Week 30:This Week’s Winning Stories

Count Me Out

by Natalia

The old motor of the automobile makes it harder to get the car going, but after about three tries, we’re on the road. Finally, we are on the way to school. Unlike other kids, I actually enjoy going to school; I tend to succeed in most of the subjects, well, maybe not all. I’m not the most delighted when it’s time for math.

At recess, not many people hang out with me; they already have formed their groups. Don’t get me wrong, though, I actually don’t mind because I like to spend that free time reading or writing. This does cause my life to be less eventful.

I’m actually in the sixth grade, believe or not. I love my school, and I am sad that I will have to leave it soon; we also have to practice a lot because of our promotion that is coming up this following week. We have to work so hard on the dances and singing and walking. The process takes forever, and there are so many movements we have to remember. Plus, we have to do it for like three hours every day. When I get home after school, I’m so sore that I can’t even walk to go to the bathroom.

On promotion, we are dancing. We are expected to wear a dress and accessories. I don’t think so! I’m going to show up there in my Adidas shoes and some sweatpants, with my hair up in a ponytail and without a care in the world. I’m also NOT going to do the dances, and I’ll even stand up there motionless, with the teacher and classmates annoyed by me.

I’m at recess right now, and today I did a piece of writing. I just expressed my emotions, letting them all out this time with my writing. As you see, I really am not happy with promotion coming up. It is the most stressful thing that I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t want to do it at all; no, no, no! I have just had another thought: I can just pretend to be sick for the rest of the school year.

Predator and Prey

by Genevieve

His hyper and adventurous spirit holds still
His motionless body presses to the ground
He springs into the air
He realizes he is going to catch his prey
Paws wrap around it
Holding it tight

In all the commotion of the victory
He lets go
The prey bolts away
His adventuresome attitude leads
Him under a massive object

He swipes at his prey
The movement makes his prey
Sprint away again
He runs after it
The adventure moving forward
Motivation sinks into his mind.

My cat jumps at the cat toy
He grabs it in his mouth
He ventures over to me
To show off his success

Past Years’ Winning Stories


by Jackson

Man, it’s been a real adventurous year.
I’ve had some good memories…and some bad.
This ceremony is kind of like a big “We Love 6th Grade Convention”.
This speech is supposed to succeed in being motivational and helpful, so..
The start of your year in 6th might be a bit difficult,
You’ll have to work hard and have fun,
Fun fact: Ms.M and Ms.H want to see a lot of your inventiveness in your activities.
Or, as the class calls them: Projects.
This might already be making a few emotional, so I’ll cut to the chase.
Be yourself, work hard, and please be kind to Ms. M. and Ms. H. for me.
Because 6th grade is gonna be one heck of an adventure.
Take access to this speech as a guide for you future class.
Oh, yeah, one last thing–advice to those who whine about homework:
Just take it like a person.
I hope this speech was successful in assisting you on your 6th grade journey.

The Race

by Annabelle

Ten people
All looking for an adventure
Had readied their automobiles
And tinkered with their motors
To prepare for the race.

They removed the rusted parts,
And replaced them with shiny new ones.
They couldn’t wait for the big event.
They even invented new parts to make their cars the fastest.
They got promotions,
And accessorized their cars with the symbols of their sponsors.
They were ready to venture into the unknown.
They knew they were going to be a success.
3, 2, 1
And they were off!


by Fiona

Be adventurous,
Venture into new territory.
Have an eventful time,
With a touch of commotion.
Think of many new inventions,
Set a goal for yourself.
Get a promotion,
Work hard to get your
Month’s revenue up
By five percent every month.
Get emotional,
And get over it
As you keep moving forward,
Motivating yourself the whole time.

Do none of this,
And you will have no success.
Do some of this,
And you will have a moment of success.
Do all and more still,
And you will have

The “UnderGround

by Joe

         I am feeling adventurous! My emotions are going crazy! I want to jump all over the walls. I walk outside and right into the mountains. I wonder if my ancestors did what I’m doing right now? I run up a big hill to look over some smaller hills and caves. I see a big cave so I run down the hill to get to it.

I finally reach the cave and look in a dark abyss. I stand motionless looking at the darkness. I am scared to go in. I walk into the cave with an adventuresome soul. “Success! “ I yell while walking further into the cave. I conquer my fears. Just then, I remember I have a flashlight in my backpack. I pull it out and take a look around.

Five feet in front of me I see a gigantic hole. Just when I turn around to look at it I hear a commotion going on behind me. I feel like I got pushed and I stumble into the endless, dull pit. I feel like I am falling as fast as an automobile can drive. I remove my backpack and try to use it as a parachute. I accidentally let go of it.

I hit the ground! I don’t splatter; not even a scratch! This is hard for me to process. I have to motivate myself to get up while I am still in shock. All of a sudden, a fast movement hits me in the head. It is my backpack! Wow, that scared me! I thought while getting dirt off my clothes. I see something make a fast motion in the corner of my eye. I shrug it off and walk a little. I walk to a huge door.

Something touches my back! I turn around and get into a fighting position. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, buddy! Don’t need to fight,” the thing says. I look at it and it looks like something that is half monster half human.

“Whatdoyouwant?!” I said quickly with anger in my tone.

“I see you fell down here! This place here is the underground!” he says with some kind of accent. I ask if I can access the room and he opens the door. I think in my head, I shouldn’t have ventured this far. Well, what do I haveto lose? I walk in.

Flat Tire

by Tarren

Man, today I went on an adventurous adventure to an event down the road. I traveled in my new buggy automobile, and man, did the motor run great. I added a few of my own accessories; you know, the really good smelling trees. Guess what…. I got five of them in there, and they smell so good. You just have to process it in your head, and you can imagine how good those little trees smell.

After a while of looking at other cars on the road, I thought I should get chrome spinners because I love the spinning motion. Unfortunately, I’m a bit broke. Then it hit me; hey, I’ll invent my own!

Once I finished, I was very proud of myself. I thought they turned out so well that I went to a car show, and on my way there, I ran over a nail. Being as smart as I am I got out of my car to remove it and ended up with a flat tire. I had to walk all the way home! Man, did I learn a good life lesson today. Next time, I’ll leave the nail in my dang tire.

Six Flags

by Gavin

It was a blazing day in California, with Six Flags opened and ready to go. Michael, Nick, Mario, my brother, and I jumped out of the car, ready for an adventurous day at the hottest attraction in Vallejo, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We all put on sunscreen and dashed towards the park.

Once we got to the most successful park in Vallejo, we all stood there, motivated to go on some roller coasters. First, my super awesome parents had to overcome the recession and hand over some money for food at lunch time. After my magnificent parents provided us with finances for lunch, we continued our process, walking over to the first ride, ROAR!

Since we had arrived to the park a little early, Roar was not quite ready for us yet. When the park finally allowed us to access the rides, we were first in line for Roar.  After riding the roller coaster, we saw an accessory store right next to another ride, Superman.  The shop was selling a bunch of clothing of the superhero in honor of him and the ride. We all stood there in front of the store without motion, gazing at Superman, amazed at how brilliant the ride was.

So our next roller coaster ride was the amazing Superman.  On that ride, once we got to the tippy top with a 90 degree drop at 15 stories high, everyone started to get emotional because they were too scared. The adrenaline rush from this ride was out of this world! When we got off the ride, we went across the whole park to ride the biggest, scariest, and most terrifying ride of all time:  Medusa!

Medusa was scary-looking, especially with that 150 foot drop. We were all in the front row car, waiting for the terrifying drop to come.  When it finally happened, our heads were having a lot of movement, going left and right and pushing against the seat. All of the passengers were screaming for their lives. Once the motor stopped for the ride everybody was breathing heavily.

The rest of the day, we got wet, saw a couple of friends, and rode some more rides until it was closing time. All I knew was that today was a great day.

The Next Step

by Ava

Road-to-SuccessIt was time for promotion.

Everyone was in dresses or crisp, clean khakis. We had an adventurous theme, a fairytale. The accessories on the chairs and walls were magnificent! In the audience sat emotional teachers, parents, and students. I could see my mom, on the verge of tears. I, myself, was the same way. I couldn’t believe I was about to leave this place forever. It was almost as if we were all scheduled for removal from this school where I had spent seven years learning, playing, and making new friends. I turned away from all the noise, only to hear a voice come through the microphone.

“If everyone would please take a seat, we will begin in a bit; thanks!”

The music played, and we were off walking to our seats. Mothers cried, fathers clapped, teachers smiled. I could barely pay attention to what Ms. M. and Ms. Henderson were saying. Ms. M. said the last words as the promotion came to a close.

“And now, I motivate these children to use their inventiveness and brilliance to be successful in life,” she said to the crowd.

“Also, let’s hope they access good careers and education to help them through hardships that they may face,” Ms. H. added.

As we shook hands with most of the staff, I walked away, ready to exceed expectations as I reached the next milestones that I would come to on my life’s path.

An Eventful Life

by Neena

hopeEmotions mixed up,
Confusion mixed with fear.
Success will come soon
Because I’ve seen it before.
I lie motionless in my room,
Staring, waiting.
My ancestor suffered through stress;
I hope I don’t do the same.
I’ve been waiting for a promotion in success;
But I see it hasn’t come yet.
I have an excess of concern.
Nobody believes me.
I’ll come up with an invention.
I’m adventurous and adventuresome in my mind;
Yet other than that, I’m boring.
But I see the light at the end of my tunnel.
Hope is what I see.
Nothing but hope.


by Marika

despair-hazel-billingsleyShe sits motionless,
Hating life and wishing
It were fake
In her mind she is free,
Adventurous, and adventuresome,
But in reality, she is a lie.
She goes to school and gets attacked
Commotion is made, but not by her.
Emotions mean nothing;
In public just a fake smile
And a forced laugh.
She gets home and cries;
Nothing else to do.
She didn’t live an eventful life.
The success of achieving
Happiness is gone
She thinks she’s a disgrace
To her ancestors, an excess piece of skin
Waiting to be cut off.
The invention of texting
Helps hide her sadness,
But in reality, she is broken
With no light waiting for her at the end.

The Graduating Class

by Ryan

class_of_2014_graduation_cap_black_white_clock-rb6f0b932da974f7782e076a9450bf1e4_fup13_8byvr_512There was a lot of commotion during the promotion ceremony.  Some students at the procession started laughing loudly at something another student said.  The air was thick with emotion, and many in attendance sat motionless as the students entered the building.  Some of the student speakers spoke of their adventurous year of success.

The revenue used for the ceremony had been raised by the graduating class.  The recent recession had almost caused the eventful ceremony to be canceled.  Luckily, such was not the case.


A poem by Eli

dreamDreams are like little stars
In the back of your head

Whatever you’re doing, you just
can’t shake them out of your mind

Dreams give you a sense of

And make you see things that you
Haven’t realized before

Dreams are old like ANCESTORS
Of our past, not old like weak and fragile
But as in “lived for a long time”
Or “never left, still here and going on”

Maybe when you try to concentrate
You say, “Ugh, stop all the COMMOTION,”
But really you’re the one struggling; dreams
Can really help you

If you use dreams correctly, then they’ll take
You on to SUCCESS, but don’t be selfish and snotty

Dreams aren’t INVENTIONS; they are
Things that just happen, inspirations,
Something you’ve had forever

Something  might go wrong, but what’s
Life without a mistake? EMOTIONS will
Be let out, but that’s why there are dreams

Don’t stand MOTIONLESS; do something
That can take you a step closer to your dreams

Don’t RECEDE and pull away from your dreams
Keep going and don’t give up

Dreams are an EXCESS beauty in your life and
Don’t forget it; they live within you

When it finally happens, when dreams come true,
It’s truly an EVENTFUL time to remember

What dreams really do is give you
A head start and then it’s you
Who really makes the magic happen

The Search for Candy

by Zac

candy_1A few years ago in a place called Candy Town, there were two boys named Bob and Rob, and they were adventurous.  They also loved candy, but it was only two days before the removal of candy from every household occurred.  The boys were furious and emotional that they would have no access to candy.  So they devised a plan.

They came up with an idea to go on an expedition to see where the confiscated candy was being kept.  So they packed up camping accessories and successfully fit everything into their seven bags.  Then they ventured into the forest to the east of the town.

Once they began their journey, Rob was immediately soaking in sweat, trembling, and wheezing. Bob tried to motivate Rob, but Rob was exhausted and collapsed.  Rob soon got up, and they continued their quest.  After that, the procession of their journey was much smoother.

The following day when they woke up, they continued their adventure.  In a span of five minutes, they saw a lion, a tiger, a bear, an alligator, and a hippopotamus all in the forest.  That was odd in itself, but stranger still was that all of the creatures chirped instead of growling.  The two brothers ran, but then when they got to safety, they laughed hysterically.

They were becoming fatigued and began to slow down. Finally, they found something, and it was a huge building with letters on it.  The letters read “Candy Convention.”  They walked in and said in unison, “Are we in heaven?”

My Success Story

by Bailey

music producerWell, I have exceeded my expectations for this one.  My inventiveness and adventurousness have gotten me far in the world of music production, and I have earned many promotions.  My immense revenue has brought me a penthouse with an ocean view.   I am very successful, and I have access to every V.I.P. room that matters.  I didn’t need motivation to follow my dreams, but the hundred dollar bills are like a parade procession, marching step by step into my bank account.  The removal of my confidence is not possible.  For all of you haters, look who’s laughing now.

My Invention

by Lily


Finally!  My invention is finished! Hi, my name is Miranda, and sadly, I’m considered a geeky nerd.  So, that’s why I built this motionless invention that helps you with your emotion.  It was an adventurous and eventful process.  Promotion is coming up, and every year, the sixth grade class gives a present to the school.  I was thinking that I could give my invention to the school as a gift.

After school that day, I asked my teacher if my invention could be the promotion gift, and she said yes!  Finally, I thought to myself, I will be liked by the cool kids! In addition, my invention will be a success.

After promotion was over, there was a lot of commotion about my invention.  The teachers thought that it was great to have around for the grumpy kids to brighten their mood.  Even the “smartest” teacher, who thinks that Albert Einstein is her ancestor, said even she would have never thought of creating such a device, but then she caught herself and said in a nervous voice that it was only a small accessory compared to her.  All in all, I’m finally famous.


by Dylan

sound Ahh,
a sign of motionless boredom
the least eventful
moment of the day

a sigh of an emotional
on the adventuresome kid

a cry of discovery
in the Klondike
when the first gold
generates commotion

the final prototype
of Ford’s

the road to a successful
a time for adventurous
where nothing is in

The Flower’s Death Bed

by Lilah

Mobilization is her limit.

The flower climbs; motionless.

Her ancestors call for her as the morning sun brings back flashbacks of her adventuresome youth; when she wasn’t in an accessory; a vase.

Now procession is not with her; for she has climbed her last mountain. The start of the mountain: roots. Roots flow with emotion, waiting to form their first success in life; a flower.

Then, she dies. Drooping over with no life; her petals of bright pinks soon send a commotion through the vase’s owner by crippling up at the tips as though burning in a fire.

Her last breath is a breath longing for death; a place to be free, at last.

A Candle in the Dark

by Grace

Life is hard, my momma told me, so be strong. Those words, out of the so many that could have been said, were the last ones my momma said to me. She died of a disease that daddy wouldn’t venture to discuss, even with me being almost twelve at the time of her passing. It was real hard with momma gone. We lived in a dumpy house in a bad neighborhood, where there were gangs and acts of petty crime. I grew up in fear, with padlocks on the doors, and everyone owning a gun.

To make it in my neighborhood, you had to be real tough and show them you weren’t afraid of nobody. For every car, there were twenty motorcycles; walking ain’t cool if you isn’t in a gang, so almost everyone was a motorist. Emotional little sissies didn’t last long in our hood, so I learned to toughen up real fast before I got a taste of some right nasty violence. Growing up in that neighborhood was the scariest thing I did.

The only upside was that there was no school so I had to be homeschooled, along with my other three brothers, by my older brother. Often, my daddy would come home and join in on the sessions, but only because his excessive drinking prevented him from keeping a steady job, so instead he had a string of successive jobs, none of which had panned out. I blamed my daddy’s drinking on the easily accessible liquor stores with the bribing shopkeepers.  You don’t know how badly I wanted those stores to have a big red removal sign pasted on their tacky, crumbling doors. It was their entire fault my daddy died two years later from extreme drinking.

When I finally turned fourteen, I had a sudden motivation to do something for my neighborhood, make my mark, and then leave without a backward glance. I didn’t have much inventiveness, growing up where I did, but I used a little of the money I saved to take the bus to the city, and I used the rest to buy the supplies I’d need to build a garden. My plan was to build a garden in a place of no beauty, like a candle in the dark.

I devoted my time, energy, and sweat to that garden and it exceeded far beyond my expectations, better than I could ever imagine. What used to be a field of dirt, rubble, and weeds was now a blooming heaven to animals and humans alike.  I then made my life goal to make something beautiful out of something like the very field my garden used to be. I attended nature protection and help for children conventions to make lives better for children who had to go through what I had been through. I would be there for them, lending a hand, and being that candle in the dark, shining bright for everyone to see.

The Comic Book Convention

by Shaina

Today was eleven year-old Constance Comica’s favorite time of the year. It was finally time for the annual comic book convention. Constance was always so emotional because she could never choose which character from all the comic books she loved the most! There were so many accessories to wear and so many characters! She had to show the judges her inventiveness with her costume, and she had to venture into only something Constance Comica would choose to wear! Constance then started to move through a procession of costumes in her closet to see which superhero she should be. Should she be Harry Harlington; the motorist from the Back on the Road comic book? No, too many people would dress as that, and did Constance really look like the kind of person who hopped on vehicles often? The only vehicle she had ever been in was her mother’s deep blue minivan.

Constance needed something to motivate her. But what? Of course! Constance thought. What else but my own comic books?!

She maneuvered to her closet in a rush to get access to her collection of comic books. There was a long process of removal as Constance took out every one of her comics, even the ones at the very bottom of the boxes. Then, of course, she had to take the time to take each one out of its pristine plastic wrapper and back on top of the plastic so they wouldn’t get ruined. She was definitely taking in the fact that she would need to exceed the expectations of the judges when it was time for the costume contest, and Agatha Appleberry always won! This time it was Constance’s time to shine!

As Constance flipped through the pages in a bustle, she finally saw the most brilliant character ever! I will dress as TransformaGirl! Constance thought. TransformaGirl lured her enemies in by transforming into an angel, and then turning into the devil once her enemies were so hypnotized by her angel form.  Then, in her devil form, she turned her enemies into sewer rats if she had no other use for them. TransformaGirl had been an evil villain, and Constance knew just the thing to wear for her costume!

As Constance entered the costume contest, the judges gaped with their mouths in a perfect circle as Constance dressed up as an angel on one side and a devil on the other. Constance looked around at all the other costumes and thought hers was the best. Even Agatha Appleberry’s costume didn’t look better!

At the end of the convention, Constance found out she had won the competition and was crowned best costume of the year! Constance was looking forward to the following year, and she was determined to beat Agatha again!

Soaked Strawberries!

by Camille

Every person’s dream starts with a seed.  Eventually that seed will grow…if provided sunlight and water and the care it truly deserves.  If given those essential nutrients, that diminutive seed will blossom into a luxuriant flower.  Businesses are just like flowers; if maintained, the business will soon bloom and be very successful.    However, not all businesses succeed.  Therefore, you could say my business was the opposite of successful.    You see, it all started when Soaked Strawberries, a cunning idea of mine, opened up for the first time.  My adventuresome colleague, Jaclyn, and I decided to open a hand-dipped strawberry parlor.   We both anticipated that Soaked Strawberries, specializing in hand-dipped strawberries would be an invention that would be a witty and daring plan.  It would be a major success in business.

Filled with anxiety, I prepared for the grand opening of…Soaked Strawberries!  This would be a rather adventurous day, due to all of the commotion that would be occurring.  Motionless, I stared out the window; not one person had passed by Soaked Strawberries.  How could this get any worse? I conjectured to myself.  Dozens of strawberries soaked in assorted substances awaited on the counter, as their excess toppings toppled off onto the napkin. Minutes ticked away like candy on Halloween.   Maybe this plan wasn’t right for an eventful day after all.  Perhaps some businesses were doomed to fail.  I hoped I didn’t disappoint my family because even my ancestors could sell items in a recession.  Strong business sense ran in the family, so my mom and dad also owned a local business.  Basically, this meant that my family was counting on me to carry out our tradition of owning a fortuitous business.

I squeamishly locked the doors to Soaked Strawberries.  Should I give up on my dream?  Should I give up and never try to own a business again…or should I try again?  All of these mixed thoughts pummeled throughout my head like bees in a bee hive.  Silence reined as I gazed into my shop during a cold, chilling day of December.  With my head held high, I trudged back into my shop, and I switched on the open sign.

Ding!  The doors began flapping in the wind as people started to flood into my shop.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; people from all directions were jabbing at the screen which protected the strawberries, pointing to the strawberry they desired.  Maybe a small business was not so bad after all, even though owning a local business could be very hard.  But, if you worked at it…anything could happen, so you should never stop believing. Dreams do come true!

The Magnificent Machine

by Casey

Many years ago, on a sunny July afternoon is the day my life truly began. I had heard a strange noise rising from the cellar. I dashed to the cellar to uncover the mysterious commotion.  What I saw had blown my little nine year old mind. A robot! Not just any robot, the most marvelous robot in the world. My father entered the cellar; he explained to me that he’d been working on this invention for years. Although he said it still wasn’t a complete success. The news shocked me; I assured him this machine was extraordinary. He replied and stated, “Yes, but it will never live up to the creations in the ‘Nationwide Robot Competition.’” He stared at me with no emotion; I couldn’t bear to see my father so motionless.

That evening, after supper, I escaped from my bed chamber and proceeded to the cellar. I studied the robot carefully; the contraption did seem to contain an abundance of excess oil. I had a thought, to add to the machine’s glory. I began quietly working, I was terrified of ruining my father’s hard work, but I thought I had finally finished.

The next morning I showed my father, and he was blown away. He got teary-eyed for a moment, but it passed. He told me he used to work at an auto shop for making and fixing auto machinery. He loved his job, but was fascinated with a different form of machinery, the art of the robot. I begged him to enter the robot contest, and he agreed.

The day of the contest, I couldn’t keep still. I was too nervous, even though I had made my father’s robot more efficient and adventurous. It was finally time for the judges to examine my father’s creation. He explained to the judges that everyday people could use this device, even our ancestors! When the judges had made their decision, I knew it was the right one. The first place blue ribbon was an excellent accessory, and it’s no surprise my father gave it to me. Around twelve years later, I received my diploma from the Houston College for the Arts. Where my favorite subject was and willalways be machine technology.  I now have a job at that same school as the machine technology teacher and supervisor, and I’m sure to get a promotion sometime soon.


American Toy Inventor

by Kyle

I found out that an ancestor of mine used to own the American Toy Company until he retired many years ago. Now I’m working for the American Toy Company, and I have come up with an invention that will change the making of toys forever. My invention is an orb about the size of a baseball, and when you hold the orb, it will sense your emotion. If it senses that you are mellow, it turns into a board game. If it senses that you are full of energy, it turns into a trampoline. If it senses that you are angry, it turns into a punching bag, and it will transform into other items to fit the emotion you are feeling. This invention is not just some motionless action figure that you throw around… It is a masterpiece! I know that if I show it to my boss, I will get a promotion, and I know it will be a success. The American Toy Company has always been known for its adventuresome toy inventors.

I woke up on the day of my presentation, and I was a little nervous because I would be competing against two other employees who also had inventions. There was no guarantee that I would get the job promotion. I anxiously stepped inside the building to wait until it was my turn to present my invention. I became even more nervous as I watched the procession of judges walk into the building. I met up with the other toy inventors, named Bob and David. David’s invention was a flying saucer that you controlled with your mind. The only problem with David’s flying saucer was that it had a leak, and excess moisture from the air might cause it to crash. I gasped when I saw Bob’s invention, which was a life-size speeder from Star Wars that you got into and flew around. The speeder had a laser gun as an accessory, and it could shoot projections of lasers and everything! I showed Bob and David my invention, and then it was time for the presentations to begin. David was up first, and the audience cheered. Next up was Bob. My skin grew cold when Bob pulled a red orb out of his bag…He had stolen my invention!

Bob presented MY PROJECT, and the audience went wild. I could not believe that he had stolen my invention, and I had to do something! There was no time for the mobilization of troops to fight this war so I had no choice but to steal Bob’s invention. As soon as the commotion had stopped I brought Bob’s ship up to the podium. I presented his project, and the audience cheered like crazy.

A little later, it was time for the winner to be announced. The boss went up to the podium, and announced the winner. It was me! I had gotten the promotion. He presented me with my award, and then it was time for step two. I told my boss what had happened between Bob and me.  He said I could sell both products because I had won.

This had been a very eventful day for me. I sold the two new products to a very adventurous kid named Mike. I taught him how to use the cool new toys, and he told all his friends. Soon the business grew. My revenue for the week was a breath taking 19,675 dollars even though the economy was in a recession! I then went back to the toy store to start planning my next toy, which I knew would be a success!

The First Eggs

by Kennedy

It was early in the morning on the first day of spring when I heard a loud, emotional cluck from the chickens. As I day dreamed in a bed, I realized there might be an egg! The first egg! Those words rang successively over and over in my head until it was time to feed the chickens. I accessed the chicken coop through the gate. The chicken coop was built by our friend, Keith, who truly used his inventiveness by using parts of an old barn in his construction. The chicken coop was a sight to behold!

I was trying to fill myself with motivation so I wouldn’t feel disappointed like I was yesterday. So, I ventured out into the morning cold to search for an egg, only I couldn’t find one because there weren’t any! I scampered back inside with sloping shoulders. I could hear the motorist across the street starting up his Porsche.  What a loud convention of a car!

But that was yesterday. Today, I think could be the day that I might partake in the removal of a brown egg from its cozy nest. So I broke from the door out into the wind. The morning sunshine shone on my face, but then the light soon disappeared through a thin sheet of fog. I made my way to the coop. I swung open the door, put the food down, and looked inside. I gasped! It couldn’t be! There were two perfect tan eggs nestled underneath some yellow hay. I grabbed the eggs, blew Sunshine and Daisy; the chickens; a kiss, and ran inside excitedly!

“Mom, Dad, the chickens laid two eggs!” I shouted.

“Wonderful! Now we have fresh eggs in the morning,” my mom replied.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to eat them,” my dad added.

So at that moment, I knew truly that it was the first day of spring!

Happy Easter!

Ghostbox 2000

by Talia

One day I’d like to make an invention that could let you speak to the dead. You could talk to your grandpa or an admired ancestor. Additionally, my invention would allow you to see or hear any emotion. Unfortunately, it would be motionless so that it would not make any commotion. If my invention was a success you could listen to your great grandpa’s adventuresome stories about his trips to a foreign country again.  Or your great aunt could say, “In my day, we had a very long recession, followed by a time of great excess and prosperity.” So with my invention, you wouldn’t have to have a boring day when you could have an eventful day doing things like talking to your dead loved-ones!

The Magical Object

by Mathew

I am an adventuresome person.  One day when I was walking down the street, I saw a small, little piece of metal that looked like a rock.  It was all dirty and rusted, so it looked like an invention my ancestor had made.  I thought it was an emotion detector, where the contraption tells you whether you’re in a good mood or a bad mood.  To see if it was really and emotion detector, I decided to throw a rock at my foot.  As soon as the rock hit my foot, I was motionless.  I felt like the President when he learned that the U.S. was in a two billion dollar recession.  I was in so much pain that I barely had enough will to look at the emotion sensor, but with the quick glance I managed, I realized the sensor was red.  Red for angry, I thought.  I quickly forgot about the pain and jumped with excessive excitement and success.  I felt like it was time to stop my eventful commotion because people were staring at me.

As I was clutching my object, I looked at it to see if it was blue for happy or excited, but when I saw it, it was still red.  So I took it out of my warm hands and extended the sensor so I could wave it around in the cold air.  The next thing I knew, it was clear.  Then I thought, It must be a heat detectorSo, I guess I threw a rock at my foot for nothing, I thought, and I walked away laughing.