Week 29: This Week’s Winning Stories

The Big, Scary Giant

by Natalia

Carefully and respectfully, I walk onto the big giant’s territory; I know that if I mess up, I will be seen and killed by the spectators. I take a quick inspection to see if the giant is anywhere near. Luckily, the giant is nowhere to be seen. Yet, I need to be very circumspect because there is a prospect that the giant could be anywhere.

On one side I see a beautiful and spectacular spectrum of colors; on the other is an immense house that is dark and old. I open the door as carefully as I’ve ever done anything before. I walk inside and find a spectacle of books. I get closer to the books to inspect them; the books are very thick and have a language on them that isn’t recognizable.

I look into the books to try to find more clues or answer some questions. I don’t realize that I’m in the giant’s house anymore because I am too busy trying to find things in the books. Not irrespective of what’s around me, I drop a book. It is one of the thickest ones, and it lands straight on its face! Booooosshhh!

I suddenly remember where I am. I have to hide from the loud annoyance that the giant probably heard. I try to go but I run into something. I look up. It’s the giant, and he is looking right down at me. This giant is the scariest giant, the baddest giant, the biggest giant, also known as Mr. Holley, the principal of Kenilworth.


by Genevieve

Ravyn swept over the crowd. Her white, black tipped wings spread farther than most mortaflights. She swooped into a tall giant building. She steadied her landing and fell in the lineup of other mortaflights. Ravyn’s instructor stared at her and her close-to-be absence. She gave a respectful curtsy and her instructor moved to another student who was misbehaving. She wondered how her instructor could even see her from how far away he was. Ravyn glanced around; the mortaflights lived on a floating island. Right now they were in the Warrior’s Base. The gatherers would fly down to where to humans lived to steal food and water. Ravyn had never seen a human but they sounded not that threatening. She suddenly realized that they were about to do their morning chant.

“Through flight and fury, we join together, to watch and to learn and to never say never. Respect us, or suspect us, we love and we hope. We are not humans, we do not cry, or bring sorrow, into other’s eyes. We fly together, courage, our goal.”

The 8,000 other warriors finished the chant, and immediately broke into their groups of 100. Ravyn clapped her wings and hands to call over her group. About thirty-seven warriors from her group actually heard her.

“Where’s Akuti?” a fellow warrior glared at Ravyn.

“I didn’t do anything! It was only once that I accidently…” Ravyn quieted her voice as soon as she remembered what had happened.

“Yeah, “accidently” almost drowned her,” one of Ravyn’s classmates finished.

“I did nothing like that! It’s not my fault if her wing was numb so she couldn’t fly to catch herself,” Ravyn retreated to go get her armor. Avoiding the prospect of more unwanted attention. The others followed.

It was late in the day, when the mortaflights leader’s assistant came stumbling into the room.

“Corrupt dogs! Come, fight them!” the assistant shouted at the top of his lungs. Immediately tension and frantic talking erupted throughout the room.

Corrupt dogs? Ravyn had never heard of a corrupt dog before. She was only educated on humans and if humans attacked, not some corrupt dogs. Mortaflights soared through the air to get their best armor and weapons. Ravyn followed the group and grabbed her best sword and a mini sword; she quickly dropped the mini sword into a pocket on her armor. She swooped out of the building joining what looked like an army of specters. The light shown down on her black hair, making it shine like a spectacle. In front of her was destruction. Black skeleton dogs dotted the area. Despite her immediate terror, Ravyn and everyone else stormed in on the dogs. The sharp sound of 8,000 swords unsheathing pierced through the mortaflights and the corrupt dog’s ears. It was spectacular in a painful way. Most charged into battle, Ravyn stayed back and tried to predict how many dogs were here. It seemed about 10,000. She swished her hair and dive-bombed to the nearest dog. It gazed up at her and snarled. Ravyn gripped her sword tight in her sweaty hand. She swung, hitting the dog square in the chest. It yelped and disappeared in a puff of smoke. She circled the spot where it disappeared, almost inspecting it. She abandoned the inspection just as another dog lunged at her.

“What?” Its fangs narrowly missed her unprotected left hand.

She turned and smashed her sword into its back. Like the other one, it disappeared. This should be easy, Ravyn thought irrespective of the calamity around her. Ravyn heard a scream, she noticed a tall brunette clutching her arm. A corrupt dog jumped around her, nipping at her and teasing her. Ravyn raced forward, scaring the dog into another warrior who silently shoved a sword into its shoulder, making it go up in smoke.

“It bit me!” screamed the brunette. From so many fighting classes, Ravyn could immediately tell that her posture was bad and that the dog could easily bite her again, and there was no respect in her voice. It’s a mortaflights rule to respect anything you’re fighting, even if it’s corrupt dog.

“So?” a fellow mortaflights asked.

“It hurts!” the brunette sat, devastated.

“Dog bites hurt,” Ravyn said with annoyance. “How did you ever become a warrior if you don’t know what pain feels like?”

“I feel like my insides are burning!” wailed the brunette.

Ravyn winced at the image suddenly thrust into her mind. “Someone get her to a medical place,” Ravyn ordered. A few mortaflights helped the brunette up, she was now crying.

Everyone else remembered that they had a battle to fight and leaped into action again. It looked as if the dogs had ignored them and continued to destroy their city. Ravyn raced towards another corrupt dog. She threw her sword at it, only to find that the dog dodged it. It ran towards her, blocking her from retrieving her sword. The dog attacked her, biting her and scratching her. Ravyn shrieked as pain jolted through her bones. The dog pinned her to the ground. Ravyn remember her mini sword and pulled it out, stabbing the dog in the chest. It disappeared and Ravyn heaved a sigh of relief. She ran to get her sword and join the battle again.

It was close to getting dark when Ravyn started counting how many bruises and cuts she had on her. She also started counting how many corrupt dogs they had left to fight out of boredom. Right now she sat in a tree, watching the battle. Ravyn spread her wings and soared over to the battle. In about five minutes after that, there were no corrupt dogs in sight.

Silence filled the air as everyone looked around. “Did we win?” a voice rang around.

After a moment cheering grew louder and louder until it was impossible to get a word in without it being drained out by the racket.

“Ravyn…” Ravyn turned to see her instructor lying on the ground. One of his wings held his side and the other lay sprawled on the ground as well.

Ravyn ran over to him.

“I don’t know if I will be able to command our warriors anymore,” he said.

“We’ll get you to a medical place soon,” Ravyn worriedly fluttered her wings.

“I need you to command now.”



“Are you just telling me this because I’m the closest one around?” Ravyn tilted her head.


Ravyn watched as he stared up at her. She looked away, knowing he just died. Ravyn was ready to be a commander, to lead the chant.

Past Years’ Winning Stories

Phenomenal Spectacle

by Fiona

Spectators, inspectors, even suspects.
Everyone was there to see the spectacle.
Some chatted quietly,
A few inspected the building for reviews,
And others simply sat in silence, waiting for the start.

The lights dimmed,
And everyone respectfully stopped talking
Almost in unison,
As if a light had been turned off.
Slowly, the curtain opened,
And the acrobats began their feats.

Every aspect of the performance was wonderful.
Intermissions passed by quickly
As the spectacular acrobats performed
Their parts.
Aerial skills,
High wire acts,
Trapeze balancing.

All too soon the show was over.
People clapped
Not only out of respect,
Much, much more:
A standing ovation.
None of the acrobats were circumspect,
All took risks.
All worked hard,
All tried hard,
All did hard.
All made the spectacle phenomenal.
Phenomenal spectacle.

The Specter of the Musical

by Annabelle

“Ah! This production will be spectacular!” My circumspect director, Jimmy La Angelo, exclaimed. “We have a such wonderful cast! I will announce who got which parts in a moment, but nobody get disappointed if you didn’t get a part!” We, meaning me, Jimmy, and my fellow auditioners, had gathered on the stage to learn if we got a part and what it is.

“Now, I will announce the parts for Cermie Theatre’s production of The Specter of the Musical. As the specter, Ben Benson!” I couldn’t believe it. I got the leading role! I didn’t even pay attention to who got the other parts, I was so shocked.

The next day, I walked to theatre for my first rehearsal. I walked inside, through the hall, and up one flight of stairs until I reached the auditorium doors. As soon as I open them, I hear a scream. I bolt down to the stage and find Jimmy trying to calm my co-star, Theodora, down.

“I-I-I’ve seen a ghost!” she stutters

“No, you probably just imagined it–” Jimmy tried to soothe.

“Do you think I’m lying?” She questioned. If Theodora doesn’t get respect, she freaks out.

“Oh! Ben! Let’s start rehearsal!” Jimmy said, trying to distract our minds. He continued, “Okay, Ben, stand right here and aspect your body up-stage. Great!” He exclaimed. Suddenly, a spotlight fell down, narrowly missing my head.

“AHHHHHHH!” Theodora shrilly screamed. “It’s the ghost!”

“I’m sure it was just a coincidence!” Jimmy hesitantly said, as if he didn’t believe his own words. “Larry! Will you please go inspect the lights on the catwalk please?” he asked our lighting director. He then continued, “And while you’re at it, will you please test the spectrum light?” he added.

“What is the spectrum light?” I asked.

“Can you keep a secret?” Jimmy asked,

“Yes!” I answered.

“Well, it’s a light that Larry invented that makes a rainbow shine all over the stage!”

“That’s awesome!” I said a little too enthusiastically. “It will be a spectacle! The audience will love it!” I added.

Suddenly, Larry appeared on the stage. “I think we need to call the police! I just saw a man running off the catwalk in a black cape and a creepy white half mask!”

Thirty minutes later, the police arrived.

“Hello, my name is Inspector John, and I’m here to solve the case!” one of the officers said to Jimmy.

One Month Later…

I stare out at the crowded theatre, thinking. Just a month ago, we caught the main suspect. Apparently, the theatre across the street was going to put on the production of The Phantom of the Opera, and didn’t want our show to interfere with theirs, so they tried to sabotage our production. They dressed up an actor as the phantom, and sent him to our theatre.

Suddenly, I hear my cue. I step out on stage and start to sing when I hear a crash.

“Ahhhhhh!” someone screams.

The Game

by Joe

I am so spectacular! I get to be a spectator at a special game. It is a basketball game with the best players. Really important people are going to be there! The president is going to be there and some other famous people.

I’m afraid that I might disrespect the president and he might get mad. Finally, it was time for the game to begin. I went to the stadium and talked with the basketball players. I saw the president and inspected him. I respectfully went over to the president and said, “Hey! How’s it going?” He replied, and then it was time to start the game.

We went over to the gold-plated seats and sat down. “Fancy!” I thought. The game had started and it was really cool. They were doing all kinds of tricks like slam dunking behind their backs. I looked behind me and I saw a guy that I suspected looked suspicious. I passed it off for just a weird feeling, and I went to watch the spectacular game.

It looked like he might have been a hired inspector because of how he was acting and how he was dressed. There was just an aspect about him that seemed weird. I decided to get back to the awesome game. I realized the score was tied 110 to 110. “Wow!” I thought. I looked over at the president and his face looked like he was in shock because of this amazing game. All these players earned my respect by playing this well.

I heard the door slam in the stadium and it was the strange guy leaving. I bet there was a prospect of the guy causing something to happen, but I probably stopped him with all of my suspicious looks at him. This has been an weird and crazy game– but still awesome.

The Case of the Missing Spectacular Red Ruby Necklace

by Mo

He wore a long, black trench coat and fancy shoes. His name was Ezra Dorkan, the inspector. He was on the case of the museum’s missing spectacular red ruby necklace.

Inspector Ezra Dorkan started the inspection of suspects by respectfully asking questions of the people who were working the night of the disappearance of the spectacular red ruby necklace.

There were three suspects. The first one was the janitor, named Rjon. He had very circumspect behavior. Next there was a woman, who seemed to be an art spectator.  Her behavior was very disrespectful, showing no respect for the museum. The last suspect was the security guard, who was always very tired during his working hours.

After Inspector Ezra Dorkan finally inspected each of the three suspects, he had one strong prospect for ruby thief.  Inspector Ezra Dorkan knew the crime had been committed by the janitor because of his attitude during cleaning and because the cleaning aspect of his job provided him with supplies to remove any fingermarks left when he stole the spectacular red ruby necklace.

This case was now solved!


by Ava

glue-hiNon-Stick Glue
Introducing………….. Non-Stick Glue! It sticks to nothing, so you don’t have to clean up everything! Watch how it spectacularly wipes off every surface.

Wow! Every aspect of a child-safe glue is in this product! No more sticky situations, and no more close inspections, making sure the glue is gone.

It’s amazing!

Non-Stick Glue…… Try it today!

Insult Bot
Have you ever wondered why toys for children are always so babyish and gentle? Well, that rule has been broken! Introducing the Insult Bot. It’s a newly designed bot that is never respectful and loves to hurt your feelings! It has many different settings, including baseball spectator, drill sergeant, and biker. It’s the most formidable bot around. No more robots each respectively complimenting your every move. Toughen up with the insult bot!

Ever wanted to solve a crime? Ever chosen the wrong suspect to pursue? Well, those times are over because of the new Inspector! No more wishing you could prove who stole your lunch or who broke into the classroom. The inspector will track the suspect down, with a press of a button. It will inspect the suspect’s desk, bedroom, and backpack, and retrieve the clues you’re looking for. It may not respect privacy, but this bot will conquer the criminals!

Overnight Sensation

by Jackson

guitar_rI sit on my bed, strumming my guitar and writing lyrics in my notebook. I look at my signed poster of Van Halen: Keep on rockin!  That poster made me want to launch a music career. I hear the doorbell ring and look out the window; I see my tech savvy best friend, Madison. I rush down to greet her.

“Did you bring it?” I ask excitedly. She smiles and pulls out her camera. We’re going to upload a music video to try and launch my career. We start filming and then we go on my computer to do editing. My mom, who suspects that I am doing inappropriate things on the computer, respectfully knocks on my door, which I’ve been telling her to do forever instead of her just barging into my space unannounced.

“What are you doing in there?” she questions suspiciously.

“Nothing, Mom; go away!” I yell.

“You will speak to me with respect.

“We’re doing homework,” I lie through my teeth. Once she leaves, Madison and I post the video on YouTube, and I give my guitar an inspection, inspecting to see if it needs any tune-ups. Madison leaves, but I strum till late into the night and then fall asleep.

I wake up to my phone ringing. “Hullo,” I say.

“We are with Columbus Studios, and we saw your video; we would like to sign you. How long will it take you to get to LA?”

“I’ll be there tonight,” I exclaim.  I explain everything to my mom, and we head right to airport and jump on a plane. I land in LA, excited about the prospect of playing a concert tonight. When the time comes, I jump on stage and put on a spectacular spectacle.

A spectator tries to climb on stage but is stopped by a security guard. “Respect boundaries!” the guard yells. I am surprised by that aspect of the concert.

I finish up my song, and the crowd chants, “Encore!” I throw my hands in the air and start another song. My career has finally launched.

Mystery Solver

by Sammy

detectives-18The man slipped inside the crime scene. He was told to inspect it. He respectfully accepted. As the inspector, he could go wherever he pleased on the scene. There were lots of spectators there, of course. They waited a long time to hear who he decided to suspect.

The inspector was one of those who had clean black suits, kind of tall so he could scare the heck out of you by towering over you. “I’m here for the inspection,” he reminded himself.  He wanted to respect the wishes of the family to find the criminal, so the inspector quickly pulled on gloves and took fingerprints. Police made sure they never touched anything.

In the next moment, something spectacular happened.

“DROP THAT PRINT!” an echoing shout rang around.

“I will not, and I repeat, I will not drop it. I will never respect someone trying to stop me from doing my job,” he said, daring the shouter to say more. The prospect of finally finding out who had committed the crime was great, but he didn’t need anybody shouting the wits out of him. Respectively, he looked at the fingerprint and the crime scene.  Then he went to the police.

Eventually, they found out the perpetrator was….a mystery.

The Vampire Attack, Part One of Two

by Jose

vampireI heard the faint screaming, and I started getting scared. My heart was pounding; my adrenaline was pumping. I looked behind me a saw person lying on the floor, and then I heard a chilling voice say, “You’re next.”

I sat up and gasped. The feeling was spectacular in an awkward way. Luckily, it was only a dream. I lay back down in my bed. I thought, Was that a sign or some prospect of what might actually happen in the future? I became all tensed up and started silently sobbing. I tried going back to bed, but I was sweating and started shaking. Then I heard a crash in the kitchen. I suspected it was my cat, Jim, and hoped it was not a specter.

I got out of bed and started to inspect the hallway like an inspector as I headed to the kitchen. I heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs. My heart started pumping, and the noise started getting louder and louder, till it stopped.  I thought that whatever it was seemed to be right there. I walked slowly towards the figure. I saw a black shadow coming to the spot where I stood so I hid behind the wall. I peeked around the corner, and I could see the person, but it was only a black form. I couldn’t quite get the shape of the figure, and the only aspect of it I could see was the face. The shadowy form drew closer to me and closer to me till it was right at my face.

Then I could see the figure clearly, and irrespective of my horror, I could see it was a terrifying, bloodsucking vampire.  I ran to my room, and luckily, I escaped the vampire, who knocked on my door. I shook in terror as I heard him say, “You’re next,” just like in my dream.

Then the vampire ran from my house. I gasped in relief. That next day I was trying to figure out what that vampire said and how he had come to be in my home. All day, even at school, I kept thinking, and that led me to have very circumspective behavior.

RRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG sounded the final school bell.  After school, I walked home and then sat on my bed to do my homework. While I was doing my homework, I had the feeling that I was being watched by some spectator. I looked out the window and saw a face peeking through the window. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the person had on black sunglasses and had black clothes. It was the vampire.

The Adventures of the Health Inspector

by Rachel Engle

inspectorThe health inspector was a small man who wore a suit and his handy dandy spectacles. He was, sadly, not respected by restaurant owners because of his spectacular inspections that could possibly shut down their restaurants.  One day, he suspected McDonald’s was not up to proper health code regulations. On his way to inspect the McDonald’s, he had the prospect that he may have to shut it down. Once there, the owners respectfully escorted the health inspector to each work station to show him how clean and sanitary they were. The health inspector knew the restaurant owners did not respect him; they just wanted to please him so he would not shut down their business since they were definitely not up to health code.

The health inspector used his handy dandy spectacles to magnify all the dust on the shelves. He found rats and cockroaches running around the deepest corner of the kitchens. He suspected that there might also be mold on the hamburger buns because of a certain suspect wretched smell, and he was correct. Through his power, the health inspector had McDonald’s shut down for the safety of the customers who ate there, and that was the adventure of the health inspector. Dun dun dun.


by Jack

graphics-baseball-802208I love every aspect of baseball, and I suspect that someday I will be a spectacular player in the MLB.  I have respect for the game and do not want to make a spectacle of myself.  I hope to be on the high end of the spectrum when it comes to batting averages.  My hope is to at least be a strong prospect.  If that does not happen, I will at least apply for a job doing the inspection of the field before games, to inspect the condition of the playing field.  Still, my first choice is to be a ball player competing on the field and viewed by many spectators.

The Inspection

by Lilah

cafeIn France, there was a restaurant named Sandbrorerday, which was doing great, back in the 1960s. It had the finest French cuisine in the city of love, Paris, but one day, it all turned around.

Vroom! the loud garbage truck went as it jogged, plopping its way along the streets of Paris.

“Oh, how I wonder what America will be like,” Isabella sang while we respectfully walked away from my grandfather’s glorious café in sorrow because we all knew it was done for, irrespective of its former glory.

Now that my papa was dead, I knew I couldn’t save his business. No one could. Plus, now that we were off to America, I knew my life was over. All of the American jocks beat on fashionable, little French boys like me. That’s why I, Pierre Pelletier, would re-make it— on my own!

The first thing on my list to success was raising money—easy. Of course, I would just gather up all the friends I had left and sell all of our old, less-fashionable clothes to other people who wished to be as stylish as I. Oh, and my friends. I suspect that they will do as I please because, of course, I’m the leader of the gang.

The next day at school I decided to ask….

“Psssst! Pierre, look at that fat ewe over there!” my best friend Finn commented quietly and pointed as Sheriel, the new girl, walked in to class with one of her awful costumes on, which did, in fact, make her look like a big mama sheep.

“Ha ha,” I just had to giggle, which made Mr. Boring, our teacher, turn to me….SMACK!

My hand throbbed in pain as my insane teacher whipped me in the hand with his long ruler.

“NO TALKING!” he screeched, flailing his arms about in an impractical way, making his dark spectacles fall off his witch-like nose.

RINNNGGGGGG! the bell chimed as all of the kids chummed their work and ran out in maximum speed to reach their mothers’ cars.

“Hey, Finn, can I ask you something?”

“Dude, anything.”

“Well, I really wanted to bring my papa’s restaurant back, and I was hoping that you could help me raise the money. So?”

“Um, sure, but aren’t you moving to America?”

“Yeah, but I was hoping to make it in America.”

“Well, if it shows those American jerks what we’re made of, then sure.”

“Great. See you tomorrow.”

As I walked home, I knew that doing this would pay off and show my papa my true respect for him, his life, and his restaurant.

The beginning of our sale was immense! We sold $5,000 in clothes, which was a big contribution to our café! Now we could start thinking about renting a place to have this wonderfully awesome eatery!

For the next weeks, we kept on selling and selling. With $20,000 in the bank, we were fully ready to start our way to the top.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Pierre! It’s me, Finn. Open up!”

My friend knocked on my door in urgency for me to open it.

“Coming!” I skedaddled down stairs, still tip-toeing respectfully in my polka-dot PJs and bunny slippers, as I went to open the door.

When I opened the door, there was Finn with an excited yet creepy face on, saying, “Hi, hi! OMG! Today is the day!”

“The day for what?”

“Shopping! Remember? We’re going to buy stuff for our new and awesome café!” I sang, literally.

“Oh, cool. Let me go get some clothes on. I’ll be right back.”

After we went on our extravagant shopping day, I felt content with what we bought. Now I knew that, for sure, our business would turn out to be breathtaking!

Vroom! went another truck, but this time it was my truck. My moving truck. Today was the day. I guess.

“Don’t go!” Finn cried for me as I stepped my mama’s miniature Fiat.

“I must!” (Dear reader, by now you have surely noticed that I’m a bit of a drama queen.)

“No, please. No, please. No, please…..” his voice trailed off in the distance while I drove off with a façade of blissfulness, but a heart of regret…

When we reached California, my heart sank. Everywhere I looked was awful. My life was over. The only thing I would try my hardest on, besides grades and pleasing Mama, was to complete the café.

The next day, I prospected the internet for places for rent. I found one! Voila! My life might turn around! Yay!

I bought that place, and ever since, I’d been working as hard as I could to complete the restaurant.  When the work was finished, I brought In an inspector to make sure that it was a suitable eating place.

“Hello. My name is Pierre Pelletier, and I am going to show you the place,” I stated, welcoming in the inspector and showing him down the hall.

“Wow!” he gasped in amazement as we started in. “This is wonderful!”

“I’m glad that you like the place. It was very fun to build.”

Wow! My dream was going to become a reality! I was going to reopen Papa’s restaurant!

“Thank you,” I said, shivering inside while the inspector said his good-byes and told me that my restaurant was, in fact, the best one he’d ever seen!  The entire inspection was a success.

To this day, I’ve been running this restaurant and feeling abundantly fortunate. I’ve graduated from high school, without being teased, and I’m planning to attend cooking school. Life’s great when you believe in yourself, so try to fight your fears.

When in Rome…

by Diana

Roman soldierRome! A shining example of modern civilization.   Rome! Cultural center of the universe.  Rome…yeah, yeah; we kind of see where this is going.  We know that Rome is famous for the spectacular Colosseum, the throw-the-peasants-to-the-lions process, and all that other famous stuff Rome is renowned for, such as the soldiers in short skirts and the empire of togas and tunics.  All that is old history.

I live in Rome, of course.  I am the princess’s maid.  I look out for her and help her respectfully, not like a babysitter, but more like a friend.  Naturally, everyone—including me—must respect the princess or risk being thrown to the lions, so watch your mouth when talking to the princess.

Of course, the princess is panicking right now about how she wants the highest senator, who is also an inspector, Senator Altilis, to postpone the upcoming gladiator games.  The princess wants to end the spectacle because she doesn’t want to be forced to marry a gladiator named Brudis.  But how can she think of canceling the games, when she must find the time to speak with the senators and their wives, respectively.  Well, she must.  However, she becomes dejected when the wives reject her idea about canceling the games.  Quickly, she must think of another plan since the games are the following day.  If only the prospect wasn’t so close in the future.

A few hours later, the princess meets three peasants in the palace:  Gladis—just go with it; we know it’s a girl’s name, Mini—not really small, and Julia—a beautiful woman who wants money.  The princess soon becomes determined that Gladis will fight against Brudis in the gladiator games.

On the day of the games, everyone is counting on Julia to give Gladis and Brudis potions, which our heroes suspect will give Gladis a boost in defeating Brudis.  As the games begin, there are spectators in the stands, ready to watch the bloody aspects of the games.  Everyone’s hopes that Gladis will win are fairly low.  Will Gladis defeat Brudis, or will Brudis be victorious.  Only one can claim victory and be the last gladiator standing!  Then the princess will get her man—whether she wants him or not—and finally, something will change in Rome!

I am The Queen…Right?

by Camille

queenBeing a queen can be very difficult.  Everybody thinks royal queens get to lay back and relax; however, they are completely wrong. When you are the queen, you should be powerful…right?  I know I am the queen, but do I really have to have that much responsibility?  There are certain aspects of my job that can be very tedious and stressful.  It’s either picking out a spectrum of colors for my wardrobe, or ordering people around like they are a herd of sheep.  I even schedule the spectacular royal balls.  This is all way too much for me, the queen. When will I respectfully say to my people that I need a vacation?

I guess, being royalty and all, people expect me to be flawless in everything I do.  But I am just a regular person like everybody else. How can I prove to people that I am not perfect?  I try so very hard to gain the respect of my people.   After all, I treat my people very graciously. I will show them that I am not a frivolous person.  I think the most optimum way to prove myself would be to pretend to be just like one of them.  This way, nobody will suspect that I am the queen, because I will blend in as a commoner.  If I try to mingle with my people as the queen, I end up being a spectacle.

When the sun sets and the stars rise, I make a quick inspection of my majestic yard.  When nobody is in sight, I inch out of my bedroom without an echo of sound. Should I really escape and risk my kingdom not having a queen?  I know how special I am to my kingdom, and I know my people need me.  A break would be nice, but for now that prospect must wait. I just need to worry about my kingdom!

Footsteps to Follow

by Grace

runnerThere is that one moment in your life that you will never forget, your moment of glory, that one moment when you get to shine, and that moment for my dad was at the annual sporting day event in our town, Clarksville. So now, as his only son, the townspeople expect me to follow in his footsteps. Me: The twiggy, bookwormish, and, most importantly, nonathletic son. No amount of training, or encouragement, or muscle-building nutrients will make me into the athlete my dad is. I’m all set to fail on June third, the day of the much-dreaded sporting event.

Finally, but unfortunately, here I am on June third, wondering how someone could hate Saturday so much while speeding towards the cursed sporting events. Luckily, I’m only participating in three of the events: relay racing, shot put, and baseball, all the events in which my father succeeded. When we reach the fields, I am already soaked in a nervous sweat.

“Why of all days did the sun have to come out today? The least it could do was to keep so many spectators away, but nooo; everyone has come to see me fail!” I moaned.

“What was that, son?”

“Nothing, Dad, just excited for the events to start!” I plastered a fake, cheery smile on my face to prove it. But as soon as he looked away, my dreary expression resumed its place on my face. A few minutes later, I found myself behind two other contestants at shot put. The sporting had begun!

When my turn came to throw, I was shocked to find that even the kids suspected that I would win everything like my dad, that is, until they witnessed my wimpy, three-foot throw. Now they thought the prospect of me getting even third place was slim. Baseball and the race were no better. In the race, I was the first runner, and I was the last one to get to my teammate. My team lost, regardless of the spectacular effort of my teammates.  Baseball was just humiliating! I couldn’t even hit the ball; I couldn’t catch, and throwing, well, let’s just say the ball never got farther than the mound. But the worst thing was that I was being watched the most through the whole thing, like I was the greatest spectacle there, which I probably was. Every sound of disappointment was magnified more than usual because of the large number of onlookers. It was awful.

At last, it was time for the judges to gather and tally their scores. They would inspect every aspect of every player and his or her athletic background. It was awhile until the judges’ inspections of the players was finished. I almost didn’t hear my name being called out; I was so sure I wouldn’t win. But there I heard it, me being announced the winner. I was flabbergasted; however, I think the crowd was more so than I was. I tried to shrink back, except there was my father, ushering me forward. My eyes darted from one disbelieving face to the other, when I broke away from his grasp and fled to the bathroom.

That’s where my father found me, and he explained what had happened. He said that the judges knew everyone expected a lot from me and that it would be embarrassing to fail especially when his father had thrived in athletics, so when my dad was younger, they had made him the winner for the same reasons they were now making me the winner.

“But, but, the judges are very respected and honest; how could they do this?” My father was very patient and explained again. I was very aware that this was unfair to the players who had worked hard to earn the reward. Then I decided to do something bold. I walked to where everyone was gathered and then up to the judges. I whispered what I had in mind, and then I once again joined the waiting crowd.

“There has been a slight change of events, and there is a new winner; Carter Williams will you please join us up here?”

There was applause and whoops and hollers. I felt a spectrum of feelings when the new winner was announced, from happiness, regret, sadness, and shame.  Now that I hope everyone realizes that I’m different from my dad, I think I can be myself from now on, and I’m looking forward to that!

The Circus

by Kelly

circusIt was a beautiful day in the far lands of orchards and fields. There is a little town out there with not a lot of people, but enough to have a circus. The circus happens every year in the summer. It is not just a circus with elephants and whatnot; it has rides and many games. It is such a spectacular day! Everyone comes because it is like a big party since the whole town there. Every year, I go to this event with my family and friends. I save up all my money from the year and use it for the games at this event. All but a few people dress up for this spectacle. You should dress respectfully for this event because it is like an annual thing. It isn’t necessary to dress formally, but I usually wear my best sundress to respect this event. I can’t wait until this year because the circus is supposed to be amazing, and I’m going with a whole bunch of friends.

It was the day of the circus, and it was blazing hot out, even though it was 9:00 am. I was practically melting in my tank top and shorts. At 10:00 am, I took a cool shower and changed into a pretty sundress. I thought my dress was lovely. It was turquoise with white hibiscus flowers on it. My mom fixed my hair into a French braid that went down my back. When we arrived at the grounds, we played games and ate cotton candy on the snowy, white cone. The circus wasn’t until 3:00 pm, so we had the whole day to do whatever. It was super fun going on all the rides with my friends.

When it was time for the circus, I was in the first row so I had the best seat. I was a spectator at the circus. It was a lot more exciting than last year, just like they promised. People would jump through flaming hoops on tigers, and they would walk on a rope fifty feet in the air. I always wondered how they could do that. It seemed impossible to me. It was so exciting when the person called for a volunteer. My hand shot up like a rocket. The person called on me. I had no idea what I was doing, but I got up in front of the whole town. I saw people from my class from last year and my neighbors. What stood out most were my friends because they were hooting and hollering for me and giving me thumbs up every five seconds.

“Very pretty dress, little lady,” said the woman who picked me. Her face was covered with rainbow colors, making it hard to say thank you because I couldn’t see her eyes. “What you are going to do is climb on a rope through a flaming hoop.”

I felt my face get red. How could I walk on a rope through a flaming hoop and not fall in the fire?

“Is someone a little scared?” she asked, looking at the crowd as she talked.

I wasn’t scared at all. “Of course I’m not scared,” I stated, smiling at the townspeople in the bleachers. I walked off with the girl. She leaned in and whispered something in my ear.

“Don’t worry; this is totally safe. There is a platform on the rope, and it’s not real fire. We have an inspection for this. We inspect to be sure everything is safe. We have an inspector come to check everything out.”

I gasped thinking that what I’d been watching for all these years was just a fake! I had suspected it wasn’t possible to walk on a rope that skinny. I did what the lady said and went to the rope. The hoop blazed with fire that made the sweat on my face dry. When I climbed the ladder, I could feel the rope’s invisible platform. When I started across, the fire was unbearable. I thought it was fake. “Weird,” I thought. Maybe the lady just said that to make me feel better. I walked on the rope, and then I ducked under the fire, trying to make it dramatic that it was so close. When I stepped off the rope away from the fire, everybody cheered. I couldn’t believe I had done that.

When I got home that evening, I sat with my friends under the huge plum tree that was blooming with beautiful plums. We talked about how fun the circus was. This year was the best circus ever! Every aspect of it!

Gold Rush

by Kyle

“Today feels like a good day to prospect for gold,” I mentioned to my dad.

“We are going to hit the mother lode,” said my dad.

I went to go get my things, and we set off for the mining fields.

“I suspect we will strike it rich,” I said happily to myself.

When we got to the mine, we noticed that everyone had their own idiosyncratic ways of dressing. It was fifty degrees out and some people were wearing shorts and tank tops, while others wore bath robes with slippers. My dad and I were probably the only ones dressed properly for prospecting. I still knew that I had to respect the other people so I pretended that I didn’t notice. We decided to stay in the mine fields instead of going into the underground mine because I had heard about a specter that haunted the mine.

My dad and I started chiseling away at the ground, hoping to find pay dirt. We found little flakes here and there, but nothing spectacular. The person next to us pulled up a huge nugget the size of a softball. I went up to him and respectfully asked what his secret was, and he told me. I didn’t believe him. I mean, how was I supposed to believe that you simply lifted up rocks to find gold without any digging. I just ignored him and went back to searching. We continued to find little flakes of gold. I was getting kind of frustrated so I decided to try lifting up a rock. I did not want to make a spectacle of myself so I was circumspect in my approach. All of a sudden, a rainbow appeared, and all of the colors in the spectrum shone on one particular rock.  I lifted up the rock, and I found a gold nugget so big that I knew it would change my life forever! Irrespective of anyone watching me, I yelled, “Holy Toledo! We’re rich!”

There was a spectator watching nearby so we had a witness to prove our find. We picked up the large gold nugget and figured that it was worth about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars! We had an inspector come over to inspect our gold, and he told us that he had not seen such a large nugget since he had worked as an inspector. After he was done with the inspection, we were interviewed by a newspaper reporter who did a story on our find. I told the reporter about the other man who had found a large nugget so that he could interview him, too. The reporter wrote down the weights of our gold nuggets respectively. Other people started searching in that area, and they also found significant amounts of gold. We found gold, and it gave other people hope, so in that aspect, we had done a good thing for the community. We went home to tell my mom and my brother about our adventure, and we all went out to dinner to celebrate our success.

The Inspection

by Shelby

It was a blazing hot sunny day in South Carolina and the day of Dev’s Bakery inspection.  Dev’s was the best restaurant you could go to, but for the people in Carolina, what mattered most was what grade a restaurant received when an inspector came to town.

Today was a big day; the inspector would be arriving to inspect, along with his assistant, who was something of a spectator.  When the inspector and his assistant arrived, the inspector was wearing high socks, rusty dress pants, and a matching rusty-colored jacket.  The workers at Dev’s respectfully seated the inspector and answered some food questions.  Then it came to the kitchen inspections.  The workers had respect for the inspector’s privacy, and they left him so he could do his work.


When he was finished, the inspector came out to meet with the workers and the spectator respectively.  The inspector said, “I do not suspect that anything could be wrong in the kitchen, and from all aspects, this restaurant has the best food in town.”

That day was a spectacular day in South Carolina.  All the customers enjoyed their meals and knew that the place not only  had exceptional food, but also a clean environment.


by Cole

John was moving from Petaluma to Nevada to mine for gold.  The prospect of getting rich was exciting to him.  He heard that there were beautiful mountains and spectacular trees and, he suspected, lots of gold.  John was visiting different places to inspect different areas.  His friends told him there were many distinct aspects to look for in choosing a good site, so he would have to do a close inspection.  John was hoping to find lots of big chunks of gold and not to make a spectacle of himself.  His father was coming to watch him, to be a spectator, and John wanted to earn his father’s respect.  In his lifetime, John had held a whole spectrum of jobs, and he was hoping this would be the one to make him rich!