Free Choice Research Report & Project

Dear Student and Parent,

As we have already discussed in class, it is time to start thinking of a topic about which to write your free choice research report, remembering to use MLA format. By Monday, you need to know the topic you will be researching and what specific aspects of the topic you will include in your report. Your research questions will guide and focus your research, but the questions themselves should not be included in the final draft of your report. Rewrite the questions as statements that form the topic sentence for a section of writing or rewrite the questions as section headings, but remember, this is a research report, not an FAQ page of a website. Additionally, should you not be able to find answers to any of your research questions, please replace unusable questions with new research questions.

You will be working on this report mostly at home. Only a little bit of class time will be devoted to working on your report. Due to this, you need to try to get to a public library to check out some books on your topic (you will need to use at least three sources for your research). You may also use the school library, but with so many students working on reports, the school library’s resources may become depleted. Additionally, you may get online information about your topic.

In addition to writing the body of your report, be sure to refer to the “Points Possible” list so that you do not get marked down for forgetting a component. You will also need to make a three-dimensional project to go with your report. Your project might be a clay model, a pop-up book, a diorama, etc. You may NOT use any model kits for this project, including Lego kits or any other Lego projects. I want to see your creativity and thinking. You should complete the majority of the project, with parents helping only with using tools that might be dangerous in your young hands. Your project is worth 50 points, so be sure that it reflects your personal best and that you have fun creating it.

This report is for you, the student, to research and write, but your parents may help guide you in your research. They can also help you with your editing.

Make sure that you read all of the attached directions thoroughly. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to me or e-mail me at

Keep your report information packet in a safe place! I will not give you another copy if you lose this. Use your lifeskills of responsibility and organization.

Good luck, and do your personal best!
Ms. M.

Due Dates

Monday, December 4
January 24
Topic & Ten to Fifteen Research Questions
Final Copy of Research Report & Project


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