General Information: Search Engines

  • Google – Explore one of the world’s most visited websites, which is simple, quick, efficient, and which promises more links than any other website.
  • Bing – Try this visually pleasing search engine that even has a visual search feature.
  • AltaVista – Utilize this nice search engine with an amazing website translator.
  • Webcrawler – Search the web with the web’s top search engines spun together; Webcrawler searches most popular engines for its results.
  • Yahoo! – Investigate Yahoo!, which is more than a search engine and offers every service known to man.
  • Fact Monster – Explore this website, which is not a search engine, but a website devoted to facts of all kinds, with a special homework help section.
  • Ixquick – Maintain your privacy with Ixquick, billed as the world’s most private search engine because it is the only search engine that does not record your IP address.