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the great race

The Great Race

by Jordan B., T. J., Nikolas, Madison L., Hugo, and Robert

The date is March 18, 2010, and my daughter, Suzanne and I are looking at an old photograph album. We spotted a picture that had been taken on January 14, 2006, and in that moment we both had a huge flashback to our time at the biggest race of 2006.

“Ready, Set, Go!” Off went the whistle, and swish, I sprinted onto the track and arrived in first place. Just as I was crossing the finish line, I fell and sadly lost the race. Soon after that fateful day, Suzanne stormed up to me and conveyed the information about another race that was a father-daughter event, containing a cash prize of $1,000,000.

“We’d better get training cheetah-fast because we have to win this race.”

(Breathing hard) hu, hu, hu, hu. . .”Come on, Suzanne. We hu, hu, hu have to win.” hu, hu, hu.”

“But, Dad, I’m,hu, hu, hu. . .tired.”

“Suzanne, we have to be victorious and collect the prize money!”

(Crowd) “Go!, Go!, Go!, Michael! Go!, Go!, Go!, Suzanne!”

“Dad, they’re yelling our names.”

“I know, pretty cool, huh?”

Suzanne and Michael persisted running for five more minutes. When Suzanne didn’t think she couldn’t go any further, suddenly, she saw her friend, Julianne; get her foot caught in a pit. Julianne tripped and fell to the ground with a deep cut on her knee and a sharp pointy piece of glass sticking out of her leg. Blood was gushing in a line from her knee down to her shoe, making her white sock turn the color of pomegranate juice. !!!

Cooper, Julianne’s father, kept running forward to the finish line. His daughter was injured and crying on the sidelines, bleeding onto the gravely track, and he didn’t notice her. Meanwhile Michael and Suzanne had scurried to Julianne’s side to assist their friend. They were more concerned about her than the race. Michael rushed and picked Julianne up, carrying her to the security guards who were standing by. The captain immediately alerted the paramedics and deployed the first aid kit. During this frenzy, the race had been halted as Cooper had figured out what had occurred, and ran to Julianne’s side.

Thump, thump, thump the helicopter blades churned the air, as the Reach chopper landed in the middle of the track at the same time the ambulance screeched to a halt outside the arena. Julianne was airlifted to the Children’s Hospital, while Cooper, Michael and Suzanne were driven in the ambulance.

Two days later, Michael and Suzanne went to attend Julianne in the hospital. While Suzanne and Julianne were reading her get well cards the dads were discussing finances.

“I can’t believe how much money the surgery for her leg is going to cost,” exclaimed Cooper.

“Don’t worry, we’ll help you pay with some of the prize money because you have helped us out many times,” responded Michael.

“What prize money?” queried Cooper.

Michael said, “Didn’t you hear? We got $500,000– half of the cash prize money!”

“That’s great!” said Cooper.

“We can pay for part of Suzanne’s surgery because the judge rewarded us with the money. He said that we would have won if we had not gone back to help Suzanne. She could have lost so much blood that she would have fainted,” responded Michael.

One month later, the four friends were reunited for a celebration and parade put on by the town. After stepping out of the limo, the comrades ran a victory lap around the track through a shower of endless confetti.

As we look at that memorable photo, we know that there will be few moments as exciting as that one, the thrill of the race, the shock of Julianne’s misfortune, our ride in the ambulance, and finally being granted half of the prize and the opportunity to help our friends.

The Dreams of the Head

by Jordan B., T. J., Nikolas, Madison L., Hugo, and Robert

Swish, swish, the brush stroked gently across the face of the giant head on a cool foggy day. Ticking away inside the clay cranium, an active series of lights was recording a major malfunction, a result of a recent electrical disturbance. This was no ordinary head. Meanwhile, after a delicious breakfast of eggs, waffles and bacon, washed down with multiple cups of tea and Mocha coffee, four pals had assembled to repair the ancient artifact that had risen from the sands of the beach. Fllluuuush. . .crash. . splash swirled the mud under Kevin’s feet. He was a tall man with brown hair and a tanned complexion. Several years ago, he had spent his life on the computer when he won the 2008-2009 World Championship at the Video Game Nationals. After his retirement from gaming, he spent as much time as possible outside and on the shore, enjoying the fresh air. Steven, with his dirty blond hair and blue eyes had always cherished life as a sculptor, and as he intently looked into the inner workings of the inside of the head, he wondered about the malfunction lights and what would be needed in order to bring the artifact back to life. You may be marveling at how this giant head ended up on the beach. The previous day, the four associates were drinking coffee and tea on the patio of Kevin’s home. His two-story house was located right on the seaside, with an underwater aquarium, complete with neon lights, located on the first floor. Inside this tank existed his pet shark, Bloody Mary. Every day Kevin slid up the glass door of the aquarium and launched her out for her daily swim. On the day in question, Bloody Mary was cruising in the bay, when she saw a group of blue box jellyfish swimming in the water. As one of the jellyfish floated by, its tentacles created an electrical charge when it came in contact with a bundle of seaweed. In a flurry of lights and movement, the seaweed was burned off, revealing the clay head. As the noggin washed up on the shore, the friends imagined that they recognized the figure as having been created in the style of a local Indian tribe, the Chumash. They had noticed a large gash on the side of the face, and as Steve ran down to look inside, he recognized that the special brain chip had been burned and destroyed in the electrical charge. He had recognized this chip as the “Life Chip” and knew he had to complete further research to be able to restore this unique figure. It turned out that the Chumash Indians had built this magnificent warrior body and had wrapped in seaweed in order to protect it when they were coming under attack from their rival tribe, the Miwoks. They had sent the warrior body out to sea in a boat made of reeds, in order to keep it from being destroyed or reprogrammed by the Miwoks. They had hoped to be able to recover the warrior at some later date, but as fate would have it, they all died out before being able to reestablish contact with the warrior body. The following week, Steve brought a new chip and established it inside the head. Once installed, the warrior shrank from its giant status into normal person size again and was able to converse with the friends about the last days of his tribe and how he had survived in the ocean. This is the story of how the head came to be and if you are interested in visiting the head, be sure to go visit it in The Museum of the Chumash and the head will give you a tour and tell you stories about the last days of his tribe.

The Mysterious Tale of Lucky Jack and Scar

By: Madi, Jose, Madison, Robert, Jordan, Antonio

Once upon a time there was a friendly, amusing, tan colored dog that lived in a dusty dump. This slight, furry canine was lost in the woods, searching for supper, and trying to seek a jackrabbit. He was alone because he had no friends or family until a black bear discovered him and raised him as a pet. The bear was impressed with the dog’s ability to catch rabbits and decided to call him Lucky Jack. Also lurking in this junkyard was a gray wolf named Scar. He was a mean, vicious wolf who had a particular dislike for Lucky Jack. They used to hunt together and were friends out in the wasteland, but Lucky Jack had caught too many jackrabbits and had made Scar jealous. One day, Lucky Jack caught a rabbit, and Scar decided to attack him. Suddenly, the bear that had adopted Lucky Jack, came out of nowhere and scratched the wolf on his face with his huge, sharp bear claws. The wolf’s face was scarred from the edge of his eye all the way down his cheek. Scar bolted away from Lucky Jack and the black bear so he could lick his wounds and recover from his injury. He decided that he needed a team (gang) to help protect him self. He assembled three wolves around him one brown, one gray and one black. He also lured two vultures into his pack by putting out fresh deer meat. Finally, a mountain lion, named Leon, joined the group and stalked Lucky Jack from the forest. The vultures flew overhead to keep an eye on Jack’s movements, and Scar stayed inside a rusty, old, orangey brown jalopy to wait for his time to attack. Seconds ticked away until Scar came upon the right moment to attack and have the advantage over Lucky Jack. Scar jumped out and surprised Lucky Jack. Jack tried to defend himself, but Scar was able to overwhelm him and in the heat of the battle, Jack fainted. When he woke up, he found himself in Scar’s cave in the mountain being drooped over a river of molten lava with a rope tied around his hind legs. As Lucky Jack was swinging and dangling over the mysterious lava, all of a sudden the rope SNAPPED! “Roof! Roof!” Lucky Jack said in fear. Scar leaped out and snatched Lucky Jack by the scruff and threw him to the safe side. “Why did you do that?” Lucky Jack said in confusion. “I felt bad that you were going to die. We can’t be enemies when we used to be best canines!” Scar said back from his heart. As they were walking back to the junkyard, Scar and Lucky Jack were catching jackrabbits and planning on how to cook them for dinner and what to have for dessert.  

The Explosive Dust Storm

By: Madi, Jose, Madison, Robert, Jordan, Antonio

WOOSHH! CRACCKLEE! BAANNGG! The five shelter-less brothers discovered themselves on a dusty corner, in an impoverished, deserted village, in the middle of nowhere. This quintet of siblings, Jason, Jacob, John, Joe and Kayden, were now instantly homeless because falling limbs from a eucalyptus tree had collide in to their abode and destroyed their cabin. Kayden, the oldest and most caring of these five brothers, was navigating his brothers to safety. As they clawed their way out of the destroyed home, Kayden grabbed the first-aid kit that contained surgical masks, water purification tablets, bandages, a needle and sterile thread, used for binding open wounds. John, the second oldest brother, had remembered to snatch the extra clothing and the canteen on their way out of the rubble. The two youngest, the twins, Jason and Jacob, were difficult to rouse from their sleep, as they always stayed up too late at night while they read The Hunger Games by the pale light of a flashlight. John, the middle brother, was shadowing the footsteps of his brother, Kayden, by being tenderhearted and generous to his littlest brothers. John sacrificed his shirt for his youngest brothers to protect their eyes from the flying glass and floating leaves. They planned their escape and the brothers trudged for hours to flee the dust storm, trying not to collapse on the ground because of their growing exhaustion and increasingly limited water. All of a sudden, a puff of wind passed by the five brothers, and created a door, which led to an ornate palace, and a blissful world that contained their long, lost family members especially their cousins. They lived happily ever after.

Family Feast for a New Year in Japan

By Hannah, Justen, Madi, Faith, Claire, and Marcus

The story takes place in a bustling grocery store on a current day in Tokyo, Japan. An elderly, gray-haired woman with wrinkles like withered autumn leaves enters the store at the start of business to begin her marketing with the assistance of her hand-crafted robot. Her RK3P Robot carries her shopping basket as she uses both hands to carefully examine the lettuce. Wow! How would you like a robotic personal shopper? Because the Japanese have phenomenal technology, robots like RK3P are commonplace in Japan. The Japanese have even created a spherical robot with two crescent-shaped balancers. That device is a nanny who watches over children on the playground. How cool is that? What if a robot could bake pizza for dinner with ice cream sundaes for dessert every night? As a result of the abundance of technology, some individuals in Japan may even have their own robots so the other shoppers in the store with the elderly woman are not remotely surprised to see a robot in the local supermarket. In fact, the Japanese design robots to help people with their special needs. Robots in Japan help people who have physical or mental disabilities. Robots may also do common chores such as cooking and cleaning in any Japanese household. However, RK3P is a robotic personal shopper specifically designed to help senior citizens with their grocery shopping. While the grizzled, ancient woman is shopping, a young girl named Susan runs past RK3P. Although Susan is shopping with her relatives, including the ancient one, her grandma, Susan sees a delectable dessert that makes her salivate. She is hoping to grab the marshmallow-filled chocolate chunk cake and deposit it in the cart before anyone notices. Susan is successful in hiding the treat in the basket. Only RK3P sees Susan add the scrumptious sweet to the cart. Yum! Once the group has finished shopping for their family New Year’s party, RK3P, the grizzled grandma, Susan, and her mom get into the line to purchase their delicious groceries. RK3P helps the grocery checker bag the food, and the family loads it into the trunk of their magnificent Mitsubishi. Upon returning home, RK3P and the family work together to unload the groceries, setting them on the kitchen countertop. The last item to be placed on the counter is the marshmallow-filled chocolate chunk cake. Susan attempts to hide this delectable dessert, but is caught red-handed by her mother. At first Susan’s mom is distressed, exclaiming, “Susan!” in a dreadful manner. After seeing Susan’s disappointed face and the marshmallow, chocolate beast, the mother says, “Well, at least we have a wonderfully delightful dessert to share!”