little Guppies Pond.”

I felt crushed. I wanted to be able to do just one thing I enjoyed, and I couldn’t even do that. Suddenly, I heard a large boom. I looked out and saw that there was a storm blocking the horizon from being visible. A second later, it began to pour. I ran to the closest overhang and sat. However, the only way to get back to the cabin was through the rain. I reluctantly trudged back, and by then, it was time for another blackened meal. Well, I am over and out.


July 26, 2016
Last Day at Sea

It’s the last day on this horrible ship! My experience hasn’t been exactly remarkable, but I have learned some valuable lessons. For example, the convertibles in the hull are not desirable to me because their windows are incredibly breakable when you throw rocks at them by accident (Oops…) and that seagulls do not fly off your lounge chair when you throw Cheetos at them,; instead, they jump on your chest and swipe your Cheetos. Oh, and of course, there is that “valuable” lesson to be learned that video games are not everything. Excuse me, I need to go play Terraria for a minute.


The Guy Who Went in a Coma in 1980 and Had to Get Used to the Tech Available in 2015

(Trademark and Copyright E.S.W. 2015, All Rights Reserved)
Editor Frank H.

Once upon a time, there was an inflexible man named Billy Bob Dickerson.  He was in a deep coma because of a failed lab experiment.  In the hospital, he was wearing a blue gown that was not washable.

Billy Bob’s family was very concerned and sad because he had been in an uncomfortable and unenjoyable bed for the last thirty-five years. Because his medical insurance had stopped paying for Billy Bob’s care, his family members were gathered in his hospital room, saying goodbye to him for the last time. A TV played in the background.  Suddenly, Billy Bob popped up screaming, “AHHHHH!!!” in response to a TV commercial starring an edible book and fancy convertible. Billy Bob was very confused because he had fallen into a coma in 1980, and back then, the TV was a square box with steel wires poking out of the top.

At the sound of his scream, anxious nurses rushed into his room. They then helped him out of his bed in the hospital, and he saw his kids texting. He thought that was hysterical because most kids didn’t get a phone until they were sixteen. He thought it was some sort of sick joke.  Billy Bob thought, “This is unbelievable.” The phone looked so realistic except for it wasn’t connected to a phone jack on a wall. (The only catch was that the phone was real.)

Billy Bob, eager for some exercise after so many years in bed, then walked by a peculiar store with an apple on it. He mused, “I do not see any apples; that is a very mean trick for a tech place to play on people who like apples.” In response, his whole family shook their heads in disgust and slapped their faces. (In case you did not notice, Billy Bob had just insulted a very valuable and profitable corporation, along with it being a somewhat terrible company, too, because too much tech rots your brains.)

After that episode, they all walked home to have dinner, and the whole family got into a big argument about whether SpongeBob should be SpongeBob Squarepants or SpongeBob Circlepants (the second one would be most noticeable). In the midst of this debate, Billy Bob’s wife, the mother of the family, whipped out her phone and Wikipedia’d it. The man was very confused, and said, “What is Wikipedia? That sounds very inappropriate.”  (He thought it was wiki-you-know-what-dia.)

“IT IS AN ONLINE RESOURCE!” the whole group yelled.

“No, this is way more useful,” said Billy and grabbed the dictionary and the S volume of the encyclopedia set. Normally, he and his family were not divisible in their opinions.

The kids waited for Billy Bob to finish finding information on SpongeBob, which took one hour, compared to the two minutes it took the rest of the family on their devices. (During this time, Billy Bob was not feeling very lovable.) He knew his family felt his approach was questionable.  (Really, the family thought it was unacceptable.)

Eventually, Billy Bob went to bed on his high-tech memory foam mattress, which he found very uncomfortable because he was used to sleeping on unremarkable beds. Billy Bob woke up the next day to a Macbook he thought was a flat box.  Little did he know it was a very powerful piece of technology. When he first looked on Google, it took Billy Bob a while to type something in because he did not understand why his keyboard did not list his alphabet in the right order. So then Billy thought over the time he had been in a coma that the alphabet was now different. (Yes, his disorientation was considerable; technology could be confusing.

In a confused daze, Billy Bob went downstairs and saw his kindergarten granddaughter studying the alphabet, so he thought it would be a good idea to tell her she was all wrong because all the letters had changed and that she should be ashamed for studying an outdated version.  His granddaughter took Billy Bob’s suggestion and studied the “new” version of the alphabet.

Later that afternoon, when his granddaughter came home from school, she had failed the test. With the correct version of the alphabet written in illegible writing (RED PEN!) directly to the right of her test answers. (Bad grandpa!)
In the meantime, Billy Bob had agreed to become part of another lab experiment.  Unfortunately, this experiment yielded similar results to the first and … he went into a coma again! This proved Billy Bob was irresponsible when it came to self-safety.


by Mo

It was the last week of summer. I had enjoyed a sensible summer; it was packed. First, my family moved here to Harrisburg, Transilvania because of the war in Prešov and Ukraine. After relocating and unpacking, I spent the rest of my summer on my couch watching TV, munching junk food, and wearing my comfortable sweatpants.

Seeing my behavior, Pepe, my grandfather, told me to go out in the yard to get some fresh air. I resisted, but Pepe dragged me outside. I went out in the yard and wrote in my journal, and I made sure my handwriting was legible. I wrote for about twenty minutes, and then I noticed an eye looking at me from the fence. The person looking at me was clearly visible because I also saw her big brown hair poking out of the fence.

“I see you,” I said, kind of nervous.

A girl named Kameron walked out.  She had her long, brown hair in a high bun, and she was wearing what  looked like a reversible polka-dotted workout t-shirt and had what looked like a valuable necklace which had a diamond on it.  The diamond was a noticeable size. This girl seemed very interested in my journal.

Kameron walked up to me and treated me like we were friends forever. That week, we went to the park and played on swings; then we also went to the cinemas and watched a new movie. Luckily, the the tickets were available because the movie theatre was packed.  Plus, since we only have one movie theatre in town, the management didn’t care about competition and the popcorn was almost not edible at all.

Finally, it came down to almost the last day of summer, and I couldn’t find my journal anywhere, and also, I couldn’t find Kameron anywhere. I went inside and turned on the television. There was Kameron on television with my journal. She was calling it her book and selling it for more than $20! This was remarkable. I knew next time I was going to hide my journal, but first I would have to get it back!

Perfect Day

by Marika

rain-drops-and-fir-treesI woke up Saturday morning to the visible, stormy clouds outside, pouring rain down. I sat up and screamed, “YES!” I knew that this was going to be the perfect day.

I hopped out of my bed feeling the cold hands of no blanket grab me right before I started to get my room set up. I was not at all flexible when it came to the set-up of my room. I placed my (sentimentally) valuable stuffed bear on my bed, making sure he was comfortable, opened my window, and looked at the remarkable view out the window of a beautiful tree and rain.

I pattered downstairs to the kitchen for sensible (and edible) food. I made “a little” food and struggled to walk up the stairs. I placed my food in its place so I could conveniently and easily grab it. I sat down, grabbed my laptop, and put on Netflix. I scrolled through the available shows and movies, passing the unacceptable bad ones. I finally got to my favorite show that was not changeable with another program, snuggled into my bed and sipped the mint hot chocolate I had made.

I looked out the window and smiled to myself. I swayed my eyes back to my laptop, hit play, and began my perfect and desirable day of laziness

America’s Little Darling

by Ava

stuffed animalWe were about to go on the most important mission of our lives. If we failed, we would let the whole country down–including the President.

Our mission was to save the President’s daughter.

Two men were after her. This girl was America’s little darling. Anyone would pay anything to get her back. The president’s daughter was very desirable to people desperate for money. If we didn’t keep her safe, America would fall apart.

The plan wasn’t very believable, trust me. I didn’t believe it would work at first, and it was my plan. We were going to transform into stuffed animals, be shipped to the White House to guard the President’s daughter, and make sure the men after her, didn’t get her.

“C’mon, Jack, we’re leaving!” called Katie. That was my cue.

“Yah, dude, we’ve been waiting all day!” yelled Kacey. I ran over. I nodded to Major, our “coordinator,” to signal that we were ready. “Dude, are you sure this is sensible?”

“Nope!” I smiled. Everything suddenly got so much bigger. I sprouted a tail and was furry all over. Katie looked at the reflection in her phone.

“WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE BUNNY? Kacey is more of a pink, fluffy bunny than I am!” she yelled. We all knew Katie looked charitable, but she could be a bit feisty when she wanted to, and picky, too.

“Somebody ate a big bowl of grumpy this morning,” Kacey muttered. I looked down at my body to see it was transformed into a stuffed dog. Kacey was a stuffed monkey, which suited him well, and Katie was a giant, pink, stuffed bunny, which was apparently a considerable issue for her. We were all toys. We were barely identifiable as our original selves. I, over all, was very comfortable, being stuffed and all.

Major shipped us out to the White House. When we arrived, we could here giggles of delight coming from outside the box. There was a huge thump and then the box opened. We looked up, expecting a head to pop up and take us out. Popping out ourselves was questionable, but being the responsible boy I am, I peeked out the side. I didn’t think it would be too noticeable, but I was wrong. A man in a black suit stood above me (I’m guessing the giggles were coming from a recorder, not him.)

“Hello, Jack,” said the man. Oh, boy. This is the man, the one who was trying to kidnap the President’s daughter. I didn’t think we were that easily identifiable. He must have tracked us down or something, but that didn’t matter. The President’s daughter was tied up in the corner, a gag blocking her screams. I jumped out of the box and transformed back into a human, followed by Kacey and Katie.

I kicked the man in the stomach. Katie jumped on him from behind, covering his mouth with her hand. Kacey untied the President’s daughter and tied up the man with the same rope. We left, called the police, and returned the President’s daughter to the White House. We could now take a break, but not for long….

The Math Test

by Riley

math testWe were about to take the biggest math test of the year, a timed math test for forty-five minutes. The chairs were not very comfortable, and I couldn’t sit still. The first twenty questions were completely understandable, and we had to find many numbers that were divisible with each other.

There weren’t very many favorable questions on the test. On the next few problems, I did an acceptable job, but not great. Most people did not think this was an enjoyable test. It was noticeable that some people were struggling because they were looking around the room, acting nervous. It was visible that time was almost up, and I felt like I did terrible work on the last two questions. Overall, however, I felt like I did a remarkable job, and I knew that I had passed the test.

Lottery Winning

by Gina

youwin3d2xvidWhen Josie went to the drugstore, she found the only available scratcher card.  This was a valuable card that provided the winner with one million dollars a month.  Josie didn’t think she would win, so she left the ticket on the passenger seat.  When the lottery ticket was no longer visible, she didn’t even think about it.  She just got comfortable in the driver seat and listened to music.

When Josie got home, she picked up the card and had a forcible voice in her head, urging her to scratch the card.  The winning numbers were 7, 5, 3, 9, 6.  Josie’s numbers were 7…5…3…9…6.  Josie bounced and flipped like she was the most flexible girl in the world.  Once she received her money, she bought a convertible that had a reversible roof.  She then got a house that was of an acceptable size.  The house included edible flowers on each table in the home.

Josie sighed and said, “Now, I can just live my life.”

Travel to Faraway Lands

by Bailey

Calvin schoolI sat in class, listening to my teacher go on about geometry.  The sun beamed through the windows.  Every day of math was boring and the same.  I squinted my eyes and looked to the left.  I tilted my head, and so began my daily routine of noticeably spacing out, which did not take a considerable amount of effort.

My mind drifted off into a rainforest.  Huts stood in the giant tree branches above me.  I whistled out and monkeys screeched back.  Bright, colorful birds chirped, each species identifiable by the loud calls.  Red, edible fruit grew on trees.

Suddenly, a ladder fell in front of me.  Questionably, I pulled myself up the rope rungs, thinking it was sensible to get off of the forest floor.  I had died in my daydreams before, considering that my dream worlds, while comfortable, were very dangerous.

An animal stood at the top of the ladder. The only available way of describing the animal was to say that it was a muscular cat that stood and walked on two legs.  It was a sight only believable in a dream world of mine.  Besides the awesome sight of many of the cat-like creatures, there were their buildings.

Their community was accessible by the ladders that they rolled down.  All furniture was part of the tree.  It was as if the tree had grown into each home.  Sturdy wooden bridges connected the trees.  It was a beautiful place, and the house was much more desirable than my plain home.

Just as I began further exploring this world my imagination had created, the bell rang loudly and clearly, and I snapped back to my geometry class.  “And now on to history class.  I wonder what world I will create now,” I mused to myself as I headed to my next class.

The Quest for the Prize

by Jarod

sceptreIn all my life, I’ve only thought of one thing as desirable: the golden scepter from the movie “The Magic of Magic,” made from the book The Quest for the Magic of Magic. The bad thing is the price of it is not believable at $1000. The other thing is that the filmmaker and merchandiser never a made a copy of the scepter available.

Then I heard of a questionable sweepstakes from what I think was called a “third-party website.” I entered the sweepstakes because it was made permissible by my parents. I thought the sensible thing was not to do it… But, I couldn’t stand not getting a chance for the scepter. I answered many questions, which would make me identifiable to any stranger, lying on the age, saying I was eighteen. I should have seen the most noticeable thing online. It was a sign that said, “This is a fake sweepstakes.”

After I waited a considerable amount of time, I finally got a package in the mail and to my greatest surprise, it was the scepter with a certificate of authenticity!

I learned a strange lesson: Even if something is fake, luck just might be charitable.

A Word from Katy Perry

by Emily

katyperrycaliforniadreams1Hi, I’m Katy Perry.  I am about ready to do my concert.  I am all dressed up in my considerable purple wig, my noticeable neon make-up, and my comfortable candy cane striped dress.  Everyone always wonders why I always put candy everywhere when I perform.  I know it is not believable and edible.  My favorites are lollipops and sour gummy worms.

Anyway, as CEO of my tour company, I am responsible for creating everything.  I get to decide how the stage looks, how my outfits look, and all of that.  I want to make sure everything is identifiable and matches my style.

Well, it is almost time for the show.  It is questionable to me that we are starting so late.  I am surprised when my manager says that there are no available seats left in the audience!


by Dylan

on time to pass
and the ebony hands of the breakable
clock to tick


for convertible sand to turn
back to visible, unetched stone

on a remarkable idea
enjoyable yet fairly sensible


on that enviable
of pure happiness


on my inevitable end,
a forcible habit
but when some perish,
it is a valuable gain
to human kind


on humans to finally
destroy their divisible
a terrible nuclear destruction



The Task

by Grace

churchI’ve lived with nuns in a church since before I can remember. Now, how many people do you know who can say that? In fact, I don’t think many people can say half of what I can say. My life is not only different from most people’s, but is also one, big mystery. The sisters don’t say why, when, or how I came to be at the church, no matter how many times I beg, which I can assure you, is often.

From always being around the charitable and kind nature of the nuns, I have not known the cruelty of others and the sometimes not so pleasant ways of the world. I wake up, wash my face, pray, eat, pray, and then attend mass with the sisters. Often, I walk among the graves in the yard and replace shriveled flowers with fresh ones, even for the unidentifiable graves. I have never left the premises of the church because I have everything I needed right here.

On a sunny bright May afternoon, my life took a devil’s turn, as they say. I was strolling towards the graveyard after the usual morning mass when a shadow passed over me. I looked up to discover it was a boy, maybe a year older than I. He took me in—the starched, clean, black dress; the simple chain with a wood cross around my neck; and the way my hair was pulled back with a ribbon.

“Well, would you looky here! It’s a churchling, one of those God-adorers. What are you doing out here? Aren’t you supposed to be praying to your little, make-believe person in the sky?!” The boy’s cruel laughter echoed in my ears. The snide comment pierced my heart. When I had first seen him, I had thought “friend,” but now I thought “devil.” Saying something snotty right back was a desirable action, but I was a nun in training, and nuns were of gentle nature.

“God is real all right! He is all around you. He created you, and the Earth you are standing on, so maybe you should start thanking him for his creations rather than insulting Him.” I picked a bunch of the flowers accessible, and then handed them to him. “You can start by placing these on the graves,” I continued.

He threw the flowers with disgust and stormed away muttering,” Unbelievable!”

After seeing the boy’s reaction to the flowers and my helpful advice, I was mystified. Had he been corrupted by the devil and that was why he had been so terribly rude? Whatever it was, I was sure that the boy I met wasn’t really the boy that he truly was inside. That night, I prayed for him, and I vowed to help him relearn the ways of God. That would be my task, no matter the considerable amount of patience and time it took.

The next morning, I couldn’t sit still through mass.  I was nervous and excited, but I had attended the service because it wasn’t permissible to skip, so my mission must wait until after. Sister Margret was looking at me curiously when I bolted out into the clear May sky.  I ran all the way to the hill at the end of the yard where the boy and I had first met. There he was, looking slightly surprised to see me after yesterday. I smiled warmly and took his hand. His face took the resemblance of a fire engine, and he quickly pulled his hand away. I gathered flowers from the hill, preparing to decorate the graves as usual, and again invited him to join. He shook his head; I shrugged my shoulders and continued on my way.

We followed the same routine for about two weeks until he finally accepted my offer to help. I think he finally got over his thought of handling flowers being inadmissible for boys. I guess my joy was too noticeable because he stayed as far away as possible from me while lending a hand with the flowers.

One day, I actually got him talking about why he was always hanging around the graveyard even though he hated church. He said that his parents had died and were buried here so he came to visit them every day. He lived with his grandparents, but he refused to go to church because his parents had loved it at church. So it was too painful for him to go back inside a church without thinking of them. I explained my situation, saying that that made two of us who were parentless. We became good friends, helping one another keep going and being a shoulder each other needed to lean on when sorrow overcame us.

Saved or Slaughtered?

by Meheak

pigI am a pig. Let’s just get that straight, okay? My name is Adeline Canac. For your information, I was named after a French pair skater. Isn’t that amazing? Of course not! I’m a pig, not a skater! The rest you can learn later, all right? Make sure you’re comfortable! I don’t want you to bother me by moving around, okay?

My mother hated me the second she put her eyes on me. All of my siblings were named after beautiful actresses or actors. Luckily, I was an average pig, so my mother often forgot I was in the crowd of my siblings. This was a good thing because if I was identifiable, my mother would treat me unfairly. I neither did anything special nor anything evil. The fact was my mother hated me. End of story.

I knew I had to do something to make her realize that I was just as important as Jennifer or any of my other siblings! I tried to do better than my siblings in class, but my mother would not care. By trying my hardest in class, she said that I didn’t pay attention to my other responsibilities, all of which I complete fully! I was responsible, and I knew it! My siblings always tried to stand up for me, but they were always punished for doing so. Josh, my oldest brother, was constantly getting in trouble because of me!  I felt so bad every time he got punished.

Then, one day, we heard the news. Someone was going to buy two pigs! A baby one, which could be me, and an adult boy! Immediately, I thought of Josh. We both snorted in delight as we were being cleaned. Then the farmer came. She was beautiful, with her green eyes and light brown hair! I strained to hear her talk to Rue, the owner of the farm on which my family lived.

“Aww! The youngest one is adorable! But she’s going to be a nuisance to take care of! Hmm,” she wondered, thinking considerably. “That one!” the green-eyed farmer said, pointing at… me!

“She’s yours! She ain’t a desirable one either! Her mother hates her. Can’t tell why, though; she’s the best behaved of all!  Doesn’t fuss a bit! No, siree! It’s quite unbelievable!” Rue replied. She picked me up and plopped me into the stranger’s arms. I snorted.

“So I suggest for the boy, ya take Liam,” Rue announced. I tensed. She had to take Josh!

“Nah. I got that one all figured out. I want that one. What was his name?” Green-eyed queried.

“Josh. Good choice! Adeline and Josh are the sweetest pigs I’ve ever seen. You‘re lucky they‘re still available to buy!” Rue responded.

“Oh! I don’t need no sweet ones! I need the fat ones! I’m a charitable person, Rue! I’m going to make a meal of fresh pig and offer it to the homeless!” the stranger replied.

Rue grabbed Josh and me. “I’m sorry, Lily. I can’t let you have these two then. Why don’t you take the mother and father? No one likes them anymore! Plus, they’re extremely fat. That’s good for a feast all right!” Rue snapped

“I’m sorry? I thought I got to choose my pigs, Rue,” Lily said questionably.

They were going to argue. It was very noticeable. I saw tears in my mother’s eyes. She said, “Come to me child! I cannot lose my piglet!” I leaped from Rue’s arms and cuddled next to my mother.

“This discussion is over. Please leave, Lily. This place is no longer accessible to you, which means that you can never come here on my property.”

And we all lived together in harmony on the ranch from that day forward.

Good to Bad to Good

by Antonio

resortPART ONE

I drove out from my mansion off the coastline of Hawaii. Luckily, the place I wanted to go to was nearby. But I felt like I was being followed, as if two sets of eyes were on me the whole day; that’s what brought down my day.  I went fishing, hiking, and then to a party at 8:00 sharp. I can tell you one thing, though, that party was awesome and had the best punch!  Anyhow, I had a sensible day, and then did my usual night activities of showering, etc., before finally plopping down on my comfortable, velvet- cushioned, air-bed. I fell soundlessly asleep. Zzzzzzzzz… Zzzzzzzz…

Creak.  The curtains rustled.  I was only half asleep when the window pane suddenly creaked open.

“What was that?” I said, alarmed.  I sat up awake. Who dares wake me up in the middle of night, I thought.  Rustle…. Rustle…. Bang !

“Make sure you do not put him in an enviable spot or else I will kick you off the team, do you understand?” a mysterious voice said, echoing off my room walls.

“W-whatever you say, Captain,” stuttered yet another enigmatic voice.

“Remember the effects of the machine are not reversible, so be careful,” said the captain.

“Okay, got it,” replied the worker.

“Who is there? I demand you make yourself visible!” I announced.

“Hello.  Heh, heh, heh, heh,” the captain echoed.

“Who are you?  And…OH, MY, do you have your shoes on, and is that remarkable-looking machine for me?” I asked.

“No,” answered the captain.

“What?” I shouted

“It is where you are going…heh, heh,” chuckled the captain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…help!” I yelled.

“Nobody can hear you; goodbye.”

RRRRRRRRR RRRRRU RRRA went the machine as it zapped me away.


It must have been all a dream because I fell asleep after that; at least, I thought so. When I woke up, there was an awful lot of sun on me; through the crack of my eyelids, it looked as though I was in some sort of desert junkyard, and I was just too tired to thrust myself up to get a better look. I heard this loud, forcible voice say, “Get up!  Get out of bed if your life is valuable to you!”

Silently, I thought, He called this contraption a bed? “Excuse me, sir, but I am not flexible enough to get up and out of this—”  Boom!  “Ahhhhhh! what was that?” I shrilled.

“Come or die—it would not be a profitable choice to stay.”

I was too tired to argue so I followed him. We ran all the way to a small town, and we rested there.  After a while of searching for a motel, we found a little, wooden house. The residents currently living there offered us rooms.  The nice captors explained everything to me there, and it turned out that they just did not know how I appeared in their world.  But to be honest, I would like to live there. So, the next morning, I walked away in the sunset, and that was the last anybody in my previous world ever heard of me again.

The Vacant Light House…or So I Think!

by Camille

lighthouseMy boots trudged through the murky mud.  Who knew what was hiding under the layers of all that sludgy goo?  My hiking boots were no longer visible as I sloshed through the dismal puddles of muck. My pants were saturated with mud, and I was no longer as comfortable as I had been when I first started. “Keep going, Collins, only a few more miles till we arrive at our cabin,” my father blustered from behind.

“Ugh!”  I sputtered.  I was here again with my father on our annual hike.  I wondered what wacky inn my father had arranged for us this time. I hoped it wasn’t as raunchy as our last one!  Last time, we stayed at a hotel that could have been mistaken for one in the 1950’s.

My dad announced, “Ah, were here!”

The innkeeper informed us that the only available cabin was the one in the woods.  In fact, we were the only ones who had ever rented a cabin in this part of the woods.

“I hope this is acceptable to you?” my father said in a rather dubious tone.

“Yeah, that’s great,” I countered back, but I was really thinking that the fewer people who caught sight of my father the better.

I purged the mud from my boots and managed to untangle my ratty hair.  “Hey, Collins, I have to run to town to get some food; the raccoons have devoured our trial mix.  By now, it’s probably not even edible,” my father remarked.

I hoped my father would purchase some sensible food, something other than just raisins and carbonated water.   Hmm, I pondered to myself, maybe I could do a little venturing while my father was gone.   Minutes ticked away while I sat in a rocking chair staring into the scenery of stars, until an array of light cascaded by.

I ventured through the woods until I came upon a clearing that was covered in a bank of fog.  As I peered further into the fog, I could barely make out a tall tower with a revolving light.  Then I noticed, not so far in the distance, the loud rumbling sounds of waves forcibly crashing into the rocky shore.  As I continued striding towards the tower, I suddenly realized that I was on an open bluff that overlooked the ocean.  My heart started racing as I realized I was standing in front of a lighthouse.  On the lighthouse door, there hung a large, weathered wooden sign that read No Trespassing beyond This Point, in very legible writing.   I gulped in fear as I spotted a staircase with several broken pieces of wood leading to the top of the lighthouse.  Should I disobey the sign and see what was up there? Or should I just leave?

Forcing myself inch by inch up the stairs, I peered through the window to see a storm brewing and the gusting wind as it rattled the trees.  I arrived at the top of the lighthouse, and from my vantage point, I could see the lightning and hear the crackle of thunder as if I were up in the sky.  Shivers dashed throughout my body due to fear and anxiety.  Was this risky exploration as valuable as I thought it would be?  I huddled into myself, thinking about what I should do next.

By now, I had fallen asleep, with the rain gushing at the window.  I awakened to an eerie sound: someone was coming up the stairs.  Flick la-floosh-flickla-floosh.  I held my breath to see what horrid creature was coming to gulp me up.

“Collins, Is that you?” questioned my dad, covered in a poncho.

“Dad,” I quivered.

“Collins!  What are you doing here?  I expected you to be in the cabin!” my father said in a shaky tone.

“Err, I’m sorry; I just wanted to explore.” I said as I embraced my dad.

“I’m glad you’re all right. Now, with the storm rapidly increasing, I think it would be best to stay here for the night,” my father stuttered unsurely.

We quickly fell asleep to the raging waves crashing into the cliff.  Unexpectedly, I awakened with a start. A sound ricocheted from wall to wall.  My lantern flickered off…I huddled closer to my father, trying to ignore the grotesque sound.

Right before my eyes I saw something that looked transparent, and it was moving from one corner to the next.  It was almost like it was trapped and wanted to escape the sinister lighthouse.  When I stood up to get a better look, I felt “it” go through my body, the touch of its hands made chills wiggle down my spine.

When the luminous sun finally rose and all is well, my father and I returned to our cabin.  All in all, I had enjoyed our annual hike; it had been a life-altering experience.  I will never forget the transparent figure I saw or the awful sound I heard in the lighthouse.  The rangers that take care of the lighthouse may think it is vacant, but I absolutely know it is not!

The Best Book Ever!

by Kelly

I finally got comfortable on my bed. I rested my head against my wall and crossed my legs with the book in my lap. I was getting ready to take on, what I had heard, was the best book ever. It was called The Hunger Games. The movie about it was coming out very soon. I was going to see the movie with my friends the first day it came out. I really badly wanted to finish the book before the movie came out, but I knew there was no hope. I was not an acceptable reader when it came to speed. I always read slowly, taking in every detail, every word while picturing what was happening in the book in my head. I also was not flexible, so if I sat for too long, I would have to stretch my back and shift positions of my legs because I would get cramps or my legs would fall asleep. I did not like the feeling of my legs being asleep because it felt like one thousand tiny needles were poking in my leg.

After making myself comfortable, I finally started reading. After about the first chapter, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop reading, and I was only a couple pages in. The words were legible, big and visible to read. Page after page I read. The book was remarkable! I loved it. It had juicy language and was pumping full of action. I read for a couple of hours until I put the book down. It was not sensible to read the whole day. You need to work your body and walk a little to get you moving again. I didn’t want to do anything else, though. It would just cut into my valuable reading time. My legs cracked as I got up from sitting for such a long time. I wanted to read some more so desperately, but I had to go and do something else for a while.

After I had seen the movie, I discovered that was the best movie ever, also. I wish the movie had more detail like in the book, but that’s how movies are, often changeable, or unpredictable when it comes to how faithful to a story’s details they are. They don’t always do everything the book does, but The Hunger Games was still the best movie ever.

It took me a couple of days after the movie to finish the book. I was always thinking about the book because it was still locked in my brain, every piece of the book and movie. I was nuts about the book. I couldn’t wait until I got my hands on that second book!

I had discovered that reading was very profitable. It helped you learn words and the more you read, the better you became as a reader.

Student Store

by Casey

“The new students who will run the student store are…” my principal said as she drew names out of a hat, “Elizabeth, Noelle, Bryan, and Brooke.”

I beamed with glee. This one of the best days of my life! I would finally get to run the student store. I would get one of those comfortable RAHS sweatshirts. The school stores sells a lot of different things, like books, hats, sweatshirts, bracelets, pencils, other office supplies, and more. We used to sell edible items, such as candy bars, gum, candy, etc. Although, we got rid of those products due to a dreadful case of ants. We don’t really have valuable items available at the store either. However, the store is quite profitable and remarkable (according to the students). Also, if you don’t have the money to pay for a product at the time, you can sign a slip to say how much you owe the store, but your writing needs to be legible. It’s also important to remember that it isn’t acceptable not to pay for the item you have signed for. We sometimes need to increase store prices, but the students are usually flexible when this happens. Oh, and did I mention the students who were picked to run the store voted me to be manager of the store, meaning that I have to make all the smart, sensible decisions? Wish me luck!

The Beauty Pageant

by Mathew

Is it the girl in the blue dress with the remarkable smile?  I like the way she walks so comfortably, as though we are not even visible to her eyes.  Her twinkly earrings maker her elegantly enviable, like the other girls are wearing reversible sweat tops.  I also like the girl in a valuable dress that is pink with white dots.  She looks really flexible when she moves, taking step after step.  Both these lovely ladies are easily capable of winning the Beauty Pageant, but are they able to do anything else?  I don’t even know if they are sensible enough to spell forcible or profitable.  Good thing they have good looks!

The Design

by Hannah

I was sitting there, very comfortable on my nice zebra leather couch, and I thought of something remarkable: a new line of amazing clothing.  I had some of my lines out in the winter, but I thought it was a good idea to create a spring line.  I had to design something even better than my winter line.  It had to include valuable pieces that no one had.

Later in the day, I finished the designs of about ten items.  Four of the items were reversible, and the rest of them were beautiful dresses.  On all the clothing, I had included the legible initials C.C., which stood for my name CoCo Chanel.  I could see it now right in front of me, clearly visible models in my new clothing.  I always tried to make sensible accessories to maintain my reputation, as well as creating fashionable clothing for my shoppers, which was profitable for me.

Weeks after the clothing was finished, I was so excited because the  new line was now available to customers.  To celebrate the new line, I went out in one of my new designs of clothing and bought a convertible Tesla.