Writing Mini-Lessons: Me or I?

You already know that a noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun; so instead of saying Ms. McClure all the time, I can say I or me. When I address the class, I can say you; when you talk about the class, you can say we or us. The case of a pronoun tells how it relates to other words in the sentences. there are two kinds, or cases, of pronouns: nominative-case and objective-case.

Pronoun Case Review

Directions: Write the correct pronoun on the line, using the referent(s) in brackets at the end of each sentence.

1. __________ and __________ collect stamps. (Jack and Jill)

2. My grandma and __________ watch "Wheel of Fortune." (myself)

3. __________ girls are going to wreck the boys. (we or us)

4. __________ and __________ have pet weasels. (Tyler and myself)

5. Do you and __________ like Slurpees®? (Molly)

6. Why are __________ and __________ eating David’s lunch? (Nick and Marcia)

7. __________ and __________ are having a big basketball rivalry. (Us and them or We and they?)

8. The Godivas belong to Nola and __________ (myself); Toby and _________ get the Tootsie Rolls. (Anne)

9. __________ and __________ love opera. (Peter and Nora)

10. The award for rowdiest student was split between __________ and Jordan. (Joshua)

11. Please give any extra money to Jonathan and __________ . (myself)

12. Did Rose or __________ answer the phone? (Greg)