Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Project

Games, Games, Games!
Due Wednesday, April 11

For this book project, you will be reading a science fiction or a fantasy book. Then you will be writing a critique of your book, which includes listing the title, author, and number of pages, as well as writing a brief summary of your book and rating your book from one to five stars, with an explanation of your rating. Additionally, you will be creating a board game based on your book. Remember, you must get your book approved by Ms. M.

After you select your science fiction or fantasy book, try to visualize making a game, which incorporates parts of the book. Use the following guidelines when you create your board game:

  1. Use the characters in your book as “the pieces” of the game. You must have at least two game pieces.
  2. Use the setting of the book as the game board. Remember that color can make all the difference. Use a lot of color and keep in mind that you want your game board to be neat and well organized. Your game board must be made out of poster board or of some other material that is thicker than construction paper. Your game board must be at least 18 inches high, as well as 18 inches wide. If you are planning to make your game board a special shape, be sure that your board would fit the 18” x 18” measurement if it were in a square.
  3. Use the plot of the book as the moves of the game. These plot moves will give players information about the story as they play your game. You must include at least 25 moves in your game.
  4. Write clear, concise instructions, explaining how to play the game. Your directions must be written out in a creative way. In other words, do not simply write the directions on a piece of binder paper. Think of a neat way to tie the directions into your game.

Your grade for this project will be based on the clarity of your instructions, the appearance of the game board, the creativity of the game, and the entertainment potential of your game, as well as on how well you followed instructions and included the required criteria. In addition, your game MUST reflect the content of your book. Ms. M. will determine your project grade while you are playing your game with a partner, so there is no oral presentation for this book project.


Here is the Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Project Grading Sheet.

Here are some Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Projects.